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MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1885.
1 Tin: enlargement of the Yosemitc $fTTT7 T k fjl
gating sjtogrcutag. 1 UJ! LAI
f Some dudes drink nsscs' milk. ;a
Ariic chicle is a believer in homco
Apathy. jVcw York Journal
A - -.--.-
kou san fh.uscim.0. M '' C1' i'" knS rink 11
. . ..!.,..,. Honolulu. Muv lE&l,e "Pen ?. evening as usual to tbc
Leios Usuolulu, MnylWAjgenernl public,
". . ..... ,.' m TheS. S. Alameda will sail for'
PAUIrlt, whil a. 6. iiu. rajSnn Krnncisco on Friday next at
?fjri a.m T 1 1 .. ...!l ..., viliniil1 4 rt lri
uti-vtiKn iviihvhviV! csiuuuut wuurr wiiii'i auuuiu inui
PUIV uiiu.vii a .ii' n i i4iT i pj-' e
Sltnr Australia .May lGM"Otice
rou han niANCtsto. r-;
Stnir Znnlnnil In MaV 1014.
Anill -.Jr.
Stmr Planter Horn Km ml
Sehr Gen Seiglo from S S Islands
Sehr Rnlnbow fiom Koolau
Alirll 27
Sehr T'ohulki from llaualel
Sehr Saruh & Ella fiom Koolau
Tun Right Rev. Bishop Willis
jhcld service atSt. Stephen's Church,
ii'ltrtinlnn innlniilnit vnlllHIIinrr llfimn
JWaialua, yesterday, returning home
fjjgialc last evening,
..... -
Owing to the absence of Mr. 1
mV .Innna Ti nn tlin nilim lulnlirla
lA' VWIIV..J & v biaw uuw .v. ..,.,-,
'HP i -' -r .n 1.1. . ! 1,
kyRWlU 1. 1U. V. JV, UUUKKUUlJlllg UlUbCS
wwrui not meet tins evening
viseized with an apoplectic attack atV&faho is, as tho last representative
;taicn miniucs to one. miss I'eauouy. jrj:i royai line, in. uuu uniu as cumuiest mu; UNDERSIGNED IIEIIEBY
aner maul, at once telephoned for M'ns tnc leaves on tnc ii.outiinin siopcs.i.v jl eives not co Hint lm will not ha
raDr. McKibbin, and he hastened ilAiirt shall not her praises be MingrJ F(5sl'0,,sl"le for an,V lc'lt3 contracted in
l."'A . . . -!. ... . . . . " . . ..-r l.l .nlH. ... 1....I I. . In.
Mi nil onooil In lini- .win. T in iS n 1 I a f. nil i 1 s in ml nvptl SO u n .rr'"1' " iiiioiu ins wrmeil order.
... .a tjw.uv w .. wiv.t ... 13"J .... v....... - -.. .?". , ..
. . r-i '. .. . .. r: .1 i, i.
icl.idl. na nalnh it hnl ill tlirrva . . '.
I.11IU1I ,Tn i.ii.injiiciii, w h..i.
Doctor at once saw she was in
A Biographical Sketch.Pfritical condition, and
a saaim
; request of linr
Lying in State.
Last Tributes of Respect.
and her royal Iius-t
It is a Christian woman wci
Her character was modest. Rw
cllmmnnnil .'
tDr. 'I'ronsspiiii mid Mr. A. .T. Cm t-15 band.
Wjwrighl. At the first stroke she went mourn
iWlllffi n
tfSfar as to be able to walk round the and wns blessed by all whose
lllb 11 SCU'Uim LLU1C UIU1L' mil ItUL SIR' US. OUU V11U1U UCUU
thirdU"4to church and might be seen kneel
3on, followed very soon by a
sone, which took her off at the
mated above."
April -11
Sttnr I-lkellkc for Kiihnliil
Hehr Manuokawal for Koolau
Sehr Wiillele-for JIaliko
Ship Imperator for S V
Star leaves ong
Stmr Klnau for Windwnid Poits
Stmr Planter for Kauai
Sehr Sarah & Eliza for Koolau
Sclu- Wallele for Mallko
Sehr Ebukal for Wnlalua
Sehr Ktilnbow for Koolau
Steam Bktne lornlng Star. Bray
Ship Imperator, Holx
Brig Allle Howe, Holland
S S Alameda, Jlorsc
Bgtne Clans Spreckcl, Drew
Bktne John Smith,
Bktnc Katie Flieklngcr, Young
,! iiiri AUWL 111 II L
V.' a' I'll nto1iif nftntiiiAMtt tt . fnw 1T i rt
mI VJIHJCIl. At.UllLllUl4-3 SLI T 1V,V-.J 11 111 LHHj
fiTlnill r Unni 1 Iirt4fn nlin rlntitinl f.
riuv;ivi uii (JUiiivi uuiuiu niiu vivjwiiilt
,menns of udvertising your wares
m m
W Now is the time to have yourH
magazines, old books and newspapers!
'Abound iti good stj'lc at A. II. ltasc-fo
V " """" .....v.v.j, u,.1..v.,p.
K5 1003 lw W
Wfj iiie uev. Aritmr bmitn deiivcreu
Her late Majesty the Dowager
Queen ktnuia waS born January;
znil, 183b, and was the daughter of
Danny JveKem lounc ana JNaea, a
Ingn cutef,
nF l.n.. .!...:... 41.- 1
T .ii. 12S iiii;itiuii iiu mu j
i iuu Hum, inuu auuu, ''""CHflwliich was founded bv Mr. and Mrs. ri.3 1 lie Doitv was placed on an apnro-S?
slipper, or any kind of uhildrenaHcooko. The deceased ladv was also J9nriatclv dnmed bier in the centre offSo
shoes, L. Adlcr is tlic place for it, instructed by Mrs. Von Pfistcr, atStlic room. At the head, on a table, ;Ss
io iuuunu miai jou, u. wjprcscnt residing in this city. OiuSwas placed the beautiful silver cup. 3
, . " . , (vJune 19th, 185G, she was married toAsscnt by Her Majesty Queen Victorians
Inn Bullktix goes into nearly ajAi i 't .im. t.i.... tr ,.. fix... i. a..! .i. i.:..n. c 4i. ??
w. ... - :-,iLit;iiiiiitM jjniiiiiiiii 1111:1111. iviiiiii.ii:i
lim.n.. ;.. ... nI..k .....I ...I1.....I... rj-ii " 7 -
3U iu liiu uiiv ;iui.( Mill
you could have no
uiu mmu.ua,,...,,,. .,. Vn,.,,u ,, n Tnv c,niI..ESJ
bettci iJ3,or.Q .. ..,',:. ,:..".: a,
lutjij, u, ,iuu uuu nun naa ulhii luk.
Hjthem, which caubed greut rejoicing)
HAS&tNUtKti. Kvau excellent lecture at the Fort
ItiFroin Kauai jier Planter, Api 11 20th eg Street Church last evening, especially
nollV 9 y,HltTVT ' Plt1' ?, aso"kto young men. The attendance was
A S Gnunbenr, J F Colburn, C Borch-Rfl ,i
. E F lloffcaid. C. M. Cooke.Kinyuuvl'
Geo Maliikoa, Mi .r Guerrero, Mrs AiX,
lMckard. son and daughter, Mrs Pliil-f;'
lipi, S M Kusi, A Ilanucbcrg, Bro G
The Rev. C. E. Groser preached
tin admirable sermon at St. Andrews
Bertram, Ah Quen, Yee Chun, TuckfeJCatherlral last evening from the lGth
Chow and 31 deck
From S S Islands per Gen
Anrll 20 Cunt, Tvi.il. Cant
Capt Smith, Roht Bi imncr, Mr Kabsatt.Sj
Tne large gear AMieel 01 tne iunic
of the ICtli chapter of St,
Her mother was the
second daushter of John Younir. one ffcrent patts of the house aiufeihave gone up on high.
of the advisers of Kamehnmcha the tSgrounds. Posters were put up ft The Ucv. Alex. Mackintosh spoktfe
Ii!a(- Ol.-. ..... .1 I 1 1... 1"X .. 1 ! Vnm itirl 1miiii mtv.lt Wimrlnit tiiniinmir (..mnliii t-l tf f 1 1 iinlinnnl 1nHnArj Cr
IM13L. OHB lias UIIUIIWll UV Ur. amita""' iu wJ uuiiu.iv jhuiiuhk i,uiiiKn ui mi; uuwHiui uuiuuvu-J.'
Mrs. C. T. Rookc, and received nartswstating that the late Queen would '-nncnt, in the course of his sermon alK)
oval School. SHo in stale from V. a. sr. to 1 1. m..auic Hawaiian ..ervice in the Lathe-w
V - llfl.... . . . -'-ft n ,., .. f
(irai at, u:iiu a. m. un the sanies?'
ccasion aiipropiiatc liymns wcrcSS
rPHE UKDEHSIGNEU,hfting heard
X their brother, Y. ALAU, Intends
murnine in this countrv. desire to in-
KSJfonn all concerned that he Is eDtraued
to a woman In China. AH VA.
a:.... -4 4i.M 14 t... 4i :.i,. ..r 4i.nV7i.T ...... ... . .....
juig uu inu unni njf inu Biuu ui mi 'ftiouoiuiii, jinrcu rjin
3nonr nnd .aired, her friends. She waf k
mother of the people and queen ol j Btlihlillg Lots for
her race, and generations to conic
for sale or
tho Xluhc.
SMJiicr race, ana generations to conic JCiKVERAh huildmc lots !
"Pronni'nlinnQ rnrn nt nnnn innilr '.vAixfiov Imp dinll nntl lini lilneanil. Ttnf li r-Cj rnnt ft!. ICnnnlnmn. nrnr
fasfor tho removal of the body from the f&shc and her husband were dcvolod Jtjjownl hrlilRo, on the Ewa side of the
room m which she died, to Ihcdraw-ggscrvants of God. It is confuloiulJcJ.IYlfl tVl to W 6 VCHI
... ..An., .uli.nn !- nrnn 4. tint. i,l4n K8hnin.l i.r. In . 1m...4S4'..l 4ntniitH ! 43 ... !.. .. .U.i yill.
mg iuuui tt it uu3 iu iiu in ai.i.i.-. stK.iuutii uu iuiijj it uv.-aui.iiui iiwiijjiu in- xatiaw oiiice ol w. J. Castle
At o o ciock in the cvenins a requiem jiuc ana out will be conimelcd anil w
service was said by the Kev. Alex. jbc a fit memorial of these departed i9 TO IET.
Mackintosh. A detachment of the fjgscrvnnts of God
Royal Guards were on duly in dif- Wto-day as our brolhe
Honolulu, April 15, 1835. D'JO lm
973 8m
oi inesc aeparic(u a-vj juux.
We think of them ShiHE HOUSI2 and prcmis
ler and sister wlio S3 JL In Ntiuanu Valley, o
9cs situated
omioaitn Hip
vJRoyal MaiiBoleum. bclongluj; to and
recently occupied by Samuel Nott. For
particulars, apply to
Li. A. X11UU&TUA,
:18 Merchant St.
llouolulii, Jlarcli 31, 1SS5. 083 tf
,little prince
uli, and it was the intention of
md him
enough to England to be tkUicatcd.t&stlk, embroidered
died August 8th, 18G2, when
wJ.i. t ;.. i i !......
fPiintaulu J-".uun i u;is5-ruiici un a kukui
But, unfortunately, the little fellow fJ.ands were folded across tho breast $" " "ft ," .i i ,, , w . 3
. wiion nn vWdonelosca in a, pair or white kitUTi . ....... .. ..,, .,.. .. ...v... .
four years and three
His death was a sad
M:tl hnrlir wna fnof i lftnnlTii-rtQ.,in-
fcui... :.i i...i.:k 1 a agravea in
tJcii.iiui oiiiu nuiu jvaiuii uuiiivi a. ji iti
:!'fo mi
months old.Rgglovcs, with gold and jewelled brace
blow to thesicts on either arm. The features were
It was in this year that the dc-
Tiiosi: who visited Miller &
illalbe's new ice cream parlors, on
-.the occasion of their opening Satur
Mill liroke in four places last week eaus-Sr; day evening, say they never tasted
ing work to lie suopenueu lor severaljijctter ice cream,
days. However, grinding is to be re- i ,' . .
ftiimcu to-uay in uiu oust iossiuiu man- m ... -,. 1Tlnrnina. ..4. in n',.lnpl.
.,,. ...,tn .,... i, ooi ,..-.-;-ns n.oi-o 1 io-Monuovt morning ac iu o clock
Considerable lain fell at AVaimea and!L3'ons & Levey will sell the entire
F.IppIp. on Tliuvsdav last. lf household furniture nt the residence
The stmr Planter brought -1702 bagsof Capt. Macdonald, No. 3, Welling-
r 1 1 rn r ! t,'Z ? n-Wix Place, School street,
rice, 53 hides, 50 licen, 1 horse and 2.J-J '
-iocevc snn'onsnii X-. t.vIp lmvi. nstpiilf? Tin: choir boys of St. Andrew's
us to contradict a statement made lnS3Cathedral were very hospitably en
the Advertiser, that the brig Allie RoweiKtertainccl Saturday afternoon and
is hadly wormed. They say the statc-tevcninp; by Mr und Mr,t T K
iicia is iiiuiii';. ouu win do liiiiiiuiiuujK ... ., - : ,i,: .,:,i.,, ir:.,i
to-morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. ffi Walker at their residence, KingSj
The sclu; Gen Seiglo arrived yestcr-grjj sti eet.
uav 38 uavs 110111 .laiuct iu cnarge or
Capt Eovell, formerly
She bringfl a cargo of
n Frank Mclntyre and A Turner who lA.u,tllority Column that the Court
lot i,o,. n ti.n cimnnn,. no.. Soiiofewill go into mourning for Her late
have trading stations at the S S Islanils.RV'Majesty Queen Dowager Emma, It
Capt Mucy who took tho .s'choonciwfsfmm to-dav until two weeks from
Gcu Seiglo to the
his position on ins aiiival mere to go aKfy
Alacy niar-j
nat tnc nng Aine i-owevgtertainecl haturday
.They say the statc-evcning by Mr.
Slie will be launeliedhyHr,, ' ,,,.,
noon at 1 o'clock. K Walker at their r
;lo arrived yester-gj stieet.
ili.nl til ..liii.-rv.. nt'lf . .. .
y of the KaRma.gf His Majesty's Chamberlain, Col.R:
if S S Islands' eu-ta. II. Judd, gives notice in our By '
id A Turner whopP.uthority Column that the
ooncr Gen ScigleKSwl11 g lnto mourning for II
is at the S S Isiands.5v'iuajesty iueen Uowager
1 took tho .s'choonciwffi-om to-day until two week
S S Islands reglgnedJthc f,Ilierai.
mate to another schooner.
rleu a native woman. M
The Klnau will not' go on the docksj
until her return from another trip to
Sclir Rainbow brought 574 bags of
.sugar and the Sarah & Eliza -110 bags
The bktne John Smith brought SOOdr
tons 01 coal to tne 1 1 s jn uo.
locaT& "cenIraTnewsT"
Ukcle Tom's Cabin to-morrow
night at Music Hall.
Tin: Supreme Court opened at 10i
o'clock this morning. A foreign
iiurv was sworn imand the case of J
&.C. Merrill & Co. vs Jaeger, adminis
trator, assumpsit, was proceeded
C. W,
Mr. S. B. Dole for plaintiffs,
Ashford for defendant.
Osn of the Honolulu Kmes on
guard at one of the gates of the latel
iftOnppn I'.ramii's residpnee. would not
s, . '
Tim S. S. Kinau will go
Marino Railway next week.
TnE government schools re-opened
to-day with a good attendance
Inf lio nnnroin nnoe in lnsif nvoninrr
in-u iiu vMwiMiit ii; in jjw v v.tii
on theSisUrders were given that no one
should pass, and this member was
evidently determined to do his duty,
' The brig
launched at 1
p. in.
Rowe will
The presentation of Uncle Tom's
flsCabin was postponed from Saturday
evening to Tuesday evening, by Mr
jRutlodge, Manager of the San Fran
?cisco Dramatic Comnanv. out of res
On the fourth page will be foundejpect to the memory of the late Queen
.... n.nrt..- f IS.J-II Tim II nTllinil .... Ml In...... n ..' w. ... n
uu aui;uiuii' ui 1111:1, iiiv m-mmwip:uuY(ngvi xuiiiiu.
rebel. tM -
0 . . m Those persons wlio bought tickets
A meeting of Harmony Lodgegjjfor the performance of Uncle Tom's
will beheld this evening at 7.30feCabin at Music Hall, Saturday even-
, . rwiwr 10-iiioiiow evening, yvjiuii
To-day is the sixty-third anniver-pay wjh jje prcsented. We
sary of the until 01 uenerni u. n.BJsure there will be a crowded housegi
Kon that occasion.
rcl ,
New St. Andrews Catliedial.
A gano of prisoners are
to-dav on lower part of
street, cleaning up tho gutters
The regular meeting of Lodge le
l'rorrres ue iuccamu win uc nciu
this evening at 7.80 o'clock.
Mn. Lishman lias commenced Tin: annual meoting of the Ha-
work on tlie clnncei root ior tnr4waiian jockev Club which was to
sfthave been held at noon at Mr
Cecil &tj
ceased so used her influence, that a
branch of the church of England
was established in the islands,
a Disnop ana several clergy arriving
licit; vjuiuuur uiu, lou;. uu uue
9 1 at tlnir nf tti onmn .v..fl.
.4.U l..V Ul .IIU DrilUU XlJUllbll
Her Majesty was baptized in the
Anglican faith, and on November
28th confirmed, along with her hus
oanu, the clay being celcbintcU as a
bne was greatly attached to the
Anglican Church, and attended the
services regularly, more particular-
ly those in the Hawaiian tongue,
which are conducted by the Rev.
Alex. Mackintosh. Iolani College,
named after her husband, and St.
Andrew's Priory school for girls,
will miss her, as she took the great
est interest in their welfare and paid1
for the education of a number ofj
scholars at both institutions
a recent
regular duty to attend service at;
the Cathedral in the afternoon, and
then proceed to the St. Andrew's'
Priory and take tea with the noble,
band of sisters at that institution
She used her influence in every di
rection to press upon her race the.
importance of being constant in their
attendance to divine worship
raguard of honor stood at the head ?j(
and foot of the bier, consisting of- S3 """- "" ". "" "; tr'V: ...,."" U
jii.ivi 10 iu uu ounu iv luu xuitatf wuuii'j
3llis Majesty's Chamberlain, Col
atj t. wi,i ni n i Tni.t,nn n
'I11 w uuw, vui. vy x J.amv-a jJi wjri5 i t . . .. t i
II. Bovd Col. G. W. Macfarlane.re,se,?mraroent.aml.D?..nle
Ti'l. - -.!! 1 . . . j . t
Ti,n nn t OT'" win nave more scope ior tne cx-
...., .. --,,,
The Queen's Hospital, which wasga
erected in 18G0 and founded by the
deceased, will always remain a living
monument to the memory of this
great nnd good lady, who was so
endeared to the hearts of her people
toria, with whom she kept up a cor
5iespondencc to the day of her death
ting, will understand they are goodpjt j? only a, sll0lt ago that the
:'ifnr f.m..,-. ppninn- wiiPiifiintfe writer read one of her. lettors rc-
A VEiiY heavy shower of rain
K:iRrnwn'n nfllnp. lins bppn nnntnnnnd.
lit WOlk8) ,,, l.! D,,f m.r.V.nl.1..
JNUUailUl- ,,rtl,T.f rtf 4l.n Imni.if vnluoinm
luu ULiUUiiii u; inu iii.uiv imimuvui 111
1TI10 executive committee met and!
'arranged some preliminaries for the
icoming races June 11th.
A cintnsTONi: meeting of the
Married Men's base ball club waw
held this noon. It was decided to
J.liJII. .llUlUllllll 11U11U 111LU II 1 lll.ll.- M
Si-1 3- r .. i!l i. 1. .1 ;fc
&luui iiiuuu iiuiu a uie, 111c wuik wucsm
not reveal a fault to even a skilled li
Tl,n l.nH.llA nf 41. n l.rtn1.nl 41. 4 4
j. iiu iiuinuc ui iuc uaaivui,, nun ia
3 x i .1 i. .... .... i.. ,ev.
uavcry natural, iuoii"ii it was eviueni m,r ,. , . ,. , .' $3 :. r: a ii r .
Ksii,ii I f.( S m,:., n Sgthe nut has been shaped into, is cn-ltfCliPPer Brifif Allie KOWe.
v w i .... ..i! 4! ...... .,. .. ... i m "
relief with the initials of
gentleman for whom the orna,
n.,...:: ti- .no j3 '"
Alllttlll lb U H? '-M ,- . . .rr
most beautiful 3SL ' immS. "ai -wmie ooy nametm.
-. . . . - rni i'iiiii nm iyi finf i in iii iinrn nnni'c
nwni'e nvntirrnrl in o tntilnfitl niti H w-) w"'l"" .1 v' f.ti wumiiu .
rHitVMk, """"0V-U n-vw ...- J.J ,- !, ,ln..n1.l .. ....1
among the people. The little priucc S ncr. At the foot stood n small M, ;"' "Z :,r" u, Vi " "i"l'i
a... ... . .. f.-m i- (it 1 1 A i ti.iiii;iiii iiii I iii'i ;ii I1. II I I' I 111 1IIIMM'
was named Albert lidward Kauikcao-Rjcrucuix, wttn a uacKgrouna or ira- ga ,,::,.'I? , "'", 7
.,.-i.,.-n..4. .!.: .-r. '!'!, . mn:.,c!r-" vuaiiiiiiuiaii uuu. iiu iuim jusu un- i
UieSiiiuu "mn, UU..V.13. J.UU n.u......-M 1 ,r .!..: t o.. -..". 1.1
rnv.al nnrnnta tn nnrl him wlinn nlrlSWcrc covered With :i robe Of wllltcift3. J; . . .. . tulo "' .h
"-.. .tft
nut, copying lroui an JMiglish sovcr
nymns wcrcjJ
liner, nnil flin snrvinn wiw iippnlinrli tit A NY 4VND A
iiiii?-noQivp 'ffflXLots ill Nuuanu Valley Cemetery
ire respectfully requested to call at the
Office of Hie undersigned, between the
jyrtliouin of!) and 12 a. m., from Friday,
lith April, to Friday, W May, 18S5, at
iheir convenience.
Treasurer Onhu Cemetery Ass'n.
Honolulu, 17th April, 1885. 097 td
il on May 1st. The fait suiliiiff
G. R. HOLLAND, Cluster.
sFor Freight or Passage, apply to
1004 lw
add to his self-taught skill thef$
The first to take a last look I'"0?,1 "pciicnccd knowledge cxtantfc
... - . ... ?2of the craft. !
meeting of the Board
Majors Antono Rosa and E. W.
at tho well-known features of
ueceasea were tnc pupils 01 &t.
Aiiurew s XTiory, ncatiy aitirea nijsi .. w-i-.. UUw.. ..
white dresses with black sashcs.&l A meeting of the Board ofgy
,1.1 ...tr ....... 41.. tt! .1 r M!M, ....... .4 r 4l. 1 Tr. ..-:: ..SiJ
ineir junjesues uie iving aim viuecn H--aj:ii:m-ui mc oj-ui nu ,ui uinu-R - alV.nr ,! i, r,.,.i
and other members of the royal Agricultural Society was held I'n-R.3inauv of mv customers hpniftnr t imti
family also, paid a visit. frorawsuay evening at me iiritisn umu,&gmave
..!..- Ill. ill -.., 11. 4l.-.IWriliinf Tiicf.rin Tiwl.l ... 41.,. 4"U.ol TlTrCl
nilib V -iuvrk unni .iiiv- v. "k iiiv.4 tr, ..-.. ,.. ,. Illln IHltlLI 1.. .,'
jl.ju no r.mii.lail llinf llijt- ..rtou'd 4oI n?4 x UU410 SWjl.KW
iwas a constant stream of -people ofg'awas decided that this year's fair bej
S 11 1... .. ,1 u.r....l!t!An . lln I.1'"imi1i i. ftl I el n olinip rr licitirin ctinrtlf KiTl
, . . . . .. , . ... . . L.tHv. j ...ill ,.. 1 r-.. .i..iiy
a last looic ac tne tace or ner wnoi iniiius m u uuciuu iul uulc,tMEverv
was so universally neiovcd.
I'ur.i'AitATioNS ron iiuiuai,.
3N0 prizes will be offered
Sadescriptioiis of exhibits. Saturdayi
afternoon, June 13th, is the date
rS(ixed. The Chief Justice, JudgcJ
ci,r.i,rvi n'in,.t-,i,n vB,ni.,.Uickerton and Mr. Chas. Lucasl
r nnninsp.l in n Pniiln wliif.li wn J"'ere appointed a committee to pre-
at both institutions. Up toggtllon ,,i..cmI :,. lcil(1 one alui BeaIcclKParo tha P!ze list and make arrange-g
date she had made it hcrgy..., . ..miiiifiii i.i.w.i- velvnt inllK-3inents or tuc ''how of horse stock,
, ,,1 .WH"I" " ..--.'.--- ,...- , u. , ,- I'"'mZrtKl
up. A. bcautitiu Diacif velvet p;
covered this collln, one that was
at the funeral of the little Prince,'
and also when his father was;
buried. The five volunteer com
panics will take it in turns to be on
duty at nights, and the Roj'al House
hold Iroops through the clay. Last
. . , . .... TV
evening a ctetaenment 01 tne Hono
lulu Riilcs were on duty. Mr. W. C.
Parke has charge of all arrange
iisedSaam' essr3, Jaeger and J. S.
v, em to superintend tne arrange
ments for any other exhibits.
uaiui jvaiucuauicuu inc. iuuiui uicu,wjs
and was buried in the Royal Mnuso-39..
leum, Nuuanu Valley, February SrdM,,,,,,, n,i ViiiiT?'
I"M. Bi
Mr. E. M. Walsh, superintendent
3of Pnia Plantation, arrived in townxa
my the Likelike on Saturday. HugH
sreports abundance of rnin navinggftou or about JUNE 15.
Jfnllen on Maui of late. I he
Owing to the great demand for Hot
for my customers
Sntnrday Afternoon.
Guaranteed as good as the Easter
not Cioi Runs. Leave your orders
aConfcctionei and Fancy Raker, Hotel
:3 Street. Kfl2 lm
New York & Honolulu Packet
ik RKO., 77 Rrond street.
N. Y will despatch a tht-
class vessel in tliis line, irom
Now York to Honolulu Direct,
Paities uibhiiiir
cropsyto avail themselves of this fine opportu-
5-J".ll It V CI1..UI1. inruonl rr. I jirt na oiiflu nu
ir.r 1 f Tiii.orni wn r 1 vi isnc; l i i - 11 ... i.: ..
. v. ...b&.... .. .. .. viriiver irif)K(!(i sti wiiii :li liiis scabun-'v ' "" .,.w , ..i....
place Sunday afternoon, MaySl)efore. Grimlins is going on biisklv'3:Jp09SlbIeL
. The coffin will be a handsomeKg U the Paia ,nin ' twonty tons bcinggi nBn,miM TiS? ' iiS.1.'
of kou and koa. The top IsUhe , (iai'v vicki it is fnnnd "ooal, April ., 1880. B0 lm
made hy Mr. J. II. A lcke andncccssarv t0 icreasc ti,c pnnt, aa ArnvTriTr
the bottom by Mr. u. iu. wiiiiams.rajr, Wash's chief object i
'I'l, ..nrnAiur. n f ,n nln I InnniiV)' .... ,4.
On November 30th, 18G3, her hus-iL-.r " "; "" t l mSW """ff "r lM importation
i,nn.i Tramiimni.a ti.o v irii, liw.H'11 b? taken to the Roj ai MausoK.-,Ancw eight-ton vncuum pan.
urn, iNuuanu vauey, anct in uucy
,, .
time laid alongside those of her hus-
Iii 18G5 the widowed Qn
iccnvisitedjlr111''6 ricd to the other islanrtvgj
c May 6th itmto'aay to-morrow by the differ-
T?nrlnr1 KIia lnfh linen Afntr fltt ini''
UllnUIIIVII JMV. AV4.W HVtW 'T VW. "'Klrtl. , A 1
iTAinnr inninnro i n (
..... .vn... ,
n nr o rill -.:..:.,: t r.n.1tnH71uiiL siuumuia, mm uu iiuiiun a wiki,
6."aT.!i.. 'i'i. ' i', tir-.i' ,inumber of natives will arrive at the
u'ruv " "x v... ....4. jr , hiiw1 - .. ,,.
,.n4....7 l,.n.r. ... lUP.i: Wll.iln iii5ACtt.l4V4W4. w... fivi.
LUbllillUlA 41U114U 444 1UUV. I14444U 41171
fij England she was received everywhere.
itrifh L'nwlli- u'Annmn nnrl nnrlipll. iny.!
larly so by Her Majesty Queen Vic J In ,nost P' u lrchos refer-
lauiiuua licit, ini. viv t.t4 viiu im.ioiinun-
f ceived from Queen Victoria. It wasj
a beautiful and touching epistle, nnd
ibore evidence of great friendship
existing between the two royals
'sftjTimiBREAB Ah Hue of Klpahulu,
vy. T lias left for China, and given
pSjcharge of his business to Wong Fook
gjjjanu Kin ue, and wiiereas said Ah tine
filis indebted to several persons and made
no provision to puy las creditors, said
Wong Fook and Kin Uo have nmde an
assignment to Hyimin Rros. and G. Aio,
of the property belonging to said Ah
Hue for the benefit of all creditors.
All persons having any claim against
All Hue are requested to present them
duly specified to the undersigned at tho
'rvfYln.. nf TT. ........ T).... ..I.I.I. ..!.......
KfwiriVllllUU Ul llVJllllll I11U-. Wlllllll 11II1CIT
Ilonolulu. April 21, 1B85. 1002 lm
just at noon to-day, ami our BeeiBgadj0ril lo Wednesday noon, when a
were nimost iiouuch whu ...ui. KSmcet he will bo he d n the Planters'
WLabor tc Supply Uo.'s rooms, Camp
Ibell's block, hvery married man
Thehi: is no sign of tho Lehua
with the Volcano excursion party on
board, as we go to press. Probably
the storm has delayed them.
A LAitni: variety of cabinet cele
brities. also stereoscopic views,
stereoscopes, granhoscopes, etc
Kinor Bros.' Ait Store. 1000
jwho has the use of his arms
slegs is requested to be present.
and 8
Tin; members of tho I. O. O. F.
have a rare treat iu store for them
to-morrow evening, being nothing
-I ntlHlcss than a lecture by Brother W. C.
8t Parke, V, D. D. G. S., on "Odd
Si Fellowship in the Hawaiian Islands
Tin: lncetinT of the Hawaiian! from the institution of Excelsior
MUsinn Cliililrmi's Societv on boavdg Lodge, in 181G, lothu laying of the
tlieMriminirSinr Katurdav eveninE.B' corner stone of their present hall in
wna wpII nitpndpd mul a verv eniov-Ri 1851)." All mcmbeis of the order
alile affair. me invited to attend. 1006 2t
The Queen had always enjoyed!
'good health until October, 1883.
when she had a severe apoplectic
attack. In August, 1881, whilei
visiting Kohala, Hawaii, another!
attack came on while' out riding,
This was a very severe one andl
causod great anxiety. As soon asi
possible she was brought to Hono
lulu. I ler condition for a time wail
critical, but by the faithful and!
constant attendance of her family
physician, Dr. Robt. McKibbin, and!
faithful nursing by her attendants,!
she recovered, but still slm wasl
much changed.
A third attack on Saturday last?
lended her days on earth, as statedl
lm the following words iu that alter-
noon's issue of this paper:
"Our pnges were just going to
press tins afternoon when the start
ling news reached us that Her
Majesty the Dowager Queen Emma
died at ten minutes before 2 o'clock
this afternoon. It appears she was
TlmMay, April 30tii,
-to hi:
ing event, in eitner prayers or .ser
mons. At St. Andrew's Cathedral
the Rev. George Wallace, who
preached in the morning, referred at
3omc length to the death of the,
Dowager Queen. The Reverend;
'gentleman first spoke of the comfortHp
offered to those who nave reacneusg-
a nciiou iu inu iu Know suiiiuiuuii;:
of sorrow and bereavement, in the&W
words of St. 3'aul to the Enhesians J'j
3:15, "Of whom tho whole fnmi--sj
Ivk in lipnvpn and eartli ih named. "ibil
After alluding to the fninilys iivj
heaven and eartli, ho said tlioscj"
words led to a higher thought, in thclra
departure or one yesieruay iu njp
higher and more blessed home. K.J
To the rank and royalty nciu nyjuj
her must be added Christian char-tMi
icter. How good her example, iioUk
I ... 1 I. ..4. 4 -15
only to ner own racu uiit ui every tata
other nation. Her domestic virtuesySw
..inn...! ...i.i. n.ii:i.. !... i,HH
were iiiiiuiiHi wiiu iiuciii-j', urn v-uai-j
actcr without a stain. She faithfully
fulfilled tho duties of wife and inoth-Sg
er. and her sorrows were borne.ifj
trustful that God had dono all forry
the best. She will be laid to lierstf
rest with noinn and splendor be-i5
coining a fiucen, attended by era-
blems of royalty and power,
noble her example to tho voun
- ' 4 . w ...&-:,
men of her race. Her praises willjra
ue sung i y t nose wuo ivw """"-XTlCEhY Furnished Rooms, well ven
ins in mo iKJsputu siiu iuuiiucu.KaL(
!t QUI'ItEMK C)UItT of the 11a
!S3lO walian Islands. In the matter of
the Bankruptcy of .1. II. BRUNS, .Tic.
Iinfnvn ITh liftliy frt fl 1 1 ..
a iiuuiu 4111 1 .1 nt il ui: .ui;siiiij ,
S J. II. BRUNS. Jn., doing business In
; iionoium, isiiiiid oi uaiui, iiatinginis
Jav been ailiudicated bankrunt on his
32 own petition. Itislicrohyordcredthatall
i-j ureuiiurH ui sum uaiiKrupi come in ana
Y prove their claims before me, at my
ih Chambers, in Honolulu, on
vA Wnilnnyilni' ....:J1 tUBC
ft .. r,..J,1....r., .,
jj At 10 o clock a. in,
& asi) tp tr wnriTHVu mmwivn
J that upon said taid day, tliu creditors
Sdo proceed to Iiohl an ELECTION
Kj of an assignco ornssiguccsof haid hunk.
nipt estate, and that notice hereof ho
published in tho Daily P. C. Advertiser
?! md Daily Bulletin newspapers, from
j tho 22nd to the 2i)tli of April, and in the
p Hawaiian Gazette of April 29th.
i-3 justico supremo court.
aatiesi. jieniiv duitii,
Deputy ClorK. 1002 td
m : . .
WIIpox'h Marlilno Sladr.
i i ...-. ra i vwi
liler prnises will be sung by nations;
Iwho know and revere hor for what?
tilated. at No. 110 King Strcet.1
iopposlli! the leMdcncuof U. T. UullcU.B
vva mT
Families and others In want of Good.
Fresh, Clean,
Machine Made Poi,
dCau obtain the bauic iu tiuautities to
tuit by leaving orders ami con
tainers wltli
IP. li. OAA
At Paclflc Navigation Co.'s Building.,
I -j i uucvu Biruci, ii
j..iM. U-j.Jpiit juxx-su-i .
.rtsAM- A. ...itf .
aft. " .... X6-iiaa
L .w-a-1-! A M&M&fa&a1bXu
il.4i.i.i t

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