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FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 188'..
April 10
Sehr Wnlchu (or Kniial
vesselsTeavihg to-morrow
Stmr C It lHshop for Walunnc. Walu
lua. Klliuiea ami Hanalci
Stcmn Rklno Morning Star, Uwy
Slili linperulor. Unix
Get bkMnthlldc, Kieiizlen
Sehr Eva. Wlkniitu
S SMnilposa. Havward
RkCalbailen, llubb.ud
Wh Alliance. MeKcnna
Tbc JJu Mill load for San Francisco.
The ship linperator is loading for San
Tlic Geiniau baik Muthlldo will Mill
for Roynl Roads some time next week.
Ioi.ani College closed yesterday
afternoon for a. week's vacation.
Tun landing at Kilauca, Kauai,
was washed away last week by a
very heavy swoll.
A i. Altar, number of persons at
tended Lyons & Levey's regular
easli sale this morning.
Noon prayer meetings at the Y.
M. C. A. Hall every day 'commenc
ing at 12.15 o'clock.
Tin: house and lot owned by W.
K. Lawrence on Artesian street is
advertised for rent.
Tim San Francisco Dramatic Com
pany in "The Honeymoon" at Music
Hall to-morrow evening.
Tin: Consular Hags
are at half
mast to-daj out of respect to the
memory of the late Mr. A. Unna.
Tin: Elite Club meets at the Cent
ral Talk skating rink this evening,
and only ladies admitted free.
Bi: sure and not forget the tamalc
part' at the Yoscmitc rink this even
ing. Go early and be rewarded with
a tamalc.
Tin: Royal Hawaiian Band will
give its tonal concert at Emma
Square to-morrow afternoon at -1.30
Ox the fourth page will be found
some very interesting correspond
ence relative to the Hawaiian treat',
which all should read.
Evr.KY officer and private of the
Honolulu Rifles must attend at the
Armory this evening at 7.30 o'clock
sharp, in full dress uniform.
Look out for the grand opening of
summer millinery goods at N. S.
Sachs', No. 100 Fort street, com
mencing Saturday, April 18th.
, o
Mn. F. A. Schacfcr, secretary of
the Queen's Hospital, will receive
tenders to supply the hospital with
pure milk, up to noon to-morrow.
Mn. Horn will have another batch
of those line hot buns ready to-morrow''
at noon, and will make this a
special business every Saturday.
i Ir you want a nice shoe, boot,
" slipper, or any kind of children
shoes, L. Adler is the place for it,
13 Nuuanu street- 980. tf.
1'iCTUiu: cord, and gold and silver
wire, picture knobs, hooks, etc.,
also patent hooks for curtain hang
ing at King Bros.' Ait Store. 990 3t
A mi:i:tixq of Hawaiian Council,
No. 089, A. L. of II., will hold a
meeting this evening at Harmony
Hall at 7.30 o'clock. Business, Ini
tiation. Tub P. M. S. S. Australia is duo
on Sunday afternoon from the Colo
nies en route for San Francisco.
Letter writers should take notice of
A Miscmr.vous boy in a New York
skating rink yelled "Rats," and
nearly created a panic. It is almost
impossible for a girl to stand up in a
chair with roller skates qii.
Lyons & Levey hold an important
credit sale, to-morrow at 11a. m.,
selling Portland cement, Havana
cigars, Vienna bent wood furniture,
soda water and bundles of steel.
Mn. II. F. Davidson, of the Gov
ernment survey ollicc, is at present
surveying the block from Alakca to
Fort, and Queen to Merchant streets.
It has never been properly sur
veyed. Tin: tegular quarterly meeting of
the Honolulu lire police took placo
last evening. C. Braun was elected
Secretary in place of R. M. Fuller
resigned. The other business trans
acted was of tho usual routine cha
racter. At 10 o'clock to-morrow will be
sold, at Mr. Adams' salesrooms, a
block of prints, denims, groceries
and crockery; and, at noon, a quan
tity of household furniture, one
Brewster top buggy, harness and
other things.
"Tiir, regular monthly meeting of
the Myitto Boat Club has been post
poned to Wednesday evening March
It is a long time sinco Foil street
looked so clean as it docs now. A
gang of prisoners with hoes and
shovels have nmdo the change.
Nuw Zealand, with a population
of half a million, has one hundred
newspnpeis, thirty of which arc
Ei.muu Hill, of Santa Barbaia,
California, 1ms loccntly written u
book called "Six months in Hono
lulu". A copy is already in the
lliun Admii.il Upshur, of the
irigato Hartford now due here, will
be placed on tho retired list Decem
ber (5th, and will be succeeded by
Rear Admiral Macauley.
Miis. S. .1. Levey and the Misses
Coney, who went to England in the
S. S. City of Paris, are now in New
York, and will shortly return to their
island home.
In the window of Mr.T.G. Thrum's
Merchant stiect store may be seen a
line specimen of alfalfa six feet in
height, grown on the premises of
Hon. II. M. Whitney, King street.
Tin: members of the German Club
gave a very pleasant dance last even
ing at their rooms, which was at
tended by quite a. large number of
invited guests. A most delightful
evening was passed.
Jami:s Anthony Froude, tho noted
author, is making a tour of the
world, and may be expected hero on
the S. S. Australia due Sunday. So
says the the S. F. Argonaut of
March 28th.
Remi:miii:k the Dramatic Company
open opens to-morrow evening at
Music Hall in the Honeymoon. Seats
can now be secured nt "Wiseman's,
Merchant street. Prices S1.7f) cents
and 50 cents.
Tin: Assignees' sale of the estate
of Kwong On Tai yesterday was well
attended and the stock brought good
prices, the entire amount realized
being $1,100. Mr. James Morgan
conducted the sale in a very able
Tins morning about 11 o'clock a
horse attached to a dray which w as
being loaded at Brewer's wharf,
took fright at the tug Pele's whistle
and started off, but stopped in the
opening adjoining Wateihouse's
Queen street store without doing
any damage.
Tun World's Y. M. C. A. Con
ference which wai held at Berlin
last year was one of the laigest and
most interesting ever held. Mr. Mc
Coy, who attended it, will give a ro
port of the doings at the Y. M. C.
A. Hall on Sunday afternoon at 2 :30
o'clock, when everyone is invited to
. .. ... i.
It is said that general passenger
agont Davenport, of the Oceanic
Steamship line in San Francisco,
is making arrangements for a teach
ers' excursion to these Islands. The
fare will be reduced and Manager
Joe Tilden, of tho Hawaiian Hotel,
will also reduce his rates. Glad to
have them come.
In the Supreme Court yesterday,
the case of Maria Waianumea vs.
Kane et al., ejectment, was com
pleted, the jury bringing in a ver
dict for the plaintiff for $100. S, B.
Dole for plaintiff; A. S. Ilartwell
for defendant. Divorce cases will
bo heard to-morrow and the foreign
jury will be required at 10 o'clock
Monday morning.
. ' ' - -
Tin: Boston Herald of March
21st says that the Rev. II. S. Jor
dan, pastor of the Presbyterian
Church, Shelby ville, III., has re
ceived a call to the Presbyterian
Church of Honolulu, Sandwich Is
lands, tho call being emphasized by
a draft for 81000 to pay travelling
expenses. Mr. Jordan recently de
clined a call to the Presbyterian
Church of Chicago, and has not yet
decided to accept that from the
kingdom of Kalakaua.
A man is born a dandy as lie is
born a poet. There are heads that
can't wear hats; there are necks
that can't lit cravats ; there are jaws
that can't fill out collars, (Willis
touched this last point in ono of his
earlier ambrotypes, if I lemember
rightly), thcro are tournurcs nothing
can harmonizo, and movements no
thing can subdue to the gracious
suavity or elegant languor of stately
serciriti which belong to different
styles of dandyism. Call and select
your choico of tho elegant Spring
Styles of Stetson Hats, now open
and ready for sale. M. McTni:unt.
992 3t
Last evening, Colonel and Mrs.
Sprockets gave a dinner at their
handsome residence, Punuhou. The
dining room was most beautifully
decorated, and the whole affair was
elegant. The Royal Hawaiian Band
was in attendance and played an
excellent iiroKi'.itnmci Tito follow
lug royal ami distinguished guests I
wore present: J heir .Majesties, the
King and Queen, II. R, II. Princess (
Liliitoknlatu and His Excellency
Governor Dominis, Their Excellen
cies W. M. Gibson, J. M. Kapcna
and Paul Neumann, His Excellency
C. T. Gulick and Mrs. Gullclc, His
Excellency It. M. Daggett, United
Slates Minister Resident, and Mrs.
Daggett, Hon9. 11. A. Widetuann,
S. G. Wilder and Mrs. Wilder, Hon.
Newton Booth, ex-United States
Senator, Major It. P. Hammond,
Mr. J. II. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell,
Messrs. L. S. Adams and Vf. G.
1 the Civil Court yesterday, the
case of J. Biown vs. II. J. Hart was
heard. It was an action of tres
pass, damages being laid at S200.
Mr. Preston for plaintiff. The
plaintiff made an agreement with
the defendant for a house and board
for self and wife at the Saratoga
restaurant. They were there three
mouths. One day on returning to
the house he found it stripped of
everything. He produced a list of
the things. When he spoke to Hart
about the things he was told to clear
out and get away.
For the defense, a young man
named Steinart was called and
stated ho was the proprietor of the
"Saratoga House," and Ellis Hart
was the manager when Brown .hired
the house. He told the latter to get
out several times, but as he did not
he got legal advice to the effect that
he was to take the things out and
hold them for rent. Ilo stated ho
became proprietor of the Saratoga
Foptembcr 15th, 1884, and II. J.
Hart manager about the middle of
December, 1881. The latter makes
all the arrangements, he does not
get a salary, he gets a percentage.
Hart is not a partner. Steinart fur
ther said he takes all the responsi
bility in the transaction.
II. J. Hart, sworn, stated, he was
manager of the business, and did
not have charge of tho furniture.
lie made tho bargain with Brown.
Mr. Preston said he would dis
continue the case, he had found out
who was the responsible party at the
Saratoga House, and should proceed
fmther in the Supremo Court.
Ah Sing, for furious riding, was
remanded until the 11th. Ah Quan
and Ah liana, charged with assault
and battery on Ah Yin, were remand
ed until the llth. Lee Wing was
charged with vagrancy. Being an
old offender, he was sent to prison
for thirty days. N. F. Burgess was
charged with cruelty to animals.
Messrs. E. R. Hendry, W.O. Atwater
and Jas. A. Kennedy each testified
that they saw defendant beating his
horse in a cruel manner with a large
stick. He kept it up for over fifteen
minutes. His Honor found him guilty
and fined him $10 and $3. 40 costs.
Frank Metcalf was charged with cm
"bezzlement of $1.50 from Yin Chin
Kee, about Jan. 1st, 1885. Mr. L.
A. Thurston appeared for prosecu
tion. It appears that the prosecutor
gave Metcalf the money to sue a na
tive woman for debt, but Metcalf
kept the money and did nothing in
the case. He was found guilty and
fined 850 and $3.30 costs.
The disease commences with u slight
derangement of the stomach, but, if
neglected, it in time involves the wholo
frame, embracing the kidneys, liver,
pancreas, and, in fact, the cntiic glandu
lar sys,tcm, and the alllicled drags out a
miserable existence until death gives
relief fiom suffering. Tho disease is
often mistake for other complaints;
hut if tho reader will.askcd himself the
following questions, he i 111 he able to
delermiiiu whether he himself is one of
afflicted: Ilavo 1 distress pain, or diffi
culty in hreathing after eating? Is thcro
a dull, heavy feeling attended by drow
siness? Have the eyes a yellow tinge?
Does a thick, bticky, mucous gather
about the gums and teeth in the morn
ings, accompanied by a disagreeable
taste? Is the tongue coated? Is there
pubis in the side and hack? Is there a
fulness about the right side as if the
liver were enlarging? Is there costive
ness? Is there vertigo or dizziness when
rising suddenly from a horizontal posi
tion? Are the secretions from tho kid
noys Beauty and highly coloured, with a
deposit after standing? Does food fer
incut, soon after eating, accompanied by
flatulence or a belching of gus from the
stomach? Is there frequent palpitation
of the heart? These various symptoms
may not be present at one time, but they
torment the sufl'ercr in turn as the dread
fill disease progresses. If the case he
ono of long minding, there will ho a dry,
hacking cough, attended after a time by
oxpcclointlon. In very advanced singes
tho skin assumes a dirty brownish up.
pcuiaiicc, and the hands and feet aie
covered by u colli, sticky perspiration.
As the liver and kidneys' become more
and more diseased, rheumatic pains up.
pear, and the usual treatment proves en
tirely unavailing agaliibt this latter ago.
nliiig disorder. Thoorigiu of this mala.
Jy is indigestion ordyepqHia, and u small
quantity of the propel medicine will
remove tho dUcase If taken pi Its iuei.
piency. ft is mo-it important that the
disease thnuld be promptly and properly
treated in its llrbt Mages, when a little
medicine will ell'eel a cure and even
when It hua obtained iibtrong hold the
coirect remedy should ho perberved hi
until every vestige of tho disease is
ciadicated, until the appetite has re
turned, and the digestive organs restored
to a healthy condition, The surest and
most effectual remedy fur this distressing
complaints is "Scigel's Curative Syrup,1'
a vegotnblo tirrnnintlon gold by nil
Clienilslsniul Medicine Vendors throiiffh-
out the woild, mid by th proprietors, A.
.1. White Limited, 17, Fnrlngdon Roid, '
jiomion, n. u. i ins jjyrup stritus nt the
very foundation of the disease, and
drlcs It, root nnd branch, out of tho
ilaikct Place, I'ocklingtoii, Yoik,
October ibid, 1882.
Sir, llelng a sullerer for yenis with
dvspepsin In nil Its woist ionns, and
utter, spending pounds tu medicines, I
was at last persuaded to try Mother
Selgcl's Curative Syrup, and am thank
ful to say have deticd mote benefit from
it than any other medicine I ever look,
and would advise any one suffering from
the samo complaint to give it a tilal, tho
results they would soon And out for
themselves, if jou like to make use of
this testimonial you nro quite at liberty
IU uo so.
Yours respect filth,
R TuuNint.
Selgcl's Operating fills ao the best
family physic that his ever been tils,
covered. They clc.uiw the bowels
from all uiltaHngsubshiu.es, and Ie.uo
them in u healthy condition. They cure
Hciisinghnni,Wlillehaeu, Oct.lOth, 'S2.
Mr. A. J. White. Dear Sir, 1 was
for some time alUicted with piles and
was advised to give Mother Selgcl's
Syrup a trial, which I did. 1 am now
happy to state that it has lestored me to
complete health. I remain, yours re
spectlully, (Signed)
.loux II. Liuuiroor.
loth August, lSytJ.
Pie-ton. Sept. :lst 18SJ.
My Dear Sir, Your Syiupnnd Pills
arc still very popular with m customers,
many saying they are the 'best family
medleinos possible
The other day a customer came for t o
bottles of Symp and said "Mother
Scigel" bad saved the life of his wife,
and ho added, "one of these bottles I am
sending fifteen miles away to a friend
who is very ill. I lmvo much faith iu
The sale keeps up wonderfully, in fact,
one would fancy almost that tho people
were beginning to breakfast, dine, anil
sup on Mother Selgcl's Syrup, the demand
is so constant and the satisfaction so
great. T am dear Sir, yours faithfully,
(Signed) V. HoWKr.u.
To A. J. White, Esq. GOV ly
Dear Sir,! write to tell you that Mr.
Henry Hillier, of Yatesburg, Wills, in
forms me that he sull'cied from a severe
form of indigestion for upwards of four
years, and took no end ot doctor's medi
cine without the slightest bcnellt, and
declares Mother Seigel's Syrup which he
got from me has saved bls'lifc.
Yours tmly,
(Signed) X. AVmiii,
Plantation. Apply In
against the linn of HUSTACIJ &
KOUEUl'dOX or against V. Hustace or
G. II. Hoburlbon personally, are request
ed to present the same promptly at the
end of each month.
9S2 2w G. H. KOM:kTSON.
ON ACCOUNT of departure from
the Kingdom, all persons owing
mc nre requested to make immediate
payment to L. A. THUKSTOX, 38 Mer
chant Street, who has a full power of
attorney to transact all business for mo
in my absence. He is authorized to ic
ceipt for all moneys due mc, and to en
force payment of unpaid claims.
Honolulu, March 1!!, lSt. '.1(30 i!m
THE HOUSE and piemises. situated
in Nuuanu Valley, opposite the
Itoyal Mausoleum, belonging to- and
recently occupied by Samuel Xott. For
particulars, apply to
:!S Merchant St.
Honolulu, March HI, 183.'. i)S;l tf
Building; Lots for Sale.
SEVERAL building lots for sile or
rent at Kapalama, near the Xiuhc
lowai bridge, on the Ewu side of the
luno leading to Austin's estate. Easy
terms. Apply to W. C. AC1II,
Law office of W. K. Castle. 837 tf
FOR MAN and wife, with accommo
dation to cook for themselves, or
hoard with the family. Apply nt 187
Nuuanu Street. 970 tf
A FINE dwelling lot of over
four acres aica on Nuusiiu
Avenue, adjoining F.A. Scliae-
ier's, Esq., with ancient water
rights iu addition to Govern.
ment water privilege, well fenced and
improved. Apply to
or to J. E. Wiseman, General Business
Agent. 1)78 lm
Corner ol Fort mill Hotel
A Horso
n Horso ! My Kingdom for a Hor.o. King Utchanl
Fast Trotting Stallion
V. ' J1I1Ui" AW
r i v. wvt
J... TV
RECORD. '2,'i"i.
Having purchased thk uelebnlled Stallion from MR. JAMES CAMPBELL I
hereby notify the public that he will land the present eaon at my headquarter
corner of Punchbowl and Queen Stieet (Captain Cluney'). Term for the sm
son. S.iU; to iuitii', ftlOO.
AiMituro Uaiieb ehptnut color, K! bands hiijb, and weighs about 1.100 lb.
in MriH'tuif bo I theplcluieof gieal miiMMihir power, and fii appe.uanec, tem
perament and dUpo-itfon. he l faultier. Pull of ibe and gentleness, be is with
out speck or blemish. A n slock hoie bo Mmlng extiaoiillnarv Mieees: his
numerous liiogcny. both in California and iu lids country, nttct thfs fact, sCeral
i .. ..I"1 l,.Vl,K !l',l,-, '" tljl Itm (lmul- l "-" f ''if daughters (Venn,) can tiot
in J.J.. .mis is also thn dam of Transit, which Is said to be the most nromlMnv
two-yeai-ohl iu California. He trotted a mile last season, as a yearling, in 2.-10.
.,.,YylituAe;.S,,einut. lor-e. fonle.l lu 1SG3. bied by Henry Williamson. Esu..
wfciu iu. aill01llia: liy IJeltUOIIt. ho bv
poi ted Expedition.
M limn, Ml-s i Most n, by .mu, CIm i!oy Jr-
-ii(Iilaiii,byKriiiiiM'Hi;iiiv.M,-Uoc, "
3i.l .bun, Inipni lei bnilv Jli),ty, by Tunluis.
lib. lam, Iiiiiili.l, bi WhliU'1.
Mb ilniu, Ilt'lcii, bj'lIiiiiiblL'ttiiiliin.
lit!iilitin,uuii, bviJi i-ittiti.
.tb ilniu, Ditmsj. ,v in one.
Mil ilniu, by (Mil IIiiKlnn.l.
nth Uiim, In-ennui Ainbluii.
1Mb .bun, .Mls I'lttlc, In Cmle
lltli .Itini, Mls Mitkvlfis, sin, (,f (lejhoiiinl
llt'liiiiint. b.i Ahum it mi Iln
Nt .bun, Impoiici riini.'lu, b loimis.
which is that hi' s the highest bied trotting Malli.m in the woild, living or dead
and n Mippoit of tins claim 1 am willing to .iibinlt it to anv autlimity flint can be
oli allied, and If lie U not. then I w 111 fmfelt all my claims tb horse knowledge. It
will he seen that his pedigiee lepie-enls a union of the pineal blood of the English
anil American thoioughbied racer, one of bis grand dam-, as also one of bis great
gianil dam-, being iinpoited fiom Knghind to the Tidied Slate- When Venture
nllV,m !., M"f' illj0"! "'Kl't years ago. be wa-at that time the -en-ational horse of
the J aellic Coast, and the .-polling papeis in the i:a-t. that were always so much
oppo-cd to l iinnlng blood lu the Hotter, commenced picking awav at his pedigree,
trying to llnd a cold cross In it, at the -aim- lime deelaiing that ft was slniplyitiJ
possible for a -tuctly thorougbhied lioi-e lo trot as fast a- be was then trotting;
but at la-t they had to ghe it up, and admitted the fact that lie was a strlctly
tlioroughbred hoisc, but declined him a phenomenon, and were unable to account
for bis great speed at the tiottlng gait. ISut the fame of his hire, old Uehnont, is
almost world-wide, and it Is a well-known fact bis blood nicked better with the
tiottlng families than that of any othur thoroughbred horse eer known, as, iu
addition to Venture, two other thoioughhreil ons of his, Capt. Webster and Owen
Dale, were wild to baie possessed gicat sliced at the trot. Resides these, be sired
the dams of Relic l.cho, 2:20; Flora Shepherd, :W; Monarch. 2:28; Nelly
l'atchen. 2:17',; Rustic, 2 lio; which is a -honing that a great many ot the best
Hotting hied hoi-es cannot equnl. Mr. l'atiick l'airell, who Is one. of the most
experienced drucr- on the l'aclUo CoaU, told me tho last time that I -aw him, that
Veiituie was the fastest Hotter that he cier pulled a lino over, and that if his
temper had not been souieil in his 3011th by bad handling, he believed that he
would hao equaled, If not surpassed, all the lccoid- ever made, and that be could
shown two-niinutcgait with him to a wagon, but in company lie would become
wild, on account ot Ids hot blood, and was often beaten bv hoises that could hardly
11111 as fa-t as he could tiot. Ills reeoul or 2:iiyx which 'was no measure of his
speed, was made at the Oakland track in 1877, in a race which he won, beating
Alexander, Gus, General Jteno and Billy Hayward, this being his last public
It is thought by some people tliafan aged horse U not as good a producer as a
young one, but no greater mistake could possibly be made. Indeed, the opposite
is claimed by many huge bicedei-. and instance- aie so iiuineious of hoiscs siring
their best foal- at an advanced age that the aboo theory has long ago been ex
ploded. Imported Oiouied was twenty even e.11- old when he -bed Sir Archy,
bis best ou; Uouuie .Scotland, who died onlv a few yeai- ago, shed r.ukc Rlack
burn and George Kinney, by far the best of ills get. after he was twentv-uve; Im
ported Leamington -ired Iroquois, his best son, the last war thatiie lived, at
twenty-live. Among tiottei.s may be mentioned Volunteer, 'the .-ire of St. Julicn,
who is thnty-one years old this -pi big, and is -aid to be as lively and vigorous us
be ever was. and his young foals as piomi-iiig a- any that he ever got. Old Ha
iniltoniun died in March, 1S7I!, aged twciitv-sevcn years, but shod two foals the
la-t days ot his life, and one of them, called llaiiiiltonlan'n last, made a trotting
lecord of 2:2."i tho past season, and the other one K said to he equally as fast.
With the-e facts befoie us, It is plain that the age of a hoise has nothing to do
with his succe-s as a sire. I think mjelf that theic is a gieat deal in the condi
tion that a hoiso is Kept, for an animal that is well-fed and cared for, with plenty
of exeicisc, will beget better foals than one that is turned loose and never stabled
or fed grain.
Venture N twenty-two yem- old this -piing, :ind witli the care thatl iutend
to give him, 1 expect ldui to -lie better foals'tban he eer has befoie. Hcjsa
l.'inaikably sure breeder. Mr. Campbell i-ua's mo that he has never hied a.
mate to him yet that did not produce a foal, and his many beautiful colts, now on
Mr. C.'s ranch, are woith a long journey lo soc; and now as he is to be kent so
eoiiicnient to Hie geneial public, no one owning a good nunc should be so blind to
their own inteie-t a- to neglect the oppoiluuitv of obtaining hi, blood while they
baie the chance. J
For any additional paitieulai- apply at Punchbowl and Queen sticets. '
O. 313. BCiluESfiaJ, 3Pi-o-ivietoi-.
Honolulu. Apill 10, IS.-Ti.
United Carriage Co.
PLIUbE lake notice lhatthe UNIT
EO CARRIAGE CO. (Telephone
2IIU), having been reorganised, wish
te-pectlully lo iutorm Tourists and the
public general!, thai iu order to com
pete with another llrm who prohibits
other lucks but their own fromsoliciting
patioiiago at the Hotel, they haio
found it nccc-saiy to unite mote stiong.
ly, and have selected fiom about 250
hacks now tunning in Honolulu, a num.
her of llrst.ekiss teams, which In addi
tion to the teams we already have make
strongest iu Honolulu. Most of the
drivers 111 this company, who by haul
work and persovcianco have becomo
owners of the teams they diive, have
agreed lo conform lo eeiluin ruler
deemed necessary by the managers fos
the protection ot Tourists and the pub.
He against overcliaiglng, Incivility, &c.
Two very important rules governing the
driver of the UNITED OAK1UAGE
CO., uro Rule No 1, that expels any
driver fiom thn company who wilfully
charges more than the legitimate latcs
of fare; Rule No. 2 compels any of our
drivers to respond lo a Telephone call
wheher It lie a Ten Cent or a Ten Dob
lar fare. Thus it can be sien that the
object of tlie company is to supply tho
public with good teams drhen by good,
reliable men, who will do theii best to
give tatisfut.lion, and hope by so doing
to merit a'shate of public "patronage.
AH complaints left nt 0111 ollicc, in the
shape ol a note directed lo (he managers
of the UNIIIH) CARRIAGE CO., will
receive prompt iitrentlon,
Ollhe ami Carriage Hluud next door E
O. Hull's, comer of Kliignud FoitSls.
000 lm
Key" Brand Gin
For Sale In quantities to rllit.
Freetli & Peacock,
Honolulu, : : : : : ; ; II. I
0711 lm
eculli"'.: ty .yyi'ji't 'jisssxtssFjiA
. Q.
o - 'j
Ainmlcvin bn- 1m In- Sp.iitiiII. Iin l.i- t, '
' .' ' "J -"0""1 "J -
5nil ilniu, by l'iuttnii.
.till itiim, Pawn, by linmpalor.
lib Mum, I'liinelln, by llluhtlei.
tb ll in , I'ioiiiIm', bv hliup,
Mb (lam, Julia, hyllhmk.
"Hi .1 mi, -ti-ctiitm'titimi, bv I'nitiici'.
-lb (bun, llnnny I.tius, by ta llolton.
I'tb .linn, bj Dm lci' Aiubliui.
I0tlulimi,b ll i-Ov Tin k.
illinium, bj TirfTolet lliirb.
Ulh ibuii, b 1'liiee's WhlieTml.-.
Illlh il.iin, NutiiiM llinh Midi'.
092 lm
srrgiuttrfts'wy'gy vmjiL3rv?TrCT:
ONE very line span of Ray Carriage
Hoises, goodsl.ul and nelbmated.
Well broken, double and single.
ONE very neat, well-matched Brown
Span, broken double and single.
TWO line Family Cairiage Horses, one
of which is a well-traiued Saddle
ONE heavy Draught Horse, well-broken.
ONE handsome Hay Mure of flue action
broken to Ibrggy.
FOUR head of Good Horses nuitable
for Expiess, Cairiage, or Dray Wonc.
This lot of hor.es aie all young and
sound, ranging from four to alx years,
and are tho lluest lot of horses ever
put up for sale in Honolulu.
Fuithcrpartieuhus from Messrs. Smith
& Thurston, or 11. S. Homer at Kaplo.
laid Pink. 089 lw
New York & Honolulu Packet
it 11RO.. 77 Urood street.
N. Y., will despatch a llrst
class vessel in this line, from
New York to Honolulu Direct,
on or about JUNE 10. Parties w ishiug
to avail themselves of this line opportu.
nlty should forward orders as early as
UAUTI.i; it COOKE, Agents,
Honolulu, April II, 1685
SO lm
X with nuroMilk
Queen's Hospital
hi iiuuiitilv as re.
quired by tho purveyor for one year
from thu IC1I1 April, 1865, to the 10th
Apill, 1SSU. Scal.d tenders to he left lu
tho ollicc of the undersigned up to noon
of Saturdav. tho llth Inst.
F. A. BUHAEFEH, Scc'y.
Honolulu, April 0, 1685, 089 01

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