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Foreign Hail Service.
Steamships will leave for and nrrve
from San Francisco, .on the following
dates, till the close of 1S93.
Leave Hosolct-cIDce at Hosolclc
toe Sax Feakcwco.
Fm. San Pkasosco
Arava for
Monoxrai Nov. 23
Warrimoo, from Tan
courer. . . . Nov. 23
Dec. 4
Dec 9
China Nov. 27
Dec 1-itAustralia Dec 2
Warn moo,
for Tan-fAlameda Dec 22
..Jan. I 'Arava from Van-
City Peking.. .Jan. 2j couver Dec. 23
.Australia Jan. G.Oeeanic Dec.2G
Australia.,.. Dec 30
iunnioo, from Tan
conver Jan. 23
Jrom the Waterfront.
s Satcudav, Dec 2.
OSS Australia, Houdlettc from San Fran
cisco. Japanese War Ship Naniwa, from Yoko
hama. Stmr. James Makec, from Kauai.
Stmr Kinau, Clarke, from Ilawaii and Maui.
Stmr Iwalani, Freeman, from Kauai.
Stmr Mokolii, McGregor, from MolokatX
Vessels in Port.
H B M's S Champion, Rooke.
USS Adams, kelson.
DSS Philadelphia, Parker.
Ger Bk J. C. Pan ger.
Br sch Norma, Yokohama.
Haw bk R P Kithet Morrison, S F.
CASS Miowera, repairing.
Br bk Duke of Argyle, Goligbtly, N Castle.
Am bktno Wrestler, Bergmann, N Castle.
Am bk S C Alien, Thompson, S F.
An bk Albert,Griffiths, S F.
Am bk Enoch Talbot, Nanaimn.
Am bkt Amelia, Want, the Sound.
Am bkt Irmganl, Schimdt, S F.
Am bk Alden Besse, Friis, S F.
Foreign Vessels Expected.
This List does not Include Ste&nrs
where from. due.
Am bk Martha Davis. . ..Boston Dec 20
Ger bk Nautilus Liverpool. .Dec 30
Br schr Villata Liverpool Jau 10
H Hackfeld (sld Sept 25).L,pool..Dec 25-31
AmbkOD Bryant., ..S F Nov 27
Ger bk Galveston. ...Hongkong. .Nov 7-12
Am bkt Planter S P Nov 15
Am bkt Discovery S F Nov 23
Am schr Alice Cooke.. Pt Blakely. .Dec 25
Haw sh John Ena N S W Nov 15-22
Haw sh Hawaiian Isles.N S W. . .Nov 19-20
Ger sh Terpsichore N S W.. ..Nov 20-30
Am bkt S G Wilder S F Dec 3
Am bk Ceylon S F .Dec 15
Am bk S N ,Castle S F Dec 12
Bnw bk Helen Brewer (sld Nov) N YMarl-5
The O. S. S. Australia brought
the following passengers: Miss
Julia Albu, Miss Rose Albu, Mrs
C. B. Atherlon, two children and
nurso, J B Atherton, W 0 Atwater,
Dr Averdum, wife, two children
and nurse. Mrs E Bailey, Mrs R M
Barton, Geo C Beckley, Mrs Fannie
Bowen, V E Brown, Miss llattie
Burrows, Miss E E Chaffee, Mrs
W H Christie, Mrs C II Christie,
Dr J A Cloud, A F Cooke, R T
Coulter, Rev A D de Compos, R B
Dunlap au'd wife, H Dyer and wife,
Mrs W -P Elliot, Rev O P Emer
son, C Fischer, Dr E N Foote, Gr
Goodacre and wife, Miss H E Gor
man, Miss ifahstead. C Hngens, J
M Hayes, Miss E Hopper, V L
Hopper, wife nridi three childVen,
Mrs J A Hopper, Cbas A Hos'er,
,E Jacobson, AJarger, AKyngdon,
F J Lowry and wife, Geo W Mac
farluue, C A McDowell, Miss A Mc
In tyre. Mrs Merriam, Mrs Capt
Metcalfet .1 E Miller and wife, E
Moller and wife, Miss Ida Muller,
Miss O B Musgrave. Miss Olsen, 0
A Peacock and wife. Mrs E W
Peterson and child, M L . il
Phmkett, Mrs Jas Robertson and
two children, E Schmidt, Chas
Trowbridge. Miss Mary E "Walker,
Horace F Walker, E Waterhouse
and son, Mrs Winslow and child.
Tho following passengers
arrived by the luimn this morn
iu" frOEQ Hawaii nxul Maui: Dr
Fieldlander, AT S Terry. Master
Geo Brown, MisS Grace Scbafier,
Miss P Hussey, F Northrup.
Tiraotbr Lucy and niece, Dr I
Sato, JCnnuingham, JBncklsy,
J Kapapa, Prod H HnzeUlen, AV
H Hazelden, and io deck passen
gers. Cargo: 331 bgs spud,J.o
bgs corn, lSo bgs bones, 4 bdls.
bides L pigs 3 horses, 137 pkg
We j3c not hold onrselres responsible for
the opinions or Ins ttterance3 of oar
Editor Holoxtja:
The part of the 'situation which
strikes home most strongly to the
American section of the P. G.
Missionary stripe is the fact that
after all these years of represent
ing themselves as true types of
the American Nation in acts and
thoughts, they find themselves so
utterly mistaken that on this the
first opportunity for proof, they
are utterly and forever repudiated
as such. And that is where the
shoe pinches. After having for
years said, tee are the o)ily Amer
icans to be publicly shown up as
being entirely out of ft a hybrid
mongrel compound of despotism
and lying.
The Minstrels:
Don't,' forget that to-night the
amateur minstrels will give their
second performance at the
Opera Honse. It is going to
be one of tho best entertainments
and everybody fond of laughing
must go. TVhen you hear the
P. G. Bond imitated by the min
strels, you will bo tickled to
Invitations to the wedding of
Miss C. E. Vida, and W. P. Boyd
Esq. United States Vice and De
puty Council General to Hawaii,
are issued. The ceremony will
iake place at tho Central Union
Church on Dec. 12th. A reception
will be held at the residence of Mrs.
H. Cornwell later in the evening.
The "World" and Stevens.
Tho 'Hawaiian incident takes
on new interest from the publica
tion of the facts in a letter from
Secretary Grosham to the Presi
dent to-day. For ex-Minister
Stevens this official document
will have peculiar and perhaps
annoying interest. It seems to
show beyond question that ho
deliberately deceived his own
Government when, he declared
that ho had recognized the Ha
waiian revolutionary junta only
after it had secured actual con
trol. It shows that he. in fact
made the revolution possible be
lauding marines and giving it
tho protection of American guns
in. tho very act of overthrowing
the existing Government by pro
clamation, unsupported by any
force except that -which he fur
nished. It is a very interesting
statement, and it confirms in
ever' particular all that The
"Would said at- the 'time in criti
cism of this filibustering diplo
mat and in advocacy of delay and
full inquiry. jV. T. World.
Liberty or Death.
"And is that Liberty?' ' asked
the immigrant, pointing to the
statue as the vessel entered the
harbor. "Yes," said tho sailor,
"that is Liberty." "Then give
me death1" cried the immigrant,
and he jumped overboard. New
York Sun.
P. G. J. "was not there.
The steamer Kaala is.up' to leave
for ports on Qahu, 6n Monday
morning at S.o'clocki
e f
Opinions of Eminent Men on President
Cleveland's Policy.
Compiled rabit late r"s exchanges.
"W. D. Davage, one of the lead
ing constitutional lawyers in
Washington and one -who prac
tices "almost exclusively before
tho Supreme Court and in inter
national cases, had this -to say
about the legal side of the Ha
waiian question: '' "If Queen
Liliuokalani was dethroned
through the acts of an. agent of
this country, then it is the mani
fest duty of the United States to
restore her to the position in
which she was before, this act
was committed. If the matter
could be referred to an inter
national tribunal that would un
doubtedly be their decision. If
a private individual is deprived
of any rights or property by the
deeds of another the courts will
order reparation to be made to
the extent of the injury. If, on
the other hand, Minister Stevens
had no hand in overthrowing the
monarchy in Hawaii, but it was
done entireh' through the acts of
the subjects of thereigningQueen,
then the United States has no
concern in tho matter, and any
attempt to abolish the present
government and re-establish
the monarchy would be an act of
unwarranted interference on the
part of this country. The- whole
question on this point is this: If
the representatives of the United
States caused this revolution and
established this Provisional Gov
ernment in Hawaii, then the
United States has the constitu
tional right to restore the statu
quo, but that is as far as we can
go. Having restored the former
state of affairs wo must stop at
that. However, I do not con
strue the President's action in
the light of. a declaration of war."
A prominent member of the
Foreign Affairs Committee had
this to say to-night:
"If Minister Stevens wa3 in
strumental in causing the de
thronement of tho Queen, then it
is the duty of the' United States
to restore her to the throne. If
she was deposed by her own sub
jects, then we have nothing to do
-with the matter and cannot in
terfere in any way." -
Congressman Springer' of Il
linois says he is in thorough ac
cord with the administration on
the question and believes, as he
sae's, that as the- Queen could
not have been overthrown with
out the aid of the United States
marines, she should be restored.
Democrats believe that at the
opening of . Congress Cleveland
will send in a . message in which
he will make public- many facts
hitherto unknown to this country,
which may put' the case in aix en
tirely new light. This is expect
ed, especially in view of the fact
that Commissioner Blount's re
port has not been given out.
Springer opposes annexation,
but says it is tho duty of the
United States to assure the in-'
dependence of Hawaii and . to
make it a cause of war for any
other nation io attempt annexa
r The only members of the Cali
fornia delegation now in Washing
ton are Representatives Geary, Ma
guire and Cannon. When seen to
night Geary declined to discuss the
Hawaiian matter on the grounds
that he is a member of the House
Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Cannon was also not disposed to
Representative Maguire takes
this position: The vindication of our
national honor demands the resto
ration f the Queen a3 far as possi
ble to the Governmental conditions
existing last January. He believes
the documentary evidence submit
ted thus far shows that the Hawaii
an revolution, resulting in the de-:
thronement of the Queen and the
establishment of the Provisional
Government was accomplished at
the instigation, and through the
aid of the authorized representa
tives of the United States.
He has this to siy further: "The
C institutional Government of Ha
waii made conditional its abdica
tion and surrender of authority,
under protest and solely by reason
of fear of this country's military
and naval powers. Mr. Dole, the
Provisional Government President,
indorsed the conditional abdication,
and this indorsement may be fairly
construed as a recognition of the
conditions of abdication as staled
in the document. If this view of
the matter is correct the whole
question of the change of govern
ment was submitted to the arbitra
tion of the United States. Stevens,
the accredited Minister of this
Government to the constitutional
government of an independent
kingdom, . deliberately engaged in
a revolutionary intrigue for tho
overthrow of that Government and
lent to the revolutionists the mili
tary and naval power of this coun
try. All of this occurred when the
Hawaiian power was at peace with
Ministrels to-night. Fun ahead.
Band at Emma Square this after?
noon. .
The game of foot-ball, announced
for to-dajV'is off."
Two P. G: braves, armed,' were
riding through tae streets this fore
noon. The Japanese War ship Naoiwa
Kan, arrived this morning from
"Who was the ruffian that stop
ped a peaceable band of serena
des from singing yesterday
morning, and threatened to arrest
them all if they did not keep
quiet? IVhat next, will these P.
G. prowlers do?
The undersigned beg leave to
call the attention to a large as
sortment of tasteful and elegant
Jewelry, suitable for Ghiistmas
Hawaiian Flag Pins,
in different sizes.
'Jtrawaiiaii Jewelry,
a specialty.
If yon want to buy; an elegant
and at the same time an inexpen
sive "Christmas Present, call
around-and inspect my stock.
2 cIaer8yB!octr Fort St. Honolulu
Opera House !
Amateur Minstrels
SATURDAY, - - DEC. 2, 1893
Box sheet will open on Friday
at 9 a.ni., at L. J. Levy's.
Don't Forget the Date.
no30 ' ,
Notice is hereby given to all persous, that
there is nt the Government Pound at Ma
kiki, the following 2 strayed horses:
1 -white horse with wnite spot in the eye,
branded gH, on right hip.
1 white horse, brand nndescribable.
Any person or persons owning tbte
horses, nre requested to come and take the
fame on or before 12 o'clock noon of
SATURDAY, December 9. 1S9S.
Pound Master.
Makiki, Nov. 2S, 1S93. Xo. 29-lir
Notice is hereby given to all persons, that
there is at the Government Pound at Ma
kiki, a stray horse: 1 red filly brantfed
Ct) on right hip.
Any person or persons owning this horse,
are requested to come and take the snmu on
or before 12 o'clock noon of SATURDAY,
December 9, IS93.
Pound Master.
Makiki, Nov. 2S, 1S93 No. 29-lw
Ooaiclx j-jirxe to
ans ouci $c Diamond jlead
Leave Leave Corner
Sans Souci. Fort & King Sis.
7.50 A.M 9 A.M.
10 ..... 11 .
12 Noon lP3r.
2 P.M X.... 3.10P.M.
4 " i... 5.10 "
6.8.30 '. - 7.30
9 " - 10
Fares to EifloJlange, acts; Waikiki, !0
cts; .Sans Souci and Diamond Head, 15
cts; Round trip, 25 cts; Child ton under 12
years, half-price. 1 no27 tf
Baby Carriages
Sewing Machines
Hand Sewing Machines ,-
ISTAU With the Latest Improvements-
Organs, G-xoitaxs.
And Other Musical Instruments.
Wines, Liquors; Beer
EagSt-. ofjo. Ctie & Coctc's.

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