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ht sniis ss iiifiin.
Marlpuu Lcivch Honolulu, .May 10
Alameda Leaves llonnlulii, June 1
Htmr Antlinlin May 10
Stmr Oily of Sydney Juno 7
"AiinivALs." "
May 1!!
SlmrC It HMiop fiom Kauai
31 ay M
Stmr .las Makee from lCnia:i
Schr Kiiuikcnoull from Kolmlu
Stmr Mokolll from Molokai
Schrllaleakala from Tepeekeo
Stmr Walinanalo from Wnlniannlo
Kgtuo W 11 Meyer for S F
Bgtnc .lolin Smith for S F
S S Mariposa for S V
Ilk T K Foster, Riigg
Ilk Forest Quocii, Aellion
Uk Mendota, Nnh
S S Mariposa, Ilayward
Tern Heulali, Wilson
Uktne Eureka, Leo
II I It M S S Djlghlt
ForSFpcrSS Zealandia May lit
Rov G II Simeon and Mr II Simeon.
From Kauai via Walalua and Wala
nae per stmr C Jt Bishop May 13 Robt
Lowers Robt Diukon, 5 Chinese and
111 deck.
For S F per brlno W II Mover, Mnv
1 .1 Mr Fisk, who & 3 children.
For Maalaea and Lahaina per stmr
Kiiiau, May 13 Hon II Kuihelanl. C B
Makce, wife and servant, Mm Makalua
and infant and -10 deck.
For Windward ports per tmr W Q
Hall, May 13 Col G- II Weeks and wife,
Miss Weeks, Masters Merle and Mac
Weeks, J T Ward, G C Boardmau, C F
Mnllins, G II Trask & wife, D D Bald
win, J D Paris, .Tr, wifo and infant,
Mrs ASimmerou, Mrslloomanawaniti,
Mrs D Kapaa, li ICekuni, wifo and two
children and 73 deck.
"shipTinc notes'.
1'lic stmr Mokolil arrived at daylight
this morning with 38 bags of sugar, 10
head of cattle, 4 calves, 35 sheep, 3
horses, 3 green hides' and 12 pigs. The
mate reports too mucli.rain on Molokai.
I'assed tlic htmr Kinau at S:15 o'clock
last night off Kannakahakai, and' 15
minutes later passed the stmr WG-Hall.
The John Smith sails to-day for S F.
Sho takes 10,100 bags of sugar and 2S0
bags of lice, valued at 08,130.07.
The W II Meyer sails this day for S F
with 7. MS bags of sugar and 2,000 gal
lons of molasses valued at 35,404.32.
The Russian Man-of-war is coaling.
Stmr .las Makeo arrived at 0 o'clock
this morning with 2,400 bags of sugar
from Kapaa. She sails again this even
ing at 5 o'clock for Kapaa only.
The purser of the stmr C ltBishop re
ports enough rain on Kauai to drown
the inhabitants.
Stmr U It Bishop arrived here last
evening at 'J o'clock with 035 bags of
sugar. She sails on Saturday next at S
a m for Waianae, Waialua & Hanalei.
Schr Kauikeaoull brought 2,202 bags
of sugar from Koliala.
The stmr Zealandia took in more
sugar yesterday evening making a total
of 3,G18 bags valued at 810,0S9.38.
A furnished cottage is advertised
to let.
- -
Two Orphans to-night at Music
Heavy rains are reported on
island? of Kauai and Molokai.
A meeting of Mystic Lodge will
be held this evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Mn. Adams' regular cash sale will
bo held to-morrow morning at ten
Tin: Zealandia did not get away
until half-past ten o'clock last even
. .. i"g-
. A younh woman is advertised for
to do general work in a private
' family.
The Y. M. C. A. geometry and
algebra class meets this evening at
7.80 o'clock.
I'resekve your magazines, music
and old books by haviug them neatly
bound by A. II. Rascmnnn, Gazette
Building. 1021 lw
One mile hurdle race ou skates at
Central Park rink to-night. Go and
see the fun.
A aim, between 12 mid 14 years
of age to take care of children is
advertised for.
The Post office despatched by the
Zealandia yesterday, 3030 letters
and 1139 papers.
The S.S. City 'of Tokio is now
due from Yokohama with about six
hundred Japanese immigrants.
.. ,---.,, i
Do not forget the farewell per
formance of the San Francisco
Dramatic Company this evening .at
Music Hall.
Just received per Mariposa a largo
lot of picture and cornice mould
ing, new stylo and patterns. King
Bros.' Ait. Store. 1021 8t
The Mariposu sails at noon sharp
to-morrow. She will take away a
Tnr.iii: will lio a soclnblo nt tlm
vestry of the Kort Street Church by
tlio Ladies' Benevolent Society, this
evening nt 7.!10 o'clock.
Iv you want a nice shoe, boot,
slipper, or any kinll of children
shoes, L. Adlcr is the place for It,
in Nuuanu street. 980. tf.
Coi.. Clans Spreckels and family,
Ex-Governor Downey, nml Col.
Peter Donahue mid wifo leave by the
Mariposa to-morrow for San Fran
cisco. KvEitYONi: who visits Mellor &
Ilalbo's ice cicam parlors on King
street, is loud'in praise of the deli
cious cream. It tickles the palate
so that U1C3' go a second time.
Tun rain found Its way into the
basement of the Music Hall during
the storm, and a large portion of
Mr. Willie Simms elegant theatri
cal costumes were spoiled.
Kememueu that the Post-ofllcc
mail by the Mariposa closes at 10
o'clock, to-morrow; a late letter bag
at 11 o'clock. Have your letters
properly stainpted and in the office
ahead of time.
Bids for the purchase for house,
lease and tools of the bankrupt es
tate of J. II. Brims, Jr., will be re
ceived up to Saturday at 2 o'clock
at the office of Mr. AV. C. Parke,
assignee, over Bishop & Co.'s bank.
The Rev. R. and Mrs. Wainwright
leave by the Mariposa to-morrow for
the States. Mr. Wainwright is in
poor health, and his physician has
ordered a change of climate. He
has given up his charge at Kapaa,
m i
Just arrived per Mariposa, for the
Union Feed Co., 1,200 bags fine and
coarse bran, 500 bags barley, 200
bags rolled barley, 125 bags boiled
linseed meal (new process), CO bags
oil cake meal, 50 bags middlings.
1019 Gt
. o .
Tun manager of the Dramatic
Company forwarded an invitation to
II. R. II. Princess Liliuokalani to
witness the play of the Two Orphans
at Music Hall this evening. Box B
has been placed at the disposal of
Her Royal Highness and suite.
In another column will be found
the programme of the first concert
of the Montague-Turner series. The
first part is given up to vocal and
instrumental selections. The con
cert will conclude with a selection
from Donizetti's Lucia di Lamnier
moor in costume.
A numiieu of men from the
Russian steamer lying in the chan
nel were ashore this afternoon.
Their white caps and jaunty naval
uniform added a new feature to the
great variety of national costumes
for which the streets of Honolulu
are justly famed.
Tin: steamers Kinau and "W". G.
Hall both left yesterday afternoon
at 4 o'clock. The steamer Mokolii,
which arrived this morning, reports
passing the Kinau at a quarter past
eight o'clock last night off Kauna
kakai, and at half past-cigbt o'clock
she passed the W. G. Hall.
The sale of calabashes, mats, and
other island curios this morning by
Lyons & Levey c,ame off and at
tracted a large number of people.
It was almost impossible at timas to
get into the store, so great was the
crowd. All the numerous articles
were disposed of and brought rather
high prices.
To-night, at the Central Park
skating rink, occurs a mile hurdle
race, that is bound to be very amus
ing event. There are to be six hur
dles eighteen inches high, and the
contestants have to jump over the
obstructions, lwo cash prizes aro
offered the winners. There are five
entries for the race.
The Y'oseinite skating rink will
re-open to-morrow evening, after
having been enlarged to twice its
original Bizc. Necessary improve
ments have been made for spectators
as well as for skaters. The band
will be in attendance on Tuesday,
Friday and Saturday evenings, and
Wednesday afternoons.
In tho Civil Court this morning
the case of J. W. Liming vs. S. II.
Lederer and J. L. Roscnburg, as
sumpsit, for S105 with arrest under
the Fraudulent Debtors' Act, was
commenced before His Honor Justice
Bickerton. Mr. Whiting for plain
tiff, Mr. Russell for defendants. A
note for the nmoimt was produced,
signed "J. L. Roscnburg, S. II.
Lederer, manager." J. W. Liming,
Henry Poor (2nd deputy clerk of tho
Supremo Court), S. Whitman, Thos.
Krouse and Frank Iliggins were
called for the prosecution. J. L.
Roscnburg was called for tho defense
and his evidence taken, when, at
half-past twelve o'clock, the Court
took a recess until two o'clock. The
evidence is very lengthy and the
case will probably tako all tho afternoon.
In Mr. J. E. Wiseman's window
on Merchant slrcct mc exhibited
specimens of silk cocoons raised in
Honolulu, also of the worms them
selves feeding upon mulberry leaves.
They wore raised by Mr. Leon
Maltcrrc, from eggs obtained from
Miss Rossiter, whose advertisement
has for some time been in this paper.
Mr. Malterre was a little " too pre
vious " in getting the eggs before
securing a food supply for the
worms. Yet, by hard scratching,
ho managed to get from the low
mulberry trees in the city and vici
nity, sufficient to bring the worms
on to the cocoon stage. On acount,
however, of necessarily short ra
tions, the cocooii3 are not so fully
developed as thoy should be for the
market. Mr. Maltcrrc, from his ex
perience so far, is enthusiastic as to
the possibilities of silk culture here.
He is convinced that a family of
three workers could raisu $500 or
8G00 worth of silk in a year, besides
attend to other business. It is his
intention to immediately begin grow
ing mulberry trees for much latger
operations than those as yet under
taken by him. The cocoons on ex
hibition arc rather pretty woolly,
oval shapes, cream and yellow color
ed and the worms themselves arc
the most aristocratic-looking grubs
From the Sydney Herald of April
28th, ttc have full particulars of the
reasons which delayed the Zealandia
at Sydney. It appears that the en
gineers of that vessel struck on ac
count of the alleged incompetency
of the crew engaged by Captain
Webber to replace Union men. Mr.
Watt, the Company's Manascr at
Sydney, worked with great energy
and ability to get the vessel away at
the proper time, but without suc
cess. He was willing to accede to
the main demand of the Union, viz. ,
"that no colored men shall be carri
ed in future on the Zealandia and
Australia, but there arc several
points in the programmo of the Uni
on which he considers unreasonable,
and so long as the men insist on
these being complied with, he will
do his utmost to resist tliem. The
two main points he objects to are
(1), the proposed dictation by tho
Union of the number and country of
the men who shall be employed on
tho Company's 'vessels; and (2),
the rule providing that only Union
men shall be employed." Ilowcver,
on the third'day they obtained men
and at once proceeded to sea.
To-night the farewell performance
of the San Francisco Dramatic Com
pany will take place in Music Hall,
when the beautiful play of "The
Two Orphans" will be presented.
The box office plan at Wiseman's
shows a good sale of seats, which is
gratifying, for the company deserves
support, only it comes too late. They
haye given us during their short
stay a line series of plays, and have
worked hard to present them in a
proper manner. With one or two
exceptions, they certainly have suc
ceeded. One thing is to be regret
ted, and that is, that the excellent
comedian, Mr. Willie Simms, has
not been seen in one of his own
plays. He is a great favorite here,
and he has some plays where he
takes the leading part, which would
have drawn any amount of patron
age. Let everyone be present to
night, for there is no finer play on
the dramatic stage than "The Two
Orphans." The Royal Hawaiian
Band will be in attendance and dis
course some of its excellent selec
Last night Officer Mchrtens and a
couple of native policemen went out
prospecting for opium. They got
wind of some Chinamen who were in
the habit of using it, and wio live
in the rear of the large market gar
den opposite tho Lyceum, Nuuanu
Valley. The officers proceeded very
cautiously and were rewarded by
coining across three of them smok
ing opium and having a jolly time.
Their names arc Charley, Ah Kin
and Ah Lan, and they were taken
to the Police Station along with
their paraphernalia.
To-day is the fortieth day after
Easter, observed as Ascension Day.
Spcciul services have taken place at
St. Andrew's and the Roman Catho
lic Cathedrals. At the former church
there was a celebration of Holy
Communion at G. 30 a. m., followed
at 11 o'clock by full choral morning
service. The Rev. Geo. Wallace
read the prayers and the sermon
was preached by the Bishop, his re
marks being appropriate to the day.
King Bros., Importers and Deal
ers in Pictures, Artists' Jfntcrhils,
Cornice, Picture Mouldings, etc.,
etc., lmvo moved to their new and
commodious store, Hotel street,
corner Union, whero wo will bo
pleased to meet our old patrons and
the public. Cornices ami Picture
Frames n specialty. All wo ask is ji
trial. 1021 SJw
To-day fit noon His Majesty the
King received Captain Charles do
Mullcr nml officers of II. I. It. M.'s
Djigb.il. They wcro mot at tho
entrance to the Palace by Major E.
AV. Purvis, Vice-Chambcrlaln, and
received at the head of the stairs by
His Excellency Walter M. Gibson,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, who
escorted them to the Audience room.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs pre
sented to His Majesty the King,
Mr. J. F. Ilackfeld, Acting Russian
Consul, who then presented Captain
do Mullcr and his officers. His Ex
cellency Governor J. O. Dominis,
Cols. C. P. Inukca and J. 11. Boyd,
Majors Antonc Rosa and J. 1). Holt,
Jr., were in attendance on this oc
casion. During the reception Capt.
do Mullcr read an address of con
dolence to His Majesty tho King on
the death of the Queen Dowager
Emma, to which His Majesty re
plied in appropriate and feeling
Before Police Justice Bickerton.
Pauna was fined S5 and costs for
drunkenness. Ah Tang, charged
with attempt at larceny, was re
manded until the loth at request of
prosecution. Sing Chew, charged
with selling liquor at retail without a
license, was rcmanueu until the loth,
and the same man and Aug Gong,
were charged with attempting to
bribe Tai Poon and Officer Kauhane.
The case will be heard on Friday.
Before Police Justice Bickerton.
John Smith and Chas. Pattersou
forfeited bail of 815 each for dis
orderly conduct. Kcaiku, a waliine,
was charged with having opium in
possession. The woman lives at
Cape Horn, and is addicted to the
habit of smoking and eating opium.
Two native police officers found the
opium between two mattresses. She
was found guilty, lined 850, and
sentenced to imprisonment at hard
labor for one month. Three China
men were remanded until to-morrow
for having opium in their possession.
Mn. J. W. Hinglcy, former pro
prietor of the Pioneer Cigar Factory,
No. 59 Fort street, and more re
cently at No. 8-1, King street, is now
established at the Central Park Skat
ing Rink, where he keeps a fine as
sortment of choice cigars and to
bacco, and furnishes a delicious
article of soda water. Mr. Hinglcy,
also, has rc-coramcnced tho manu
facture of his famous brands of
cigars, at his residence on Berctania
street, second door from Alapai
street, adjoining the premises of
Mr. Thomas E. Wall. Orders left
at the Crystal Soda Works, No. G9,
Hotel street, or sent by Mutual
Telephone, No. 319, Central Park
Skating Rink, will receive prompt
attention. 1019 lm
Equal to Huntley & Miner's
Reading Biscuits.
Tea Cakes,
Strawberry do.
Oswego do.
Cheese do.
Coffee Cakes,
Arrowroot do.
Lily do.
Cream do.
Alberts, Cracknels, Leaflets,
and Pretzels.
Dutch Herrings in kegs,
Smoked Herrings in boxes,
New York Cream Cheese,
Young America Cheese,
Sm'oM Beef Toipes,
Fresh Roll Butter on Ice
Cases Yellow Turnips,
InettuiitnneoiiN Chocolate,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
For sale by
II. aiA.Y & CO.,
1017 lw 98 Fort Street.
waiian Islands. In tlio matter of
tlio Bankruptcy of KWONCi SAM CHIN
COMPANY. Before Mr. Justice Mc.
Kwong Sam Chin Co., doing biiblncFS
In Laupahoelioe, Island of Hawaii, liav.
lug tills day been adjudicated bankrupt
ou thu petition nt Kwong Yeo Sing Co..
it is hereby ordered that all creditors oi
said bankrupt come in and provo their
claims before mo, at my Chambers, In
Honolulu, ou
Moniliiy, May 1M, 1885,
At 10 o'clock a. in.
that, upou said day, tlio creditors
do pioceed to hold an ELECTION
of an assignee or assignees of t,nld bank,
rupt estate, and that notice hereof bo
published in UicDaii.y Bumxtin, Daily
J'. C. Ailvrt User and Haxvaiimi Chinese
JVezvs, newspapers of Honolulu until
said hearing.
Dated Honolulu, May 12, 1885,
Justico Supreme Couit.
Attest! II kniiv Smith,
Deputy Clerk. 1019 td
AlTItTItr.U dividend of $60 (0 p.c )
por shnrn will bo paid to tho stork
linldrrs of Koloa Supar Co. nt Hie oflu
of It. Hnckfeld h Co.
II. W. SCHMIDT, Treasurer K S.Co.
Honolulu, May 11,188.'.. 1010 31
N and after tills dale I will not be
responsible for any dents conirnci-
oil by iny wife Kranclsca without my
written ordor. J. A. DIAS.
Honolulu, May Stli, 1S95. 1017 lw
Clearance Sale.
Crockery, Glassware,
House Furnishing Goods,
Tinware, Oil Stoves.
All marked down in order to
clear out this immense stock.
l,G00doz. Fancy Dress Buttons,
at 10 cts per dozen.
HAMMOCKS, from $1.75.
Lamps, in all
from 5.50.
Picture Frames,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Corner Berctania & Punchbowl Streets.
Thursday Evening, May Mtli,
Hurdle Race on Skates,
one mile for two cash prizes.
I'Ailiculais learned ou application. En
tries to be made not later ihan
evening of 13th inst.
fiST Tliis splendid Kink is open cveiy
afternoon and evening of the week,
music Tuesday and Friday evenings and
Wednesday ailernoon.
J3? Just received, large assortment of
Skates. Patrons will be furnished
either 1$ & 15 Club or Strap Skates. Po
lite attention to all.
1019 3m I). P. SMITH, Proprietor.
ALL persons having any bills against
Her Majesty Queen fcnpiolani will
please picscnt them, on or before the
10th inst. Address to
1014 td Post-Ofucc
rpiIE place to buy J. W. Ilingley's
J Celebrated Cigars. The Crystal
Soda Works will be a depot for thesu
line Cigars, wholesale and retail.
101C tf
dives notice that he will not lie
icsponsible for any debts contracted in
his name without ids written order.
Honolulu, April 1G, 1885. OflO lm
JjiOIl MAN nnil wife, with accommo.
: dation to cook for themselves, or
board with the family. Apply nt 187
Nuuanu Street. 970 tf
Best Made Has no Equal.
Give it one trial on Tarnished Metala
and be Convinced.
It is ii vegetable polish and warranted
free from Acids, Poisons or Gritty sub.
stances, and is superior to anything of
thu kind heretofore offered to thu public
for cleaning and poliBhing Metal Signs,
Railings, Show Onsen, Harness Mount.
ings,liand Instruments, Hrass or Metal
Lamps, Faucets, Stair Rods, Locomotivo
Headlights, Gun Barrels, Urass, Copper,
Silverwaie, Nickel, Tinware, Zinc, Steel,
It is especially adapted to Marine,
ltailioad, Stationary and Fire Engine
Works (iiot or cold), and being free
from acids or grit, will not injure
journals, bearings, tho black lettering
on mntnl signs, hai ucss lcathcr,or scratch
the llnest polished surface
The cleanest and best Polish for
Ladies to use for Household and Kitch
en life. It ia put up neatly and conveni.
cully to hiiit all, in -1, 8 ami 10 o, ami
llvo pound boxes, and every box guaran.
teed perfect.
lrl(fn, n .", TTio A'- SI.
Aside from its unequalled polishing
qualities, its strongest claim on thu pub
lic favor rests in Its absolute purity nnd
cleanliness, being a clean, creamy paste,
easily and conveniently applied. For
Sale nt
78 Hotel St., Abtor House
SYL. J, OARTY, Solo Agent for Haw
aiian Islands. 1011)
1013 tf 1
Ceilf al Park SMui Riii
ii. woonwoimi, of not. ,
i and 1). T. Uallev. of Mnttl.u
this dny formed n co nartncrsldpu
tlio llrm nnine of tlio t'ryclnl S
Works (Jo. K. 11. WOOhWOHl
101(1 l!w I). T. HAILKY.
BY virtue of a. Writ of execution
issued out of tho Supremo Court,
ou the 27th dny of April, A. D. 1880.
ngnlnst Jnnc S. Heed, Administratrix of
the Estate of W. H. Heed, deceased, de
fendant, In favor of M. S. Grinbaum &
Co., plaintiff, for the aum of $859.93, I
have levied upon and shall expose for
mIc at the Old Custom House Wharf, in
Honolulu, Island of Onliu, at 12 o'clock
of FRIDAY, tlio 20th dny of Jlny, A.D.
1SS5, to the highest bidder, nil tho right,
titlo and interest of tho said .Tnno S.
Reed, AJmlnistratrix aforesaid, dofen.
dnnt, in and to the following property,
unless said judgment, interest, costs and
toy expenses be previously paid.
"List of property for sale: Steamer
" W. H. Reed' with all her tnckle, ap.
pnrel and furniture.
JNO. II. SOPElt, Marshal.
Honolulu, April 28th, 1885. 1011 td
Pioneer St'ra Candy Factory &Bakery,
Manufactures all and every article in
Confectionery and Pastry and Bread
Unkery from the best and purest mate,
rials, guaranteed free; from all
Has always ou hand all sizes of his Rich
anf Unsurpassed Qunllty of
Enjoying a rich reputation of ninny
years, and are ornamented in any
stylo desired, and are sold at the
Lowest Possible Prices
Unequalled facilities and steam enables
me to sell all articles manufactured nt
my Establishment Cheaper than an
other m tills Line of Business. Vanilla,
Chocolate, Cocoanut, hand made and
Mould Creams of all flavors at GO cents
per pound.
at ! cent, each. Minee and Fruit
Pfcs always on band.
Pure and Wholesome Bread 1
Vienna ltolls, Family & Graham Bread
delivered to any pan of the city. Tlio
largest and most various Stock of Con.
fectionery can be found at
F . H O RN'S
Stoam Candy Factory and Bakory.
No. 71 Hotel St., between Nuuanu and
Fort Streets,
P. O. Box No. 7D. Telephone No. 74.
Notice to the Pule.
Wo take pleasure in announcing to the
public that, in addition to our
Pastry and Confeotionery Business,
Wo will open our
Ice Cream Parlors !
Which have been fitted up elegantly ac
cording to our trade, on
HArmvo-.w, A-j.'Kiij until.
Our Cream will bo only of superior
quality, made of genuine cream. As
we lmvo made arrangements with the
Woodlnwn Dairy to supply us only with
a first-class article from samples we
havo had of tlio samo, wo aro ablo to
guarantee satisfaction. The following
assortments of Ice Creams nnd Sherbets
wo will keep at our opening, nnd many
more kinds if trado will justify it:
Parties supplied any day except Sun
days. Those wishing Ice Cream for
Sunday must leave their orders nil Sa
turday before 9 p. in,, which will lie
delivered before 10 a. m. Sunday. The
crennis will bo packed so that they will
keep eight hours in n first-class condl.
tion. Hoping to get n sharo of nubile
patronage, and thanking the public for
their liberal past favors, we remain, res.
1003 ly King, near Alakea St.
stfiMBiiftAfchaifc MdmSmMMm
-S -

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