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HBu gwilj) gwlUiht.
iiy l'.MM.V M. KKN'TON.
The general characteristics of
Moths ami 13ullcrUic9 arc, that they
arc smnlMicadcd insects, with four
wings, which arc covered with scales ;
the tongue consists of two tubular
or hollow thrends, adapted for Mic
tion, nud coiled when not in use.
Tho Sphinx Moth, which is com
mon here, has feathered antenna."
and coiled tongue, sis left?, and
under the neck is n patch of soft
down, which is a trifle lighter than
the color of the wings. They are as
a rule night tilers, although a few
may be seen during the day.
The common Clothes Moth depo
sits its eggs in woolen material, the
white larvae doing a great deal of
damage in making their cocoons. It
seems, to all appearance, pcifcctly
harmless and apparently lifeless;
but after lcmoving the white coal
ing that is around it, and examining
it carefully, it seems to be made up
of rings or segments, and in every
way is a perfect moth, although
without its wings, and considering
that it is not yet fully .developed, it
can easily be seen how thcbe small
creatures can do so much damage.
There aic a great vaiicty of moths
upon the islands, but they arc very
ditlicult to catch. The commonest
of all is the Miller Moth.
B-uttci flics arc day fliers, and dis
tinguished from the moth by their
knobbled antciime. The larva is
cylindrical and covered with spines,
and feeds upon a plant termed as
clepias, a species of the milk weed.
They arc great eaters, but this is
accounted for, as they pass through
a sort of torpid vegetative existence
for at least five days. When the
caterpillar has reached its full size,
it crawls to the under part of a leaf,
or, as in this case it was a piece of
wire netting, any protected spot,
and spins a little knob of silk which
it takes hold of with its posterior
legs. It appears very uneasy and
restless before it takes the form of a
chrysalis, when, by very strong and
painful efforts, a slit is made in
the back of the third ring or seg
ment, and the chrysalis forces it
self through ; the skin is gradually
pushed clown and thrown off by the
moving of the body, it being of no
use. We now have the chrysalis.
It is soft, and the skin looks very
much like wet paper, blistered here
and there. Its color is at first a
light green; gradually it darkens
until it is almost black. It is very
pretty, with two wings of gold
upon it, which are only used
for ornament, as they arc still up
on the chrysalis when the buttcrlly
is free. The chrysalis is an inch in
length. "When it ncars the time for the
last and great change, the skin be
comes very thin and fragile, and for
two days befoic the buttcrlly is free,
its wings, the color, spots and marks,
are distinctly seen through the trans
parent skin. At List the hour ar
rives: the chrysalis, which for some
time has appeared uneasy, succeeds
in splitting the thin and brittle skin
of the back, the butterfly pushes out
its head with its tongue and antenna,,
and then its w ings appear, wet and
hanging upon the sides like wet
paper. It is fully ten minutes before
they are able to move their wings.
When first seen they are rolled very
tightly, and soon they try to move
them, and by degrees they begin to
spread out, and keep on opening and
shutting them, as if they were get
ting ready to lly, but it is quite a
little time before they attempt it.
As soon as they begin to be uneasy
in their cage, it is time they were
released, and as soon as fice they
do not lly very far, but rest every
few minutes, apparently stopping to
enjoy their surroundings. It is ten
days from the time they first assume
the form of the chrysalis to their
appearance as butterflies. Their
upper wing measures two inches and
a quarter, the lower ones an inch
and a half.
There arc a gi eat many varieties
of these insects on the Islands. The
commonest of all is an orange-colored
one with black markings, another is
jet black with led marking. There
is still another variety just about
the size of our common moth, which
is very beautiful, and is of tener seen
in woods than anywheic else.
Editor Hum.ktis: Your un
answerable article, "East, West and
Middle," and the plain and unso
phisticated letter in your Saturday's
issue of Mr. A. Y. Squires relating
to the Chinese question will awaken
the slumber of many Hawaiian and
foreign citizens, and attract their
attention to tho great danger which
the rulers of this country have
brought upon the aboriginals of the
soil, and tho foreigners who are sup
posed to be protected by treaty, in
cluding their nationality in the
favored nation clauso, as well as
other foreigners who arc not bar
barians and aliens of a most ex
clusive and objectionable character
like the Chinese, Is it not time to
awake from our slumbering state of
inactivity and unite ourselves to
save this country, unless indeed it
may bo considered tho correct idea
for all foreigners other than Asiatics
to dispose of their property and
leave a degenerative country. The
Chinese to-day have the country to
all intents ami purposes, and judg
ing from the past and present it
would appear to an intelligent mind
that His Majesty's ministers were
endeavoring to trade away the in
dependenco of the islands and act
ing in defiance of the laws of our
mother countiy, tho United States
of America, the fiist one to protect
Hawaiian Independence, and her
subjsoH being the first ones com
pelled to leave the country. To
repair damages and protect our
selves in future I agree with Mr.
Squires, that trading licenses gener
ally should be refused to the Chi
nese, who have no sympathy in
common or treaty with the people
of this country. Keep them as
coolies and compel them to work or
go out of the kingdom, instead of
allowing a continual state of vagran
cy disgusting to every civilized
member of the communit, arrest
further immigration, and allow no
Chinaman to return here after once
In order to check retrogression
and regain tho good-will and sup
port of civilized nations we should
hiio shipping at government expense
to deport say ten or fifteen thousand
to Panama or elsewhere as soon as
possible. Wc arc frequently told
that all this Chinese trouble has been
brought about by the people who
sent mcmbeis to the Lcgislatuic who
have been cntiicly in sympathy with
our rulers, who it appears are in
favor of barteiing away the rights
and the independence of this king
dom to Asiatics, in the diicction
which that has for several years past
been drifting. But when we find
from past experience that the duties
of lcgislatois have been so tampered
with and controlled, as to make
election a complete farce and an ab
solute nomination, I think the Leg
islatuie under existing circumstances
must pass for nothing. The whole
business seems to be run by His
Majesty and his advisers, tho people
having no say in the conducting of
public affairs. Peihaps manjT will
conclude that an existence in this
kingdom is not worth fighting for,
and that as the Government, with
its paupcrdom and nomination, ought
to be allowed to pursue the even
tenor of its way and drive out all
except their favored Mongols and
the remainder of the once powerful,
energetic and noble Ilawaiians.
Well, if so, all right; let us go and
leave the country and its rulers.
But slay a little and ponder over
the situation and reflect to omsclves
if it would not he a wise and judi
cious policy to insist most forcibly
and combat the enemy before taking
our departure, endeavoring to savo
the independence of these islands in
such a manner as to prevent the
future influx of these objectionable
aliens and reorganized coolies, stop
their business licenses, put in force
the Vagrant Act now dormant, also
abrogate the Labor Contract Act,
liberate laborers from bondage as
soon as out of debt, encourage free
labor on the plantations, and by all
means attract and encourage civilized
laborers who will settle on the soil
and help to build up a kingdom that
posterity may be proud of, instead
of standing by consenting and seeing
it run under by Asiatic preponder
ance of uncivilized barbarian hordes.
In the Civil Court on Monday the
case of the Press Publishing Co. vs.
Dr. 11. Johnson Spcer & Co., as
sumpsit for 82!). 25, was heard.
From the evidence it appears that
the plaintiffs made a contract with
the defendants for the insertion of
an advertisement, it was amended
l)3r the direction of the manager and
appeared for thirteen weeks. Dr.
Speer, on being called, stated he
told the collector to discontinue the
advertisement when he first called.
Ho said he would speak to tho mana
ger. After the advertisement was
Hist published, Spcer called on the
manager, and the latter particularly
refused to publish it further. The
next week other matter submitted
to him appeared in the paper, and
when the bill was presented, ho told
the publisher to discontinue it. No
authority was given since to publish
it. Judgment was given for the
defendant. An appeal was noted
to the Intermediary Couit.
Satuiiday, Juno 27th.
At Chambers, before Chief Justice
Judd, Messrs. G. Engling and C.
Smith were adjudged bankrupts on
the petition of Thco. II. Davies &
Co. Proof of claims will be heard
July 3rd.
John Nott w. N. F. Burgess ct
., in equity. It was ordered that
the injunctions hcicin be modified
pursuant to agreement on file.
Monday, Juno 29th.
At Chambers, before Chief Justice
Judd. M; S. Grinbauin & Co. vs.
Heela Sugar Co. el ., in equity.
Argued and submitted.
Acknowledgments to Labor Contracts.
OfTtco with Mr. Fishboumc. 009 3m
Saratoga House.
ATH. It. BAR HER, Into manager of
-LiJL tho Astor House, begs to announce
to his friends and the public in general
that he hns purchased the Saratoga
House, mill will re-open on Sunday,
May 21th. Flrst-clnss hoiird by the
week, month or transient. Special ac.
comniodntlon for ladles and families.
Heading Parlors open for guests of the
house. Tho coolct dining rooms In tho
city. No flies. 20 2m
The Only Paper in California
that Advocates Hawaiian
A Splondid Advertising Medium
For Hawaiian Business Men desirous of
forming trade connections
on the Coast.
All Hawaiian papers Uopt on tile and
full information given concerning
the Islands.
Entrusted to the "Proprietor will he
promptly and carefully executed,
and no commission ciiAiiann.
TERMS Thrco Dollais per annum;
?1.7fi for six months.
Charles K. ISuckluncl,
Editor and Proprietor.
OFFICE-U23 Front Street. I'ost-Omcc
Box, 23G0, Snn Francisco, California.
Corner otjJFort nnil Hotel StH.
870 .
. r ., ,
According to tho highest and best mcdl
cal testimony.
Manufactory, : : : No. 13 Liliha St
P. O. Box, 370. Telephone, 284.
SA11 orders receive prompt attention.
The Horse the Index of a Nation's
Waf Sd t It
npiIIS fast trotting stallion has been
A withdrawn from training and will
now he kept for stock purposes exclu.
sively. He has shown ns much speed as
over and had it not been for an accl.
dent which befell him a few days be
foro the race, ho being dead lame on tho
11th, wo think that ho would havo glv.
en tho gang a liaid tussle for tho money.
He is now all right again, and is being
regularly jogged at tho truck, and can
show close to n 2:30 clip at any time
that he is called upon. This kind of
treatment has been found by long ex.
perienco to ho the right plan to ndopt
with a stallion, as by it ho is not only a
surer foul.gettcr, hut also ho will
transmit a gicatcr amount of speed,
energy and vigor to his offspring. This
plan Is now tho rulo in all of tho largo
breeding establishments everywhere
To parties owning good mures this is
an opportunity that should not ho neg
looted, for Venture, with his lino breed,
lug and great speed, I conbitlertho most
desirable stock horso in tho country.
Mr. Campbell tells mo that of all of tho
horses that ho has imported to this conn,
try. which is probably a dozen or more,
ho likes his colts by Ventuio better than
uny of them, which is surely proof
enough of his qualities as a stock. getlcr.
Mares will bo taken to tho Paikand
returned fioo of charge. For any addi
tional particulars apply to corner of
Punchbowl and Queen Sticets.
Honolulu, June 16th, 1685, 60 dm
ISo. SB Hotel Htrocl.
These new Parlors, containing sixteen
PniVATB Rooms, have been elegantly
decorated and furnished, nnd will be
kept as a first-class resort. Tho
Colobratod Elito Ico Cronm
Will be matle from pure cream with
puie delicious llnvorlngs. Vanilla, Le.
mon, Orange, Pino Apple, Strawberry,
Peach, Almond, Coffee Glace, Chocolate.
Sherbets and Ices,
In largo variety. Served with Coko
made ou tho Premises. Ico Cream
Drinks inatlo to order in any style.
Soda Water, Ginger Alo and Tahiti Le.
monad c. Robert's choicest candles re
ceived fresh by every steamer. Fanii
lies, Parties, Balls and Weddings sup.
plied at short notice. Ladies can havo
their homc-raado Creams frozen and
Cakes baked to ordei at reasonable
prices. A large assortment of Shells,
Corals, Volcanic Specimens, Tapas and
general IbIiuuI Curios always on hand
at reasonable prices.
Proprietor of the Elito Ico Cream Par
lors. Ring up Telephone No. 1&2.
BOAT siior,
J2nplnmile. - - - Honolulu
The oldest and only Boat Building Shop
in the 'Kingdom.
Boats and Scows of all kinds made to
order. Surf Boats a specialty.
I have Oak Timber impoitcd expressly
for Island use.
All kinds of Boat Rcpaiiing done a
1015 shortest notice. ly
Offer for Sale to arrive per
Bark Amy Turner,
From Boston, due
JULY" 1st, 188S.
Franklin Stove Coal in Casks,
J bbls Crushed Sugar,
"Cases Frazer's Axle Grease,
do Hoo Handles,
Bbls No 1 Rosin,
Cases 'Wheelbarrows,
Nest Trunks,
Hay Cutters,
Flax Packing,
4 bbls Wilmington Tar,
Wilmington Pitch,
Bales Navy O.ikuni,
Cases Ek L-ud Oil,
Grindstones, Iron Safcd,
Farmer's Boilers,
Bbls Dairy Salt,
Bbls Cement, l(,nnil 2 in Ox Bows,
Cases Axe and Pick Handles,
Canal Barrows,
Bbls Ex Prime Po.k,
Kegs Nails,
Cumberland Coal in bulk,
Bisal Cordage,
Oak Lumber, White Wood Lumber,
Walnut Lumber, Ash Lumber,
Eastern White Pine Lumber,
Cases Tinned Tomatoes,
Electric &. Downer's Kerosene Oil,
Ketchup and Codfish Balls,
Cases Clam Chowder,
Fish Chowder and Gherkins,
Cases Sausage Meat,
Cases Huckin's Tomato Soup,
Cases " Mock Turtle Soup,
Cases " Ox Tail Soup,
Centrifugal Linings,
Buckets, Lime Wash Boards,
Cases Chairs, Cotton "Waste,
Cases Yellow Metal Sheathing,
Keg's Yellow M. Sheathing Nails,
Bbls Twine, Bales Duck,
Hido Poison, Linseed Oil,
Cases Turpentine,
Cases Brown Soap,
4 bbls Mineral Paint,
Mammoth Rockers,
Book Cases, Assorted,
Extension Top Carriages,
Cases Curled Hair,
Drums of Caustic Sodn.
2U 2m
Best Made Has no Equal.
Give it one trial on Tarnished Metals
and be Convinced.
It is a vegetable polish and warranted
frco from Acids, Poisons or Gritty sub.
stances, and is superior to anything of
the kind heretofore offered to tho public
for cleaning and polishing lletal Signs,
Railings, Show Cases, Harness Mount,
ings, Bund Instruments, Brass or Metal
Lamps, Faucets, Stair Hods, Locomotlvo
Headlights, Gun Barrels, Braps, Copper,
Silverware, Nickel, Tinware, Zinc, Steel,
It is especially adapted to Marine,
Hailroad, Stationary and Flro Engine
Works (hot or cold), and being freo
from acids or grit, will not Injuio
journals, bearings, the black lettering
ou metal signs, harness leather, or scratch
the llnest polished surface.
The cleanest and best Polish for
Ladies to uso for Household and Kitch
en use. It is put up neatly and conveni
ently to suit all, in 4, 8 and 10 o.., and
flvo pound boxes, and every box guaran
teed perfect.
IrlocH, S5o, Ron, 7fo As tit.
Aside f i om its unequalled polishing
qualities, its strongest claim on tho pub
lic favor rests in Its absolute purity and
cleanliness, being a clean, cieamy paste,
easily and conveniently applied. For
Sale only tit
Call and get Sample Box.
Svl. J. OAitiv, Bole Agent for Hawai
ian Island 18
riage and
King Street,
Repairing, Blacltstnilliing nnd every description in tho Carriago and "Wagon
lino manufactured. Estimates nnd drawings furnished for all Car
riage and Wagon building. I have also got up a new kind of Buggy
Cart, which for cheapness and practicability exceeds any cart ever
brought to this country,
t 325. G5 -
979 3m King Street, adjoining Geo.
Frank Gertz,
WhmllMimBBBBE boots and shoes
' kHHSIL i IB. ,:EE: !Sl 1 m
Has received by late steamers a splendid line of
For Ladies, Gentlemen and Children.
Xoii9fc Pass tlie Door.
970 Cm
or ami OO
chovlus in Oil. Cream Cheese. C
big's Extract Heof, Day is Maitin'.s fchou Blacking, Kingston! Washing
Staich, Bapplc's Raspberry Syiup, Crypic Diip, 1 gallon tin; do y, gallon
tins; Mackerel boiled in Tomaloc Sauce, Battv X-ibob Sauce, do Pickles,
Jars Sniced Lambs' Tonnurs. C.ises Picktu Rolllvivs Tinllmirl llnrvlmrc An,
Bird Seed, Kegs Family Butter, Dutch Sausages, Pohasco Sauce, Fine Table
Raisins, Bottled Lemon Syrups, Cunied Outers, Jars Soused Pigs' reet,
Kegs Soused Pigs' Feet, do German Pickles, do Anchovies, Swiss Cheese,
Gennea, Hemp Seed, Rape Seed, Bbls Salmon, Apples, Cala Dried Figs, do
SOMETHING NEW. Oxford Brawn, do Pigs' Feel, Cherries, Fresh Currants, do
Gooseberries, Pie 1'lant, Hoise Radish Hoots, Eastern Apples in Tins, Jars
and Shells, and a full line of stuplo nnd fancy groceries.
PRICES LOW. Goods guaranteed and deliveied to all parts of tho city. Fresh
Is-land Buiter always on hand.
Island Orders solicited. Telephone No. 240. P. O. Box 207. (702
Largo invoices of Goods (of all descriptions) having been received by me ,they
Tiinn the same quality of Goods can be purchased elsewhere in Honolulu, and
satisfaction guaranteed. My stock consibts of all kinds of AMERICAN.
Saddles, Belts, Pouches, leggings, Saddle Cloths, School Bags, &o.,
Bits, Spurs and Stirrups, &c, in Nickel and Silver Platen.
The reputation of my HOME-MADE HARNESS for superiority of workmanship
and material remains unchallenged duiiug my six years' residence herd.
Thankful for the geneious patronage of tho past, its continunuco and increase in
tho future is respectfully solicited at the old stand.
8SG 3m
Every Description of Job Prilling
Executed with neatness and dispatch,
Daily Bulletin Steam Printing Office,
Bill Head,
Ball Programs
Bills of Lading
Business Cards
Book Work
Concert Progr'ms
Draft Books
Delivery Books
Hand Bills
Queen Street,
Wagon Haker,
near Lincoln's.
I would beg to notify the public in general that
I havo opened a Carriago and Wagon shop on
King Street, at tho old stand of M. J. Rose,
and lately occupied by Messrs. Whitman &
Wright, where I am prepared to do any hind
or Carriage ana Wagon woik, in a llrst class,
. durable and practical manner. Ey close and
I prompt attention to business, satisfactory
work, low and reasonable charges, I hope to
some of the public patronage.
W. Lincoln, Contractor and Builder.
103 Fort Street,
Hotel Sti-cct .
ises S ilnon Mint. Iirn.-ul. n M. ilium iimnH
The Corner Harness Store
Still to the Front !
of Foit nnd King streets, Honolulu, H. I
Letter Headings
Law Reports
Noto Headiugs
Plantation Books
Show Cards
Shipping licce'tg;.
jfll' ftlsllniiionta
Visiting Cards
. !

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