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6, -
lfailj. tjiilleiin,
Saturday, may s, issa.
Oymtinsltim Exercises for Ltulies
nutl Children, from U to 11.
Assignees' fcjnle of Watches, Jew
elry, etc., at Kales Room of Lyons &
Levey, at 10 o'clock. -
Monthly Alerting of this Missionary
Gleaners, Fort St. Church, 2:30.
Knee Meeting, Hawaiian Hotel, at
V o'clock.
Gospel Temperance Meeting at
Bethel, at 7:30. .
Bethel Sunday School, at D : 15.
Fort St. Church S. S. at 0 : 1 3.
St. Andrew's Cathedral S. S. 10.
Bethel, Rev. Dr. Damon, at 11
Fort St. Church, Key. J. A. Cnt
zan, morning and evening.
St. Andrew's Kov. Geo. "Wallace,
morning; Kov. K. Wainwright,t in
Bible Class -at Fort St. Church
Vestry, at 3: 15.
"We regret to sec in the columns
of the Gazette the following anim
adversions upon the Y. M. C. A.,"
1 C. A. of Thursday ; then follow
the portions objected to and criticisms
on them. Wc have u decided ob
jection to the use of the words
"columns of the Gazette" as in
dicating the source of the matter
criticized. It is quite true that the
portions , quoted appealed in the
GazeKc and therefore that, literally,
the Advertiser has a right to use the
words " iu the columns of the
Gazette" to describe the place where
they appeared. But without any
further explanation the use of those
words "in the columns of" conveys
a wrong impression to the reader as
they are ordinarily used to indicate
the editorial anil reportorial matter
contained in any given newspaper.
The matter ciiticized in this case
was portion .of a, letter, addressed to
the Editor of the Gazette and there
fore by all rules of journalism he is
not expected to be responsible for it.
But by admitting this fact a great deal
qf the force of the Advertiser's com
ments would ha"e been lost as their
article was undoubtedly written so
as to convey an impression that the
Gazette, as a public journal, lield
these opinions which the I'. C. A.
criticized. The sharpness of the
move will be apparent when we draw
attention to the fact that for a few
weeks past the Advcrtiicr has taken
every opportunity of vilifying and
sneering at those prominently con
nected with the religious organiza
tions of this city, and impugning
their motives for that connection.
thematbub Musical society
gave their concert last night in the
Y,. M. C. A. Building, wheu the fol
lowing programme was presented:
r.uiT i.
Overture "Diadem," Hciold
Honolulu Symphony Club.
Chorus "'Crutaders,!! .'..'. ." Gadc
Amateur Musical Society.
Solo "Within this Sacred Dwelling,". .
.'. '. :Mo.art
s . ,, iMr.j Mx.G.rtncy. , '
Quartette "L'adVRisc"tho Monfis
Waking' Smart
Miss I). Parke, Mrs. Davie, Messrs.
W.W.Hall and Stnrkey.
Solo Zither , . .Mr. Stroclcin
Chorus "Roscmaidon,".... P. II. C'owcn
Amateur Musical Society.
Paut ii.
Selection "Indiana in AlgcrJ," arruug-
cd by Mr. A. Marqucz).. Rossini
' ' Honolulu Symphony Club.
Chorus "Sw ect Peace Descending,"....
Amateur Musical Society. .
Sole "Dulling," Millard
Mrs. J. H. Paty.
Chorus "Where Wavelets Ripple,"
Amateur Musical Society.
Solo "Violin Rait'
Mr. Yarndley.
Clioius "Roseinnideu,"....F. II. Cow en
Amateur Miibical Society
A more detailed report will ap
pear in our next.
Police court.
' Friday, May 1 F. Kelly, drunk,
forfeited $0 bail. A. Niclsou and C.
jCingsly, drunk, lined 85 and 81
costs. wC, Jvingsly,( nssault and
batteryT, rcmaudedj nutil moved on.
Kauhanc, remanded from 3rd, de
fendant wlthdrawns plea of quilty,
and is committed for rial to Supreme
Court1 at next July tcr'ni. v f
A wjiibi'EU Is heaul that the Titer is
nlo to huvo a libel suit u'gainst it on uc
couut of its recent utterances auent a
ccrtulu editor ami pastor.
CoNCKJiN'txn I hat Palace wall ngnin,
wind whs the tlivy between the two?
It appears that the b.. Ahcrgcldle did
not touch at Valpaiateo.atall.
. -
Revolts of a elaiugu In the manage
ment of the ,7'ifr arc ctnieiU'
"Nini.tixnth Cent my Lemons from
a Hlogiaphy 3.i0u year old," will lie Mr.
Cman's Mtbjiet Sunday morning, even,
big subject, "$?," a talk with business
Mn. Irvine, formetly ficlght-clorknnd
pui-er on the .lames Makee, is now
fieiL'lii.clrk of the C. II. Bf)ion, vice
Mr. Du Pree, resigned, Tor thVpurpdsc cf
going to the Const per City of Toklo.
Wk received an adortieinent loo 1a!c
for insertion yestciday th.it thc'Knplo
lanl Paik Association would lakoelaige
of the races on the 11th June. The adv.
will appear In Monday' isMie.
. .
Tin: Portuguese immigrants by tlie
Aliergeldio were put iishoic at Kukaiiko
jestetday afternoon. There were 204
men and 1U0 w omen. One death of an
infant occurred on Thursday morning-
. .
Tiik Y. M. C. A. rooms wero open last
night for the first time. They will he
open from 7 u. m. to 0 p. in. every day.
All aic cordially welcome. The Seete
tary,v. Inn., will be in nttendnncc.
A cuumidiuin suggested by the follow.
lug seKlencc troin ine-. c. -i. oi yes
teiday : " During the p.iS3agc there has
been 1(3 liirllis and 0 deaths; the latter
all children." If the latter were all chil
dren, what were all the former ?
Soon after the Aliergeldio anchored in
the stream oa Thursday afternoon she
was surrounded by boats containing
numbers of Portuguese. As they drew
nigh tho immigrants shouted and cheer
ed them. This 'was kept up for some'
i m
Tin: Social at the Bethel on Thursday
evening was well attended. The pro.
ci amnio tendered wns unusually attrac
tive, consisting of songs and recitations.
Afterwauls a veiy nice lefcetion was
served. It was about 10 o'clock wheii
the party broke up, having spent the
time well in social enjoyment.
Wk would again draw the attention of
the Koad Supervisor to tlie fact that a
considerable portion of Queen street lias
been metalled and left without having
sand or caith put on top and rolled.
The complaints of drh ers" are loud and
frequent as the road is wortc now than
it was bcfoie.
Wi: are glad to make the correction
that the orange-s ghen to the German
immigrants on the Makee on Tuesday
night were donated by tlie generosity
of Mr. W. H.Kice. Our thanks are due
to our contemporary for pointing out
the fact but wo had already known of
it, although not in time for publication.
. . . (
CoMri.Ais.Th arc made by Hawaiian'-,
especially women and children, of the
conduct of a man on Maunakca strest
who owns a pet monkey. He ties a long
stiing to it and allows it to go aciossthc
load, and when anyone passes it jumps
at them. This may be fun, and there
may be no actual damage done, but ow.
ing to lite i ignorance of the animal the
women and childicn get frightened.
A courx.u of facts in natural history
from tlie personal obsei vations oT n
friend arc: One variety 'of squid comc3
on shore when the fiala t ices arc in
blossom, and climbs them, at least part
of the way up. Once, lie fouaiPuo less
than ten lohbcr-crabs climbing one
cocoanut tree, whone trunk wa perpen
dicular, and hanging one to another so
as to form a ving chain. ,
Aoain this w cek we present our read,
ers with a supplement, This one will bo
found moic thiui usually valuable on ac.
count of the aiticlo on the approaching
eclipse (tiiinslatcd from theicport to the
Iiuienu des Longitude by a Ficucli Gov.
criimeut commission,) the dciciiptiou of
the raising of the Austral, umbtho usual
culi'i tabling miscellany. Subscribers
will do well to preserve their supplement-,
as it is our present intention to
issuo them for some weeks more, at
No meeting of the 'fcichuix' asbo.-ia-tlon
was held yesterday afternoon as
only the olllceih were pieeut. 3fo
meeting will bo held now till the (list
1'ilday In October. We would remind
leaehcis that to make their association
of any use to them as a body, they must
attend legulaily and take some IntcicM.
in it. What benefit can be derived from
having an association that has to ad
journ regularly for want of attendants
is a puwlc to us, and we think teachers
would do well to ponder over the matter
and go into It moiu energetically ne.t
,.. ' . ' " S
i i
Two JIne pictures by Mr, Strong aie
now on exhibition at lycnu & John
Hon's, Fort street. They will only
remain on exhibition for a few days.
The lirst represents u view vl Uuuululu
seen fiont Mr. Oliule'srcildenee on
Judd street. In the foreground Is Jiuld
Street, to left old l'michhdwl looks
smilingly down on the city, hi the
middle distance is the tow u and hnrhour
willi the Madras, outside, and tho ocean,
for a background. The other icprocuts
a beach iceulj vUh Hawaii ins pushing
off their canoes preparatory to going
out fbhlng. Both plcimc aio chniUer
Istleof the island and are well woith
Hkiu; area few moic facts aloiil the
s.-. Abergeldli!: She is 18TS tons butlli.
en, and was ."57 days i.cttuUly ai ten and'
o days coaling at Lorotuel. She hail a
passage of 24 days tiom tlie latter place,
nccr having touched at Valparaiso.
She faily draws between 21 and1 23 feet
of water; None1 of the immigrants 'by
her were inhabitants of towns they all
'ante ftom the country districts. 'Ihe
Captain is very uonular ninouir-t the;
innnigriintiMi On their, airlvuh In port?
they chceied him and shook him heaiti
ly by thu hand. Afterwaid, uii'-olicit-ed,
they pic-enlcd him with n nuincr.
ously signed testimonial. One 'man 'who
hadn't a chance to sign the general testi.
monitil, wioto out one of his own, and,
Inning signed it, g.nc it to the Captain.
No complaints haw been made about
the food or accommodation., and Messrs
Ilofimiii:c &. Co. detenu great ciedlt for
le way in which they have c.uikd out
.the instructions given them by Col. G.
. Macfaihme dining his stay in Lon
don. Auction Sale3 by Lyons & Levey.
Assignees' Sale. (
At Sales Itoom1, Be.n or Block,
At 10 o'clock a. m.,
The undersigned have received Instruc
tions from Mcssis. Leneban &Wainnm.
Assignees in the Estato of' Ching Hin
Chong, AVatchinakeraiid Jewelei, to sell
at public auction at our Sales Itoom, oii
Sutuidny, May 5th, at 10 a. m.,
The whole of the Stock in Traite
AVntchimikcrs' Machinery. '
JFurniture, &c, &c.,
belonging to the mid csbite, for tho
benefit of whom it may concern, consist
ing of '
Gold antl Silver Watches. ;
1 and 8-day Clocks, Itings, Studs, '
Hrooches, Bincelets, Chains,
Kyc.glassi'3, Necklaces,
Watchmakers' Tools and Materials,
Show Cases, Safe, Furniture,
Cooking Utensils, ifcy., Scc.
Lyons ifc Lcvi:y, Auctioneer.
Y. 31. C. A.
at 7:1)0 o'clock, a class will be
formed for instruction iu Uook.keeping.
All wbo aie dcsbous ot ioining this
class, wirctuer members ot tlie A-soeia-thin
or not, are coidiallv invite 1 to be
present. ai3 2t
ALIVE MAN' to drive toda wugon.
Apply at
303 -lw New Drug Store, Fort St.
do yon Itny your,,
v-'frVif : , -
we simply desire you to examine
closely three main points:
lHt, tiiallty-31atcrlnl.
and, Htj le-Flt and M'urlj.
3rd, Pricc-M!ze or Dili.
And when you are satisfied with conclu
sions, pay us a visit, and we guurnntcc .
Quality or aiatex-ial, ,
Style of ITXt una "Worlc
Saving of 20 per cent
In your older. If these are sufficient
considerations plcaso cull at the r ,
Great American ClotliingHouse
17 Kunnnn Street,
SO;) ly C'ornor of Minlne.
Salmon ! Salmon !
Bbls C. E. Salmon, extra, '
Bbls Skeena Biver Salmon, -Bbls
Frazor Biyer Salmon,
Hlf bbls Salmon, choice,
Bbls & hlf bbls Plant! Salmon
Kits Salmon Bellies,
Stalls, Nos, 2 and 3
A Fine Assortment
l-, .
For Solo Very JLovr.
i r t
Send for full lllublratcd cittdouge
A new. line of CliaiidelieTsf,Plows,;
-fi Cultivators, Globulai' Street Lamps,
Kerosene and Lubrlbatlng Oils, &c, &o.
k The jIagneso,-Calpite Fire Proof Safes:
New and Staple Gijpds from America and England. ,
r, Eeal.Estate Broker, Employment Agent and General
"l Business Agent,
Ofliec, 27 Mcicliant street, Hawaiian Gazette Block.
The only lccoguicd Real Estate Broker in the Kingdom.!
Land and properly for ale in all parts of Honolulu and theiarious Islands. ,
Houses to lease and rent iu Honolulu and suburbs.
Rooms to rent, en mite or single, throughout Honolulu. , (
Books and Accounts Kept. Bills collected. Legal papers of every description
drawn. Agent lor Vickcry's Monthly Fireside Magazine and Visitor, wish i
18 Cluomos; subscription 1.25 per year. Agent for tlicUest,Life
Insurance Company in tho World. ' ' '
EsTChargcs always moderate. B5?Telcph6ac No. 172.
25 per cent Cheaper at
. , New Xrug: Store,
Oiler for sale the Cargoes of the ships t
' .Atocrummi " nutl " Janet Court,"
Recently arrived fioai Glasgow and Liverpool, respectively. Also, to arrive,
the Cargoes of thu
Britinli Steamship " Abergeldie,"
Fiom London, now due; the British ship " Slnindoii," from Glasgow, due .Tuly 1st;
and tho British bark " Isle of Auglese.i," from Liverpool, due Aug. 1,
Comprising one of the largest and finest selection of goods
and Mcrch'iudbe ever imported to Honolulu, and which will be offered to
the tinde, town anil country housekeepers, and buyers generally, at ex-'
eeptionally favcrable terms.
4 i, .jjry.urooas, npw on exniDitioii, .
At o ir Show Roonn, unstiiirs.
Stiiiaien, BridlcM, lffantes mid Wln'i. ..
Rolls Eimli'sh Belting, !5, l, 0, 8 and 10 inches. '
Hdls. Rest Knglirh Ann ailed and Galvanized Fence Wire, Nos. -1, 5 and 0. ,
Cases, Smith &,McLca i'b celebrated Galvanised Corruj at -d lion, the best imported
heic, ll.T, 8 and I) feet lengths 2-1 gauge. Atteni o i of to winners of thisar
tiele is called to this particular brand, which ne er warps, cracks, or peels off,
from the action of sun, and atmosphere, 1 , . . , N '
Casks, Best English, Portland, German and Itorcudnle Cement.
Bales blue stripe, twilled and plain Sugar Bags, 5 if) to a Bale: the genuine article.
Bales heavy twilled Coal Bags best Scotch make, Bales U, -1 and O-piy.
Seaming nud Roping Twine. ' -W . i fji.,.i
Scotch Fire Brick, square and arch. Fire Clay. 1 ..,r ,,
YOfr IHtnH BcNt Bootcli Splint Coal,
Tlie,bcst,and-mostccouonic.il(for lI.intiitioiis. Steamers general Ube, is clear
and lumpy, consequently, no waste; gives vciy little smoko and spot, burns well
away aud does not clinker and burn up grate-bars; and producs 25 per cont.'moro
steam than any other Bituminous Coal.
150 TONS BEST WELCH COAL, Especially adapted for ranges audcookingstoves.
A small lot of Auvils and Vices, for blacksmiths' use. 4
Bar Iron n good assortment; also Bars Steel.
Best Wool llurliips, 42-inch', in -fQ-ynnl pieces.
,r A few casks Assorted GhiWaio comprising Glass Dishes, Bowls, Gobleti-,
Tuinblers, Shcrilcii Hocks Ports, Chirets, Chainpagiies, Decanters, DlbhMLamiib
and other nitieles required by housekeepers. '
A full assortment of Gr.mlte.waro comprising Dlnncr.sels Ewch nml Basins!
Bowls, Dishes, Cup and Saucers, Plates and many other articles in.thib lino. t ,.t
In cottage Mylp, fiom the lending Berlin makers, which will bo offered on very
f.ivoiahlo terms. An iuspc&tioii and trial of these attraetlvo Pianos is invited.
'ihieoCiibedof imcspoBiil m.iku of Stocks and Dicsthq most.completo thing
of the kind for plantation use. -v ' ' 'V ""
GalvunVedCrigi1u-''1V'lniZ0 ' BuckeU' -10, 13 ,,ntl U-inclu NeUs Galvanized Tubs.
Tkv Iluest brumn- of Ales, Wines and Ppirits iu usstjal ,irfctyAlovUio (oliowlng
PS W?ai'V?iUb"-f! u,S ulu,Uetl make, the buporlorlty ot which is acknow.
Udged by all Hawaiian i lantern jaijd Manufacturers, in Cuba, Bnull, lUnifr.H
Queensland, Fiji aud other sugar.producing, countries, tliroughout tho world
Steam Clarlfiers, Sugar Mills, Engines,
Centrifugals, Vacuum Tans, Pumps,
Iron Chimneys, TunkH, Boilers, etc., etc."
Portable Tramway and Cano Cars, Locomotives, Ralls.
The cargo of the steamship Abcrgeldio was selected wlih great care by our
don Atrent. under tlinfllrnr-t. uniii-vrlulni, .f .1 ..,..!... ,n ....... ' . .
of u beautiful ljno o gooJs not .hitherto imported here. Olroufnn giving u full
stand description ofGoods will he sent to our customer, heads of fimillfcs'nud
tho ladles of Honolulu. o - iion".
11 Imimim If
. i .OS

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