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SATURDAY, AUG. 23, 1881.
i ' . -
To any one who returns after a
long absence, Honolulu him greatly
changed. Hut to us who are here
year after year the growth is less ob
servable, One change of recent
years however strikes cvery-onc. It
is the extension of business along
King Street. For many years Mc
Intire's corner and Hall's little
wooden store marked the first busi
ness points on King Street. To-day
between King and Alakea the resi
dences of lion. C. K. Bishop, C. T.
Gulick anil II. Mclntyrc are the only
places not occupied for business pur
poses A blacksmith shop is the
furtkercst east on the south side, the
Louvre lace house occupies the north
corner of Alakea and King, then
comes u photograph gallery, a cigar
manufactory and Mcllor and Ilalbe's
new candy manufactory. The cigar
manufactory is a new industry for
the country and it is to be hoped
that a fair test will be given to Hawai
ian grown tobacco. Certainly the
place looks neat and clean enough
to satisfy the most exacting. Not
having tried the cigars we can't ay
as to quality. On the south side
of the street stands I lie largo buiid
ingoecupied by llustace's well order
ed grocery and feed store, the en
terprising King Bros, picture and
frame depot and Howe's paint shop.
In the rcarN Way's carpenter shop.
The Harmony Lodge I. O. 0. F.
occupy the whole of the second
lloor. Lowers and Cooke have extend
ed their lumber yard along the
street in the rear of the Hose Com
pany's house to the Way building,
lion. C. T. Gulick lias put up a very
line residence next east of the Way
block. Those who have been with
in will appreciate the handsome
finish of the whole interior. Mr.
Gulick lias not yet taken possession
of his beauiful residence.
The widening of Alakea and Mer
chant streets will lend a new impetus
to the extension of the business out
that way and before very long Ala
kea Street will be used as a thor
ough fare from the water front as
much as Fort Street now is.
After hanging around a Wood
ward avenue hardware store for a
quarter of an hour he cautiously
observed :
"Maybe I like to see some ice
box." "Certainly. We have, a full and
complete line. This is the size for
an average family."
"Please explain to mo what dot
ice-box does."
"Docs? Why, it saves ice."
"Vhcll, I dunno, I vas not in dcr
icc-peesness, und if 1 save some I
can't sell it. What else?"
"It keeps your meat."
"Yes, if I haf some meat it may
keep him. Does it wind up and
play some tunes anywhere?"
"Of course-not. If you put your
milk, meat and berries in this box
they arc kept fresh and sweet.
Didn't you ever see an ice-box
"Dot vhas my peesness! I now
like to ask you if dis ice-box vhas a
lawn-mower, to6V"
"No, sir."
"Vhas dere some burglar alarm
in him?"
"Vhas he an alarm-clock dot
wake you up shust vlien you vhas
der most shleepy?"
"Docs it save me any taxes, und
can I use him for ily-scrcens?"
"This is an ice-box. All you have
to do is to put ice in here and the
provisions on these shelves. Every
thing is kept cold and fresh and
"Does it run with hard or soft
The clerk looked at him for half a
minute, and then walked away and
sat down.
"Vhell, I can't help it," said tho
other, as ho started to go out. "If
dot vhas simply some ice in a box I
can do dot myself und save expense.
If it plays sonic waltzes or saves
fuel or keeps scarlet fever tuvay or
keeps from mein house burglars, 1
like to let you talk mlt me for two
hours. I belief he vhas some
frauds. Good-bye V Exchange.
" A coihplcxionist," said tho lady
in answer to the reporter's interroga
tion, "is one who makes a study of
the human okin and takes charge of
the customer's complexion."
" Hut surely tljere are not many
who "
"Oh! yes; there are hundreds of
the fair sex who come here during
the gay season to be made up or to
have the skin treated witli delicate
washes to prevent the bad effects of
gas, heat and late hours. Hut young
ladies are not the only ones treated ;
men young and old arc often
found within these walls."
"What is your usual mode of
"That depend'! on the com
plexion ; if it is merely to be pre
served, wo advise a little careful
dieting and bathing in elder (lower
water. Not a particle of fat must
be taken, as it injures the polish of
the "skin. Here is a prescription
that will clean the complexion in a
very short time: A tablcspoonful of
sulphur taken every other morning
for a week, then omitted for three
mornings and taken again. A mix
ture of powdered brimstone or
diluted glycerine should be rubbed
on the face at night and washed off
in the morning with soap and water
in which there is a little amnion a.
Washing the face in spirits of cam
phor, glycerine and ammonia is also
very good, and various other methods
are resorted to for this end."
A new reaction characteristic of
the salts of gold was shown by M.
Ad. Carnot to the Paris Academy of
Sciences the other day. Into a phial
a few drops of a dilute solution of
chlordidc of gold arc put; some
drops of arsenic acid are added, witli
two or three drops of chloride of iron
and of hydrochloric acid, with about
a decilitre of water. "If into this a
fragment of zinc introduced, a purple
colour is formed around it, which
eventually spreads, as a Hue rose
colour, throughout the iluid. M.
Carnot says if one-millionth part of
gold is present the tint is very visible,
but it may be distinguished with a
proportion of gold one-half less.
Mr. W. Mattieu Williams calls
attention to the danger attending the
habitual use of a cup of tea when
fatigued from brain-work, thus
enabling a man to continue at work.
In reply to an assertion that "fatigue
disappears like magic after drinking
u cup of tea," he says "that which
actually disappears is the sensation
of fatigue, which may be deadened
by any one of a multitude of other
drugs besides the alkaloid of tea."
lie adds, "This sense of fatigue is
the natural safety-value of the whole
vital machinery, especially of its
prime mover the brain."
Suicide is increasing in the Aus
trian army, the number of cases in
1878 being .'ill, including 22 higher
ofllccrs and ninety-eight olllccrs of a
lower rank. The most common mo
tives arc fear of punishment, mone
tary troubles, dissatisfaction with
military modes of life and mortified
ICIZVG H'J-'Jtiaj'X'.
(I. Cavcnagh. a Proprietor.
Mfi-JAIiS eMzzzzs MHAIiS
CookUtoordV-SSifSKu all hours.
Oysters, Celery, Salmon, ami Fruit
Received by every steamer. 001
Drayman best teams
to wen. nl Oille, Queen st. 15
Wilson Brothers,
r Horse Shoeing a specialty
A first-class man being specially engaged
for Unit work.
Ship and Wagon work faithfully
uttended to.
Shop on the Esplanade, op. Hopper'u.201
Furnished Itooms.
? to MRS. TURNER, 82 Kin;: Street,
nearly opposite- lite Windsor Restaurant,
(WO ly b
Furnished Kooms.
rpO LET, ut thu nuw Building No- US
X Aluken Street, nearly opposite the
Y. M. C- A. Building. Apply on tho
premises. 725 !)m
No. 8 Maunaki:a St.
Trees and Saddles of all kinds Hindu to
order und repairing Harness, etc., done
in short notice. All orders promptly at
tended to. C93 ly
Vjr (iiontlty, from 1 to 100 bugs,
'Frank Ilustace,
704 Queen Street.
ESru1J&aiUvPKl Fit fcKv
Tho American Ambassador ut Vicuna,
Mr. Knsson, luis lately forv, aided to Ids
Government aii Interesting account of a
rcmarkablo surgical operation lately
performed by Professor Billroth, of
Vienna, which, wonderful to tell, eon.
tdttcd In tlui rumoviil of a portion
of the human stomach, involving
nearly one-third of tho organ anu
strange to say, the patient iccovorcu
the only succcsstut operation of tho
Kind oer performed. The dlsoisc for
which this operation was performed
was cancer of tln stomach, intended with
the following symptoms! The itp.ictito
is quite poor. There, Is a peculiar In l s.
crlbable distress in thu slonvieli, a feel,
lug that has been described as a faint
"oil gone" sensation; a sticky slime col
lects nboul the trcth, especially In the
morning, neeoinpauied by 1111 unpleasant
taste. Food fails to satisfy tills peculiar
faint sensation; but, on the contrary, It
appear to aggravate the feeling. TI10
eyes are sunken, tinged with yellow; the
hands and feet become cold and sticky
a cold perspiration. The sufferers ieel
tired all the time, and, sleep docs not
seem to give rest. After a time the pa.
lleiil becomes nervous and irritable,
gloomy, his mind lllletl with evil fore
boding. When rising suddenly from
-a recumbent position there is a dlzzlnc.,
a whistling sensation, and he Is obliged
to grasp something lh m to keep fiom
falling. The bowels costive, the skin
dry and hot nl times; the blood becom.
Ing thick and stagnant, and docs not
ciiciilutc pioperly. A her a time the
patient Bplts up lood soon alter eating,
sometimes in a sour and fermented con.
(litlon, sometimes sweetish to the taste.
Oftentimes there Is a palpitation of the
heait, and the patient fears he may have
heart disease. Towards tho hist the
patient Is unable to retain .any food
whatever, as the opening In tho Into,
tines becomes closed, or nearly so, Al.
though this disease Is Indeed alarming,
suU'crcis with the above named symp
toms should not feel nervous, for nine
huifdied and niuety.nlne cases out of a
thousand have no cancer, but Dimply
dyspepsia, 11 disease easily lemoved if
tieated in a proper manner. The safest
and best remedy for the disease is
Selgel's Curative Syrup, a vegetable pre.
parathvn sold by all chemists 'and niedi.
cine vendors throughout the world, and
by the proprietors, A. .1. White (Limit
ed), 17, Farrlngdoii.umd, London, E. C.
This Syrup strikes at the very Inunda
tion ol the disease, and drives it, root
ami bianch, out of tho system.
St. Marv-street, Peterborough,
November, Slllh, 18S1.
Sir, It gives 1110 great pleasure to in
foimyou of the bcnollt I have received
from Selgel's Syrup. 1 hnvo been troub
led for years with dyspepsia; but after
11 few doses of the syrup, I (ound relief,
and after taking two bottles of it I feel
quite cured.
I nm, Sir, vouis truly,
Mr. A. J. White. William Bi'cnt.
September Stli, 1S3I).
Dear Sir, I find the sale of bcigol's
Syrup steadily Increasing. All who tunc
tiled it speak very highly ol its medi.
einal vlitues: one customer describes it
as a "God-tend to dyspeptic people." 1
always leeoinniend it with confidence.
Faithfully yours,
(Signed) Vincent A. Wills,
Chemist-dentist, Mertbyr Tydvll.
To Mr. A. .1. White,
Selgel's Operating Pills are the best
family phylc that has ever been dia
covered. They cleanse Ihe bowels from
all irritating substances, and leave them
iu a healthy condition. They cure cos
tlveness. Spanish Town, Jamaica, West Indies,
' Oct. 21,1882.
Dear Sir, 1 write to inform you that
have derived gieal benellt fiom
"Selgel's Synip." Forsomeyeais 1 have
sufl'ertd fiom liver complaint, with its
many and varied concomitant evils, so
that my lite was a perpetual misery.
Twelve- months ago 1 was induced to try
Seigel's Syrup, and although rather
sceptical, having tried so many reputed
infallible remedies, 1 determined to give
it at least a fair trial. In two or tiiree
ilia's I felt considerably better, and now
at the end of twelve months (having
continued taking it) I am glad to say
that 1 am a dlllerent being altogether,
ft is said of certain pens that they "come
as a boon and a blessing to men" :e id 1
have no reason to doubt the truthfulness
of the statement. I can truly say, how
ever, that Selgel's Syrup has come as a
"boon and a blessing" to inc. I have re
commended it to several fellow-suffeiers
from this distiessing complaint, and
their testimony is quite in accordance
with my own.gUiatltudo lor tho benellt
1 have derived from the excellent pre
partition, prompts me to furnish you
witli this unsolicited testimonial.
I am dear Sir,
Yours ever gratefully,
(Signed) C'tuey B. llerrv,
A. J. While, Esq. Baptist Missionary.
Pieston.Sopt. 21st, ISS'.i.
My Dear Sii, Your Syrup and Pills
are still very popular with my customers,
ninny saying they arc the best family
medicines possible.
Tlie other day a customer came for
two bottles of Syi up and said "Mother
Seigel" had saved the llfo of his wife,
and ho added, "one ut these bottles 1
am sending 11 f teen miles ilwny to a friend
who is very ill. 1 have much fath iu It."
Thosalu keeps up wonderfully, In fact,
one would fancy almost that the pcoplo
were bcglnnlnj: to breakfast, dine, and
sup on Mother Solgel's Syrup, the do.
mand is so constant and the satisfaction
so great.
1 am, dear Sir, vouis faithfully,
(Signed) W. Bowkcr.
To A. .h White, Esq.,
Henslngham, Whitehaven, Oct. 10, 18S2.
Mr. A.. I. White-Dear Sir, I was
for .some tlmu nllllcted with piles, and
was advised to give Mother Seigel's
Syrup a trial, which I did. I am now
happy to stale that it has restored me
,to complete, health. I remain, yours
(Signed) John II. Llghtfool.
703 lv a
General Engraver
Hegs to Inform the public generally
that he has opened an establishment at
S Ttiiifv Slrool.
Engraving of every description.
Monograms a Spuclally !
Late employe of W. Wcnner. All
work guaranteed satisfactory. 707 1m
Kwenennmiiwurinuji m,.i.m
Business Directory
E. P.Adsi'n-
Lyons & Levey,
.Queen st
, .Queen st
fiUvIn II. RaEcmann....GJzetto Bulldltfg
Sjf Banners.
Bishop & CO., .ueiuuuui ai
W. McCitulles Pi" Market
Hoot nml Hlioew.
Chr. Oertz ....! ortst
J XL Store 2yuutinut.t
Clot lit lie-
Gartonbcrg I X L. Siorc,....Nuuanu st
P.A.1MM?: King
Uoiunlvea A5 Ho Ho"'1 ,l
Cabinet aiftUtTM. ,
W. Miller Hold s,1
Crowley & Co., King st
Lycan & Co., '" t
Currluso ainlicr.i.
W. Il'.Page,"-' AFortS!
Hawaiian Carriage Co., Queen st
CIcnio nml Tnbnrco,
Kurt, Bros. Uld Coiner Queen st
Noltes Beaver fcaloon, . 1- 01 1 st
Fihoi Champagne Cider,. ...Lllllui fct
Canity rnetory mid llnkery.
P. Horn Iloll!l &t
CnrnenlcrM nml MiiIlderM.
F. Wilhelm K,,vihit
O. Lucas l01tft
Dry nml Fnnry Goods.
X. S. Sachs rolt
J.T. Wateihouse, Q"?0" "
J. T. Waterhouse j"K s
J. T. aterhouse, 1' ort st
IX L Store Miuanus
It. F. Killers v'v Co V,1' orJ .
M. A. (ion.alvcs it Co "?lc1
P. A. 1)1.1.. Mngbt
Benson, Smith & Co., ..Fort st
Hollister & Co Xuuanu s
Hollistcrifc Co tltst
M. Grossman Hotel st
OrayiiEi' and CartUEi".
S. M . Carter & Co -King st
Frank Ilustace Queen st
G. Hnbluson, (2lll'l'a st
r 11 ml Htii' il Jtorin".
Mrs. U'urner, King st
t'lre IiiHiiraiioo Agi'iitH.
H. Bleinensehnelder,..at Wilder ii Co'.
C. O. llerger Merchant st
Gcnt'si l'nriilslilnc Goods).
Khleis&Co., loit st
X. S. Sachs ....l'oust
I XL. More Miuanu . st
Consul ves & Co h st
P.A.Dlas Klngst
Groceries and I'rovls-Ioiist.
A. S. Cloghorn & Co Qwen st
Kenned v a Co , llot0 ?l
Wolfe &Ed wards,-. -Fort & Xuuanu stt
Horse lihociiiz Shop.
Wilson Uros., ft st
liny and l'ecrf Storen.
S. M. Caiter & Cc, King st
Union Feed Co Quten st
Laino &Oo l'rt !
.Harness aiukrr
G. L. bliorman ' Klngst
Dillingham & Co Fort st
J. T. u aterhou-,0 Queen st
IiMnoi'tcrri c.V Coni.3IiTclir.iitH.
G. W. MaefaTlnno A; Co., Fort st
U. liiew er ii Co., Queen st
L 011s ifc Lc ey, Q 'ecu si
M. S. Grinbaum & Co., Queen st
. G Irwin & Co Fort st
A. S. Clegborn & Co., Queen st
J.T. Wuteihmisc Queen si
F. T Luiimiun Aj Co , .N uuunii st
Castled Coike, L-ing st
Whig Wo Tut ec Co., Niiiwuu st
O. O. Beiger Meicbimtst
liyiium Hip Merchant st
l.alior Agents.
W. Anld, Water Works Olllcc
J. A. llassinger, Interior Ulliuc
W. C. Akana". Ivlngst
S. M. Carter, K-i"S l
Lumber Dealers.
Lowers & C.joke -T'ort st
Wilder to Co Fort si
Millinery and Dress amldns-
Mrs. A. M. Mollis Fort st
. .' aicdlenl.
Dr. Kmerson, Kukul st
Xcwh Dealers.
J. M. Oat Ji. & Co., Merchant st
I'luinber.s and Painters.
B.C. Howe,.. .. King st
Brown & Phillips King st
J. Nott, Kaahuinanu st
Max Kobin, Fort st
Williams ii Co., Fortst
A. A. Montano Fort st
Tiinliip; iV aitiieal Instriiini'iitH.
Lycan & Co Port st
Hart, Bron. Old Corner, Queen st
Noltos Beaver Saloon Fort st
Windsor Iiostaurant, King st
Casino, . . .' Kaplolanl Park
Tourist's Hctreai,.IIonuapo, Knu, Hawaii
Itcnl i:stnt AucntH.
J. K. Wiseman Meichaut si
M. Thompson Fort st
A. S. Harwell o er Bunk
..I. M. Davidson Ktiahumanu st
A . llosu G ov't Building
W. A. Whiting, Kaahuinanu st
J. Knsscll M'ercliant st
S. B. Dole, Kaahuinanu st
F. M. Hatch Kaahumaun st
It. P. Blckerton Merchant st
Cecit Brown, Merchant st
J. M. Monsarrat, Merchant st
rinap factory.
T. W. Uawllns, King st, Leleo
.! M.Out Jr.vfc Co .Merchant st
Hall aiukiTH.
J.M- OatS, Co., Queen st
miilp Cliandlcry.
Ploico & Co.,' Queen st
J. Nott Kaahumnnu st
' Tailors.
II. S. Ti egloan Fort st
Travel. .
Inter-IslandS. N. Co., Esplanado
Wildor's S. S. Co., Fort & Qilcun sts
O. S. S. Co A , Fort & Queen st
Pacific Navigation Co., Queen st
Wood and Coal Dealers,
Frank Ilustace .....Queen st
,S, M. Curler & Co Klngst
Wines mid Hiiirl I s,
G. W. Macfnrlanb & Co.Kunhumiinn st
F. T. Lenelian & Go Nuunnu st
Brown & Co., Merchant st
lA'iifi-l, rnlri-l-w-
I Wcnner & Co., Fort st
Cumpbcll'M xS'oav 131oelc,.
Telephone, 172.
real .i3n: -
Employment A gout, Cuotom Houbo Brokor,
OsO ly .Orders of Kvcry Kind and
Corner of Queon and
BEG to inform their friends and the public generally that they are continu
ing business at the above stand, and have made complete arrangements for
a continuous supply of
Fresh Goods of the very Best Quality
which wo will offer for sale
We hopes, by giving our best attention to plensc the public, to merit a part of
their patronage. A large stock of .
Wheat and Oat Hay, Whole- and ground Barley,
California and Oregon Oats, Bran, Middlings, &c,
now on hand. Orders solicited and satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay asked.
VIT-.TI3K,'.S S. S. CO.
twr,Sto.ainor Kinau,
pSJ$i King, Commander,
Leaves Honolulu cneh Tuesday nt
4, p.m., touching at Lalminn, Man
laea Hay, Mnkcna, Maliukoun, Ka
wulliac, Laupiihoehoe ami llllo.
Ecturning, will touch at nil tho
nlove ports, arriving nt Honolulu
each Sntuidiiy afternoon.
To tho Volcano and Back.
f-jv O
'Iiiior-lfsilaiMlS. X. Co.
THHOUQII TICKETS to the Volcano,
and return, can now be had at the olllcc
of the Intcr-Island S. N. Co. Tourists
leaving Honolulu per time table of the
"PLA.NTIJK." will be landed at Puna
luu, thence byllailroad to Pahala, where
Horses and Guides will he In attendance.
liy this rout. Tourists can make tho
round trip in 7 dajs, giving 4 days to
viit tho Volcano.
Including Horses, Guide, Board and
Lodging, $C0.
. For further particulars enquire at the
dnicp of the
Iiitcn'-lNhuid N. W, Co.,
or J. F. JORDAX, Volcano House.
714 tf
The Clipper Schooner
F. Klbblin- Master,
Will run regularly to the ports of
KAUAI. For f (eight or passage apply
to the Captain on board, or to the
Pacific Navigation Co.,
Til 3m Cor. Nuuanu & Queen fits.
Schooner Ehukai
will fun icgulnrly
Returning on Thursday, weather
For freight or passage apply to tho
Captain on board, or to
Pacific Navigation Co.,
181 'Agents
Have a Largo Stock of tho
O-rain, Etc.,
Which is offered at Lowest Market Prices
Delivered Free to any part of tho City
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Agents for tho Hoover Telephone.
Commissioner of Deodsfor California
Telephone No. 147. 700
Tourists Retreat.
Honuapo, Kau, Hawaii.
IS NOW OPEN for Travelers, where
First class accomodation can bo had
al all Times. Tho climate of Honuapo
is recommended for Invalids.
Provided for the Volcano.
ES'For Terms, etc., Seo CARDS nt
Hotels and Streets.
fi73 ly Proprietor.
According to the highest and best medi
cal testimony.
Manufactory, : : : No. 11 Lllilm St.".
P. O. Box, U70. Telephone, 284.
OgyAll orders receive prompt nttcHtlon.
lpp;7 j
j i in i1 rwmMinmviMMMVMMM ' Ant
....Xcrehunl Street'
P. O. Box, 315.
.rx,3: a gj-je iv t9 M
Fix'c and Lifo Insurance Agent, 3
and General Business Agent M
Nature Solicited from (he Various Islands. ,
Edlnburp; Strebts.
.iVo. wn
Offer for Salo tho Cargo of the
Light Express Wagons,
Ev Top Carriages.
Cumberland Coal,
Com. Wood Chairs,
Fine Molasics Shocks,
Rosin, Soap,
Ice Chests, Nos, 2, o, and 15,
. ' Hoe Handles,
Lobsters, llbtns; Beans, alliens
Spruro Plank.
Hay Cutters, Nos. 1, 2, & 3.
Axle Grease,
Falrbank's Scales, Nos. 7,S,10&114
Leather Belting,
Centrifugal Lining, 14 inch ;
Comp. Nails, lg, 1.14 inch.
Bales Excelsior,
Manila Cordage, Assorted:
Excelsior Mattresses,
Galvanized Fence Staples,
Sisal Rope, Assorted,
Hump Barro.ws,
Ames' Shovels,
10, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 20 oz.;
Hair Mattresses !
Grindstones, Rubber Hose,
Hide Poison, Barbed
Wire, Refined Iron,
Galvanized Screws and Washers.
IN Till'.
Yes, and wo sell
.A.H ILo-w iiH tlio XjOwcmI; !
and don't anybody forget it.
Wo sell New Bedford Rope, nnd any
retailer knows how it will hold out in
net weight.
Wo also have tho niojt varied assort
ment of ,
kept by any house this side of the Rocky
Mountains, such as
Hemp and Manila Cordage, all sizes,
Artesian Well Boring Ropes,
Manila Hawsers, Wire Rope,
Cotton nnd Hemp Duck nnd Twine,
Galvanized Marino Hardware,
Puro Copper Sheathing, 14, 10 & 18 oz
Yellow Metal and Nails. 14 to 28 oz,
Copper Paint (Tarr & Wousln's)
Whalo Boats, Boat Stocks,
Gal. Boat Nails, all kinds and sizes,
And 1001 other things too numerous
to mention Also, agents for
Terry Davis' Pain Killer,
Brand & Pierco's Bomb. Guns and
Bomb Lances, &o., Ssc,
All of which wo will sell at tho
Lowest Rates.
300 ly A. W. Pcircc & Co.
Have Secured tho Services of
One of the Best Artists
Prom San FranclscoIls Coloring Is
Views oi" tho Volcano,
Also on Hand, Como and See Them.
C31 tf
, 1
f '
,i. .

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