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Daily Bulletin Office.
OWING to the promises now occupied
by Tin: Daily Hui.u-.tiv News
ji i;ipr and .lob Printing, OlHre being too
Mii.ill, in consequence of the itrilvul of u
New Printing Machine
unil other Pi lilting Material, tho office
will lie removed, on October 7tli, to the
building hitherto occupied by tlio olllccs
of lion. J I. Dowsett,
Opposite G. West's Can lagc Factory.
pailit ullcfii
FRIDAY, QCT. G, 1882.
Holder's Exhibition, open from
10 a.m. to 10 I'.M.
Regular Monthly Meeting of the
Roys' Reading Room Association,
Regular Monthly Meeting Library
and Reading Room Association, at
Polynesian Kneainpincnt, 7:30.
Improved Order Red Men, 7 :30.
Tho Late Mrs. G. Lucas
It became our painful duty, in
our last issue, to announco the de
mise of Mrs. Lucas, wife of Mr.
eorgc Lucas, proprietor of the
Honolulu Pinning Mills. Mrs. Lucas
was a native of Ireland, hud came to
Honolulu, along with her husband,
twenty-six years ago. From the
time of her first landing until recent
ly she had never been out of the
country indeed, had scarcely been
outside of Honolulu. She came
here a young woman, here most of
bur offspring 'were born to her, and
hero she nurtured and brought up a
family of seven children six sons
and one daughter.
For a considerable period past she
hnd been in failing health, and went
on a visit tj California, about two
months ago, vafjily hoping for Im
provement. Therm she became gra
dually worj, and left for home, in
a weak condition,) by the D. C.
Murray, on Sept. 10y. She continued
to decline yttil Oct. ';i, when, within
bight of l.ynd and ncir to home and
loved oiics, she ceased to breathe
the broatli tint is mortal, and her
spirit paa-eJ into the unseen land
beyond. Hoi- husband and her little
son Albert were with her during her
suffering, and did all in their power
to comfort and soothe.
At the time of her death the D. C.
Murray was becalmed off the east
cud of this island. Capt. Jenk.-
Kindly scut a boat nshoie to Mr.
C'uniiniugs' Plantation, with a re
quest to telephone to Honolulu.
The Mcunicr Waimanalo was at once
di -patched from here to tow the
vessel at omul to port,' where she
anived shortly after dark the same
evening. The deceased was then re
moved to her late residence in
Ku';ui Place.
Tin- funerul took place yesterday
afternoon, and was largely attended
by all classes of the community.
Tlio procession started from the
iainily residence, led by the Rev.
Dr. Damon. The hearse came next,
containing the coffin covered with
beautiful floral wreaths, the love
olleiings of sad hearts and kind
bands. Then followed tho mourn
ing carriages with tho relatives of
the deceased. After these about
eighty other vehicles and a great
many pedestrians fell into lino. The
pi-oct-ation proceeded to Nuunnti
Coiumery. tho place of interment.
Resides tho regular burial service,
which was feelingly nnd impressively
recited by Dr. Damon, several
sactcd pieces appropiiate to the oo
casion were sung by friends.
Thus, at the comparatively early
ago of 52, has ended the earthly
pilgrimage of a true woman. Vo
npeak from persoual knowledge when
ivo bay that Mrs. Lucas was a de
If he
voted wife, a fond mother, and a
sympathetic ft lend. We knew' her
tw a plain, patient, unostentatious,
even-minded, true-hearted woman,
who never had an unkind word to
say of others, and whose single con
cent and sole happiness were in
separably associated with her family
and her home. It is no misrepre
sentation nor exaggeration (o say
that she was most esteemed and
loved by those who knew her best
and longest.
Wanteii, a moustache dye.
Wi: are promised ice for Saturday
by, Mr. .Wilder.
A frame building was left on
Richard street all last night.
An Hon. member for Honolulu
was arrested for drunkenness Wed
nesday night, but was let go.
A native woman fell down in a fit
on Nutianu street yesterday after
noon. She was speedily brought to.
One side of the Lady Lainpson is
coppered and she is being turned
round to have tho other side at
tended to.
The D. C. Murray brought quite
a collection of live stock. Cows for
Judge McCully and pigs for R.
The Hawaiian who stopped
Robertson's dray so pluckily yester
day morning, was offered a reward
for his services but refused it.
The Kuokoa will be printed on
Saturday at the, t Saturday Press
olllcc, and will continue to be print
ed there after that date.
Real estate at Waikiki and the
Park is getting to be very valuable.
High prices have been given and we
hear that still higher prices arc
asked. All the sales, so far, have
been private.
Wr arc told a littleyarn about the
wax-works: A young gentleman
going in at the door mistook tho
figure of the New Zealand gold
digger behind the table for- the
check-taker, and tried to pay his
money to him.
Wr. acknowledge the receipt, with
thanks of ourselves and employees,
of n generous slice of the Dr. and
Mrs. Lowell Smith's Golden Wed
ding cake, and quote the ollieo boys'
remark, "If they are as sweet as
the cake is, how nice they must be."
We are glad to sec by advertise
ment in another column that Mr.
Kohler will give a concert on Satur
day afternoon next, which, no doubt
will bo very convenient for those
ladies and their families who cannot
attend Mr. Holder's musical enter
tainment In the evening.
Tin: hack police arc keeping up
their vigilance. Badges for licensed
drivers will probably bo issued next
week. The first arrest under the
now regulations was made on Wed
nesday. Another was made yester
day. Ahem! that is to say well, we
do not mind admitting that His
Majesty 1ms sonic friends as well as
other folks. A very nice young
lady of the Imole persuasion signifies
her willingness to pl.iy a Coronation
March or waltz which she is prac
ticing every day for that auspicious
occasion. Communicated,
It is said that the 4dvertiser
tosses off the subject of Hawaiian
National Coinage as though it were
a matter a dabster could handle;
but wo fancy it is a subject which
will tax the minds of our best men
to decido tho how and when. It
may pander to national vanity, but
that is not the only thing to be con
sidered. Why not accept the coin
age of the United States or of Kng
laud as a national coinage here, and
so save all trouble and expense. The
coinage of the United States would
bo preferable, as its nomenclature is
in common use here.
Anoiiieu runaway yesterday.
Karly in tho morning a double team
was loading up with pigs, when the
horses got startled and ran away.
They Were pluckily pulled up by a
Hawaiian in front of A. F. Cooke's
office, at the foot of Nuuanu Btrcetj
after a run of some 100 yards.
A scusomniui has asked us to
mention in the columns of our paper
that, in his opinion, the Oahu Col
lege 'bus is diivcu too fast. Ho is
afraid that some day there will be an
accident, and as it is generally full
of young people the results might bo
It would be a goodthing if peo
ple driving round the Paik would
not drivo in each other's tracks, as
it cuts the grass up frightfully anil
leaves the soil exposed to be blown
away by the wind, and the tracks
arc wide enough to allow every one
a fresh place to drive over.
Wn furnish the following Postal
statistics by tlio courtesy of the Post
Office Department. For the quarter
ending Sept. 30th : Foreign letters
received, 22,014; foreign letters for
warded, 27,1'JG. Received from
San Francisco, per s.s. Australia,
1.504 letters; despatched, inter
island letters, Monijay, 1,201 ; Tues
day, 4,245.
Considerable has been said from
time to time in our columns relative
to Artesian Well boring in this King
dom, and out of the many wells that
have been sunk few have failed to
offer up the material flow. During
the past four months Mr. John Ash-
Icy, (well-known in conjunction with
Mr. Fcsslcr in the many wells they
have sunk together), has been
boring artesian wells at Waialua,
and has sunk two for Mr. Silva and
two for Mr. Mcndosa on their
ranches lit that district. These wells
are 400 feet deep and water raises
20 feet G inches above the level of
the sea from each of them. Mr
Silva is intending to sink from 15 to
20 more wells on his immense
ranches through Waialua, and has
sent East for a complete rig to per
form the works. Mr. Ashley is still
boring away on two more contracts
for Mr. Silva, and the people in the
neighborhoad praise the name of
John Ashley and the owners Messrs
Silva and Mendosa, are highly satis
lied with the success attained by this
thoroughly qualified artisan.
The ''little bill" which the Wat
Office will have to meet on account
of the bombardment of Alexandria
will be almost as mighty as tho 81
ton gun himself. The following is
the cost of one single round : Four
81 ton guns, at 25 10, total, 102;
Ten 25 ton guns, at 7, total, 70 ;
Thirty-eight 18 ton guns, at 5 5,
total, 1!)9 10; Sixteen 12 ton guns,
at 3 12, total, 57 12; Eight 9
ton guns, at 2 15, total, 22; Two
G ton guns, atl 15, total, 3 10;
Four G4 pounders, at 0 18, total,
3 12; Seven 40 pounders, at 0 12,
total, 4 4 ; Total of 87 guns, 4(J2
Shades of Nelson!. If n single
round cost the above sum, what on
earth shall we have to pay for the
whole day's firing? London .Life.
LOhT, on Saturday, on Nuuanu sheet,
between School tiect and the
wharf, a Ladles' Buttoned Kid BOOT.
Kinder rewuided on leaving Mine nt the
Bulletin Office. 2ia !!t
No. 1, 1. (). (). K. The regular ses.
Mens of the Kneaiupiuent w ill take place
till Friday Evening, at 7:!t0 o'clock,
l'er order of the ('. 1'.,
John S. Smuiuks Scrlbo
rpiIE REGULA.ir jfoNTH LYMe. i--L
lug of the Honolulu Llbraiy mid
Heading Room As-oclalUm will be held
at its Hooiih, THIS(Frldnv) KVKNINO
October Dili, at 7:110 o'clock A lull .it
temlimcc is icqucstcd.
Dullness: Election of Secretary.
Tin: Hon. II. A. Widctnann has
been appointed Agent for the Estate
of H. R. II. Ruth Keelikolani.
Wauliki: preparations: Yesterday
morning a Chinaman was riding into
town on the Ewa road carrying four
rilles. "What docs this mean, eh?
Are the Chinese about to assert their
owncisliip of the island at last? Wo
believe not : ho was simply going to
get them repaired.
Kohler' s Grand Wax Works
Great Success and Hounds of
Applause Nightly I
IOO Life Size Figures!
A. W. Kohler in his celebrated solos I
Biothcra Kohler in their Ductal
Godon Hyde, Solo Pianoist?
Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Mr. Kohler, by particular desire, has
uic pleasure ot announcing tiiat lie will
give a
Grand Morning Concert
for the convenience of Ladies, Families,
and Schools, to commence at2:!)0 o'clock
Admission, 50 cts. ; Children under
10 half price.
S.ituiday Night Entire Chance
200 of Programme !
Meeting Notice.
rpHE Annual Meeting of tho Stock-
JL Holders or jthe Waianao Company
will be held at the cilice of H. A. Wide
maim, on MONDAY, October 10th, at 11
o'clock a. in.
212 HO C. O. BERGER, Scc'y.
American Legion of Honor.
X Oceanic Council No. 777, A. L. of
II. are held In the Knights ofPvthias'
Hall, Campbell's Building, on the First
anil TJiiru Tuesday ot every mouth,
212 tf HENRY SMITH, Scc'y,
WARE-ROOMS, Nos. 56 and 58
In tho Kingdom,
which will bo
Sold at the Lowest Rates.
Made to order at short notice.
Telephone No. 78. 207
t2T For a perfect fitting Gent's Suit,
you'll do well to call at tho.Honolulu
Clothing Emporium of A. M. Mr.Li.ro,
101 1' ort street. 202 2w
Meeting- Notice.
rpHE Annual Meeting of the Wnlluku
X Sugar Company will be held at tlio
olllee or C. Brewer &Co.,on TUESDAY,
October lOlli, at 10 o'clock a.m.
210 lw WM. W. HALL, Scc'y.
I'rincevillc Plantation Co.
rpiIE Annuul Meeting of the Prince
JL ville Plantation Co. will lie held at
the olllee of C. Brewer & Co., on TUES
DAY, Oct. 17th, 1882, at 10 o'clock a.m.
210 2w P. C. JONES, Jit., Scc'y.
NOTICE. IlfcniunD & Co. lmve this
day disposed of their drayago and
express "business In this city to Asiii.ky
& Co.. who will continue tho business.
Thankful for the patronage of the nub.
lie in the past we nope the Rame will be
continued to our successors.
Honolulu, Sept. .10, 1882 209 lw
NOTICE On and after the lot day of
October next, all Outstanding Ac
counts w ill be presented at the cud of
eacli month,
N.B. Cash sales of over $5.00 will re.
cclc the usual discount of 3 per cent.
A. M.MELLIS, 101 Fort St.
Honolulu. Sept. 4, 1882. 185
Just Arrived
116 days from Liverpool,
Invoiced of
Assorted Goods',
Several New Lines
Never before shown in Honolulu.
Small profits and quick returns, nt
202 lm J. T. Watcrliousc's.
Ex s.s. Hansn, ahd late arrivals,
Cases of the celebrated '
Blue Grass Kentuckey Whiskey,
in glass and demijohns, Mipcrior to any
brand in this market.
CV.es Hermitage Bourbon "Whisky.
" 0. F. C. Sour Mash Whisky,
' Kentuckey Favoi ite Whisky,
" Cutter No. 1 Whisky,
" Hennessey 1, 2 nnd 8 Star Brandy,
" Hichot Star Palo Brandy,
" Burke's Three Star Irish Whisky,
" Burke's Pure Malt Scotch Whisky
" Lochiel Scotth Whisky.
" Extra Superior Port Wine,
" Extra Superior Sherry Wide,
" No. 1 California Port,
" Best Brands of Claret.
" Best Brands of Madeira Wines,
" " Key" Brand Jamaica Rum,
" " Golden Fleece" Jamaica Hum,
Baskets Best Stone Jug Gin,
Cases Green and Red Case GbAjJSKcy"
braud, jfj-'
" P. Raidmakers & Co's Itffic Medal
Genuine HoliandsGin,
" Foster's Pale Ale, pts and qts.
" Gennlsscs' XXX Porter, pts & qts.
" St. Louis Lager Beer,
" Pilsner Lager Beer, qts and pts.
" Tennant's and Jeffrey's Palo Ale,
" Budwcrser's Celebrated Lager Beer
quarts and pints.
" C. Farre's Champagne, qts and pts.
" "Eclipse" Champagne, qts and pts.
" Rhino Wine,
" Ginger Wine,
" Angelica Wine,
Also a small invoice of tho
Colobratod Mineral Water
Manufactured expressly for tropical cli.
All the above goods warranted.
211 lm F. T. Lenehan & Co.
TTANTED Anyona having a copy
1 Y of tho book " Lalokawal" to dis.
pose of will please call at
201 lm J. W. ROBERTSON & Co's
TO LET a lot, 100 feet "square, on
which is stable for 10 or mnro
horses, carriage house, and servant's
house, water laid on, opening on Young
street. For particulars apply to
211 lm at E. O. Hall & Son
11 to let. ftltlMf. up ilnnlili. rltl, nil flm
conveniences and comforts of a home.
Rooms are large and well ventilated.
Terms strictly moderate Apply at No.
2 Adams Lane. 211 lm
X oud floorof the building occupied
by J. W, Bobt'itson & Co ill!)
rpo RENT A Furnished Hoom, llvo
X minutes walk from the Post Olllee.
1IW Apply to J. M. Pay & Co.
X contalniuir 7 looms, with t.iblliur
and every convenience, situated on the
rinins, aiiout 1 mile from town, water
laid on. For paiticulars apply to
l'J3 lm At E. O. Hall & Son's.

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