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MONDAY. .Jl'NK 2, 1882.
The ujdiv we look at Capt. Luce's
Table, tho jnoro we are impressed
with it- iinpoitnnce and suggeslivc-
ncbs. in the line of political economy,
which hist is .something that our
powers that be should seriously take
into consideration. And firs.t, let
u observe that, while there are lo,
fcM Hawaiian assessed nB tax pay
eife, this figure docs not really re
present -so many able-bodied males, :
for it includes women, (who are
proverbially vain of the distinction
of being taxed) and those who are
taxed for estates which they rc
piescnt. On the other hand, the
eleven thousand and. four Chinese,
who pay taxes to the amount of
S 7-1,01 4, arc all male adults. In
regard to the other nationalities it
appears that the Americans pay
about two-sevenths of the taxes, the
liiitish one-seventh, the Germans
and other nationalities one-seventh,
leaving respectively, two-sevenths
and one-seventh 'to the llawaiians
and the Chinese.
The remarks of the compiler, ap
pended to the table, are worth
reproducing: .
The, numbers of horses and dogs
owned by the different nationalities
are not exhibited, but a careful
estimate would place three-quarters
of the former and at least nine-
tcnlhs of the latter in possession of
Estates arc in each instance
counted as individuals. In the Ha
waiian assessment arc a considerable
number of females and estates.
Chinese, Germans and Portuguese,
except some estates, aro exclusively
males. Americans and British have
a few females, as well as estates,
included among them.
There are exempted from personal
taxes in the District of Honolulu,
either as soldiers or firemen, 485
llawaiians and 210 foreigners.
In classifying the different nation
alities the rule has been adopted that
all persons born in this Kingdom of
foreign parentage, should follow the
nationality of the male parent.
When the father is a foreigner and
the mother of mixed or pure Hawai
ian blood, the children are classed
as llawaiians.
Tin: brigt Hazard, Capt. Miller,
arrived at Kahului, on the 20th inst,
12A days from San Francisco, with
a general cargo valued at $16,803.-
02, and the following passengers:
Mrs. and Miss Fuller, M. Watson,
J. B. Hedditig, J. Murriu and-27
A correspondent at Ililo, writes :
'The 3-mastod schooner Excelsior,
Capt. Piltz, arrived here on the 19th
instant, 23 days from Port Towns
end. She brings a cargo of coal
and lumber to Messrs .Shipman &
Bridges. The lias hauled alongside
of the new wharf, and is discharging
there. This is, I think, the first
foreign vessel which has discharged
cargo at a wharf outside of Hono
lulu. There is 20 feet of water at
the cud of the wharf."
LOST, yesterday, between -1 and 5
o'clock, a small parrel containing
Linen, etc. Anyone returning Minn to
Messrs G. W. Mitcfarlaiic & oo. or Mrs.
E. JIaefarlauowllluo Miitably rewarded
13-1 lit
FOUND, Three Coupons, wlilch the
owner can hao by proving pro
perty and paying expenses of tills ad
vcitlscmcnt to .!. W. Itobcrtson & Co.
VJtl lw
"inOlJND A ri.mtiitlon Draft, which
Jl? the owner can have on proving
property and pa) lug lor this advertise
ment. Apply to
120 Messrs. Castle & Cook.k
ITUH'XD On ISorctiinln btreet, a large
. shawl, which the owner enn hae
on pun lug property, mid prying for this
advi'i I'.auiiii'Ui. Apply at the Panhikon
bfAiu.Kd. mo at
Saturday, Juno 24. Mr. Widc
uiantt, f loin tho Committee on
Government Lands and Internal Im
provements, reported on various
petitions which had been referred to
A resolution offcrred by Mr. Pili
po, was adopted, for the appoint
ment of a special committee to
ascertain and report the quantity of
opium. imported during the past four
years, and the , quantity known to
have been sold. The committee
consists of the Minister of Finance,
and Messrs. Pilipo, Kalua, Lahi-
lahi and Bice. a
Mr. Lahilahi offerred a resolution
to tho effect that the Sorgcant-nt-arms
be instructed to procure a
copv of the Index of Land Claims,
one for encli member of the Assem
bly. After some discussion fee re
solution was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Aholo, the
item of salary for Deputy Collector
of Customs, which was before the
House on the pi evious day, was re
considered, when the Minister of the
Interior moved that tho sum be fixed
at 85000 for tho biennial period.
The motion was strongly opposed
by Mr. Nnwahi, and was lost by a
vote of 23 noes to 21 ayes.
Mr. Palohau offered the follow
ing Whereas a good many tins of
opium were fonnd yesterday in the
Custom House; therefore resolved
that tho Attorney General is hereby
instructed to sue the Collector Gene
ral of Customs and all his subordi
nates." This was probably, another
little fjoaA:' The Minister of the
Interior moved to amend, that Mr.
Palohau be subpoenaed on the part
of the prosecution. The resolution
was indefinitely postponed.
The Taxation Bill was then taken
up in committee of the whole. Hav
ing got as far as section 09, the
committee rose, and the House ad
journed. Zamloeh amused, instructed and
bewildered a large audience on Sat
urday evening nt the. Music Hall.
To-night, by special request, Jhe will
give, as a finale, " Zamloch's Trip
to the Infernal Regions !" ,
Bt the Likolike yesterday we hear
that Judge Hart's Sugar Mill, at
Niuln, Kohala, narrowly escaped a
conflagration on Tuesday evening
A most interesting occasion was
the three o'clock gathering of the
Sunday School children, at the
vestry" room of the Fort Street
Church, yctcrday afternoon, when
the Rev. Mr. Coan, who over forty
years ago came to these islands as a
missionary, addressed the little ones.
Juuc 2Cth.
A Season of
By rofpicst, the evening's entertainment
, will concludo with
Trip to the Infernal Regions
Prices as usual:
Q2T Rosorvcd seats at J. W. Rob
ertson & Co., without
extra charge.
Kauai Items.
(From ourowm Correspondent.)
A restaurant hsui at last been start
ed at Hannlei, supplying a much felt
want. On visiting it T found that
Mr. Webb, tho English School
Teacher, already a boarder and
though, as I can vouch for, a good
cook himself, is in ecstasy at
"Bongo's" culinary powers. He
has left Mrs. Johnson's house, and
is now residing with tho Rev. Mr.
Parki and his brother Kaupcna.
Tourists and others visiting that part
of the island may now rest assured
of being able to procure a first-class
meal at a moderate figure, and be
besides waited upon by ono of tho
civilcst of tho notably civil Japan
cse, whoso name, as beforo mention
cd, is " Bungo."
Temperature, 72 , weather fine
Owing to the unavoidable absence
of Judge Kakiua, the cases Koclling
vs. Kaupcna and Molpkai & Kocl
ling vs. Cupper, havo been postponed
until the 2Gth.
The Chiunmcn are very busy get
ting in their rice crop, and to all ap
pearand) arc having a splendid yield.
It is rather an uncomfortable time
for uninterested persons, as from
early dawn till late in tho evening
tho yelling, torn tomming, shooting,
t&c, is something frightful. One
wakes up under tho hallucination
fostered by these discordant sounds
during a semi-state of sleep, that
something horrible is taking place,
either a murder, a shipwreck, a fire
or something equally agreeable.
The English School at Waioli, un
der, the management of Mr. Webb,
is progressing favorably, though la
boring under many disadvantages;
the attendance has slightly decreased
lately, owing to the migration to
other parts of quite a number of the
families. When I visited the school
a few days ago, there wore 54 on the
books and 40 in attendance. On this
school I shall have something more
to write after I have visited it again.
Tourists and valetudinarians would
find a trip to this Island especially
to about Hanaloi conducive to their
health after the oppressive heat of
Honolulu. Here wo have a temper
ature cooled by the N.E. trade wind
and occasional showers temper
ature seldom if ever of 80 .
Sketches made by Mr. Maske
lyno's Automaton. Zoc. For sale by
HC-lw J. W. Robertson & Co.
Tho person who borrowed the
native version of the " Constitution
and Laws of the Hawaiian Islands ;"
Established in the Reign of Kamc
liameha III, 1842, from Mr. Cecil
Brown's olllcc, is requested to re
turn the same. 124 lw
Auction Sales by E. P. Adams
Wednesday, June 28th,
At 10 a. m.,
In front of Messrs t. It. Foster & Co's
Oillee, I will offer for sale tho
Hull of the schooner
Also, the anchors, chains, galls, rigging
spurs, bout, &c ,
Which will be sold In lots to suit
E. P. Adams, Anct'r.
and Builder,
Honolulu Steam Planing Mills, Espla
nade, Honolulu.
Manufactures all kind of Mouldings,
Brackets, Window Frames, Blinds,
Sashes. Doors, and all kinds of Wood
work nnUh. Turning, Sciolland Bund
Sawing. All kinds of Saw Ing and Plan
ing, Morticing and Tenanting.
Orders promptly attended to and work
guaranteed. Orders from the other Is
lands solicited. 21
M. "W. McChesney & Son,
Proprietors Honolulu Tannery ;
Dealers in Hides, Tallow & Leather,
Also, Groceries, Provisions
71 Salt, etc., etc., etc.
In our remarks on tho striking out
by tho majority of tho Assombly of
the item, "Caro of forests,
&c," it appears that we have,
through being misinformed,, done an
injustico to the Minister of Foreign
Relations. Wo aro glad to know
that on the occasion referred to, Mr.
Gibson spoke in favor of the item,
and that ho is ready to give his
voice and his vote for any reason
able measure looking to the preserv
ation of forests.
The Schr Ida Schnaucr goes to
Ililo, and tho Emma Claudina to
Regular meeting of Lodge Le
Proeres dc POceame, No. 127, A.l.
j&A.M. this (Monday) evening at
the usual hour.
Mn. Hatj-enbeck had a full at
tendance last evening, both nt the
primary and secondary moetings.
These will be continued during the
coming wecte
Just Received from London, ono
Large Astronomical Telescope, day
and night, glasses attached, with
Tripod 6 feet high. One splendid
Telescope, day and night glasses
attached, with stand. For sale by
HG-lw J. W. Robertson & Co.
IRRIGATION after this date (Juno
23rd, 1882,) Is limited to (4) four
hours per day, '
From 0 to 8 In the morning, and
From 4 to C In tho evening.
Permission to irrigate during more
convenient hours wllibe granted on ap
plication to the Superlntenpent.
Persons found Irrigating except dur
ing specified hours will have their pri
vileges suspended without notice,
G. D. Fkeetii,
Supt. Water Works.
Approved: Signed, S. K. Kaai,
Minister of Inferior. 124
Corporation Notice.
Kahului Kail Road Oomp'y.
(Limited Liability.)
AT a meeting of the Stockholders of
the Kahului Kail Road Company
held at the oflicc of the company, at Ka
hului, Maul, June 3rd, 1882, the follow
ing officers were elected to hold oflicc
for one year and until their successors
arc elected, namely
Thomas H. Hobron, President; Resl-
dcncai'Kahului, Maui.
WillianTH. Bailey, Treasurer; Wai.
luku, Maul.
William O. Smith, Secretary; Hono
lulu. Oahu.
And said oftlcers respectively accepted
William O. Smith,
Secretary, Kahului Rail Road Co.
Kahului, Maui, Juuc 3, 1882. 116 lw
NOTICE to Contractors The plans
and specifications for the proposed
new building of the Y. M. C. A. of Ho
nolulu can be seen at the ofllce of C.
Brewer & t'o. Scaled Tenders for the
construction of the same will be received
by the Building Committee up to 12
o'clock noon of Wednesday, June 28th,
1882, at the ofllce of C. Brewer & Co.
Satisfactory guarantee for faithful
performance of contract must be fur
nished by those bidding for tho job.
The Building Committee reserves tho
right of rejecting any or all bids." .
P. C. Jones, jr.,
J. B. Authkkton,
C. M. Cooke,
Building Committee Y. M. C. A.
NOTIQE. Tho undersigned is now
prepared togivelessons in Spanish
or French, and any other foreign lan
guage, orally and sclcntitlcally, with the
most easy method to Its perfeot know
Iebge, to young ladies at tho Kinder
Garten School premises, Nuunnu Ave
nue, dally from 2 to A p.m,; and to
young men, at the premise opposite
Queen Emma's, from 9 to 10 p.m.
For particulars enquire therein, 02
F. I). A. Murquez,Prof. of Languagos.
WANTED, A competent and expert
encecl ma.u to rent or superintend
tho lower btory of tho American Motel.
It has been expressly designed for i
Boarding Houso and will bo furnliutd
In the latest and most convenieat style.
io Chinese wanted.
Apply at No. 70 Mauuakea street, to
120 tf Z. V. Squikks, Proprietor.
WANTED. A live man with moder
ate capital, who Is both (mer
chant and accouutant, pan hear of a
good business opportunity by address
ing C P D., Bulletin ofllcq. Principals
onlv. AH communications strictly con
fidential. ' 105
WANTED a young GIrl,tomako her
R'lf generally useful in the houbo
of a lady on Maul. For particulars en
quiie at tliii Hawaiian Hotel, Room No.
10, in the morning before 9:30. 97
NEITHER tlioContnlnnnr
the Agents of tbo Gonuaubark
"Anna Frccht" will bo rc
siionMltiln for nnv ilnlitu ...
traetcd by tWcnnv. J. W." Moi.luk,
n'j . master Anna I'reclit-"
The Brig Ninito,
Having undergone extenslvo repairs;
with a good Inventory, and well found
In sails, rigging, &c, is now ollorcd for
117 . A. J. CAUTWItlOHT.
Dr. Dw Tories.
Veterinary Surgeon.
The Doctor liasj just returned from a i
lour nrouim wic isianus, anu noms nat
tering recommendations from numcro'us
managers and private owners oborses
for his skill and capabilities in curlug
all niannor of diseases and complaints
in stock. ' '
All orders to bo left at J. A. Palmer
& Co's Drug Store, Honolulu. 115 1m
Lowers & Cooke,
Lumber Merchants,
Keep constantly on hand a full
assortment of
Lumber of all Kinds.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Brushes of all sorts.
Wall Paper, Nails,
Spikes, &c, &c.
General Agents for tho
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
of New York,
Tho Xargcst, Safest and Most
Economical Life Insurance Go.
in the world,
Cash assets', - - over $90,000,000
For information concerning tho
Company and for rates of insurance
apply to Wilder & Co., General
Agents ; or J. E. Wiseman, Solicit
ing Agent. 71
A. JAEQEE, - - - Resident Agent.
Honolulu. II. I. 71
Carriage Builders
Buggies, Carriages, Express Wagona
and every kind of vehicles
Blacksmithing, horse-shoeing,
and all kinds of repairing done.
v nKoyI1i!oo'MwaSiMOr S
Keeps constantly on hand and for'
sale a complete stock of carriage
building materials.
All orders promptly filled. 71
4th ofJulyl
WE havo just recoivod a largo r
assortment of
Hawaiian, American,
and British Flags
in 3, 5 and 7 yard lengths; also Ha
waiian and American Flags, printed
on cloth, from 3 x 5 to S3 x HI in.
For salo cheup by
85 J. "V. RobertBo'n & Co.
'.; 7a.ai ,f
j 4. Ha

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