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' 4
Ninth Grout Inventory Sulo at tlio Lending Millinery
House of Chits. J. Mshel.
Items of special interest to Buyers of Seasonable
Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery,
JLJoolK mid SIioch, ITtilH jvtul Cups,
We have Just received 80 days Inter Umu
contract calls for, a large Invoice of
tuo vory best make of Ladles' French
Kid Shoes. By reason of their lato
arrival w e havo notified the manufac
turer that wo shnll sell them on his
account nt just ONE. U ALP of the In.
volco Prices.
This Sale will coutlmic until the entire
Slock has been disposed of.
Our 97 Shoes will bo sold for only
84 85.
During tho next 30 days wo will sell our
$7 50 Favorite Jersey for only
4 75,
Our $5 Jersey for only $3,
Our $3 75 Jersey for only $2.
50c. on the SI.
Our entire line of all wool Dress Goods
In plaids, stripes tho newest patterns
will bo bold at 50c om tho $1.
A special featuro in our Dress Goods
Department this week will be the
ollerlng of
40 Pieces of Silk Brocades at 50c. a Yard,
former price, $1.
This is the greatest bargain presented
by us this season in colored Dress
uOc on the $1.
Emlvoilericw il Luces,
Over 200 new patterns have been add
cd to our all-ready immense block.
Extraordinary Inducements
Tine Straws, Flowers,
Feathers, Ribbons,
Our $8 Parasols for $4 15.
Our $0 Parasols for $:t 155.
Our $! Parasols for $2 So.
Our $3 Parasols for $2.
We have a few Children's Parasols
which we will oiler for CO cents each.
Remember, this Sale is only for 30 days !
Call Early and Secure your Bargains.
804 1ml Tllc Leading Millinery House, corner Fort and Hotel strcees.
I- Hfl UMTO!
n. C mtrllV I
Groceries, Provisions and Feed,
New Goods kreccived byjevcry Packet from the Fnctcin States and Europe
Fresh California Produce by every Steamer. All orders faithfully attended to.
and Goods delivered to nny pnrt ot the city free of charge. Island oiders foIi
cited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Post Office Box 145. Telephone No. 03. 108 ly
I HEREBY give notice that from
and after this date, I will not
be responsible for any debts con
tracted without the written order of
myself or wife.
Honolulu, Sept. 10, 1880. 28 3m
Stock of Goods
Rcceivedfex Zcnlnndln,
J.T. Waterhouse's
70J Qucin & Fort Street Slme!-. tf
Crystal Soda forte
MnnutacturerH of
Ginger Ale, Cream Soila,
Lemon Sodn, Leinnwnlcj Sarmparllhi,
Fiult Byinps anil Efsuwcunnd
made from tlio puro Apple, all of which
wo guarantee to bo tho best.
WST We also invite parties intending
(starting stores for tho sale of iced
drinks and wishing fountain supplies,
to call on us before going elsewhere.
Tie Crystal Soda Works,
P, O. Hox 367, Honolulu.
Bell Telephone,
Muual "
cAimvniGirr & waiikn's
Summer Underwear
for Ladies, Gents and Children at
GOoon tho$l.
Our 05c Bnlbrlgan Vest is extra good
No such opportunity to purchase thefo
woild.renowiH'd goods nt half price
can possibly occur npnln this season.
168 Gents' $12 Suits.
Coat, Vest and Pants for only $6 90.
The Giiatest B-irgaincvcrollcrcd in
123 Boys' Suits for $4.37 1-2,
These nie all tiimnnd nicely and well
10 yards of Choice Prints for !?t.
10 yards of )i wide Cotton for ?1,
M jards of Unbleached Cotton for $1,
412 dii. of Gents' line Neckwear, at COc
on the $1,
119 doz of Gents' Summer Undcrshlits
at 2fic each, woith r,0o.
Gent's White Shirts
Wo claim to lmo the liirctsl and
moot complete Stock in this city, tho
very best make and the veiy lowest
Eveiy Shirt wairnnted LINEN
Our 5-2 50 chill we will sell for !30
days only at $1 45 cadi, whenever
bought by single one or 10 dozrn at the
o00 do, of Mackinaw Hats at !)0c Rich,
Om 2 CO Hats wo will toll at $1 (15,
Jgjr Come and look at Ihcic Hats and
you cnmiol resist liom bujing.
Our entire line of Ilos-icij will lie sold
at 50c on tho 1.
Infants' Short Dresses Cambiic-Nan-oolc
stylishly made and trimmed
from. COc up
The Ladies will Appreciate the fol
lowing Baisjains:
Aiasene, at iiiic a doii, former pnee, COc.
Chenille, at 25c a do, former price, DOc.
Our SI, $1 and $3 Pompoms will be
sold duiing.tho next 0 days for 1 CO
pci doen.
aiaiiiifUcturlnu Jowellei-H,
1VO. 1)3 XOlt'X" HTItEET.
Constantly on hand a largo assortment
of every desci Jptlonof Jowelry, Wutches,
Gold nud Silver Plated Wore, &c.
058 ly
Mil. IJuiroii: While "pending a few
days at the pleasant seaside lowu of
Abcrvstwitli, Oaidlgnnshlro, Wales, I
heard lelnlul what secmid to inn cither
a fabulous stoiy or a nun vellous cure.
Thestoty vsns that a poor siiUcut who
had not liLcn nblo to He down Ju bed for
six long yeais, given up to die by all the
Doetois, had been speedily cured by
homo Patinl Medicine. It was lelatrd
with the mote Implicit conlldcnro fioni
theeliouinslniico, as was said, that the
Vicar of Llamybtul was familiar with
the facts, and could vouch for the tiutlt
of the lepoil.
'Having a little ottiliwlty to know how
such stories grow In Unveiling, I took
the liberty while at Ihe Milage of Ll.in.
rystvil to call upon the Vicur, the Rov.
T. livniis. und to entpilte about this
wonderful cine. Though a total strati,
ger to him, both he and his wife most
i?riicluu-lv enteitilnul mo In a half
houi'seonvei satlon, pi incipally touching
the eao of Mr. Pugh, in which they
Beeine-d to take a deep and sympathetic
inluiufct, having been familiar with his
sullerings, and now lejolced In wlial
seemed to them n most lemarkablc cine.
The Vicar rcmaikcd thiithopiesuincd
his n.uuc had been connected with tho
leport fioni his having mentioned the
case to Mr. John Thomas, a chemist of
Llanoii. Hn said Mr. Pugh was former
ly a lesidentof their palish, but was now
living in tho piuish of Llauddeinol.
lie strongly voueneu jur. win. rugns
chmacter as a lcspcctablo farmer and
worlhv of credit. I left the venerable
Yiear"witli a llvelici tense of the happy
lel.ition of a pastor and people, feeling
that he was one who truly sunpathiteil
Willi all who nie afflicted in mind, body,
or estate.
Ou my letum to Aberjstwitli, I was
impressed w ith a dei-lre to see Mr. Puuli,
whoie reputation stood so high. His
farm is called Pjnconi.Miiwr, siirntfylni;
"above tho dingle," bituntcd near the
summit of a smooth loutid hill, over
looking a beautiful valley in which is
biluiitcd the lovely ivymantlcd Church
of Llanddulnol. I found Mr. Puuh,
apparently about 40 ye.irs old, of nudlum
height, l.uher slight, with a pleat-ant and
intelligent face. X told him I lrul heard
of his gieat affliction and of his l email;
able and almost miraculoub lolief, and
that I had come to learn from his own
lips, what there was of tiulh in the re
ports. Mr. Pugh lemnikcd Unit his neigh
bois had taken a kindly and symp
athetic interest in his case for many
year', but of late their Intel est had been
gicatly awakened by a happy change in
his condition. What you rcpoitis hav
ing heard abroul, s.ud he, is subatnnt.
hilly true, with one exception. I never
undci stood that my case was ever given
up as hopeless by any Physiciu. I
h.ivo been treated by sevei.il Ductois
hereabouts, as good as any in Wales, but
unfot innately no piescnptlon of theirs
ever luoughl tho dcaiicd relief.
Fifteen yeais ago, he said, I fiist be
came conscious ot a hour and deranged
stomach and loss of appetite, which the
Doctors told me was Dyspepsia. What
food I could hold in my biomach seem,
cd to do me no good -and was often
tin own up witli painful retchings. This
was followed aftera time with n hoarse
ness and a raw soreness of tho throat
which the Doclois called bionchitis,
and I was tic.itcd for that, hut witli
little success Then came shottness of
breath and a sense of suffocation, espe
cially night-, with clammy sicat, and I
would havo to got out of bed and some
times open a door or wludow in w inter
weather to till my lungs with the cold
About six jeais ago I became bo had
Unit I could not Bleep in bed, but had to
take mv unouiet rest and drcamv sleep
bitting in an armchair. My affliction
seemed to bo working downward into
my bowels as well us upwaids into my
lungs and throat. In tho violent cough
ing spasms which grew more frequent,
my abdomen would cxptnd and collapse
and at times it would seem llial 1 should
suffocate. All this time 1 was reduced
in strength so that I could perform no
hard labor and my spiiits wer conse
quently much depressed.
Eatlyin this last spring-Iliad n still
more severe spasmodic attack, and my
family and neighbors became alarmed,
belioving that certuinly I would not sur
vive, when a neighbor, wJio had some
knowledge, or had heard of the medi
oine, bent to Aberystwith by the driver
of the Omnibus Post, some seven miles
distant, and fetched a bottle of Mother
Seigel's Curative Syrup.
This medicine they .idmimstercc to
me nccording to the directions, when to
meir surprise ami ueugui no icss man
my own, the bpnsm ceased. I became at
ease, ami my stomach wns calmed. My
bowels wete moved as by a gentle
cathartic, and I felt a sense of quiet
com Tort all llnoiigli such ns I had not
boforo realized in many years. I could
wulk around tho house and breathe
comfoitably in a few hours after 1 had
taken the medicine, l iinvc continued
to take the medicine daily now for
something over two months, and I can
lio down and sleep sweetly at nights
and hae not biiup laid a rccurienceof
those terrible spasms and bw eatings. I
have been so long broken down and re
duced In my whole system that I have
not tried to pel form any very lnud out
door labor, deeming it be-t to ho jiiu
dent list by over-exertion 1 may do my.
telf injiiiy before my strength is fully
restored. I feel that my stomach and
liowelb have been and me being thor
oughly innovated and leuewcd by thu
mi dlcinc. In fact I leel like a new
I iinvc been much congratulated by
my neighbors, especially by tho good
Vicar ol Ijlauiystjd, who with his sun.
pathetic wife havo come three miles to
shed tears of joy on my rccovoiy.
I hudu Mr. Pugh good.bye, happy that
oven one at least among thousands had
found a icmcdy for an agginvating ills,
Relieving this remaikablo case of
Dyspeptic Asthma should bo known to
the public, I beg to submit tho above
fuels as thoy aro lolated to inn
ailflll wlyj F. T. W.
Alukca, near uceii St. I
Telephone fill.
Contractor nnd Ituilricr.
fi'ores nud ollltcs lilted up, Estimates
given ou all kinds of brick and wooden
buildings, Plans and Specifications fur
nished. ISrOlllce, 110 Bcictania St.j
Mutual Telephone, 852; Postolllco Box.
100. 322 ly
Tlio King vs. Knni ; manslaughter,
8rd degree.
Kiln vs. Kohinnn, ejectment. J.
Austin for plaintiff.
lliilfiwo vs. Knltt.i, ejectment.
Neumann nnd Monsarratt for plain
tiff. MIXr.I) .lUItY.
Chapman vs. Hawaiian Govern
ment, trcspiiss. Dole and Thurston
for plaintiff ; Attorney-General for
Ching On vs. Amana, mesne pro
fits. Kinney & Peterson and Magoon
for plaintiff'.
Dole vs. Parlier, assumpsit. Dole
for plaintiff.
Ahoy vs. Kaulia, trespass. Kinney
cc I'oicrson lor piaiuuu; ware lor
defendant. Jury waived.
romnaN juky.
Tho King vs. Dimond, man
slaughter, 2nd degree. Attoiney
General and Ashford & Ashford for
the Crown ; Dole for defendant.
The King vs. Glcndon, gross
cheat. Attorney-General for the
Crown ; Neumann and Whiting for
McGrow vs. Bnrncs & McCand
less, damage. Dole and Neumann
for plaintiff ; Brown and Kinney &
Peterson for defendant.
Kwong Fat vs. Papaikou Sugar
Co., assumpsit. Neumann for plain
tiff; Castle for defendant. Jury
Cartwright vs. Everett, assump
sit. Whiting & Ct cigliton for plain
tiff ; Thurston for defendant. Jury
Buchanan vs. Burgess, ejectment.
Brown for plaintiff; Thompson for
Widening Fort street, J. W. Aus
tin's appeal. Attorney-General for
the Crown ; AVhiting & Creighton
for appellant.
Widening Fort street, M. Me
Inerny's appeal. Attorney-General
for the Crown ; Whiting & Creighton
for appellant.
Widening Fort street, E. O. Hall
& Son's appeal. Attorney-General
for the Crown ; Whiting & Creigh
ton for appellant.
Widening Fort street, M. Mc
Inerny's appeal. Attorney-General
for the Crown ; Whiting c: Creigh
ton for appellant.
Widening Foit street, J. W. Aus
tin's appeal. Attorney-General for
the Crown ; Whiting & Creighton
for appellant.
Widening Fort street, II. Bi ad
ley's appeal. Attorney-General for
the Crown ; Brown for appellant.
Castle "vs. Michiels, assumpsit.
Castle for plaintiff ; Neumann and
Whiting & Creighton for defendant.
See Hop. & Co. vs. Sopor, trover.
Ashford & Ashford for plaintiff;
liickerton for defendant.
Ho Pai Yet vs. Manuel, covenant.
Brown for plaintiff ; Magoon for de
Kerr vs. Mayhew, assumpsit.
Thurston for plaintiff.
Vcasey vs. Herbert, case. Ash
ford & Ashford for plaintiff.
Cartwright vs. Hoffnung, assump
sit. Avery for plaintiff.
"Wong Kim vs. Soper, trover.
Castle for plaintiff ; Dare and Rosa
for defendant.
Maefarlane vs. Brown, riplevin.
Whiting & Creighton for plaintiff ;
Brown for defendant.
Ptihi, appellant, vs, Mahulua,
equity appeal. Rosa for Puhi;
Smith for Mahulua.
Agnow vs. Richardson, appellant ;
exceptions. Kinney & Peterson for
Agncw; Thurston for Richardson.
Kalua, appellant, vs. Selig, excep
tions. Neumann for Kalua; Dole
for Selig.
Holt vs. Brodie, appellant; ex
ceptions. Kinney & Peterson for
Holt ; SmHU for ftrodic.
Rowell vs. Reciprocity Sugar Co.,
appellant; exceptions. Dole for
Rowell; Castle for Reciprocity
Sugar Co.
Fing, appellant, vs. Adams, ap
peal from Polico Couit, Honolulu.
Magoon forFiag ; Whiting & Creigh
ton for Adams.
Boundaries for Kapalnma-kai ;
Bishop, petitioner, Hawaiian Gov
ernment, appellant. Neumann and
Whiting &, Creighton for Bishop;
Attorney-General for tho Crown,
Nordberg (w) vs. Nordberg (k).
Kinney & Peterson for Nordberg
(w) ; Attorney-General for Nord
berg (k).
Kauhiololl (w) vs. Bruogcr (k).
Kinney & Pctcison for Kauhiololi.
Ilaina (w) vs. Chun Lock (k).
Whiting & Creighton forllnina (w).
Ililahila (w) vs. Kanamu (k).
Ah Tim (k) vs. Meleana (w).
Ashford & Ashford for Ah Tim (k).
and Builder,'
Honolulu Steam Planlpg Mills, Espla-
uuuu, iiuuuumi,
Manufactures all kinds of Moulding:),
Brackets, Window Frames, Blinds,
Sashes, Doors, and all kinds of Wood
work UnlBh. Turning, Scioll and Band
Sawing. All kinds oi Sawing aud Mail
ing, Morticing and Tenanting.
Orders promptly attended to and woi k
guaranteed. Orders from tho other ls
ands solicited.
A Western newspaper very reason
ably alllrms that one's condition for
health or disease often depends upon
his pecuniary state. To ensure
health, so far as htttnan effort can
control the matter, one should,
above all, be cheerful contented and
calm. You cannot do this if you
intentionally or unintentionally incur
debt, for debt is embarrassing nnd
painfully annoying. No person of
the least pride or self-icspect can
possibly bo comfoilable if in debt.
Debt is something that cannot al
ways bo avoided, although it never
fails to produce, in persons of prin
ciple, an ntnotint of mental worry
that is absolutely distressing. Men
tal tension, pecuniary trouble, is one
of the chief causes of insanity. Men
struggle for a competency because
they, . especially those not far re-
not for themselves, but for others.
A father will suffer more in the
thought that his wife and daughter
may be left penniless than he will if
the family physician tells him that
the wife has an incurable cancer
nnd may die at any moment, or that
the daughter will be crippled for
life. He prefers oven this to the
thought that she may bo forced to
manual labor. It is true that
poverty in our artificial statu of so
ciety involves all the miseries
hunger, overwork, humiliation nnd
sickness yet we can hardly under
stand why men should not choose
thorn all rather than sickness and
physical suffeiing. -The man who
commits suicide from pecuniary
troubles is, nine limes in ten, found
to be one who is overworked or who
has raged secretly or openly at the
apparent injustice involved in work
that biings no return, or who haunt
ed by fear of poverty, has lived be
yond his income, incurred annoying
debts and'takus his life to escape the
consequent misery and mental agonj'.
Nothing overturns the mental bal
ance so surely as a long continued
sense of injustice or long continued
debt, and nothing is so frequent a
cause for suicide. Hope is said to
spring eternal in the human breast,
but in the matter of money-making
years of non-success kill hope and
destroy mental vigor and bodily
health. No other form of misery
produces quite the samo impression
as financial wrong. To be a healthy
man learn to bear cheerfully the
misfortune as well as the good for
tune of life. Therefore the mental
requirements of tho laws of health
are cheeifulncss, contentment and
calmness, and that man live within
his income, however small. Phre
nological Journal.
Yosemite Skating
Will he open every nltcrnoon and evon.
ing as follows:
Monday, Tucmlny, IVcdiicmlay and
Hatiiriluy IlveiiiniiM,
To the public in geneinl.
For ladies and gentlemen.
Matui'duy AlternooiiH,
For ladies, gentlemen and children.
Lessons in Fancy Skating.
Friday and Saturday Evenings.
Rhoads & Greene,
House Builders and Architects.
Plans, Specifications and detailed Draw-ingt-ifurnishcd
for all kinds ot wood or
biick buildings, and Estimates given
for the same. All jobbing promptly at
tended to and charges moderate. Any
f the above woik entrusted to our care,
will receive qur personal attention.
Orders from the other islands solicited.
Office and Shop, 88 Queen St.
Honolulu, May 7, J880. 323 ly
0li uctmaker
Ami UpluiJpturei',
No. (13 Hotel stt eel,
Opposite International Hotel,
Ganos and V7alking Sticks,
Made of every kind of
rackets, Domices, Curtain Poles, &c.'
tnado ot tho latest designs.
Office, corner Alnkea and Queen streets,
MUTUftl. TKM.l'tlONK, 3f5.
314 P. O. Hox 117. flrn
84 King street, t i Honolulu.
Oui'iieutcr mid llullder. liugicnge nud
General JUpreHH.
Droylng nnd steamer Freight carefully
Carriage puiuting done by n first-class
workman ut 78 King street.
Jobbing iu above lines attended to with
piomptncss, and charges nccording to
the amount and quality of work.
Oilice Telephone, 02. Itcsldence, 102.
143 ly
!N5"v GoocIh ly
.lust ircolvcd, cs Lapwing,
genuine German
Prepared by .Tohann
Hollister & Co.,
P. 0. BOX 31 5.
Campbell JSloclc,
Ucnl Estate Agent,
Eniplox meat Agent,
Wi Idol's Steamship Agent,
ureal liuriington
in America
Itailroad Agent
Blsicksmith Work ;
Paintiiigr and
79 k 81 lini Street
JEiiti'nJLiceH lrom Kiujy ul Mexcli:iiit Sfw.
Kvciy dcsciiption of work in tho above lines performed in a first-class manner.
Also, Horse Shoeing a Specialty.
CS" B.-ll Telephone, 1G7. -T&5a (327 ly) - Bell Telephone, 107. -vj
JO! ITT, lo. 8 MMai
Granite, lion and Tin Ware !
Chandeliers, Lamps and Lanterns,
House Keeping Goods,
General Business & Purchasing Agont.
Merchant St. Jonolulii.
My most falthlul niten-ion will be
given for tho
Purchase ot Merchandise
in Honolulu for tlio residents of
7l nvnrnl TftbvnilH nf till group.
The White House,
IVo. 118 TViixiimvu Htreot,
Honolulu, II. I.
Private Family Hotel; Tonus Itenson
able; First-class Accommodation.
M. W,
SANDERS, Proprietor.
315 Iv
Contractor, Cnriieiitcr &. Itulliler,
Houses and Furniture Kcpaired,
thu Ilest of Woikmausliip.
Woik Shop,
70 Mnunakcu St.
203 dm
Practical Plumbeis, Gas Fitters
and Copper-smiths, No. 71 King street,
Honolulu. C2T Houm and Ship Job
Wurk promptly executed. 102
and Gas Fitter,
All ordors for Houso or Ship work
promptly oxecuted.
EST Shop next to Post Office, Bethel
bticot. P. O. Box 100. Bell Tele,
phono 434. 154 ly
R. MORE & Co.,
Ship's Blacksmith & General Machinist.
EST All work Promptly uud catly Per.
formed. 2058m
siixisc; ma iMjnvi:,
llccommcudcd by FtroUndci writers of Sim Frnncibco,
otc , etc. A"n actual Protection against Fire.
B-farden E-Sand Grenades,
A Smnll Lot, to Close Consignment
Full lines of Hnrdware, Agricultural hnplunenl, etc.
lUvery Slciuner.
(i lnrgo consignment of
Maria Farina,
109 Fort Street.
Tclophono 172.
Honolulu, IT. I.
Custom House Broker,
Money Broker,
Manager IlnwailanlOpeia House.
Fire and Life Insuranro Agent.
niia tvi
Carriage Building:,
. Old lose Premises,
v- r
pi, Germany.
Honolulu Library
Reading Room Association.
Cor. Hotel & Alnkea Streets.
Open every Day nnd Evening.
The Library consists nt tho present
tlmo of over Five Thousand Volumes.
Tho Heading lloom Is supplied with
nbout fifty of the leading newspapers
und peiiodicals.
A Parlor Is provided for conversation
aud games.
Terms of membership, llfty cents a
month, payable (piaiteily in ndvnuco..
No founallty remilied In joining except
signing the toll.
.Strangeirt fiom foieign eountiles and
vIsltoi-B fioni tlio other islands me wel
come to the looms nt all times as guests.
This Association having no legulnr
menus eif suppoit except tho dues of
mcinbcis, it is oxpeeted that iesident
of Honolulu who de.iio to avail them
seh cs of lis pi 1 lieges, anil nil who feel
an intei eit Iu maintaining an institution
of this kind, will put down their names
nnd become icgiilnrcontiibutois.
S. ll.DOLi:. Piesldent,
M. M. SCOTT, Vleo-Piesidcnr,
II. A. PAltJIKLEK, Seeietaiy,
Chiih mini Hall nnilLlbiary Committee.
Practical Gun J?
and Lock Smith,
Bethel St., next to Post-Ofllcc.
Sewing Machines of all kinds repaired.
All kinds of Light Machinery repaired:
on Short Notice.
N.U. Good AVoikinansliin nnd Charges
Strictly Moil erate. P. O. Box 100.
124 Hell Telephono 4U4. ly
iaUasiiBtenm engines, sugar mills, boil,
eis, coolers; Iron, brass mid lead cast
ings; machinery of every description!
made to order. Particular attention paid
to ship's blaok smithing. Job work oxu-.
cuieu in eiiori noucu.
nines? i
i; m&

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