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Few and Far Between
""- - r
A .
Wonderful Values
We have put the "STAKS" on
Newly Arrived SPRING GOODS,
so as to quickly introduce them
and insure their early sale. These
bargains vou don't often have the
good fortune to come across.
lVlllJllN JJX I
Lace Curtains, Portieres, and j
85c. Lace Curtains 50c. pair
SL and $1.23 Laco Curtains S9c. pair
$2.50 and S3 Lace Curtains, with pole and
brass trimmings, curtain chains and
hooks $1.98
50 and SO Fine Lace Curtains S2.38 pair
S7 and S8 Real Lace Curtains S4.69 pair
$2.50 New Effects in Madras Curtains. . .S4.41 pair
S3 New Effects in Madras Curtains $4.78 pair
$7 and S8 All-Chenille Portieres S4.38 pair
$12 and S15 All-Chenillo Portiere's,
fringed SG.9S pair
:8c. Entirely New Nubia Drapery 21c. yard
10c. Silkoline in new effects, 10c. yard
93c.New China Silks 69c. yard
20c.Stair Linens 15c.yard
S2.50 8-4 Linen Crumb Cloths S1.75 each
Table Covers, Tidies, Stamped
Linens, Etc.
S1.75 Chenille Covers. G-4 S1.3S each
S2.50 0-4 Chenille Covers in new and
beautiful effects S1.75 each
51 Down Pillows, China silk covered.... 08c. each
S1.50 Down Pillows, satteen or silkoline
covered OSc.each
$1.25 and S1.3S Hand-painted and Fancy
trimmed Head Bests, four styles 98c. each
98c. China Silk and Bolting1 Cloth End
Scarfs, hand painted OSc.each
38c. and 48c. 72-inch Stamped Linen Bu
reau Scarfs : 19c. each
59c. 72-inch Drawn Work and Fringed
All-Kound Bureau Scarfs 39c. each
G8c. and 75c. Flue Linen Bureau Scarfs,
drawn work and knotted fringe bor
ders 48c. each
38c. and 48c. Satin Damask Tray Covers. 25c. each
68c. Fine Hemstitched Traj Covers 34c. each
Pictures, Easels, Etc.
C8c. Photos of Celebrated Paintings, oak
or cherry frames. SlzellxH 29c. each
$2.50 and $3 Large Artotypes, in flno oak
frames $1.48each
$4 Fine Raphael Tuck Aquarelles, in
white and gold enameled lrames $1.89 each
$5 Pictures, in fine walnut or antlquo
oak frames S2.6B each
S2 Hardwood Easels $1.38 each
$1.75 Handsome Steel or White and Gold
Easels S1.29each
S4 Bent Wood Easels $2.48 each
S1.G0 10-button Mousquetairo Suedes, Tans.... 77o
S1.50 5-button Blaok Kid Gloves SU9apair
$4 20-button Mousquctaires, new
shades $3.39 pair
One lot of All-Silk Moiro Picot Edge Rib
bons, all Silk; worth up to lOo Go yard
Ono lot of the same, wider, worth up to
15o 10c. yard
$1 All-Silk Sashes, with a deep silk
fringe. Hi yards lonir. Colors, Red,
Blue, Pink, and White , 85o. each
About two years ago the proprietor of tho
Philadelphia Oyster HouBe. Mr. W. H. Yeoman,
opened at 527 Tenth street northwest what is
known as tho Philadelphia OyBter House, and
by his thorough knowledge ot the business and
his determination to cater to the wants und
tastes of tho public, built up a business that ex
ceeded his most sanguine expectations. Tho
facilities afforded at 527 Tenth street to accom
modate his fast-increasing patronage were in
sufficient, and ho wub compelled to seek mora
commodious quarters; henco his removal to an
elegant now establishment at No. 513 Eleventh
street northwest. Now, with his improved facili
ties and enlarged quarters, he can accommodate
all who desire ilrst-class service in his line. It is
not necessary to enumerate tho different styles
in which ho can serve oysters and saluds. All
j'ou hare to do is to call for them, and you can
get them. He guarantees to gratify the most
fastidious epicure.
Entries for the Dog Show close March 4, at
12 P. M.
F. S. Weusteh, Secretary,
711 Fourteenth street northwest.
The following are among tho arrivals at Ho
tel Normandlo JaBt week: Howard Morton and
wife, Pittsburc, Pa.; James P.bhaunon and John
Honeywell, Baltimore; Frank Jennin und wife,
Mrs. William Pomroy. Miss E. it. Hall, Francis
Forbes, t. .Little, aire, lucuaru Acosta and iuin
lly, William J. Best, John A. Oarver and wife,
Walter M. Smith and wife, and David M. Morri
son and wife, Now York; I. II, McKelby anil
We take this opportunity to announce our SPRING OPENING OF MILLINERY. We have enaed MISS
LABLUMAGE, of New York, a First-class Designer, who will have charge. Also a Competent Corps of Trimmers.
Our aim will be more than ever to offer our patrons High-class Stylish Millinery at our Usual Popular Prices. Hats,
Ribbons, Flowers, and Trimmings in endless profusion, and all at Prices that are the Lowest in the City.
Dress Silks.
50c. Printed China Silks 37Jc.yard
75c. Printed China Silks G7c.yard
Sos. Printed China Silks 72c. yard
SI Printed ChinaSilks '. 79c. yard
Sl.25 Printed China Silks S1.03 yard
75c. Colored Surah Silks, all shades 60c yard
SI 27.1nch Black and Cream Surahs 75c. yard
S1.75 23-inch Hemstitched Surah Silks.. Sl.25 yard
$1.25 Pure Silk Satin-striped Black Grena
dines 95c. vard
Hosiery and Underwear
100 dozen Children's 19c. Warranted Fast
Black Derby Ribbed Hose, sizes
Geo 9 2 pair, 23c.
25c. Ladies' Fancy-striped and Boot
Pattern Hose 21c. pair
50j. Ladies' Tan-Colored Lisle
Hosp 35c, 3 pair, SI
$1 Ladies' Silk-plated Hose, Black anu
colors 69c. a pair
25c. Ladies' Swiss Ribbed Vests, White.
Crpam.Pink, Blue, and Lemon 19c. each
50c. Ladies' Light-weight Merino Vests. 35c. each
75c. Ladies' Merino Vests and Pants.... 63c. each
Ten per cent, off the marked prices of all
I Winter Underwear.
Housefurnisliing Linens.
140 dozen of 25c. Linen Towels,4 Btyles,17c.
each $2 a dozen
100 dozen 15c. Bal h To wels 10c. each
12Jc. Twilled Linen Toweling 91c. o yard
All our 85c. Fine Bleached Double Satin
Table Damask 09c. yard
New Styles of 75c. Turkey Red Table
Damask 55c. yard
2C0 89c. Lunch Cloths, H yards square... 55c. each
S1.39 8 4 Bleached Damask Cloths Sl.lOc
Sl.255-8 Napkins S1.12 dozen
89c. Summer Bedspreads, extra large 09c.
Ready-made Sheet and Pillow Cases. Note the
following special prices:
21x2 yards-Sheets 69c. each
2ix2 yards Sheets , 01c. each
2$x2 yards Sheets 59c. each
2 Jxl i yards Sheets G4c. each
2xl yards Sheets 49c. each
5-4 Pillow Cases 17c. each
6-1 Pillow Cases 22c. each
Fine Hemstitched Pillow Cases 29c. each
Cloaks and Suits
Ladies' $3.50 new Gra y Blazers S2.50 each
Ladies' $0 Novelty Blazers, Navy and
Black, gold trimmed $4.98
Ladles' S3.25 New Black Jersey Coats $2.08
Ladies' SH.50 very btylish Cloth Suits.
Green, Black and Blue $9.48
t $1.50 and $1.75 heavy BluoReefers.slzes 4
toe si.1.: j each
$3.50 very stylish Misses' Blazers, Navy
and Black, sles 12, 14 and 10, S2.98 each
$3 Spring Reefers in Tan and Striped
Cloths, sixes 12. 14 and 10 S2.08each
$3.50 Navy Blue Reefers, gold trimmed $2.98 each
Tratmiarrrren. fcrra
Sl.25 Gloria School Umbrollas 98o
$1.50 Gloria Umbrellas, silver handles S1.29
S2.50 Gloria Umbrellas, horn handles S1.89
82.85 Gloiia Umbrellas, silver handles $1.59
wife, Miss M. F. Lockhart and I. M. Lockhart,
Pittsburg; I, C. Cooper, R. M. Dlokman, and
W. A. Jones and wife, Cleveland. Ohio; Mrs. Ed
win A. Stevens, Hoboken; Mrs. Thomas Butler,
and Miss M. A. England, West Chester:
B. II. Hill, Philadelphia: G. E. Miles and
John M. Chapman, Now York City;
Jacob Edwards and wife, Boston; I. P. Walker
and wife, Bangor, Mo.; Rufus A. Paokard and
wife, Philadelphia; Mr. Post and family, Now
York; W. W. Brown and wife, Portland, Mo.;
T. I. Gllllbam and family and Edward Hyde, On
tario: M. S. Grenough, BoBton; C. n. Tweed,
Now York; Mrs. John Keith, Boston; I. F. Ililgcr,
and wife, Georgia; Charles K. Barnes and fam
ily, Philadelphia; Henry Day and family and
James U. Smith, Now Yo:k; H.C. Slrams, West
Virginia; T. L. Johnson und wife, Cleveland,
and A. S. Sturtevant, R. H. Dana, S. E. Davis, R.
M. Johnson, Mrs. DIttman, MissDittman.S. Dltt
man, E. C. Sterling, und Bowles Colgate und
wife, Now York.
Entries for thoDog Show close March 4, at
12 P. M.
F. S. Weusteh, Secretary,
711 Fourteenth street northwest.
Tho Bellvue Dairy Farm invites all inter
ested In obtaining puro milk to visit their farm
und examine their building, stock, and new sys
tem vi uauuiinguie muu.
Thomas & Thomas, tho enternrlslng Wash
ington managers for tho New York Accident
Insurance Company, recently sent through tho
mails to their policy-holders In this city a state-
cards, to the effect that In December
ilfteen hundred and eight policies were issued by
their company to the business and professional
S BmMsr
Domestic and White Goods .
1 caso cf 12c. Red, Pink, Bluo, Black and
White Checked Lawn 8Jc. yard
12c. Now Summer Outing Flannel, 92c.
yard 12 yards for SI
5-4 Pillow Caso Cotton . 10Jc yard
42-inch Pillow Case Cotton 9Sc. yard
Good Quality Unbleached Muslin 4!c yard
"Fruit of the Loom" Muslin 8c. yard
Lonsdale Cambric 9c. yard
31uslin Underwear and Corsets
29c. Chemises. Drawers, Corset Covers,
Short and Lonir Skirts ic. each
Our special 59c. Gown, made with cluster
tucks, cambric ruffle, excellent muslin 48c
SI Braided Pillow Shams, White or Red 75c
Baum's S2 Sanitary Corset, White or
Gray, extra long waist $1.39 pair
The new "Sonnett" Corset, black satteen,
stitched with led, orauge, or black,
extra long waist 98c
68c. Corsets all colors, satteen striped 40c
tama 30bt
Dress Trimming and Black Laces
75c. Black Silk Leaf Gimp3 48c. yard
35c. Black Silk Gimps 19c. yard
Sl.75 Cut Steel Sets, 5 pieces S1.19sec
SI 14-inch Black Silk Laco Flouncing... 89c. yard
75c. 14-inch Black Silk Lace Flouncing.. G9c. yard
SI 48-inch Black Silk Fish Net 89c. yard
SI 48-inch Black Silk LatoscaNets 89c. yard
Sl.25 48-inch Black Silk Striped and Fig
ured Nets ....$1.18 yard
SI Evening Drapery Nets , 48c. yard
C5c. Light-Blue Swansdown Trimming. .25o. yard
Infants' Goods
S2.75 Long Cashmero Coats, with em
broidered collar $1.98
Woaro showlngan excellent lino of Infants'
Coats from $2.75 to $15 each.
Infants' Short Coats, a great variety of styles.
from $1.98 upward.
69c. Infants' Long Slips.., 48c
Hand-knit Worsted Sacques 35c
Hand-knit Booties 15c. to 40c
Infants' Cambric Dress, tucked waist,
finished round neck and sleeves with
Hamburg edge 48c
Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Etc
Brook's Crystal Soap; sold overywhoro
lor 5c. Star price . 3c. largo bar
29c. Bristle Hair Brush 19c.
25c. Horn Combs 15c.
10c. Nail Brush 3c.
23c. BriBtlo Tooth Brush 12c.
15c. Shoo Daubers 7c.
39c. Shoo Brushes ,25c.
15c. Pels' Toilet Soaps 7c.
35o.Oakloy's Florida Water 29c, largo bottle
23c. White Embroidered Handkerchiefs. 19o. each
15c. White and Colored Embroldored
Handkerchiefs 9c. each
8a. Colored Bordered Handkorohiols 4o,eaoh
35c. All-Linen Initial Handkerchiefs.... 20o. each
25o. All.LIuen Initial Handkerchiefs 17c. each
men in Washington and four other cities, This
largo volumo of business in ono month fiom ilvo
cities only is the most satisfactory kind of un
indorsement of tho financial soundness and
liberal torm ot policy contract of this popular
company, of which ox-Congressman Georgo A.
Halsoy. of New Jersey, well and favorably
known in WaBhingtou, is tho president,
Entries for tho Dog Show close March 4, at
13 P. M.
F. S. Weusteh, Secretary,
711 Fourteenth street northwest.
ThoBellvuo Dairy Farm sell only tho milk
produced from their own stock.
Mrs. T. II. Bean has removed from 1758 to 1727
Q street northwest.
Why do I drink Tannhausor boor? Bccauso
It is tho best in tho markot.
Tho Bellvue Dairy Furm is tho only dairy
using tho aerating system,
Tho airs put on yesterday by tho genial pro
prietor of the New York Bufffit, Mr. James Cas
telo, wero very refreshing, but when tho cause
was learned that ho was the father of a brand
now and bouncing boy, (eight and-a-half
pounds avoirdupois,) his friskincss was excus
able. Nobody blames "Jimmy" when ho says "I
am a family man." P, S. Mrs. O. nnd "tho boy"
aro "doing as well us could bo expected under
tho circumstances."
Call at the Bellvuo Dairy Farm, 1431 P street,
for fresh, clean, unadulterated milk.
Valuable dwelling houao, No. 025 O street
northwest, will bo sold at auction to-morrow
afternoon, at4:30 o'clock, byRatcliffo, Darr & Co.,
in front of tho premises. This house contains
is the last day for them. Before
that time crowds of appreciative
ladies will have visited our store
and taken advantage of them. We
trust you will be one of them.
98c. Chiffon Ruchings, all colors S9c. yard
All 25o. Ruchings, now patterns 21c, yard
50c. Children's Irish Point Collars 39c. each
50c. Children's Linen Sailor Collars, em
broidered edge : 44c. each
$2.50 and S3 Real Duchess Luce Handker
chiefs a. S1.0S each
50c. and 75c. Laco Handkerchiefs 29c. each
$1 and $2 Black Spanish Laco Scarfs.... 89c. each
$2.25 to $3 Black Spanish Lace Fichus. .$1.25 each
Laces and Embroidery
8c. and 9c. Cambric Edge 5o.
18c. Cambric Edgo 12ic,
48c. 22-inch Swiss Flouncing 23c
a yard
a yard
75c. and 85c. 48-inch Swiss Flouncing.. 50c.
a yard
Sl.2,1 48-inch Swiss Flouncing uac.
S1.50 48-inch Swiss Flouncinc Sl.25
a yard
$2.25 45-inch Swiss Flouncing $1.98
u yaru
Black Flouncing, 75c. to 54.50, narrow
goods to match, endless variety.
25c.Torchon Laces 15c.
18c. and 20c. Oriental Laces 10c.
48c. 12-Inch Oriental Laces 25c.
08c. 45-inch Valenciennes Flouncings. .50c.
a yurd
a j'urd
a yard
a yard
Men's Goods
50c. spring styles of Men's Neckwear,
Tecks and Four-in-hands 42c
15c. 4-ply Cuffs 10c. pair
25c. Fancy Half Hose 21c. pair
50c. Unlaundered Dress Shirts 374 e
62o. Unlaundered Dress Shirts 49c
75c. Unlaundered Dress Shirts, plain or
pleated bosoms 61c
50c. Fancy Night Shirts 39c
75c. Plain or Fancy Night Shirts 07o
Notions .
03c. Silk Garters, with Silk Bows and
Fino Clasps 44c.
SlOc. Langtry Gold Pins 7c.
12c. Steel Curling Tongs 5c.
25c. White and Colored Feather Stitch
Braid 18c. piece
15c. Initials Oc. gross
25c. Universal Skirt Belts 15c. each
10c. Egg Darners, with handles 3c
15o. E. S. C. Crochet Cotton, Red, Light
Blue, and White 9c. ball
15c. Dress Shields. Sizes 1,2, and 3, 8c. pair
25c. Fancy Garter Elastic lSc.strlp
8c. Shoo Buttons 4c. gross
Embroidery Silk, all colors 5c. doon spools
Shirt Waists
SI and 31.25 "Klng"ShirtWaists,nowand
stylish patterns 89c, each
100 dozen 35o. Perculo and Outing Flan
nel Shirt Waists, well made, plaited
back and front 21c. each
75o. Laundered Percale Shirt Waists, olo
gantly niudo. Also now patterns In Out
ing Cloth Shirt Waists 44o. each
Silver-Plated Ware .
$2.50 Rogers's Best Forks S1.98set
S2.50 Rogers's Best Medium Knives $1.78set
S2.50 Rogers's Best Tablespoons $1.08 set
$2Rogors's Best Etohed or Old Sliver
Fruit Knives $1.00 sot
thirteen rooms, with all tho modern improve
ments, within easy access of all tho street rail
roads and tho centre of tho city, and should com
mand tho attention of parties in search of a flno
private residence. For terms and a full descrip
tion see tho advertisement in to-day's issue.
Michael Lanhady, an old habltuo of tho First
Precinct, was arrested yesterday afternoon and
locked up. While in tho coll ho foil aud cut his
head in three places.
Read A. A. Wilson's "ad" in this issue. Some
valuable property is offered for sale.
James A. White, a newsboy, fell over tho
railing of tho Star office yesterday afternoon
and received Bovoro injuries, Dr. Mlddloton, of
tho Emorgeuoy Hospital, dressed his wounds.
Entries for tho Dog Show closo March 4, at
12 P. M.
F. S. Weusteh, Secretary,
711 Fourteenth street northwest.
Tho Bellvuo Dairy Farm guarantee their
Tho Bellvuo Dairy Farm milk 1b "Tho Best."
Railroad Into This District.
Tho House last night passed tho Senate bill
authorizing tho Norfolk and Western Railroad
Company to extend its road into tho District of
Columbia with amendments.
Princo Jerome Napoleon Dying.
Home, Feb. 28. Prince Jerome Napoleon Is
Jylug at the point of death In this city. Cardi
nal Meralllod lias administered the bacrament
ot Extreme Unction to the dying Prince.
A.S A.Xt3i3
$1 Silk Shawls, Cardinal, Light Blue,
Black and White $13.19
S3 Black Cashmero Shawls, silk fringe Sl.si)
$2.23 Cashmero Scarfs, Cardinal, Pink,
Blue, and Tan $1.08
Leatlior Goods
38c. Ooze Chatelaines 29c
75c. Ooze or Seal Chatelaines 44c
98c. New Seal Chatelaines 75c
Sl.25 Now Seal Chatelaines S9c
S1.48 New Seal Chatelaines 95c
98c. Now Boston Shopping Bag3 09c
SI New Boston Shopping Bags 89c
Sl.SONow Boston Shopping Bags $1.25
38c. Large Seal Purses, inside pockets 21c
G8c.Real Seal and Alligator Purses 44c
S4.50 good zinc Trunks; dressing tray,
Iron bottom. Sizes 28, 30, 32 $2.G8each
S12 flno ilat-top Canvas Trunks, 2 dress
trays, elegantly made $7.98 each
We guarantee every Trunk we sell to be lower
In prlco than you can buy the same Trunk else
where. Wo also guarantee the Trunk for WEAR
it not your money refunded. You certainly
can ask no more.
48c. Real Coral Strings 25e
75c. Real Amber Strings 4So
98c. Real Amber Strings, with clas'p OHo
10c. Roman Beads 5c
15c. and 18c. Roman Beads, white and colored. 10c
60c. Oxidized Card-caso, with deck of
playing cards 29c
18c. New Scarf .pins 10c
38c. and 48c. New Plated Bracelets 21c
15c. Now Oxidized or Silver Bangles 9c
38c. Oxidized Glovo Buttoner l'Jc
25o. NewGarter Clasps 10c
38c. Now Mint Boxes. 21c
38o. New Tablet and Stamp Boxes combined.. 21c
$1.25 Gold Bracelets, now designs 89c. each
08c. and 75c. Novelties in Hair Orna
ments 48c. each
"Pax Vobiscum" and "Tho Greatest
Thing in tho World." bv Henrv Druin-
mond. bound in ono volumo; paper. . . .
"Idle Thoughts of an Idle Follow" and
"Told After Supper," by Jerome K.
Jerome; paper
Miss Parloo'sNow Cook Book; paper
"All lor Him," translated irom the
French, by Frederiok Lvstcr
"Samantlm Among tho Brethren," by
Joslah Allen's Wife (latest)
50o. 12mos., Popular Authors
mitn J-fmgpsW3yqmnBCi mi huh i ! mivutimujvLaKMM?- tw-tn atjt
Your card engraved and copper plate,
dono in ilrst-class stylo, with fifty
cards. During tho Star Sale 70o
RoprI nt of 50 cat ds a3c
Old Berkshire Mills Linen Paper and
Envelopes I9c. box
Baum's Real Irish Linen Paper 18c.lb
$30,000 Subscribed Toward a lj.50,000
Testimonial Fund.
New Yoiik, Feb. 28. An informal meeting
of several bankers was held on February 31 in
this city to devise means for raising a testi
monial fund for tho widow of Secretary Win
dom. Information was received through Sena
tor Washburn and Stephen B. Elkins that the
estate of tho late Secretary of tho Treasury
would afford an annual lovenue of only $3,500.
One-third of this sum, according to the will,
was to go to Mrs. Windora, while the rest was
to be divided among tho three children.
A member of tho committee said to a Tribune
reporter to-day: "We have done our best to
keep it quiet because it is of a delicate nature,
and Mrs. Windom is a lady of the inoBt refined
sensibilities. It would bo a poor compliment
to tho people of the country, however, if they,
especially of the financial circles, were to
allow the widow of one who has dono so much
for our ilnauces to be in the circumstances de
scilbed. If this affair must he made public
you might as well give your readers the facts
as they are. We already have $30,000 sub
scribed aud wo waut to round it out into an
even $50,000 or more, if tho people feel er dis
posed." The French Chamber of Deputies has decided
to suppress every kind of betting on racea. Tho
decision has caused a tremendous sensation
among sportsmen.
7 th
hj u

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