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Foreign Mail Service.
Steamships will leave for and arrve
from San Francisco, on the following
ditcs. till the close of 1S93. (
Llite Bo.vololu Dce at Hosolclc
i t
tor Sax Fra.vcisco.Tji. Sax Frascisco
Austral La Sept. 13 Warritaoo, from Van-
Mariposa. ...Sept. 21' conrer Sept 23
Oceanic Sept. 2o Alauied . . . . Sept. 23
Miowcra, for Van-.Anstrr.lia Oct. 7
conver Oct. 2 Oceanic Oct. 17
Anstralin Oct. 1 1 Miowent, from Van-
Mononrai Oct. 19 conver Oct. 23
"Warriuioo, for Vau-ilariiufsa... .Oct. 26
conver Nov. 1 Australia Nov. 4
China Nov. 6 Monowiii Nut. 23
Australia.... Kw. 11 Wiirrinioo, from Van-
Aluueda Nov. 1G conver Nov. 23
Miowera, for Van-ChiUK Nov. 27
omver Dec. 2 Auntnilia DtC. 2
Oceanic D.c 4 Alameda Dec. 22
A stralia Dec. 0 Miu-nrera, from Vuu-
Mariposi.... Dec. 14 conver Dec. 23
Warriuioo, for Van-Oceanic Dec.26
conver Jan. 1 Australia. . . . Dec 30
City 1 eking. . .Jan. 2 Wammoo, from Vaf
Anbtraliu .Tun. C conver Jan. 23
jgrom the atcr-Jront.
Sdndav, 8eit. 17.
Stmr Ivmlnni, Freemnn, Irom Kauai.
Btinr Claudius-, DHvies. from Maui.
Scbr Knwailiini, from Kooln
Schr Mile Morris, from Koolnu.
Sclir JlaLiiUttln, froni Wainlun.
Am sh to-galluut, Jackeon, from Fort
Monday, Sept. IS.
P il S S China, Seabury, from San Fran- j
Vessels Leaving To-day.
Slmr Mokolii, McOregor, for AIolokni.Lanai
and Mnui, nt 5 t m.
Schr S irnh and ! Iizm, for Koolnu.
Schr Mile Morris, fur Koolau.
Saiir James Mukee, Uiigland, for Kapaa
and Haiinlei, at 4 p ui.
Pll' S S China, Seabury, for Yokohama
and Hongkong, at 0 p m
From Kauni, per stmr lwalani, Sept 17
Geo IWi!cox, Autone Esa nnd wife, A S
Hartwell and son, Mrs R Davi.s, A Lindsny,
J M Vivai, Mr. Trnsk and wife, Mr Schnltz,
E S Hutchinson, Hiss A Kealoha, and 55 on
From Mnni, per stmr Claudine, Sept 17
C J Falk, J Brynt, G A Hansen and wife,
C B Fisher, Mrs Sandero mid daughter, W
H Comwell, Theo Wolff. Mow Chan, Mur
flhul E G liitchcock. and 54 on deck
Professor Bergt-r and his band
will give a coucert at Emma
Square to-night commencing at
7:30 o'clock. Following is the
Part i.
1. Overture "Bubezahl" Flotow
2. Gornetsolo "Love and truth"
By Mr. Charles Ereuter.
3. Clarionet solo ' Autumn
Leaves" Carl
Bv Mr. TY. M. Koongh.
4. Selection "II Trovatore"
Part ir.
5. Medly "American Airs"
6. Piccolo duct " Elua Manu
Iiwi" Kling
By M'ssrs. Barsotti and Santanua.
7. Enpkouiutu solo "Theldeal"
Bv Air. S Gomes.
8. Waltz "2STow Melodies" (By
request) Berger
Hawaii Ponoi.
District Court.
Five inebriates donated ?6 a
, piece to the P. G. treasury this
morning by forfeiting their bail.
Tvo ordinary drunks who appear
, ed before His Honor were fined
$5 each. Frank Gertz was placed
under 1000 bonds to keep the
peace towards his wife for six
months. A. Cloys, criminal libel
against Captain Ferguson, waived
examination and was held to ap
pear at the November term of the
Circuit Court
The company wliich, under the
name of the Associated . Press
furnishes to the newspapers of
the United Stites news of all
kinds, and from all parts of the
world has heretofore been consid
ered a reliable and honest enter
prise, the principle of which was
to give to the civilized world in a
systematic way all facts which
might be considered of universal
interest to the readers of Amer
ican newspapers. To jodge from
the manner in which the affairs
of Hawaii have been presented to
the world through the Associated
Press, and more especially
through the branch office in San
Francisco, it is obvious that the
usefulness of the company has
sadly deteriorated. The San
Francisco branch, under the mnn
agemeutof Chis. S. Dielil has
furuished reports of Hawaiian af
fairs which have been wr.tten un
der his instructions in a biased
aud dishonest manner. The spe
cial correspondents sent to Ha
waii, and later on the local cor
resondents appointed to work for
the Associated Press have com
peted with each other in filling
their dispatches with direct lies,
withmisst tements.and with fates
and can.irds. The papers in the
Western Stitts when receive
their news from the San Francis
co branch of the Associated Press
should be made aware of the un
reliubility of the dispatches is
sued from that office. It is some
thing new that an association like
the Associated Press Company
should take sides in political
matters.and doctor the dispatches
published to suit the views and
sentiments of the jingoists and
annexationists in. the States. But
anybody conversant with, affairs
in Hawaii will know such to be
an undisputable fact. The Re
publican papers which desire to
convey the truth to their readers
should sever their connections
with the San Francisco branch of
the Associated Press; the Dem
ocratic papers should never ac
cept and publish a dispatch from
that company, at least, as long as
the present manager is running
the shop for tho purpose of air
ing his individual political ideas.
The most childish and absurd
fake which yet has been spread
through tho Associated Press dis
patches from Hawaii is the Jap
anese canard. The American
papers have solemnly wr.tten
editorials about the ''Japanese
cloud inHawaii,'about "Blount's
taking a hand iu the Japanese
demands in Hawaii," and about
"Blount's hurried departure on
account of Japan's attitude in
Hawaii." We have in former is
sues pointed out the absurdity of
supposing that tho American
minister to Hawaii ever commit
ted the blunder of interfering in
a question between the govern
ments of Hawaii and Japan, aris
ing simply from the different in
terpretation of the treaty existing
between those two countries. The
annexation orgms which have at
tempted to insult Mr. Blount, by
accusing him of taking such an
undiplomatic action have failed
to produce the letter which they
claim Minister Bloont wrote to
Mr. Dole, although both editors
are ready to claim that they have
free access, both to the Hawaiian
Foreign Office and to the confi-
flptifn rf My Tin In rrt, -
1 sirnplv thattheHawaiiflnGoYAm-
ment under Mr. Dole's presidium
shirked the responsibility ofnn
swering Japan by advancing the
excuse tnat they were only "pro
visionnl' and were neither a per
manent nor stable government,
and therefore unable to take ac
tion in such nvitxl matter. "While
the Japanese Government evi
dently feels satisfied by having
no dealings with the Hawaiian
"Provisional" it is safe to sup
pose that the question of Hawaii
fulfilling its treaty obligations
has neither been shelved nor for
gotten, but will bo fully ventil
ated and brought to the surface
when the "Provisional" vanishes
into thin air, aud is succeeded by
a permanent aud st ble govern
ment based on tho will of the
Hawaiian people.
Bnt all the talk about Blount's
interference is simple a canard
invented by the Associated Press
correspondents for the purpose of
creating a feeling in America
against Japan, and thereby, if
poss ble, bo ira the hopelessly lost
annexation cause. The men who
invented tho murder society, and
tho dynamite conspiracies and all
the" other sensational yarns will
of course stop at nothing, and
nothing which they can write
need surprise anybody. Th it the
San Francisco branch of tho
Associated Press should publish
such r t and thereby impose on
its patrons is a great deal more
of a surprise, and it is a disgraco
to that company.
Mr. Canavarro the Portuguese
charge d'affaires visited the
Philadelphia this morning and
was saluted.
Marshal Hitchcock returned by
the Claudine after having made
an official tour of inspection on
Maui and Molokni.
The numerous friends of Mr.
Frank Pratt will be "lad to learn
that he is on the high road to
recover', and is expected soon to
be able to leave his house.
The British Minister Eesident
Major James H. Wodehouse
made an official visit on board
the Philadelphia to day, and was
received with the usual honors.
The ball at the Hotel to-morrow
night promises to be a great
success. The management Will
spare no effort in making tho
occasion as brilliant as possible.
The arrests to-day consisted of
six Cninauien who were caught
gitnbling, one Hawaiian charged
with malicious injury aud ono
Chitiaraan accused of being a
Mr. Antone Rosa returned from
Kauai yesterday, where he had
been attending court Mrs. Bosa
and the great baby who have en
joyed a two weeks' residence at
Wairaea also returned.
Admiral Skerrett and stiff went
on board the Buston this morn
ing for tiio purpose of making an
official inspection of that vessel,
previous to her departure. A
salute of thirteen guns was fired.
A number of the Philadelphia
officers visited Sans Souci yester
day, and enjoyed the fine bathing
ihere. The Long Branch bath
ing establishment aud the
"Villa" were also well patron
ized during the day. "With the
cheap and easy facilities offered
by the train cars nd the differ
ent bathing resorts, there is no
reason why the public shouldn't
get washed even dty.
insurance Notices.
The Undersigned is authorized to take ATarine Risks
Hulls, Cargoes,
Ft eights a nd
afc Current Rates, in the following Companies, viz:
Alliance Assurance Fire - Marine, - London
Wilhclma of Maclgeburg Gen'l. Ins. Co.
Sun Insurance Co., - - San Francisco
Agent for Hawaiian Island
Telephones :
Bell 351.
Estimates Given on All Kinds
Id. 1
r t
All Kinds of Jobbing in the Building Trade,
Attended to.
Brick, Lime, Cement, Iron Stono Pipe and Fittings,
Old it New Corrugated Iron, Minton Tiles,
Quarry Tiles, assorted sizes and colors;
dlifornia and Monteroy Sand,
Granite Curbing and Blocks, etc., etc.
! Corner King cl Smith St3.
Office Hours, 8 to 12 M.,
1 to 4 P. M.
Sew Furniture Store J
Robinson Block, Hotel St, oppo. Bethel St
Upholstery and Cabinet Making;
Wicker Ware,
Jnticme Oak Bedroom Suits,
CMffoniers, N
Sideboards, etc.
Wardrobes, Mattrasses, Pillows, Etc.,'
No Second Hand or Damaged Goods Kept on Hand.
Eobinson Blocks Hotel St., oppo. Bethel St;
Residence :
Mutual 410.
P.O. B x 117.
$ Builder
n urnnrvmi
mm ti

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