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Cite fiiila Dullefiti
Kxcolslor Lodge, I.O.O.F., 7:!30.
Bible Class nt Lyceum nl 7 :0. .
Young People Chrisjiinn Tcinper
aiiL'B Union at Miss Breeze's 7:80.
"Thou luist lifted mo up. '"
" 1 will extol Thee, O Lord !"
says the Psalmist, " for Thou hast
lifted me up and hast not made my
foes to triumph over me. "
"We are accustomed to accomplish
the little undertakings of life by the
work of our own hands guided by
the circumscribed wisdom of our
finite minds."
" Yet to-day we feci that we have
cause to rejoice with the Psalmist,
not because we
of ourselves have
triumphed, but
the continued
on account of
and bountiful
favor of the
Almighty and His
.Divine approval of our course
when spiteful, jealous, and disap
pointed foes have enveloped our
pathway with snares, and cunningly
laid pitfalls in the paths of our
rectitude that even in doing right
and executing noble works we may
not prosper according to the merit
of our ways. Surely we may extol
the Lord, because he has preserved
us amid a mesh of snares in the
hands of wilfully malignant enemies. ' '
" "Within the halo of the divine
influence and protection, we may
look upon the harmless beasts of
prey that infest the wilds of despair
outside the gates of rectitude and
knowledge ; wo may look in pity
upon those who rave and gnash their
teeth in envy and malice, and smile
in the consciousness of security.
And so, O Lord ! to Thee all praise
and glory."
The above words and subsequent
remarks were used by the Sunday
writer of our daily contemporary,
under the cloak of religion. They
should be read by everybody. Is
theie one man in this community
who cannot see clearly through
every line and every word that we
have quoted. The " circumscribed
wisdom of the finite miud" of the
blasphemer who makes use of God's
name to show his ill-feeling towards
others ! If it were written by a
Christian with true Christian
feelings, he would remember
that no man is perfect in
God's sight. Has he ever heard of
Christian charity ?
" Spiteful, jealous and disap
pointed foes have enveloped our
pathway with snares, anil cunningly
laid pitfalls in the paths of our
rectitude. We may look
with pity upon those who rave and
guash their teeth in envy and
malice." Are these the remarks
that any Christian should make
about his fellow men ? Can anyone
for a moment believe that such an
article was written by a Christian
for purely Christian motives V No,
the veil is too thin. ' ' First pick out
the beam which is in thine own eye,
that thou may'st be able to see
clearly to remove that which is in
thy brothers eye."
Fiom Our O.vn Correspondents.
On last Saturday night the resi
dents of Ilonokaa were treated to a
new and somewhat novel exhibition
for this part of the country in the
shape of a genuine Portuguese Fan
dango. The performance came off
in the Court House, although the
custodiau of that establishment, has
strenuously refused on former occa
sions to allow any entertainment
there. The performance was a com
plete success owing no doubt to the
quantity of Hop Beer of extra
strength served up by the caterer.
There was a large attendance of the
beer drinking element interspersed
with a few of the more respectable
part of the community and some
There is a good opening in Ilama
kua just now for a first class carriage
builder as nearly every person in
the district seems to have got a
sudden mania for driving and dis
playing last horses j . one can sec all
sorts of turnouts every day from a
bovenly-livo pound trotting sulky
down to a three mule cart, and one
gentleman not to be out done drcive
round town the other day in a
Buckeye mower.
Mr. diaries Coc was thrown from
his horse last Sunday and received a
bad fracture of the shoulder blade.
Pleasant showers have fallen dur
ing the last ten days or so and the
weather is very favorable for cane.
The Paliala mill has shut down
for a shoit time for repairs and a
general looking over.
The amount of sugar taken off the
Haw. Agl. Co3. Plantation this year
to the present time is 2,500 tons
and another thousand will be added
co this befoio the year is out, this
is a line showing and is 1 think
ahead of every plantation on the
A native named Kaikala left Ins
homo Sunday morning 2nd inst., to
go down to the beach to pick shell
lish from the rock and has not since
been seen, it is supposed he was
swept into the sen and drowned.
Correspond c.ico is solicited on the top.
ics of the day, or what limy become so.
Wc reserve tliu right to excise purely
pergonal mutter.
Wc do not hold om selves responsible
for the opinions cxpicssed by our cor.
respondents. Ed.
Eurrou BuIjTjUtix:
In the P. 0. A. of the 1-ith inst.
an article appears on the "lufrc
quoncy of Crime" and very laudators-
of our elhYicnt (?) Police, stat
ing that ''fewer arrests wcie mailc
comparatively in Honolulu, than in
any other seaport city in the world"
I cannot see why this statement
should be printed, surely every body
residing here 'and sea captains visit
ing here knows it to be true to their
sorrow how many prisoners have es
caped, how many men ot war-men?
how many are still at large Capt.
Erben of the Pcnsacola said publicly
"he should advise the Department
to prevent U. S. National vessels
coming bore, as the men were in
duced to desert and . could not be
found" no doubt some of the Po
lice are efficient, but there number
is small, very small iu many in
stances the law is interpreted to
mean that a complaint must be
made, by "an outsider" before an
arrest can be made else why arc
not parties arrested who daily vio
late the laws is it not the duty of
the Chief of Police to instruct his
men in their duties? I do not mean
in regard to straightening themselves
up with a military air and saluting
every one who passes their corner,
(in the day time) or keeping the
Hackmen within certain bounds at a
ball, but a man who knows the law,
and who can explain it to
the Police. Why arc not the laws in
regard to the gin mills enforced
were they, there would not bo a
liquor saloon open in this town to
day any who doubt this are re
ferred to Sections ll-12-'24-2f-27-28-81-32-37-40
of the "Act to re
gulate the sale of Spirituous Li
quors" approved Aug. 7th 1882 I
invite the attention of the "aiious
temperance1 societies to these Sec
tions, which, taken in connection
with a recent temperance lecture,
inclines one to think the people of
this burg are very fond of taffy
but this is no joke I appeal to all
old residents for confirmation of
these facts, that there is now more
drunkenness, licentiousness, lawless
ness, and fewer arrests made for
these offeuses, than at any other
time within the past thirty or forty
3'cars and if the Police are not to
blame who is? Trnmi.
Editor Bulletin: The crew of
the Martha Eideout object to pro
ceed to sea in her and have called
for a survey ; if the owners of this
antiquated relic were in the place of
their crew, they would probably ob
ject too. The Martha Hideout is a
vessel that apparently is and has
been for several years unseaworthy ;
she is ono of those old-time colliers,
a class of vessels now happily disap
pearing. She was virtually condemn
ed at Tahiti but was allowed to
proceed to sea after discharging
some of her cargo. Hut few of her
original crew remain and those now
on board demand another survey.
Wc have all seen a fire in a great
city, the crowd eager and excited,
swaying and thronging forward, the
hose man and his comrades ascend
ing in a glory of light from the
burning building, the crash of the axe
the hiss of the water, the blanching
smoke telling of approaching
suppression of the flames, the
cheers greeting the dying light and
the final extinction of the flames.
Yes, we have all seen that, but few
of us have seen struggles at sea
where there were no inspiring
crowds, no well lighted arena noth
ing but inky blackness a leaky ship
and a deluged deck, nothing but
. ceaseless toil, watching and iueffalile
weariness. The pumps that must
ever be kept going, the leak that
could never he gained' on. The
always existing wonder that she was
still nlloat, the unspoken prayer for
line weather, baiely escaping ot last
with life to bo how rewarded?
feted, dined medalcd 1 not exactly ;
you may possibly get your pay or
you may be sent to prison for re
fusing to proceed again in her. We
do not see the sufferings of those at
sea but they occur none the less,
we do not (all of us) know much
about ships, but wo can tell when
wood is rotten and ropes unsound.
If the ship is condemned it means a
loss of a few paltry dollars to the
owners possibly, but if uncondemned
it may mean certain death to the
crew. The gentlemen conducting
the survey cannot be too careful in
their examination and injuries.
Ou Sailoii.
The following conversation was
overheard between a passenger on
last Australian Steamer and a gen
tleman from the realms of the
" Golden West."
G. W. " Trees! well now, if
vou want trees, von must s.o to the
redwoods, I've seen eight of us, all
good men, take three days to put
the scarp in one tree, and two more
days to fall it."
Aust. My word, mate, that was
a middling good tree, and it reminds
me of some of the blue-gums we met
on the head-waters of the Yarra.
I was in a surveyor's gang and we
got blocked by a tree, the surveyor
said it had to come down and we
went at it, nine of us. Wc wprked
four days at it and on the fifth morn
ing Ave took a walk round, to see
how the tree looked, on the other
side, and I'm blowcd, sir, if there
'was not another gang there who had
been at work for a week,
had'nt even heard them."
and we
BuTiir.sn.v witcr on
met & Thaelior's.
draught at Pal
505 lm
A watch and chain lir.s been lost.
Goveunment uosds arc W.r.
wa3 bid vestsrdav.
IVIr. C. Johnson and party took pass
ago on the C. It. Bis op ycs'c'day to
build the wharf at Wuimea, the schr,
Liholiho took the mato:i-il.
TiiFituis talk of a mn'S meeting being
held shortly in Honolulu to discuss the
political topics of the day.
Tiieke were some very pretty hats,
bonnets and parasols on view at Water
house's No. 10 Fort Street store
The two hind wheels'of a dray went
over Brcwor's nh.irf ye-tardiiy. The
turn-out w,w save 1 justin time.
A native woman at the Branch llospi.
tal died suddenly on Saturday. A post
mortem examination wa& held when it
was found that the omso of death was
fatty degeneration of the hearl.
Of the German laboicrs that, came
from Kauai eleven have decided to
return to work. Twelve have perfected
appeals to the Intermediary Court and
six more have noted appeals. The cases
will be again heard on Sept. 27th.
It is to be hoped that the man who
borrowed the dictionary from the office
of our daily contemporary will, in the
interests of the public, return it quickly,
as they cannot spell correctly without
one, and have been obliged to expend
sixty cents in purchasing a new one.
The Hon. Godfrey Rhodes and Hon.
A. S. Cleghofn have resigned their po-
sitionsas.membcrs of the Boaid of lm
migration. It, is evident that these gen
tlemen ilistipprovo of 'the manner iu
which they liuye been ignored recently
and of certain unexplained transactions
in connection with the Board, such as
why the Portuguese immigration was
suspended, and why the introduction of
Chinese mules is to be continued.
A Chinamau stole a horse some two
months ago from a man named Walsh
atMakawao. The thief was captured
but escaped until last week when ho
was recaptured in Lahaina after giving
a policeman a hunt through somu taro
patches. When found ho had bomo
opium and jas sjneo been sentenced to
a year's imprisonment for stealing the
liaise and lined $50 for having the
At the Pollco Court yesterday twelve
drunks were dealt with. Keoni for as;
sault and battery forfeited u $10 ball'
Kanianao on the same charge was lined
$5. costs $l.j Kanhano for furious rid.
lug was lined $5., costs sgl.Kauhanonnd
Ah Chat for affray were lined $5 each
and .$1 costs, J, Clemens for larceny of
two gold rings belonging to Victoria
Tliointua was remanded to 18th Sept.
and ICalawaiu, on the certificate of Dr.
Urodio, was committed to the Insane
His Honoii, tho Chief Justice, ie.
turnod from Kau on Saturday morning.
The sessions iu that district weio con.
eluded as there were but few cases to bo
tried. On tho opening of tho Couita
procession was formed of all tho rosi.
dents iu their gala costume, tho school
house, whore the Court was held wns
gaily decorated and the event of the
first Kau Court was made a general
Guaranteed to put out twice as large a lbo in half the time of any other machine.
It docs not get out of order, and Is always ready for U3c.
Every residence, Sugar Mill and Stoic should have one
Magneso-Calcite Fire Proof Safes &. Boxes
Absolutely lire-proof.
With largci percentage of inside space than any other safe Wk ake Bole
Wire Cloth, Wire Netting, Rice Cloth, Bird C.igcs,
Barb Fencing: Wire, Pumps, Wiiidwills, Tanks, .
Korosencnnd Libricating Oils a specialty. A good stock on hnnd and to arrive.
Call and examine
JUST RECEIVED, ex " a&nriposn,"
(SELECTED uv OUR Mil. stockley) at
No. OS JTorL Street.
Real 13s tote JBroltei-, ,
Custom House Broker,
H2mploylllolxt Ageut, aucl
General Business Agent,
Otllec, 27 Merchant street, - . . Hawaiian Gazette Block.
By request, I have added to my business that of a CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER
and will hereafter attend to making entries nt the Custom House of goods through
Power of Attorney from merchants. Our business community will And thisde.
paitmenl a great source of convenience.
CSTThe ONLY recognized Real Estate Broker in this Kingdom.-a
Land and property for sale in all parts of Honolulu and the various Islands.
Houses to lease and rent in Honolulu and suburbs.
Rooms to rent, en suite or single, throughout Honolulu.
Books and Accounts kept. Bills collected. Legal papers of every description
.,.... .bw.., ii i.vCij o mummy r lrosmc magazine and Visitor, with
18 Chromos; subscription $1.23 per year. Agent for the Best Life
Insurance Company in the World.
Charges always moderate. fiSTTolenhono Nn. in.
wmiwimptMnwwiM.i'i vm
Phsetons, Buggies, Wagons, &c, &c,
Manufactured with all the latest improvements.
ISlaclvHinltlilns fc AVooavorlc tlono or ovory Meaox-lption
Having the besisiechanics I am enabled to do work
Cheaper and better than any other firm in this city.
New work and Repairing done witL complete satisfaction, or no charge made'
BEGS Icuvp to amnouncc to his m my patrons and tho public iu jreuornl that on
his return from the Eastern States, he will open the twoufyVrtRSn?
tltuato corner of Nuuanuand Queen streets, with an immense stock bulId,nS
Dry and Fancy Goods, House Furnishing Goods,
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes.
Look out for the Opening Day.
And Sheet Iron Worker. Tanks
and Coolers made to order. Particular
attention paid to Rep'air Work. Orders
left at R. Moore's Machine Shop, King
street, will bo promptly attended to.
187 lm
Itaiklslu oi'AugluKcti.
NEITHER the Captain nor tho un.
dersigned yiH be responsible for
any debts contracted by tho crow of tho
above named vessel without, their writ,
ten orders. G. W. Maokajuane & Co.
Consignee ofrbark Anglesey SOU
our Xcw Goods.
wwiim uijin ri
A Supply of New Goods,
Coal, Iron, Oak, Ash, Spokes, Rims,
Felloes, Hubs, Shafts, &a, of the best quality,
Sold at the lowest prices.
To JLct,
tl, PniVnmf,"nV1ri ,10 minutes from
tho Post Onico. Garden and comfort
able surroundings. Tho rooms r.ro spa-
clous and lofty mid well ventilated.
larticulara at the Windsor Saloon.
Iving street. 473
Matting of all Grades
.01 For Sale at
i" A. S. CLEG HORN is CO

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