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The Daily bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Hawaii]) 1882-1895, December 30, 1882, SUPPLEMENT, Image 3

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WMMWSMKKUtSm.MWjr' v ?S!!lsi!B8M&' ''SSWJHEBSIyiSi SRIB V',1 iivffi
scW" ' v'4'
Old Father Time hns turned a leaf,
' A lenf hi tho book of iigcn,
Which, by thu wny, iho Hngcs wly,
Is a book of man pages.
Thusshnll tho wheel of time lcvolvc,
' Thus shall the pngea bo turned o'er,
Until tile um of years to come
' Outnumber thoe how gone before.
The funniest thing 1 ever heard,
X&, The funniest thing Unit ever occurred.
Is the story of Mrs. Mehltnblc Byrdc.
"M Who wanted to be a Mnon. i
Her huolnimljTom Byrdc, a Mn$ou trnc
i" Ah 'good a Mason as any of you ;
W'Ho U tylcrof Lodge Cerulean liluc,'
And Ivies and delivers the oummonrtdue,
And she wnntcd to bo n Mason, too,
This ridiculous Mrs. Byrdc,
She followed round, this innitlnitivo
And nngged him and teased him half
out of hi life ;
80 to terminate this uuhallowcd strife,
He consented at last to ndmlt,her.
, AudHrst, to disguise her from bonnet
and shoon,
This ridiculous lady "agreed to put on
- Ills breech all I forgive me I meant
1 pantaloons ;
And miraculously did they fit, her.
,Tho. lodge was nt work on tho Master's
1 1 degree,
The light was ablaze on the letter C j
High soared the jilllars J and B.
The officers Mit like Solomon, wlte ;
The brimstone burned amid horrible
cries ;
The goat roamed wildly through the
room ;
The candidate begged them to let him
home ;
And thu devil himself stood up at the
As broad ns an alderman nt n feast,
When in came Mrs. Byrdc.
t. . Oh, horrible sounds I oh, horriblesight t
Can it be Hint Masons tuku delight
In spending thus thu hours of night ?
Ah ! could their wives and daughters
Tho unutterable things they say ami do,
Their feminine hearts would burst with
wo 1
But this 1 not all my story.
Those Masous joined in n hideous rlngi
The candidates howling like everything,
And thus in tones of death they sing
(The candldatc'rt,numc was Morcy):
"Blood to drink, and bones to crock,
Skulls to smash and lives to take,
Hearts to crurh and souls to bum,
Give old Morcy another turn,
And make him grim and gory."
Trembling with,horror stood Mrs. Byrdc,
- Unulilc to speak a single -word.
She staggered and fell in the nearest
On the left of the junior wnrden there,
And scarcely noticed, So loud the gioans,
That the. chair was made of hninan
Of human honest On grinning skulls
That ghastly throne bf horror roIW.
Those- skulls, the1 skulls that Morgan
' Those bones, tho bones that Morgan
His scalp across the top was Hung,
His teeth nround the arms were strung.
Never in all romance was known
Such uses made of human bone.
There citmc n pause n pair of paws
Beached through tlie Iloor, up pntiinjj
And grubbed tho unhappy candidate!
How can J, w itliout tears, relalo
The lost mul ruined Morcy' fate?
She saw him sink in IlcrY hole.
Suu.hcnrd hiin scream, "My soul I
While roars of fiendish jUughter roll,
And drown the' veils for mercy,
'Blood to drink," etc:, etc.
' The ridiculous woman coulil stand no
She faiuted and .fell on the- checkered
'Mid-t all thcttjnbolleai roar.
What then, vou ask me, did befall
Mchltablc BvnlcT Why, nothing at all
She dreamed she had been in n Mtison's
M61okhl nntl Maul, mul were about
to proceed to Hawaii, when, nt II11
mnkunpoko, on the last hnmed Inland, '
they changed to hcc a number of
people bnthiug in the stlrf nnd tnniod '
to observe tlicm. One .young Woman
swam out to tho . ennoe, but ' not .
recognizing its ' occupants, turned
back, whcnLolnlo's nicssehgor, at ruck
by licr beauty of face nnd figure nnd '
hoi' graceful swimming, invited lier '
0 get into the rnnoc and ride to the
shore with tlicm through tlie surf.
She consented, nnd much enjoyed
the canoe sped from tlie shore out be
yond tlie .breakers.
While nppMi'fenUy wniting'foiMi'lnrgc
roller, a strong breeze sprang up
from the land, and tlie swift canoe
Hkinfinetj nway over the waters
toward Onlm jviththc beautiful Ko
len n captive. Vhen the wind died
nway, Maul was far behind, the
summit of'' ilalcaknla only being
visible to the weeping princess. Tlie
canoe continued on its way and
reached VWtnlun in safety. Kelea was
conveyed to Lihiic and presented
I Kclea lived long with Lolnle, life in
the Interior district of Llhiie at
length grew monotonous to her,
and desiring to dwell by the sea
which she loved so dearly, she told
her husband of her determination to
lcayu him, Being a chiefess of high
rank lie could" offer no objection and
I gave a reluctant consent to the
separation, although his giief was
great at being , deprived o? his loved
Kclea. She left him sad and heavy
hearted in his lonely home at Lfiiuc,
mid traveling along thu foot of the
ADAPTEDMOM fqu nandkh's "roi.Y-
" , sesian.uaub" ;jy k, v.,k-
'Many generations - ago there dwelt
on tho island of Oahu1 at Lilme, In
.the district of Ewa,- 11 young chief
named Iolalc. Ho was portly, lmnd-
-somo and' proud. Many "were tlie
daughters of various chiefs on Ouhu
, who .wouldi have, been onlyt0Of)"ppy
to become the wife of thoiattractive
youth, but the loveliest maidens pf
the, island made no Impression upon
his heart; for, although ho secretly
longed for soino one to love, he
would not consent to mate with one
whom ho could not consider Jils
equal in beauty and rank.
Months nnd years ttcw; by, nndyet
Lolale remained unmarried. Ho was
urged by his frienlls. to seek among
the other Islands of the group for a
wife, and at their request engaged 11
trusty jrlenu ai v nmiuu w i-uumm
in his .canoe 'with a fev companions ,
and repair to the windward Ishuids iii
quest of a suitable young chiefess. ,
They visited tho Wxm of Luuni,1
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ci-x. .. . . x. -J -i. . . .
JVU f Jfc-'J.V
iiyF&' -sz o a-Va
the exciting sport. Hho went out
wiili them again in tiu canoe and
shot through the surf a second time.
Lohdo's party in the canoo learn
ing, in the mean time, that their new
acuaintnuqe was none othur then
Kelea, sister of tho Moi of Maui, and
the most beautiful and accomplished
lady as well as hp jnost cxiert surf
rider in thp islands, they jigniu in
.vlted heHo accOinpany them out fqr
another Surf ride. All fear of danger
linVfti lwcii disptflleit l'thelr friend
liueas, she once more consented nnd
to Lolale by whom she was j mountains descended to the sea shore
received in a ' manner becoming n I in Ewa, near tho mouth of l'enrl
chiefess of her station. Ileing'iiver. Hero she saw a number of
enamored of the .handsome Lolnlu people surf bathing, and memories
nt their first meeting she became hit of qld dnytf in Maui, when this was
not unwilling wife, and so well nor favorite sport, returning to her,
satisfied was she with her new she procured a surf-board and Swum
surroundings Unit she nutdc -Hiiclijfnr out from tho shore;, watching u
representations to her brother, Mol favorable opportunity she mounted
of Maui, as inducetlJibu, U suspend apd ro,de iuj(wit( ji huge breaker,
preparations for hostilities which ho , excelling in daring and skill nil otheV
was about t8coinmcnco in conse- bathers. The acclamations which
queiiQo -of Jier abduction.; , t greeted.hep i'tuni to tihorottfacted
Althougli the beautiful iuid gay the attentioji of the chief, lliuiakua.
On learning the cause, of tho demon
Stratum lie knew that there could bo
only one such surf-iider and that the
stranger must bo the famed Kclea ;
and advancing to her side he envel
oped her In his tajnu She. accom
panied him to his home at Hulnwa,
became his wife, and Jived happily
with him until her death. She bore
him one daughter, the beautiful Lu
ielohelohe, among whose descendants
are the present i oyul family of Hawaii
and other chiefs. ,, ,,
A heavy snow fell about the first
of December, but the driving not lb-
West wind which followed, left it ht4&
piles and drifts. 80 n little addition;
to the first supply, which fell two
days before Christinas, yns welcomed
by all. On the following morning f
the sun i'osc clear, but, tho air was
biting. After an early breakfast
every man who owned a gun was out
hunting wild turkeys, mid every boy
who could lnv clnUn to a dog was in
pursuit of rabbits. Tlicro being no
scarcity of either kind of game, both
men and boys Were generally more
or les succc8fiil. Hut school-time
"Javed many a rabbit, nndiseiit mnny
11 boy to his tasks with inultorings
of what lie would do'tomorrow1
On Christmas we the children, !e
is usual uitli children, were anxious
to know wlmt ''Old- Kiiss" would
bring them, but they' had liecn wise
enough to examine as carefully ns
they could without showing too much
interest, all parcels which their fathers " ,
hnd brought from town within the "
hiM weekj And childish curiosity
had in ninny cases circumvctucd tho
cunning of mature yenrs But sleep
comes sooner1 to young' eyes then to
old, and It stays more stubbornly
with them. The stockiugs' having
been hung, the light, candle-light
of Christmas morning revealed all
mystorio's and solved all doubts
about the annual return of the bene
volent visitor.
Tho first excitement of the
morning over, the meeting in the
country church began to occupy
attention. Tlie boys gave up their ' .
rabbit hunts or cut them short not
so much for the sake of tho sermon ;
as for fear 6f missing what came
after. At, ten o'clock a team of farm
hordes, whose spirits hnd been roused
by a few weeks of rest ami cold
weather, weie driven around to the
front gate drawing an old-fashioned
long sled, the box of which wa. half
full of prairie hay. Soon all were in,
seated 011 tho hay, covered with
shawls, buffalo robes, and blankets,
and otherwise protected from the
cold, which none feared. Up hill
and down, the horses kept their their
speed. Coining to the church, all
hurried 111, for the Hying snow had
prepared them to enjoy gathering
around the red-hot stoves. Une of
these stood on each side of the room
that on tho left being particularly .
adapted to the uso of the inulu
portion of the Congregation. The
people did not come nil nt once,
but in half an hour so many were
present that the minister went into -tiic
pulpit. After tho singing of a,
hymn, without trained lender or
instrument, he read of tho shepherds
who abode in the field, and kept
watch over their Hock by night 011
the plains of, Bethlehem; kneeling he
fervently prayed for himself and all
of his congregation, for well ho knew
each one. Then ho proclaimed the
Glad Tidings and repeated tho old,
old story of a Huviour, went from
Heaven to fallen man. "When tho
parting benediction, had been, invoked
upon tho congregation, they did not
disperse so quickly as is thought
proper'among lnoroiassuming people.
They lingered that they might,
exchange cheerful wprds with. many
friends. And when they went, it
wa-s to gather hi groups of ,two or
tlirej,famih'es .ech, in various farm
hqusqB.flf.thcjjiqighborhowl. , ;., ,
, In many places , Christmas has
been the pccjisioi) of, tho renownl.of
od foiuily ties. ; ot.so on the fron
tier. Tljoie who lived there wcro
but the scattered fragments of fami
lies farther, east. But coinmuidty of
joys, h?li cares, fears, and sorrows
established a kinship of its own, Here,
then, they ineptoften families from
differpnt .states, sometimes from
different coutuentt. The Christmas
tin ay was nob wanting, but ninny, of,
tho luxuries, officii countries were"
onjoyqd in pienory only. ,Tho dinner'
over, it was not thought improper for
nil tho women to go to thu kitchern,.
nud help put things, to rights.
tho jnciiT-ror .big .hoys,,, when,
were suOh fed and cared for thou; '

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