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Hack stand: Merchant and Fort
street. Telephones, 03f.
inch 9-88-ly
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TUESDAY, SEPT. !, 1888.
Sept 4
StmiW 0 Hall fioni Hawaii ami Maul
Stnir Kanlu from Wnlanao and Walahia
Stnn- l.cliua for Xttu and ports In Ila-
lunkun and Illlo IMstilcts
Stmr Mlknhala for ICaual at 5 p in
Stinr Klniiu for llllo and way potts at
1 p in
Stmr .las Makco for Ilanamaulu and
lyipa.i at S p in
Uktnc Planter for San Fianeifeco
Stmr Walalealo for Kanal at 5 p m
For Maul per stnir Llkellko, Sept 3
A T Atkinson, liov Mr Guliek and fa
mily, Mls .1 LWimaii, A 1) Mitchell, M
I) Monearr.Ut. T H Cook and -10 others.
For Tahiti pur lik Kalakaua, Sept 4
John Koss and Kdwaul Catheait.
For San FnuieNoo per bktne Planter,
Sept 4 .Mis-'. 1j McCarthy, Mr and Mis
Steward and L children, Sir .T Howler,
Xi llutelnuson.
The Manter look for San Fianeiseo
this morning, 1 1,-SS lugs sugar, weigh
ing l,8iri,S7U lbs, and valued at Stl,
A watchman wants a situation.
The Moltcno case has been put off
until the Gth.
Tin: b.irkciitino Planter carried a
small mail to San Fianeisco this af
ternoon. Sinci: the departure of Admiral
Kinibeiley, the nine o'clock gun has
been missed.
Sistj:u Landetine of the Catholic
Mission who died on Monday was 78
years of age.
Itu-coNSiDiniATiox of the vote by
which the veto was sustained is out
of 'the question.
Mil. McChcsney's delivery team
ran away yesterday with damaging
results to the wagon.
The '-13111101511 Weekly Summary"
is out to-day. A .splendid number to
.send abroad to fiiends.
The annual meeting of the Mutual
Telephone Company will bo held at
10 o'clock a. m. to-morrow.
A Japanese paper says that the
Corean Government has contracted
to purchase the U. S. S. Monocacy.
' -.
Last evening the Portuguese band
serenaded Mr. J". A. Dias, it being
the thirty-thinl anniversary of his
Captain Lai sen and posse went on
a raiding expedition last night, and
captuied several celestial s and two
tins of opium.
Some people of the town ltavo
adopted the woid "dislocate" instead
of "disconnect" when through using
the telephone.
The Chinese appear to bo more
satisfied with the latest effort of the
special committee on tho Constitu
tional Amendment.
A meeting of the literary commit
tee of tho Debating Socioty will be
held this evening to decido on a sub
ject for Thursday evening.
A new toi m of tho Kuinchamcha
schools opened this morning when 71
pupils weio in attendance. Q'he
bchool will accommodate 8G.
Kamkhameha School will shottly
ho nble to boast of a volunteer fuo
company, which lion. II. S. Town
fiend will organize and bo chief of.
TiiEbaikcntino W. II. Dimond will
sail for San Francisco on Thursday
morning at 10 o'clock. The mail nt
tho Post Oflico will close nt 9 o'clock.
EionT natives and ono Chinaman,
who occupied to extort money fiotn
several Chinamen, have been' com
mitted to tho Supieme Court for
A novice female horseback rider
on iv hoise that would persistently
trot, this morning, would have niado
a splendid model for a statin o lopre
aenting agony.
One of tho Chinamen who escaped
ftom tho bark J'lint.onberg, a couple
of weeks ago, was caught this morn
ing, and has niado a clean confession
of how ho got away.
i. i ' i
Atekm of the Thinl Ciicuit Court
will bo held next week at Wuiohimi,
Kan, Hawaii. Mr. Justico McCully
piesides, and leaves for thoto on Fii
day, on tho AY. G. Hull.
In tho Police Comt thfs morning,
Kahelo was committed for trial to tho
October term of tho Supiomo Gouit,
on a chaigo of extortion in tho bo
cond dogreo. Ho c.xtoitcd if7 horn
a Chinaman.
The now piincjpal of tho Kawaia
Jiao female Seininaiy is MibS Helen
A. J'opoon, for seven ycais past tho
principal of Fox Lakf Seininaiy,
AVibconsin. Miss Grace L. Uiowcr,
daughter of Prof. Urewor, of Grinnell
College, Iowa, and grand-daughter of
Ilov, AY, Uiehaids, tho first Minster
ofPublio Instruction in this King
dom, will tilbo ho a teacher at Kawai-uliao,
afe isrfNMttetAiaMft
Mn, Cha. Phillips' milk-shnke
business has incioascd so hugely that
he is now putting up a now house
adjoining llustaco fc Kobortson's
ofllcc, Queen street. -
Whim: tho steamer Viva was at
sea this morning, on her way to Mo
lokni, tho Captain and engineer had
a few words, resulting in the stoam
cr's return to Honolulu.
Tun Olaclan biolheis who commit
ted the four, robberies, mentioned in
this paper a few days ago, were bent
on tho leef this nioiniiig, one for two
years and the other for twelve
A native was teen lamenting tho
loss of his white poodle this morning.
He said that ho was fattening the
pup preparatory to a feast, when tho
dog-catcher collared the canine and
now lie's a goner.
Natives were collecting sea-eggs
(wana), near tho spar buoy this
morning. These' eggs aro about the
size of an oidinary baseball and aro
sold in the llsh maiket at three or
four for 25 cents.
Tun special attention ot our i cad
ets is called to the AYesterincyer's
pinnos, for which Messis. nofl'schlac
gor it Co, aro agents. They aio first
class instruments in every respect,
and sold at a very reasonable price.
At 11:211 this morning tho thinl
reading of the Fdeetion Bill was com
menced,. At noon a recess of one
hour was taken. Thcro are 10G sec
tions in the bill, and as we go to
press its leading is still on. It will
probably be finished about sunset,
provided the Sccietary's and Inter
preter's lungs hold out.
The bark Kalakaua sailed for Ta
hiti via Kawaihac, Hawaii, this
afternoon. Captain J. Koss, acting
as agent for Mr. Sam Parker, went
by the vessel and will try and start
a market at Tahiti for Hawaiian
cattle, 200 of which were taken by
tho baik this trip. Sheds and other
arrangements have been made on
the vessel to accommodate the cat
tle. Mr. Cathcart, assistant book
keeper at AYildcr & Co., was a pas
senger by the Kalakaua. Mr. Cath
cart leaves for a vacation.
Yesterday Her Royal Highness
Princess Liliuokalani celebrated the
fiftieth or jubilee anniversary of her
birth. At 8 :30 o'clock the Princess
gave a breakfast at her Palama le
bidence, at which were present
Their Majesties the King and Queen,
Princess Kaiulani and lion. A. S.
Clenhorn. Princess Poomaikelani
and His Excellency Governor Dom
inis were unable to attend owing to
indisposition. The Royal Hawaiian
Band played during the breakfast.
Princess Liliuokalani was the re
cipient of many very handsome pre
sents, among which" were engrossed
addresses from the Liliuokalani
Educational Society, Nana Society,
Royal School Cadets, kou cala
bashes, oil paintings, silverware, etc.
Tho Royal School cadets to the
number of seventy-five in uniform,
marched to Palama and presented
the Princess with a handsomo flag
in addition to the address.
From noon to three o'clock in tho
afternoon Her Royal Highness held
a reception which was largely at
tended. The band was in attend
ance and played appropriate selec
tions. The Princess was attired in
a handsome robe of cream-colored
satin and received her callers in her
usual gracious manner. Hearty
were the congratulations tendered
tho Princess on reaching her jubilee
birthday. Refreshments were served
during the reception.
Among those present were no
ticed: His Excellency G. AA. Mer
rill, U. S. Minister Resident, and
Mrs. Merrill ; Their Excellencies
the Minister of Interior and the Attorney-General
; Hon. C. R. Bishop,
Mr. Justice and Mrs. .McCully, Mr.
Justice and Mrs. Bickcrton, Hon. '
Ar. G. and Mrs. Irwin- Right Rev.
Bishop of Olba, Fathers Lconore
and Clement, Hon AAr. R. Castle,
President of the Legislature ; Cap
tain Schoonmakcr, U.S.S. Vaudalia ;
Majors S. Parker and AY. II. Corn
well, rMcmbers of the Consular
Corps, Privy Council and Legisla
ture, etc.
Sheriff Hitchcock, on Monday
last made another stir among the
illicit liquor dealers, all of them be
ing Portuguese. The following weie
arrested: A. G. Serrao, Jose G.
Serrao, Auguslo Serrao, Jardinc,
stoic keeper for Dcsa, and C. Gal
ante, all of the town j Marian Mo
nese and Antono Charves, both of
Kahalii Gulch; and J. Luis of
llonomit. All Jpleading guilty they
were lined as foll6ws: Antonc and
Jose Serrao, Moneso and Galante,
each S!510 and costs. Tho other
tin co. 100 each, making a total of
1,500, which will all be paid into
thu Government within a few days.
Our Sherilf is after these liquor
dcaleis and is giving them no rest.
He leaves in a few days to make
another trip over his domain by way
of Kau where tho Circuit Court sits
early in September. Ho is a thor
ough believer in keeping an eye up
on his subordinates all over this
Tho Jlilo foreign school has open
ed a new term under its old teach
ers, Miss llnttie Coan and Miss El
vira Richardson. Thia bchool is not
under Government patronage to any
great extent, but ought to bo made
iiiiii wi.,' j,-. iukit, ,
a Government uchool, especially as
now all tho Government schools arc
to bo frco to all.
Tho following wanderers have
been heard from, and may ho ex
pected back: Mr?. L. Severance,
who is ti-iu elling in the Enst, is
looked for on the Lurlinc in Octo
ber; Mr. and Airs. John Scott, who
have been summering in tho Cana
das and the Eastern States, arc ex
pected back at tho samo tunc ; Mrs.
D. II. Hitchcock and Miss Almc
Hitchcock, who has just graduated
from tho law department of An Ar
bor University, and has been ad
mitted to tho bar of tho Supremo
Court ol Michigan, arc now rusticat
ing among the Catskills, and expect
to return on the steamer of October
10; The Rev. Mr. Baker, who has
been making a three months' study
of all the lava (lows on Hawaii since
the one of 1881, will soon be back
and resume his labors as pastor for
the first foreign chut eh. The in
formation which he has picked up
will be of great service to the scien
tific study of volcanic lava Hows, as
he is an accurate and careful in
vestigator. All llilo will welcome back tlje
wnndcrcrs, as our little society has
missed verj' much the departure of
so many from among its small num
ber. Our little town is gradually grow
ing, and although its growth has not
been as great as it would have been
if AYilder had been able to have
pone on with his llilo and Ilamakua
railroad, yet our progress is steady.
Settlers of small means, arc coming
into town and building their little
homes wherever they can secure a
small lot. The lower part of tho
town is pretty closely built up now,
and it is time a lire department was
organized here. Our local Road
Board has done all it could, so far,
towards putting the streets into
good shape, and when the road taxes
come, in, they will be enabled to do
much more. The roads throughout
the district arc in better repair now,
than .they have been for years, and
it is possible for one to ride from
llilo to Laupahoehoe without get
ting off his animal and leading him
through a ditch to get up one of the
gulches. If we cau have a fair ap
propriation for our roads through
the district for tho next few years,
we will be able to drive in a car
riage front town to Ookala.
M CUL.T.Y, .1.
Monday, Sept. 3d.
In probate estate of Mrs. Sarah
Dickson, deceased. Petition of S.
M-. Damon for probate of will of de
ceased, and that letters testament
ary issue to himself. Partly heard
and continued. A. S. Hartwell for
In probate estate of Mokulchua
(w), muktwi of AYaikiki, deceased.
Petition of Mokulchua (w), wife of
Knlaaukapu, of AYaikiki, for pro
bate of will, and that letters testa
mentary issue to her, that AY. A.
AVhiting be, appointed guardian of
Pualoke, the minor. Partly heard
and continued. J. M. Monsarrat
for petitioner.
IinrOHE PltESTON .1.
Ti'esday, Sept. -1th.
Kapahu (w), vs. J. N. C. Gil
man, bill to cancel a sale. Plain
tiff's motion to discontinue, allowed.
A. Rosa for plaintiff, Chas. Creigh
ton for defendant.
Monday, Sopt. .'(.
Olaelac, pleaded guilty of larcny
of clothing from a Chinaman and of
stealing 802 from Mr. Reimen
schneidcr, in the Police Comt, this
morning, and will receive sentence
to-morrow. Peter Davis was fined
S7 for furious riding. Jas. Perkins,
S7 for assault and battery on J.
Thomas, and nine persons, SG apiece
for drunkenness. Dan Davis,
threatening his wife, was remanded
until to-morrow. Chung Chaj, lar
ceny of a pig, and Kooliiiohao, as
sault and battery on a police ollicer,
arc to appear to-morrow for judg
ment. PER S. B. Alatntdii, israeptemher,
Fresh Salmon on ice, Apples,
Sugar Pears, llartlutt Pear, Quinces
Peais, Grapes, Mupcaiollc, Illank Amber,
eto ."Yellow Peaches, Plums, AVhltuheart
Cabbago and Odory. Also Primo
Smoked Hidinoii, Sauerkraut, Pickles,
Pure Olive in ono gallon tins. Call,
foi nia Fruit Market. - JSO !It
Park Beach Hotel,
Opposite Kaplolani Park, Walkiki.
The Finest, - ,
Bathing Place on tlie Island !
Elogaut Itoonis, Gas & Vator in eieh.
Exlonsivo. Grounds, Well Shaded !
The Table Is Mipplitd with tho
best the market allhrd'.
Bowling AJley aitmM !
Full information given to teurlats as
to the bcrt routes of tiavel, for bcenery
anil euriosllies; also current raid for
horse Idio and guides on the otliur
Inlands. Busses mid Currliit'ei will bo
furnished at special rates for excursions.
Uusbes and ISae-ngii Wngonn will meet
every steami i. fSpLolnl rules for pcrmn.
ineiil boinlorp. A Wagonette will the
provided for thu uo of jjuests at special
-ion THIS-
-of oim-
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Handkerchiefs ... .BOcperdoz
8i doz Ladies' unbleached Balbri
gan Hose, silk clockcc and full
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soms and cull's $1
220 doz Gents' full finish Balbrigau
Undershirts, either long or short
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Gents' white cotton Undershirts .
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Hose $2.25 per doz
Our Grand Annual Cash Clothing & Furnishing Sale Commences
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tieru additional insertion,
SHOP. Kear of Lucas Mill.
IT has hoen discovered by the doctors
that Cooked Taro Flour isexccllont
food for weak aud delleiito infants, pre- !
pared as follows: Uni: taulcHpoonful ot
Cooked Taro Flour mixed with 1 pint
of holling milk. When cold feed tho
child with a nurse bottle. It will give
a child now life in a few weeks. US 3w
rfARO MUSH Feed the sick and
X delicate persons on Cooked Taro
Flour Muih, made tldu and prepared
like corn meal In boiling writer, nod
fcrved with milk andsugar. This makes
an elegant mush. US Sw
X very thick in boiling water, then
roll lu wheal Hour and lorm into but..
cult, uen a little butter at bottom of pan,
smear a littlu butter over the top ot Taro
Biscuit, this makes a cheap and excel,
lent Taro Cakes. 85 .iw
Gl RIDDLE CAKE-Tako half rye
T Hour, half Taro Flour, one or two
eggs, little salt, ouu teaspnonfii uf Hoyul
linking Powder to n cupful of each,
hake or fry oa griddle. U5 3,w
TARO MUSH Uo 2 lahlcspooiis.
fnl of the Taro Flour to each per.
sou and mix thin, picparcd like corn
meal in boiling water, servo warm or
cold with milk and sugar. Taro MuhIi
tan stand a day or two if desired. 85 Sw
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uey in all prlvato multirs, and also hi
all estates lu which I am asMunco oi
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Honolulu, Augubt 25, 1888, fyi ?m
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SV '
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