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A bold attempt on the part of certain
Republican Special Interests, aided and
abetted by Governor AValter Francis
Frear and certain other influential elements
of the Republican party is being
made just now to steal from the Territory
many thousands of acres of land on
the Island of Hawaii.
So confident arc the conspirators of
being able to pull off the nefarious deal
without successful opposition that they
have made no attempt to hide their designs.
They have come boldly out into
the open and announced that at the
coming short session of Congress they
will attempt to put through a bill which
will enable them to perpetrate the robbery
in legal form and without fear of
being stopped.
What the conspirators are trying to
do is to steal, for a period of no less
than fifty years, thousands of acres of
valuable land in Kau. Recently a conference
was held in the office of Governor
Frear, at which Edward Pollitz, the
San Francisco capitalist, and several of
the millionaire promoters of Hawaii
were present, and the preliminary plans
of the wholesale robbery of the people
were drawn up.
John McCrosson and some of his business
associates, it will be remembered,
proposed some weeks ago to construct
an irrigation ditch from the Puna and
Olaa districts, around the crater of
into the now barren and arid
lands of Kau. Such a project, if successfully
carried out, Avould be of great
value to the Territory and would open
up to cultivation thousands of acres of
now barren land.
But the projectors of this big enterprise,
being business men who are in
business for the money it brings them,
cannot be expected to work from an altruistic
standpoint. They want to make
money, and they cannot be blamed for
this. Those who should be blamed are
the Government officials who boldly announce
their intention of helping to rob
the citizens of this Territory of their
It is indeed true that the barren lands
of Kau should be reclaimed; that they
should be made to blossom like the rose ;
that homesteads should take the place
of sun-scorched lava lands. But and
here is the point this should be done
by the Government, not by pi'ivate enterprise,
the only object of which is to
put money into the pockets of 1he projectors
It is boldly stated in the Advertiser
of the date of November 2 that the object
of the proposed ditch will be to increase
the yield of Hutchinson plantation.
The Advertiser prophesies that
when the ditch is completed, the output
of Hutchinson, now about 7,000 tons a
year, will be increased to from 40,000 to
50,000 tons, making it one of the biggest
producers in the Islands.
Nobody can object if Hutchinson
plantation increases its output. In fact,
everybody will bo glad of it. But the
public cannot be expected to rejoice
very heartily if this proposed increaso
is at the expense of the general public,
if, in order to bring it about, it is neces
sary to steal thousands of acres of public
land from the people for a period of
fifty years !
The barren lands of Kau should be
reclaimed but at public expcn.se. In
the brief of L. L. McCandless in opposition
to the proposed amendments of the
Organic Act, Mr. McCandless said: "I
would recommend that the Reclamation
Act ... be extended to the Territory
of Hawaii without exceptions or exemptions,
but plainly stating that the same
shall be under the control, management
and jurisdiction of the Secretary of the
Interior, the same as in other Territories.
. . Large tracts of public land in Hawaii
which are now arid, or semi-arid,
could be made useful and profitable for
homestead purposes by extension of the
Reclamation Act to this Territory. No
greater benefit could be conferred upon
our people, but the lands so reclaimed
must be guarded against acquisition by
corporations as well as the enlargement
of private estates, to hold agricultural
land for speculation should be an impossibility
if laws can be made to effect
that result."
But Governor Frear and his Republican
associates are now trying to turn
over to a corporation thousands of acres
of valuable land. True, the land needs
water upon it, but why should not the
Government build the ditch? "Why
should not the Reclamation Act be extended
to Hawaii?
There is little doubt but that if a sincere
attempt were made, the Reclamation
Act could be extended to Hawaii,
and there would be no necessity of depending
upon private corporations to
build irrigating ditches to open up public
land, paying them as the price for
their expenditure the very land they
propose to open up.
True, it is only proposed to give the
corporation a lease, but A LEASE FOR
FIFTY YEARS ! As well give them the
land in fee simple, so far as those now
alive are concerned.
The proposed project is the boldest
attempt to rob a community of millions
of dollars that has ever been attempted.
The Republican Governor and his fellow
conspirators announce that they are
going to crowd through the short session
of Congress a bill to legalize this
proposed robbery. Are the voters going
to stand for it?
There is only one way they can be
sure of defeating this nefarious scheme.
That is to elect L. L. McCandless to Congress,
confident that he will do all in his
power to checkmate the dishonest intentions
of the Republicans.
"We cannot depend upon Kuhio. He
is hand in glove with those who are trying
to pilfer the Territory. Those who
are trying to put through this scheme
are Cupid's closest friends. The plotters
will be aided, not opposed, by Jonah
Kuhio Kalanianaolc.
If the voters want to save to the public
thousands of acres of public land,
worth millions of dollars, their only
course is to elect McCandless as Delegate
to Congress and give him the
chance to fight the conspirators.
"Colonel" John AV. Jones, the Elongated
Stenograhic Tactician, chief of the
National Guard of Hawaii whose only
idea of military tactics is to put the city
under martial law when a Chinese
happens to come along, and
Robert AV. Breckons, United States District
Attorney, who in order to make a
show of earning his own salary and
helping two judges to earn theirs,
spends most of his time trying to send
Ilawaiians to jail for violation of the
rotten Edmunds Act, together concocted
a scheme to keep the Hawaiian
band from playing at the Democratic
rally at Aala park last night..
Fortunately their crooked politics
and their nasty attempt to use their delegated
authority for political purposes
met with merited defeat and the Republican
party met with the loss of a large
number of votes through the discovery
of their treachery and political dishonesty.
As was quite natural, both parties
desired to obtain the services of the
Hawaiian band. The Republican party,
having stolen the band stand, thought
it should be entitled to the band to go
with it.
But the band boys are too wise to be
Republicans. They know that the Republicans
and the Special Interests allied
with them have already stolen the
government and most of the land that
once belonged to the Hawaiians, and
when the Republicans demanded that
they play at the Republican rally without
pay, they refused.
Then the Republican party leaders,
seeing their error, offered the band boys
$1.50 each to play. But in the meantime
the boys had been offered by the
Democrats $2.00 each to play at the
Democratic rally and they had agreed
to play there.
Here is where Col. Jones and Bob
Breckons, two of the Republican ward-heelers,
stepped in.
Col. Jones, being for a nice fat salary,
nominal head of the National
Guard, although he knows no more
about war than a stenographic lead-pencil,
and Bob Breckons, the man who, to
boost his own selfish schemes, has sent
scores of Ilawaiians to jail, got their
heads together and concocted what they
though! was a very smart scheme.
Col. Jones, presuming upon his official
position, took it upon himself as
head of the National Guard, to order the
band boys to play at the Republican
rally. The band boys, being more
honest and decent than Col. Jones over
thought of being, refused to violate
their word. They would play at Democratic
rally, they said.
Then the Elongated Stenographic
Tactician, the shorthand writer who im
agines that he is a modern Napoleon
and who draws a fat salary chiefly for
wearing a uniform and imitating a
match, swelled out his official chest,
drew his terrible sword, assumed his
usual ridiculously haughty manner, and
declared that the band instruments belonged
to the government and if the
band boys would not agree to play for
the Republican rally, they should not
use the band instruments. General Order
No. 23 for Col. Jones.
The order simply meant that Col.
Jones and Bob Breckons were trying to
use their official positions to damage
the Democratic cause; that Bob Breckons
was violating the law he is sworn
to enforce, in regard to intimidation of
voters, that Col. Jones, puffed up in his
own ridiculous pride that always goes
before a fall, was making more of a
spectacle of himself than even nature
intended, and that both of them were
desperate effort
to win votes for the Republican party
by injuring the Democratic party.
But, foolish in their own conceit, they
both failed. It is true that Col. Jones
succeeded in taking away the band instruments,
while Bob Breckons stood by
and chuckled. But they did not succeed
in preventing the band from playing
at the Democratic rally. For the
Democrats went out and rented band
instruments from one of the other bands
of the city and the band was on hand as
scheduled, to play at the Democratic
Bob Breckons is a Federal appointee
and the voters have nothing to say
about his tenure of office unless, perhaps,
another Thwing arises to make
charges against him at AVashington
but, fortunately for the Territory, Col.
John AV. Jones is a gubernatorial appointee
who has to be confirmed by the
Senate and whom the voters can get at
through their representatives in the legislature.
Sometime along about next February
or March Col. Jones is due to get his
and he will get it somewhere between
his shoulders and the lower extremity
of his "head." If the National Guard
is to have a chief, it might just as well
have a good man as to have an Elongated
Stenograhic Tactician whoso only
claim to the fat salary is his presumption,
his elongation and his lack of military
knowledge and political decency.
Nobody who knows Breckons can be
surprised at his part in the crooked
scheme, and but one would naturally
think that Col. Jones, who is dependent
for his unnecessarily fat salary
upon the good -will of the voters, would
have had more gumption than to try to
defy them. He will get his at the next
session of the legislature.

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