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' The Life of he Lend is Establ'ishea
' " in Righteousness '
-HONOLULU. NOV. -o. 1893.
It is too bad that Minister
"Willis doesn't consnlt the Adver
tiser Editor or disclose the
.policy of the American admini
stration to hira.
: The town was ripe with minors
' yesterday, in regard to the estab
- lishment of a republican form of
government without a vote).' It
-i t - r TT 2 1 1
was staieu uiai imicu "
batched ont a new constitution
and that Mr. Dole would read it
out at 10 o'clock -this morning.
After the proclamation had been
road those of the army who could
be found (and were sober) would
bo drawn up ill Hue and salute
the self made President who
would take the oath of oflice be
fore Chief Justice Judd, and then
command his true and good
marshal Mr., Hitchcock to go
forth and bring the bodies" of the
Queen, her ministers, Too. H
Davies and a few other promi
nent mon besides theHoLOMUA
editor before the republican
government which would prompt
ly have them executed, and then
deported. Ton o'clock has pas
sed and nary a republic has
turned up our way nor have we
seen a warrant or a marshal.
This, dear Advertiser, was not a
-'roj'alist rumor' but came
straight from the very pillars of
the P. G. Wo are inclined to
, boliovo that "wish was father to
the rumor" and that tho rumor
was tho result of tho vain hopes
wbicli yet dwell in tho empty
craninms of tbe annexationists.
i t ir i: n. l
is quiet and peaceful and the
American and British flag wave
aido by side over the respective
legations "of tho two countries
while tbe ministers oxchange
courtesies and "fix" things up.
"What possible point could be
gained for tho P. G. by now
declaring Hawaii a Republican
with a tyrannical government
we fail to see. If the mortal fools
who now have got political bees
in their bonnets believe that the
fiual issue would bo altered by
any step which they now can
Uake, they simply prove their
uniitness ior running guru
ment, and their extreme lack of
discretion and sagacity. Mr.
Willis accredited to the govern
ment de facto of Hawaii could
never present credentials orre
cognize a different form of gov
ernment except ho carries a
double sot of credentials in bis
pockets. Tho .wisest and best
thing for the P. Gvis to patient
ly await the execution of PresU
fieut , Cleveland's orders and
quickly submit to the inevitable.
Thoro is no desire on the part
ol' anybody here to be harsh or
roveugeful the only desire
" which fills the souls of. the Hawa-
iiaiis is that justice shall be done
to them, and that the right of
self-government shall be granted.
Men like Dole, JDanaon, Hatch,
Morgan, Brown, Suhr and others
who are now at the head of
affairs, and who have proven
themselves shrewd, and clever
"men in their private capacities
should certainly be able to judge
the situation and refuse to be
used as scapegoats and footballs
for the cranks who believe that
a few hundred strangers can
barter away the independence
of a country, and sell tbe
birthright of a nation. Let us
hope that tho men we have -mentioned
and with tbera the con
servative element who perhaps
realize their mistake, without
bairn? willinsr to acknowledge it.
will take a. -tumble and avoid
compromising themselves beyond
all hope and redemption.
To-night the Hawaiian Band
plays at the Hotel. Bv the
Hawaiian Band we mean OUR
BANT). The concert to be given
is complimentary to the Amer
ican representative Mr. "Willis.
"While iUis perfectly proper
under tho present circumstances
for the Hawaiians to demonstrate
their feelings of regard and affec
tion for the grent' nation which
. i "XT.
is being represeiiuju uy .mi..
Willis, it would bo inconsiderate
and objectionable for them to
take any steps which would be
embarrasing for that gentleman.
Letall loyal Hawaiiansgo tonight
to the Hotel. Let them applaud
and enjoy the fine music which
Vieir own band will furnish to
Mr. Willis, b.ut let them under
stand that the voluntarily grant
ed compliment to the man who
represents the Great Republic
must not be carried too far, and
that no occasion must ever be
used here to drag him or anf
other representative of a friendly
nation into the petty politics of
of our country. Let ns to night
show Mr.- Willis that the repre
sentations which have been made
to his country are correct, and
that the Hawaiians ar by
instinct and nature gentlemen
and ladies, considerate, and
that, although, impulsive, ready
to control themselves. .
He must- remember that ten
long months have gone by during
which the Hawaiians who love
their country, and are proud of
their independence, have kept
quiet and patient in a manner
unparalleled in the history of
the world He must remember
that insults after insults have
been-heaped on their heads by
the men who found hospitality
and friendship and -what
they value more, coix from
them. He must nerer
forget that the Hawaiian People
left' their fate in the. hands of
America, and simply prayed to
be freed" from the yoke which was
thrown on their neck in the name
of that liberty-loving nation
which claims that the gave ns
Christianity and civilization be
cause they knew lhat justice
wouid be done some day. If
their hopes are shattered if the
impossible possibility is illustra
ted lo" the world that America
can.jie unjust and unfaithful to,,
her protended glorious princi
ples, .then the Hawaiian will bow
his head in silent grief and sub
mit to. the. force of strength of a
superior nation. But to-day and
to-'night every loyal Hawaiian
will simply remember that we
.honor .America when we honor
ker representative Mr. Albert S.
r'- . - - ,,s - -
The citizen's "reserve" is
mighty "reserved" -when asked
to go into action. '
We remember theawfnlly learn
ed Attorney General. once made a
speech in the Hawaiian Legisla
ture , he'was at that time the honor
able member for Koloa, Kauai, in
which he strongly critized Mar
shal Wilson, because as he claim
ed the police depart ment under his
management constantly and per
sistently insisted in patronizing
pne certain hackstand. Usow we
have got
according to Mr. W. O,
(frightfully learned in the law)
is the essence of virtue, honesty
deceticy, Tectitnde, probity our
type won t Jat to express
the balance and yet we
claim that this government
with all its claimed virtues is do
ing the very same thing that they
raised tho howl against while Mr.
Wilson, "was Marshal The
memory of W. 0. Smith is limit
ed. While he now instructs his
subordinates to throw all the
patronage of the police depart
ment to one concern and yon
can bet that , tho use of hacks is
bigger than ever he solemnly
declared to the Legislature and
the country at large, that all
fax-paj'ors in business were en
titled to an even patronage of the
government. Where is Mr.
Smith and his Marshal now? If
he thinks that he is going to run
that kind of .business, and yet
solicit the support,rif the voters
(mind noble voters) lie will find
himself heavily pistaken and in
well in the smlke.
(jxm Irmy.
: ilatt
Vat was the Matter Mit Our
. If the police 'farce can!t.find
anything better do than-arrest-ing
editors and thering in fence
jumping soldiers majors excepted)
they have bettei quit work and
Mr. Hitchcock might retire to
Hilo.. " Somehow or other "our"
soldiers will notbe kept in their
kennels. We don . know if they go
out to take the goa-cure or take any
other fcind of snile, but it is
pretty rough men our heroes
have to be lo okl after and put
in their respec ve baskets by
Hitchcock's pol emen. By the
way we will bai to suggest td
the commander- i-chief (we mean
Dole not Sopr because the
latter's name is jbjectionable to
the inclinat'08 of the force
while the naine.ff the other one
is verv suitable towy that- he in
structs tho Simeon-General, to
mako an inyesgation into we
'pretty nearly aid the unmen
tionables, but v mean into the
soldiers. i
The reasbn jr our suggestion
is that a popr and attentive
soldier was dinissed from the
forces the othf day' (or some
reason or oth Ho had been
considered threading and best
man in the air then he was
discharged, hi a good time, call
ed with the bp at Jim's place,
had & swimnrell and' showed
tbat hewas til
proad possessor
of" a wooden:
.all along. Evi-
,ieritly the doesn't care if
;ihe man harejgs or not nor do
!e":. Bat we jsire to be soldiers
at least the editor of this wishes
to be one at Teast if he cannot "be
manv. Because a dismissed
soldier r we are informed, tried to
go in to the government building
this, morning for the purpose of
paying his dog-tax. He was, we
are told, .positively refused ad
mission because no soldier who
ever went "out" can ever get
"in" according to P. G. rule,
and there yon are! Who wouldn't
be a P. G. soldier and pay no
A correspondent writes and
enquires of us what to do with
Crawfish. If he means our pro
visional political Crawfish, we
should suggest to leave them alone
and let them gft out of the hole,
thev have got into as best they can.
It he on the other side refers to the
respectable Crawfish who inhabit
the sea we should propose tp hira
first to catch them (say at the
fish market) and theiutreat them
as follows:
S.tlude Russe aux Langonstes.
Boil two good sized crawfish; re.
move the shell from the tail, and
slice the fleshy part; put them into
a basin with seasoning, vinegar,
and oil (the two litter in small
quantites), and let this stand for
an hour or so. Cut the flesh of
tho claws into small dice and mix
theic with a quantity of various
vegetables according to the time of
year, all. cut up snudi; add to them
a little mayonnaise. Have ready
a charlotte mould on ica; line it
with fancy cut slices of hard boiled
egg. beetroot, gherkins, etc ,
making pattern of shapes and
colors, but he sure to dip each piece
in some thick jell'. Fill the
mould with the prepared mixture
of vegetabUs and fish. When
nearly quite cold, arrange a
pyramid of well-set chopped jelly
on the top, and all around place
the slic s of the fish first mentioi ed
Let it be thoroughly iced, and serve
with a plentiful .and rich
Our Band.
The Hawaiian National Band
gives a concert at the Hotel this
evening, complimentary to His
Excellency United States Mini
ster Albert S. Willis. Following
is the programme to be rendered
on this occasion:
Part 1
1 March "Queen Liliuokfllani" ....
(new) Libomio
2 Overture "America'... ...Moseg
3 Dnett "Martha", .(by request). .Flotow
4 Selection "Hawaiian Songs"... (by
request). .liibornio
Part 2
5 Medley "Boston Bake".!. . (by re
quest).. ......Brooks
6 Polka "Through The Air (Piccolo
Solo) Damm
7 WaJiz "My Queen". ....... .". .Bncalossi
S March "Kaiulnni" . .labornio
"Star Spsnclecl Banner."''
"Hawaii PonoL"
33iIlia2?cL 3?ai?lors
Hotel Street Honolclo.
Long Branch.
ThisEirsl-class Bathing Besort
has bean enlurfretl and is now
luen to the public. It is the
best place on tue islands to enjoy
a bath and there is no better
place to lay off. Special accom
modations for Ladies. Tramcars
pass the door even half hour and
on Saturdays and Sundays every
fifteen minutes.
In accordance with tho provisions of a
certain mortgage, made by C ALAPAI to
Isabbella A Achi, dated Oc toiler 5, 1S9..,
recorded in Liber 143. page 2JS; notice is
hereby given, that the Mortgagee intends to
foreclose the anie for conditions broken, to
wit: non-payment of principal.
Notice L likewise- given that after tho
expiration of three weeks from the date of
this notice, the property conveyed by said
mortgage will be advertised for sale at pub
lic auction, at tho unction rooms of Jas. F
Morgan, in Honolulu, on MONDAY, the
20th day of November. 1S93, at 12 noon
of said day.
Further particulars can be had of Wm.
C Achi, Attorney at Law.
Dated Honolulu. October 25, 1S9.1.
The premises covered by said mortgage,
corisist of:
All those premises situated at Kapnlania,
Hoholnln, Orthu. and tuon? particular de
scribed in a partition deed between W G
Achi and said O Alapai, recorded in Liber
125 page 1; containing an area of l-iO of an
acre; and being a part of those premises
known as Apana 1 described in Itoyal Pat
ent, number' GST, granted tc Koliipueaina.
oct.2S-3w I
Fiist-Class Accommodation for
Tourists and Island Guests.
Superior Bathing Facilities,
Private Cottages, for Families.
dr. Mclennan,
131 Port Street.
OiHce Hours: 9 A.M. to 12 M.: 3 to 5P.M.
Office Tel. 6S2-Mt-TCAiResidence Tel. 237.
Winev Spirits anOem
Between Port and Bethel Streets-
Qdeen' StJiket,
Between Alafcea & Richard Sts.
THE UNDERSIGNED art- prepared to
make rll kinds of
Iron Brass; Bronze, Ziac,
Tin and .Lead C&sb&gs. Also
Gesend Bepair Stop tot Steam Esgises,'
juee juas, LOTH Mills,
Water WkeeR WiadJOBk ete.
V.ichisfet for the Cleaning of Coffee,
Castor Oik, Beaaa, Kami. SmsL
Pi&aappk LeaTss & othr Fibrosa JPZaate.
the Manioc, Arrow Hoot, etc.
Z5T All Ordars pnwp attested to. '

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