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J JJ,s&eA,.sl
Rr,r. ?,- - " '.
A, k'&st Mure
Ladies' 6-Button Kid Gloves
For 81.00. At
The Arcado-EGAN & CO.
attg jjjj til Tiffin
Mar 24
Stmr Iwnlanl fioin tlamakun
Stmr tfufpiise from Hawaii
Stuir MokoIII fioui Molokai
Stmr Lehua fioui lliiiiuiUua
Stinr Kaala fioin Walanae and Watalua
Sclir Wallcle from Kuan
Sehr Mol AVahlnefrom Ilnniakua
Mnr 21
Schr Waleliu for Kmiu
Stmr Surpilae for Laupahoehoo and
way polls
Schr Wallele for Kuan
Bk Sonoma for ban I'laucibco
Bk Catbaricn for San Fiauclsco
Stmr Lcltua for llamakua
btmr J as Makee for Kapan at 5 p in
Schr Kaulilua lor Kleelc and llanapepc
at 3 p in
Btmr Kaal.i for Walannc and Watalua
From llamakna,pcr stmr Lchua, Mar
21 MrandMtsPalko.
Stmr Surprise 5,4154 bass sugar (
Schr Wailelo l,urll bugs sugar.
Stmr Mokulil (10 li.igs Migar, 15 hd cat
tle, !t2 sheep ami 23 bbis niolases.
Stmr Lelnia 2,500 bags sugar.
3;ll?Sflfi NOTES.
The brig Luiliuo sailed fioin Hilo
last Satin day with a loud of sugar for
San Francisco.
Fini: weather about Molokai.
Tin: U. S. S. Ad.uns
tons of coal to-day,
took in 81
Tin: two whalers Hunter and West
got away for the Aiotic last evening.
Waiai.ua ami Waianao liavo had
disagreeable rainy weather this week
A lii.Ann of the steamer Mokolii'e
piopoller was bioken tho last trip
of the steamer.
The weather which had been pretty
boisterous at Haniakua the first part
of this week, is now fair.
Theiie will be a Special Children's
Service in tho Y. M. C. A hall, on
Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Itcv.
E. G. Beckwith will address . tho chil
dren. All members of tho Sciipturo
Union aro invited to attend.
Hackmen aro notified by tho Min
ister of Intoiior that stand No. A,
mauka of Hotel street, from east
corner of Nuuanu stieot, has been
7 transience! to tho makai side of Ho
tel street, from tho east corner of
Nuuanu sheet.
The band concert diew a laigo
audiciico to Thomas Square last
night. Tho atmosphere and the
music were exlicnicly enjoyable; but
tho hoodlum element figuied in the
grounds to tho annoyance of decent
The Irish Linen Paper advestised
by A. M. Hcwett is manufactured by
the well-known firm Marcus Ward
& Co. Limited, of Belfast, Iieland,
tho firm which fust inado and inau
gurated Christmas cards.
A piece of pipe that was broken
on" by a falling stono from a bluff at
Molokai recently has been bi ought
to Honolulu, and will be exhibited
as a curiosity and to illustrate tho
force of a .10 pound stono falling
soveral hundred feet.
. .
Comi'AKV I) of tho Honolulu Rifles
marched out to tho H. B. A. target
range, King street, this afternoon
and held target practice. Tho ten
best shots of this company will bo
picked out by their Captain, C. W.
Ashfoid, to compote agaiiibt ten
from Compiny B next Saturday.
Irritated throatB and annoying
coughs aro quickly relieved by tho
genuino Butter Scotch," only to bo
found at the Pioneer Steam Candy
Factory of F. Horn. Plenly of testi
monials. 98
It happened on this wise. Tho bride,
Miss day,
Was led in by Sol, who gavo her way.
Sir Night was tho gloom, tho best
man, Mars,
Tho usheifl all of tho family Stars.
Old Twilight, tho parton, joined them
in one
(Crickets and katydids laughed at
tho fun).
Tho bride hid her faoe on the brcaBt
of her lover,
And I turned awuy for the wedding
was over.
The Altruist.
A pious oitizen of a Western city,
who contributed a stained-glass win
dow to the church, Is said to liavo
fallen from grace when he read in
the local pnpeis that "our fellow
townsman, Setli Scliemcrliorn, has
placed a utaiiied-glass widow in St.
Joseph's Chin eh." f Boston Com
mercial Bulletin.
... -' ' fr m- i ii
It is the men who write poetry
when they don't have to that the
publlo can never forgive. Detroit
Free Press.
i . .. "- ' " 1"
If J ou vnfit n
Fine Hat or Necktie,
Go (o
Tho Arcade-EGAN & CO.
The Royal Hawaiian Band will
piny at Emma Sqtmro this afternoon
commencing at 4:30 o'clock. Fol
lowing is tho programme :
Hat cli The Pi luce .amara
0 ci tine Slavonian Tito
Selection -Marco VI"eontl Petrella
Gavotte Sweetheart Humid
Finale Kosamunde. Schubert
Waltz The Flowers Gang'l
Tho Hawaiian Mhsion Children's
Society wilt meet at the residenccof
Judge McCully.
Uluo Ribbon entertainment at tho
Y. M. C. A. Hall, at 7:30 o'clock.
The usual Saturday evening enter
tainment will be given in the Y. M.
C. A. Hall ut 7:30 o'clock this
evening. Tho public aro cordi
ally invited. Following is tho pro
gramme: l'lauo Solo..-. Mr. J. F. Blown
Heading MUs May Dillingham
Song Miss Anna Austin
Reading M r. .1 . F. Hi o wn
Song Mrs. .1. F. Brown
Adihess l C. Jones
The public are cordially invited,
especially young men and strangers.
iioia' wcr.ic kastuu s si:nvici:s.
Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, the
1st clay of the Holy week, the day
on which the church makes comme
moration of the triumphant entry of
our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusa
lem a few days before his death,
the people accompanying Him with
palm branches, hence the name of
tho day, palm Sunday, and acclaim
ing Him with these words: " IIo
sanna to the Son of David ; blessed
bo lie who comes in the name of the
10 si. in. Blessing and distribu
tion of brandies. High mass with
the reading of Jesus Christ's passion.
March 2!)th. Maundy Thursday,
also called Holy Thursday, is the
day of the institution of the blessed
sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.
7 n. ui. High Pontifical Mass,
in which his loidslup, assisted by
clergy, will solemnly consecrate the
liolv oils for the administration of 1
sacraments for the whole year.
3 p. in. "Washing of the feet of
12 poor men in icmembrancc of the
washing by our Lord of the feet of
His apostles.
March 30th. Good Friday, also
called Holy Friday, the day our
Saviour was crucified.
10 a. m. ---Religious service, with
the singing of the passion.
3p. m. Stations of tho cross.
8 p. m. Passion Sermon in
March 31st. Holy Saturday, the
day our Saviour's body was in the
7 a. m. Blessing of the baptismal
font and other ceremonies, followed
by high mass, at which ll'e bells of
the church, which had ceased to
ring at Holy Thursday's mass, shall
be heaid again.
Easter Sunday, April 1st, is the
day when the church coiumcinoiatcs
the resurrection of our Lord.
10 a. m. High Pontifical Mass,
tho singing performed bj' St.
Louis choir, followed by baptism
of. infants and adults.
3 p. m. Confirmation, rosary,
Y. M. C. A. Gospel Praise Service
at G:30 i. at. Come and bilug a ftiend.
Kawaiaiiao Ciiuiich. Bev. II. II.
Pnikcr, pastor. Sunday school at 10
A. m. Pleaching at 11 a. m.
Kaumakai'im Ciiuiioii. Rev. .1.
Walaniau, pastor. Sunday school at
0 A. si. Pleaching at 10 "M A. m. and
7 :30 r. si.
Queen Emma Ham.. Gospel and
song set vice for llawnilans who s-pcak
English at at II x. Si. Good tinging.
Shoi t talks. Evciy body w elcoine.
Javanese Seiivioe : Gospel and
Song Sei vices at 11 a.m.; Iliblo Class
7:30 r. si., in the Japanese Y. M O. A.
Room, Queen Eiiuna Hull, corner f
BeietauU and Nuuanu streets.
Centkai. Union Ciiuncii.
G. Beckwith, D. )., pastor,
school and Bible elans at 0:
Seivices at 11 A. M. and 7:ao
Rev. E.
15 a. M.
1'. SI.
Chinese Ciiuiich. FoitMieet, near
corner Herctanla. Mr. Kong Shul Ka
evangelist. Chlneso Sunday school,
OtfOA. si. Chinese and English Sun
day School, 2:ao 1-. si. Preaching 11
A. si. and 7i!i0 1-. si. Bible class In
Chlnebo Y. M. O. A. Hall, 0:M i m.
Roman Catholic Oatheiihal.
0 and 7 A. st low mass; 10 a. si., high
mass, with bennon either in Hawaiian,
PottugtiehO or English, alternating ac
eoidlug to the Unco piiiiolp.il dlfteicnt
uatlomilities of the chinch; 2 l'. St., io
sary and catechism; 4 :'i0 v. si., Instruc
tion and benediction of the Blessed
St. Anduew's Catheduai.. Tho
services at St. Amhew's Cathedral to
morrow will bo; Holy Communion,
0:30 a. si. Morning prayer with km
inon at 'JjHO. Hawaiian eenbong at
3:lKi'. m, Evensong with senium atO
v. si. Seats mo unappropriated.
Second Congiugatlon. Rev. Goo.
Wallace, pabtor. Morning prayer,
wth sermon at 11;10 a. m evening
prayer with bPimou' at 7sM i1. st,
Sunday school incuts at 10 A. si. Seats
fi co at all services.
X adycrtiio in tho Daily Bulletin,
""" I
0 50
Tho Arcado-EGAN & CO.
I'or your
Full Dress White Vests,
Electric Lighting of Honolulu,
A Brilliant Display.
Punctually at 7 v. si. yesterday
the Princess Liliuokalani and Prin
cess Kaiulani, attended by His Ex
cellency the Hon. L. A. Thurston,
Minister of Interior, arrived at the
Electric Light Station in Hie Valley
and was there received by the
Superintendent Mr. Faulkner and
Mr. Eassic. Neither of these gentle
men were in fcourt dress (royalty
not being expected), but wore un
pretentious undress uniform of a
practical rather than an ornamental
character. Mr. Eassic wore, how
ever a rather remarkable peaked
cap, emblematic of authority and
convoying a pleasing impression of
a crow at rest on a bam. In addi
tion to tho above, amongst others,
Mr. Superintendent Wilson and Mr.
White, of the Water Works Depart
ment, were present, also Col. Boyd,
tho heio of Ocean Island, Mr. Smi
thies, of the Interior Depaitmcnt,
Mr. Pratt, Superintendent of the
Mutual Telephone Co., who came
voluntarily, being evidently afraid of
induction and last but not least,
Mr. Smith, an expert electrician and
representative of the Thomson
Houston Company of America. It
may be stated here tuat it
was a subject of comment among
a certain few that Mr. White does
not now use tobacco in the plug at
the Valley Station, but appeals to
find more smoking power in cigars.
A fow minutes after 7, II. R. II.
was accommodate with a chair for
her feet and under the guidance of
Mr. Superintendent Faulkner in full
working costume connected the cir
cuits mid had the honor of illumin
ing the streets of Honolulu for
tlio Hist time with the new light.
Mr. Faulkner immediately hurried
away to the town to see the
lamps some of which were not
burning, but after the lapse of
half an hour or so, he had the satis
faction of seeing that all with the
exception of 3 or 4 wore glowing
brightly and steadily ; and it is con
fidently expected that to-night all
kthc lights will burn from the jump.
a short run by the large and small
dynamos respectively. The length
of the Ioiik circuit is 15 miles and
that of the short G miles and over
both of these Mr. Faulkner went
yesterday. He started woik at 0
yestciday morning and ended ..his
labors at 11 :15 last night. During
that time he climbed -lo' poles and
he now rejoices in a pair of beauti
ful black ancles, they having been
well bruised by the climbing spurs.
He also enjoyed a ahock while up one
of the poles, and barely saved himself
f loin falling. It is the heaviest lie
has ever experienced and lie saj's
he doesn't hanker after another.
Theic are still some little matters
to be attended to which will make
the light more perfect and these are
being looked to to-day, but it will
piobably be a day or two before the
piessure of water can be fixed so as
to render the lights quite what the
Superintendent intends them to be.
The light in the upper part of the
dynamo building burned beautifully
and some beautifully framed silk
onettes might have been seen on the
ground outside of young couples
standing at the open windows. His
Exccllcncj' and the distinguished
company, including II. R. II. and
the gallant Colonel and Mr. Smithies
left about 9 i si. but before leaving
His Ex. again expressed to Mr.Eassie
his great gratification at the success
of the work for by this time scepti
cal gentlemen who had had their
eyes on certain lamps near their re
sidences which they didn't believe
would bum had telephoned to say
that the lamps were burning well.
Mr. Smith had left some time pre
viously with Mr. Faulkner, being
anxious to sec the lights a success
and to cheer and console the worthy
Superintendent in his anxious pil
grimage round the lights rub his
bi ulsed ankles and aid him with his
advice and experience.
Before closing this brief account
of the event nt the station wo feel
bound to offer one or two remarks
on what can bo only regarded as a
strango anomaly, that at this late
period in the history of science and
amongst persons of high intelli
gence and practical experience and
scientific attainments there should
have been one who could dive into
the dim recesses of superstitious
ulooin and having found what he
wanted lcmarkcd that the wheel
would have no luck unless it weie
christened. Theic was such a ono
nud he no Scotchman, and he had
brought his tools with him in tho
sliapu of a bottle of "potheen," but
the strangeness of the anouiuly was
nothing to the strangeness of tho
alacrity with which tho assembled
few agreed with that person and tho
strange appreciation they showed for
the "potheen." Sulllce it to say
that the wheel was christened mid
its health driink with heartily ex
pressed wishes for its succoea. Thl
took place on the ground floor the
distinguished company was above.
The intercut shown by Ills Ex. Mr.
Thurston in the success of this un
dertaking is very greatly to bis
. r-.t. -i .1.. .!.. .t- .... I
Jbook flt tlio Floe Ilno of
Dress Goods,
Tho Arcade-EGAN & CO.
IilltCHt HtJ'tCH.
credit and should bo appreciated by
the public. Ho has mado repeated
visits to the station to note thepro
gross of the work at all hours ftom
(3 in the morning till 6 in tde even
ing, and tho kindly words of encour
agement and praise spoken by him
have nided the gentlemen who have
worked so hard to no iuconsiderable
Dr. Arthur Debatisset of Chicago,
President of the Transcontinental
Aerial Navigation Company, is in
the city placing a contract for steel
to be used in the mammoth aii -ships
which liu proposes to build. Each
of these ships will bo G51 feet long
and I'M feet in diameter. They
will be cone-shaped and made of
steel. The vessels will cost $150,
000, and it is his intention to build
several ol them. Dr. Debaiissct is
the inventor of the aeroplane, as ho
calls it. He says it is no longer an
experiment, but a success, and that
during the present year he will start
on a voyage of discovery to the
North Pole and Arctic regions.
"All balloons constructed hereto
fore," said he, "have been of silk
or some fabric used as a substitute
therefor, and inflated with hydrogen
gas or common illuminating gas.
Instead of gas I shall simply use
nothing but a vacuum, which is
lighter even than pure hydrogen.
If hydrogen is only one-fourth the
weight of air, and coal gas only one
half, why use either when by pump
ing out the air a vacuum will be
produced? Then there will be
no weight lo carry except the ves
sel and its attachments. It is the
atmospheric pressure which I have
to contend with principally in using
this vacuum. I shall build my air
ship of steel plates so thin ns to
wcigli less in tho aggregate than the
air displaced, and yet strong enough
to withstand the pressuie from with
out." The inventor says further that he
expects to develop a speed of 120
miles per hour. The Americans,
witli airships of this kind, he thinks,
could keep the united Heets of the
world away from the coast. The
aerial ships need only bo loaded
witli dynamito shells, whicli could
be dropped on the enemies' vessels.
Pittsburg Coir. N. Y. Sun.
It is well known that the semi'
tors and congressmen write their
own biographies that appear in tho
Congressional Directory. This fact
makes them all the more interest
ing. The statesmen are allowed in
a general way to say what they
please, but there are instances where
the compiler of tho directory has to
do some pretty thorough pruning.
One Arkansas congressman wrote
in answer to the usual request what
would have filled a dozen pages of
the director'. He gave the full his
tory of his and wife's families, the
characteristics of his children, the
names of the husbands and wives
and children of those married, and
intioduccd several illustrated sketch
es or incidents in bear and bee and
coon hunting. He introduced a
poem on spring written by his hec
ond eldest son, gave the names of
two young fellows, rivals for the
hand of one of his daughters named
"Pink," and described the distress
she was suffering over the question
of whicli she should choose. The
compiler cut the "biography" down
to eight lines.
A Kentucky congressman in his
biography described a stock farm
owned by him, named the horses,
and gave their pedigree, records and
prices. Another Kentuckian men
tioned, among events of his eventful
life, the number of fights he had
been in, and gavo descriptions of
two, in each of whicli he had killed
a man, and gave the names of the
men he had slaughtered.
One Ohio manj gave the number
of sheep he owned, the fluctuations
in the prices of wool in an elaborate
table, and introduced a strong pro
test agaiust a reduction of tho duty
on wool, all of which was sacrificed.
A congressman from Iowa sent in
1i!b biography in verse, ami very bad
verse, too. Another fioin the same
stale stated that he was living separ
ate from his wife, and in a detailed
statement laid all the blame upon
her, and appealed to his brother
congressmen to overlook the matter,
and to the speaker not to allow him
self to be influenced by it in assign
ing him to committees. fLcwiston
Mayor Hewitt complains that he
is getting old, yet ho manages to do
a great deal of work. Indeed it is
to be doubted if he ever did more
or belter woik in the samo period
than he has doife tilnco ho has been
Mayor of New York. As a mem
ber of the Hoiibo of Representatives,
though decidedly n working mem
ber, his energies were not so mar
vellously conspicuous as they liavo
been during tlio last two years.
It is folly for a man to regret,
that ho is not "twenty years
younger," as Mr. Hewitt says he
does. In the first place the r'egrot
amounts to nothing, cllhor toward
tho attainment of his desire , or as
a warning to others. Everybody
lives his life as ho seems destined to
Hvo it. Sonio have couipletcii tho
4 vl.... .!... -r I
A t'lno Iilnb of
Ladies' & Misses' Shoes,
Tho Arcado-EGAN & CO.
greatest work of their life before
they reach their fortieth birthday,
while others seem not to ripen in
intellect and in energy until thoy
bogin to decay physically. But the
former case is the rule. "Thu his
tory of genius i3 the history of
youth," says Disraeli, and it Is
usually true. The grand things
that a man is able to do are usually
achieved before he is CO, and after
that time except in the line of pro
fessions he is usually a potterer.
But there are instances enough of
the contrary fact to make men still
strive to do their best even until
death calls them, for who ever
knowB himself, his actual powers
and capabilities? A change of cir"
cumstanccs may change everything
connected with him. If Mr. Jay
Gould weie to lose his foitune sud
denly il is to be doubted whether
ho couhl ever reach a million again,
though he is still quite far ftom old.
Mr. Tilden made his largo fortune
after he was o0 years old. His
first fortune was wrecked about
18G0. Ex-Senator Henry A. Foster
bays that in the fifteen years after
lie left the Supreme Court bench at
70 he made more money at his pro
fession than in any other like period
of liia life. That is a good record
from 70 to 8.r. But how many out
of a million can show such a record?
Nevertheless, it seems to be a uile
of nature that if n man gets up to
70 years in pretty good shape ho is
likely to have ten or fifteen years of
life in whicli he can do much for
himself and his fellow-men. Troy
---.--. . ...
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War Ships and Voxels having forotliu'r
countries, with Soda Water, tt2., put up
in fork Bottler without extin charge for
bottle". J. E. Blown & Co , Depot CS
Merchant stn et. 01 1 w
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nHAS. J. FISHEL has iccehed
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Kullcs uuliimmcd hats, also a line Hue
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CLEAN RAGS ann second hand
clothing will bo gratefully receiv
ed for the uso of the inmutci of the
Brunch Hospital for Lepers at Kuknako,
or at Iho Leper Hittlraent on Molokai,
if left with J. T. Waterhousc, jr., at the
Quern Sirepl S'oro, tifcf tf
On Berctania sticet near 1'likoi,
(Formerly MoGulro'a Houec,)
Kindergarten & Elementary,
Dally & Boarding School.
Albo, French and German taught, ur.d
MusJc Lemons given.
A tiife convpynncu will call for and re
turn children living at a distance.
72 Mulual Telephone No. nOl. am
THE undersigned having been ap.
poiuUd Atriguce of the Kstate
of It, W. LuIiip, liaukrupt, requests
all persons who have claims against thu
estate of said It, V. I.alnc, secured or
othurwlso, to present tho same duly
sworn to, and nil persons Indebted to
said Eitato uru I equated to make imme.
diato piyuieut to
A. J. OAUrWHlUtlT.
Aesimice of the ljsiatu of It. V.
Lalue, bankrupt.
Honolulu March 19th, 1668t 04 tf.w;
rata ra pari Ki
63 & 65 FORT STREET.
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woikmanship on your table which will not crumble in pieces when cut,
but be a credit to the line nrt of the Confectioner, which lias not only for
twenty-live years but still bids competition defiance to this day. All at
tempts in any other establishment are inferior to mine and not worth the
price you pay. It is an indisputable fact that all over the world a good
workman's productions are always cheaper than a halfmade one's are.
Having had over half a century's practical experience the undersigned is
enabled to ornament Cakes in all and tho highest styles of ait.
3B JEiOIfclV,
The only Practical Confectioner in all branches ; Proprietor
Honolulu Steam Candy Factory and Bakery. Hotel bc-
tweun Fort and Nuuanu
Mado of the celebrated CREAM of the Woodlawn Dairy,
sold at the great reduced prico of
S2.00! S2.00! S2.00! S2.00! S2.00!
DErJ?J35 iJiSu: JEJO 1863.
SsfAs some evil disposed persona who are openly
iii uj me intention oi ruining- my business and vi
luJKiuyuur my UUU-Ufc aim lUJU (JUKI AM T
J?1U0 to any person who will
ICE CREAM is not strictly pure although sold cheaper
than nnywhci'o else. l
j !?T. .?4?S? '. .? . ?$. '. REPRESENTATIONS -5 j
1, HORN,
Practical Courcctioner, Pastry Cook & Ornamenter
Both Telephuuos ro, 7i. UoteljSt. bet. Nuuanu & Fort St
Torciioi Laces i
83 & 65 Fort street.
Opposite Irwin & Co.
II. I.
will forfeit
Drove hv nnnlvcio fi,,.i.

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