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HONOLULU, OCT. 9. 1893.
Tho Hawaiian Commonwealth!
That is according to the Star ihe
now title by orhich Mr. J- L.
Stevens administration is to bo
known. The little cliquo which
nt present is allowed to run ihe
government is veiling
tired of
being-provisional and intends io
adopt tho title of "common
wealth." an orpresaion borrowed
from Mitssachuseits tho place
from whence all our Christian (!
rnlers hailed and originated ant!
were exported on the nsnal ten
cents subscription. The Star
does not though give us the pro
gramme of tho revolutionists in
full.. The idea of Mr. Hatch who
nt present furnishes tho govern
ment with brains is to effect a
compromise with the opposition
the object of .which will bo
jto satisfy the royalists
without restoring tho monarchy.
It is belioved that by offering
ouo or two cabinet positions to
men whov hnvo influence and
command a considerable follow
' ing among tho leading royalists,
that a permanent republican
form of government can bo secur
ed, and that a compromise
administration can risk to meet
tho people at the ballot box and
bo sustained
.Mr. Hatch is undoubtedly i
long headed man, and ho is more
over a fearloss man, because tho
fctep which it is proposed to hike,
will not bo received with very
Kood graco among tho rabid
ultrk-annoxalionists. Theso nar
row-minded and bigotod
politicians who nave receiv
ed ' their political education
ns ward-runners in San Frau
cisco and other ''provincial"
cities in tho United SUtos bo
liovo that tho present-government
can go on forever without tho
will of tho nation being con
sulted. They believe that as
long as they havo got tho sand
bags around the palace and Soper
and Ixodgors and tho gntlingguns
that they can continue ui power,
draw their government salaries
and damn the people. Politic
ians of that stripe are often to bo
found in the largo cities of both
tho old, and now world, arid it is
a task occasionally for tho
leaders of a party to administer
tho proper mamtge and lomi
lomi their swelled heads into
thoir natural sizo and shape.
The Hawaiian Government pos
sesses in Mr. Hutch and Mr.
Damon two longheaded men,
who can look into tho future and
who realizo that according to
history and to all historical pre
cedents, a free people cannot be
deprived for ever of a voice in
the management of its govern
ment, nor can a people used to
exercise the rights and privileges
of tho franchise be barred for
over from enjoying sncli rights.
Thoyalso realise thai whatever
the future of Hawaii may bo, let
ns say a territory or a state or a
republic trader the protectorate
al JoHerica., ihe day anst com,
asd it cansot be ir distant,
whet the xiain principle of
American Government must be
dominating the principle of self-
Jtmremmeni. ben thut day
comes be it to-morrw, or a
year, -or five years hence, the
men Who now dsurp the govern
ment against tLe -wiH'of ihe peo
ple will bo swamped, ad they
will beiso badly -defeated, that i
may be .expected that a system of
reaction -and retaliation will bo
ihe order of the (lav- And that
will not le to the benefit ci the
I It is io arovide for this emer
Igeucy, and' to guard against ih is
sura ucieat turn -ir. naicu iuiu
i r (it i - r TT A 1 1
Mr Damoa shrewd politicians
as they are, intend to establish
an apparently permanent govern
ment with a compromise adminis
tration. Will they succeed?
Well that is another question.
We understand that tho mou
upon whom these wily politicians
havo fixed thoir eyes are Messrs
Godfro Brown and Neumann.
We do not fr a minute deny
that the selection is good and
that it proves the cleverness of
Mr. Hatch. The two gentlemen
mentioned, havo great influence
with, yes, to ascertain extentcon
trol of the Toyalists and if they
could be induced to join hands
with Mr. Hatch the standing of
the present government would be
materially altored.
Tho plan would further bo to
make a constitution for tho
'Hawaiian Commonwealth." The
constitution would of course bo
based on tho most advanced
principles, and as far as the
appearance uf it would be a most
acceptable fundamental law.
J3ufc tho "nigger in the fence,"
would bo that the first election
would be arranged to bike placo
say in 1895, whereby virtually tho
People would be deprived, of xny
voice m tuo matters pertaining
to the government for at least
two years. Such a period would
bo considered sufficient for the
combination cabinet to mauipul
ato public sentiments and it
would be considered safe for
such an administration to ask
for the support of tho people at
the ballot box at such a distant
But the game will not work
worth a cent. In tho first place
we do not believe lor a moment
that any prominent royalists can
bo found willing to join the re
bels now in power and even if
any ono did, nothing would be
gained as far as the annexation
ists are concerned. The bitter
and uncompromising hostility
with which the loyal Hawaiians
and their friends view the foreign
adventurers, who basely have mis
used the .hospitality and geuer-
ositv shown to them, will never
cease. There can be no compro
mise. The insults and out
rages heaped on the Qneen
and her loyal friends and
followers can not be wiped
ont, forgotten, and forgiven by
offering high places and positions
to one or two leading royalists.
AnyatUwpt oa the part of the
traitors who basely stabbed the
Hawaiian natkm to the heart un
der the powerful protection of
Asserkaa bayonets, to cotnpro-
and affiliate should be re-
jec;t n.cnuy ana empnaucauy
' 1 - ... 1 -It
rejecfeOT;Let tho Provisional
Government chnge its name
and assume anv hue it mav
please. Let it be called the
Commonwealth of Hawaii, or tho
Commonwealth of Hades. But
let all friends of Hawaii remain
true, and firm, and uawaveringly
stand shoulder to shoulder in
their fight for true self govern-
ment, and in their opposition to
tyranny and oligarchy. Mr.
Hatch s scheme will fail. There
is no possibility, no room in Hit-
waii for a compromise with the
traitors who to-oay noid sway.
isever mind how raanv weary
days, months, or years tho Hawa-
iiaus will vet have to suffer under i
their present affliction, the son
of freedom and libertv will sure-
ly arise, and the yoke placed to-
dav on their necks bv tho
vile schemors will be broken.
At the ballot box tho Hawaiians
will some day meet tho preseut
usurpeis and till then let them
stand true to themselves, true to
their conntrv. and true to their
That a cable will be of great
benefit to Hawaii, nobody has
over doubted. To prqeure it has
been the careful study and ob
jeot of every good and conscien-
tious statesman in Hawaii. But so
far we have got uo nearer to tho
mark. The Lottery Company,
was pledged under its charter to
spend large sum.-, for the purpose
of accomplishing a telegraphic
svstem. The frauchiso granted
to that company was cancelled by
the Provisional Government, but
if the Aviso aen who performed
that most remarkable act are under
the impression that tho Lottery
Comoanv ouiotlv swallowed tho
injury done to them aud is dor
mant for over, thev are suffering
under mistake which will be cor
rected in a prominent and, for
them, very unpleasant mariner,
In tho meantime an act has
been introduced in tho United
Stites Congress by Mr. McGreary
which extends tho franchise
granted to Cajsor Celso Moreno
aud associates some years ago.
Wo publish in another column
the act. and it will be satisfac
tory to tho country to learn that
there is no doubt as to the pas-
sago, of the bill, and that those
interested in the matter intend to
start work as soon as Congress
has taken action. The prospects
are that Mr. Moreno and his
company will have a tele
graphic lino between Hono-
lulu and San Francisco in
working order before tbe end of
1S94. The Hawaiian people will
rejoice when the great project is
accomplished and well we sym
pathize with General Hart well.
It is to be regretted that no
'sport' can be fairly practised
aud enjoyed in onr little commu
nity without gambliug with all
its necessary consequences of
briben and corruption entering
into it and destroying the other-
wise wnotesosne enect - o: any
manly sport-
Horse racing in Hawaii was
at one time a pastime which could
boast of a high' standard and a
solid reputation bnt how is it
now? Jfobodv who hss got anv
sense woald put up & single dol-
lar here on a horse race except
a man Belonging to a certain
ring. It is not racing nowa
days it is jockeying and we
all know it- Baseball was a
sport which, was supported by
the very best element in town
until the gambling spirit entered
even there, and a certain first
class player was bribed to throw
a game of great Interest. Since
then, the men whose support was
vital to the game cooled off. and
to-day there is as much "jockey-
ing" on the base ball ground as
there is in Kapiolani Park. Since
the boat raco last Saturday, there
can be no doubt in tho mind of
any fair minded spectator, that
the gambling fiend has also
entered that last of our non
corrupted sports: The Healanis
lost the race. Well and good.
Xobody would comment aud growl
if it had been done fairly and
squarely. But the one thing
which ought to bo explained is
tho raiserablo time made by
them. During their training tho
Healanis in the Honolulu Har
bor made tho same distanco ts
yesterday in 19 minutes and 7
seconds. When they last year
defeated the Myrtles they won the
race in thirteen seconds less than
they used yesterday in covering
the course. Now wo are loath to
make anv accusations against
anybo(ly but tbe pabnc which
has followed this race for tho
championship- with such
great interest has become
suspicions and suspicions as to
fairness and honesty are the
death blows to all sports. Tho
Healani boat was pniled through
the water in tho fashion of a
jnmpmg ana oucKing norso.
Eight strokes were lost by Eddio
Holt being "booked" off his seat
by these injudicious strokes. Wo
do not wish to mako any insinu
ations nor any accusations against
anybody, bnt we will suggest to
the members of the Healani Boat
Clnb that they pnrify their crow,
and eliminate the cause of suspi
cion and then go and buy a new
boat, 'and beat tho Myrtles
hollow next year.
Tho unusual sight of a "diplo
mat,' a fulllledged minister pie
nipotentiarv even if it is for
such a farcical government as the
Hawaiian P. G rushing "into
print and getting into newspaper
controversy with a private citizen
must be amusing to the peo
ple conversant with international
affairs. Minister Thurston's
opeu letter to Spreckols in the
Washington Post is of course no
surprise to Hiwaii. riis iacfc
of tact and good form are so well
known . here. That the young
man lacks all tho breeding and
instincts of a gentleman has been
realized here for years. It is his
misfortune to be an ill-bred and
nnedncated man and it is the mis
fortune of tho P. G. to be obliged
to submit to coarseness and
blunders of this self-opininnated
oore. e suaii reier io sne
merits of his letter in our uext
J&apted Fram Hals.
Ha- 13tt ii Xoais Morsuaji!
The- Eiciu-g g;cr har Ura&ti
Tie l.'st of fcoth doth busi csretw,
yiiSh brightistix jbh! wish rpUnilnz.
In a Deaf it at AjtIiub or &s Erjot&rs
secBof UKCbsawi.
The Last Kick.
"There id a rumor out that tho
Provisional Government has been
considering a change in it? title
io that of the Government of tho
Hawaiian Commonwealth."
So savs the Siar. "Who is to
be Lord High Piotector? Will
it be Soper ? Why not ! Crom
well lead hisIrousides." Sopor
has his Bt&inxidcs! When (?)
once this is an accomplished fact,
wo presume the "evming Scintill
ator" will eschew annexation and
deportation, and demand that
Liliuokalani shall bo treated in
the same manner as Charles I.
History will repeat itself and after
a brief sojourn anioug the saints
tho "Commonwealth" will givo
way to the Monarchy as did tho
Dictatorship of Cromwell.
The Miowera.
The stouuior has boon left to
take care of itself. Tho U. S. S.
Ada ins, aud tho steamers Like
liko and Hawaii, havo returned
to the harbor. Several lines
havo boon run out to anchors
from tho steamer s bow, to hold
tho vessel in placo. bp to noon
to-day, one tender for the re
moval of tho vussel from her
present position, had been re
ceived at the oftico of tho agents.
The P. G. bund gives its usual
Monday evening concert nt Eniina
Square this evening. Follo-ving is
the programme:
1. March "Count MoUSce- PnsuMa
2. Overtim1 "IUymond" Thdma
3. Chorns "Taauhanser". ...... ..Wagner
. "JlemtntHoenew of Il6ssini" Godfrey
5. Medley "Chmty Minstrels'.... ItfrfeM
6. Fitntaia "Xightioc! and Fnvs"
7. Waltz "1001 Nights" Strati
8. Qnadrille "Cox and Box" SalUrau
"Hawaii Ponoi."
First-Class Accommodation for
Tourists and Island Guests.
Superior Bathing Facilities,
Private Cottages for FamHt'ea.
cctD Manager.
Wine and Spirit
(himpb'Jl Fire-proof Bfa&i
Tinsmiihs and dealers in Crock-en-
ware. Glassware, etc.
Water Pipes Laid and Repaired,
No. 41 Nuaann Si,, between,
Kiiigand Hoil Sbs is,
Aissa Baiidiag.

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