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th & li"'i-
TtTKSDAY, ,irNE27,.1882.
The IMotinutory School Act,, of
lfill I, was 11 wise enactment, anil its
execution lias resulted in much good.'
There arc known to-day, numbcra of
Ilawaiians, intelligent,, industrious in
their habits, and ns moral as "the
average of mankind, who would pro
bably have gone the road.to ,crimo,
disease anil death, but for having,
been, for sonic childish freak, put
into the Reformatory Sphool. And
ho this school lias been a blcsBlng to
numbers, and it ought to bo cherish
ed. Wo remember that when the
proje'et was first broached by Mr.
1 Truck, (a Representative forHono
luhr, and a prominent merchant in
those days) that some people looked
upon it as of unquestionable utility.
The years that have elapsed under
the wise and careful management of
the Hoard of Education, have fully
demonstrated the wisdom and the
valno of this establishment. But like
everything else, expericneo has
shown that tlm law can bo improved
on.v "We beg to suggest that more
discretion be allowed the committing
magistrate. It is undoubtedly a
fact, that some unfortunate speci
mens of humanity are born into the
world radically and incurably nan.
TliO:sispf the fathers are visited
upon the children. It is a hard
thing to sa', but it is' a fact, human
ly .speaking, that thcro are incurable
moral lepers. Such hhould be segre
gated, -for the good of, the general
public, as well ns their own, in pri
son, and not in the Reformatory
"Tin: Comet was seen from Knwai
hae at 8 :I5Q on the evening of the
2 1st, and from Paauhau on the fol
lowing evening. It was in the west
ern sky as seen from here.
'Vue hull, rigging, sails, etc., of
the schooner J Iaunani will be offered
at auction by Mr. E. P. Adams' to
morrow, at 10 a. m.
' ' r
Tur. new; time table, for the next
.three months, of,, tho steamer Iwa-
jam, win no lowm in iuos-jijs. j.
Foster" Co's advertisement.
A MKiiTix:" was held' last evening
"at ".the -Pacific lloso . Company's
Yoonvfor.tho .purpose. of arranging
niHttai'd for-the Antiques and Horri
,'bles to take pait in the coming
Fourth of 'July celebration. The
following gentlemen were elected
ofliqci' Dr. Rodger.., Chairman;
Geo. Stewart, .Secretary; E. A. Wil-
Hams, Leader of the Procession.
Just Received from London, one
Large Astronomical Telescope, da'
and night glasses attached, with
Tripod C feet high. Que. splendid
Telescope, day and night glasses
, attached, with stand. For sale by
t 'TH.V.YED or Stolen, A youiig blnek
YD gt-'yliouml. pliilu leather collar
uroii-gl his neck, answer to.tlie name
'ot "l'ly." A suitable rowaul will 'e
given lor bin reltirn to ,.ohn II. l'aty,
-.-.., 120 ,iw
OST. yeMerday, between 4 and .1
o'uiock, a Mimll parcel containing
Linen, etc. Anyone reluming saino to
'!jfo-.rs' (5. W. Miu-farlauo &. co. or Mrs.
'11. 'JlaOIni lane will be suitably romuded
' rJi :it
FOUND, 'Three Coupons, which the
owner can have by proving pro-'
imrtv and paying expenses of tins ad
vertisement to .;. W, Robertson & Co.
121 lw
J7UWND-A Plantation Draft, which
. 'the owner uan have pa proving
' 'propeity and p.ijing for this advertise
ment. Apply .to
-.120 i Messrs. Qastle & Cooke
FOUND On Uirctimln street, a largo
': lmwlt which thoowuor can have
c.ii' )-i lug ii up'Jrtyuild P tying for Oils
-Lv TTifintMit. Apply ut the Panuihon
'fTAttLi-r.-"- - 120 at
Monday, JiimSR. Petitibns weie
in oidcr. Mr. Kaunaitmno'fcnd one
from llamakua, Jlawpil respecting
sundry roads and. rights of 'way in
that district. Rcferied to the Attorney-General.
From Ililo, that there being much
drunkenness and. disorder- in tliat
district through beer-diiiiUing, that
therefore the sale of beer b put
under license. '
Mr. Kaulukou expressed his sur
prise at this petition, lie asked,
were there not ample prohibitory
laws now, in regard to the selling,
giving, or furnishing'of intoxicants V
If they lii'c not enforced owing to
the remissness of the head of the
police, then get some one wlio'wi.l
enforce tlicin, "He moved that, the
petition bo referred to the Attorncy
Goncraft Carried.
From Kohnla, that a market he
licensed for that district..
Mr. Rico presented a mass of
petitions, from all parts of the isl
ands, all of one tenor, praying for
tho entire prohibition of the Im
portation and sale of intoxicating
drinks in this Kingdom.
Petition from Jlilo, that a law be
passed prohibiting the sale or mort
gage by Ilawaiians of their lands to
foreigners; but that they may
borrow from Government. Laid on
the table, after a Jcngthy discussion,
pertaining principally to the right of
Mr. Lilikalani presented a peti
tion from-merchants of Honolulu,
praying for tho enactment 'of some
statute for the protection of their
business against tho travelling agents
of foreign business houses, who
carry on a large trade here without
being obliged to pay-license. Re
fcrrcd to the Committee in Com
merce. ."' ' -i ..
Petition from Kauai, asking for the
appropriation of '8 1800 for there
pair of the road from "Waikoko to
Hncna, on that Island. .
Mr. Bi'owh offered a resolution to
the effect, that the Table of Taxes
and Nationalities be corrected and
reprinted,, tho sanic being incorrect.
Carried, after n long discussion.
Mr. Cloghorn rend first time a bill
to regulate the Hospital Tax.
Mr. Bishop gave uotico of a, bill to
amend .Section 821) of the Civil Code,
respecting the jurisdiction of 'the
Supreme Court.
The Minister of Financo read
first time a bill to authorize a loan,
and specifying the uses to which
such loau.shall bo applied.
Mr. Pilipo offered a resolution
inquiring of tho President of the
Board of. Health whether it Ls truq
that the small-pox is now enidemic
in San Francisco, and if bo, w'hnt
jirecautipn.hod -been taken .y the
Board against its . introduction here.
He supported his resolution by a
lengthy 'speaeh; in .tho course of
which he serely berated tho late
President of tho Bonrd of Health
(Mr. Henry Carter) owing to wlioso
bsd management, in the speaker's
opinion, tho small-pox' had carried
off so many Ilawaiians.
The Minister 'of Foreign Relations
supported tho Resolution, which was
The Assembly then took up the
order of tho day, tho consideration
of the Appropriation Bill, Mr Kapc
na in tho Chair.
The item, $00,000 subsidy to
Ocenu steamship lines, was referred
to a select committee, consisting of
Messrs. Cleghorn, Gibson, Kapena,
Aholo, Kaunamano. Adjourned.
M. W: McChesnoy & Son,
Proj.rietorflIonolulu Tannery ;
Deall'rs in Hides, Tallow' & Leather,
AIso Groceries, ProvibTons
71 Salt, etc.,' etc., etc.
Tin: HhlrmomVttarstood'jd, 81
ycsterdayHf , '" jf
A Sad CyrASTitpviir. occttrrcd'last
dwelliiighbusorMi1'. sW. P. Wood
was burned down, and Mis. Wood,
who it' 'Appears was tho only occu
pant of tlic house, besides a unilvo
servant was, dreadful to say, burned
to death. ' Tlio native jumped "from
a window jpd 80 escaped. "There
will bo a Coroner's, jury this fore
noon. Zamlocii was more than usually
brilliant last night, .npd had some of
I i , .. J.. ... .Jr j.-
our nest citizens 10 witness uis iuuin.
He performs again on Thursday cve-
TiiBBan"d'gavc an excellent "con
cert at the Hawaiian Hotel last eve
ning to a very large audience. This
evening the Band will givo a concert
at Emma Square.
SkctcheB made by
lync's Automaton Zoe
For sale by
HG-lw J. W.
llOHF.UTi.OX & Co.
: ,
The person who borrowed the
native version of tho '"' Constitution
and Laws of the Hawaiian Islands ;"
Established in the Reign of Kamc
hameha III, 1842, from Mr, Cecil
Brown's ofllce1, is requested 'to re
turn the same. 124 lw
Auction Sales by E.P. Adams
Wednesday, June 28th,
At 10 a. m.,
In front of Messrs t. R:Foster & Co's
Ofllce, I.will offer fo? sale the
Hull of the schooner
Also, the anchors:, chains, sails, rigging
. P . spars,, boat, &c ,
Which will be sold In lots to suit
E. 1. AiustB, Auct'r.
Thursday Evening
June 2fltli.
A Season of
By request, tho evening's entertainment
will conclude with
. iZamloch's
Trip to the Infernal Eegions
Prices at usual;
USST" Ruscrved scats at J. W. Rob
ertson & Co., without
oxtra chnrgo.
and Builder,'
ITonolulu Steam Planing MIHh, Espla.
11IIUU, 11U11U1U1U.
Manufactures all kinds of Mouldings,
BraeketH, Whitlow Frames, Blinds,
Suhhus. Dooi h, ami all kliuN of Wood
work llnlsh. Turning, Keiolland Band
Sawing. All klmln of Sawing and Plan
lug, Morticing ami Tenanting.
Order), promptly attended to and woik
guaranteed. Orders from the other Is
lands solicited.
' '!n-U
Wit About Women.
AYeicel Vfhat we -have outgrown
such muslcyiold Havings as'Shakce-
nearc'B " Mjilds ant notlting Unl
llnisbands, and witch thoy lnive them
they want cvcrything., We cannot
tolerate the Italian savings like,
"illc 'that ' lpsctli Ma wifo and a
farthing hath a great loss of the fitr
lhnig,,,.and thcjato.ropc's,cxclapi
ation of delight at tho ' inscrutable
ways of .P"rpvldcnco" when ho heard
that Father Hyacinthe 'had married.
Something Jtoa much of Ovidlan
metamorphosis lingers- rdund the
sentiments of tho land of his birth.
We' like a littlo better tho good
German flavor of ,3chillcr'a "With
soft pcrstiastvo prayers women wiles
the sceptre of tho lifo she sharmeth,"
or Stendhal's " Woman is a delight
ful musical, jfstrument of which love
is the lw and man the artist;" but
we feel that we have got beyond it,
perhaps beyond even Ncckcr's
" Women do not often have it in
their power to givo like men, but
they forgive liko angels." t ,'J.'hc
French ones arc more amusing, but
very often more irritating too.
Wliat woman could endure Balzac's
"The first thing necessary to win
the heart of a woman is opportunity,"
or Dumas' "The wisdom of women
comes to them by inspiration ; their
folly by premeditation." But
Hugo's " One only needs to see a
smilo in a white crape bonnet to
enter a palace .of dreams," and
Scgur's " Men say of women what
pleases them, but women do with
men what pleases them," might have
been written on , this side, of tho
water. Some of tho English ones
come nearer home, though they are
not wholly free from exasperation to
ftiminme cais. Jerrold's "Such
beautiful lips man's usual fate ho
was lost upon the coral reefs," may
pass as a flattering slur upon the
longed-for fate; but Haliburton's
" livery woman is in tho wrong until
she cries, arid ''then she' is' in" tlio
right instantly," is unendurable,
nnd wo need the solomner tone of
Beaconsfield's "Nothing is of so
much importance to. a young.man as
to bo well criticised by a woman"
to reconcile us to our cousinhood.
Our- American authors understand
life better. Gail Hamilton's '" Man
has subdued the world, but woman
has subdued man;" "No monarch
has been so great, no peasant so
lowly, that he has not. been glad to
lay his best at the feot of a man ;"
"The wifo rules every New England
home where there 1s not an elder
daughter" (wo quote tho' last from
memory); and 'Holme's "" They
govern the 'world, these sweet-lipped
women, nccauso beauty is the index
of a larger fact'tlmn wisdom," come
close home to our souls. &
? Apply to
H.Hacld &.Co..
I?OU SALE, a stylish Carriage Horse.
. drives double or single, perfectly
sound: also Harness and Top Buggy.
0!) Apply to. C. O, BKitauit.
TKIUGATION after this date fjuno
X 23rd, 1882.) Is limited to (4) four
hours per day,
From'O to 8 In the, morning, and
From 4 to 0 In the oyenlng.
Permission to irrigate during more
povycnlcnt hours willbo granted on ap
plication to the Sup'crintcnp'ent.
Persons' found Irrigating .except dur
ing Hpeeillcfl liom-s wlllh&Ye-their pi 1
vlleges .suspended without notice,
Supt. Water Works.
Approved : Signed, S. K. Kaai,
Minister of Intcrlpr. 124
Corporation Notice.
Kalmlui Bail Eoad Oomp'y-
(Limited Liability.)
AT a meeting of the Stockholders of
the Kiihulul Ball ltoad Company
held at the olllcu of the company, at Kii
hulul, Maul, June 3rd, 1882, tho follow
ing olTlcers were elected to hold olllce
for one year and until their successors
are elected, impicly:
Thomas II. Hebron, President; Resi
dence, Kahulut, Maul,
William 11. Bailoy, Treasurer; Wnl.
lul.u, Maul.
WilHiun O. Smith, Seerctarj-; Hono
lulu, Oaliu.
Ands:ild ollletrs respectively accepted
William O. Smith,
Secietary, Knliulul'U.dl ltoad Co.
Knhtilul, Maul, June 'i 188.'. ' HO lw
iCit, XKITIIUIt the Captain nor
IQl5rftil-Aiiii!iMi-..,.lA will Xlln -----
"iiii!j-tf'BA0--H-bhi for?aav ilets con-ti-.irted
by thecrew. 4V. Motfci.u,
ny H iunsier ftiuia rreent."
Tho Brig Ninito,
Itfivttt'r IMw1ritt.nin ntnn..tii ... I .
ttrtfti it triii1 liit'imtnHt til r.11 fna..l
in siiils, rjgglng, Ac, Is now oflered for
sal. For particulars Inquire of
ill A . .1 . J AKTWIII OUT.
, . t
Guncral Agents for the '
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
of New York,
Tho Largest, Safest and Most
Economical Life Insurance Co.
"' In tho worldj
Cash assets, - - over '590,000,000
For information concerning the
Company and for- rates 'of insurance
apply to Wimikr & Co., General
Agents ; or J. E. Wiseman, Solicit-
ng Agent. 71
A. JAEGER, - - - .Resident Agent,
Honolulu. II. I. '71
Buggies, Carrlages.'ExTiress.Wagonft
ana every kind of veliiclea
Blacksmithing, horse-shoeing,
and all lands of repairing done.
-- . . . v.. .
Keeps constantly op hand and for
sale a complete stock of carriage
building materials.
All tirdo'rs promptly, filled. . 71
NOTICE to Contractors Tho plans
and specifications for the proposed
new building of the Y. MO..A. oLHo
nolulu cnivbo seciitat the oillco ofp.
llrewer & l'o. Sealed 'JJvudcrs for tlio
construction of the same will be received
by the' Building Conimlttce up to 12
o'clockruoon of Wednesday, June 28th,
1882, at the olllce of C. Brewer & Co.
Satisfactory guarantee for faithful
performance of contract must be fur
nished bytliost bidding for tho job.
Tito Building' Committee reserves .tho
right. of rejecting any or,allblds; ,
' ' P.C.Joxks: jn.
C. M. CpOKK,
Building Committee Y. M. C. A.
"VTOTICE. The undersigned Is now
x prepared to gl e lessons In'Spanish
or l'Vcnch, and any otjier foreign lan
guage,! orally and Bcieuthlcally, with the
niostieusy.inethod'to Us "pdrfeefc'know
lubge, to young 'ladles at thoKludcr
Garten SchoorpremlsesHuuaiiu Ave
nue, dally from1 2, to 8.'p.ipi; and to
young men, at .the, premises o'pposlto
Queen Empia's, from ? to" 10 p.m.
For pai Uculars enquire thcreliiy. 02
l I). A. Mar.ue-.,rrof. of L.mguagoii.
WANTED, A qompi'tcnt 'and expert,
enccd iriun to i cut or superintend
the lower story of the American Hotel.
It has been expressly designed for a
Boarding Mouse.aud will be furnished
In the latest and most convenient stylo.
No Chinese wanted.
Applv at No. 70 Mauiiakea street, to
1:10 tf Z. V. Squiiii:, Ptoprlctor.
ANTED. aTvc "man with moder
ate capital, who Is both mer
chant and ai'i-ouutant, cau hem- of a
good buhlness opportunity by uddicsN
Ing C P I)., Bulletin olllce. Principals
only. All communications slrlctly con
fidential. . 105
WANTED a young Glr',tomu..e m--helf
generally iiheful ,ln the house
of h.ladyon Ma'uf.. Fnv.piutlciihtr') en
miire'at the Uawalhin Iloirl, Boom No.
10, iu the morning h'.foie'0:30. ' 07
., . ,.i-.. -,.
' 4Hp ff Jt
J&Zm- w- "-
v iyfM' -
4, : .f-ji&y-vsjwi? &Jiu4&il&A(ttrA'fi

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