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VTT 'rt;
I Ulcgnnt Stock of Misses nml Clillih en's Spring Jlleclj
sues. Alto, n Splendid Stock of
A Largo and Ulcgnnt Stock of Misses nnd Ohlhh en's Spring Jlleclj Shoes of nil
sues. Alto, n Splumlld Stock of
Gents' and Boys'
. clSJl
5 c .VS-Cirifjsa:, iUAKSSSiSa&S
JOHI ITT, i. 8 Kaalmfflanu Street
Granite, Iron and Tin Ware !
Chandeliers, Lamps and Lanterns,
House ECeepine: Goods,
(Foiiuoily -with Samuel Notl),
Impoi-tei' arid JLeulei in
Agent HalFs 8afe and Lock Company.
Beaver Block, - Fort Street.
t btore formerly occupied bv !-. NOT I , op; osito Sprcckels & Co.'s Bnuk. "a
'-- ' . i
jN'e-vv OootlK Vty
Stock of (roods
Received tx Zcnlnndla,
J. T. Waterhouse's
70J Queen & Fort Street Siorcp. tf
Health is WeaEtSi !
Dn. K. C. West's Neuve and Ukaiw Tni-Ar-Went,
n guaranteed BPccltia for lljotcrin, Dial.
noss. Convulsions, I'iIh, Nirronii Nc urolym,
Ilouuaclio. Nervous l'rost rotlon. ranseil Ijy t hu ur o
of alcohol or t&bncco, WukeiulnetfH, Montul )c
liroauion, Boftonlnu of tho Jlruin, romiltmu in in
Bnnily and lending to misory, dot ny nud dciith;
l'romnturo Old Ako, Ilarrunness, Lo69 of l'nwor
in oitlior box. Involnntory Losscd mid Hpermntor
rlicea, caused by nvor-ezortion of tlio bruin, olf
uIiubo, or over-induluonco. 1'uch box contains
ono month'a treatment. 81.00 a box, or six lioxea
for S5.00, eontby mall pronaid on rocolpt of price
To euro any caso. With each order rocoived by ns
or six boxes, accompanied wjth $5.00, wo will
Bond tho imrchaxor our written nuaranteo to re.
land tho money if tho treatment dooa not effect
u euro. CI uurautooa issued only by
5500 REWARD!
TEwIUprthaboTrtrrd forms eutot Liter CompltlQt1
tyiptptU, blck Ht&dtch, ludbitttloo, Comtiptk.n or Coitlvtiwii,
trg cm not cur with Wcit'j rgcUbU Llrtr fllli, wfca lb dlr
iloos r itUtly complWd wUh Tty r purrly TegtUblt, toj
miw U (ottr utUfMtioa. fiujir CoUJ, lirgi boiti,fon
Ulobg SO pUUi 5 DU. or I&U by U dmecUU. Ikwiitcf
counterftlli and UnlUlloCl. 'ft I ffOufuf mtcufactprtd bfalr t
JOHN C, IVJCST CO., IS1 )83 UaJuoa fct , CLfUC.
f w UU1 jcijf Mai lr mU lit iU a ; tttfj I ef 3 tict t,v
Ilolliwter A; Co,,
UO Gm Wholc&alo and lictull AgcutB.
Wm X t A 4
Boots (and iShoes.
Pacific Hardware Go., L'd,
Wovel tiers lu. ZtUzixxip Groods,
Anew Invoice of Liinlcma, Kciom'iiu Oil of the very
Rest Quality, fc!cies, Kuupcs mid Tinware.
liitommundcil by File Unduui iters of San Fruncisco,
etc , etc. An actual Protection against Fire.
S-iarden Hand Grenades,
A Small Lot, to Close Consignment.
1'ull lines oi llnidwnre, Agricultural Implements, etc.
XOver-y tcumev.
A LL ordeis for Ciutage promptly at
xjl. tended to. Particular attention
paid to tho
Storing & Shipping
of goods in transit to the other Islands.
Also, Black and White Sand
in quantities to suit at lowest prices.
Ollice, adjoining E. P. Adams & Co.'s
auction room.
032 ly Mutual T lepjione No. 10.
The Paciflc Transfer-Co.
Olllto vitit O. K. Miller,
ISMoiclinnt Btiect,
Bell Tel., 377, Mutual Tel., 391.
I am fully piepaied to do all kinds of
ilr.iyugc;, hauling or moving w oik, all of
which I will gum iwileu to execute faith
2Uiy1 S. F. GRAHAM. Prop'r.
(Successor to J. M, Oat, Jr. & Co.)
Dealers in nil kinds of
Tho Latest Foreign Papers always on
hand ut the Gazette Jiock, Merchant
EST lha EngliMi Admiralty Charts
almiys on hand. 1 by
SHOP. Jteor of Lucas' Mill.
A Woman's Mcrins and
A. Voloo ri-'oni AUHlrln.
Near the village Of Killhigdorf, lit
Lower Atfdrin, live a'aria Haas, nn in
nlligcnlnml Indusliioiw woman, whoso
Btory of physical sullcring anil llmil re
lief, n related by hcrseir, is of interest
to English women. "I was employed,"
she says, " in tho work of a largo farm
house. Over-work brought on sick
headache, followed by a deathly faint
ing and sickness of tho stomach, until I
wm unable to retain either food or
drink. I was compelled to take to my
bed for several weeks. Getting a little
better from rest and quiet, I sought t
do some wmk, but was soon taken with
n pain in my side, which in n little
uhllu seemed to spread over my whole
body, and throbbed in my every limb.
This was followed by. a cough mill
(hortness of breath, until ilnally I could
not sew, and 1 took to my bed for tho
second, nnd, ns 1 thought, for tho last
tlinu. Mv friends told mo that my Unto
had ncitily come, and that I could not
llvo longer than when the trees put on
their green t nre more. Then 1 happen
ed to get one of the Helgel pamphlets.
I tend it, and my dc.ir mother bought
me a bottle of Selgel's Sytup, which I
took exactly according to directions,
and 1 had not taken the whole of it be
fore I felt a great change for the better.
My last illness began .luno 'I, 1882, and
continued to Auuust 0th, when 1 began
to tako tho Syrup. Very soon 1 could
do u little light work. Tho cough left
me, and 1 was no more troubled in
I) entiling. Now I nm perfectly cured.
And oh, how happy I ami I cannot ex.
picas giatiUule enough for Selgel's
Sjrup. Now 1 must tell you that the
doclois in our distuct distributed hand
bills cautioninir neonlo nuainst tho
medicine, telling them it would do them
no good, and many wero thereby influ
eni'ed to destroy the Selgcl pamphlets;
but now, wheiover ono is to ljo found, it
is kept like a relic. The fow preserved
aie bin row id to read, and I have lent
mine lor six miles mound our district.
People have come eighteen miles to got
Hie to buy t)ie mcdit-Tnc for them, know
iug that it cured me, and to bo sure to
get tho right kind. I know a woman
who was looking like death, and who
told them thoro wiib no help for her,
that she hail consulted several doctors,
but none could help her. I told hir of
Seigel's Symp, and wrote the name
down for her that she might make no
mistake. She took my advice and the
Syiup, and novy sho js in perfect Health,
nnd tho people around u& arc amarcd.
The medicine lias mado such progress
in our neighborhood that people say
they don't want the doctor any more,
but they take the Syrup. Sufferers from
gout who weie conllned to their bed and
could hardly move a linger, have been
cured by it. There is a girl in our dis
trict who caught a cold by going
through some water, and was in bed live
years with costiveness nnd rheumatic
pains, and had to hae an attendant to
wuleh by her. There was not a doctor
in the surrounding districts to whom
her mother had not applied to relieve
her child, but every one crossed them
selves nnd said they could not help her.
Whenever the little ell rang which is
rung in our place when somebody is
dead, wo thought surely it vms for her,
but Seigel's Syrup and Pills saved her
life, and now she is as healthy as any.
body, goes to church, nnd can woik
even in the fields. Eveiybody was as1,
tonibbed when they saw her out, know
ing how many years she had been in
bed. To day she adds her gratitude to
mine for God's mercies nnd Seigel's
Syrup. Mahia Haas."
Tho people of England speak conlinn.
ing tne auove.
Alter Heveral Yem-H.
"Stoke Ferry, January Oth, 1884.
"Gentlemen, 1 have used Siegel's
Syrup for sexual years, and have found
it a mo3t elllcacious remedy for Liver
complaints and general debility, and I
always keep some by me, and cannot
speak too highly in its praise. I re
main, yours tiuly, Harnett King."
A.l'lpv Hl?ftoujx Ycnrs.
"Whittlclo-Woods, near Ohorley,
"December 20, 1883.
"Dear Sir, .Mother Seigel's medicine
sells exceeding well with us, nil Unit try
it speak highly in its favor. We had a
case of a young lady that had been trou.
bled many yeaisxyith pains after catinir.
She tells us that the pains were entirely
taken away after a fow doses of your
medicine Yours truly, E. Puel."
Tlio Ell'eotH liave liccn
"05, Ncvgate Street, Worksop, Notts,
'December 20th, 1683.
"Gentlemen, It is with the greatest
of pleasure I accord my testimony as to
tho olllcacy of Mother Seigel's byrup.
My wifo, who lias suffered from acuto
Dyspepsia for over sixteen yeais, is now
perfectly better through tho sole help
of jour Syrup. 1 have sent pounds in
medicines from doctors in fact, I be
gan to think the was incurable, until
your marvellous medicine was tried.
I remain, yours, thankfully,
Alfuud Foiid."
Aft or Blimy Vcnra,
"III ford Road Dispcnsniy, Dukinflold.
May U, 188-1.
"Dear Sir, I nm happy to inform
you that the sale of your Syrup and Pills
increases here continually. Several of
my customcis speak of having derived
more benefit from the use of these than
f i oni any other medicine. In some in
btances I ho ellects have been wonderful.
yours very icspertfnlly,
It wjy I'no. IJdwin Eam wnop, J.B."
Steam Roileis, Furuacis and Ranges
Set. Ihlck and Stonework done on
reasonable terms.
Alanni St., Second door from Beretnnla.
P. O. Box 457.
Orders from tho other Islands punc
tually attended to. 72ly
For many ycnrs tho great ambi
tion of tho South Australians has
been to discover a golilllchl which
bhotild rival those of Victoria. On
several occasions it has been an
nounced that a second llcndigo had
been unearthed in South Australia,
but tho hopes thus raised have been
speedily shattered. That gold exists
in South Australia has been proved ;
and rushes of considerable magni
tude have taken place to Echungn,
Humbug Scrub, Jupiter Creek and
other places; and many of the dig
geis catned u fair ictnrn for their
labor. Hut tho diggings Imo
hitherto proved neither extensive
nor permanent enough to warrant
such a "rush" as appears to have
taken place to Tootulpa. Tcetulpa
is situated about one hundred miles
fioin Silverlon, and tho railway now
being built in South Australia to the
border to secure the Silveiton trade
will pas1 within a short distance of
It is impossible to form any
opinion ns yet as to tho richness of
the goldilcld ; it being impossible to
test it without a very much larger
supply of water than is available at
piescnt. Gold has been obtained,
it is biU in considerable quantities;
but every practical digger has, in
knocking out wnsltdirt on fields
wlicrp gold is rgugji, picked out a
fow niiggpts, and found when ho
"washed" that ho had picked out
nearly all tne gold there was Jn the
dIH. The country Is dry nnd biokcn,
nnd the vegetation is of the poorest
The annual raipfoU avorages oniy
7In or Sin ; and as there appears to
be very little thoro at the present
tltno, it would be tho height of folly
for men who aro at present at w orlc
to leave their employment for a
doubtful chance on the goldfteld.
As to tho permanence of the field,
the brospect docs not look encourag
ing, Sp fa.fi no defined leads have
been fpuntl, and no auriferous
quartz reefs; and, this being the
caso, thoro is apparently very iittlo
chance of Tcetulpa rivalling Bcndigo
or Jlallarnt, If it should prove to
be a good pormanent field, nothing
will bo lost by waiting for a time to
give the men already thei e a chance
of testing it. Town and Country
Journal, Sydney.
The other day as two well-known
citizens weic standing together in
the corridor of the post-ollloe ono
happened to notice that a postal
card held in the fingers of the other
was directed to the holder. "Why,
how does this come?" w as asked;
"do you write letters to yourself?"
"In this case, yes," was the answer.
"That's funny." "Well, not so
very ; sec the other side." Ho held
it up and the other side read ;
Brpther Blank: Th(Jrp will bo a
meeting of tho I. O. O. S. B., No.
887, at the hall on the eveniug of
October 10 to transact special busi
ness. Membeis not present will bo
fined 15. J. Carey, Secrelaiy.
"Yes, but I don't exactly catch
on," protested the innocent. "Oh,
you don't! Well, I got tho cauls
piintcd myself; the society is a
myth. When I want to get out of
an evpning I direct one of these
postals to my house ; when I reach
home my wife hands it to mo with a
sigh ; I offer to stay at home and
stand the lino Of $15, but sho won't
have it that way; that's all, my
triend oxcept that thp same schpmp
is wotked by hundred of others,
and our poor, deluded wives haven't
tumbled to the racket yet." De
troit Free Press.
Says a Manilla paper: "OnPonapo
nnd Kusaic two islands in tlio
Parplino group are to bo seen
ruins of massively built stone tem
ples. These remains and the sculp
tured figures they show, cause as
much wonderment as do tho ruined
cities of Cential America. Tliey
aro clearly, to begin with, no wotk
of tho semi-savago ancestors of tho
Malay laco now peopling the Caro
lines. Who wero their buildei swill
puzdc all antiqunries." Thus far
our contemporary, and this puts us
in mind, that, in Cambodia, or
rather in Siam, on the border of tho
two countries, aro still to bo seen
the remains of enormous blocks of
buildings jn ruins, at a place called
Ankor-Wat, situnted on low-lying
ground and surrounded for miles by
swamps. Tho puzzle which sug
gests itself is from whence came tlio
stone witli which these ruined tem
ples nnd houses wero built? So
largo aro these stones that they
equal the wonders of tho pyiamids
of Egypt. Some of them mcasu.ro
85 fept in length, wjth a width nnd
depth of J 5 foet. Ankor-Wat is far
removed from any place whence
such stones could ho got. How
were they convoyed thither? And
by whatskilfully constiucted machin
ery raised and placed in position?
"You look very much excited,
dear," ho said when sho entered tho
pni lor w here he was was waiting for
"Well, I should think I ought to
look excited," sho answered. "I've
just had the most awful argument
with ma.', And she began to weep
"Why, what is tho mnttcr, my
darling, ho inquired as ho elitl his
arm nrotintt nor waist and endeavored
to soothe her; "what was tho argu
ment?" "Oh, how can I tell you? She
said you were only trilling with mo,
and that you would never pop tho
question ; nnd I told her she did you
a great injustice, for I believed that
you would poplhoqilcstion to-night.
She said you wouldn't, and I said
you would) and wo had it hot and
heavy. Dear George, you will not
lot ma triumph over me, will you?"
"Wn -hy, certainly not," answer
ed Gcoigc.
"I knew it my darling I" the dear
gill exclaimed; "come, let us go to
ma and tell her how much mistaken
she was I
And they did, and ma didn't seem
to bo so very much broken down
over the nffnir niter nil. Boston
A northern paper remarks that
since tho recent eaitliquako they are
beginning to lose faith in tlio "solid
Old Mr. Benlly (reading the
paper) "I see that Solomon has
been indicted for bigamy." Old
Mrs. Bently "Well, it's ''bout time.
Tho idea of a man having 700
Professor "What was the King's
highway in olden times?" Student
"A roynl method of borrowing
money and nevor paying was one of
the King's highways."
MR. J. J. WILLIAMS has foiiio
Pli.su Albums foi views. People
ul thing to send a huiiilnimu Christinas
mescnt home can have views ssleetid
by llienuelves, lnountc 1 in ono ( f ihc5e
Albums in splendid style, 81 2w
nnd seo the
"vUkSL Cutaway Carriages
W& Phartons, &c,
He has for sale cheap, befoie purchas
74 iug elsewhere.
o. Avrsr,
Pi evident.
Sec'y ifc Trcas.
Haw'an. Carriage M'f Co.
(Limited) -Importers
& 1- Dealers in
Iron, Cumberland Goal, Hard
Wood Lumber,
: And all kinds of :
Carriage and Wagon Materials.
82 Cm
Having now passed into the hands
of responsible parties is prepared at
short notiee to do all Washing in a Su
perior Manner. A considerable
has been mndo from tho scale of
former rales, and
Satisfaction is Guaranteed to All
Who will favor tho Establishment
with n trial. 50
Crystal Soda f oris
Manufacturers of
Ginger Ale, Cream Soda,
Lemon Sodn, Lcmonndc, Sarenparilln
Fruit Syiups and Essences and
mndo from tho pure Apple, nil of which
wo guainnteo to bo tho best.
WSS" Wo nUo invito pnrtiea intending
f-tarting stores for the unlo of iced
drinks and wishing fountain supplies,
to, cull on us before going elsewhere.
The Crystal Soia Wafts,
P.O. Box :i37, Honolulu.
Bell Telophono, ; : 298
Mutual " : : : 330
Lawn and Satin Ties,
Black Silk Socks,
Patent Leather Pumps
AT -
83 St
APRIL 30th0CT0BER 16, 1886.
The First and Only
Ever published in this Kingdom
Is Now Ready for Delivery
Over 700 Pageswith Index I
This is the Only Original, Correct and Complete Record,
In Book Form, of the Business and Debates of the Legisla
tive Assembly of 1886.
The Book consists of Eevised and Connected He-prints of
the Reports, published from day to day, throughout the
Session, in the Bulletin. '
The Bulletin Reports
Have been Strictly Impartial, and have contained during
the greater part of the session
Of the Principal Speeches delivered in the Houao.
Also appeal's in full, promulgated By Authority, on.
Saturday, tho 23rd October.
The edition is limited.
sure of being filled. ITirst
at the low price of
J. H. SOPER'8 and T. C. THRUM'S.
frv . ' .
Orders should be in early to be
come, first served! Supplied
Only Hansard is to be
at the
1 '
T'-rnL w v'
ZFjgt.. ..- ;r. t ,. . . . a,
wmmtmk"f mtrnvmum a? &i ,a

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