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MONDAY, MAY 28, 1883.
Novelty Show Armless Womnn
Aftcinoon ami Evening.
Harmony Lodge, I.O.O.F.7:80
Algai oba Lodge, nt 7:30.
The Boston exhibition.
"Wc have been favored by the Sec
retary of the Hawaiian Commission
with circulars, &c, relative to what
is to be done at the proposed exhibi
tion. Ho will visit Molokai and
afterwards the other Islands to
gather such exhibits as will bo suit
able. It is hoped that specimens
for our Museum will be obtained by
exchange. The Planters' Labor and
Supply Co. have been asked to
co-operate. As all exhibits must be
in position not later than Aug. 15th,
some dispatch must be attained if
the Hawaiian exhibit is to prove
biicccssful. Collections of herbs,
roots, barks, woods, ferns, fibres,
pulu, fruits, leather, coffee, rice,
sugar, salt, tobacco, jewelry, photo
graphs, maps, paintings, agricultural
machinery, newspapeis, books, re
ports, statistics, etc., with, if possi
ble, detailed accounts of the exhibits
and showing the various stages, if
manufactured, arc requested. Any
further information can be obtained
by addressing the Secretary of the
Hawaiian Commission at the Foreign
Tin: Madras situation link nt lastl
resolved Itself to this. The esscl U lnl
quarantine, but the Board of Health
will not permit tho landing of any of Its
passengers or freight, unless bonds arc
clven guaranteeing the expenses. The
iCnptaln won't ghc any bonds on the
ship, niul tho Chinese merchants on
Eshoic won't give honds for more than
Itw o-thlrds of the expenses.
Tun concoctcr and gatherer of local!
oflaodrida on tho differs from
its Medicnt Editor on the subjects oi
rubbish-burning mid the best wntur for
drinking purposes In Honolulu. At
least so ho says. Most sensible people
having any scientific knowledge ou those
subjects will, c tliiiiK, coineiuo wuii
tho Medical Editor's views.
; m .
vi h f n x
i i
Police court,
criminal calendar.
Saturday, May 2C M. Kamanc-
wa and C. Gannon, remanded from
25th, M. Knmnncwa, fined 84 and!
84.10 costs, C. Gannon, reprimand
ed and discharged. Fulia, driving
a horse in dray faster than a walk,
fined $o and $1 costs. Kikana,
polygamy, by marrying a woman
named Keamalu, he at the time
having a wife living named Puaalua.
- No defence was offered and after
hearing evidence defendant was
committed for trial to July term of
the Supreme Court.
shipping Notes.
Schr Malolo brought 1178 bgs sugur.
Stmr Kiluuca Hou, 1335 bags sugar.
Stmr Mokolii brought 1,000 bgs rice.
Schr "Wnimalu, 1009 bugs sugar.
Schr Ehukui 431 hags sugar and 880
b.igs of paddy. ' '
Stmr Lchuu brought 2042 bags sugar!
and 44 sheep.
Tho schr Reporter arrived at Kahuluil
on Wednesday last, 23 days from Portf
Tho hktne Grace Roberts is loading!
sugar, and will suil for San Franclbool
the latter end of this week.
The schr Mile Monis ran ashore onl
Lnnni, the damage sustained is at pre-1
sent unknown.
The schrPauuhi lias been caulked and!
Her Highness Princess
Ruth Keelikolani.
On Saturday S.K, Knni was discharged!
from custody.
S. M. Oaktek S:Co's telephone nuin
ber is changed to 187.
A Portuguese Boy, aged 0 years, died
on bonrd tho Emma, on her wav from
Wnianae to Honolulu, on Friday.
MVi: understand tlmt tho Captain of
the Excelsior offered to take the 1J0
Chlncso for Portland now outho Madras
for $20 a head and 6100 a day demur
rage for every day over 10 days
quarantine over there. No arrange
nient could however bo come to.
Why doesn't the Minister of the In-I
tcrlor authorize the purchase of a Pul.
somctcr pump, so ns to utilise the watci
In the Artesian well near the Makiki
reservoir by pumping it Into the reser
voir and thus enabling it to Iicdistribut-
cd over tho town by tho water-pipe?. The
matter has been before him for some
Ox Friday during the noon rceess nt
the Royal School one of the pupils
named Joshua a boy of 12 years of ngc
was badly cut on the right thigh by n
broken class bottle on which he fell
while playing a game of'foot ball. He
was taken to the Hospital and the
wound sewed up by Dr. Tiouscatt and
was then sent home.
Many men have inad'j fortunes in tills
I country but how few have remained
here to spend them in improving tho
After 10 n.m. on last Wednesday.
the Likclikc arrived nt Knilun, ivonn,
lJjuvaii, having been specially engaged
to convey Her Majesty the Dowager
Queen bmina, the lion. Mrs. C. R,
Hisliop, and Dr. Brodic, to visit Her
Highness, who had been reported ns
ill. On arriving, they found the re
port was loo true, Her Highness
having suffered for the past eleven
days, and being still suffering from
a very high intermittent fever. His
Majesty visited her, but, ns the phy
sician had hopes of recovery, went
on .With his trip to Htlo. Her High
ness was stui conscious ami was
very glad to sec her relatives. She
retained consciousness tijl about
4 :30 p.m., when she sank into slcent
from winch she never woke till her
death, nt 9 in the morning.' Her
end was very peaceful ultd tiuiet.
She had been ill for 1 1 days with the
icver, miL uiny uuriug uicinsiicw
days iiad alio thought it of any con
sequence and had then sent Judge
llonpili for her cousins, Queen I,m
ina and Mrs. Bishop. Picvious toM
thnt she had foibiddcn writing ton
tncni, ami u time injunction una noli
linen disrpcrnrdr.il thnV wnnhl nnvnrJ
iu all probability, have seen her alive M
ugaui. During the past two years
she hail bowl-, suffering from hcartKS
v . . cwn
Just Received
Hydraulic Rams
Suitable for Stock Ranches where water Is required to bo raised from ciilcriinn
to pasture lands for watering stock1. Full particulars nud cstlmntcs furnished.
EefrigcratOTf, Brooms of superior quality.
Magneso-Calcitairo Proof Safes & Boxes
bsolutcly lire-proof.
Lubricating Oils ol evory description at loweil markel rates.
Illcc Cloth, Patent Big JlolticrsYfjdrt'lho thing for Rico and Sugar Mills
-f.'.i t.'t,., i i'U Ml t nil
JJSTew'Gob&s constantly amvirig.'.
Full lines of Plows and Agriculluinl Instruments,
i f , ) Fulluorjtinont'pf Agntc'Iron Wrtrc,
1 1
! It . '
Illustrated Catalogues on application.
enlightened public spirit bus not bech
found, out it seems that the coun
try is more fortunate at the present day
than at any time before. Ifjou
for evidence of this look around and
Aim nh 14 t lft .- Illw 4-ftf
improved machinery, etc., on every hand.
Durixr the lnst few days city and
suburban residents have had an op
portunity of seeing the first Hansom
Cab ccr driven in this city. It is the
property of Col. Geo. Mucfarlanc who
Imported It from England. Its con
venience for the general character of
the passenger tralhc here (one or two
persons Is each at a lime) that its
general adoption is only a matter ofi
Residents in the upper part of Nuu
anu Avenue, are complaining of want of
water. Dny after day, they are unable
to got any owing to the fact that so many
water rights have been sold by the
Government, that there Is not enough to
supply them nil. They have, we under.
stand, petitioned the Minister of tho In
terior, but as yctjnothing has been done.
Most, if not all, of these residents gave
up their water rights to the Government
Ion condition of being supplied by the
JGovcrnmcnt, and now they arc without
1 water.
Kiwu sill
idoftcn 1
country, it is a great pity mat a more tgdiscasc, tuMToTfcu her pulse had ap
enlliTlituned nuhllc stunt mis not. IhwIiKsi. ........ .i.. .i i ..i... 1....1 i
ij.iiciiuy vcanuui mill suu nuu uuuu
thought to be lifeless, but recovered. j
itm' SSI '3X n 1 """ sm. Vfi "Till - Efev K.V lK
m m Im Slitt m) m m)
my YSJjP yfp "tgU "' 5fJ G if1
1 .
day l?2 In flits onap it is Imlinvixl thnt. tho 3 -
seekfevcr weakened her so that she sue-lil VV E D,ES.,R.E.,rP..C1VLL,TE ATTENTION OF, THE PUBLIC to thciarriv,!
...,,, ha , , , ., ,,, ,, c, : , ,sm 01 our uew invoices i ust receiveu per Bteainer
"Wi: nic, Informed that the,publisher
of one of our weekly contemporaries
has addressed a letter to the Picmtcr"
ete, etc., P. C. !., May 25th. We do
list know who the aforesaid publisher
is but wc certainly ihlnk the whole of
that article is founded on a bicach of
ofllclal and gentlemanly etiquette us
practiced in .any other country in the
world. Just fancy any one writlujr to
the Premier on business of blh own and
then hearing nbout It from a third
party the case ,is precisely similar. . It
shows too, very clearly, the vulue of tho
insertions so repeatedly made, that the
Advertiser not a Government mouth
piece and that the Premier Jias nothing
to do with editing- it. Since writing
the above (Friday) tho Satjtfflay Press
has appeured, from which wc gather
that the publisher referred to by the
Advertiser Is Mr. T. G. Thrum. This
only makes tho matter worse for the
Advertiser, for If they had only wnltqd
a day or two they could have reasonably
ciuiuizeu me action instciui 01 trying to
lirujuuieu mu puonc llllllll.J
We Uenr that recruits for tho Mounted
Police of Honolulu, nrc to bo enrolled
to-day. Seeing that it is nearly a year
Biucu tho Legislature authorized the
creation of this o.Mraordinnry force, and
that up to iho Ulst. March, 10,000 had
been paid out of tho Treasury on its ac
count. It is. time something was done.
. 1
With this Issue wo give another large
supplement which will ho found, ym
hope, us full of interest ns usual. Flan
eur contributes another instalment of
the Latest London Gofcslp, A rumble
through a Sugar Plantation in FIJI, an
American stoanibhip of the future, mid
tho usual miscellany innko up tho re-
jiialndcr of tho contents.
Law Year the iiiliiihltnuts and iniulcnsl
of HonohTiu iullcrcd from a scarcity of
wutor.Wo tJ'cn recommended tho employ.
incnt of a hklliMl engineer to prcpuro 11 1
plan for water conservation so ns u oh I
tain u biipply that would bo HiifllcleiH for
the oily and Its fiituiogiowtn, 'l no wet
reason cuiim on, ltovcver, ami ns every
thing was all light, flntlilng win.
done, Now woaro again Ihrcatcncd will
vam oj wuwif
IT EFT in tho Ladies Dressing Room
JLi at the Music Hull on the night of
tho British Benevolent Society's Hull, n
lllr.fl llnil ftnlll lmlirntfiirl Vnn .1. 1.1.1
HM ...... Uu.M .u. u v.U..WU A-UII. 1UIUI
lace uordered liandkorchluf uttuchcd.l
r mucr win ue Hintauiy rewarded on ro.
storing same to F. M. Bwanzv, at Theo.
11. 4J1IV1C8 OS IO 8. 4111
O N Saturday lu?t, a CANARY, green
ami yellow wines and croon ton.
Knot. Finder will please osnino at
una oiuce nun receive reward. 40'J lw
For Male,
fNL Ihipple-groy HorbO, strong and
Jieititliyj tniined for ladles' luo.
1111 Kinir street.
Wtmtari Iiuinodlulylv.
If a. mm Plowmen. Apply to
108 lw WM, G. 11 WIN & Co.
To Lii.
XJL C hllie.w Ohuruk. Emiiilin m Vn I
Itf."! Fort btieet. dut
Imrtfc Cottage t i4Vt,
cumbed to thdold trouble. Slie had
had no medical attendance previous
to the arrival of Dr. Brodic, having
refused to call in any, though a doc
tor was within 10 miles, and the Ro
man Catholic priest in charge of the
district had offered to give her medi
cine, but she refused till Wed
nesday, when she took Jsomc
puis irom mm, nut it was too late.
1 he fever was produced by takmg
cold on Sunday, May 18th, when
she went out for a drive and after
wards took a sea bath.
The deceased Princess was born
on the 9th February, 182G, and was
therefore in her 58th year. She was
the daughter of the great
clneiess'Jfnunln and Gov. liekuanaoa.
sister to the late Kameliamebas IV.
and V., Fund first cousin to the Hon.
Mrs. C. E. Bishop. She was also, a
cousin of Iler Majesty the Dowager
Queen Emma. She was possessed
of wonderful energy and force of
character resembling in this respect
her iather Gov. Kekuanaoa, but'
having tlicm in a more marked de
gree. Her courage and industry are
well known : in fact, if it could be
possible she had too. much of the
latter quality. Her death will cause
one of the lnst links of'the old tra
ditions and memories of, the past to
the Hawaiian race to be snapped, v It
was at one time thought that she
would nave succeeded to the Ihrouc
after her brothers, but alio never
was anxious for such high honors.
Her death will be universally
regretted and by none more than
those who have known her intimately.
The pollin will be laid in state at
the' house, on Emma street. The
funeral wjll take place on June 15th
(The above was written vesterdav
morning and issued as an Extra bcfoie
G o'clock.)
The following were present at the
time of Jier decease : Her Majesty
Queri1 Dowager Emma Kaleleona
laui, Hon. Mrs. l'aualii Bislfop, (lier
only relativeu),(Mrs. A. 'Rosa, Miss
L. Feabody, Miss btiUman, Mrs. L.
Knpoli, A. Pelekaluhi aiid others.
On receipt of the news of the death
of Her Highness, Capt. King nnmo-j
uiaiery procecueti totivauua,.irom
Kawaihac, to couvey tho body of the
deceased to Houoliuiu At 1 ; Id a,
m. on'SaturdayJ May 2Gth, the stca'
mcr Likclikc arrived at Kailun, and
Purser Brash, accompanied by Messrs
Diuloit, Kuwninul, and tho mate of
tho steamer, went ashore ami assist
ed in getting tho body of tho de
ceased on board. After a delay of
only one Hour and a half the steamer
i.n v.il... ir....'..ll 1 11
lutt ivuiiui mi- jviraumu, vii uvr jv-l;
turn for Honolulu. Tins speedy dc-
fipiu'tmo ,wn.s owingi to tlm tifforts, of
Her Majesty tucun uowngcr Jt,minu,
lion. JJirs. x'liuuuinuifiiioii. main
J, lh'odlu, On board the Hteiunov
tlio body wfw yliiv&d lur cuurgo of
ainrsiini rumo.
I., ,' PI'?"? "iiitKH niumiijWd.
U, KMiminii) Kwj , 1 0(iUoj. - ot ,tUo
uiawuit j'iir Amu. .who km v uro-
Icmed jmrticiilmaforiih!
Tim U, B, Ihigshlp Hnrlfoid Isnlllilol
mm nut uu lino imru to-inuirow,
Yestonlny n"t iiooiiT aSnnn ntuiU'il Jus.l
ner steamer Abcrceldlei from Lnndnn.
cominlsing the largest and most varied assortment of Goods and Mcrehuudisdqvex
linnoitcd.to this liingdoni and which nre now on Exhibition and for sale at our
Sales Roonii, BeaverBloek. , ' ,
In offering these goods for sale Ave take great pleasure Inlnformlng the .Ladies
of Honolulu nud of the other' Islnnds that we have anticipated every want in their
line, and arc now prepared to.show them the choicest line of Goods, everloffejreet
for sale here, having been carefully selected by a member of our,Finn from tho
very'latcst stocks ofthe leading House of London and Paris, with reference to thd
partknilar necessities and requirements of this community.
Many of the articles referred to are of i the very latest and most unique designs,'
and as tho venture is mainly experimental to test tho wants of our ladles, thay may
be regarded as merely sample lots. Ladles' will do well therefore to call early, as
the goods will be disposed of as'soon as ps'sible, to make room for our extensive
stock of goods,for the city and country trade. "
uewisnio can particular attention to tne following uranu Exhibition pieces
from the world-famed Manufactory of Messrs. k..p, dawell & cojOFuLONdon,
tho surpassing beautiful examples of their wo'rkmnnship, having attracted the
notice und admiration of Nnnolcon III., who srrnnted the RcninrlTnnfoll frm'uml
exclusive permission to reproduce from the old models at the Government works
utaevies. xi is not surprising tnereiore to note mat this now world-renowned
house have taken every first prize medal at nU of the great International Exhibi
tions on the Continent for the past twenty years!
The piece do resistance of this art collection is a surr.nn rnoMKTHEUS vase
and cover of turquoise blue ground, and colored majolica,, with emblematic figures
at sides, and the chained Prometheus and vulture, most elaborately and beautifully
wrought on the cover. The above is the Identical piece that secured the first prize
at the great paius intkknationai. exhiihtion of 18C8. Some Idea of the value
of tills work of art can lie formed from the fact that it' underwent fifteen separata
trials bcfoie arriving nt its. present perfected state of form and color. Tho
unusually large size ofitlie piece rendering it apt to split in two, on account of tho
severity of the heat tq which it is exposed in the firing. The color combinations
are sti ikiugly effective, and,thc delicate handling of tints is a marvel of artistic skill.
Theic will also be on exhibition a vaih op iiaonivicrvt visun rpnmriin.wT
from old Sevres mddels, granted to Mr.Dunlell by Ills ImpeHnlMnjesty Napoleon'
III. They are of rose aventurlno tint, surmounted, w ith exotic biids of most
brilliant and beautiful, plumage and elaborately and richly finished in gold
ojunuicntnUpn, with elegantly carved ebony pedestals with .inarblo tops and
eumson plinth. Also a most exquisite table center piece in thrnuolse and
gold,iwith parian MippoitersJana shell plateaux for flowers and frultsvery .richly
ornamented in gold. This piece iSjfrom qldSevres' examples 'for great exposition
Mieclincns, and has takeu thc-first pri.es ut all competitive European Exhibitions
since 1872.
The above mentioned nieces will i-emnlii on p.xhihitlon nt. nin-Slinu-Rnnina int.
two or tin ce w ceks. after w hicli they w ill be sent to Sim Francisco and New, Yovk
w ,Aiiiuuiuii iiiu. riiu
In nddltiomto the ioreirolnflf tlierc are soihe sirinller nietms in tlm amnn it.,..
whieh are deserving of especial mention, notably a like $ike cockatoo with!
willirs nreild. Ilower linldcif; nt. bIiIpk mill olmstAlv tlnlslwwl In nin,i..w...f ...i.,..
This is a lnootlsurpi'isingly effective piece, nud the eo'lorlug is so'falthfuPto 'Nnturo
u iu im luiiiiHiiu ui.uiu.uxuemc. yio
ONE JAUUIKIKUK with witvr liundles most exaulsltelv jleeoratcil In innifi,i
colois and gold aventurlno with twd ebonlzdd tripods pwlth p'cUestdls'aiid crimson
u ucum. vcivcl Huiuut ior bailie. Also
squaie peUetal for same with dark arreen friounil
-ONESQUiiiAjJxuMimELLA.STANHln majolica with life-like leprcsontaOon
of a seal In perfectly natural c'oldrs.J This is a most artistic piece of, workmanship.,
one tall pedestal pf nijissniino ground .With inost gnicoful, and naturallv
colored leafage. A very, handsome DarloroiiiniiieiitirAliinii (( 1 . i' T '
ONE TALL PEDESTAL in tlirnuolxe'. with CTiii'nfiil nnil nloulv nnlnwl h.t,na
of fruits and flowers intertwined x ,,
two hiiiiion ploweu vases of most unique design with uiazdrino ground and
gold .TapaiHttojsprays j , ""4"1
i r I i i I JM"l,,?1n,,y aeeoi-nteu wttli) imturolly colored cliryianthoinums
..uu ,i... iwu iiuuyun. wav uhui on cuiauon grounu. Are very nuuusomo garden
one uound jakdinieue on four feet blue orrb'und nfidillviir ImiminSotc
Egyptian patterns , .,
one lauoe MnuiNiEiiK in Persian turquoise "blue, with elenhaut handles.una
flower pots and btaniis Of riuoand beautlfiildosign, with mazarine ei-omul,
and colored clemiitiH with birds beautifully embossed. All ol the ubovo meutionld!
are very dilheitlt pieces to produce on account of the various combinations of icolor
pleees'havc split in the kiln ns Winy aSelght times, so Unit when aiplece is brought
SftSetotntfflSfS 1H0CeS8' U qUitC "W""11- We wisungK
an.phw of this most delicate and wondorfu arCwhleh U mV iiSitoSTn
aphlled ,-ov vul III the United Mtatcs und Europo. Tlio "rawlii" to KFotara ta
oxeop lonu ly good, and the Chlar-ose.uo offet very cleverly handled. ,pIttlue lS
'1 ho othor represents a Coast Seenq by MorUno, which is particularly noticea
ble for Its free and imeouventlona tioiitincnt. and tho ili0l...itnlHiyrfliX. .?."
uuiUAIli ujll JIllJO ue.i ami UL)owaru Will offoid iininn tilM At 1.nV...i..
uolois, ,im lbeautlfully nil,used with fruits und lloners oCiAi".'1'1.
VUl!S ill II CO101S Willi IkllktlVlllV. I'm im mi
.1 llUnnnl ' . ,"". . wrA"" ""
Jewel Uoxes: Perfi.mV oi.os ' V .7 ,, u ..t .T ' '.l-V' 'Pl U'Haments;
iMiiiolleii limukutx nt vui-imi lVittm ,,1 ' " .- ooauuiiu uosigns uoiorcu
Itlieclinh'PKtdesiL'iis'MfX'- ' v."miiimei-s; a unuuuiii nssonnient oi vusesor
CHINA"' -.ll'ri'iu A l,.r.allnnnl llw. ..linli.Ai. m-ll.,l..!i if m.t,,.. .....1 -,! .
.. ... tllA l.inul-.iniliMl ,l,iaiinlllmi,i .in f,.lln,i,j . II Mj...lrf .. u- Tkl. ....... -. ,1 M, n I.J,
,iu ui iiii iiiunt ,iiiirii uunuiijiiiiiun im wiiJt,n jviiimi, 4'illlllll null i Oil nvnl
lot all patterns and designs. Iniiudlng ii'Iciy dessert aud teu servkeft of the finest;
Iquiillty ami most exquisite deeoratoii, - "
onkhtao okntkh I'lKOBur most, citiuoniiu uesign ana nnlsh a magnificent;
SXTUAJ'nutPmiwtt, on tho WiilklklB""",1. dropped dead In IJtlU'rt Old Von
loiul.lmmudlatopossobbloii. Ai)i)lvB""r Kt'iurant, 'J
l5? i&cJ!someeWOrlh' Wt TUoS,i",wA ''lfirTalmTlYrsl(t''l
ilium iiiiiiiiiuiiii, j-.ugiuii. iiini'ini ni'ivui' inniiiiKsiMi -Min iKtiiuilllll IlililU-piiliit
Ingf of bliilK&fiijWius; Salmi Unv. Champagne Ilottlo Holders! ChiHnimghu
runsr riegiint i'niui uniiiltiuiiniin Willi priMimilo pimiluiitH tinil Mlver mmiutlngs.v
Cabinet IlesMnt Services; Punch Howl, Clari't&Leuiouiido'JiigHj Houp Tureens,'
Ilottlo Stiuiiln; Giiuiii PUhcs; clinleu Struwberiy ami Ice Oinm KotHi bumitlfiih
'INMikunlM, KlrilMi hV FlllcislMekl lMm Hplrlt Rtnuiht Glass Hlinaiu,
mid mi tinilli'fs vip(y of tho llnvt Oljiinipiigne, jlm-k,1 Mlierryi Claret mill Liquor
(JIiiwi.h oj ilin vw bitot palteiiis, iiiql u'lai-go nnnoihmmfc'of CluiinlMiiii' and
f.iiini) of .'uvurv deticiiiitlmi. Abut nVinall liivnlee of lwiiiiiilfiilliiliiA4niifni,.JJV,
IwiilVi cninpiisfiig TtimbleWi AVIhq phwe4
Fish Uovl4,
Flower WUiavWWj&

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