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SATURDAY, AUG."" Tl, 188S."
August 22
S B Alameda fiom San Francisco
Stinr Kluttii from Windward PorH
Stmr I.cliua fiom Knhulul
Stmr .Ins 1 Dowsctt from Molokal
Sehr Cnrtci inn fiom Hannlol
Aujjust 22
Bktne W 11 Dhnoiid for San Frnuclseo
Stmr Leliua for Kalmltil
Sclir Jennie Walker for S S Hand
Sclir Kawnllanl for Kooluu
Stmr das I Dowscll for Molokal
Sclir Malolo for Hllo
Sclir Walchu for Kmiai
Stmr W G Hull for Maul and Hawaii
Sclir Ehukal for Molokal
Ilktiio W II IMmond, lloudlctl
Bktno Discovery, Meyers
Bk T H Foster, Rugg
Uk Fresno, Lewis
Bk C O Wliltmore, Thompson
From Ivaiuifnl and by ports, per stmr
Lchita, August, 22 Win Munsnir.it, J
P Svlva and wife, Mrs Capt Davis, .1 11
Gaylord, Maria Abby, G Armstrong,
Mrs J Sheldon and 2 children, Mis G W
Smith and maid, Mrs II Sheldon, Mrs
Boubarand I children, llio Phillip, Bro
From Hawaii and Maui, per steamer
Klnau, Aug 22 Hon S G Wilder, Col
7, S Spalding, Col Win F Allen, W II
Cornwell, .1 O Carter, T W Everett, T)r
Brodle. W 11 Funis E Mclnerny, YV
Mcllride, A Robertson, F M Hatch, S
U Wilder, Jr, C Afong, H Muller. C O
Beiger, WJ Smith, Yini Quong, Ml4
M Dohcrtv, Miss O Dunn, Miss Hatch,
Miss F Wight, Mrs . I 11 Hare and son,
Mrs Covington, It W Putnam, wife and
child, Mrs Dow and 2 children and 104
From San Francisco, per S S Marl,
posa, Aug 22 Mrs JMU.it, Jr, Slg A
Fill lilt, Mrs Wallace, Geo Campbell, C
I, llohen, Rev AV C Merritt and wife, J
C Wilder, Mrs T Lack, Miss F Lack, J
II Thompson, Hairy Miller, K II Allen,
Miss II Tuck, W II Holmes, It II Curtis,
A L Louisson, A Atchhein, A Moore,
liro Jos Yale, Bro Ignatius, A Ilaue
berg, Bro J Francis, Bro C Faust, Geo
L Bates, Major 11 C Dane, W Olmppell
and wife, Ml-s A B Clmppell, AV Karl, 0
J McCarthy, F A Richards, and 57
Sclir Ida Schnaner, Capt Robertson,
sailed from Ivulmlui on the 20th August,
for San Francisco, with a cargo of 4,C2U
bags sugar and a quantity of hides.
Steamer Kinau brought li)l 1 bags of
sugar, 10 bales wool, 50 hides, 0 horses,
Ii0 bags spuds and 100 pkgs sundiies.
The S S Alameda, Capt Morse, 'ailed
from San Francisco August 15th, at ;t
p m. Had model ate X AV and S E winds
with tine weather. On the morning of
August 17th, lalul.:!, Ion ll'ii.OO, passed
i part, of a vessel bottom side up. The
stempost and about GO feel of the keel
with a small piece of the shoo at the
stem and a lloor of timber, planking
and copper could be seen. The wrecked
vessel is thought to bo of almost 400
tons burden. On the 18th passed S S
Marlpoa. Ariivcd at Honolulu August
22nd. Time C days 22 hours.
The Eleu will be ready for work on
Wednesday next. She is having her
deck l'ecaulkcd and machinery cleaned.
The schooner Jennie Walker sails on
Monday a m, the time of sailing hav
ing been postponed in order to take In
some fresh piovislons received by the
Alameda. She will take 30 tons of soil
to glow vegetables at the Pacific Navi
gation Co trading station at Jalult, an
anchor chain and buoy for moorings
there and u 15 ton scow to load and un
load traders.
The bark Maltha Hideout, which was
condemned to be broken to pieces here
some time ago, will not always remain in
oblivion. A piece of her mainmast
about 28 feet long, of white pine, about
:)f years old, will go to the South Sea
Islands on the Jennie Walker, Monday,
for a mooring post at Juluil.
The Alllc Kowc was rccaulkcd and
coppered slioitly after her antral at
Y.M.C.A. Bible class for young
men at 0:45 a. m. Praise servieo
at 0:30 r. si.
Fort Stjikkt Cnuncii. Sunday
school at 9 :45 a. si. Preaching by
P.cv. I. Goodall, of Ihunakua, 11
a. m. and 7:30 i si.
Bethix Union Ciiuitcn. Sunday
school at 9:45 a. si.
Preaching by
the pastor, Rev. 13. C
at 11
a. sr. and 7:30 r. si.
St. AxnKi'w's Catiiuduai..
Preaching by Bishop "Willis at
a. m. and Rev. Geo. Wallace at 7
p. sr.
Roman Catholic Catiiiuihai.
High mass at 10 a. si. Vespers
4:30 i si.
Just received a well selected slock
of fresh artists' materials, directfrom
Winsor & Newton, London, per bnik
Oiiente. King Bros.' Art Store,
Hotel Street. 105 3t
Pauties desirous of sending Ba
nanas or other Island fruits to friends
or relatives on the Coast, can have
the same delivered at destination by
paying cost and charges to Hy.
Davis, manager C. P. & 1. Co.
80 lin
Just received ex-Alameda Black
Walnut Chairs in variety, Black
Walnut Bedroom sets, Baby Cribs
(cheap), Baby Carriages, Ladies'
Wire Masks, Gentlemen's Musks in
variety, large assortment of picture
moulding to suit the times; Music
Books, Chromos, Violin Bows,
Guitars, Violins and Strings, Tooth
picks, Toy Drums, Stereoscopic
Views. Also a largo vaiiety of
Purses, Hand-mirrors, Vases, Call
bells, etc., etc. i
"West, Dow & Co.
Thanks are tendered Purser Sut
ton for files of California papers.
Tm: ditck-sliooting quartet re
turned fiom Kooln.u this morning
with 29 ducks.
The Inter-Island steamer Planter
arrived in San Francisco, Aug. 8lli,
II days from Honolulu.
Mtsssns. Lyons & Levey will sell
fifty-one boxes of apples at noon
Monday at their sales room.
. .
A new time-table of the steamer
W. G. Hall will be published in
Monday's issue of this paper.
Williams, Dimond & Co.'s circu
lar of Aug. loth has no change to
report in the San Francisco sugar
Tin: duty on South Sea Islands
products being so high at this port,
the project is mooted and arrange
ments are being made to send all
products to Europe direct instead of
by the way of Honolulu.
The Japanese Government has ap
pointed Jugoi Viscount Tadabumi
Torii, Mr. Toshio Fujita and Mr.
Kakichero Nakayama Secretaries to
the Japanese Consulate here, owing
to the "large and increasing duties
of the Consul."
Wn regret to hear that His Ex
cellency Paul Ncumaun hud a fall
on the dock of the Alameda on his
trip to the Coast, from the results
of which he was confined to house
in San Francisco, and not expected
to come out for a fortnight after the
steamer left.
Agents to take acknowledgments
to labor contracts have been notified
by the Minister of the Interior that
they arc expected to understand and
act upon the letter and spirit of the
labor laws, and that neglect in that
respect may make them liable to
claims for civil damages and even to
loss of their positions.
Lewis & Co. received on ice to
day, per Alameda: horse radish,
cauliflower, celery, red cabbage;
fresh codfish, rock cod, smelts, sal
mon, crabs and oysters ; grapes,
nectarines, peaches, plums, apples,
pears ; club sausage, smoked sausage,
artichokes. The store will be kept
open until 9 o'clock this eveninc;. 1
Tiieue was a grand musical enter
tainment on board the steamer Ala
meda on the evening of the 19th
inst. There were piano solos by the
artist Sig. A. Farini, ballad by Miss
H. Tuck and Mrs. Wallace, infelice
'by Sig. A. Farini, reading by Miss
Lack, lecture by Major Dane, and a
vocal duet by Mrs. Wallace and
Miss Tuck.
A party here offered to take the
return South Sea Island laborers to
their homes at a very reasonable
rate, on the condition that a new lot
of South Sea laboreis could be
brought here at the Government's
expense. The Government not hav
ing the spare money, and this being
about Hie time for tornadoes at the
Islands, it was deemed prudent and
expedient to defer matters until 1886.
On account of careless diiving by
a Chinaman this morning there came
near being a runaway. A Chinese
express ran into a gentleman's car
riage which was standing on Queen
stieet, near the sidewalk, and if it
had not been for a stout rope with
which the horse wns secured he
would surely have got away. He
jumped and reared and tried his
utmost to free himself.
Until a few days ago there was
an old well lying open in the corner
of the Bethel Union church yard,
beside the observatory. It has been
filled up, for the reason apparent in
the incident narrated below. A
drove of sheep got into the yard,
and one of them suillling about the
brink of the hole tumbled in head
long. Sheeplikc a procession of the
animals moved on the yawning
breach, until five of them were
stuggling at the bottom, ten feet
below the surface of the ground.
They were hauled up one by one
with a rope, strangely enough with
no broken necks or legs.
Hip Wo & Co. own and run
Astor House.
Fryer's Circus.
G. Rcwcastle, carriages, etc.,
Beaver Saloon, oysters.
A large audience was present at
the lecture on the Yellowstone by
Mr. Arthur Brown last evening, in
the Y. M. C. A. hall. The lecturer
was introduced and at the close of
the lecture thanked on behalf of the
auditors, in graceful terms, by Mr;
Theo. IT. Davies. The lecturer
started from New York, rapidly
sketching the trip to Niagara Falls.
That everlasting wonder of creation
lie described in the most realistic
way, so that his bearers were filled
with uwo over bis experience beneath
the cataract thundering from 170
feet over his head. His description
of the geysers and other wonders of
the Yellowstone Park was no less
vivid, and full of graphic details
that the actual vision could scarcely
surpass for clearness. Mr. Brown's
peroration was an eloquent tribute
to the grandeur of Nature in the
wonderland he had been telling
To-nioht Fryer's Circus will give
its closing performance. An entire
change of programme is promised.
The king and party will lend the
dignity of tlioir presence to the occa
sion. It will no doubt be one of the
finest evening's amusements enjoyed
by the Honolulu public for a long
time. Mr. Carle, one of the leading
acrobatic performers of the United
States, arrived by the Alameda, and
will assist in the performance to
The artist Signor A. Farini, one
of the world-renowned leading oper
atic baritones, arrived by the Ala
meda this morning, to make arrange
ments for a short season of concert
and operatic entertainments here.
The company, although not large,
will consist of a prima donna so
prano, prima donna contralto, tcnorc
robuslo, baritone and basso pro
fundo. Signor will bring the com
pany here if the people will give a
guarantee that part of the company's
expenses will be paid. Siguor brings
with him letters of introduction to
His Majesty and others, and pro
bably he can be induced to give a
concert at the Music Hall Friday
night next.
The Chinese drama has been re
moved from Wailuku toKahului and
now the "Celestial devotees" of the
dramatic art in this vicinity arc hav
ing their tastes catered to nightly in
a large wooden erection built fort he
purpose. Since the opening night
the usual stillness of the "Hat" has
been disturbed, and "night made
hideous" by blood-cirdling sounds
of heathen tragedy enacted on the
mimic stage. The members of the
orchestra, if not musical, are mus
cular, and only "distance lends
enchantment," the unfortunate en
forced listener must place himself
at a considerable distance before the
notes reach him in a mellowed tone.
At ten o'clock this morning Mar
shal Soper and party were at Waia
lua, all well. They were received
with honors at that place by the
Chinese residents, who greeted them
with fusillades of fuc-crackers and
other demonstrations. Mr. Ahuna,
merchant, gave them a luau. Capt.
Aldrich, of the Honolulu Rifles, was
with the party. Yesterday Officer
Kua nearly lost his life. His horse
got stuck in the dangerous quick
sand on Waimea beach, and with his
rider was sinking fast, when he was
hauled out by the Marshal's horse
with a rope fastened to "him some
way. Mr. McCandlcss, of the Ka
hnku ranch, had a narrow escape
from being lost in the quicksand,
while driving over it in a break re
cently. Persons contemplating a
journey that way will need to exer
cise the greatest caution. The Mar
shal's party may be expected in
town to-night or to-morrow morning.
About live o'clock last evening a
large marc belonging to a Chinaman,
which was hauling a dray into town
on King street, fell down a short
distance south of the bridge. A
crowd gathered, and somebody re
commending brandy a bottle of that
beverage was procured and forced
down the animal's throat. Tempo
rarily revived by the draught, the
mare rose up, but in a few moments
staggered to the side of the street,
and falling smashed a gate post iu
front of a smithy. After a brief
struggle the poor beast died, and
the carcase lay surrounded by a big
crowd of Chinese and natives until
near dark, when it was removed. It
was a strong-looking animal, and
had been bought for 350 about six
weeks ago, from Mr. 13. B. Thomas.
Shortly after its purchase, it showed
signs of sickness, but the owner, on
the advice of friends, declined to
havo it treated by a veterinarian
who offered to cure it for 810. It
is supposed the Chinaman tried to
get more work out of the animal
than it was able for.
Editor Uuu.rriN: Supposing this
conscientious temperance people
here there are a few, no doubt
would have certain sections of the
liquor law tested. Say Sections 21,
25, 2G, 27, ill, !J7, -10, 41, 42,
what would bo the result?
Supposing it could bo shewn to
the Government, that, were licenses
granted to responsible parsons for
the sale of beers and light wines
only, it would surely decrease the
call or desire for spirits, hence a
decrease in crime and misery, this
only needs a trial.
Supposing such a house were to
bo allowed to open on the above un
derstanding, no spirits could bs
bought there, but wine or beer could
at say 10 cents per glass, whut
would be the result? Try it.
As a large class of our foreign
population have been from childhood
users of wine, but not spirits, and
could they procure a glass of good
wine for 10 cents, is it to be sup
posed they would pay 25 cents for a
glass of spirits? Hardly.
Supposing the "reformers" wcro
to act more and talk or write less,
and instead of damning the onc3
who sell liquor, prevent their mak
ing such profits, causing so much
misery and breaking the laws every
day and hour.
Supposing the duties on beers and
wines should be reduced and tlipt on
spirits inct eased, what would be the
Supposing the strictly temperate
people were to abstain from cnlling
those who drink beer or wine "the
worst kind of intemperate men."
Supposing, instead of vitupera
tion, such as one reads ov hears in
nlmost every so called temperance
( ?) discourse, they should give the
credit to even moderate drinker who
have never drunk spirits, and I
assure you there arc such.
Supposing instead of cursing the
sellers of "liquid damnation" as a
big chief ( ?) styles it, they should
"Fight the devil witli tire" i. e.,
endeavor to enforce the provisions
of the liquor law.
Supposing none of them dare to
do it, as, should they a customer
might be angered, but it hurts no
one, nor docs it result in any good
to quote Scripture pro or con, or
write long screeds to prove that
liquor is injurious every body
knows that, those who drink it know
it the best but say, "T crave some
thing could I get wine good and
cheap I would not drink spirits."
Now, gentlemen of the temperance
circles, what are you going to no
about it?
We have all read what you say,
now we want to sec what you will
do. Vino Puuo.
Tennyson's poem, addressed to
Princess Beatrice on her wedding
day, is characterized as a machine
like production, lacking spontaneity.
The other day when the river at
Cleveland rose fifteen feet a porter
in a warehouse carefully removed
seven grindstones to higher ground,
but left three barrels of flour to take
their chances.
ONE Phaeton, 1 Business Wagon, 1
Break, n set of blacksmith's and
wood worker's tools. Iron ami carnage
material. Applvto
105 lm G. REWCAS.TLE, 33 King St.
Fryer's Great Circus
To-Dny! MTo-ISTisrlit:
Last appearance in Honolulu and Grand
Gala Night in honor of Their Majesties
The Elite of the City to he present on
this Great Occasion.
t5F"Entire Change of Program.me.tea
Prices Reduced to Suit the Exigencies
of the Times.
(ienrral AdmlHalon :
Cltilclrrii t : : :
SO C'ontu
IteHerved Chairs, (extra)
Come Oue-8ISl"Coiiio JVIL
And enjoy youiself as never before.
Oysters! Oysters!
UVzen Oysters I
Beaver Saloon,
Just received hy the
,A 1 a xix G d ix.
105 lit
Astor House.
HIP WO & CO. beg to inform their
numerous friends that tlicyhavn
purchased tho above House, and iilj
carry it on in llrsl-class style,
Board per Week, $5,00.
Single Meals, 25 Cent:).
Private Rooms, Board per Week, gO.OO1;
Single Meals, 50 Cents.
Good Mtals and every delicacy of tho
105 Season. lm
For Sale Cheap.
AN elegant square piano. Has had
but very litilo use. Apply to
io;i iw
I)Y n huly, iu a private family; thnso
mauls a day; in locality eonveni.
entlv near business ccntie. Apply ut
the 'i'emplu of Fashion. 101 1 w
To bo bold at publiu
auction, on TUKSDAV,
Aug. i!5. 1S85, nt noon,
1 Bay Horse, indcserlb
able brand, and onoBn.y
UI on tho HhIiI iiinrp,
Hni'h(. branded
,,.. ,
"into star on
forehead und white sUir
n back. t
JOHN KUKIIAHU, Poundiimster.
Wulinnno, Ewa, Oului, Aug. !!0, 1885.
101 2t
AV1NG obtained tho services of a
llrU!luss Pinna Tuner, wu v.iaii
to Inform Ihu nubile that we uru able l:o
Tune and Repair Pianos nt short notion.
All orders lett with us will bo promptly
attended to, nnd all work warianud.
1033 ly WEST, HOW & CO. .
IT anil OI Jlotel Hi root,
Red Cabbages, Canlillower, Celery, Eastern Oysters, Pears, Oala Fresh Salmon, do
Codfish, do Rock Cod. do Smelts do Plums, do Lobsters, do Shrimps, do
Grapes, do Pears., do. Pcnchc, Roll Huttcr.
ALSO Smoked Salmon, do Halibut, do Herrings, do Beef, do Sausages; Salmon
llellies, 5 lb. Tins; Dried Alden Apples, do Prunes, do Peaches, do Pcarsj
Cala Dried Figs, Cream Cheese, Swiss Olice'e, Family Mild Cheese, Strong
Cheese, Mackerel, ! Hi. Tins; Mackerel, 'Jo lb. Kits; Petit Pols, very small
and very s ect ; French Mushrooms, Dutch Salad Oil in pint-, and quarts,
Lucca Salad Oil, Cala Salad Oil, Apples, 2 lb. Tins Huttcr, Kegs Butter,
Star Hani, Lean Bacon and a full line of Stnplc and Fancy Groceries.
Goods delivered free of charge to all paits of Honolulu, and satisfaction
Telephone No. 240, Both Companies. P. O. Box 207. (702
Carriage ancl Wagon IMC&lvex.
lw- 'H.A
In fitst-(.lM.HHiiiuiinci ttiicl priccH to unit Hits liuicM.
70 King St., ndjoining Geo. W. Lincoln, Contractor & Builder. 8m
Attorney at Law and Aecnt to
take Acknowledgments. No. !) Kiuihu
manu street. 102 Cm
Practical Plumbers, Gas Fitters
and Copper-smiths. No. 71 King trect,
Honolulu. C3?" House and Ship Job
Work promptly executed. 102
HORSE and Phaeton, cheap. Inquire
of W. D.McWAYNE.
91 tf
THREE seamstresses to do gcncial
sewing, also one girl to wait on
rooms. Apply at
100 lw B. F. KHLHKS & CO.
fr'OIt MAIiK,
TMIE four.yc.ir-old Ilamblctoniiiu
JL stallion APTOS CHIEF, also the
Hue driving horte Tobey. Apply to
at Biy 1 1 oi se Saloon, 911m
A GOOD Magic Lantern or Oxyhydro
gen Light, with slidc3, suitable
foi entertainments m a good sized hall.
Will buy or lure.
Addles? "I. R, M.",
npilE undersigned having purchased
X from the assignees of the bank
runt estate of Chant; Hung all book
accounts dim said cslale, hereby author
izes Chang Hung to collect tho-samc for
ihe undersigned. (9:i lm) SING LOY.
npilE pieinises owned and lately occu
X pled by W. O. Smith, situate on
Pens'icoh street.
1)8 2w
Apply to
IIS Merchant St.
.X. liellUed verandahs and laruo
grounds, at P.ilninn, lately occupied by
Mr. W. II. Wilkinson. Rent low to
n good tenant. .IOI1N RO HELLO.
Mutual Telephone Co.
rpjIK annual meeting of the Mutual
X Telephonic Co. will bo held at tho
Company's Building, on Wednesday,
September 2d, at 10 o'clock a. in. A
general attendance of tho stockholders
is requested. A. JAEGER,
98 td Secretary Mutual Telephone Co,
Election of Ollicors, Haln
wu Sugar Company.
AT the annual meeting of tho Stock,
holders of tho Halawa Sugar Co,,
held August 17lh, 1881, the following
ollicors were chosen for the current year:
Mr. John 11. Paty President
P. O. Jones.
" J. O. (inner
' ft. .1. ltOHH
Foster and .lames A.
Messrs. Thos. R,
Hopper, Directors. J. O. CARTER,
Secretary Halawn Sugar Co.
Honolulu, August 17, 1885. 100 lm
PuiutiuB- fc
Jas. W. Robertson,
Books and Accounts neatly and correct
ly kept, also nil kinds of copying at
tended to. Ofllcc with Hustnco As Ro.
beitson. 89 tf
On: jVEoi'o to tlio IFVonl.
Having returned to the
Islands, will undertake
to break Horses, either
to saddle or Harness,
cheaper than any other
man in the Kingdom, and guarantee
Siok and Lame Horses,
Will receive special attention, and the
best of Medicine and care provided.
All orders lobe left at residence, next
John Robcllo'H, Kapnlumn. 99 0m
Tie Louvre of Brussels
Offer a Silk Dross for $5.
per cent, reduction. Embroidery,
Curtains, etc., in all styles. Ln dies'
Hats and Caps ; Table Linen ; Mixed
Linen and Black Brussels Laces.
CO 2m
Ilavo on hand und aro receiving by
every steamer fresh
GroccrlcH &; l?iovlHlonH,
Whittnkcr Star Haras, Dupec's Break,
fast Bacon, Boned Turkey, Roast Chick,
en, Roast anil Boiled Mutton, Tripe, Or
Tail, Ham und Oxford Sausages, Mett.
wurst, Devd. Ham, Oysters, Salmon
Bellies, Mackerel, Suit Herrings. Bnuer
Kraut, Smoked Herrings, Llmburger
Cheese, &c.
Also, a largo assortment of Teai, and
the best roasted Coffee, ground
every morning.
Iu our feed line, wu are constantly sup.
plied with tliti very best Hay, Oats,
lir.in, Bnrley. Corn, Wheat, Middlings
and Oil Cuke Meal, All the above, as
well as the numerous articles not men
tioned, will be sold at iho verv lowest
prices. (99 2w) WOLFE & CO.
A-wffft- t amritoMtltaitbtfaKKHB-4 &.- t4fcu
afeM5' '&&'.$&i$&ef-- -
r i..

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