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(imlmi'Miii'iiiiir i " ' mm iwu'iiii ' f'n ' n nJ n '' n'n'n n "" . il'i '. ' m '
1882. J-'JV
By the Anti-Chihcso Bilh. which'
President Arthur has signed, Chi
nese laborers cannot enter the ports
of the United States after the, Gtluof
August next. Tlic probabilities
tire, that being prohibited from go-'
ing to California, tho Mongolian tide
will diverge elsewhere, and wo may
count on getting our full share 'at
these Islands. Tho fountain of
Chinese emigration is inexhaustible,
and it wilbrequiro but a Bmall stream
"of 'jtto quite drownj us out in this
little Kingdom. The history of tliat
'pcolo' shows that wherever they
liavo onco,.obtaiiicd a fopt liold,,tlicy
have never leccded. Now, us
" history, rcpcalsfitself," every now
and then, ,lct us loot, at a brief,
sketch of the history; otthe Chinese
in ' tho Phillipino " Islands, " of 'which
KMunilln is the capital, and then
cogitate, upon what the' future may
have iti ' store for the Hawaiian Isl
ands. Over 300 years ago, the Chinese
began to, arrive, in jthc Phillipines,
anil when" in the lapse' of years they
began to control industries and had
reached 20,000 in numbers, .the
"Spanish residents complained to the
.home Government, with a request
1 that the immigration bo put a stop
!to.1 A Commissioner from Spain to
make iuquiiies, reported among
other things, that the Chinese " art?
'hcred ,to their idol worjshin. and
heathenish doctrines; that they
would not conform to the customs
and manners of the Spaniards ; that
they combined as a class for .their,
own advancement ; that by their;
rmilnronllinr rwminptitinil tlll'V nion-
9' i ODolized nil branches of trade and
commerce; that they impoverished
the Islands by sending to China all
their earnings; that .when they had
acquired a competency they went
back to China to spend their gains,
nnd that for each one that returned
home manv.others came out to more
than flll'b'is place." This all sounds
asUiougJk,it,yorc written yesterday,
aiul'dcscriptive of the Chinese in
Hawaii nci, instead of by a Spanish
official nt Manilla, over 200 years
,ago. "About the year 1700, these
people became so strong and nrro
eant' that the Spaniards rose and
slaughtered over 20,000 .of .then.
A. quarter of a century later, they
,-werc still more numerous than ever,
and planned n rebellion, with the in-
'tcntiqn. of 1. taking' possession of the
Islands. Then there was another
slaughter, in which multitudes per-
iahed.' .The,, number was thereafter
limited "to iG,0p0 who "alone were
,; allowed to, 'remain on the Islands.
But in spite of .this they continued to
.'come, -and'tliere are now over 120,-
000 Jn Manilla alone, nnd they will
jferplong become y virtually the'owneis
v bibatvuluoblo'lejand.
Here, and now, they arc quiet and
.pntjent. ;--yVherf they, become strong
.in" wealth and numbers, may we not
expect iuut uicy win uwiMupi. iw
,wbollyvusurp tho Government of
vtl)eBCi beautiful -Islands ? And what
Wf UV prevent this result our grand
army ff -
We jead'in papers" lately received
that the Chinese Minister to England
, jhaajboted'thati'iiiitlie.iiext twenty
five yeare, China t,wiU control the
comWcrco'of'the'world.' ' ' ,
4 r l)u--' - p ' 7
Which is- :which ? . JLTBe
' -J?. 'C'.vil'.ofjycBterday informs lis
there are oi; immigrants on poora
'the Moihirch': arid thcn.it coca on to
,chunVeruw tjcl adults of both sexes',,
i ,anu tiic miHorsf .tno ugures oiwnjcn
foot up H.sa. Take your chtice-i-
, onlyvu uiffomncci. : .; . '
Thb ''Appropriation Bill is the
u Btaadiug. order hi, the Assembly to-,
" l&nyj and tlic lliit item tobc con-
s pidufcd is that of u. King's Guard,
88,9 J1.50,''1 in 'increase -of some
evtlii'! thousand ldllara over the
HWr. .
pt y u lie man tor nan v raucisco, per
', . barkentino l.lln, vVhuh ut thorPost
rf . . .-. .. . . .
CJtllecl I A. J(. tins nay.
The bgtne Condticlo, arrived yes
tarda,. fU. dajs from San Fran
meo1. , '
4? -' ' tinutitlftin."
, 'Ta-o p.'--prtltioa8 re;
ceived and rufefpd i ,
From Makawao. that two Renrc-
fiontatlvca be.aljbwcd that .district. "'
rrom fkftanapau, mat uovcrnment
lamis-'ho sold to natives only.
'.'Ticj&uuday observance law, as
amended, was reported from' Committee.'-
i t'1 y'v' i. '-.-Mr.
Kaunauiano read first time a
,bill ro.nmcnd.tho genealogies Act of
1HBO. . .v.
Mr. Mnhoo Tcad flrst-ftimaa bill
to amend the auctioneers' license
Act. (Pfovldcsthafa licenso may
bo'iBsued for each taxation district.)
' 'Mr. Katinhmtmor proposes to ap
propriate. 815,000 for repairs of
briugctt- in his district and - thb
buiUlingtqf .water ciatcrps. . .
On ,',mptiqnf 'Jjfi Brown, tho
Sergeantat-Arm'' was instructed .to
providvc;2"0"oun;6tM66 daily for
the.uae' of ic 'mc&berb.
' 'Mi. Kcau gave hotico of ,a,bll to
amend ArtielcJ dff tHo Constitution.
Mr." Palphau'rgye notice of a bill
to amcnd"thc -Hospital A'ct of ,1865!
. . Tho order tof .the day was then
taken'titlaxatlorr ConBpl.ida
tion Billfri comnAitte'fe of tlic whole.
The afternoop.iW.nji occupied in
disQUssing tho.pew taxation bill, In-troducediby.f-th
Jl:itoi Minister of
Finance -With some Tathcr im-
jortant ccep'tinB, it is a' codifica-
nuu ui.tiiu cxiauug- Bvuucreu auiiuwia
on-.taxation. ''
" To tuf, EpiTpu of the Bulletin,
Silt: I noticerthat for the roost
trivial offences'fjiit-n,.. women and
children, natiyea and foreigners, ore
arrested by warrant and locked up
in the prison, the natives taking it
as a matter,, of.coqrso, seciug and
f pcling ' no shame, therein... In no,
civjlized.co.untry in iho world is that
donet but here, and such' a relic of
barbarism should be .expunged .at
least from our Civil Code.
WKy lt ' WerwaB 1 eVmijtted as
tonishes nie AVas ' it to liclp with
other matters1 to keep the natives in
fear . nnd bondage, while certain
parties foathcrcd their nests and ob
tained grants 6f. :1aiid?"l Was" it be
cause' it was w'ell-k'nown Jdiat but -a
few years ago ifeeatiyes had little
or no shame, and that therefore it
I wte 'necessary inj drclcr to Christian-
hm mum lUMb nuitbiuiMi: puuiuu tlj!
might learn frbihsfcHsoelutions with
foreigners eHbiild lib''nii4cd in" ihe
"bddi IJcPanydisinUjrestcd" person'
read 'the Civil CoUcaii'd sec "for him
self how many, cases are dealt with
by warrants. and incarceration when
a summons 'wouui answer tue pur-
poattfor if the person summoned-
dfd not put in air 'appearance, fie' or
she could be' immediately apprehend
ed on warrant, and' further punished
for disregarding an order of the
Court ;isuch daws are' a blot on Ha
WaiiaU .intelligence. There is no
doubt but:I tliat the nieu' responsible
fof these' laws are the American
MiB8ionarics.who, wjth.allthe noble
and philanthfopical .'designs they
had, in their :' intention tds,britir the
I Islanda , uuder tlie healing intlueucc
or.-tlie; t;pfistiuiiuspensatton, liave
'n9;ye(' lqf t tbo.qucstionof ' their;suc
cess unsolved. . a A-people' of this
class required to have Christianity
piaceu, oeiore mem in as lull a
measure. -as the. doctrine, worship,
manners,' 'dogma's, rites and .cere
monies would alow,'. instead of
which In 'dealing, with'', this 'people all
has been'HTared'down '10.1110 veripat
puritanical cvcrityw., They have
soiirfhtAt6 Vuvftn6w'ft,vlcc by main
;-'W jjuv nown v;
forcc'insti'aJd of trying to raise jiic
glorious t'ruthsswhlcji
flow -'from tfeboptriner of Christ's
passion. 008' tof'-tlle' warmest 'ad-
Imlrisrs ' of' natiyelcKayiitcr, . fi'. his
",The IelandiWbrliRV, naec; ,130.
(the Hevi-H; T. .Cheevor) aaji,. WA
pooploathat .liyC'liko .the H.awaiians
cannot !beJ viI:tuous'':and'plnfel;', &0w
far; apeyer thy may be Christianized ;
'JuVd .ytii'f through, tho,;.rigof, of tho
laws, the vigilance of magistrates
and" constables. tho-dUcta1ino'ahcl
r&twtfnfsof thb .'Church; it;is pro
liable 'that teRj! la no.mpre Jicenti
ouBnesatharivaHOBg.thoBame" num.
bcr of inhabitants ; 'in, 'cities in
Engumd', prance "or America."
Lhcvc-ndk. much faith in. Christ I
anity, which requires Htbe agency of
HiOj cojaaoj,Mfmq ,wjin a people
ampng.womtliurp are causey at
.work which It is "nearly imp'68sible
to arreBtMand'wh'iehramt insure
naUonaf depopulation; tjie majority
of "ffhqnyjwjBitlLj "(JlseaBps of which
most are troubled to licentiousness
and to,sbfalld Christians, and arc"
therefdre iniclr 'llodlcs nijdpas
sions prone to' immorality.
Tho idea entreating thcsecople
ns children, cou'plod with' ultra puri
tanism, must have been repugnant to
all this people, and savors to-mc of
relics' of the bv-(rone, days in
England, when .man, women, and
children were forced to Church, and
of the days of Henrv. Elizabeth and
I lie question I would ask vvi
the Apostles try to Christianize the
Ancients by coercion r Wo, thcyj
used the language of tho Sacraments
of the early Christian Church, of
which Conorrcfrnilmialiiuii knows' no
thing and' canhot:bring before them,
and from these misguided men came
the old " Blue Laws "of Connecti
cut," with additional powers con
ferred on officers who can practice
extortion and tyranny, as the writer
before quoted says,. not even posses
sed by aTurkt ah 'Pasha. 1 am aware
that some of. (he'so ridiculous laws,
have -bceh anironded ,: but 'there, are
dozens yet which require purging.
The, House is now4 sitting, .surely
some member, seeing that these bar
baric institutions whioh affect 'for
eigners as well as nativcsvBtill .exist
will look Into it. ' Bas-Bleu. -
Juno 4th, 1882. . ' ' , -
Of the foreign' members in the
Assembly there are several who are
very fluent in the, native language,
and it is interesting 'and amusing to
observe a duel or a three cornered
combat in words in Hawaiian be
tween Messrs. Widcmann, IUce and
Iscnburg.. , w , .
Bartlctt Allen of New Bedford,
bos just c6mpletcd ris beautifully
iiiouvil'u Hiirf-uuui. lur xtiug ivuia
kaua of the Sandwich Inlands, to be
used to run between the islands.,'
Tlic boat is built like a whale boat,
is fhlrty-two feet long, and will be
propelled by twelve oars, double
banked, 'and a lug sail seventeen feet
long on the foot and twenty two feet
highlit is provided, with a ceuter
bofvrdj and tu'e row-locks ati'of high
ly thirniilied-vbra89. Exi ,' '
-.,-'''' -,' ''
" At the Artesian, well at the. Hawa
iian Hotel at 7; o'clock laBticlng
nt.riinktwntp'nl: finfl-fpjW-t n.-1nrmr
.caljbthan;.that i the.Qvcriimcnt
Jfpir on'Kine,strcpt,'but'inot" as 'iho
i Art " 'Pkmi attlTtfitAttf Snnn 1jkitrw
Mit. Kli. Johskon lectures to the
Hawaiian's' ;this 'FriaycVcning, at
Knwnlahao Church. Subject : Mid
ni'lit' scenes Iry-Gasltglit-in Europe;
The Curse and the Cure. His last
lecture will be givn at Fort street
Church next Sunday nfhorning
Subject: Who makes the. ttrink; it
Trials 'and Impeachment ?,
TiT'JITKI) a young Olrl,tomnke licr
Trif'jictt genurally-nKefirl fn'the house
ol a lady on Maul.- Tor partlmilnrs en
quire at the Hawaiian -Hotel,. ltoomNo.
t(S, hi the morning before U:30. a 07
WANTED, a quiet family .'carriage
home, sujtable for.a lady toilrlvu.
one Which canibe, trusted for sufety uod
at tins f'nmc time, not a lazy bc'ist. 'Ail
drcHsPOBoxJr. . .. 07
VT OXIOB'. The"' iindernlg'ncd ' U now,
1 .nnmnri'il to itIvh lrKhuns lu Hmltllxh
or French, and aiiyotherforelsu lah-
ffunge, .orally, ami wlentlllcally, with the
mosi.caxy metuou tou periect .know
lebjrc, to youitg ladles ut the. Kinder
Garten 'School prondsPH. Nuuartu Aye-
nnc. datlv from 2 toil n. m.i.-und to!
youiifi iricn, at the premises 'opposite
(jueen Kinnu's, irom ; to ip p.m.
For parjlculttrt encjulre thcfeln - 102
1 U; A. Marffuur.Trof . of InRiuiKon.
. ..';.'! il :. in
First Quality of'btst flrp wood
. For l8oq Chefap I
Either In cord. woodsor .cut, anipllt to
Ail wood delivered o
any part of the city without
extra charge.
Send oMerVto' ' '
Enternrise Flotainir
71 . ' laTJfort street.'
Tin, RuJB.BJttat.Iron Worker,
number, lias .tatter, tea,
'.Sftpvpp and, Ranges
,r UI ail'KlllQS. r .
Plumbers', stock and metals.
Hd'iiBO Furnishing Goods,
7? ' ' .Ciiandeliera, Lamps. &c.
AccoltutKp .to previous, aqtico. a
meeting yfRs'hcld at tho Jlawaiifln
Hotel last vening, to tnkmeasurcs
for tho prber observance of next
Fourth of July. About 100 people
were' present. ".'The meotlng was
Jt4le'dtd ortlef.Tiy'.HIs Ex. J. M.
Comly., ,A, Corhtaltteo of 21 was
appointed, to make, proper arrange
ments "for the day; the committee
consists of A. J. Cartwright, Chair-
.-.,' fl.'..,o ..w1,nlD A IT! Villa
uiaui viuho kJl'4 viv0 auiio
J; H. Brown, J. A. ' 'Hopper,
B. H. Eldridgc.F. P. Hastings,
1 C Jones, jr., A. S. Hartwcll, B.
F.'Dillingham, A. W. Busli, R. W.
Lolnc, D. A. McKinley, Dr. Kodgcrs,
Jtf.-'M. Scott, .E. P. .Adorns, A.Heb
bard, C. N. Arnold, T. V. Kennedy,
Dr. McGrew, W. F. Allen. A sub
scription list was opened, and the
sum of $1, 290750 were raised at
once. The following programme
was spoken of j -Salutes .to. be fired
at sunrise, noon and sunset. Exer
cises at Kawaiahao in the following:
Picnic in the afternoon ; and a ball
in the evening. , ', ...
. it J: 1 i.
Second haid..-Top Buggj', Open
Biiggy, Brjb'als.,5-8iiclTrotting Sulky
for sale, very low,' nt Phil Stein's,
on 'Forf "street, above" Hotel. " ' llw
Have just received
Per bktne "Eureka,"
50 cases sugar-corn, " Crown"
brand, - .
50 coses Sardines, .
-' 50 cases olive oil,
, '25 barrels G.SG. S. F.,flour,
- -'-''60 casos medium bread,
', 10 casoB soda crackors,
' ' S" ' '
10 cases Jancy crackers,
10 barrels' cocoanut oil, "
10D0 keg shooks,
40 cases frcBh buttor,
30 cases twist tobacco,.
10 casos boots and shoes, .
5 cases new dry goods,
s '""" . ' '
5 cosob donims,
j.f-6.. &0., .i&C.,
yt' .
Fonsale by
May 15.
Importers and deolmin'' "
Lumber and
.. .... Building Materials
of all kinds. .
Also, in stock-, f-. in &
Paint andwhitewosli brushes, j
Metallic and other paints,
, . ' x.-y ,
Glass, papat oil,' !' j. .-,.
Doors, sashes, biindsj
cM Ac, Ac,
Forsale in'CfuaritlticB to suit
7.V' ; ' Z " ..vt'low prices.
4 f vsC,'i,'V)S.V' . .
ne&iv pcw.'tuld In perfect; c-Vdar, suit;
uuic xur lamu v or ucfv uuimrai, .
tli i ,- .i . - .
1 Ida'jfurniturt Express Wagta,
has. jiis't bcen.tborouuhlr overhauled
''"'and painted.
1 two-seated Bprl&g Wagon,
so'un,dand In perfect rpnnlng order.
i tight Road.Suiky, . '
has been uSed but. very little, and Is
j ' iuperfect order. N
. . ...' .' .,
AUoa fews'ctsoiM .-
; iJSTew. Singly Harness.
-Apply at 'O.K. Williams, Furniture
Warerooms, 111 Fort street. 97 2v
Honolulu Drayman's
r ,
Union Protective.
Prices of Cartage :
ON and AFTER ihe 1st of MAY,
1882, tho following prices will
be chargod on all -. . . i
Sugar, Rice, Iron, ''
Coal Goose or baggti,
.MaehiBry,aad ''
General Merchandiie.
CARTAOE-r-On all sugafVnd'rioc,
25 eta per ton' of 2000 lbs., .within
the following boundaries:
Pokaka warehouse, ,,. , .
Steamer shed and the City Front, on
a line of the above named ware
house. . .t !'' '
Also from" Brewer's wharf to tho
Fishmbrkct wharves. ,(
Trom- Esplanade'to the jQtfCeri; street
wnarves, . ' vw '
All sugar and rice to be delivered on
the wharf and not on the vessels'
rail, as formerly., Ijfdelivcrcd
on the vessels' rail 37J
Coal, bagged, 117 1-2 ctsper ton, 2240 lbs
" loose, 50 cts.; or any part thereof.
Lots of coal over 50 tons, 40 ots a ton
Carting and piliug coal, per agreement
Bricks $1 per 1000 ,-
" pressed, $1.50 pcr.1000
Lime or Cement !7 1-3 cts a load;
Merchandise to bond 37 J-'J single load
" from bond 60 cts , ; . ;. - : . '
" to the Island steamers and schrs,
. CO cts single load
Molasses 37,1-2 ets single load
General merchandise, cx'eluslre of tho
above clause, 37 1-2 Cts load or ton
Including the following boundaries
Bcretania, Alakea and Maunakea
streets and City Front;
Iron and machinery 90 cts load or ton
Extra heavy machinery and safes. as per
agreement; t' '
Lumber 50 cts .per 1Q001
osts 1-3 cent each , . J
Shliiglen 60 cts per 10,000 , .. '
Itubblshnud dirt SO 'cts single load.
Bouts T5 cts caeb ".t ' :'
IMack sand per speclal'Rgreemeat,4 -"
.White sand 2.50 single load . .' :
Wond 60 ets tiord .:.. '.
Furniture, as per agreement. ,
.FromrtKe City Froirt; to any of;tho
following places V " '' ' "
Kukul.Htreet- '...... i .....0,.S0.1oad ,
School s't. bet. Kmma& Bridge 0.75
Waiplula 1,00 "
Judd st., -, 1.60 "
lee worllft".. .'...J... .'.'....2.C0-'.'
I Leleo Slid School; sts..... ..... :..1,q0 ."
1 unul ................. .....x.yO,'
Kohololoa 1.00'"
Kaka&kb.' '-.'-.....,. ;.:. .1.00 "
Walle'r''(Kallhi-) T.. . . .'it .,.'. .-. . 13.00 '
Ponoa' .... '.. .'. . .. .'...'.': . i. :.3.&0 '"
Vawaa.... .....,.....;..; ...1.60 '
rimnhnu ....;.:.. ". ;.'.i.00 :"
Insane Alum.'... ........ .2.60 "
Alapal'Ml'alunia).... ,.,.....,.. ,1,60 ;
Qui-en's Bospltal .. '. 0,75; '.'
(ivrqiicne House ........... .;r i 0.7.5,-" ,
(Jaliu Prison ..'.'............,. .L00,
To Gov't Vawder Mauizlna. ner , .
l..l kf'inAA ll. XUlAuu .- rt'nH
From apto 'dlttb . .: .7. . . v .". :'.",'. . q'.'jW:,:
u - ' ' yMMOiitATio. G'. Chabd 'rf
? ! ; : : . . M. CakTR . ; r.- :it. .-..
- Wi'F,IIARttArT,,-'5 -i'
" i; .- rK.-PKOKj' -- " - -l-
" GKo.'Ii.'JuVBf&isojr,''.',
. .. ;iniw..p:tvW4yn, ,y
7.7. , , .per Fi Hu"staceh.Mnagpr.
Druvnlan"-;st teams
Weplmue No. 65:-' '.' "'IS
" , , tr aJ?..I 1
- '8hlrt and Hbilery;
Fancy and. BluoFflffluel'ShrrtBr'"
W lute Shirts jp jreat variety,
Imported cxpreHs!yVfnr'.thtStiatket.
78 lw..-,. ,.'A. S. .Cljfghorn "& Co.
Cs'llaium Bread,
ex Calbarlen, (or sale lu
qnantltlcs to s'ult'by ' '"$ J"," ''
90 . A..S. CLEfiiloitN fc Co.
GREAT Bargain For SalcrrTho
premises lately occupied. by'G.
C Beekley, on Lnlihavstreet i-also
the adjoining property witlrdwel
ing house on same. These places
are favorably situated aiul"lnt a
short distiinco from town. For fur
ther partioulara apply to Goorgw..C,
Beokley, W
170U BALK, a stylish Carriage Horse,
? drives double or single, perfectly
sounui also iiuruess.ana'iinp uvurv.
09 Apply to
C. O. II
H : OK.'-iJ j.
In town. .'1
D8?' '
'' ' tezxtitfli'
!' r'- LtdMi
TOlfirwriTiiBTi' " ffTn i

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