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7fo Z,? ? the LaTid is Establishes
in Rihico:tsness.
The Royalists Baulked
Our Vigilant Police.
lltv Kirauuti .......
.Molokal to-dar. 50 pound, of dynamite was
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niury Holmei U the aRent of the syndicate
Arrubts expected every minute !
What Fools!
He Admits:
The editor of the Advertiser ad
mits that there has been a sad
neglect in regard to the preserva
tion of historical records at the
laying of the corner stono to the
new building at Oahu Collrgo. H.
mentions numerous documents etce
which in the interest of history
should have been dopo3ited with
those selected by the tribe run
ning the concern. But he could
have mado his historical collection
a groat deal more importaut to
future generations if ho had added
the following articles.
The oaths of fealty and allegi
ance of Chief Jesuit Judd and
Sand Bug Dole to Queen Liliuoka
lani. (The oaths are slightly da
maged and broken.) Decorations
received by the C. J. from Hawa
iian monarchs and displayed with
pride on his pompous stomach.
An illuminated copy of tho decis
ion of the C.J. sustaining the veto
of Kalnkaua. A do, do, of the ad
vice of tho same party to the
Quoen upon her accession to "fire"
her cabinet. Tho charter of the
proposed sugar trust with pictures
of Jones it Co. The commission
of one W. N. Armstrong as xVttor
ncy Genoral to Kalakaua. The
vouchers of the money drawn by
said Armstrong from tho taxpayers
in Hawaii with photographs of the
beneficiary of the people as a dan
cer in tho bal mabih in Paris, as a
hula dancer in tho King's boat
houso (taken instantaneously) and
in his general (capacity of "shav
ing" rex. A picture of tho offi
cials of the republic who with the
knowledge of their suporiors plac
ed dynamite in McKibben's yard
and placards on tne gite of
Spreckels would probably assist
the historian of the future in form
ing a correct view of Hawaii of to
day. And if the corner stone had
been laid "well and truly" per
guardian tho true situation would
havo been even hotter illustrated.
The Church and Theosophy.
Theosophy has gained consider
able headway in Honolulu and a
number of people have left their
respective churches for the pur
pose of dipping into the mysteries
of the doctrines advanced by er
ratic women and cranks, WhiU
we don't beliovo that newspapers
as a rule should tako up religious
matters or open their columns for
controversies on questions .of faith,
we feel that under the present
peculiar circumstances touching
on thejreligious life of the com
munity,.that it is the doty of all
people interested in propagating
Christianity and Christian moral
ity to help in exposing all attacks
on those great principles in what
ever shape such attacks may be
, In the currejst number of the
Diocesan Magazine appears an ex-
anient art c'.e on Theosoj.hy writ-
tea by theBishopof Honolulu.
It is unnecessary to stite that
there is not man in this country
more able ti deal with this ques
tion and mor? justified in wramg
U the fronf. We reprint the
Bishop's article so as ti give it a
larger circulation and w-i com
mend it to the perusal of all the
worthy citizens who call them
selves Theoaophists and Christians
at the Eame time.
We have often grumbled at the
slowness with which doctors and
Inu-vors handle their clients. The
doctors generally look wise for
five minutes, ask u lot of
foolish (?) question for another
five minutes; make an examiua
tion and get on to some kind of
diagnosis during the next fifteen
minutes, prescribe medicine and ;
. f r i I i : I
mix it etc.ior anouier ten min
utes and then discharge their
patients and collect (after six
months or so) their fees
It is therefore, a great pleasure
to note, that our judgement of
tho averaga physician has been
wrong. There is a lightning
doctor in town now, and the
public will muko his colleagues
toe the mark and cure the sick in
tho double quik time as used at
the dispensary.
According to tho statement
at tho Board of Health yesterday
tho physician of the dispensary
presented the results of his work
during the quarter ending Sept.
30th. We take the Advertiser
Dr. Howard submitted a report
of tho Government Dispensary
for the quarter ending-September
30th. In that time 3315 patients
were cared for an average of
about 1100 a month. Ho mado
300 house visits, issued 103
health certificates ,.und performed
103 successful vaccinations. Tho
doctor's report gave much satis
faction to tho Board.
Wo should imagine, that the
Board of Health would be satis
fied. Tho doptor spends porhaps
four hours a day at the dispen
sary. With the figures advanced
it shows, that ho has devoted less
than 5 minutes to each patient.
Besides that, ho hag yisited 300
houses made 103 vaccination and
of course given out tho ordinary
amount of medicine. His own
office hours detain him at his
homo about fours hour a day aud
it is to bo presumed that ho oc
casionally eats and sleeps.
Wo don't know tho gentleman,
but we must say that he has our
unbounded admiration, and that
wo decidedly if sick, and in a
hurry to got well, shall call on
him and try his
The Church And Theosophy.
It being one of the espress
duties of tho Bishop and Priests
of tho Church of Ch'isV'to bo
ready with all faithful diligence
to banish and drive away all er
roneous and strange doctrines
contrary to God's Word," the
timo seems to havo come whou
wo should bo justly chargeable
with negloct of duty, if through
want of warning any should bo
led away from the Faith of the
Gospel by tho blind guesses of
It is in a deep sense of tho
danger of tho teaching to which,
as it has seemed to us, unneces
sary prominence has of late been
given by tho Press, that what
follows is written; its dauger ly-
mg in tho subtlety with which
tho anti-Christian" character of
tho Theosophy now being pro
mulgated is veiled under tho as
surauce that no one is required to
abandon the faith that be holds
on becoming a member of the
Theosophical Society.
I trust to make it clear to all
(except thoso who wish.to bo de
ceived) that if any imagine that
they can become members of the
TheQSophical Society without
parting company with tho Christ
iau Faith, tuoy must be as credu
lous as tho traveler who accepts
tho guidance of one of the swell
mob through tho streets of a citv.
As they walk along, ho is charm
ed with the conversation of his
companion, but when ho has
parted from hiui? he finds to his
dismay that his watch, purse and
pocketbook nro irretrievably
gone. So snrely will tho Christ
ian who accents" the euidauco hf
Madame Blavatsky and Mrs. Bes
ant in unraveling the mystery of
human existence be robbed of his
Christian Faith.
First of all. what is Theosonhv?
Theosophy claims to be the know
ledge of God and of Divine things
obtained by special illumination,
which gives also the power of
penetrating into many secrets of
nature. That is. it proposes with
out the aid of Revelation to draw
aside the veil that hides from us
the mysteries of the unseen
world. 2owf however much we
may admire the efforts that have
been made at various periods
among non-Christian peoples to
solve the mysteries of the Uni
verse, the system that have been
elaborated can add nothing to
what God has revealed to us in
His Holy Word. At best they
are but gropings after truth. We
who have Theology have no need
of Theosophy. Theology is the
knowledge of God in His Being
and Attributes, as far as it has
pleased Him to reveal Himself,
and of the universe in relation to
Him. It rests upon the clear J
light of Bevelation, the record of
which is the Bible. For a Christ
ian therefore to suppose that he
can have a true guide to Truth
m Theosophy-, and abandon what
he has learned fromthe Word of
God, is as irrational as it would
be for any ono in the study of the
wujth's surface to repudiate geo
graphical science, and adopt the
idea of the ancients that the earth
is a plain with the ocean (lowing
round it as a riev.
So far 1 have spoken of Theos
ophy in general, for there have
been a great variety ot ineosc
phical systems at different pe
riods, but our present concern is
with the system now being pro
mulgated. And the first point I
have to show you is ihut direct
false hood is used in order to win
attention to its doctrines. It is
maintained (1) that what is
taught is of the very highest an
tiquity, and has been handed
down "from tho earliest times, and
(2) that no one need give up his
Christian Faith by becoming a
member of the Theosophical So
No doubt thos,o whq assert
these honestly believe them. But
that does not make them less
false. In all ages false teachers
have been deceived themselves
before t)oy set out to deceive
As to the first point, aro tho
grounds on which antiquity is
claimed for the doctrines of Theo
sophy reliable or not? In support
of this pluim they point tp the
Kabbalah, ono of the sources
from which their doctrines are
drawn, and assert that the teach
ing of the Kabbalah has been
transmitted interruptedly by the
mouths of patriarchs am pro
phets ever since the creation of
the world, and was finally gather
ed by up a celebrated Rabbi in a
work called Zohar in tho first cen
tury pf tbo Christian era. But
this cannot bo uiaiiitajnec). jt
has been proved that this work
which pretends to have been
compiled at tho beginning of tho
Christian era was not produced
till the beginning of t'h four
teenth eentuiy, and its pretended
communications ihade to Adam,
and handed down by patriarchs
and prophets are found to bo tho
mystical speculations of the Mid
dle Ages, palmed off on a credul
ous ago, uhen the Bible wss seal
ed up from the people in a dead
language, as the traditional Rev
elation made to mankind. Su
much for the claim of antiquity.
As to the second pninp, the at
tempt to reconcile Theosophy and
Christianity fails on the outset.
In a pamphlet explaining tho
position of Theosophy, which be
gins wjth tho statement that a
Christian is not required to give
up what he believes, the state
ment immediately follows that of
course ho wpuld havo to modify
some articles of tho orthodox
creed. See what this apparently
mild demand amounts to. It is a
fundamental article of tho Christ
ian Faith that God has made Him
self known to man as One Etermll
Spirit of infinite power, wisdom
and goodness, the Maker and
Preserver ot all things, both vis
ible and invisible, in the unity of
whoso Godhead there aro Three
Persons of ono substance, power
and eteruitv, the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost. This
must be modified. Theosopb
does not allow you to believe in
Ono to whom you may kneel and
say: "Our Father which art in
heaven" Foritknowsno Per
sonal God. Tho God of Theoso
phy is impersonal, a Divine affla
tus, of which everything in nature
and we oursolves are manifesta
tions. With thisfirst modification of the
first article of the Creed, there is
no room left for she second which
with the first, is tho foundation
of tho Faith, viz , that in the per
son of Jesus Christ, tho Second
Person of -the Godhead became
incarnate, in order that after
leading a sinless life on earth,
Ho might offer Himself a Per
fect Sacrifico for the sins of the
whole world, and so bring man
kind back to God from whom
they were separated by the fall,
uniting all races in "Universal
Brotherhood with himself as
their Elder Brother both for
time and eternity. This faith
cannot be retained, for lof a
Christ, who is both God and
man, Theosophy knows nothing.
The Christian Faith having
d sappeared under these modific
ations, the speculations as to the
future substituted for the truth of
Revefatinn are of comparatively
small importance. Having given
up all belief in toe Antoaeraent.
all trust in those infinite merits
of the well beloved Son through
which we look for the for
giveness of sins, Theosophy flat
ters humane pride by pretending
to have discovered a path by
which a man may reach Divine
perfection. Bat since this term
ination clilhot be reached in one
life, it borrows the fable of Me
tempsychosis or transmigration
of souls, associated with the name
of Pythagoras, who lived in the
sixth century, B. C. , and promises
in a second, third, fourth, and
subsequent lives on earth a con
tiuuitv of the probation that wa
cut short bv the close of the pre
vious life. "It is hardly necessary
to point out that such teaching is
as contrary to what has been re
vealed about human nature and
human destiny, as the teaching
about God contradicts the revel
ation of the Divine Mature. But
since it is claimed that this fan
tastic doctrine is found in the
Holy Scriptures, it is necessary
to show that such a claim rests
on an entire misinterpretation of
certain passages. The places re
ferred to are (1) the prophecy of
John the Baptist under the name
of Elijah (Mai. -iq), and the
words of our Saviors;about John,
this is Elias which was for to
come. Matthew 11.14. But if
any are not satisfied with the
explanation given to Zacharias
by the Angel, that John would
have 1 the spirit and power of
Elias," Luke 117, the Bible
contains absolute proof that EH"
ah and John tho Baptist are dif
ferent personalities. On the
theory of transmigration, if Pyth
agoras was, as he claimed to be,
Euphorbus, who had founht aud
died in the Trojan war; then the.o
was no sucbperson as Euphorbus
remaining in the unseen world,
and if Elijah had been roborn in
John the Baptist, the personality
of Elijah had ceased to exist. But
we know that after John the
Baptist had lived and died, Elij
ah had lost none of his identity;
for we have tho testimony of eye
witnesses' to his beins seen in
glory in the Mount of Transfigur
ation Matt. 17-3; Mark 9-4;
Luke 9-3P.
Enough lias now been written
to make it clear that not only
can a Christian derive nothing
from' Theosophy, but it is fund
amentally opposed to the truth
revealed tq us jn the Word, pf
God. tt is a congeries of mys
tical speculations resting on no
foundation whatever, which in a
few years will be added to the
dust-heap of similar systems that
tue npw forgotten Wo have beerj
warned by the Divine Author of
our Faith that false teachers will
arise, and this warning has been
repeated by the Apostles. St.
Peter Q.ii.l issued an earnest
caution against fals teachers,
I who should "even deny tho Lord
that brought thorn,' as this The
osophy does, and St. Paul, in
view of "strong delusion" under
which some will "believe a lie"
2 Thes.ii 2 with equal earnest
ness calls upon believers to
"stand' fast'' in the Faith that
has been handed down. For tho
old antagonism to the Gospel
will never oeas,e untill the end
The preaching of a new religion
is but an attempt of the enemy to
undermine the citadel which ho
has failed to carry by direct as
sault. If any who read this aro
doubtful whether a system to
which so ninny seem to be druwj)
can really be' as fallacious and
delusive as my warning implies,
the following words of a great
thinker, Archbishop Wateley,
will oxplain that the fact of a
following is no evidence of truth.
He says: "Unblushing asserters
of falsehood seem to have a race
of easy believers provided on pur
pose for their use; men who will
not indeed believe the best est
ablished truths of religion, but
are readv to believe any thin"
else." "
At the same timo, mistaken as
they are, those who pursue those
false lights set an example of zeal
and earnestness in the pursuit of
the knowledge of Divine things
which tho members of the Church
would do well to imitate. It is,
unhappily, ignorance of tho Bible
and indifference about its study
that leaves so many exposed to
every wind of falsehood that
sweeps past them. If men would
only study what God has reveal
ed about Himself and His rela
tion to the world in His own
Word with half tho earnestness
now being bestowed on mere
human speculations, they would
find it would carry them into the
inner sanctuary of "esoteric"
wisdom, and in our Blessed Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ, "in
whom are hid all the treasures of
wisdom aud knowledge," they
would find they key to unlock tho
mysteries of earth" nnd heaven,
for He is Himself "tho Power of
God, nnd tho (Theo Sophia)
Wisdom of God."
Diocesan Mag.
. The Funau, LehuarPele and
the?bk"tr Hatilda arrived this
November 27, 1S94.
If we are to judge the popu
larity of an article by the number
in actual use Haviland China
stands on the crest of a popular
wave. The reason for it is the
low price at which it is sold. In
the Un;ted States, where the peo
ple are "Haviland Mad," the
price is thirty per cent higher
than it is here owing to tho
tariff on this ware being so much
greater between France and the
United States than with Hawaii.
We have sold thousands of pieces
here and have never had anyone
complain of being tired of it.
Here's a something about the de
corations on Haviland China that
never wearies the eye. We have
some new colors that may please
you if yon want to make up a set
for a single course.
An entire new stock of Refri
gerators and Ice Boxes built on
the Ice Saving plan and finished
in the latest artistic style is what
we have to show you. One of
these is largo enough to hold
meats and provisions for a largo
family. One compartment with
glass shelf is made for Butter and
Cream exclusively. The say
you can put onions in the same
compartment without the butter
being affected, the ventilation is
so perfectly arranged. Quy lowest
priced, aytiolea in this line are per
fect in their Ice saving qualities
Some very choice pieces of Cut
Glass will attract your attention
because of the price lVYd
aimei to get them at a oost within
reach of the masses. Olive dishes,
Creamers Mufliniers, Cruets
Flower Stands, etc. iNone of them
high priced and nothing but what
is useful.
The styles of articles in solid
Silverware are so vavied that it is
difficult to keep track of them.
We have only the lat d.es,igns
personally selected by Mr. Hendry
during his reoent visit to San
Francisco. A half doz butter
Spreaders and individual plates
are pretty enough to oat Were
they not indegestatible, Berry
Forks and Servers. Tea Spoons,
Forks and Table Spoons, Ladles,
etc. .the design or tho handles
are alike in the different articles
and is the very latest. They were
selected in this way so that pur
chasers, if they so wish, may make
up their silver set without having
a lot of odd prices.
We have replenished our stock
of plated ware and can offer you
tiM.. A ...... r..il 1 r - 11
uvn .i vw) luu nue in an tne ar
ticles used on the table. The
manufacturers of Plated-ware
come as near giving imitations of
the solid article as it is possible
lor them to be made. The
tolls the difference.
Wo call your attention to tho
most complete assortment of flower
vases in white and handsomely
decorated Colored Glass-ware that
we have ever shown. The shaDe3
are captivating and the price
"fetching,1' We don't expect these
to remain in stock but a short
time if you- are fbnd of cut
flowers in your home, this are the
needful things for holding them.
The finest stock of pocket cut-
lory ever shown in Honolulu is
what ours is. Knives for little
folk and knives for grown up peo
ple. Tortoise Pearl
The "Fred Archer Racing
Glass" is the most powerful field
glass we have ever seen, It is ex
tensively used in England, and
will be here, once they become
known. The Prince of Wales uses
one to read the character of the
TT 1 1 X J
snoos who seek introductions
Tle.SnnBaiHariian ci.
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