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The Lttc of the Land is Established
in Richicousncss.
It is a comic sight to see the
valiant republicans and their or
gans shaking hands with them
selves and blowing iheir own little
tin horns in notifying the world
of the intense courage and bravery
which dosspes them. The Slar
last night comes out with a very
solemn and gloomy editorial in
which it with immeasurable joy
looks '.bock to the so-called "dark
days" Jwhen all the true and good
Americans were ready (or nearly
ready) to shoulder a musket and
fire upon the United States forces
What is the use of continuing such
buncombe. The government was
officially informed that no force
would he landed and the whole
display of bravado by the Slar
crowd is just si much humbug.
We cannot compel Mr. Hatch to
pn d jce his ci nvspondence with
the United States but we chal
lenge him or Minister "Willis to
deny that a letter giving the assur
ance referred to had been received
by the government from the U. S
jncvioiis to the grat parading of a
heroism that might have looked
very well on paper but never ex
isted in reality. Those "dark
days'' have disappeared but the
letter and the bravado still exsit.
The superintendent of public
works or whoever has charge of
stroots.buildings otc. is ver' der
elict in his duties if he is to
blamo for the manner in which
the water main is being laid on
Borotnnia streot. Instead of do
ing tho work block for block and
finish it during tho day, tho wholo
distance from Alanai to Emma
was broken up and a big ditch
poorly lighted wasleftjopon during
several nights. Boretania streot
from Punchbowl is the most
misorablo streot in Honolulu,
and it would have been well to
havo taken this occasion to
widen it. Nevertheless, this nar
row streot was dug opon and it is
a wonder that only one accident
so far has happonod. If neces
sary work has to bo done on our
poorly lighted narrow streets and
such work, cannot bo finished
during tho day, a rough fence
should bo placed along tho dig
gings to prevent any driver of
a fresh " horse from being capsi
zed. In somo places tho digging
is dangerously uoar tho rails of
tho tramcnr nnd should the soil
giro wa' an accident will hardly
be avoidod.
And if Boretania streetjnoeds
to bo widoned Fort street, is in
tho same condition. Yet, wo soo
a building which will bo used for
Ohiueso nnd Japaueso stores bo
ing erected on tho coruor of Fort
and Borotauia streets. Such an
addition to that portion of tho
town is-certninly not an improve
ment but if tho superintendent of
public works is powerless to pro
vent the bnildiug it being just
outside the fire limit ho might
havo insisted in getting a much
needed sidewalk on that part of
Fort Street.
The Advertiser in its usual
brazen manner comes out and
tolls tho people that Mr. S. B.
Dole was elected president of
Hawaii for six years by the "peo
ple. 1 May -wo ask our esteemed
contemporary sinco when it has
adopted tho motto "we are tho
people" and jjyhen such, a motto
was copyrighted or patented?
About 1500 legitimate
voters cast a vote for
the delegates who "elected" Mr.
Dole. Tho 11,000 voters who
staid hoMO aro evidently not con
sidered a part of tho peopli by
Messrs. Dole, Armstrong & Co.
Tho Uaniwai baths' have got
the beet accoaodatioai, the best
water, the beet trattcars adb
sel, and Barttattia the hmt boat.
Call and ae. ' '
- - H? -
The Game Not All Bagged !
The court room in the district
mrt was filled agaiu this inorn-
Atter all seats were oc
cupied tbe police prevented the
crowd irom rusninti in, a mea
sure to be highly commended
There were a number of promin
ent people in the audience. Yico
Consul T. 'B. "Walker was present
during the trial. All the news
papers were represented and a
number of lawyers listenec to
tho examination. Miss Weed
Miss Bush, Editor Armstrong,
Miss Leleo and other ladies
watched tho trial of their rela
tions with interest. The Attor
ney - General assisted by his
Deputy conducted tho prosecu
tion and Messrs, C. "W. Ashford
and A. P. Peterson appeared for
tho four defendants, Tiio gov
ernment stenographer took notes.
After tho case of Hammer had
been concluded the four alleged
conspirators were summc.ned and
seats woro placed for them next
to their attorneys.
The charge was read and it
states that Bush, Nawahi, Crick
and Weed have conspired during
tho last six months to levy var
against the Bepublic of Hawaii.
C. W. Ashford made a formal
objection to the charco as the
Bepublic has not been iu exist
once for tho last six months
After witnesses had beou ex
eluded the Attorney - Genera
called J. H. Van Giesen who took
tho stand and was duly sworn
Yau Giesen is a well-known char
acter although ho has somewha
changed his appearance by shav
ing off his whiskers. Ho was
one of Gibson's pets and bears a
rather unsavory reputation. Ho
is a middle aged, shabby looking
man with cadaverous features and
far from prepossessing in appear
ance. In answer to the ques
tions put to him by the attorneys
ho spoke about as follows
I resido in Honolulu and am a
police officer in tho secret ser
vice. I have hold that position
sinco November 1S93. I was
employed by tho marshal, anc"
have reported to him as occasion
demanded. Am acquaiuted with
Nawahi, Crick and Bush, bu
don't know Weed very well. Bush
is engaged in publishing and
i ? ii i . i t-
priming iuo paper called Aa
Leo o ka Zahui. Ho resides in
Printer's Lane and has his press
es otc. there. Crick assists Bush
in his work and Nawahi helps
him in writing and as a lawyer.
'I havo also been connected with
tho paper, as a compositor and
writer. We have had verv friend
ly relations and I am sorry to see
thorn in thoir present position
Wo woro quite intiinato. Wo
havo talked on many subjects and
in regard to tho case before the
court, I will first refer to a con-
ir i. i t i
vursuuon wnicu iook place on
August 22 of this year. On that
day Crick told me that blood will
yot havo to bo shed to settle the
question of tho Bepublic. I re
plied.that I thought everything
would be settled shortly as the
natives soon would see what
was the best for tkem. Crick
answered that Wilcox had 300
men who would follow him every
where as soon as they could be
armed. I told him that tho na
tives would not bo able to do any
thing and regard to the foreigners
Ihey would only talk. He said
that some in would join the fight.
Tom Walker would fight like a
tiger. I asked what ihe plan swere
m cMoaa upnsjBg. He stated it
wovliW a attack on dirfereat
park ci tU iitf, ad ;Um gov-
MMt peopk wmOdfe prt
ed from gathering. Then an at
tack on the palaco and station.
house. I suggested that the
station house was well protected
nnd guarded, but 'he said that
somebodv had io be killed and
that doors and windows could be
opened with explosives. This
conversation took place on my
verandah at Liliha Street. Nobody
were present. Within the last
. T "J 1
six montns, i nave naa several
talks with Nawahi, Bush and
Crick together. The nature of
these conversations was the over
throw of the Bepublic. In Sep
tember, I overheard Bush and
Nawahi talk to people coming to
the office. They told the people
to prepare arms for future use.
In case of an uprising, they
should be reads'. I have a great
deal of evideuoe in my diary, but
cannot remember it all. Before
the 24th of September, a map of
Honolulu was obtained dy Crick,
and strategic points were discuss
ed, and alist of residences aiul
names of prominent sympathizers
was made up. List produced)
This is a correct copy of the list.
The strategic points and resid
ences were to be guarded, said
Crick, to prevent people from
gatheriug.and places where arms
were would be raided. (Strategic
Points mentioned ) The follow
ing were to be take prisoners:
Hall, Emmeluth, Hatch,
Dole, Young, Allen, Yv'ilder,
King, Arthur Bvown, Hitch
cock, Andy Brown, S. E.
Bishop, Mendonca, Camara,
Jim Castle, Tenney, Kleni
me, S. Damon, Judd, An
drews, Oafc, Dolle, Water
house, Morgan, Nott, Potter,
Alexander, Bowell, Hassing
er, Cummings, Marsdon, W.
B. Castle, J. Shaw, Strato
meyer, Lapiere, Walter
To bo raided for arms were
Castle & Cooke, E.O. Hall & son,
Wilder & Co., J. A. Magoon, T.
B. Murray, Lewers & Cooke,
Hobron & ioumaft. Whon this
list was discussed Bush and Nawa
hi and Crick Iwere in tho office.
I don't remember any conversa
tion in regard to 'the list in my
presence. About October 25th
Crick spoke to me in n-g-ird to
arms and a mnunition being then
in our house and given to me to
tike care off. Tliere were three
rifles and 1SG rounds in the house.
Crick gave them to me to take
care off. Ho spoke to me about
orern definite plans. Four squads
would be arranged. No body
would know who the captains of
the squads were to be. One squad
would be entrenched outside the
palace and pick off the soldiers in
side. Smaller squndfc would b
stitioned at strategic points and at
ns'deics, Electric wires and
teiei-h no wir.s were to be cut to-
prevent light and communication.
Crick tj'.d me that he would bo
captain of one of the squads. He
was certain that the native police
force would turn over in a body.
The Schuetzen Olub would not
make any opposition. Tne League
was looked on with suspicion al
though there were many unfr'end
h to the government. Crick and
I lived together on Liliha Street
(guns produced and identified) On
Nov. 7th, he brought a fourth rifles
and ammunition!-. He told me
that thoro wero three more rifles
at Bush end four at Cammins,
which would he brought in when
it was safe. The main tmtiblo
was to get rnonev to buv puns
trom Portuguese and Chinese.
w - O
Crick ssemed to be the agent to
buy guns. He said that there
were $45. owiug on arms already
icueiicu. xnere was quite a
i mi
hitch in obtaining mon ey.
Nawahi and Bush mentioned in
November that the Hui Aloha
Aina for women had $47o in the
treasury but they wouldn't use
the sum for arms. It was to be
used after the restoration. 3fa
wahi thought the ladies ought to
buy arms. At another time STa-
wahi told me that there -wero
1100 arms scattered through the
town among the royalists. The
arms were at the principal rend
ezvoa so as io arm the natives
quickly; When Crick gave me
the arms I placed them in my
bedrooaa. O&e evening he came
home quite excited and told m
that kt had aatheatio inforaa-
tio2ikt warramia for searckiBc
M um.mt iauid and - k
wanted his anus bnried. Wo
then bnried the arms in the yard.
This was aboot the 22d of Nov
ember. Arras were then in good
serviceable condition and well
oiled. Now they are rusty. Fre
quent allusions have been made
to explosives by Crick aud Bush
and Nawahi. Specially by Crick.
He told me how easy it was to
throw a vial with ioz. nitro gly
cerine into the crowd which
would gather on the wharf at the
return of the President from Ha
waii. It could hardly be
detected. Other meihods
to blow up the palace were also
mentioned. That was perhaps
the safest plan. I saw arms at
Bush's house. They belonged to
Bush and he said they wero ne
cessary and had to be held un
til they were needed. Crick
told me that a mortar has been
ordered, that will, throw 251bs.
bombs, and can-easily be handled.
Bush and Nawahi, told me, that
it hag not arrived. They often
told me about the Hui Aloha
Aina. Orders wero sent to mem
bers to sell their property or
mortgage it and buy arms. I
havo not seen such letters. I
proposed that, the should write
thorn on a Mimeograph, but my
advice was not taken. During
one conversation with Crick iu
November, he told me, that orders
had been sent to natives at Ewa
and Kahuku to fire these places.
Ko news came, and Crick said,
they were too cowardly to do jt.
There have been conversations in
regard to tho overthrow of the
government irl the presence of
others, but I don't recollect the
occasions. Since the return from
Washington of the commissioners
peaceful means were abandoned,-:
and it was decided, that it was
necessary to force.
J have been in tho country
since 1879, and have beou em
ployed as a teacher by the Board
of Education, as an ageut of tho
Board of Health and as an officer
of the secret police service. I
entered tho Board of Education
in 18S1. (Mr. Ashford hero pro
posed to show what a scoundrel
witness is.) I worked as
carpenter previously. Then I
was appointed teacher on
Kauai. Thereafter I was in
the service of the Board of Health
at tho -Leper Settlement. I left
after Gibson went out. 1 have
thereafter been teaching school
at Halawa, Molokai. lwas dis
charged for professional reasons.
No charge has ever been preferred
againts me. It has never been
proven that I had carnal inter
course with my pupils. It is not
a fact that one of my pupils had a
child b mo. All 1 know is that
I was discharged through a let
ter from W. James Smith. I am
married. I have been divorced
once. My wife lives on Liliha
Streot. She is in town now. I
got employment from the mar
glial. I. applied for any position
under the government, aud was
fiually engaged in November
1S93. I made uo application to
anybody else. I worked a few
nights in the Custom House, and
in I m i
leic wnen tuero was no more
work. The marshal ordered mo
to watch certain dangerous per
sons. Crick was ono of them.
I did not ask for their confidence,
they gavo it to me. I was also
told to watch Bnsh. I never
heard them talk tibout using force
for JO months. It was since the
commissioners returned. I for
warded my reports to tho mar
shal either through mail or verb
ally ai his house and elsewhere.
I never reported at the station
house. I have been regular on
the force and received a salary of
$100 a month. The game has nat
all been bagged.'
At 12 o'clock a recess was tak
en to 1-30.
pioqeei1 $M Factor
A. M. MELIdS,t.Proprietor,
5t fort St., nonolala, (UwUIrs) Good Pi;
Xmas Cards are not the fashion
of the season. That is, the old
timed cards which everybody has
seen and everybody has been
fared of. The Cards in Water
Colors, dealing with Hawaiian
subjects, are the only proper fad.
They are the fashion of the day,
aad they cam oaly be obtained
froaa KING BBO&, ABT Store,
m Hotel Strait.
November 27, 1S94.
If we are to judge the popu
larity ot an article by the number
in actual use Haviland China
stands ou the crest of a popular
wave. The reason for it is the
low price at which it is sold. In
the United States, where tho peo
ple aro "Haviland Mad," the
price is thirty per cent higher
than it is here owing to the
tariff on this ware being so much
greater between Franco and the
United States than with Hawaii.
We have sold thousands of pieces
here and have never had anyone
complain of being tired of it.
Here's a something about the de
corations on Haviland China that
never wearies the eye. Wo have
some new colors that may please
you if ybu want to make up a set
for a single course.
An entire new stock of Befri
gerators and Ice Boxes built on
the Ice Saving plan and finished
in the latest artistic style is what
wo have hqw you. One of
these is largo enough to hold
meats and provisions for a large
family. One compartment with
glass shelf is made for Butter and
Cream exclusively. The say
you can put onions in the same
oompartmont without the butter
being affected, the ventilation is
so perfectly arranged. Our lowest
priced articles in this line are per
fect in their Ice saving qualities.
Some very choice pieces, of Cut
Glass will attract your attention
because of the price. We've
aimed to get them at a cost within
reach of the masses. Olive dishes,
Creamers Muffiniers, Cruets,
Flower Stands, etc. None of them
high priced and nothing but what
is useful.
The .styles of articles in solid
Silverware are sj varied that it is
difficult to keep track of them.
We have only the latest designs
personally selected by Mr. Hendry
during his recent visit to San
Francisco. A half doz butter
Spreaders and individual plates
are pretty enough to eat Were
they not mdegestatible. 3ory
Furks and Servers. Tea Spoons,
Forks and Table Spoons, Ladles,
etc. The design of tho handles
are alike in the different artioles
and is the very latest. They were
selected in this way so that pur
chasers, if they so wish, may make
up their silver set without having
a lot of odd prioes-
We have replenished our slock
of plated ware and can offer you
now a very full line in all tho ar
ticles used on the table. Th
manufacturers of Plated-ware
come as near giving imitations o
tuo solid article as it is possible
for them to be made. Tho price
tolls the difference.
trr i . . .
W e can your attention to the
most complete assortment of flower
vases in white and handsomelv
aecoratea Uolored Glass-ware that
we havo ever shown. The shapes
wyi.ittuug ana tne price
jotcumg," We don't expect these
to remain in stock but a short
time if you are fond of enfc
flowers in your home, this are the
needful things for holdine them.
The finest stock of pocket cut
lery ever shown in Honolulu is
what ours U. Knives for little
folk and knives for grown up peo
ple. Tortoise Pearl and Ivorv
.The "Fred Archer Kacing
Glass" is the most powerful- field
glass we have ever seen, It is ex
tensively used in Eneland. nt
w.ll be htjre, once they become
known. The Prince of Wales uses
ons t p?ad the character of ih
snobs-who ek itroducfcons to
Twin iirtm &.!
You Never Saw Our "AD " Before
Did You ?
1 1 Lis seems to be a Good Location
iii this Paper & Our Slioes are
Worth Advertising,
Good Prices TOO !
The Big- Fort Street
Manufacturers Shoe Co.
Carriage Makers' Goods
WIieeI Material,
Carriage Hardware,
Leatlier & ClDtli,
Built to Order in the Latest style,
Benson, Smith & Co.,
Pure Drup-s,
Fine Perfumes, v.
Prom-pt Attention,
& 33 ILow Prices
Comer Fort & Hotel
Fire, Life
Tnxmn " Assets, $ 7,109,825-149
Assets, $ 4,317,052.00
Assets. S 6.124,057.00
Assets, $137,499,198.99
, a C " BERGER,
wmrti A&txt for th. Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu
oNO, YU muJEi STUJfcSET. oc-1
& MArine
4 ."
5 '

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