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Hawaii holomua = Progress. (Honolulu) 1893-1895, November 01, 1893, Image 2

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aaminisrmuoii might admit ihat j
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; t rror ami
il- I'r.it d
unaoing uie wr"ng is absurd and
i.t i idvl ou all Americans. If
'. I i. t'-.i States ire -it..sned
: .. i j 'f . was
'. .' ' ' .:.sts u-
mcntilitv ot the t nited States'
T ;resfiitative. S;e
are ni ilutv
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: ' i'l'll t l t ' ' s
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ruav he used are iinm ttertai
Wrv--r it he done through a jU-
t revi:at.'r.:t! g '" '--::.-:.:
" surrendei i of n- moment
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That it will l3 done eve weii-
. 1 ..,., .1 ;..
'rill.' "' tr- :. a :t. 1:. 1
! attitude t'v a!.n atu i;.-t- tUrn
I dve d"u't doubt tie- ft t We
i cannot see how hd;. t;; inking
n. it. :n believe that a country
i ftv tn' I'nitcl t.t . 1
! e-. 1 J a'.h-w its represent ttie
' t - l.-.nd troops m a friend y laud,
.deprive the hwful sovereign of
1 tVr means of defense by disarm
ir.g !,.- fiii"H- ;md litudir-g iver
t 1 t'e- disloyal s ibjecN. all arm
:md .onronn tion. and say, "oh,
j weii oar representative was wrong
of course, but what can we do in
t.r- ni.irccr 'i a'. ad nn
li"io ilireles." The I'nited
States ;uv not built that w.iv.
It was a fjreat consolation to
the Star, because the American
1 . -. - ' Sjj'ijoa kn'-w all r-bout
tw-tiiau "ati'.iirs. ' Kec!a!
w i the club organ worked up
j it Mi. I'll ambers whose wife,
wi re told, was some kind of
. it ion to Mr P!""it nd con-
jiieutly ought T
.s!! the secret n ,r.
ite Depart 1 '
t - niber that
lt-' ll;
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1 t r-
btbl'US is
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"V!!,l! J,f
i i,r-rot K!'
L!.t Ust'd to
i ! i-orgia, a' !
i:i Alabama, '
t! t;;e two la
iiiuru cpportt"...t
(''I.'; ieiu'es. A': :
f i. t is that M -
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h- r frier.
!.:i;'stvr rc
tit. nt to ht 1
if-.s as :
uit-thod by 1
!- of our ' "
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a i ; t t 1 a gre .'
t." to tlo-cns
c i.:it. But
t' "! r stnall '
s" i i w and hopt
w : k goes on 1 ;,
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I Si i 1 tu't If III .
th' .r I thds jind
A:. 1 there is
cci'iing disast
tl . d. j irture
ov. i led rats.
l''e Adverti-
m r.iiim lias gatuereu sulhcient
lias gathered
' ",?- st:. ugtii to write a ituarter-columu
it ect.t . iai iii which we are assured
1 f J th Hawaii has a very stable
'.-iders ! g .i:.t ut. Of course the deoar
I -
re turt, ixi the Warrimoo has nothing
- rw to do with this latest burning
l' I of incense on the aitar of the P.
e ' (i How stable a government is
- it which finds it necessary to bar
r.eile ,teli bcbiud .saudbags
Kit the and 1 tyonets against the people
wouldn't might be worth looking into,
l'fn. How stable the government can
' " r i,i , I', ,1 w!;e!l is beini' i-oiifr.i!!-
buliju.ted by political
fiTor.-m '.7n,u in ind nliiii i Kitior
' dictated to bv its own soldiers,
might be a matter of opinion.
hen tke (i o v e i n ni ' n t
g. :'.'-- -ufieieui strength and
courage to meet the opinion of
ijif people ai me oauoi io, we
can talk about its stability anil
'1 oualitiOs A g'-vern-
nt bv a v.i:cts .,ua la Uvo-
nets is not a very popolar institu
tion in this fin Je n'-.
Ti:t. j 's.t .... v.f a:; Atto.:;0 at
iaw is very specific , and the men
joiauj licenses to Practice law
before the Courts are entitled to
'dn privileges with the tacit
:.l k: tending that they should
Uut abiise them. In California
lately there has been a general
: - 7-7 he Jodgesas well as
t: :.. -v,-i; vipers against the
e .i.d.ict f the A ttoraeys-at-la w
towards witnesses and opponents.
, anil th nrnunifs arA thxt ittB
' ' - ' wt!l V "toned down"
-twn." Mr. W. Kinney who
r. centh i turned to Honolaln
i from a protracted stay :it Salt
j Lake tried to adopt the tone of
', the Cilffnt'i Hrwbeters and
, g ive an exhibition of vTilgarity
: and !bue against the editor of
j the Holomca, and the Holomi'a
- this morning when he appeared
i a" pr-"
?ecntoT in the Hobron
Norne libel -suit. The privileges
extended to Attorneys are mainly
based ou the supposition that
only gentlemen are admitted
to the bar. Abuse of such
privileges are ouly committed
the few exceptions who
exceptions who
can "lay uo claim to that acknow- until, together with the news,
ledged distinction. It is a pity there came envoys, commission
that Mr. Kinney's experience in era so-called, from the provision
a foreign land has changed him al government, with plenipotent
from a promising young attorney, iary powers to negotiate and
is we were used to consider him,
into well into what be now
appears to be.
rv the wav does Mr. Kinnev
r- memuer a political campaign
1 . .1
1 rr
! et eiiiea tue nonmuiu simesf
j His tino remarks aeainst personal
pipeis should have been made
when that sheet was issued
ot.-.- years ago nnder the formal
editorship of Mr. Godfrey, and
the personal supervision and
inspiration Of Messrs JUnney
and Thurston.
hen Mr. Kinney calls the
U ..i.oMtTA a "two bit" paper he
i ti at is us. we suppose suae ne
i i TXT . j 1
!!! ai:s that the HOLOMTJA is worth
fw'.i !i!f" in inniTwnsnn urifK
th ' Stu- and the Advertiser for
w'ium :ar ivmnev omv oavsnvei
and we fully agree with
The Holomita libel case was
, .. . . ...
oiieiu-.t tuis mormnar m tbe lis-1
tii.-t C urt before Judge Bobert-
sou. A'essrs ttreiirnton and A'en-
i iu.n appeared for the defense
Aml tA tia ohoroa oo
beinjr insufficient. Considerable
authorities were quoted and the
learned Judge finally ruled that the
chanrewas nffiienl: wlrnnnn
the case was postponed till Tues-
day. It is noteworthy that Uis
honor in this instance did not
need time to consider his ruling
or look up authorities, but was I
ready with his opinion off-
We understand that the annex-
ation club has appointed Mr. Sam
Monsarrat to be clerk to the
Consul-General at San Francisco,
While we are very pleased that this
young "town-boy" has been ap-
pointed to the position, we
Still fail to SAA thn IWVul
reasons and benefits to be
derived by having the "club"
controlling offices even under the
tho Minister of Foreign ariairs.
the Star says triumphantly that
Minister Damon's candidate for f
the otrlce came in too late. TUe
club and the Star ought to real-
ize 4oou that the P. G. with the
club, and without Damon is
nothing, while with Damon, and
witho it the club it is something.
Mot a Case For Secrecy.
It was just at the close of the two votes in the Senate and at
last administration, discredited least three in the electoral col
and rejected by the people, and lege, the American people have a
on the eve of retiring from office, right to know everything,
that the project of Hawaiian Neither President nor Senate
annexation was suddenly sprang nor both together, had any right
opon the people of this country, to conclude by their action the
A. conspiracy rather than a revo- wi 0f the people, or to forestall
lution, aided by the moral sop- the opposition trhich any project
port of certain Americans, and j Qf annexation, or of an armed
the more material backing of the ; protectorate, was bound to call
sailors and marines from the ; forth.
United States warship Boston, in ' it was the fault of Mr. Harri
the twinkling of an eye overthrew , 'g administration that he un
the native dynasty and sovereign- j dertook to act in this matter over
ty of Queen Liliuokalani, and 1 tne heads of and without the
substituted the rule of
a provisional government
composed of Americans
and other foreign settlers
in the islands. Not a breath of
I iuui r even had reached the
j United States that any snch
I movement was in contemplation.
I movement was in contemplation.
conclude with the government of
J the United States, a treaty of
annexation with the islands.
over which the American Mini
ster had already raised oar flag
and declared a protectorate:
1 inesuouHiinwiuine mine, ot
m 11 P.t.t-
alAl l . I l
1 ia mie un?iw, was caicuiaiea
I to take ones breath awav. It did
Harrison and bis advisers from
receiving the envoys, patching up
" '"" reiy oj some son
Wltn them, andseuding.it to t! e
Snae ratification. Such
j prcviuueuw uu uinnwoiaucu
I importance made the breath of the
American people come still shorter
and quicker, but, as soon as they
recovered breath, the people gave
tba President and Stnate to under
1 . . .
Kani tbat thev were not ouitepre-
I mred f r annexation to Hawaii at
I aitoli chixl nnttnA .-. in mmli sum
I marv fashion.
in -n 1. .m ..
1 ruv v wuw9 TW w uwf V aaA,
rated, there had not been the
least thought, apparently, of con
suiting the wishes of the sixty
a""100 01 people 01 tne united
?11 . IT 1
"""" A-l""1I""n-
Resident Americans had started
J"" vuv 1,1 """""
had "boosted" it, and it was only
necessary lor r resident rtamson
and tfae Senate to complete it.
LuckiI'. inauguration of
1 Cleveland called a halt
m lue wuo,e uasiuess- inecroae.
half"baked trtaty' mtended to
commit the United States to the
ueparaire rrom uie
deas and policy of the fathers of
: r
P606 lrom their day to tuis'
was withdrawn from the
Senate. A judicious and well
qualified commissioner wns sent
to Hawaii, to study and investi- j
gate the subject on the spot, and
to communicate the resnlt of his
observations to his government.
He has done so.
Commissioner Blount s report
has been in tbe possession of the
aurArnmonl tnr enma fimo o wA
through the enterprise and good t
office of THE SUX. the substance;
of it is now in tbe possession of I
the people. This is just as it I
should be. Secret, back-stairs
and hole-in-the-corner diplomacv (
is foreign not only to ail Amer
k an ideas and customs, but to
the spirit of the age in which we ,
live. Above all things, upon a'
.- ,,
question so important as the an-
nexation of a foreign country,
2,000 miles distant. ioToIving the
ultimate introduction of a new
member into U.e Union, with
consent of the people. The pub-
location of Mr. Blonnt's report
' yf pa the public in possession
j 0f the facts, and in a position to
j judge whether it is desirable to
add eitner the State or the .ter
ritory of Hawaii to the Union.
T ia thtt twmle after all of the
, g , .
two countries who should be con
sulted, and who should be per
mitted to decide. Hawaii has
rights equal to those of the United
States. In th family of nations
and between independent States,
questions of right are not aflected
by considerations of relative size,
wealth, power or population. All
are qual, and it is this fundament
al principle of international justice,
as well as law. that, hs we nndr
stand. Commissioner Blount in his
report fully recognizes, and upon
which hb bases bis recommen
dations. Battimore Sun.
lresli Algeroba
$9.00 per Cord Delivered.
Long Brancli
This First-class Bathing lie sort
has been enlarged and is now
open to the public. It is the
best place on the islands to enjoy
a bath and there is no better
place to lay off. Special accom
modations for Ladies. Tramcars
pass the door every half hour and
on Saturdays and Sundays every
fifteen minutes.
' Proprietor.
t Theo. P. Severi.
A.W. Eoum,
467 Nccaxc Street, HoxoLrtc,
(tpfio. Qaaen Eam BaO).
iews the Iland
Crmrttntfy an Hand, wch as
?t?tmg pp,( GBura
Smt VW aod MawaaaagMlfaM
Xaiiae Tmws.
m lm GnUon or Fmm.acm
latewrtiagTiewihe Haikai
Wands cither moaated or
Asutear Work Salidted. po Km.

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