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UnarnmoTis Opinion of
the Court.
Captain Scott of the S. S.
Miowela Exonerated.
Pinding and Order of the Naval
Oonrt held at Honolnlu on the
16th, 17th, lSth and 10ih days of
October. 1&J3; to investigate the
circumstances attending the
stranding of tbo British Steam
ship 'Miowera," off the port of
Honolulu has been inado as
That the Court having heard
and carefully considered the evi
dence given before it is unani
mously of opinion that no blame
is to be attached to the Master
for the stranding of the S. S.
"Jliowera" and therefore re
turns to him his Master's Certi
ficate. N The Court is of opinion from
the evidences laid before it that
tho stranding of the S. S. Mio-
. vera on tho night of Oct. 2nd.,
1893 was due.
FlltST. To tho indistinct ap
poaranco of tho land, tho bearing
taken 03- Capt. Stott supposing
it to bo Diamond Hend was the
high land to tho north of tho
Head which was itself obscured,
and that this lead tho Captain
to stand on until realiv nearer
to tho entrance than ho sup
Secondly. That Capt
having got tho Greon light
open to tho East of tho red was
using a small starboard helm
to bring thorn really together,
as by sailing directions, when
tho sudden disapporanco of tho
Green light deprived him of his
leading mark and while so de
prived of tho Green light he must
have crossed tho lino of bei
and got too far to tho "West and
stranded on tho West side of tho
eutranco about 15 ft. from tho
- outsidobuovon IhoWest side while
endeavoring with a Port helm
to turn .the ship's head to set
"With regard to tho disippoar
anco of tho Greon light, tho
ovidenoos of Captains Smvth,
Davies, Lorenzon and Campbell,
an men 01 great experience as
Masters of Steamors running into
and out of Honolulu at all hours
of tho nighi as well as by day,
provos indispntabby, that tho
Grjen light is frequent obscured
by tho masts and spars, or oven
funnoll of a vessel or vessels ly
iug at tho Kiuau or Likcliko
wharves fseo plan No. 2). On
the 2nd. of October last tho
British barque "County of Mer
ionoth" wns in such a position
that tho Green light, beiug stt
urtted inshoro of tho wharf.
struck on her masts or yards,
the latter being squared at tho
time, on such a manner as to
prevent it from botng seen from
aship having her iurks nearlv
on, in tho entrance of tho pas
Tho contention of tho Harbor
Master that the Green light was
. not obscured khIi! the skip was
already too far to the IVest is
not ift accord with Ute weight of
evidesc, bat were it so, it de
tracts very strioasfy frosa the
val of U ligkt if it b liable
t boH iavfeible wit&oat
wjniii to a skip a few feat
By tbe evidence of the Pilot
the Miowera was well to the
East-ward of the entrance when
he first saw her starboard-side
light and mast-bead light, soon
afterwards she was head on to his
boat with a port helm.
That the Green light was ob
scured by some intervening
object is plainly proved by tho
evidence of tho Pilot, and tho
Chief and the third officers of tho
ship who state, while it was in
visible from the bridge, it was
plainly visible from tho deck un
der the bridge as was discovered
after tho ship grounded. Capt.
Davies of tbe Inter-island Steam
ship Clandiuo testifies that he
lost sight of tho green light from
the bridge of his ship, though.
he altonrards lound that it was
at the same time visible to a
number of his " passengers on
deck. And that this occurred the
day before tho stranding of the
Miowera, the "County of Mer
ioneth" being then on tho same
position as on tho following
Tho Court wishes to observo
that tho Miowera did not, nor
shonld she have come within tho
limited range (10 miles) of tho
Barber's Point light, and that as
there is no light on tho Eastward
or Diamond Head side of tho
ontranco, there is no possibility
of getting reliable bearings if
the outline of the land bo even
partially hidden.
" All the witnesses agree that
tho electric lights of the streets
have tho effect of reducing or
diminishing tho visibility of, or
killing tho harbour red and green
lights. In fact that these harbour
lights whenever the electric lights
aro on operation do not show
over more than a fraction of the
rango attributed to them, and
thus wo havo tho very remark
able fact, that while the glass of
tho electric lights of tho town is
recognizable at a distanco of 35
miles, tho guiding lights of the
harhour are visible only G or 7
miles for tho red and, about! ft.
for tho green. Tho Miowora ran
for 1 hour and 19 minutes, mak
ing 18 knots after sighting tho
glare of tho lights of the town
before raisiug tho red harbour
Tho Court is also of opinion
that had tho Pilot been half a
mile, or even less, outside the
ontranco, ho might have brought
tho ship in in safety.
Tho , Court before separating
desires to put upon record its
appreciation of tho kind and
valuable assistance rendered by
His Excellency tbo Minister of
Interior, tho Superintendent of
Wrkrl-c ttrl flirt m c?J
their disposal for the prmtS,, ,!; It Rnmdic nrohv
of further damage to tfe
weiu, and tho furtherance of
every effori to heavo her ofe,
Dated at Honolulu this 2$Sf
day of October, 1S93.
Signed by
J axes Hay Yopeiiocse,
H. B. ITs. Beside ut and Con-'
snl General.
President of Naval Co art.
Xn viaw of the recent disaster
aad the causes thereof, and in
consideration of the probability
of increased nse of the harbour
of Honolulu by large aed fast
steamships, ami the increasing
as of Ieotrie lights on the
streets of the city, the cort bags
todi&r tk followisg saggatioas
to iha HawMiiaa Govarawni:
Tslfi; light' fer feblishd at
Diamond Head which shonld
show a light to the west of the
harbour entrance.
That tho li"ht on "RsrliPr's
Point bo replaced with one sufSr !
cieotby powerful
Diamond Head
That the leading lighis for
entering tbe harbour be made
more poweiful and raised snffi
cietly to clear intervening ob
stacles, and as far as practicable
escape the influence of the street
That tho Port Physician and 1
the Pilot bo entirely independ
ent of one another as to means
of boardiug ships outside.
The Pilot bo relieved from
the duty of lighting the buoys.
The disticut instructions as to
oven branch of their duty be
supplied to the Pilots.
That tbe Pilot signal of a ship
for the ofiiug ba immediately
answered from a Pilot station on
Aud that one Pilot bo always
on duty ready to go out to meet
any ship signalling, and that a
proper Pilot station bo establish
ed on tho harbour from where the
Pilot on duty can see the whole
harbour entrance 'and the oQing
from Diamond Head to Barbers
Brazil has been a soro trial
during tbe past four years to
those enthusiastic souls who
thought that, all that was needed
to make a country, a republic
was to call it so. There was great
rejoicing in the country in 1SS9
when a military intriguer bundled
the Emperor out of Brazil and
set himself up as an autocrat un
der tho nnnio of a President. "We
had to listen too mnch effusive
talk about the disappearance of
tho last remnant of tyranny from
the sacred soil of America and
tho reception of Brazil into tho
"sisterhood of freedom." But it
was not long before tho truth ap
peared, that the Brazilians had
simply exchanged a cultured and
mildmannered aud progressive
Emperor for a rough nnd lawless
soldier; and when he in turd fell
beforcnew intrigues, it was with
some difficulty that the pceuus in
praise of Brazilian republicanism
were again lifted. Now that tbe
time has como aronnd for a new
"President" to be elected by tho
biggest guns in tho harbor of Bio
de Janeiro, the illusion has pret
ty much vanished, and wo hear
little about tho blessing of a
military oligarchy, masquerading
a$ ji republic. It would be hard
for anyone to point out what
Brazil has gained by the fall of
Dom Pedro except an enormous
: . " .J
and great harm to the real repub
lican movement. Tneru was such
a movement in Brazil, directed
by intelligent and law-abiding
men, and it donbtless would in
time, have brought about a re
public by peaceable means. Tho
Emperor himself freely lecogniz
ed this and used to say that when
tho country was ripe for a repub
lic, he would not stand in tho
way of sL But i:i an evil day,
agitation was taken tip by a- set of
military adventurers who have
mads republican institutions
synonymous with force asd
trickery, aad so lave pat back
the- real progress of xae-ooaatrr
in tbo idst and practice of sell
gov&rastd&L Th experience has
hm& a calawiioas oae for Brazil,
bat it will Botbe eaiiroly fritiUeas
if it Ieds bm to learn oace
wore, the old lesson that liberty
aad salt gOfia&t are not to
ba foawd ia mms; asd lorms.
MStKEt LINE IF SCHOONERS Asfe Olftrlllltr 6r ALL !
: '!
Owing to our constantly increasing bnstness aud the
great demand of an appreciating community, we have con
cluded to offer an opportunity to all parties having capital.
OnrldXEof SCHOOLERS may be seen gliding over, the
BAB filled to their ntmost carrying capacity with clear,
cool and invigorating
FredExportbur9 ! LAGrEK BEER
At the "Anciior Saloon'
To accommodate our Vast Fleet of Schooners, wo have
built a fine lare Iiefrigerator regardless of cost.
Is the only place where a Cool Glass of Fredericksburg
Beer on draught can be had in Honolulu. Stop forward
gentlemen, SOWS the Time. ocll 3m
I -
2oo Reward.
Tho above reward will be paid
to any ono giving infornisltiou
leading to the amst and convic
tion of tho party or parties guilty
of the murder of Dan Hung Hoy
(a male Chineso),atHoaeae,Ewa
Oahu, Saturday night, the 11th
Honolulu, Oct, 18, 1S93, octlS lw
offer the public for tho amount
given above for tho arrest of the
party. "WONG KWAI.
Pres. United Chinese Society,
oolS lw
"Whereas, Jos. Paakaula having
resigued as Agent for me, there
fore, notice is hereby given to all
persons holding leases of all of
my lands, to make payments of
rent to me personally at the
times agreed upon at Kaalaa,
Kaalaa, Houolulu,
Oct. 1G, 1893. ocl7 lw
Filst-Class Accommodation for
Tourists and Island Guests.
Superior Bathing Facilities,
Private Cottages for Families.
octO Manager.
Notwithstanding all "bragging"
to the contrary Consul General
Mills received his exequatnr from
this Government yesterday.
In accOnlines iritha poicr of sal con
tained in a c?riaiti mortgage made bj and
betsrcjn KAUAi.t.tou ox Kftsnton, ..
KonA, Island c( Hawaii, Ila-wiika Iskrds,
of tbe first pars, nnd 21. K. CtJ, Trustv
ol Ilonolnln, OihH, nl tb mvoqiI part,
dafeil Mfareh 30th. A. D. ISSfl. n& moufcd
ia tb sffice of iLeKwAtarOf Caatejanee,
ia Liber SO. Folios 251 .ad25. ad ftssira
ed by said II. X. Castl, Tra5 to Kmscj'
K. Loub hv hustmiae&t dzid Jncfr 13t
A.D. 1SDQ, nattnajdrfa liber f Folio
254, aad for treaea cf cosditioa ol tbe
abore meKtiOMd zacrtstse t)refc: the
wig5 of said potitt htsnhs gitt
ijcu po-tr of 4Sil tkst iiHrr the cxp-
fcild at pablie aacSj t thm arffciwct o( L.
J. LEX EX vh Haesl at 12 a'efeek bq& q
&e Uk fay cf XatW. A. D. 6t.
Tor fan tr jwrtfculnr ianks et X. Lv,
KAULUKOU. Aitamsr tve AaripM.
Ikacil, OsMr IM, A. D. 151.
ed moti&ffHt
AKtiwt mMeof hm&&met mk.
"STirwi. llacoial, CMtnr. ma iMM I
L, H. DEE,
Jobber of
Wines, Spirits and Beors
Between Fort nnd Bethel Streets.
Ifresb. -Algeroba
$9.00 per Cord Delivered.
Impoi-tei- and Commission
J. & P. Coat' Machine Tkreatl
Jonas Brooks' itaehiue ThreA'J
Batbonrs Linen Thrwid
Pears" Soap
P. O. Box 3-SS. Mutual Tefcpheae 35C
13 Kaahnmann Street.
Baby Carriages
Sewing Machines
tSTSU Wkis the Jjdezt IpnrtsaUiI
Organs, G-uitars.
Aad OUfcfxHcjieal ItukxmmU.
AVines, Liquors, Beer
1 ,t
5 "
' -J
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