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.tt . r.
series of calms anil a succession of
gales of wind. I liavo to report the
loss of two vessels, both owned by
Messrs. Henderson & Macfiulane, of
Auckland, N. Z. one the ehooner
Mazoppa, lost on Pakiu Islands, mid
now Hie hrignntiuo Ransom. Wo
hud n gale here last week which
washed iiwny a large portion of the
wharf belonging to the Detitehe
Handel? & riantagen Company of
Hamburg, and washed into tliu
copra housu of one of tlie Pacific
Navigation Company's traders on
Mille, wnshlng away more or less
copra, said to be about two tons,
and doing damago generally. How
ever, we have the trade winds down
now, and 1 think wo are going to
have a little steadier weather. Wo
have 'had lots of rain, and all the
islands are looking prime."
In a letter dated Mnjuro, Mar
shall Wands, Aug. 20th, Captain
Lovoll gives various ahipping items
of interest. The Win. II. .Stevens,
Crawford's, of San Francisco, was
over four months from Legiep going
on a trip round the Gilbert gioup,
which generally takes about six
weeks or so. Myers, formerly mnto
of the Morning Star, who took the
Kapiolani down, had charge of the
schooner Lily, belonging to A.
Capelle fc Co. The Lily is a line
little schooner of about 25 tons,
built on Legiep Island by Mr. Chas.
Foster, a young fellow who served
his time in San Francisco, and she
does him credit, as she is fair to
look at, and satis better than any
vessel down there.
From another source we have the
following items : The Jennie Walker
brings news of lighting between the
people of Tnrava and Apaian, tor
mented by the laborers who returned
from these islands to Tarava. A
German Commissioner is on his way
to reside in Jaluit and have juris
diction over the islands of which
Germany now claims possession.
Former purchases of lands will be
recognized as valid by the Commis
sioner, but no more land can be
bought without his consent. Jan.
Mr. Walter F. Frear, son of Rev.
Walter Frear, so many years pastor
of Fort-street church, arrived by tliu
Australia yesterday, and will take
the place made vacant in the Oahu
College Faculty by the resignation
of Mr. G. L. Hates. All his old
friends will welcome him back. Mr.
Frear graduated at Punahou in 1881,
and subsequently entered Yale
College, where he graduated with
high honors in tiie class of '85.
Jan. 8th.
The libraiy of tliu late Queen
Dowager, to which we alluded last
week ns having been willed to the
Library and Heading Room Asso
ciation, is open to tins inspection of
the 'members and the public gen
erally at the rooms of the Associa
tion, coiner Hotel and Ahike.a
streets. The collection is an ex
cellent one both as regards the char
acter of the books and their condi
tion. It is seldom that live hundred
volumes arc seen together in any
library, which embrace at once such
a large amount of substantial lite
rary matter and so small a propor
tion of trash. These books have
been arranged on a long temporary
table in the reading room, wiicre
they will remain during the present
week, after which they will be dis
tributed to the various alcoves of
the library according to their con
Yesterday morning about half
past nine o'clock Kdwin Oakley was
found dead by the side of Kewalo
street, on the plains. The body
was in a sitting posture, the throat
cut and the blood vessels of the nrm
severed. A razor was found near
tho corpse. W, C. Wilder, Jr., the
first to make the ghastly discovery,
notified the Station House authori
ties, and Deputy-Marshal Dayton,
as coroner, held nil inquest, the
jury returning n verdict that the
man died by his own hand. Oakley
was about 02 years of ago and n
native of Southampton, England,
where his father owned u largo
market garden, well-known as
"0..kley's Garden." At thirty
years of age the deceased went to
South Australia, thenco shortly
after emigrating to California, where
ho lived for a long period. "While
there he was leader of an orchestra,
and was the inventor of improve
ments in piano frames and violin
rests. Ho has been in these islands
a good while ; for seven years fore
man for Mr. E. 11. Thomas, con
tractor, his reputation is that of a
square-dealing man in all business
mutters. Oakley was a bachelor
and hod no relative in this country,
lie held tho lease of three cottages
on Queen street, living in one of
them. Lately he was in hospital
for some ailment that caused him
depression of spirits. A largo amount,
for a poor workingman, was due to
him for some timp at the Palace,
while several of his creditors were
threatening to sue him. Tlieso cir
cumstances combined to depress
him greatly, and lie had been heard
repeatedly to express u purpose of
pi. a ftArar wfftxmvst mmiAWf mmww, , ;, mmmw, jaitomw n, nu
.Il,.:.....if , &,. i r-j j .
self-destruction. On tlio person of
the deceased were found nearly
llfty dollars in gpld, paper nnd
silver, n bottle containing arsenic,
private papers and small personal
effects. The body was interred at
Maklkl after the inquest. A move
ment was set on foot this forenoon,
ho.vever, to accord decent burial to
the unfortunate man. Mr. Thomas
circulated a subscription paper, ami
in a few hours secured all tlm money
required for that purpose. Accord
ingly, the body has been disinterred
and tlio funeral will take place from
tho late residence of the deceased,
Queen street, at ten o'clock to
morrow forenoon. Tlio late Mr.
Oakley having died intestate, his
affairs revert to tho British Consu
late for settlement. Jan. I lib.
the month of Dee., 1885:
Tliu total iitimlicr of death-
fur 1 liis month of Dccemher
tlMrlliuk'il in follow-:
was 411,
Under 1 year..,
From 1 to ft....
From ." to 1(1...
l-'ioni lOloai).,
From SiOtoilO.,
. 1
. 1
. 4
,.:i7 From HO to -10..
Fiom 40 loftO..
From no to (JO. .
From (iO to 70..
Over W
Females 10
i O real lliltal
S. Isles
Other nation..
cause op death:
A -Minim 2 l)hirrhu-a
Apoplexy 1 Kxhaiistlon ....
llerlherl i! Fever
Consuuniilon 1 Hemorrhage . ..
Convulsion 5 Iiilhimmatioii ..
Croup 1 Leprosy
Cancer 1 Old Age
Dropsy !l l'aralvsts
Disease of Heart. :i S.vphlll-
Dysentery 1 Unknown
Mum her unattended :
Dee. 1-Sl :tS Dec. 1SS1
Dec. 1SS2 14 Dee. 18S5
Dee. 18SII (ill
Annual death rate per 1000 for month
sickness ix Tin: schools.
School. Scholars. Siek.
Fort Street School..- 1!W II
J oval School 270
I'oliukaiiia School IK! 0
St. Alhan's College i0 0
St. Louis' College !IS2 II
Preparatory School, (no upovt.)
Vacation commenced on the IStli.
J. II. Bnowx,
Agent Board of Health.
Monday, Jan. 4th.
Tin: Library and Museum at the
Government building will be closed
until further notice.
Somehow stole a cane extension
chair from the balcony of Mr.
Roth's residence the other night.
Tin: one-mile race at the Yosc
mite Rink Saturday night, between
Spencer and Lucas, was won by tho
latter b' one lap.
Tin: Rev. I) wight Baldwin, D. D.,
died yesterday, at the residence of
Mr. S. M. Damon, aged 87 years.
The funeral took place this afternoon
i'rom Knwniuhuo church.
Steamships Australia and City of
Sydney, from San Francisco for the
Colonics, and Yokohama and Hong
kong, respectively, will be due any
time after noon to-morrow.
Mu. Noltc, at his own expense,
treated the Hawaiian Rille Associa
tion marksmen, as well as the specta
tors of the shooting match on New
Year's Day, to an elegant lunch at
tlio Casino.
Hon. S. II. Dole has presented the
Library and Reading Room Associa
tion with a finely illustrated work in
three quarto volumes entitled "The
World, its Cities and Peoples;" also
Travels in 'Mexico by Fred. A.
Mil. A. M. Mollis gave a dinner to
the boys composing his newspaper
delivery brigade, with representa
tives of the Bulletin and Advertiser,
at the Polynesian hotel, on New
Year's Day. A vote of thanks was
tendered " mine host" by the boys
in the form of ' Three cheers for
Mr. Mollis."
Tin: schooner Domitila loft here
about three weeks ago for Ililo, and
had not arrived there when the Ki
nau left on Frida' last. There are
many conjectures as to the where
abouts of the schooner. Some think
she was struck by a squall, and, as
her deck load was largo, might have
gone under, while others believe she
is becalmed.
TVksday, Jan. 5th.
A new foot bridge lias been built
from tlio dumps to the King's boat
Tin: building of tho new light
house keeper's dwelling is fast ap
proaching completion.
Mit. Helpkin, lately driver for
Burgess's express, shipped beforo
tliu mast on the bark Li..io Ircdalc
this morning for Portland, Or.
The Bulletin boys are prepared
to present the Crystal Soda Works
with a case of empty bottcs, In, re
turn for the hajuhoinc New Year's
Eve gift of the same, filled with one
of the most ncetarious and efferves
cent lluids of their manufacture.
Long may they fizz I
- r t- -r
itiu W, C. Lank, superintendent
of the Ktthuku Ranch, gave a family
dinner party on Christmas Day, at
which were present, with Mr. and
Mrs. Lane, 11 children, !1 sons-in-law,
1 daughter-in-law and 8 grand
children. Wo wish Mr. and Airs.
Lane many returns, and re-unions
of the sainu sort.
Mu. Molteno, barber on King
street, and a Mr. Aylett have leased
a piece of water-land between the
Marino Hallway nnd the Myrtle
Boat Club house, on which they are
building a bathhouse. Tho piles for
the foundation are already driven
and the house will be completed by
the middle of next month.
Tin: road down tlio l'ali lias been
a continual source of newspaper
comment for some years, but nothing
lias been done to mend it until with
in tlio last few weeks, when con
siderable improvement lias been
effected under Mr. II. Lloyd's
superintendence. The road is now
fairly passable for carriages and is
in as good a condition as it is possi
ble, probably, to mnko it, witliout
having an entirely new road.
Tin: Aiiyli'caii Church Chronicle
for January is to hand. Tho edit
orial columns open with Now Year
Greetings. Rev. Alex. Mackintosh
gives a graphic account of some
scenes and incidents of travel in tho
land of the heather. Our reprint of
Dec. 8th, from the San Francisco
Jlulletin, on "the Church of Eng
land in Politics," brings Rev. C. E.
Groser to the front with an article
to be (continued) on "The Church
of England". The paper is further
occupied with a good digest of
Church nnd other news.
Last Thursday evening one of the
sailors of the bark Elsiuore, while
skating at the Yoscmitc Rink, fell
and dislocated his left arm at the
elbow. It cost him ten dollars to
have it replaced, aud being enable,
to work ho is paying two dollars and
a half per day for a substitute on
board ship. The sailor, in speaking
of the accident this morning, said
that he had fallen from aloft to the
ship's deck without breaking a bone
or even dislocating his collar, but to
get on wheels with no brake was like
riding on the tail of a tornado.
Wednesday, Jan. 0th.
Fokt street school began its new
session to-day. Pupils are expected
to resume their places promptly.
The Hawaiian Land & Coloniza
tion Company has opened an office
in Campbell's block, Merchant
Mu. Thomas has taken the con
tract to lower the building recently
occupied by Hollister & Co.'s branch
store. The house when ready will
be used by S. Roth's tailoring estab
lishment. Ciiaulie, the lookout on Diamond
Head, roused up the town about ten
o'clock last night, to come out and
meet tlio Australia, but the steamer
he saw off Coco Head proved to be
the C. R. Bishop.
A man named Thomas Curlcy is
in Oahu Jail, charged with murder
ing a Chinaman at Kohnlnou Christ
inas Day. He stabbed his victim
witli a large pocket knife. There
are marks of an affray on his own
Tin: steamer Kilauea Hon suc
ceeded in towing the stranded
steamer Ivy holmes off Ililo beach
Dec. 20th. The Holmes is not
greatly damaged, a little copper
being torn from her bottom, and her
keel slightly chafed.
Nothing has as yet been seen or
heard of the missing schooner Do
mitila. Inquiries were made this
morning of the officers of the steamer
Kilauea Hon, and, notwithstanding
their incessant watch for tlm
schooner, her whereabouts still re
mains a mystery.
A young man, knowing of a cer
tain gentleman's antipathy for cats,
secreted himself near the abode of
the feline hater last night, and
began crying J far id. It was laugh
able to see the disturbed one crawl
ing along the fence witli an uirgun
to shoot the imaginary cat.
Tin: sailors of the bark Lov
spring that arrived yesterday, 182
days from New York, are s'adly
tilllicted witli scurvy. Two of tlio
sailors, who arc affected mostly
about tho lower limbs, wero taken to
the Hospital this morning for treat
ment, but the snip's carpenter is in a
frightful state. Ho was lying on a
lounge in the cabin this morning, and
presented a most ghastly and revolt
ing spectacle. His teeth are mostly
all gone nnd his tongue is swollen
nnd black. His feet are in a bad
state and altogether the victim is
utterly helpless. lie has been suffer
ing from the malady for three
months, latterly being liurdly able
to swallow enough food to sustain
life. Arrangements were made this
morning to convey the patient on a
litter to tlio Hospital, where he will
be well treated.
Thuusday, Jan. 7th.
It is a pleasure to see Mr. J. M.
Oat anil family homo ngaiq, and n
greater- to hear that they intend to
Tin: barkentinu W. II. Dimoud
sailed this noon for San Francisco
with a large cargo of Hawaiian pro
duce nnd her cabin overcrowded
with passengers.
Tin: demand for the Bulletin has
become so extensive that three of
the delivery couriers are obliged to
ride on foaming steeds to accom
plish their evening rounds.
Sevenieen Japanese were sent by
the Board of Immigration for Yoko
hama by the S. S. City of Sydney
last night. A native woman married
to n Chinaman also took passage b'
tlio steamer with her two children.
Tin: regular meeting of Oahu
Lodge, No. 1, Knights of Pythias,
was held last evening, when the
following officers were elected:
P. C, C. J. McCarthy; C. C, Os
car Branch; V. C, Chns. T. hoyt;
President, C. W. Hart; K. of R.
and S., J. C. White; M. of F.,
Henry Smith; M. of E., T. R.
Lucas; M. of A., James Collins;
Trustees, Messrs. David Dayton and
Henry Smith.
Cut. Holland, who loft here as
master of the Hawaiian brig Allio
Rowc for Hongkong, returned by
way of San Francisco on tlio S. S.
Australia tills morning. The cap
tain says lie was very sick while at
Hongkong, and ho went to San
Francisco for health's sake. Ho
reports the brig having sailed from
Hongkong Nov. 28th, so that she
iruy bo expected here soon in charge
of the chief officer.
Theue was a large and highly in
terested audience at the 11 o'clock
meeting, to-day, in the Bethel
vestry. The Rev. C. M. Hyde, 1).
1)., presided, and many took part in
tlio exercises. This evening, in Fort
Street Church, at 7 ::J0, the subject
will be "The Excellence of Chris
tianity," Rev. E. C. Oggol to-lead.
The morning services to-morrow will
bo in the Bethel vestry at 11 a.m.
The meeting will bo led by Rev.
Prof. Mcrritt. Subject, "Nations
and Governments," including the
question of liquor licenses.
Tin: sale yesterday at the late
Queen Emma's residence secured a
very large attendance, and the auc
tioneers, E. P. Adams & Co., tnado
a successful disposal of the furniture
at unusually good prices. One
mahogany bedstead was sold for
S150 to Mr. A. Drier. Mrs. Mc
Cully purchased an ebony side table
for 8100. A handsome mirror ward
robe brought SI 20, and was secured
by Mr. Drier. Hon. J. A. Cum
mins was the purchaser of 2 pier
mirrors for S115. The whole sale
amounted to over $3,000.
Oceanic Council, No. 11, Ameri
can Legion of honor, has elected
tho following olficors for tho current
term: Commander, Horatio G.
Crabbc, re-elected ; Vice-Command-cr,
Robert French ; Orator, Chas.
W. Hart; Secretary, John C. White;
Collector, Henry Smith, re-elected ;
Treasurer, Jas. W. Maguiro, re
elected. Visitors were present at
the meeting from Hawaiian Council,
and a fraternal interchange of senti
ment occurred. The two local coun
cils have a membership of about 70,
holding policies in the institution
amounting to $350,000.
Mu. A. Marques claims to have
been the first to have successfully
bored an artesian well in this coun
try. It lias been ascertained as a
positive fact that in 1877, Mr. Jas.
Campbell employed a Mr. Ashley,
father of Geo. Ashley, formerly of
Wiseman & Ashley, to bore an
artesian well at Hououliiili witli hand
tools. Furthermore, that after bor
ing to tlio depth of several hundred
feet, water came to the surfaeo, and
to-day that identical well is (lowing.
Mr. Marques will thercforo have to
produce a wen uored by nun prior
to 1877, in order to make good his
Tin: S. S. Australia, of the Di
rect Line, arrived this forenoon, six
days and sixteen hours from San
Francisco, en route for Sydney.
She brought 315 tons of freight, 21
bags of mail, and 15 cabin and four
steerage passengers for this port.
There arc 15 cabin and 14 steerage
passengers on board for Sydney,
besides a largo freight. Tho Austra
lia sails for Sydney at 7:30 o'clock
this evening, taking several passen
gers from here. Her slowest time
coming down was 305, and the
fnstest 324 miles per day. She had
disagreeable weather only during
the first day out.
Fhiday, Jan. 8th.
Pa I. a ma has 'bus accommodation
again, furnished by Fowler & Co.'s
Tnr. Bishop of Honolulu will hold
a service in St. Andrew's Cathedral
every Friday evening, beginning
tills evening at 7 o'clock.
Mu. William Rowe, lately em
ployed at tho foundry, died at the
Queen's Hospital this morning of
fever. Ho was buried this after
noon from the Catholic Church.
Cut. David Taylor's storehouse
at Laliaina was broken into early
Wednesday morning, tho unknown
burglar taking away 87..r)0 and
leaving evidences of a complete
rummaging of the place.
Mu. Ahuna, an extensive rice
grower at Koolau, was reported us
being very ill the other day. Dr.
II. .McGrew left for the other side
of the island yesterday morning,
but since then it lias been learned
that Ahuna has died.
At the monthly mooting of the
Queen's Own Inst night, Captain
O'Connor presided ; a rcpoit on the
expenses of the Queen's Birthday
liin.ii was accepted from Lieutenant
Mahaulu, acting Trcasuier, nnd
Lieut. Bright was elected Secretary
instead of Lieut. Nahora Hipa, re
signed. By the schooner Jennie Walker
it is learned that I he natives of
Klleee Islands report the wreck of a
Hawaiian schooner at that group.
The vessels Ko An Hon and Gen.
Seigle, witli all hands, are reported
O. K. Mr. Duncan, mate of tho
Kc Ait Hon, and a Mr. Henderson
arrived by the schooner.
II. Losing, who once figured in
tltc Police Cotut in Honolulu, for
keeping a disorderly house, has been
convicted at Makawao, Maui, of
selling liquor witliout a license, and
fined SI000. Another man, formerly
a stableman in this city, was con
victed of illicit liquor selling at the
same time, and fined S150.
New buildings continue to go up
at a fabulous rate of speed on the
Chinese end of King street. Lately
an old wooden rookery was pulled
down at tlio southwest corner of
King and Maunakca streets, dis
closing an ancient stone mansion.
The latter in turn was demolished,
and a large wooden building is
being constructed on the site.
Mu. E. Lycan, of fruit fame, has
fared rather roughly witli his recent
banana exports. He shipped one
hundred bunches by the W. G.
Irwin, which was 1 1 days going up,
and by last mail he received a letter
from the consignees in San Fran
cisco, saying that only twenty-seven
bunches out of the hundred were
fit for market, the others being rot
ten. Mr. Lycan claims there was
something wrong somewhere, as the
fruit was not too much matured
when shipped, and cither it was
roughly handled or the consignees
over-rated the damage.
Satuhday, Jan. 1Mb.
Two pedagogues came over the
Pali this morning on two gray horses
as much alike as two peas.
J. T. Wateimiouse lias removed
his crockery and hardware business
from King street to his building ad
joining his Queen street store.
II. R. II. PitiNCEss Likcliko will
hold a reception on Wednesday, 13tli
inst., from two to five r. si., the oc
casion being the thirty-fifth anni
versary of her birthday.
Among the literary small talk in
one of the papers received by the
last steamer, it is reported that
King Kalakaua is preparing for
publication an account of ids tour
around tho world.
Letteus received from Rev. A.
A. Sturgis bring news of ids con
tinued bodily vigor, though lie has
not been able as yet to go out much
from the house. his wife and
daughter are with him, occupying a
pleasant cottage in Oakland.
Tin: William Rowe who died in
hospital yesterday was a recent ar
rival in tho country. William Roe,
who works in the foundry, as tho
deceased did, was thought by many,
from the similarity of names, to
have been the person reported (lead
in our issue of yesterday. In con
sequence he startled many of Ids
acquaintance-, to-day by appearing
before them alive and well.
A iiiuii order of Chinese decora
tive art is being expended on a now
jos house on the uiauka side of
King street, a short distance on tho
town side of the bridge. There are
landscapes, with beautiful birds in
them, being put on the front, and
the top of the building is adorned
with highly ornate pieces of carved
work. The coloring is really beauti
ful, while tlio designs are artistic in
the Chinese fashion.
Some Chinese burning incense in
a private lane off King street below
Maunakca, last night, left fire be
hind them. Shortly before ten
o'clock two residents of Palama
going home observed brisk llames
rising from tlio spot, within a few
inches of a building, and a train of
combustibles leading to the lattice
work at the base of tlio structure.
After rapping at the door of the
shop on that side witliout response,
they opened the gate and put out
the fire.
At a meeting of Hawaiian Coun
cil, No. 080, A. L. of II., held last
evening, the following officers were
elected: Past Commander, C. A.
Brown ; Commander, J. F. Eckart ;
Vice Commander, E. W. Tucker;
Orator, A. O. Forbes ; Secretary,
J. A. Palmer; Collector, E. W.
Peterson; Treasurer, C. llustacc;
Chaplain, W. D. Alexander; Guide,
T. F. Lansing; Warden, Geo. C.
Strateineyer; Sentry, Julius Ascli.
Mr. Charles II. Eldridge has been
appointed Deputy Supreme Com
mander of this jurisdiction.
Steasieu Iwnhini brings news of
pretty good weather. The llonokaa
mill has shut down for several days
to put in a now double effect. The
steamer Ivy Holmes, after being
towed off Ililo beach, was to steam
to Kukuihaele, where Capt. Wilfong
was to receive and pilot her to this
port. It is further learned that tho
steamer, after accomplishing a por
tion of tlio distance from Ililo to
Kukuihaele, was compelled to put
back. The supposition is that she
iwoMrMraiwM imw?wjmmmumaaimmmm
Mu. Z. Y. Squires has issued a,
manifesto on public affairs, conclud
ing witli arecommendationof Messrs.
A. Marques, II. S. Swinton D. W
P. Kealatila and himself ns indepen
dent candidates for the district of
Honolulu. The paper is strongly
against Asiatic immigration Chi
nese and Japanese opposes a Ha
waiian protectorate of the South
Sea Islands (which Gorman' and
Spain have already appropriated,
saving our politicians of oil kinds
further trouble on that score), and
pronounces against the contract la
bor law. Mr. Marques said to our
representative that lie was in nowise
committed by tlio document, but
would probably ,pcak for himself
Tin: late Mr. George E. Sherman,
whose death occurred yesterday
afternoon, at the American house,
was one of the old residents of this
Kingdom. Mr. Sherman's birth
place was iu the State of Virginia,
and he has been in this country over
40 years, and was a very intimate
friend of Kamcliameha III. He
was many years in Komi, Hawaii,
carrying on the business of saddler,
and about five years ago removed
to Honolulu, where lie was engaged
iu the same business until about a
week ago, when he was taken ill.
his deatli was caused by an attack
of dysentery, under which lie sank
in a few hours. Mr. Sherman leaves
a largo family of sons and daughters
to mourn their loss ; nnd was highly
respected b' a largo circle of friends
and acquaintances.
Monday, Jan. 1 lilt.
Messus. Barnes & McCaudless
have failed to strike water at Kama
lo, Molokai.
Tin: country politicians must feel
that their seats are safe, by the way
they are Hocking into town.
To-day is the 14th anniversary of
the funeral of Kaniehanieha V., and
tho 3Hh of tlio first election of Re
presentatives. Tin: Bethel Gospel Temperance
meeting, on Saturday evening, had
a pretty full attendance. Mr. W.
Waterhouse, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
Tin: bicycle race at Central Park
Rink Saturday night was pretty
tame. George Huddy and James
White competed, and Huddy won,
doing the five miles' distance in 17
minutes and 4;" seconds.
Tin: Captain of the schooner Rob
Roy picked up a piece of fancy
moulding belonging to a vessel's
bow in the channel yesterday morn
ing. It is thought to be from the
brig Hesperian lately wrecked at
Not long ago the authorities ar
rested a humble Chinaman for shin
gling or doing some trivial work on
the Sabbath, while yesterday car
penters were at work on the ceiling
of Sprcckcls' bank and yet no ar
rests wero made.
Tin: whaler Lydia, standing off
and on this morning, was chasing
sperm whales all day yesterday, but
failed to make a catch. She came
here to take on board her chief
olllcer, who was ill and left hero re
cently for treatment.
Tin: annual parade of the Hono
lulu Fire Departnicni will take place
on February 4th, as the regular day,
the 3rd, has been appropriated for
tiie legislative elections. It will come
in well to celebrate the victory of
whichever side wins the day.
Tin: Advertiser's "Honolulu Al
manac and Director'," third year,
is out, strong iu statistics and origin
al articles relating to these Islands.
It is a great improvement on the
former issues, is well-printed, and a
credit to tiie editor and compiler,
Mr. R. J. Crcigliton, his staff, and
the specialists assisting.
Cut. Nathaniel Ingcrsoll died at
Portland, Oregon, on Dec. 5th, leav
ing a wife, son nnd three daughters.
He will be remembered iu Honolulu
as having commanded the clipper
White Swallow in 1858 and 1859,
and the S.S. Dakota of Webb's line
iu 1872. His death was sudden,
being caused by apoplexy.
Mu. W. J. Sheldon, special Cus
toms olllcer, has seized twenty-five
tins of opium at Kahiilui, in the
store of a Chinaman named Ami,
who with a fellow-countryman re
cently had an unsuccessful suit for
damages against Mr. John Wagner,
of tho Customs, for breaking open
boxes in looking for opium.
Majou Wodeliouse, II. B. M.'s
Commissioner and Consul-Gencrnl,
had an audience of the King this
morning at 10 a.m., for tho purpose
of delivering to His Majesty tlio an
swers of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
nnd of Her Royal Highness the
Princess Beatrice to letters from
King Kalakaua expressing Ids good
wishes on tlio occasion of Her Royal
Highness's marriage.
An open air meeting was held yes
terday afternoon on tho wliarf at the
foot of Fort street, under the nug
piccs of tho Woman's Christian
Temperance Union. Addresses were
delivered by Mr. P. C. Jones and
Mr. S. D. Fuller, in English, anil
by Rev. A. O. Forbes in Hawaiian.
About two hundred persons were in
attendance. The W. C. T. U. in
tend to hold similar services on sub
sequent Sunday afternoons. , .-'
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