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Foreign Mail Service.
Steamships -will leave for and arrive
from Saa Francisco, on the following
dates, till the close of 1S8S.
Lkave HbmjujutDbe at HavoLctc
TOR SA-V PKAMS5CO.FiI. Sa- Feaacisco
0mi Sept. Alameda Sopt. 23
Mkwera, for Yan-Astrslk Oat. 7
otmvar Oct. 1! Oceanic Oct. 17
Australia OoUli Miowera, from Van-
31orewai Oct. 19; couver Oct. 23
Varrsmoo, for Van-Msrinosa Oct. 2G
conrer Nov. l:Ausiralia Nov. 4
China Nov. G Mooorai Nov. 23
Australia.... Nov. HAVairimoo, from Yan-
Alameda .Nov. 16' couver Nov. 23
Mkrsrera, for Yan-iChina Nov. 27
oonver Deo. Australia Dec. 2
Oceanic. Deo. 4 Alameda Dec. 22
Australia Dec. fl'Miowera, from Yan-
Mariposa Dec 14' oonver .Dec. 23
Warrnnoo, for Tan-Oceanic Dec. 26
couver Jan. I, Anstralia Dee. 30
City Peking. . .Jan. 2 Warrimoo, from Tan-
Auwt ralia Ja. 6 couver Jan. 23
WarrinKW, from Van
couver Sept. 23'
xom tbt HMtx- rout
Bk Albert, Griffiths, from San Francisco.
Stinr C H Bishop, Le Chiire, for Nawilivrili
JIanamauln. Kilanea and Hanalei.
Stmr Waialeale, Stnythe, for Lahaina and
Vessels in Port.
TJ S S Adams, Nelson.
U S S Philadelphia, Parker. s
Ger Bk J. C. Pfluger.
Br sch Norma, Yokohama.
Am sch Transit, Johgensen, S F.
Am sch Bobort Lewers, Goodman, P T.
Am Yacht Tolna, Tolna, S F. '
Am bet W G Irwin, Nelson. S F.
Haw bk It P Kitbet Morrison, S F.
Nor bk 1 Beaconsfield, Bastiausen
Ca3tle, N S V.
Am bk Matilda, Swensou, Nanaimo
Am schr C S Holmes, Johnson, Port
AmbktnoKlikitat, Cutter, Port Towsend.
Am bk S U Allen, Thompson, S F.
Am bk Albert, Griffiths, S F.
Foreign Vessels Expected.
This List does not Include Steamrs
where from. due.
Am bk Martha Davis. .'..Boston Dec 20
Ger bk Nautilus Liverpool. .Dec 30
Br schr Villata Liverpool Jan 10
H Hackfeld (sld Sept 23).L'pool..Dec 25-31
Schr naleakala Fnning's Id Nov 15
Am bkt Wrestler. . . .N S V Oct 29
Br bk Duke Argyle N S W Nov 10
Am bk Alden Besse S F Nov IS
AmbkCD Bryant S -F Nov 27
Am bkt Irmganl S F Nov 20
Am bk Enoch Talbot. . Pt Gamble. .Nov 14
Ger bk Galveston Hongkong. .Nov 7-12
Am bkt Planter S F Nov 15
Am bkt Discovery S F Nov 23
Am bkt Amelia Pt Blakely Deo 15
Am schr Alice Cooke.. Pt Blakelv. .Dec 25
Haw sh John Ena NSW... .Nov 1 5-22
Haw sh Uawaiian Isles.N S V. . .Nov 10-20
Ger sh Terpsichore N S W. . . .Nov 20-30
The following passengers,' loft
tho city yosterday evening on
the local steamers, for Kanai
iT K Bnrkett and wife, C Von
Haniin, Mr. Cannaig, Mrs CH
Bishop. Dr More and wifo, Miss
Maroui. Mrs M Lindsay, Adam
Lindsay and bride.
For Kanai, Mrsx T G Thrnm,
JMrs Binnckstadt, 2 Chinese.
For Mani and Hawaii For
Volcano: Wilholin Steigenwald,
I Friendeuwald, Dr B Fried
lander, Dr Ivronecker. B "Wedd
ing, Gon. G T C Hogge, Mr.
Broomhead, AD Shepherd. Hilo
Mahukona, Kawaihae, and Ra
hniui: Jno A sc.ott and wife, A
Mooro and facily, Capfc W Mnt
son and wifo, H Ronton, F Xorth
rup, Jno Hind wifo and son, Bert
Schoon, Mr Keelen, M Datto
and wife, Mrs J K losopa, Mrs
H Holotnoku aud 3 children,
"Wm Toomy, Dr E L Hntchinsou
wifo and 3 child, 3? A Diaz, Rev
S L Desha, J S McOandless, Jno
Anderson, J J Williams, F L
Stoltl and wife. W M liyan, Jos
Gonrtuey, Jas Cavanagli, A
Shields," "W Doyle, T Sheridan,
T Keel&r, E McKenxie, and 30
on deck. "
The Bark Albert, Captain Grif
fiths, 14 days fromJSan Francisco
was reported 12 miles N E at 10:15
this morning.
The Board of Health, held a
meeting to-day.
TheCIaudinetookeight visitors
to Hilo yesterday, who are en
route to the Volcano.
Wonder how much water was
retained in the Nuuanu reservoirs
after. last night's rain.
A heavT thunder storm accom
panied wiflT wind and rain,
passed over the city last night.
The P. G. Band played on the
Palace ground, this morning.
Tiiat's right Berger, cheer them
It was verj throughtful of an
afternoon paper, to announce to
the public, why Mr. Potter did
not appear in uniform yesterday.
Bev. Howlaud will hold his
last service on Thursday evening
the 9th iust. at 7:30 p. m. at the
Arkm Hall. Everybody welcomej.
Why the Star should attack
Paymaster J C Sullivan in the
manner it does is beyond com
prehension. Bat then) it is the
oharacter of that.sheet to vilify.
A spar buoy was sighted from
tho steamer "W. G. HalllasfcMou
day off Hawaii. The steamer
was stopped, and tho buoy pick
ed up, and brought to town.
About 25 fathoms of chain was
attached to it.
A Chinaman apparently with
the intention of committing sui
cide, jumped from a shore boat
at theboat landing, into tho water
this forenoon. Ho was rescued
from his watery grave, by a boat
boy and water policeman Pat
terson. Wo understand that tho young
lady who wrote tho poem pub
lished in last evening's Star,
"The Navy in Verso" poured
out her soul to such an extent,
that she-has had a fit. She pro
bably will never more write any
such lines.
The gentleman of ' Scottish
birth, refered to in this morn
ing's Tiser, was probably so
disgusted with tho music of the
P. G. Band, that he Resorted to
the sweet strains of the bagpipe
for consolation. He is evidently
a judge of good music.
Cunningham in the Anchor has
got an invoice of the -celebrated
cherries with which he flavors
his high-classed cocktails. A lot
of fine oysters for cocktails has also
arrived, nod as there is an "R" in
the month, it is the proper time to
indulge in straight tobasco-sauce,
with some bi-walves in it.
Complaint has reached us of
the manner in which water
policeman Patterson handled the
Chinaman he helped rescue this
morning. The Chinaman was
sitting quietly iu the loat with
Patterson holding "him bv the
back of his shirt collar, when
Patterson (presumably to show
off before those standing on the
wharf) deliberately struck tho
Chinaman on the arm with his
baton. Such action was brutal
and uncalled for.
Why Telephones are Handy.
"The telephone, savs a Foreign
contemporary, is a handy ar-'
rangement. whereby two persons
without blushing before each I
other." We know of instances,
when the greatest (rutlis have
been tinbliishingly told through
telephone. An instance of that
naturo happened in this 'city a
few days ago. A lady and gentle
men had arranged a place and
time for meeting, when he made
the remark, Foit are married,
she replied, So am you .
Tough Job in Prospect for
Professer A. L. Bul)3ch. an
attache of the Imperial Museum of
Berlin, who, with nine trust- men
has been making explorations in
northern and western Brazil, sends
this extraordinary information to
the directors of the institution
named above: " Have had wonder
ful luck. We already have over
9,000 unnamed specimens in na
tural history, including a snake
sixty seven feet long,, with long
tusks like a boar and a horn two
feet long on its forehead." S. F.
A'stor as a Journalist.
William Waldorf Astor's Eng
lish macrazine has scored
triumph by driving a quack con
cern, which was doing a flourish
ing trade, out of business. If
Astor follows up his success by
exposing some of the political
gobs which seem to be as prolific
m England as in this country, he
will deserve the gratitude of
Englishmen and Americaus,
particularly the latter, who are
heartily tired of the Pecksniffian
assumption of writers for the
English press and of English
books, that their countrymen are
exceptionally honest and difier
in that particular from the rest of
the workh If the Fall Hall
Gazette wishes to accomplish this
result it has only to work out the
details of the broad charge made
by Sir Charles Dilke and others,
that the funds voted for military
purposes by the English House
of Commons are squandered and
stolon. These allegations here
tofore have usually , appeared in
reviews, which are .only read by
the learned. Let them be repeat
ed in a popular magazine and
Great Britain will bo stirred
from center to circumference.
S. F. Chronicle.
The following were passengers
from Hawaii and Maui, by the
steamer W. G. Hall yesterday
afternoon, From Volcano Dr.
Herz. From Kau, Kona and
Lahaina E W Fuller. Bev. E
Lewis, B Calleudar, H B Pur
melee, J Mort Oatj Mrs. A A'
Haalelea, Mrs. J Monsarrat and
servant, Melville Monsarrat, T
Amoy, J llakainai, Mrs. S !Now-
lein and servant, Isaac Sherwood
wife and. two children, Miss B"
Cornwell, G McLean, Miss
Kaeo, Miss E Benish, and 45 on
deck. !
It is to be noticed that three
or four en terprSing firms, (annex
ationists) have purchased new
flags, - which are now flying over
their respective places of busi
The undersigned has received from the Eastern Shi tas,
Tie Largest Single Order
of Billiard Material
ever imported to the Islands. It concludes as follows:
Cloih, 3 grades; ,
Cues, asssortedf
Cushions, by Block, patent;
Billiard Balls, Composition and Ivoiv;
Pool, rt
Tips, Chalk;
Pocket Castings with leathersand fringe
. complete;
Pocket nettings, fringe and leathers;
Bubber covers;
Court Plaster, green and black;
m New stylo chalk holders;
Shako balls aud leather bottles;
Pool pins; . .
Markers, etc. , etc.
Tho above goods have been purchased at reduced rates,
and the undersigned is now prepared to do any and all
kinds of -
at reasonable rates with dispatch. Also new and second
hand Billiard and Pool Tables for Sale.
" Please apply to J. P. BOWEN,
Perrv Block, Hotel St. Honolulu-
A ?4if IE mw
Owing to our constantly increasing business aud the
great demand of an appreciating community, we have con
cluded to offer an opportunity to all parties having capital.
Our LINE of SCHOONERS may be seen glidingVer the
BAB filled to their utmost carrying capacity with clear,
cool and invigorating
Fredericksburg) f a fNwn -dtjitjits
Export ) i'A'U.&JR
At the "Anchor Saloon."
To accommodate our Vast Fleet of Schoonors, we have
built a fine large Befrigerator regardless of cost.
Is the' only place where a Coolf Glass of Fredericksburg
Beer on draught can bo had in Honolulu. Stop forward
gentlemen, NOW'S the Time. ocl-i 3m
Long Branch.
This Firsl-class Bathing Besort
has been enlarged and is now
open to the public. It is the
best place on the islands to enjoy
a bath and there is no better
place to lay ojl". Special accom
modations for Ladies. Tramcars
pass the door every half hour and
on Saturdays and Sundays every
fifteen minutes.
In accordance witn the provisions of
a certain Mortgage, made by KTamee
honaa of Weloka, Hilo, Havvaii to Ah
Hing dated'Jnly 7th, 1890. recorded in
Liber 126j page 157; notice is hereby
jjtvwi that the Mortgage intends to.
foreclose the same for conditions broken
towitrthenon payment o Principal
and Interest when due- v
Notice is likewise civen that arter the
expiration of three, weeks from the date
of this notice the property conveyed
by said Mortgage will be advertised for
sale at Public Anction. at the auction
rooms of J I? Morgan, in, llonolaln. on
Monday the 20th day of November, 1S93,
at 12 noon, or said da v.
Farther particulars can be had of.
imam u. Achi, Attornev at Law.
Dated Honolulu, October 25th, 1S93.
The premises, covered by said niori
gage, consist of:
12 acres situated at Tletoka, Hilo,
Hawaii, and described in Eoyal Patent
nnmber 1032 in the name of Kamai
piialii. oct. 2S-3w
LCmpire Saloon,
Fine Wine, Liquorft Bser1,
Corner Xntiann and Hotel Streets ,
"Wine and Sjoirit
Camplell Fire-proof Block,
In accordance -with the provkioas of 2
certain mortgage, made by C ALAPAl fc
Isabbella A Achi, dated October 5, 189.
recorded in Liber 143, nag 24S; notice x
hereby given that the Mortgge intends to
foreclose the same for conditions broken, ta
yriU non-payment of principal.
Notice is likewise given that after the
expiration of three creeks from the date of
this notice, the property conveyed by said
mortgage will be advertised for sole at pub
lic auction, at tha auction rooms of J. 1
Morgan, in Honolulu, on MONDAY, tfe
20th day of November, 1S0 at 12 neon
of said day.
Further particulars can be bod of Wm.
C Achi, Attorney at Law.
Dated Honolulu. October 25, 1S03.
Ths premises covered by said soitgsgs,
consist of:
All thcrse premises situated at Kapolama,
Honolulu, Oahu. and more particular de
scribedrn a partition deed between Vf G
Achi and said GAlapai, recorded in Liber
125 page 1; containing an area of 1-10 at an
acre; and being a part of those premises
known as Apana 1 described in Eoyal Pat
ent, number 6S7, granted tb Kehisraeeiua.
oct. 23-3

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