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m' ' '
f WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1882.
Ah a general rule, when govern
ments , borrow money, it ahould bo
for the currying out of reproductive
work for the public good. JJL'o
borrow for such n purpose, is ofton
sound policy, particularly in now
countries. 3 3t is frequently found
that the ordinary revenue-' of a coun
try will not admit of certain extra
ordinary expenditures that every
body concedes would bo for the
general benefit roads, bridges,
wharves, &c, and in such caseB
statesmen consider it wise to have
recourse to a loan. It is not (true
that all extraordinary expenditures
of this kind ultimately involve corres
pondingly heavy taxation. Roads
nnd bridges, for instance, open a
country mid develop itslateut
wealth. Uninhabited and inaccessi
ble wildernesses become peopled and
cultivated. Thus the number of
tax-payers is increased, and the bur
den that would bear heavily on the
low is borne' cosily by tho many.
What a poor country cannot do with
its own limited capital may often be
effected by the, aid of borrowed
capital, and by tho judicious
uso of that borrowed capital
that country may , be so enriched-
that both interest- and princi
pal " can bo returned ' to',tho lender
without- distressing , the. borrower.
Such .has been the experience of
more" countries thnubnp that could
be named.
, : Now, this country is greatly in
need of several important public
works of a reproductive nature, for
-which the regular revenue docs not
. eeem to suffice. First and foremost,
the country is sadly in need of
roads, bridges, and wharves. Much
of our most fertile land is at present
unproductive . because inaccessible.
A moderate loan wisely expanded in
this direction would bring popula
tion, enhuueo values, and increase
the revenue. .
A ConoxKus Inquest was held
yesterday on the body of Mrs. Mary
Wood. Tho following persons were
called for jurymen by W. C. Parke,
Coroner: S. H. Haahco, W. L. B.
Moehonua, J. K. Kaoliko, J. Kaiole,
J. K. Walwaiolc and' A. B. Koau-
kuu. Sovcial witnebsea wcro ex
amined. Tho following verdict was
rendered. " That Mrs. Mary Wood
was burnt to death while nsjecp, on
account of the burning of the houso
in which she was.'
The Nor. bk Imacos was at New
York on tho 15th of May, up for
this port.
Just Received trom .London, one
Largo Astronomical Telescope,, day
nnd night glasses attached, with
Tripod 6 feet high. Ono splendid
Telescope, day and night glasses
attached, with stand, tor sale by
HG-ltf J. W. KOBEKTSON & Co,
T OST. A Vest Button and Link,
JU "Topaz Stone" with Gold surround
ings, was lost yesterday-mornlrig, June
27th, between 0 and 12 o'clock, bptwecn
tno 1iKiMiKo j.unuing mnu u. yresi-s
carriage shoD. Finder will be suitably
rewarded by leaving the sumo at this
onice. m
TTmTMn on fi.itnrlv lnaK n ttr.t
1? Street, a Package of Transferring'
papers, mho owner can nave me same
by paying exponscs and calling at tbe
Bulletin Olllco. 127 lw
OTRAYED or Stolon, A young blaek
O greyhound, plain leather collar
MOima iiisuecic, auswers 10 me name
of "Fly." A sultablo reward' will he
tdvon for his return to John H. l'aty,
Esq. 120 lw
170UND-A Plantation Draft, which'
. tho owner can have on proving
property and paying for this advertUe
jiiem. Apply to
120 MebsrR. Cabtlu & Cookk
Tnesday, Juno 27.6n suspen
sion of the rides, Mr. Uaunnmhno
was-permitted to introduce a peti
tion from Hamakua, in regard1 to tho
surveys of certain lands in that dis
trict. Referred to tho Minister of
tho Interior.
Mr. Gibson from tho special com
mittco in respect to the subject "of
hospitals, &., laid boforcthc House
their report, which was accepted.
Mr. Kaunamano gavo noticb of
intention to introduce n bill td pro
vide a permanent settlement for A,
P. Brickwood.
Mr. Lilikalanl gavo notico of in
tention to introduco a bill to amend
tho bill providing a permanent settle
ment for II. S. Swinton.
Mr. Palohau 'gavo notico of a bill
to license tho'salo of milk. .
The Houso went into committco of
the whole on th Appropriation Bill.
The report of tho committco on the
items respecting tho Board of Hoalth
expenditures, for tho biennial period,
amounting to $100,000, was, con
sidered, discussed and adopted.
A number of minor matters were
briefly discussed, and tho Assqmbly
went into committco' of tho wholo on
tho Piece de Resistance the Taxa
tion Bill, which was finally passed
on tho second reading.
W. E. P. Adams will offer the
hull of the schooner Haunani for
Sale to-day. See advertisement.
Tub bark Forest Queen cleared
yesterday for San Francisco, with a
cargo consisting of 14,8G1 packages
of sugar weighing 1,629,453 lbs.,
1,280 bags of rice, and. 200 barrels
molasses, containing. 5. COO gallons.
Domestic value, 8108,290.59.
Passengers for San Francisco, per
Forest Queen, June 27. D. J. Mc
Carmick and wife, C, E.' Luce,,G.
L. Barnes, 'Mrs: Rosa- and child, C
B. Christie, A. Firreia wife apd
child, M. Gindo wifo and 2 children,
H. G. Tank, F. Dent, Mrs. J. Mit
dark. PnoF. Zami.och gives another en
tertainment at "tho Music 'Hall to
morrow evening. Go and see his
tricks. Tho Box plan is open this
morning at Messrs. J. W. Robert
son & Co.'s store.
Tesdebs for the erection of tho
building for tho Y. M. C. A. will bo
received at the office of C. Brower &
Co. up to 12 o'clock noon this day.
Sketches mado by Mr. Maske
lyne'g Automaton Zoe. For sale by
116-lw3 J. W. Robeutson & Co.
Thb ABBembly did uothing of con
sequence, yesterday, it being steamer
day, and Representatives being busy
with their correspondents.
Tug thermometer was actually' up
to 84 yesterday at 2 o'clock p.m;,
eleven degrees above the annual
Tho person who borrowed tho
native' version of tho "Constitution
and Laws of the Hawaiian Islands ;"
Established in tho Reign of Kamc
haraetw III, 1842, from Mr. Cecil
Brown's office, is requested to re
turn the same. 124 lw
Toilet SoapBr Illue Mottled Soap,
just received. Onr toilet soaps are
beuutlful and cheap, families, would do
well to examine.
90 A. 8. Cleuhohn'a Co
and Builder;'
llonolnln Steam Planing Mills, Espla
nade, Honolulu.
Manufactures all kinds of Mouldings,
Bruekcts, Window Frames, BIIiuIr,
Sashes. Doors, and all kinds of Wood
work itnUh. Turning, Scroll and Baud
Sawlnjf. All kinds of Sawlne; and Plan
lug, Morticing and Tenanting.
OrderHDrumntlv attended In nil wnrtr
uuurauteed. 'Orders from tho other Is
lands solicited,- - 21
H Two foliar t" ( .
'Thoro .wasa siight blaze. -"on the
roof of a house oh Russell street a
few days ago, and when the inBiir
nnco adjusters went up , to rnnko
their survey they found that nbout
two dollars would cover all tho loss.
"Two tollar l" exclaimed the
owner when ho heard the decision,
"I can't tako no two tollar."
,"But.ypu. sec for yourself that a
dozen shingles and an'liour's work
will make good all damages."
,l Gentlcmens, you doa'n' put mo
off like dot. Vhon my vhifo finds
dot vc vhas on fire she BcrcamB bo
leccc und murder und falls down
sthairs. Would you lot your vhife
fall down sthairs for dot sum? If
so I goes homo mit you und see der
Wo do not insuro husbands and
wives, but buildings," was the reply.
a I know, but mom oldest poy no
runs for dor firebox und falls R
picketfcnco oafcr und breaks his
good clothes all to pieces. Two tol
lar I Dotdoan bay "me for Bom5nB
op here."
" Yes, but wb can 'only pay for
actual damages."
"Dot's all I vhant. Who stole
my dogfhon my house vhas on fire?
Dot dog ish gone, und ho vhas ten
tollnrs wort." ' - ,
" Wo didn't insure your dog."
"Und maybe you don't insuro
deny poya who sot on der fence and
called .out;. ',Dot bio Dutchman's
rod noso set his houso on fire? Do
you oxpect I tako BUch. sass like dot
for two tollara ? Unci vnen ucr nrc
mens come here dey break mcin
elothcs-lines. d6wn mit der ladders,
und dey spill wassar all oafcr mcin
carpets. Two tollars! Vhell
Vhelll you go right.avjiy from.here,
und TtakV'dot old insurance bolicy
und step himintodermudtl"
Auction Sales byKP.A.dams
Wednesday, June 28th,
- AtOa. rav
In front of Mc.srs t. R. Foster & Co's
Office, I will offer for sale tho
Hull of the schoondr
H AU NjtffNI."
Also, tbo anchors', chains, salls,"rlgglng
spars, boat, &c ,
Which will bo sold In lots to suit
E.'P. Adams, Auet'r.
j.v.r.g. iuiiLi3
Last Performance
Thursday. Evening
Juuo 29th.
A Season of
By request, tho evening's entertainment
will conclude with
The Skeletons!
Prices as usual:
82?" Reserved seats at J. W. Rob
ertson & Co., without
extra charge.
A. A....!'.. CPawaI.
girl of nine or ten cntored a place in
which w?s a bakery, grocery and
saloon a ono, and' asked for llvo
cents' worth of tea.
"How's your mother?" asked tho
bov who came forward to wait on
"Awful sick, and, she ain't had
anything to eatTairday."
Thn hnv mn Inst then Called to
wait upon some men who entered the
saloon, nnd tho girl sat oown. in
flvo minutcashe was nodding, and in
nnvnn nhn xtna sound aslcCD and lean
ing her head ou a barrel, while shoj
held tho poor old nlckot in a ugni
grip between her thumb and finger.
Onn nt ihi rien naw her as ho came
to the bar, nnd after asking who she
was, said ,
'.'Say, you drunkards, sco ncro.
Hris wi'v hoon nourincr down whis
key when this- poor child and her
mother vant bread. Here's a two
dollar bill tliat says I havo got some
feeling left."
"And lean acta a aounr, oo
servod one.
"And I'll give anothor.".
Th(v made uo a nurso of on oven
five rlollni. and the siiokesmon care
fully put tho bill between two of the
sleeper's 'fingers, drew the nickel
away, and whispered to Mb com
" Jist look a there tho gal's
dreaming 1"
So she was. A big tear had rolled
out from her closed eyelid, but the
face was covered irith a smilo. The
nin.n tlntoed out. and the clerk walk
ed over and touched tho sleeping
child, sho awoke witn a taugn, ana
cried out, ,
"What a beautiful dream 1 Ma
wasn't sick any more, and we had
lots to cat anu wear, ana my nana
burns yet where an angel touched
it I" When she discovered that her
nickel had been replaced by n bill, a
dollar of- which loaded her down
with all she ' could carry, she1 inno
cently said, " Well, now but ma
won't hardly believe that you sent
up to ncaven ana got an angei to
come . down and clerk in your
grocery I"
T70K SALE, a M U L E C A R T .
Apply to
II. Hackfeld & Co.
FOR SALE, a stylish'Carriag Horse,
drives donble or single, perfectly
sound: also Harness and Top Buggy.
CO Apply to C. O. Bjcbqkk. '
TJOR SALE, a two-seated wagon
JL with pole and shafts, and
double harness,- nearly new, price
$150, May be seen 'in rear of .No'.
20 School st. W. G. Nccdham. 72
FOIt SALE, ono.nsw Scow, capable of
. holding 10 tons, butltby G. Emnies,
and now in good order. For further par
Ucnlars apply to Tuno. II Davies Co..
: : r-
M. W. McChesney & Son
Proprietors Honolulu Tannery;
Dealers in Hides, -Tallow & Leather,
Also, Groceries, Provisions
71 , . Salt,- etc., etc., etc.
IRRIGATION after this date (June
23rd; 1883,) Is limited to (4) four
hours per day,
From 6 to 8 in the morning, and
From 4 to (Un the evening.
. Permission to irrigate, daring moro
convenient hours wiubo' granted on ap
plication to the Superintendent.
Persons found irrigating except dur
ing specified hours will have their pri
vileges suspended without notice, -.
O. D. Vkerth,
8upt Water Works.
Approved : Signed, H. K. Kaai,
Ministar of Interior. 124
Corporation Hotice.
Kahului Eail Eoad Comp'y.
(Limited Liability.)
AT a meeting of tho Stockholders of
the Kuhului Rail Road Company
held at the olllco of tho company, at Ku
hului, Maul, June 3rd, 18B'J, tho follow
ing officers were elected to bold olllco
for ono year and until their successors
are elcctod, namely:
Thomas II. Ilohron, President; Resi
dence. Kabului. Maul.
. William' H. Bailey,' Treasurer f Wal.
iuku, waul.
Willtum O. Smith, Secretary; Hono
lulu, Oahn.
And said officers respectively accepted
William 0. Smith,
Hecntary, Kah'ulul Rail Itoad Co.
JCahjilul, Maul, June 3, 1882.- -110 .lw
. 4111 UUVI AVUVU.
ilOno wening, not long-ago, a. little
r , NKtTJiKIt iho Captain nor
mo di;oiiH oi uie ucrumn bark
"Anna Pro'eht" will bfe ro-
Rl)6fislblo"'for nnr debts cou-
inicicu Dy iuo creww". i. v. aiollkk,
. .' .i t. ' -.
Muster " AiujS Procht.'
Tho Brig Ninitp,
Having undergone extensive repairs;
with n good Inventory, und well found
in sails, rlgglnKi'&c.f-is nowotlered for
sain. For particulars Inquire of
117 A.J. CAnTwiuniiT.
Gonoral Agents for tho 4
Mutual Life IiiBuranoe Co.
of New-York,
The Large8t?!SafeBt and Most
Economical Lifo InauraHco Co.
in tho'world,
v 1
Cash assets, - - over $90,000,000
For. information concerning thn
Company and for rate's of insurance
apply to WiLDRit uo., Uencr.1l
Agents; or J. E. Wiseman, Solicit-
ng Agent. - .. 71
A. JAEGER, - - - Besident Agent,
Honoluln.H. I. 71
Carriage Sfe, Builders
Buggies, Carriages, Express "Wagons
and every, kind of vehicles
Blacksmithing,' hor'ae-stiofiinjg; .
and all .kinds oi repairing done.
Keeps constantly on hand and for
saie a complete stock or carmgo
. , . building materials.'
All, orders prprnptiy filled.
."VTOTICB to Contractors The plan
IX and,specHlcatlon for the proposed
new bulldlug of the Y. M. O. A. ,of Ho
nolulu can be' seen at the ofileeofC.
Brewer & Vo. Sealed Tewlersfor the
construction of tbesnmc wilt bereceived
by 'the Building Committee up to 12
o'clock noon of Wednesday, June 28th,.
18H2, at the office of C, Brewer & Co.
Satisfafctbrj 'guarantee for . faithful
performince of contract must 'be fur
nished by those bidding fpr the job.
The Bulldlnc Committee jcsrve tho
right of rejecting any or alfblds:
P. C.JOltESfOB.,
J.-B. AuTuxirroN,
C. M..Coose,
Building Committco Y. M. C A.
. I, ... , ', V
NOTICE. The undersigned, (s now
prepared to,glvelessous'ln Spanish
or French, and 'any other foreign lan
guage, orally arid sctontlHcally, with t be
most eaiy.method to its' prjaetMcnow
lcbgc, to young Indies at tho Kinder
Garten School preniises, Nuuanu Ave
nue, daily from 2 to 3 pirn,;' and to
young mcn, at the premlsest opposlto
Queen Emma's, from 9 to JO p.m.
Kor particulars enquire therein, 93
F. I). A.3Iarquci.Prof. of LanRUORos.
"VfKANTKD, AcompetcBt;.,'nud expcrl
Y Y. t enccd man to rent or.snpe'rlntend
tho'lowir story' 0f tho 'Anietlcan Hotel.
It has been expressly designed for a
Boardlug Iiouseand ;wil bet famished
in tho latest' and nioet conveni'ent style.
No Chinese wanted. , .
Apply atvNo. 70 MauuaVea street, to
JiO tt 'fi, Y, Squiuuii, Proprietor.
WANTED. A live man with moder
ate capital, who' Is both .'mer
chant and nccquutant,, can hear of a
f;ood DusluesH opportunity by addrcss
nffCPD., Bulletin office. Principals
only. All communications strictly 'con
lldcntlid. 105
XK'PKO I younjr Olr'.tomttke ber-
T.T self Kenurally tucful n the homo
of a lailv on Maui. For pki tleulars en
quire Rtthu IluwnlUn Hotel Roem'No.
10, in tho luonilDi.'bHlorc U :S0, t7
j rfaA
v j jr.
Ia P,ooo,ooal

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