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The Sunday herald and weekly national intelligencer. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1887-1896, February 15, 1891, Image 12

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Mrs. Francis Golton Is at home on Mondays.
Mrs. Commissioner Lyronu will be at homo
to callers on Tuesdays.
Matlamo Bolet-Peraza will receive on the re
maining FrldayB ol February.
Mrs. Vf. Koss Browne will not be nl home ou
next "Wednesday, February IS.
Mrs. Charles M. Pepper has been called to the
bedside o his onlysister in Detroit.
Mrs. Jules Guthridgo will receive callers on
Fridays, alter 4 o'clock, throughout Lent.
Mrs. Eobert, wife of Commissioner Robert,
will be at homo the remaining Fridays of Fob
runry. Mrs. Commissioner McDonald and Miss Koso
McDonald will receive on Wednesdays, as
Miss Robcna Taylor, 233 Massachusetts
avenue northeast, will receive Monday, after
3 P. M.
Senor and Madame Lazcano returned from
New York Thursday. Madames Lazcano re
ceives her friends on Fridays.
Mrs. George L. Maltz and the Misses Maltz,
of Alpena, Mich., will bo for the remainder of
the season at 201 A street southeast.
Mrs. Isaac Henderson, of 1012 Rhode Island
avenue, has gone to San Antonio, Tex., to visit
her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Carbaugh.
Among the lacies still receiving on Saturdays
are Mrs. Almena Williams, Mrs. Theodore
Schwan, and Mrs. Augustus Macomb.
Cards have been issued by Mr. and Mrs.
Parker Mann for a reception on the 23d instant
at Tanglebank. in honor of Mrs. Cammann.
Batterv A, Light Artillery, D. C. R. G., will
receive its friends on Saturdav, at S o'clock, at
the armory, New York avenue. Pink cards
have been "issued.
The marriage of Miss Annie Fisher, daughter
of Second Auditor Fisher, of the Treasury De
partment, and Mr. Cohoon, of St. Louis, will
take place March 4.
Madame de Mendonca and tho Misses de
Mendonca will continue their receptions during
February, Mrs. de Mendonga having been
absent for so great a part of the season.
Mrs. Buchanan, of New Jersey, will have her
last reception Monday, from 2 till 0, assisted by
Miss Owen, Miss Koones, Mrs. Dr. H. C.
Thompson, and Mrs. Florence Solger, at 041 M
Miss Anita Cluss, the harpist, has filled a sec
ond encagement with the Peabody Symphony
Orchestra of Baltimore. She has returned to
the city, and will receive her friends, as usual, on
Mr. Paul Putzkl has issued cards of Invita
tion for an exhibition of the work of his pupils
ana himself at his studio, 1420 New York ave
nue, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesda', from
J A. M. to 5 P. M.
M56S Cynthia Cleveland will receive for the
last time on Tuesday, February 17, from 2 to 5
and 7 to 10 P. M., atS07 Twelfth street. Mrs.
Emily L. Sherwood, Coyne Fletcher, and sev
eral other ladies will be of the receiving party.
Mrs. M. D. Lincoln, 1810 K street, will not re
ceive on Tuesday, February 17, as in the even
ing she elves a reception in honor of Mrs.
Edward Robey, of Chicago, from 8 to 11
o'clock, to which members of the W. N. P. A.
are Invited.
The societies of the Sons and of the Daughters
of the American Revolution have accepted tbe
invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Cabell to meet at
their residence Monday evening, February 23.
Mrs. Harrison and Gen. A. "W. Greely will pre
side, assisted by Mrs. Cabell and a number of
the officers of the societies. Admission will bo
strictly by cards presented at the door of 1407
Massachusetts avenue.
One of tho prettiest of the private dances of
the season at Philadelphia was given by Mrs.
Frank Field at tho Art Club. The gownB were
charming and the supper was served at dainty
little tables. Among the guests were Mr. and
Mrs. John Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Florence Fox,
MJss Lula, of New York; Miss Shankland, of
Washington; Misa Epting, Miss McLaughlin,
Miss Post, Miss Reis, and many more.
Mrs. Jame6 W. Green passed through this
city Friday en route for her home In Culpeper.
She has been spending four months with her
children, James W. Green, of Atlanta, Ga., and
Mrs. Norrls, of Denver, Col. Mr6. Green thinks
tho West has growing prosperity. Particularly
is she impressed by the city of Denver, its mar
vellous growth and massive structures.
One of tho most enjoyable teas of tho week
was that given Tuesday by Mrs. Joshua Davis,
of Eichth street. The house was crowded dur
ing tho entire evening by callers. Tho Misses
Geno and Ella Davis and Miss Kingsley, of
Boston, assisted the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Davis, of Cblcaeo,
are in the city, and are stopping at tho Shore
ham. Mr, DaviB, who was formerly a Wash
ingtouian, Is now engaged in tho publication
business in Chicago aud Is meeting with grent
Tho gifted writer, Mrs. E. G. Wheeler, ac
companied by tho accomplished harpist and
writer, MUs Eflle Douglass Putnam, Is stop
ping at, Welcker's.
MI6S Mao Horcourf gave a delightful dancing
reception on Friday at her homo on F street.
Tho guest of honor was Mi68 Macglo O'Connor,
of Buffalo. " '
Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Saxton, of Boston, are
spending a fow days at his former home, Kenne
eaw avenue, Mount Pleasant.
Dr. Thomas Taylor has gone to Philadelphia
to attend the courts a6 au expert for the Gov
ernment on wood fibres.
Mrs. M. R. Shankland returned last Friday
from a pleasant visit to her sister, Mrs. Florenco
For, at Philadelphia.
Captain and Mrs, John A. Howell have re
turned to the city aud arc at their residence,
1519 Twentieth etreet.
Miss Elvira D. Cabell, who has been vlsitlug
friends in Virginia, will return to the city Mon
day next.
Miss Joslo Sprlgmau, of Chestnut Hill, Phila
delphia, Is visiting her aunt, Mrs. M. Shank
land. Mrs. Kearney and Mrs. Powell received a
number of callers on Saturday.
A perfect fit guaranteed at Miller's, shirt
makers, Eighteenth street aud Pennsylvania
Among the uotablo events of tho season wcro
tho two receptions given by Mr. nnd Mrs. Yo
Chn Yuu, at tho elegant residence recently pur
chased of Mr. Phelps by Mr. Yo Cha Yun
Charge iV Affaires by order of tho Kiug of
Corea. This mansion is charmingly situated on
Iowa Circle, a garden of greenery, in which i
statuo of Gen. Logan will soou bo erected.
The house is four "stories above a basement,
with bay-windows, baths, cas, aud all other
modern improvements attached, thus rendering
everything to be desired for a largo diplomatic
household. The various members with their
families can bo accommodated with all the
comforts and privacy of separate households on
tho different lloors. Tho residence stands on
the northwest corner of the streets cut by tho
Circle at 1500 Thirteenth street. It is a mansion
well adapted for entertaining large companies.
The entrauco is up a flight of steps set back in a
yard on Thirteenth street into a spacious hall,
with drawing-rooms on tho left hand and an
elegantly appointed diniug-room on tho right,
with butler's pautry and kitchens beyond. A
large billiard-room is fitted up in the basement.
Indeed, to the ordinary observer, the house has
the appearance of hundreds of other well ap
pointed residences. But in this house there are
gay Corean folding screens, hand-painted or
wrought in rich embroideries in colors that defy
description real Corean specimens of decora
tive art that are much admired. There are also
great Satsuma jars in the corners, and manv
articles of homo manufacture that servo to give
the place the look of homo which is so dear to
those far from their natlvo land. The
absence of Mr. and Mrs. Yo Wan Yung Is
greatly regretted by those who enjoyed their
acquaintance. Mrs. Wan Yung was very in
telligent and cordial and made many friends
among those who were first attracted by her
foreign face and native costume Since her ab
sence Mrs. Ye Cha Yun has been diligently
picking up the language, which she is now able
to speak with much grace. In adopting the
American custom of giving one or two public
receptions she' has lost nothing of the modesty
so much admired by her people. It was thought
best to venture upon only two receptions this
season, and the two Tuesdays' preceding Lent
were selected. There was no great effort made
for display. Such simple decorations as grow
ing palm trees in the hall and potted plants In
the windows and on the mantles of tho drawing-rooms
were all. An elegant collation was
served in the dining-room. Mr. and Mrs. W.
Sturtevant Moore, who are naval people and
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ye Cha Yuu, rendered
valuable aid in making all the necessary prepa
rations, and the two receptions were very suc
cessful. All the diplomatic circle, many of the
Cabinet officers and families, and prominent
Army and Navy officers, with distinguished
citizens, paid their respects. On last Tuesday,
the day being fine, the crowd was larger than
during the first day. Mrs. Ye Cha Yun bore the
fatigue of standlug for four hours without ap
parent fatigue, and everybody was charmed
with her prettily-spoken English and her
pleasant welcome. She wore a rich pale-blue
silk skirt, with a yellow brocaded silk waist.
She was assisted by Mrs. W. Sturtevant Moore,
in a gray faille Empress gown, with a rose-pink
embroidered satin front. Miss Marie Moore,
daughter of W. Sturtevant Moore, wore a hand
some Nile-green crGpolIne. She assisted
at tho punch bowl. Miss Cogswell, daughter
of Representative Cogswell, wore an elegant
gown of white crCpollne. She poured tea in
the dining-room. Ml68 Towne, also assisting,
and daughter of a naval officer, wore a charm
ing reception gown of white silk crGpolIue.
Among the distinguished visitors weroMrvPung
KwansYu, Minister and Madame Guzman, of
Nicaragua; Minister and Madame Romero, of
Mexico; Seiior and Madaino Mendonca, with
the Misses Mendouga, Brazil; Minister and
Madame Zegarra, from Peru; the Japanese
Minister, Mr. Tuteno and Madame Tateno,
Secretary and Madame N. Bolet-Monagos, of
Venezuela; Mr. Thomas W. Crldler, Chief of
the Diplomatic Bureau; the Secretary of War,
Secretary Rusk, Secretary of Agriculture; Miss
Rusk, Rev. Tunis S. Hamlin, D. D.; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles McLellan, 8enator and Mrs.
Spoouer. Senator and Mrs. Dolph, Mr. and Mrs.
and Miss Teller, Mr. and Mrs. Senator Stanford,
Assistant Secretary and Mrs. Nettleton, Colonel
and Mrs. Haywood, Mr. and Mrs. Spinola, of
New York; Mrs. Harmar and Mrs. Reeside,
Mr6. John Morgan, Commodore Skerrett, Sena
tor and Mrs. Morrill, of Vermont; Mrs. John
Sherman and Miss Sherman, Justice Bingham,
Gen. Vincent, ami others too numerous to men
tion. There were fully fifteen hundred or two
thousand callers on each day that Mr. and Mrs.
Yo Cha Yun received. The customs of this
country and Corea differ so widely in regard to
domestic habits that those who know from ob
servation in Corea how excluded tho ladies of
that country llvo can only fully realize what a
progressive 6tep Mrs. Ye Wan Yun and Mrs.
Cha Yun have taken in adoption tho American
custom of ladies giving a public'receution. Mr.
and Mrs. Yo Cha Yun express themsolves as
dellchted with Americans and the charm of
novelty that Invests a now country with an
aggressive civilization. Mrs. Ye Cha Yun says
Washington will ever be dear to her becauso of
tho tender and 6ad associations conuected with
tho birth nnd loss of the Httlo one asleep under
the grass and fiowers of Oak mil Cemetery.
Madame do Barrios gave a superb fancy
dress ball at her residence In Now York ou Fri
day of last week. Tho floral decorations were
ideally beautiful. The first of the suite of
drawing-rooms was decked with yellow daffo
dils and orchids; in tho second the flowers were
La Frauco and Catherine Mermet roses; tho
third room was adorned with St. Joseph lilies
and roses. Mr. Antonio Barrios led the cotillon,
dancing with Mies Amalla Aparlclo, 6lster of
Madame do Barrios. Tho hostess, costumed as
Cleopatra, wore pink satin festooned with jew
eled gauze. She had fringes of jewels around
tho low neck aud short sleeves of her corsage.
Her Egyptian head dress of gold was set off by
sapphires, rubles, and diamonds. Supper was
served at small tables in the conservatory and
Tho marriage of Miss Auna Francesca Cowle,
daughter of Col. Georgo Cowle, and Mr. Robert
AUisou Shortwell, of Now Orleans, took place
at tho bride's home, 1518 O street, at 7:30
o'clock Wednesday evenlue-. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. Dr. Hamlin In the pres
ence of tho Immediate relatives of the bride.
Paymaster Cowie gave his sister in marriage,
The wedding was of the most quiet description
owing to the 6erlous Illness of Col. Cowie, who
Insisted that there should be no postponement
of the ceremony.
Mrs. John Key worth leaves to-morrow morn
ing to visit friends In Philadelphia, and will bo
absent about ten days.
The correct styles In full-dress shirts at Mil
ler's, shirt makers and ladles' and gentlemen's
outfitter, Eighteenth street and Pennsylvania
Tho annual ball at tho Mexican Legation on
Monday night was the most, brilliant ovent ot
society during tho season. Tho spacious house
was a veritable bower of beauty from the upper
floors to tho basement. At tho foot of tho
broad 6tairway, on tho newel-post, stood a whtto
azalea bush covered with bloom, aud tho stair
rail was wreathed In smllnx; in tho upper hall
palms filled tho comers. Tho bed-rooms aud
sitting-rooms on this floor wero utilized as
cloak and dressing-rooms. Going below, tho
drawing-rooms wcro decorated with palms, tho
mantels banked with maidenhair ferns and 6ct
with choicest roses. In tho dlulng-room, which
on this occasion was utilized as ono of the
parlor suite, tho massive sideboard was hidden
under a bank of ferns aud abloom with La
Franco roses. But the ball-room presented tho
most attractive nicturo of tho florist's art.
The columns wefo wreathed with green and
tulips aud Easter lilies. The broad mirrors that
lino the walls ou all sides wero half concealed
beneath curtains of smila::, looped high, while
tho mantel was banked with tulips, roses, lilac,
and other cut flowers. Tho Marino Band was
concealed behind an evergreen screen. Minister
and Madamo Romero received in tho main
drawing-room. Madamo Romero wore a rich
trained gown of white and silver brocade, with
a collar of pearls, and diamond pendant. A
comb and cluster of diamonds sparkled In her
dark hair. At her wal6t was a jowoled girdle.
Sho wore tan-colored gloves, a bracelet of gold
beads, and white slippers gleamed beneath her
cown as she opened tho ball with tho gentle
grace of movement that characterizes tho Mexi
can dance. This graceful dance was
repeated several times during tho even
ing. Madamo Romero's partner was
Mr. Pacheco. Others dancing in this open
lug quadrille wero Mr. and Miss Ro6s Thomp
son, Mr. Morales and Miss Roynolds, Mr.
Plaza and Miss Mendonca, Mr. Leonard and
Miss Amalia Mendonca, Mr. W. H. Chambers
and Miss Greer, Mr. Edward Monecal and Miss
Roynolds, and Mr. Staloy and Miss Scranton.
Tho attendance was not so largo as at previous
balls and tho absence of a crush rendered it all
the more delightful. Supper was served in tho
brilliant rooms in the basement In Demonot's
best style. Nearly all tho foreign ministers
were present. Tho gowns of tho ladies wcro
notably rich and elegant. Madamo Mendonca
wore poppy-red satin and diamonds; Miss Men
donca, black chiffon, with crimson sash; Miss
Amalia Mendonca, pink gauze over pink silk;
Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Romero's mother, shrimp-pink
silk and diamonds; Madamo Guzman, black
Spanish lace and diamond ornaments; Mrs
SoulG, violet silk and black lace; Miss Soul6,
pink crGpe; Miss Gordon, of St. Paul, black lace;
Miss Miller, of Baltimore, whtto crepe; Mrs. Ye
Cha Yum, whitesatin and brocade, Mrs. Walthall,
black velvet with pink brocade; Miss Walthall,
white gauze; Miss Blount, blue crCpe; Mrs.
Howard, white gray crGpo, diamond neeklar.';;
Mrs. Logan, gray faille. Mr. and Mrs. Lothrop,
of Boston, wero with her. Mrs. Lothrop wore
a rich gown of blucsatin, with panel of white,
studded with gay little butterflies embroidered
by hand; at her throat was a diamond cross.
Madame Suarez wore corn-colored brocade, with
turquoise bead trimming. Mrs. Spinola, of Now
York, wore a rich black silk, with white bro
caded front, ornaments diamonds; Mi6s Whit
ford, white lace, with violets on tho bodice;
Miss Daisy Moore, white crGpollne; Mrs. Green
leaf, of Minnesota, a Paris gown of old-roso
satin, with white satin petticoat, heavily em
broidered and veiled in lace: her ornaments
wero diamonds. Mrs. Frank Stewart Osborn,
of Chicago, wore a Felix gown of yellow bro
cade combined with heliotrope, and ostrich
feather trimming; Mrs. Gen. Banks, old-roso
satin, with brocaded train; Miss Banks, cream
silk, with poppy-red flowers brocaded on It, vel
vet ribbon garniture; Mrs. H. F. Gillumau, of
New York, Nile-green silk, veiled in black net,
ornaments diamonds; Mrs. L. C. Nevil, of Now
York, whlto brocade, with black velvet train and
diamond ornaments; Mrs. Randall, black lace;
Miss Armstrong, pink silk; Mrs. Senoy, blue
brocade; Mrs. Zegarra, old-gold brocade, dia
mond ornaments; Mrs. Guthrldge, white lace,
pompadour collar; Mrs. Heaven, black laco and
whlto silk; Ml6s Ethel Heaven, whlto satin
and laco; Mi6s Reagan, whlto silk; Miss Ros
aline Forest, whlto brocade; Miss Forest, green
tulle; Mrs. Forest, black satin with diamonds;
Miss Faunio Rice, gray silk violets for garni
ture; Mrs. Ames, of Chicago, white satin" and
crystal passementerie; Mrs. N. L. Jeffries,
whlto satin and brocade; Mrs. Jeremiah Wil
son, white silk and point Jace; Miss Gorman,
blue brocade; Miss Iladdie, piuk crGpe; Miss
Davis, white brocade; Mrs. Rutherford, whlto
satin; Miss Wilson, white over gold;
Mrs. Evan Thomas, violet crCpe; Mrs.
John R. Henderson, whlto lace; Miss
Rice, heliotrope crepe, with pearl passe
menterie; Mrs. Bigelow, whlto silk, with bro
cade train; Miss 8cranton, whlto silk; Miss Big
elow, corn-colored crflpe; Miss Green, pink silk,
and Mr6. Gen. Lee, black lace and whlto satin.
Among others present wero Mr. and Mrs. Koim,
Mrs. Sturtevant Moore, Gen. Schofleld, Mrs.
Audrews, Senator and Mrs. Frye, Mrs.
Chandler, Mrs. Pickett, and Mrs. Georgo
Tho Short Story Club met last Wednesday
evening at tho homo of Mrs. F. R. Burket, 713
II street northwest. Mrs. G. CrandelJ, tho
president, occupied tho chair. A portion of
the Georgetown Orchestra opened tho oxercises
with a classical Instrumentation, and tho min
utes being read and approved, Mr, T. G. Hill
pleased all his hearers with a song. Miss G.
Withington, the author for tho evening, then,
in distinct and pleasing enunciation, read her
story, entitled "An Electrical Study." This
was decidedly among the l'est yet given to tho
Short Story Club, and stamped the writer as a
rare success in this difficult lino of composition.
Mrs. Robey, on special urgonco, gave a beauti
ful aud patriotic address. Tho violinists,
Messrs. E. P. Uphara and G. F. Finckel, again
proved themselves masters of those most dif
ficult instruments, tho violin and viola, aud
then Miss Louise Graves recited "A Coast Sur
vey;'' Mrs. A. E. Beall, "A Picture," by Austin
DobsonjMIss L. Smith, "Tho Goblins;" Mrs. E.
F. llort, "The Raggedy Man," and Miss Annlo
M. Hertford, "Heartsease." Mr. Hill sang
"Sweet Jennie Lee," Mr. J. II. Whltaker read
an original poem, "Tho Thuudershower," and
Mrs. Ui. D. Lincoln showed she had kissed tho
Blarney Stone by tho way sho flattered tho club
on its growth and llterarv success. Proposi
tions for membership being'disposed of, the club
adjourned to meet on Wednesday, February 25,
at Mrs. Craudell's, No. 010 II etreet.
Mr. Georgo Riddle, of Cambridgn, Mass,,
whoso society readings are tho most popular
jfad in Boston and Now York, is to pass a week
in this city during Lent, tho guest of Mrs. Cll
ley, ot 1328 1 street.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Miller's
shirts are beauties. Made on the premises,
Eighteenth street and Pennsylvania avenue.
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928 and 930 F Street.
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500 dozen 10-inch Plaid Lunch Doylies, 50c.
300 dozen 4-8 Bed Bordered Cream Damask
Doylies, 75c. dozen.
Threo-qunrters Bleached German Damask Nap
kins, SI.75 dozen.
18x30 Undressed Huck Towels, 12Jc.
109? !', !! " 15c. euoh, $1.75 doz.
S7xt- ,, " 22c. each, $2.50 doz.
24x48 Knotted FrinRo Damask Towols,25c. each,
in plain White. Orange, Blue, Pink, Bed, Light
Green, nnd Salmon borders.
20x40 Hemstitched Huck Towels, 23c. each.
22x44 Knotted Fringe Huck Towels, 25c. each.
Cotton Diaper, Dost Quality.
18 in.
20 in.
24 in.
27 in.
P.0',. u3cv, 75c- 85o. 05c. apiece.
A lull lino of Homstitchod Linen Bcdwear.
Wo have tho facilities for Furnishing Hotels,
Larjjo Boardino-.houses, School Institutions with
goods. Our stock Includes all tho reliable mak
ers' goods. Goods from tho host mills of Ireland,
bcotlund, nnd Belgium aro hero represented and
at our prices. Wo can furnish estimutcs whero
largo quantities aro desired.
Foreign Tooth Brushes.
To-morrow wo shall offer nt our Notion De
partment tho iollowlng extraordinary values;
tho quantities me limited, and you should avail
this special sale:
Dupont's Finest Quality Tooth Brushes in
vWj?ai sha!),ed,bun,clle,8 at 35.; regular valuo50o.
JGO Special Tooth Brushes, in six different
styles and shapes, nt25p.; somo worth ovon 35o.
40jSuppr Quality, In threo styles, at 10c: usually
offered at 15c. '
Nail Brushes. Hand Brushes.
Flesh Brashes.
1.000 Children's Tooth Brushes, only 4c. caoh.
(Notion Department, main building.)
420, 422, 424, 426 Seventh St.
In Norfolk and Bedford
City, Va.,
FKom $300 up to $2,000.
59 Atlantic Building,
Jal8-tf 930 F street,

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