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Activity in tho Scottlali Kite Anxiety
Alout Goit. Albert l'llto Masonic Por
Konals Golden Gross, Mechanics, and
TCcchnhlto Kotos.
The following Masonic bodies meet upon the
evenings of tho ensuing week:
Subordinate Lodges. Masonic Temple
Dawson No. 10, Monday, 9th; Federal No. 1,
Tuesday, 10th: New Jerusalem No. 9, Thurs
day, 12th; St. John's No. 11, Friday, 13th; Hope
No. 20, Friday, 13th.
A. A. S. It. Sanctuary, 1007 G street Cathe
dral: Harmony No. 17, Thursday, 12th. Blue
Room: Arminius No. 23, Monday, 9th; Acacia
No. 18, Tuesday, 10th.
Masonic llall, Georgetown Qeorgo C. Whit
ing No. 22, Thursday, 12th.
Masonic 'llall, Brightwood Stansbury No.
24, Monday, 9th.
Royal Arch Chapters. Masouic Temple
Mount Vernon No. 3, Monday, 9th; Washington
No. 2, Thursday, 12th; Eureka No. 4, Filday,
Masonic llall, Georgetown Potomac No. 8,
Tuesday, 10th.
Commandcrics Knights Tcmnlar. Masonic
Temple DcMolay No. 4, Tuesday, 10th; Wash
ington No. 1, Wednesday, 11th.
Ancient anil Accepted Scottish Rile. Sanctu
ary, 1007 G street Evangelist Chapter ltose
Croix, Tuesday, 10th.
Hope Lodge No. 20 will have the 3d degree Fri
day evening.
Potomac Ohnptor No. 8 will have the M. M. de
gree Tuesday evening.
St. John's LodtrcNo. 11 will confer the 1st and
d degrees Friday evening.
Stansbury Lodge No. 24 will probably confer
the Sd degree Monday evening.
New Jerusalem Lodge No. 0 will confer the 1st
and 2d degrees Thursday evening.
Eureka Chapter No. I expects to confer tho P.
and M. E. Master's degreo Friday evening.
Tho recent illustrated lecture of Dr. Witmer
was a great success, quite a sum being realized
from the proceeds thereof.
Mount Vernon Chapter No. 3 has several de
grees duo on Monday evening. Tho ltoyal Arch
will probably be conferred.
Do Molay Oommandery No. 4 will have the
usual regular business to transactTuesday even
ing ana tne roauing or. tno oy-iaws.
The Georgetown Masonic Aid Association will
hold its annual meeting at tho Masonic Hall, on
High street, Wednesday, February 11, at 7:30
At the meeting of tho Council of Kadosh last
week David Miller Cridler, 32d, was elected Ju
nior Warden, vice Edward M. Willis, 32d, re
signed. Three weclts have intervened since the meet
ings in Harmony Lodge No. 17. At tho commu
nication of Thursday evening tho 3d degreo will
bo worked.
Bro. Wnshburne, of Harmony Lodge No. 17,
has lately returned from an extended Northern
trip on business for the United Statc3 Civil Ser
vice Commission.
The communications of Auacosta Lodge No. 21
are attracting largo numbers of visitors, who
are anxious to inspect tho new hall of tho
lodge. Many congratulations are the results of
theso visits.
The W. M. of St. John's Lodge No. 11, Bro.
Alex. McKunzie, is also M. E. G. H. Priest of
the Grand lioyal Arch Chapter of tho District of
Columbia. He is extremely popular in lodge and
capitular circles alike.
Columbia Chapter No. 3 had a very pleasant
convocation on Wednesday evening last. Tho
ltoyal Arch degree was worked in tho presence
of the grand officers and a largo attendance of
visitors. At its conclusion relreshmcnts were
Bro. Harry 3tandiford, Junior Past Master of
St. John's Lodge, was immediately promoted to
tho Junior Steward of tho Grand Lodiro, and con
sequently fills two junior positions at ono and
the same time, which is something remarkable In
Bro. Criswell, or Harmony Lodge No. 17, has
moved his business to Seventh street and
Florida avt-nue. This fact is a great loss to tho
members of tho lodsre, as ho always kept them
well informed of tho current happenings In
Masonic ciroles.
Bro. William A. Short, who lately returned to
his home at McKeesport. Pa., telegraphed to
Masonic triends in this city last Monday tho sad
intelligence of tho death of his mother. In his
bereavement ho haB the heartfelt sympathy of
tbo brethren of this jurisdiction.
The next meeting of Orient Lodge of Perfec
tion No. 2. A. A. S. It., will bo held in tho Ma
sonic Hall, on High street, Georgetown, on
Thursday, February It). T. P. Chlffelle, Past
Grand Master of the District of Columbia, is now
Venerable Muster of this lodge, hiB rank in the
ltite being that of tho 32d degree.
Li Fayette ltoyal Arch Chapter conferred at a
special convocation last Tuesday evening tho
ltoyal Arch. At the next regular convocation
Tuesday evening tbo ltoyal Arch degreo will bo
worked, and a special will be called for the Tues
day of tho week following for tho same degree.
Special convocations nre held every Tuesday.
The friends of Benuct A. Allen celobrated his
return to tho city by immediately having hira
appointed in tho oflicial lines of the following
bodlef-: Harmony Lodge No. 17, Columbia Chap
ter No. 1, and Columbia Coramaudory No. 3.
Bonnet is u big-hearted speclmeu of good.naturo
and geniality, and is ono of tho most popular
men in the jtuisdlction.
Gen. Albert Pike's condition, although re
ported tromtimoto time as improving, Is still
very serious. Nearly all tho nourishment ho is
able to swallow Is in a liquid form, and grave
tears aru entertained ub rewards his ultimate re
covery. Ilia illness is the chief subject of inter
est among tho members of tho Kite, who anxl
ously anticipate good news of his improvement.
At tho communication of Fentalpua Lodgo
No. 2;i Monduy evening Past Muster Hay, on
belialt of the lodge, presented to Bro. A. II.
Heyluiiti), a Past Master's jewel, tho latter ac
ccpiing it in a graceful speech of sincere thanks
to tho brethren lor tbo manifestation of their
lovo and Kindness, und enjoining them to llvo up
to tho principles and teachings of tho fraternity.
Tho lodgo was orowded by a large attendance,
who were hospitably entertained by W, J. Nny
lor, tho W. M., and nis offlcors.
Tho fair now in progress at LucaB Hall, corner
Twenty-second street and Pennsylvania avenue,
is being very largely attended by Knights Temp
lar. An eleunnt gold watch, ut present dis
played in Gait's window. Is being contested for
by Sir George Gibson, Pnst Commander of Co
lumbia Coinraandery No, 2, and Pnst Grand
Master James A. Watt, I. O. O. F. Tho fair is
tor the benefit of tho Calvary M. E. Church, of
whioh Sir Knight F. D. Owen is pustor, and every
ticket purchased represents a vote and entitles
the holder to Admission during tho fair.
The conclave of Columbia Commnndory No. 3
Friday evening was very attractive, During tho
evening Eminent Sir John It. Thompson with
characteristic eloquonco presented to Junior
Past Commander Georgo Gibson a testimonial
sword, the latter responding in fitting terms.
Past Commander Matthew Trimble delivered an
exceedingly interesting address relative to the
Temnlar year of 1881, when Sir John Wilson was
tho Eminent Commander. On Good Friday
oveniug tbo conimandery will visit New York
Aveuuo Presbyterian Church and listen to n ser
mon by tho ltev. W. A. Bartlott. Emlueut Com
munderSir JohnK. ltobinsonisdolngeverythlng
in his power to render tho conclaves of tho com
raandery Jntorostiug and popular alike to mem
bers and visitors.
Tho Scottish Itito has been actively employed
durlntr tho past week, Monday Albert Pike Con
sistory conferred tho 3tst degreo on a class of
thirteen. Tho degreo was rendered by the fol
lowing cast of officers: A, H. Holt. 83d, Grand
Cross of tho Court of Honor, presiding: Georgo
W. Balloon. 88d, and Harrison Dingman, 32d, as
Wardens; William Oscar Itoome, 33d, and Chtules
W. Hancock, 32d, tilling their usual stations;
David M. Cridler, 32d. Master of Ceremonies;
Jnmcs Lansburgh, 33d, Chancellor; Joseph
Ilnmachcr, 32d; A. D. Ports, 32d; F.H. Thomas,
32d, and Thomas E. Hatch, 33d, in their accus
tomed places; ltobert Ball, 32d, Registrar, nnd
William II. Barstow, 32il, Treasurer. Tho cathe
dral was again woll filled on Tuesday, when
Mithras Lodgo of Perfeotion was in session, on
which occasion tho 14th degreo was conferred by
William Oscar ltoomo, 33d, tho Vonorablo
Master, assisted by F. J. Woodman, 32d, Senior
Warden; A. 11. Coolidgo, 32d, Junior Wnrden,
nnd Martin O'Connor, 32d, Mnstor of Ceremonies;
On Friday Albert Pike Consistory worked tho
32d degreo on a Inrgo class. Tho coming week
Evangelist Chapter of ltoso Croix will confer tho
18th degreo on Tuesday, with William Oscar
ltoomo, 33d, In tho East, as Wiso Master. This is
tho highest degreo over which this chapter haB
jurisdiction, nnd there will doubtless bon very
largo attendance. But tho principal event or tho
present month will bo tho Lodgo of Sorrow,
which will bo held by Mithras Lodgo of Perfec
tion on tho 10th instant, in memory of tho f ollow
ing mombers, who havo ceased their labors on
earth sinen tho last Lodgo of Sorrow: David
Gnrrick Moltitchio, 18th, died Aug. 11, 1888;
ltobert Percivnl Barbour, 14th, died Dec. 10. 1888;
Barker, 32d, Knight Commander of tho Court of
Honor, did May 10, 1880: Charles Evcre.tt Fisher,
14th, died May 11, 1880; William Augustus Harrio,
33d, died Jan. 10, 1800; Georgo David Kcnncr,
lfith, died Sept. 28, 1890, and Alfred Bult Mullctt,
10th, died Oct. 20,1800. Tho oration will bo de
livered by Itov. A.Florldus Steele, 32d, tho orator
of tho lodge, nnd tho music will be, as usual, un
der tho nblo direction of Edwin S. Holmes, 32d.
tho musical director of tho ltite. Tho Lodgo of
Perfection will bo opened in the 3d degree, ac
cording to tho ritual of tho Scottish ltite, nnd
will move in procession to tho cathedral room,
whero tho solemn und impressive services will bo
periormed. Members of tho ltite of any degreo
will bo admitted upon identification by tho
Sentinel. Nono others will bo admitted except
upon tho written order of tho Venerable Master,
tho enforcement of this provision being necessary
on account of the limited seating capacity of tho
Tho celebrated To-Kalon wines and bran
dies aro for sale at 014 Fourteenth street only.
No branch offices or agencies.
Golden Cross Notes.
Columbia Commandery will meet Tuesday
oveningat Eighth and I streets northeast.
Tho soml-nnnunl visitation of tho Grand Com
mandery to Capital Commandery will bo made
Friday evening.
Capital and St. John's Commandcrics havo
united in securing tho elegant rooms over tho
National Capital Bank Building.
At Anacostia Commandery Friday evening
Deputy Grand Commander Charles F. valson
installed Sir Knight David L. Pritcher as Worthy
Grand Commander Ehlo has been nDnointod hr
St. John's Commandery as a member of tho joint
commltteo on the establishment of a Golden
Cross library.
Meridian Commandery meets on Friday even
ing at Goldon Cross Hall. Eight candidates will
rccelvo tho degrees, and tho now feature of tho
Golden Cros3 choir will bo introduced.
Tho semi-annual visitation of tho Grand Com
mandery to Goodwill Commandery will bo made
to-morrow evening, at Scottish Itito Hall, No.
1007 G street. Tho 2d and 3d degrees will bo con
ferred. Mount Vernon Commandery meets Wednes
day evening at Good Templars' Hall. Tho Grand
Commandery will mako its semi-annual visita
tion. Goodwill Commandery will bo present.
National Commandery at Its meeting on last
Monday evening conferred the degrees on Dr. J.
F. Pierce. Tho commandery will hold a public
meeting March 2, nnd appointed this com
mittee to make arrangements: It. H. Yates,
Samuel Howlsou, Mrs. Lllllo A. Edelin, Mrs.
Susan J. Kcsler, Mrs. Julia F. Webster, Mrs.
Arabella M. Carter, and Mrs. Julia Vogt. Dr. J.
F. Price was elected a medical examiner.
The Golden Cros3 ladles have secured an un
usual number of officers for tho present term.
Goodwill has 2; St. John's, 4; Meridian, 1; Halcyon,
3; Capital, 3; National, 3; Columbia, 4; Anacostia,
1; Mt. Vernon, 2. Mrs. Mary L. Hawkins, of St.
John's, is the second lady elected to tho office of
Noblo Commander in this jurisdiction, tho first
being Mrs. Sophia E. Woodward, of Meridian
St. John's Commandery Thursday evening
completed tho election of officers, and they wore
installed by Deputy Grnnd Commander S. A. H.
McKim, as follows: Noblo Commander, Mrs.
Mnry L. Hawkins: Vice Noblo Commander. Mrs.
Sarah M. Howe; Keeper of Records, Mrs. M. Ida
Graham; Financial Keener of Records, Bela A.
Beebc: Worthy Herald, E. R. Barbour; Warder
Inner Gate, S. H. Decker; Warder Outer Gate, J.
N. Ehlo: Past Noblo Commander, W. E. Graham.
Grand Commander Ehlo installed Dr. S. A. H.
McKim as Worthy Prelate.
Pants marked down to S3. Eiseman Bros..
7th and E.
Independent Order Mechanics.
Bros. Watson, Wilson, and Scott were ap
pointed to doviso somo means to invest tho sur
plus funds of this lodgo to tho best advantage.
It is tho general feeling of members of tho
order that too much credit cannot bo given The
Sunday Hurald for tho space it devotes to this
In tho issue of The Sunday Herald of Febru
ary 1 tho Grand Lodgo commltteo on appeals nnd
grievances was inadvertently omitted. It con
sists of Past Grand Architect T. H. Watson, F.
S. Niekirk, and P. J. Cooksoy.
At tho rncetingofCapitalLodgeNo.il Wednes
day Past Master E. H. Bradford.who had been ill
for two weeks, was present. Bro. H. Truxell was
reported as improving. Grand Arohlteot It. B.
Wilson and Vico Grand Architect G. W. Berry
wore in attendance.
Columbia Lodgo No. 1, tho mother lodgo of
this jurisdiction, wan largely attended Tuesdny
night last. Tbo 3d or Muster's degreo was con
ferred, nnd qutto it number of applications woro
received Past Grnnd Architect Joseph Acton,
who has been ill, is out. Grand Architect it. B.
Wilson and Grand Secretary Ed w. Bawsol were in
Tho Grand Architect has coramonced his per
sonal visitations, having thus far visited Anchor
No. 0, Columbia No: 1, Capital No. 11, and Friend
ship No. 7, and found them to bo In a llourlshinir
condition. Ho is muoh pleased with tho im
provement of tho rendition of tho degreo work,
and usks that tho old system of visitation among
lodges bo continued.
At tho meeting of Anchor Lodgo No. 9 Monday
Messrs. ltuss, Klrohnor, and Hoff wore elected
members. Mr. Lipphard was given tho 1st do
grco and Bro. Butler tho 2d. Entertaining re
marks were made by Past Musters A. T. Evans,
ThomuB E. Clark, S.T.Ernest, and A. G. Ste
vens. Grand Arohitect AVilson gavo tho lodge
somo wholesome instruction.
Friendship Lodge No. 7 hold a very interesting
session Wednesday night, with Worthy Master
W. T. Gaylo in tho chair. Tho Apprentice do
crreo wus conferred upon Mr. William
Scrivener. Mr. John H. Gibson made application
for membership. Friendship Lodgo contem
plates visiting soon n sister lodgo ol Baltimore,
Friendship Lodgo will give nn entertnlnment nt
Carroll Hall March 5.
At tho session of Lufayotte Lodgo No. 13 Feb
ruary 5F. Monroe took tho 2d degree and was
elected to recoivo tho lid. It. H, Chase received
tho 3d degiee. Lufuvctio wus lavorcd with a
representation from ovory lodgo in this jurisdic
tion except Goodwill No. 11. Among tho visitors
were Vico Grand Architect G. W. Borry, Past
Grand Architect J. AV. Carter, and Worthy Mas
ter 1. Troth, of Columbia No. 1.
Haloyon Commandery Friday evening last
conteried the 1st degreo on D. L.Thomas and
Christopher Columbue. Tho commaudery was
agreeably surprised by a visit from members of
Goodwill, Mount Vernon, and Meridian Com
mandcrics. Lady Nellio Landon. of Meridian,
presided nt tho piano, and Sir Knights W. G.
Perry. S. I. G root, J. W. Cheney, A.M. Prootor,
nnd W. II. Pope, of Goodwill, and Sir Knight M,
L. Vennblo made 6hort speeches. Tho visitors
woro cordially welcomed jn appropriate re
marks by Noblo Commander G. E. Toepper.
Pants marked dowu to $3.00. Eisoman Bros.,
7th and E.
"Golden Gate."
Finest American claret in tho market. To
Kalon Wine Company, 014 Fourteenth street.
Drink Tannhuaser beer. H. Benzler.
The Largest and
In wax Millinprw (tan
his win pwBI li&lllOB W U u JJ
.In All Shapes and
Independent Order of RecUabites.
(A. M. Dewey, II. C. R.)
Redemption Tent No. 144 hnstwo candidates
for initiation at tho next meeting.
Westorn Tent No. 1C5 is to bo located in George
town before tho end of this month.
Tho Friendship Juniors bavo initiations every
Saturday oveninpr. under tho supervision of
High Chief Ruler A. M. Dewey.
Purity Tons No. 4 (Woman's Branch) was rep
resented at tho recent session of tho Grand Tent
by Sisters Llda Murray, Clara Price, Josephine
Mills, and S. E. Ellis.
Friendship Tent No. 73 has furnished another
missionary ajrent, Bro. Frank I. Stowart having:
been commissioned a Deputy Hiph Chief ltulor
for a portion of tho State of Now York.
High Secretary-Treasurer L. n. Patterson re
ports that durlntr tho past two weeks ho has sent
supplies for tonts to Now York, Pennsylvania,
Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, and North
Pants marked down to 82.1)0. Eisoman Bros.,
7th and.E.
In last Sunday's issuo of The Herat.d there
appeared a reference to Eaglo Tent No. 2, whloh
recontly held tho forty-second anniversary of
its organization, as tho ''lato" Eaglo Tent. This
got Into tho paper inadvertently, and does a
manifest injustice to Eagle Tent, which is ono of
tho oldest in tho District nnd is in a Nourishing
condition. Tho tent has adopted and transmitted
to this ofllco a sot of resolutions properly char
acterizing tho designation of it ns tho "lato"
Eaglo Tent, and showing tlint It is in a very
lively condition indeed.
Pants marked down to SO. Eisoman Bros.,
7th and E.
Independent Order ol'Rcchabites.
(F. E. DoYoo, II. C. R.)
Ilobor Tent No. 10 added three to its member
ship Monday evening'.
Union Tent No. 87 initiated W.L. Hodgers, J.V.
It. Towers, and W.T. Hennings Wednesday even
ing, and good-of-the-order remarks were made
by Mes3rs. W. It. Hunt. N. Bunch. Edmund
Burke, Grand Deputy ltuler 3. C, Eller, and
Cammaok Tent No. GO is taking stops to get nn
initiatory outfit that will ho a credit to tho or
der, Qeorgo O. Thompson Tent No. 3 initiated one
member Thursday night and conferred tho 1st
degreo on two.
Heber Tent No. 19 and Union Tont No. 87 each
hold a hop next Tuesduy evening,
Tho ltechabites of tho District will turn out in
a bodv to visit tho liecbabito fair in Alexandria
noxt Friday evening.
A tomperanco rally will bo held in Northeast
Washington this evening. Members will meet
in Columbia Tent room and turn out in regalia.
James Christopher Lee, who haB been elected
to tho highest ofllco in tho District for tbo third
time, is nearly fifty-one years of nge. Ho has
been a Itechablto for sixteen years, and has
commanded tbo respect of tho order's member
ship at all times. His many friends are highly
elated over his reflection.
Overcoats marked down to SO.OO. Eiseman
Bros., 7th and E.
Pi T a ri?
Best Assortment in This City to
artmenl We
03P OT73R,
Our Stock of French Fel
Colors. Regular Price, $1.25, $1.50, and $1.75, at
j'trJL JL tIwi&za
Seventh Street Northwest.
JL.'tt.U? 3XT O W E SLa T T EI Sh.
PICTURE FRAMES in Gold, White and Gold, Silver, Ivory,
and in all kinds of Hard Wood.
Works at Bennings, 3D. C
Estimates furnished for this Engine or Momentum Euerglzor, whereby parties can use Electrlcitv
fn hoSlmUAS&t: WlthUt mlDS my moiacl und S'vlutT increased results
IlNItlNGIiaite WIH,Xi
Merchant Tailor,
Oor. N. Y, Ave. and Tenth St,
Select From.
(in 1 '
will Iter You the Choice
REGULAR PRICE, 87c. and $1, AT
a 8 && SiUu
3533 l?ItOSDECXJ1,33I.
Will open February 14, and continue to October
1, 1891. Now manutf ement, Elesant in all jts ap
pointments; 300 100ms, largo and spacious: sun
parlors; steam heat in every room; elovutoro
eleotrio bolls, etc Unobstructed view, and only
ono block from tho ocean. Finest location on tho
Islanth Late dinner. NEAL & HAMILTON,
Ja-J Proprietors,
Gents' Suits Scoured and Pressed, SI.
3v. I. IIA-IIN,
705 Ninth Btroot northwest,
425 North Eutaw Bt., Baltimore.
COATS, 50o. PANTS. 23o. VESTS 25c
Goods called for and delivered.
Telephono Call, 113-2, Washington. oclS-ly
'I 4l
Fll f J
1 i
I "Vfl
wj t ,.

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