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SATIKDAY, Al'Cl. i, 1883.
( vimiasiiiiii Kxoroihos for Luetics
ntul Children irotn 5) to 11.
Huguliii' Ciwh Suli1 at Kali's Room,
or Lyons & Levey at 10 o'clock.
JJaiiil on Maiipos.ii, at 7:30.
Ciospel Temperance Meeting at
Bethel, at 7::t0.
llethcl Sunday School, at 0:-lo.
Fort St. Church S. S. at :45.
St. Andrew's Cathedral S. S. 10.
Koinan Catholic Church, English
Sermon at 10 a.m.
Uolhel, Rev. Dr. Damon, at 11
Fort St. Church, Rev. J. A. Cru
zan, morning and evening.
St. Andrews' Cathedral, Rev. A.
Mackintosh, morning ; and Rev. G.
"Wallace, evening.
Bible Class at Fort St. Church
Vestry, at 3:15
Many a time people have tried to
run a regular express between here
and San Francisco, which would
admit of greater facilities and con
veniences being granted to cus
tomers than by simply sending
various articles along with the pur
sers of the steamers or as freight.
To a great extent these efforts have
hitherto beeu unsuccessful. Now,
however, Messrs Wells, Fargo, &
Co. have made such arrangements
with the O. S. S. Co. that they are
enabled to announce that they will
run a monthly express between here
and San Francisco and, later, when
the Alameda is put on, a fortnightly
one. They will convey money,
valuables, letters, parcels and pack
ages of all kinds, fresh fruit, meat,
fish, poultry, vegetables etc, safely
and with greater despatch than by
any other means. Messrs Wells
Fargo & Co. will also attend to any
orders sent them by mail and for
ward ntN earliest opportunity the
articles required.
All these are great conveniences
to the public and will no doubt be
appreciated. The guarantee that
they will be carried out is the re
putation the Company has borne
all over the coast for the last 3-J or
35 years, if not more. The Hono
lulu Agent is Mr. Geo. Ashley, and
with him at present is the Travelling
Agent of the Company Mr. L.
On Thursday night the proprie
tors of the Chinsce Theatre pro
duced for the benefit of their cus
tomers a singular performance which
if it were well billed and advertised
would draw a large audience of for
eigners. In place of the usual sec
tion of a four or five days's play an
acrobatic exhibition was given. The
performer, for there was only one,
was an old, tittle, wiry man of
slender build. lie was stripped to
the waist for greater freedom of the
muscles. After making his bow to
the audience and explaining in dumb
show what he was about to attempt
he ascended a rickety platform com
posed of first, two light tables placed
side by side, measuring altogether
about six by three. On these were
stood two high four-legged scats
without backs. On top of these
aain were stood two chairs lashed
back to back thus leaving the upper
most stage of this pyramidal plat
form a thin line formed by the
backs of the chairs. To show how
rickety the ydatform was the fact
may be mentioned that it took four
Chinese to hold the whole thing
steady and prevent it coming to
pieces when he performed on it.
Having arrived at the topmost
round he went through various sum
mersaults and contortions, leaping
from one side to the other with the
utmost agility. Then still in dumb
show he explained that he had fallen
overboard from a ship and had to
swim for his life. He represented
the actions o'f a swimmer while sus
pended in mid air on his stomach.
To conclude he crawled under each
stage in his platform alternately on
his back and his face, his whole
courbo till he reached the floor being
that of ii serpentine stream doubling I
on itself twice. His next feat was a
representation of how the more
bkilful of Chinese thieves break into
a house. The incantations to his
.loss before beginning, and the va
rious devices and tricks to avoid
capture or detection were especially
interesting. In this act the Chinese
clown, called by them the Devil,
added greatly to the comic effects.
The concluding acts though were
specially wonderful, for, placing his
head in one looped rope and his feet
in another and lying face upwards
in this position at full length he
became as rigid as a bar of iron and
was swung to and fro. After fur
ther exhibitions of his skill in rope
tumbling he hung himself by his
queue to the rope and while thus
suspended carried the weight of
another man, and then represented
Buddha sitting cross-legged, a sol
dier in battle with a spear, and a
man fighting a duel with knives.
Many times during the performance
he hung suspended by the lower part
of his skull and his whole weight
resting on it. The whole perfor
mance lasted about two hours.
Friday, August 3 S. Diaz and
A. Gonazalas, adultery, (D) fined
35, and $2.50 costs, (G) fined $15,
and $2.50 costs ; Kcawe, assault and
battery, fined $5, and $1 costs; Ke
ola, larceny, found guilty in 4th
degree, and sentenced to 2 months'
S3.-10 costs.
at hard labour, and
II. I. J. M. S. Riujio leaves for Japan
to-morrow morning. To-day will be
spent in fitting her for sea.
The ship Sliandon will leave for San
Francisco on Tuesday.
The stmr Jas. Makcc arrived hero yes
terday morning in a somewhat damaged
state. She arrived at Kapaa, last Tuesday
Aug. 1st, at 0 o'clock, and was safely
moored when u strong N. E. wind and a
heavy sea came on, the stern cable broke
twice, the bond cable holding good un
til the wind-lass was torn up, which"
left the vessel at the mercy of the wind,
but by tho good management of Ctipt.
McDonald, they arrived here in safety.
She is now being repaired, and will
probably sail on Monday.
Schr Emma brought 40 bags of sugar,
and 40 bbls of molasses.
project for a horsc-tramwuy
Capl. McDonald, of the James Makcc,
repoits a large lire atKcalia, destroying
considerable seed cane.
The Rev. A. Mackintosh is about to
take a well earned holiday in the shape
of a trip to the Coast by the Mariposa.
, .
Tin: Band is certainly going to 'Frisco
but will His Majesty also make tbe trip?
That is the question which now agitates
the public.
Messhs. G. W. Maefarlane will ex
hibit on Monday a magnificent assort
ment of goods both useful and orna
mental. On Monday next Messrs. B. F. Ehlers
& Co. will display their now stock of
fans, which are their choicest and finest
over imported here.
Ax English Sermon will be preached
in the Catholic Cathedral of Honolulu,
to-morrow, August Gth, at the usual
high mass, at 10 a.m.
1 i
Theiie will bo no music at Emma
Square this afternoon. The Band will
play on board the steamer Mariposa
7:110 in the evening.
The One Price Mechanics' Bazaar is
always ahead. Forty eases of gents
Furnishing goods just received for Mari
posa. Call and examine them.
If AKAAico has become such a nuisance
for rowdlness that a resident policeman
has at last been supplied to be constantly
on the spot ready to arrest offenders,
To'jfiairr at 8 o'clock a reception will
take place on board the Mariposa. In
vitationsnre, we understand, being issued
pretty generally throughout the city.
a. .
Those exhibitors who were awarded
diplomas, etc., at the recent show of the
Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society,
may get them at Mr. Jaeger's ofllco
Kaahumanu Street.
Tjik town is very quiet. Excitement
seems to htivo died out and public
opinion apparently points to a recon.
structlon of tho present cabinet rather
than the formation of a new one. That
may be so but, in fouuer days, changes
have been very biulden.
Lit night Col Bpreokcl gnve a grand
bniitiuut at UN resilience, to 1 1 1m Mulosty
uml others,
The steamer t Hy of Sydney arrived
this morning fioin San Fraud co. She
whs (looked by (1:80.
The lluiid gave n concert at the Hotel
yesterday afternoon In honor of senator
Miller, Instead of la the evening as an
nounced. The sale of damaged goods yusleiday
at the sales room nf E. 1 Adams was
vtuy crowded. Prices realized better
than expected.
Tin: Complimentary Benefit Conceit
tendered to the Hand will come off on
Monday night as we announced yester
day. Those who wish to give the Band
a good send-off may buy their tickets at
Messrs. J. W. Robertson & Co's.
Bead our Supplement. It contains:
London Gossip, A Dairymaid's Disaster,
Died of a Short Tree, The African in the
United States, The Squatter's Spirit,
Ileal nnd Ideal, Tbe "Wonderful Gyascu
tus, Household Hints, Acknowledged his
Signature, and other interesting reading
Tiiuhsday great amusement was had
in the Civil section of the Police Court
over a dog case. The defendant lost a
dog some 1110111118' ago. He found one
which resembled it and took possession
and the plaintiffs sued for its recovery.
The Judge rendered decision in their
favor notwithstanding the evidence of
three canine witnesses as to the family
relations of the dog in question.
Ma. J. Williams, the well-known
photographer, of this city has received
one of those delicate compliments which,
to a business man, arc so gratifying as
serving to show how highly hi3 work is
appreciated. By the last mail he re
ceived a most llattcring letter from
Captain Kalogueras, the Captain of H. I.
R. M. S. Nayczdnik, which, it will be
remembered, was in this port some
months' ago. The Captain writes from
Yokohama to say that the photograph of
His Majesty taken by Mr. Williams was,
of many he had seen in different parts
of the world, by far the best. As a proof
of his sincerity ho enclosed a remittance
and ordered !1 dozen more of bis own
caries iic visttc taken while staying at
this port.
At Pahima.on August 3rd, the wife of
diaries Brickwood, a daughter.
Auction Sales by Lyons & Levey.
This Day, Saturday,
Aug. 4th, at 10 o'clock a. in., at Sales
Regular Cash
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Furniture, Sewing Machines,
Gold Watches, &c.
Also, Sacks of No. 1 Sugar.
Lyoxs & Levey, Aucl'rs
Valuable Household Furniture.
Attractive Sale by Auction,
On Monday Aug, Gth
At 10 o'clock a. m.
At the Residence of J. H. Black Esq.,
No. 23 Liliha St.
-Ve will sell the wfiolc of the
Very Superior Household
Furniture and Effects,
Comprising in part as follows:
Parlor Suite,
B. W. Bedroom Suites,
B. W. Bureaus, Mahogany ditto
B. "V. Wardrobe,
B. AV- Sideboard with marble top,
Centre Tables, Chairs, Sofas,
Writing Desk, Chandeliers,
Piano nnd Stool,
Whatnots, Mirrors,
Pictures, Window Curtains,
Glass and Crockeryware,
Stove and Kitchen Utensils,
Bath Tub, &e., &c.
Lyons & Levey, Auctioneers.
ALL accounts remaining unsettled
for 8 months and over will bo
placed in the hands of a collector without
further notice. Interest of 1 por cent
per month aud expenses for colleetinc
will bo added to the bills.
471 lw ' 104 Fort street.
I'uviiiNlied ICoohim
TO LET, corner of Queen and Pnuoh.
bowl streets.
457 tf Apply on the Premises.
will display their
New Stock of Fans
are the
finest and choicest over
imported. 2t
owner can have the same on
proving property and paying charges.
470 at Guxcttc offlco.
ire (i A
Just Received
Suitable for Stock Handles where water is required to be raised fiom gulches
to pasture lauds for watering stock. Pull particulars nnd estimates furnished.
Hofrigerators, Brooms of superior quality.
Magneso-Calcite Fire Proof Safes & Boxes
Absolutely lire-proof.
Lubricating Oils of ovory doscripilon ni lowest market rates.
Rice Cloth, Patent Bag Holders just the thing for Rico and Sugar Mills; '
Differential Pulley Blocks, Carriage Lamps.
New Goods contsantly arriving.
? '
Full Hues of Plows ond Agricultural Instruments, ..-
Full assortment of Agate Iron Ware,
Illustrated Catalogues on application.'1
A. M. Mollis',
the public the Finest and Best Selected
Stock ever exhibited in this Kingdom,
at astonishingly Low Prices. Read the
following, call and be convinced.
For want of space I quote but few of
the One Thousand Bargains now ou
Pure Silk Moires, all shades fiO
worth 3 00
Pure Brocades, leading shades 0 CO
worth 1 2"
Fine Satins 1 00
Fine Figured Sateens...., O'Gf)
worth 0 75
Calico choice patterns, 15 yards for 1 00
Tremendous Bargains in
Hosiery and Underwear.
Real Lisle Thread Hose, all shades 0 CO
Bal. Hose, silk clokgcd, f. f 0 85
Fancy col. hose, from 0 15
Ladies' Embr. Chemise 0 50
Ladica' skirts, with ruillcs & tucks 1 00
Ladies' night gowns, good quality. 1 00
Also, an immense assortment of Lace
Goods, Fichcus, Gloves, Mitts, &c.
Rcul Efstaxte Brolcer, .-V-
Custom Houhc Broker, .
Employment- -Aproiit, and
Ooneral BusinosH Aourf,
Office, 27 Merchant street, - . . Hawaiian Gazette Block.
By request, I have added to my business that of a CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER
and will hereafter attend to making entries at the Custom House of goods through
Power of Attorney from merchants. Our business community will find this de.
partment a great source of convenience.
E-TTha ONLY recognized Real Estate Broker in this Kingdonca
Land and property for sale in all parts of Honolulu and tho various Islands.
Houses to lease and rent in Honolulu and suburbs.
Rooms to rent, en suite or single, throughout Honolulu.
Books and Accounts kept. Bills collected. Legal papers of every description
drawn. Agent for Vickcry's Monthly Fireside Magazine and Visitor, with
18 Cliromo3 ; subscription $1.25 per year. Agent for tho Best Life
Insurance Company in the World.
eSrChargcs always moderate. CSTTclcphonc No. 172.
For the 1 ,000,000,
A. W. EICHAItDSOKr & Go's.,
TSo. 08 DForfc Stx'eot.
Phaetons, Buggies, Wagons, &c.f &c,
Manufactured with all tho latest improvements,
X$lnolcmltliin fc "Wood-work done or every dcHorlptJon.
Having tho jiest mechanics I urn enabled to do work "
Cheaper and better than any other firm in this city.
New work and Repairiug dotio with complete satisfaction, or no charge mud'e.
Hydraulic Rams
104 Fort Street.
I have a full line of
Fine unlauudcred shirts .' 00
Fine percale shirts from 1 00
Fine undershirts, from 0 25
Fancy half bose, from 0 15
Fancy half hose, full finish, from.. 0 35
Fine brocaded suspenders, from... 2 J50
Fine Bycicle shirts, from 1 00
Fine G. Silk handkerchiefs, from.. 0 75
Fine G. Bathing suits, from ,1 75
Fine Silk Alpaca Coats 8 50
Drill suits, for painters 1 25
A full assortment of Ties, Scurfs,1
Neckwear, &c.
I have als added to my establishment
rived from the Coast, who will trim
hats to order, and also wait upon the
wants of my customers in the Ladiea
Department. 400
A Supply of New Goods;
Coal, Iron, Oak, Xsli, Spokes, Rims,'
Felloos, Hubs, Shafts, &c, of thd best quality,
Sold ut tho lowest prices.
V )

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