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i.oban, ocToiinu 2, 188f, to
MAItCU 8, 1880, V.X MOUN
At dark we sidled for I.nsup,
where u arrived the next inorniny,
ninl got ashore for our day's work
at 10 a. m. This is Solomon's home,
ami he was able to take the laboring
oar. There were here many lapses
into sin, and while the school ap
peared real well, it is composed
almost entirely of young women and
children, the boys and young men
preferring tobacco and wickedness.
to study. A line young couple here
volunteer for our school. Two boys
who have been two or tin ee years
with Mr. Donne, were here chosen
school masters. We left our an
chorage here the next morning,
Thursday, March -Itli, and ran over
ten miles to Nitwit. Here thu cap
tain tied to the icef, and wo had a
day on shore. Nawsi has been three
years without a teacher, Solomon
doing what he could for them. Hotlt
Losap and Nawa suffer much from
being stopping places for trading
canoes from iMortlock to Itulc, many
who come on these canoes opposing
Christianity, both by wouls ami
deeds. Three couples here wanted
to come to school, but there were
charges against each one. m we
could biing none of them. Another
line couple, however, oll'cred tliein
hulves at the last. The Star drifted
towatd the reef so much that the
captain had to take olf the kedge
and steam away, mi wu hastened
through with our woik and got on
board about .) i i. A little later
Ave squared away for link, got into
the lagoon before breakfast and got
to anchor off Auapauo about ! .v. m.
Our fourteen scholars were mostly
sea sick, and 1 got them ashnie as
soon as possible. Arthur and Heulah
came olf in the boat and got on
board before we got to anchor. The
voyage lasted just two weeks during
which we had visited ten chinches,
on as many diffeient islet.s. I en
dured the stiain real well after the
first few days. Dr. Wctmore was
very helpful. The condition of the
churches was on the whole better
than I expected. They so much
need more frequent and longer
visits from the missionaries, and
earnest, wise and faithful leaching
on each islet. The people are very
slow to give up their old customs,
especially the "tail;," and the men's
long hair, and the native dress, or
rather want of dress. They still
cling also to some of their old super
stitions, and where there arc trading
stations women are sold to vessels.
Captain J J ray and Dr. Wetiuore
joined me in Aigorous piotests
against their reprehensible customs.
Of course, transient observers, see
the outward more than moral vile
ness. L hope there may be not un
frequcnt opportunities during the
year to wiitc, so that 1 can do what
J can by letters to the churches ami
schools. The Morning Star lay here
over Sunday, and this morning took
on board Mary and Mr. Woith to
go to Fefan and I'man, while 1 re
main at home to writu up my letters,
reports, etc. The days are very
busy. Sunday was a pleasant day.
Captain Jlrny and Dr. Welmore
talking to our people, and a plea
sant English bcrvice at our house at
-I c. m. The Star will probably
come back to-morrow and sail the
next day. Mary was very busy
while 1 was away. Mr. Voith
came down with fever soon, so she
had to attend the meetings morning
and evening, and take the whole
service the second Sunday. She,
however, got along pietty well with
her writing, and was able to cheer
up Miss rainier also. Mr. Woith
is better, but very weak. We have
a severe epidemic of inlluenza,
which has extended to every island
wc have visited. J had it slightly
before we started for Mortlock.
The work was much more dillicult
everywhere, as often the coughing
and nose blowing nearly di owned
our voices. Here at home we hear
of two deaths, the teachers have all
suffered much, and sonic of the
bcholars arc down sick. I hope the
worst may be over.
AVe shall stait upon our woik for
the next year with high hopes. The
responsibility of caring for clothes
and feeding, as well as teaching
these fourteen Mortlock scholars, in
addition to our ten link boys is
heavy, but we trust we shall be
bullied through. Wo raise here our
Ebcne.er, and look to the future
hopefully, enthusiastically. l'iay
for us that wc may so walk, as that
wc may be the channels for commu
nicating Divine power. David is
not yet located but several places
are calling earnestly for him.
Titus has much impiovcd in health,
and his ulcer has almost healed.
Dr. Wctmoro holds out some hope
that Susan may recover. 1 would
give you the statistics of thu Mort
lock churches, but liavo not yet
worked them out. May our kind
Father bless you all.
Yours lovingly,
IJonr. AV. J.oi.ak.
AT a special uicetlngof the Hawaiian
Carriage .Mnnidaciiuliig Co. hold
tills day, K. IS. hCIIL'.MAN wa- elected
Secretary and Tiea-iircr In placo of
'i'lios. S. Doti'das leslgned.
Sco'ry Haw,n Canlago Miuif'g Co.
Jlouoltihi, May 3rd, 1680. 318
Third Annual
Race Meeting
or Tin:-
Hawaiian Jockey 111
to in: nr.i.n at
Xv:i3ioi:tini Pai'li
June 11 and 12, 1886.
First Day, .hum i I, J8H.
1 Honolulu lJlatc,
Kuiiiihig Itaee, half-mile da-!i. open
to Mil.
2-Kaniolani Park Plato,
Illuming liacc. ?.,-mile dn-li. open to
all hoiM" lneil In the Kingdom that
li.ixe iiewr inn at any meeting of thN
3-Kiug's Plate,
'I'loltin and paeln;. mile heal-. Iii'-t
two In iliive; tier lor all iior-cs not
hiding a leeoid of llui-e iiiiim(e, 01
lii'ller; to lie owned ami driven l
mrmlii'i'' of the.loeke.v Club.
4 Hawaiian Jockey Club Cup,
Ituuiibig Itaee. a .-weep-take of S,'()
added; cup to lie won hy I he sum
lier-oii twlee. Ilie -eroiul' w 111 ittiiLC 1"
he at an.N fuliire aimu.il lneetlui;: one
mile ilah. open lo nil lliiee-eai'-0I1N;
M'aleil noiiiiinitiiiu, iiieln.-ni a
fee of S 11). lo he enl lo the Secretary
of the Hawaiian .loele, Club on or
before ' v.ji. on the Itli dnj of .Mine,
l-'lnal acceptances a- lo Ihe balance of
weell'lake on or before l' l At. on
the llilli ot .lime, .'second Irial Cup
run for lal ycai.
5 Oceanic Plate,
Jtmmbic liacc, one mile dali. fice
lor all Hawaiian bred hurce-. H:U-en-
allowed live poiliul-.
0 "Waikapu Cup,
Itimiiln Itaee. a -wecp-take of 8'.'.")
aihled. ', mile da-h. open to all two-ycar-old
Hawaiian bred hur-e-. Cup
to lie won by hnr-e beating Ihe lo
j ear-old lceord, 1 :.';!
7 Kamchameha Plate,
I'uimllig Itaee. 1 '., mile da-h. ojieu lo
8 Pony Eacc,
lliiuulug Itaee, mile da-h, open to all
ponic- of 1 1 hand- or under.
Second Day, .I une 12, 188(.
1 Governor Dominis Plate,
Itunniiig Itaee. 3t mile da-h. flee for
2 Lunamakaainana Plate,
Trotting and iaclug, mile heal-, be-t
two In three; open to all Hawaiian
hied lior-e.
3 Rosita Challenge Cup, $ added,
Cunning liacc. mile da-h. fiee for
all: winner to heat the leeoid of lio
Mta. 1 : 1 7 J . Cup to be tun for an
nuallv and to be held by Ihe winner
until hi-time i- lieaten'al a regular
meeting of the As-oeiatiou.
4-The Queen's Plate.
Ituuiibig Itaee, mile da-h, fiee for all
Hawaiian hied hur-cs.
5 The Hawaiian Plate,
Trotting and pacing, mile heat-, be-t
two in three; all hoie. having a ic
coid of !!::;() or better to go lo wagon.
6 His Majesty's Cup,
Ituimhig itaee. a sweep-take of ."if)
added, I1.! niihi da-h, free for all
three-year-old- owned by nienibei
of the Club, Thu cup to" be inn for
ill Id Sec'y Hawaiian .locKcy Club.
$AJU&X.yiX !
Vl 1 . . ...
(jltvjt Jlial rcctneil, her ieitlull.
inn, aim mi baio ny
10. IJ ADAJ1S .to CO.,
310 1 Queen btici-l. Jm
m he.
J"S con-eipieuec of having been burned
out I liujx to notify my ft lends and
thu public in general, that I hao re
moved to lUfi Aiiiiiiiuihtieet, nuxt to the
Commercial Jlotcl. Coffee and Lunch
at all hours, as bcfoic.
M- I in T1ICMA.S .Ml'bHOOX.
rpilK umlerslmied Ini- moved into thu
JL olllcu ol'.Mr. .1. 10. Wihciiiaii, wheie
ho will bu prejiiued to I'uiiiIhIi house
hold fiii-uuifi, eolleci bills, do Anglo.
CldncM! inl( ipiellug, and a general
lniincss (,V.i fiiu) aOYOXC.
CJutoii St., ne.Nt Ullllelia Ollleu
JIorsoB brolun to Sad-
Hit iiml Ifnrtwtuu
XS"U. Horhes hoarded by the
&?al'-i- nay, weeK, or nioiuii,
Uorbcs Clipped. CSV" Telephone 181.
20 tf
iam &. rJ
Corporation Stock?
,j?i J0 ll'O
'!) 100
Ilaw'uPainngoMaiif'g Co ,
K. 0. Hall !s Men,
liitcr.lt'liiml S N. Co.,
Hull Telephone,"
llaw'u Agrlciilttual Co.,
AVihloi's Steamship Co.,
C. llruwer A; Co.,
Wooillawn Daily.
WalluUu Sugar lo.,
Star Mill,
KecipriHiity thmar Co.,
US Verrlmiit Street
010(1 100
Ql n:t in
OJlOO too
(3100 100
100 100
o; loo
HO 100
105 100
r.'5 coo
' to 100
li Itiokei.
lfil ly
es hi I;; CoiiMirlo.
20 Tons Bran
BW Bedroom Sets, Marble top,
Ash Bedsteads,
G Piano box Bungles, Full Leather Tops.
5 Piano box Sido bar, Leather Top, Quaker
City Guggles,
I LealWop Buggies,
.'! Ph.ieloiH, I.eaihei-top, (Quaker City.
To be sold immediately a arrival
yj'.l Aueiloiieei-aii'i Com. Merchant.
Gilne Mel Claret
(sri'intion ijir.vi.iTV),
In Half Casks of 30 Gallons each.
Koi -ale inJSond or Duly p.tlil by
31. S. G! niNJAUM Sz. Co.,
Oil (Jiieen .Street. Ilnnnliilu. 'Jin
Stm Candy Factory
and Bakery.
F. HOKir, : : Proprietor
No. 71 HOTEL ST., bitweeii
Nuu.uiii and Pint St.
Has aiwajs on hand the laigesi Stouk
of Candle-, both Plain and 1 uney, guar,
anteed to he STP.ICTI.Y l'UUE
V1ioIoh:i1o and JSetuil.
Rich Wedding Cakes
Of a Tw i-iily Years' Itepiita' ion, all
Size alwaw. on hand, ornamented
in any bijlu.
Pastries of All Description Made to
Order at Short Notice.
X'ure tinil
Wholesome Bread,
Fresh every Day.
Hull and Mutual Telephone, No. 74
P. O .Hux No. 7f. (IS
Maimlactuiui.s of
Soda Water, Ginger Ale,
Florida Lemonade, Aeiatul Wateis ol
all kinds, Fruit Syrup and K-m-iici-.
We Use Patent Stopr
in all our Dottles.
Wu invite particular intuition lo our
Patent r'iltei, lcccntly Intiodured, by
which all wateis ueil in our iinmufiie.
Hires In nb-olulely fieed fiom all Im
We deliver our Goods fiee of charK"
to all pints ot the city. Wu (,'tiaianleo
our Goods lo ho the he-1 In the niiuket.
Catelul attention paid to Island Orders.
The Crystal Soda Works,
I'. O l!o. !i!l7, Honolulu.
Ho!l rlVit'ilioii( : : a.)S
Eiitcnl Tcloitlionu : .'SIM
J2j'" Oideis left with Iluiii-ou, Smith &
Co, No. 11 Fort Slice!, will iccclve
pioiupt atloulioii.
We, also, inn Agents for thu ude
ot .1. AV. HIiiKloyV
Celebrated Oigars,
ol liN o n uiiinulaelute.
ttSuli Kl'U'i Gniiimaiiiler,
LetiVCH Honolulu ench Tuesday tit
4 p.m., touching wt Luhnlna, JSIaa
hiea Hay, Miikenn, Muliukonn, K
waibao, Lnupuhoelioo and HIlo.
Itoturnlng, will touch ut all tho
alovo porta, arriving at Honolulu
each Saturday aftoruoou,
iipi, , :
tfctoJWatJmw wiiMMiifaiir.i
Groceries, Provisions and Feed,
New Goods received by every I'.ieket from the JJasturn Slatca and Europe.
Ere3h Culiloruia Produce by every Strainer. All eiders faltlilully nllcmled to.
and ClooiU delivered to any part tit the city free of cIiiiirc. Nlanil oidcis mil.
cited. Sallblnctlou gimiaiiitil. l'oit Oltlce Uox MS. Telejilionu No. UJ. 10S ly
V. O. Uox 21)7.
1 I 1 lIi SI ! .
Importers & Dealers In Stapled Fancy Groceries.
New llooili eoiitimially on Hie way. .lust n-ceived ICckn Satin Kriut, hej;- Hol
land Herrings kegs Ttipe, kcg. (Jernoin IMelsle-, keH MImiI l'ieldi-, kits
h.ilnion IJellle't, kilc .Macl.etel, keg-i l'.uuH, J'.iU, kugs (.'orm.il lleef. Per
liienklast- White O.Uh, Ueriueiij IiiutUliHt (lein and Slireiled .Mule. Abo, a
line lot of Xew Zealand and Porllaud I'cneliblow Poiaiocs nlwavs on Icuul.
The very best of ISLAND Ht'iTEH, pleniv for eeivbod.
1'rlccM htit and fStttisl'uclatm iiuu:nn('cd.
(Formeil, with UjiuiicI c1 .
liiiHir(i:r :tiu J.o;tIi:" "i
AUA'lh lltoN"
Agent HalFs fjafe
Beaver Block, -
V& Stole foriueilj oceiipicl by !. N
1VI. oiliji
CjVMVltl&ISfi WAiCl.
Corner of Fort k, Merchant Streets,
ILib jiift upeueil o it ii lai jc and carefully hclci icd 'toel; ofj
Gent's Fine Furnishing Goods,
Custom-Made Clothing, and Hats and Caps
111 all tic Latest Styles mil Fains.
iSf" I'aiticular attention is called to an elegant Hue of Gcnt'a Neckwear.
2S tf
Mmi.Mii wmmm i-wnrj.
o Chinese
JOHN I0TT, lo.
Granite, iron
Oliandeliers, Lamps and Lanterns,
House Keeping Goods,
11 'ir-JVT-mi-irilfmifiliitl fc " ..i.tj
Telephone !M0.
and Lock Company.
Fort Street.
'1 . , ' oxite Spieekel- &. Co.'s Hank. "l55tt
.Lid Ull.
April 5th, 1886,
8 Kaalmai Street
and Tin Ware
A.j-.aii.wirJj-t-ySA-tp.MfjrMr.-p?Ti--t tMi
A GOOD, Fober, reliable, steady man,
one ued to thu eoimtty. To laku
eaio of Ileuses, milk a few i ows, and at.
tend to grounds at a private icslclmco
on Maul. None need apjilj unless fully
able to nuet the nbove riquiieniuiilH.
Wages, 'J5 a month, bonrd mid Induing.
Apply to J.E W1SEMAX,
Il't Oen'l Uuslnusft Agent.
to Store,
A Varied Ass'm't of Kid Gloves
Wnh Doe Jersey Gloves,
.Shaded l'luslie,'
French Merinos,
Vlcloila LawiiH,
Co.illne Cambric,
Gash and other Ribbons
latest nl vies.
HAVING been obliged (on Bhort
notice by the above element) to
move to $.01110 other iniiulcre, we would
theretoie notify our palions, and all
llio'i; that wlsli us well, that wenie now
at the
67 and 69 Hotel Street,
where we shall lie prepared to fill all
oi derm for
Groceries & Provisions.
al.-o. in the Feed Hue, as
-5 ay and Grain.
Ciders solicited, prompt attention and
iair pi lees jjuiiranlced.
cay- ilcll Telephone y 10, Mutual Tele,
phone lai.
n i n. ij
in ni
rine and Spirit
23 Nuuanu St., Honolulu.
Sole importers of
S. lachman & Co.'s California Wines,
John Exehaw's No. 1 Dinnily,
J. l'ellifoa'3 i and lO.year-old Hrandy,
.1. .1. Mcleher's "Elephant!" G'".
"Tllstle Dew" Witty,
Coutes .1 Co.'sj ll'lymoutli"Gln, etc.
A I'UI.L i.iki: of tiik
Most Favorite Brands
Ales, Beers, Wines,
SI'IHI IF, I.lQUI'.UltS, r.TC,
eoiiHlantly on hand and for salo at the
Oiders llllcd promptly and all Goods
P. 0. Box 3G2. Both Tel., No. 46.
Yosemite Sliding Rink,
Will bo open every afternoon and even,
lug as follows;
day unit Nntiirilny I'.veiilncH.
To tho public In general.
ntJ DAY 13VJ37s'I?SGH,
For ladles and gentlemen,
TucHilay Al'tcmotiiiH,
For ladies, gentlemen and children.
Friday and Saturday Evenings.
I. nliirjiulULijIlij di
mmtio TiDifinriT-
liiWOItf ).'
Great Excitement in Wales
about a Marvellous Cure.
Living Six Yours Without.
(ohi to But!.
Mn. lZwi' n M hlii fpetnlluj; a fow
das ul tiio plea.'.int M'usido town of
A hlTVCtH'ltll. f!lltll( .rillmlltl i. W nlnu T
lieaul related what seemed to mu either
a fabulous story or a marvellous cure.
Tlie story was that a poor sufl'enr who
had not been able to lie down in lied for
six long years, glen up to die by nil the
Doctors, had been speedily cuied by
some Patent .Medicine, it was lelatid
with tho more implicit conlldence from
tlieebcuiiistiincc, as was bald, tlmi thu
Vicar of Llanrysiyd wus funiilliir with
the fuets, and could vouch for the truth
of the report.
Having a little cinlnslty to know how
such xtoiies grow in travelling, I took
the II beily while at Ihu villngc ol Lhui.
rjstvd lo call iiion the Viear, the Kuv.
T. JOvtuid, and lo cnqultu about this
wonderful cure. Thotieh a toial'slian.
gel to him, both he mid Ids wile most
Tacionsh enteitainid me in a hnlf
fiimi'acon vcr-.nlifiii, pi iiictpatly touching
the ease ol Mr. I'ugli, in which they
sccimd to take a diep ami sympathetic
mteiest, having been faintlliir with his
sutlerings. ami now rejoiced in what
seemed 10 them a most lemaikablu erne.
Tho Vicar leuiaiked that hepre'tuiiiud
his name hail been connected with the
report from his having mentioned the
case to Mr. John Thomas, a chuiulsl of
iilaiion. He said .Mr. I'ugh was former
ly a icsldeutof theb paiisli, but was now
living hi the parish of Llainldelnol.
lie strongly vouched Mr. Win. 1'ugh's
ehnraeter as a lespeclablc farmer and
worthy of credit. I lull the venerable
Viear with a livelier s-enso of the happy
relation of a pastor and people, feeling
that lie was tinu who truly sympathised
with all who are allllctcd in mind, body,
or estate.
On my return to Aboiystwltli, 1 was
hnpicbbid with a desbo to fee Mr. Push,
whoso reputation stood so high. Ills
farm is called Paiicom-Mawr, .signifying
"above the dingle," Mtuatcil near the
summit of a smooth loimd hill, over,
looking a beautiful valley In which Is
situated the lovely ivymaiitled Chinch
of Llaiiddeiuol. I toiind .Mr. I'ugh,
appai ently about -ll) years old, of medium
height, rather slight, with a pleasant and
Intelligent face. I told him 1 had heaid
ot his gicat alllietiou and of his iciuark
nlile and utmost miraculous lellif, and
that I had come to learn from his own
lips, what theie was ot tiuth in the ic--ports.
Mr. I'ugh lemarked that his neigh,
lioi';. had taken a kindly and symp
athetic liiteicst In Ids case for manv
year, but of late their luteiest had been
gieally awakened by a happy change In
lib condition. What you leport as liuv
in t; heaid abroad, said he, is substant
ially true, with one exception. 1 never
understood thai my ease was ever given
up as hopeless by any Physician. 1
have been treated by scvcial Doctors
hcieibouts, as good as any In Wales, but
unfortunately no piescrlpllon of theirs
ever biought the desbed relief.
Fifteen ycais ago, he said, I first be
came conscious ot a sour and deranged
stomach and loss of appetite, which the
Doetois told mo was Dyspepsia. What
lood 1 could bold in my stomach Punn
ed to do mo no good ninl was often
tliiown up with painful retchings. This
was followed after a time with uhoaise
ness and a raw soreness of the tin oat
which the Doctors called bronchitis,,
and I was treated for that, but with
little success. Then came shoitness of
bieiith and a sense of suUbcatlon, espe
cially nights, with clammy sweat, and 1
would have to get out of bed and some,
times open a door or window in winter
weather to till my lungs with the cold
About six ycais ago I became so bad
that 1 could not sleep in bed, but had to
take my unquiet rest and dreanii sleep
sitting in an armchair. My allllctinn
seemed to be working downward into
my bowels as well as upwards into my
lungs and throat. In the violent cough,
big spasms which grew more frequent,
my abdomen would expand and collapse
and at times It would seem that 1 should
sutlbcate. All this time I was reduced
in strength to that 1 could perform no
hard laboi and my spbits were conse
quently much depiessed.
Early in this last spring I had a still
more bovero spasmodic attack, and my
family and neighbors became alaiined,
believing that certainly I would not stir,
vivo, when a neighbor, who had somo
knowledge, or had heaid of the medU
clue, sent to Aborystwdth by thu driver
of thu Omnibus Post, somo seven miles
distant, and fetched a botllu of Mother
Scijjcl's Curative Syrup.
This uiedicbiu they administered to
me accoullng to the directions, when to
their suiprlsc and delight no less than
my own, tho spasm ceased. I became at
ease, and my stomach was calmed. My
bowels weie moved as by a gentle
cathaitic, and I felt a sense of quiet
comfoit all Ihmugli Mich as I had not
beforo realized in many years. I could
walk mound the house and breathe
comfortably in a few bonis after 1 had
taken the medicine. I have continued
to take the medicine daily now for
something over two months, and I can ,
lie down and sleep sweetly at nights
and have not since had a recurieneo of
those terrible spasms ami sweatings. I
have been so long broken down and re
duced In my whole system that I have
not tried to perform any very hard out
door labor, deeming it best to bu pru.
dent lest by over.exeitiou I may do my.
self Injury before my strength is fully
restoied, I feel that 1113' stomach and
bowels have been and are being thor
oughly lenovated and renewed by the
medicine. In fact 1 feel like a new
i have been much congratulated by
my nelyhbois, especially by tho good
Viear ol Llanrysiyd, who with his nyin.
pathetic wife liae come three miles lo
shed tears of joy 011 my iccovery.
1 bade .Mr. Pugh good. bye, happy (hat
even one at least among thmieamis had
tnuml a remedy for an aggiavating dis
ease. llullcving tills remm kahlo case of
Dyspepiie Asthma should bo known to
thu public, I .beg to submit thu above,
facts as they are J elated to me
'JII'J It wlyj J. T. W.
A Lb orders for Gartngo promptly at.
tended -to. Particular attention
paid to the
Storing & Shipping
of goods in transit to the other Islands.
Also, Black and White Sand
in quantities to suit at lowest prices
Olllee, adjoining E. P. Adams & Uo.'a
auction room.
033 ly Mutual Telephone No. Ill,
J.. I r
.IV ' A.y.'lJv-ilW- -"
.'V" ikJM. .

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