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The Daily bulletin. (Honolulu [Hawaii]) 1882-1895, December 23, 1882, SUPPLEMENT, Image 4

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- )Mi '9- '' '"'$
'T'H if P A flll
xpmnt- jj
Yea, it was tho
24th. All day it
i I , .
had'blown and
rained lnccssnmiy.
The streets had becti like rivers but,
now that tho rain bad ceased for a
moment, tho water lay iit pools in
stead of draining away. The oldest
inhabitant had nevdr seen such a
konu before. The waves had dashed
over' tho edges of the wharves casting
up spray over tho shelter sheds.
' THo only schooner in tho harbour
was stovo in against the end of tho
old Ciistom House wharf by tho
violence of tho first blast. Thd fuw
ships from foreign ports had all
suffered moro or less daningc.
. For hours it had been' impossible .
'to go Oiit of doors : business had
utterly erased. But the ccnseloss
pour of the rain had lulled and only
-th'o fitful sobbing of tho wind was t6
be heard echoing round the corner.
I did not care to go out but 1
could not stay nil night in my office.
'1 must get home somo way. At last
I blew out tho lamps that all day
'had cast a fitful radiance over tho
scene of mv labours and havinir seen
that every thing was Bccurc 1 shut
tho door and locked it.
It was frightfully dark and tho
lamp at tho Bank corhcr gavo a
misty light that seemed to say "Holy
on yourself and not on me." Tho
foot-path and tho centre of tho
btrect were alike seas of mud I
found. At every stop I sank ancle
deep. Stopping across the road, I
, went into llio saloon and took a fid.
A fow friends were inside but hastily
bidding them a Merry Christmas I
went out. I reached tho corner of
the street without meeting anybody.
But just before mo I saw with joy
nnd btirprise an express standing by
tho foot-path. I walked up and
asked if it wcro disengaged, hearing
no reply I jumped in, calling out nt
tho sairto timo "Drivo homo quickly.
I'm in a hurry." I lay back without
looking "around and, pulling out' a
cigar, Tit it. In doing this I became
aware of tho presence of another
person in tho express. Thinking it
misfit be some friend who was
courteously sharing his express with
me I proffered him a cigar. He
rejected it without speaking and
seemed to scttlo himself further
back in his corner to avoid being
t i I thought to myeolf "well, hcic's a
pretty go" and pulled vigorously
away. Laying bayk as I smoked I
thought that 1 would find out who
this queer stick was and so I essayed
to break the ice by remarking. "It's
been an awful day." Still no answer.
"Well, I thought, if you arc going to
be so gruff I'll bo tho sanio and I
t lay back, and puffed moro vigorously
than before.
Suddenly there was an awful roll
' ' of thunder and tho rain coiuo dashing
pitilessly down in torrents. Tho
1 lightning ilashcdiu sheets of dazzling
, brilliance and made tho muiky
r , darkjiebs blacker by its sharp
contrast. My thoughts had bpen
..preoccupied with my silent com-
' portion and I had not "noticed where
i we wcro going, when u less vivid
flash than usual showed mo that wo
were proceeding up tho valley
, .towards, the Pali. "Vyo had almost
' reached tho top of tho eminence
where .Tudd street now runs' off
,, ( nud although it was nmch out of
. , my road, and, I , was anxious to get
hoiiic, I said nothing as I know there
wcro but a fow more houses and I
. -was still, burious to know who my
silent companion was. AH this time
ho had never spoken a word or
moved from his original position but
whci wo reached tho top of tho
eminence ho suddenly sat up arid in
an intense, sepulchral whisper said
to tho driver, "On! on! fasterl wo'H
, jiavcr get there."- Tho driver bcem
suddenly galvanized and tho horse
broko into a trot. "Faster! Faster,"
again ho whispered. Tho trot became
' a cantor and tho canter a gallop. I
could scarce boliovo my senses. Tho
wind whistccd round us with tho
Bjiecd wo wcro going and tho rain
still fell in heavy dripping. Never
in my experience had a horse gono
up that road faster than a gontlo tiot
and hero was a horsegalloping with
a load on such a night as this. I grow
frightened and shouted to tho driver
, i to stop, but he bcemcd not to hear
'wt'iuuc, and still that strange mystery
sat at iny elbow, whispering with a
peculiar giavc-yard intensity of tone
"Faster yet, faster." The" ground
Mscomed to fly under us, tho sparks
fIrom tho stones were like a chain of
fire. And still tho elements warred
around." My hair.begaiijto'stand on
r -. -I T ..1.1 f.t.al ii ft sistlfl
UIIU,,1 CUUIU IWl JHJf DIUU ill Ik uum
(juiyjer of fenr, niy limbs itreiubled
and my .tooth chattered ns If I had
been suddenly seized with the aglto. I
Tho Halfway house was soon passed.
The mass of mailc was seen by the
light of a vivid flash All Its fan
tastic shapes seemed endowed with
life, pointing with lean lingers at us
and gibbering in the weird light.
Still no signs of stopping. Gradually '
loomed up, befote us in the ever
ncnier-drawing distance the cleft!
through which the road winds down i
across tho Pali.
A horrid fear began to fill mc. I
rSn vlt
W-'-'rl V J ""
Silver Plated Ware
4fe Meriden
mh Britannia1 ,:,;;'
i ii ."in
I' '.(!
.M ' '1 '' lI'Mi'll'
.i ii i
V m. r
&U ihA.Ot.Lii,
Cake Baskets
i i . ;.in
Jn Berry Bowls,
fV T T-, ''
Toilet Sets
Wei rc8)'ectfilly invite our friends and the public generally to examine
stock, -which ih almost all lieuOiiicl.solected iVdihtlie bTest ' iroodfe nialm-
V factured in'Ortr line ;
A constantly increasing demand lor our special line or goods is sub
stantial evidence that good judges of merchandise know vhcro they are well
sci served.
rA I TIT 1 Hi
, Y e nave so oiten-caletLywu attention, m detail, to tnu, lmmDericss,
neccsKary, useful, and beautiful' "articles coinin'ising our stock that we. will,
) on this occasion, simply assure you of our appreciation for past favors, and
) solicit your future patronage,
"Were we going to stop, or were we
going to drive dow the I'ali at this
rate? I Iviiew there were no houses
between us and it, "Whither were
we going? I mustered up courage, to
break the monotonous chant from my
companions lips, of "Faster: faster,
and as where we going.
A sin dunk) "hallm!" that shook
the carriage was the only iinsw
The sound of his laugh flllcrt me with
such ticmblliig that I could not rise
from my seat though myimpu8c
seat though inyiinpii8C
was 'to throw 'jnvuclf fromlftjio
A' nY
carnage. 1 seemed glued to tlio
cushion and I shook more mm more
tieniuloimlyyjlji eacl( peal of brighter
that broke from his lips.' Jfwiw tlio
most demoniac cacliinnation I ever
liciud. More and nunc madly did
the .vehicle seein to""lly. We scarcely
seemed to-lotichv the' grouiub Wo
were now Hying tip the last rise and
nt tno ioi) oi it was inc, pica pice, x
tried' to lift niv self from my scat, guards the precipice. .As I realized
I -was' fascinated not1 it' limb tlio 'fact I knew that 'the' slightest
could I move : J I only lived in i slip would be fatal : there I was hang
thought. 1 knew the fearful doom . ing by my hands over a precipke
and to note our jh'iceq. x - A k
11T ii i i
'' Very truly yours,
'-- -Hi -
i &Wammw .
f hB lijpi J i I "fcAlv3 Hlt-JJF"1IS IK II
mm o?mMooMm,
i ., ..'
r--i .
( that awaited mo if a went over but i
1 1 was rooted to tlie spot. AVo lmd
t touched the top but not an instant'
) did we pause in our wild career. "We
turned under the bluff to go down I
when a.more vivid Hash of light iiinir
than had occurred before 'showed me1
l as ono vast panorama tlio whole of
the bcaulif tgcouu benejithme. Alas J
I thdtight I shall never see it inoie.
At the saine tinieI noticed, that the
horse was just clearing the road ifnd
aiiiiarently going down tho plecipice.
yl'UQ sight ccmUa
ly t t i y
-U2"KrVS ,"t'i
V . M
with one uespntiing cry i. sprang"
madly out towards the cliff. I -felt
some) hipg, in my hand. I clutched
it madly, and clung to it with tho
despair of death, and heard, while I
clung, a wild, hopeless yell, that
makes my blood shudder iiow to
- think Of it, almost 'drowning the
, thunder peal.
x nan ciasped mo iron railing man
DEC. 23rd.
I ' m; I .W ..m
(Mt 1 I.
r it T
Spoons, .
i lo 'nitwi-i n
Butter Dishes,
Soup Ladles,
Sugar. Shells!
, v l T
i t i . t i i
I . a i i ' -m-
-ATV.il. Jn.nivy3
more than a thousand feet down. I
had learnt gymnastics when u boy,
so, holding firmly, I swung to and fro
till my feet touched term iirma when
by a hiidden upward movement, I
raised them over the bar jind soon
craw led along till I could jilant my
legs on solid ground again. Then
ovrctiiiio by,(errprjj Hwotytffl. How
I readied my home, I shall never
know,, Init it iwiis,.! o'clock in the
moihing, when T "staggered into my
bedroom covered with mud fioin
hciUorfool, uiul .bonking wet,-to)wi(fh
r' .
iny wife. "AMcrrj; Christmas'."
Aiid to thisnday she ilocsn't believe
-thabl ever left tho saloon tilt X was
put out of it, and that thd mudj i&c.,
is acouutcd for by the 'stato,I came
homo in. That doesn't mattcrf for
I have since discovered that every
Christinas cvo that ghostly express
with its demon occupant waiU ntitho
corner of tho street if or tho utnvary
passenger who may Iks tempted to
ride with them. .That lis my one
noteworthy Christmas cvcj and I
shall never forget' my ritkv in tho
ghostly express.
Ikk MCAi
SUDDEN whitening of the hair.
There arc few topics nmong what
may be called tho curiosities of l?hy
siofogy, which have n greater fascina
tion for tho popular Inind than tho
sudden bleaching of thd hair, which i3
nsscrtdd'to sometimes occiir under
the influence of strong emotion as
intense grief or fear. Tho possibility
of such an occurrence lias been
strongly denied by many, including
some who larvc a rjght toboco'u
siddrecl as authorities in such matter's.
Ambiig those vlio have dcchircd '
themselves incrcdulotts' .' is "l)r.
Krasmus "Wilson, whose standing is
loo well known to need ' ciiarging
upon. His unbelief, however, was
considerably shaken M the case, of; a
young lady who, on receiving news
of tho shipwreck and death ,o'f h'cr
husband elect, fell into a swoon, last
ing five hours. luring -which her dark
brown hair become, as wlutc as a
camlnic handkerchief,
convinced of the reality
of the oc-
currohec, Dr. Wilson seems to be in
a state of considerable doubt and
uncertainty as to the way in which
the change is brought about. ulf"
says he", ''it be established tlint'thc
hair is slisceptible of pcrmc'atibn'liy
lluids derived from tlio blood a
transmission of lluids from the vessels
of the skin into, the substance of tho
hair really occurs, the quaiitity'imd
nature being' mddilicd by the peculiar
ity of constitution or state of 'health
of 'the individual it follows that such
lluids, bclbg altered in Jhcir chemical
qualities, may possess the pow6r Af
impiesslng new conditions on tlio
stritctlirc into which they eiiterTlius,
if 'they contain an ext'ess of salt'i'of
limo,'tl)ey may deposit shits' of lime
in the tissue of 'the hair, and so pro.
duce a change in its appearance fi'om
dark to grey." .So far, therefore', as
Prof. "Wilson understands the matter,
iticsolvcs into it question1 'of "may
he's." Sdi'ne of the older stories of
this sudden chalige in the colbVpf
the hair arc Jirobably uiythlcal'; at
ahj' rate' they are noUvcll authenticat
ed. A few more modern instances,
however, miry b'6 mcntibiipd which
have come'ilndei' the olwth'atiolis pf
persons' now' or recently livjng. ' Oho
of the mbst reinarkablo of thd4o
occurred in the oxp'cri6ncc of Htaff
Surgcoii Pitrry, 'Who vas' 'sen'ing in
India during the mutiny. Amoiig
the prisoners taken iii a skirmish at
Chamda was n .fsbp6y rbf the Bengal
Army. Hd WflS brought before the
authdiitics and ' cicnniiiict.il 'Fully
alive to his positlbn the Berigalcc
stood almost stupifltfd witlr fear,
trembling greatly, with' horror1 'and
despair plainly depicted'on'his count
enance. Suddenly', in the midst of
the examination, thd by-stai'.flers
were startled by the sergeant ih chargo
of the prisoner exclaiming. 'H6'is
titming grey If-' All eyes were turned
on tho tinfortumatc1 mail, -watching,
vrith'wondorhig' 'interest! 'the-chnngc
coming' tipdrt his glossj', Jet black
locks. In half an lioilr 'they were Of
a uniform grey lmd. A similar chaugo
has somctiihes taken place in tho
course bf la single night." 'One of 'tho
witnesses in 'the Ti'chborhc case
testified that, 'tho night after hearing
of his father's 'death, lie dreamed,
that he saw him killed before his eyes,
aiidfounih.on'nwafccning, that his hair
had turndu'tltilto whltci The writer
of this onco'Kiiew n venerable clergy
man; who related that when quite a
young 'man, his hair turned grey go
rapidly that somo of his flock waited,
on him to remonstrate against what
they considered undue frivolity in
adopting tho then fashionable custom
of jiiowdering tlio hair. Tho 'two
following casos are especially curious,
The Ifrst was that of a young lady
who flint heard of her lover's treachery
by reading an account of his ninhiago
in a newspaper. After5 a 'night's
brooding over the traitor's baseness,
her looking 'glass 'disclosed thont
toitishing fact that the hair' oil Olio
side of her head had bleached' to a
color moro becoming iv grand-mother',
while the other half of her troases'ie
tained their natural 'golden browii.
livciKthls w;iis not no biuVfuftUoTciuw
. '
.. ' '-U,
Jlft .
f '
'. "4 l
-i '
Mm -mum
- wfcA

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