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School Vacation Notice.
The regular Chriulinns vacation of
all public schools in tlio Kingdom,
will extend from PllIDAY, the 21st
of Decombor, to TUESDAY, the 8th
of January, 1889. In future, the
.vacations at Lahainaluna Seminary,
will bo at tho same time as those of
all other Government schools in the
By oulor of the Board of Education.
Education Ofllce, Nov. 21, 1888.
101 3l-l-03 81-w
4 n jTn i
Pledged to neither Sect nor Party,
But established for the benefit of all.
SATURDAY, NOV. 21, 1888.
The Alameda's failuic to arrive
this morning according to expecta
tion was a gieat disappointment' all
round. Everybody was in readiness
at day light, but the steamer, with
tho baseball players, was not on
hand. Business lias been suspended
most of the day about as much as
if the steamer had come. Hope was
entertained by many until the major
part of the forenoon had gone, that
the steamer would yet bo in time
for a baseball exhibition this after
noon. But everybody is "lioka."
It is expected, however, that what
the community had calculated for
to day will be icalised on Monday
The Board of Education has
adopted an expedient which has
been tried and found to work well in
some other countries ; viz. , to allow
clergymen of any denomination the
use of Government school houses
for the purpose of giving religious
instruction to children, after the
regular school hours. The Board
has instructed the School Agents
that they "may ariango with the
clergymen of any religious denomin
ation to allow them the use of the
public school houses after 2 o'clock,
p. ni., for a time not exceeding one
hour once a week for each deno
mination applying, for the religious
instruction of such scholars as may
choose to attend with the consent ot
their parents."
This is a perfectly fair and equal
proposition, giving no one deno
mination the advantage of others,
and allowing all an opportunity to
impress their religious beliefs upon
tho minds of those disposed to le
ceive them. Some objection may
be raised against the shortness of
the time permitted only one hour
in each week to each denomination ;
but probably the Board will not hold
very tenaciously to this point, if it
bo shown that the time is insufli
cient. Tbo Board provides for the entire
youth of the country, of all classes
and creeds, tho rudiments of a secu
lar education teaches them to read,
write, and cipher, and endeavors to
instil into their minds the principles
1 of morality. No form of religion is
included'in the curriculum, for the
good and sulllcicnt reason that in a
community where several religious
beliefs obtain no one of the number
can be acceptable to all, and it is
manifestly unjust to force upon a
child a creed which is obnoxious to
the conscience of the parent. And
yet tho Board docs not interfere with
parents bringing up their children
to any religious belief they may
deem best, but allowB full liberty of
conscienoo, even permitting its
school houses to bo used as schools
of religion out of regular school
hours. This is precisely what iB
done in tho Australian colonics and
some other countiies, and is, in our
opinion, all that tho various religious
denominations can reasonably re
quire. WAJS'TED
AGIKL to tako care of child 4 years
old, Apply at "CottuRC," Dr.
WcGrew's yard. 105 21
ON the premises of
Captain J. II.
Brown, Two Ilorew.
Owner can ' Imvo tho
- same on hoylng for
r-. yzzso
ir r
ib advertisement?, - 100 It
Editok Humxtix : Dr. I. "Wcl
gcrt lias discovered a cure of eon
sumption by inhaling ovei heated
dry air and Dr. L. Halter has simul
taneously proved this thcoiy to bo
true by his experience. ' According
to Dr Koch the tubcicula baeilla
cannot live in a temperature of -II
degrees Celsius, but Dr. Woigert
constructed an appatatus by which
dry air is heated as high as 100 de
grees Celsius.
It is a remarkable fact such im
portant discovery has been made
simultaneously by two doctors, who
had no connection with each other
whatever. This discovery will be a
great blessing to suffciing humanity.
Eihtoii Bulletin: I happened
to get hold of a stray Honolulu
Daily Advertiser the other day, of
Nov. 5th, and in it I found quite a
lengthy editorial against Bossism ia
Hawaii Nei. In one part he says :
"Thus far in our 'history' we in Ha
waii, can hardly bo said to have
ever known what it was to have a
boss." Then again he says, "But
however that may be, and however
the present may differ from the
past, we don't want any boss in Ha
waiian politics.; and wo dont intend
to have any if we can help it."
"What gall 1 Does he not know that
the Islands fioin Hawaii to Niihau
since our little unpleasantness, has
been under boss rule? and how
about the last Legislature! "Was it
not under a complete control of the
bosses? and what a mess they made
of it. Also about the Advertiser.
Is it not under boss rule? How cau
it be otherwise, when unfortunately
for the good of the country it is
owned and controlled by a select
few of the bosses. I give the Ad
vertiser clan timely warning that the
people arc in no mood to be trifled
with a second time. But if thou art
really in for reform, and determin
ed to be honest and consistent in
the future, thou must cut the cord
of tho bosses, that thou art so en
tangled ,vith, and commence on tho
cwa side of Queen street in Hono
lulu, ,Jand quickly too,"' and strike
out boldly and manfully against boss
rule, and for true reform this time.
"For by thy deeds, not words, shalt
3fe be judged in the future."
Don't bother yourselves about us
here we will take care that Hawaii
and the whole country in fact goes
right for ti ue icform next time. I
don't know, but I uin afraid the
"Advertiser' is not sincere in his
harrangue about boss rule, but fears
a change ot bobses. Possibly he
may be sincere, the worst of men
sometimes reform, but we shall see.
, Ai.oiia.
Hnuiakua, Nov. 17th.
Editoh Bulletin: In common
with other lcsidents at the Mraikiki
district I observe with much interest
the progress now being made in the
construction of the tiamway in that
The laying down of the rails is
now completed for a distance of
nearly a mile beyond the turning
near Mr. Jaeger's residence, or,
about three miles from town. Not
bad work when the kinds of labor
and materials at the disposal of the
contractor is considered, but of very
little service so far as cither tho
public, or the tramway pioprictors
arc concerned, until the road on
cither side of the rails is so far com
pleted as to enable the tiam cars to
be used. As they arc at the pre
sent time, and, judging from the
rate of progress made during the
past few months, the oxisting road
is not only a positive nuisance, but
an absolute menace to public safety,
more especially at night time, for
carriage tralllc. In places the rails
staml up 8 or 12 inches from" the
road on either side, making it quite
impossible for a carriage to cross
over, and, since the road in many
places is so narrow, it is a most
hazardous matter to pass vehicles
coming from an opposite direction.
Tho rainy season must now be
close at hand, and I, for one, pro
test most strongly against a system
that will grant a concession to lay
down a lino of lails along a much
used highway, and yet neglect to
use the most ordinary precautions
for making it safe for ordinary traf
fic. If tho Government were not
propaied to put King street in suffi
cient good order to make the road
safe, it would have been better for
all concerned to have deferred the
laying down of the rails until they
By putting on a strong foice of
men tho road might yet be put in a
a decent condition before tho inevi
table rainy weather makes road work
next to impossible, but 1 fear
stronger arguments than my feeble
pen can use, will bo needed to in
duce our much extolled "Reform
Government" to hurry this import
ant woik. Waikiki.
The beet-sugar manufacturers of
Saxony met on Sunday. October
2l8t, and unanimously passed reso
lutions declaring that the Sugar
Bounties Convention wns incompati
ble with their interests, and likely
to injure the Jiect-sugar industry.
Tho Bombay police have discov
ered a secret tralllc in guns, revolv
ers and ammunition, sent fi om Bom
bay in bales of goods to the Afgltnn
frontier tribes. Four Afghans have
hcen convicted and sentenced to two
'years' imprisonment each,
Telepfllc !
San Francisco, Nov. 17. The
Alameda docs not leave to-day on
schedule time. Delayed by tho
English mails. But sho will stay at
Honolulu to give the baseball play
cis an opportunity to play, all the
This telegram, although dated
the 17th inst., did not, for some un
explained reason, reach tho Bulle
tin olllce until this afternoon. It is
in time, however, to set at rest all
A Chinaman Sentenced to be
Hung. '
Tho steamer Lchua which arrived
this noon brought a Chinese, Ahop
alias Ah Hapa, heavily handcuffed,
lie was tried at tho present term of
Court at Waimca, for the murder of
D. Kapahec, the school teacher at
l'una, Hawaii, a short time ago, and
being found guilty was sentenced
to death by Mr. Justice Bickerton.
The prisoner is now in Oahu jail.
The sentence will be carried out
sometime in February.
The sad news of the death of Mrs.
U. S. N. Emerson at about 3 this a.
m., from old ago, was conveyed
across the wires from Waialua,
Oahu. In Mrs. Emerson is taken
away another of those whoso whole
soul was devoted to good woiks.
Tho prime of her life, the pride of
her health and strength and her old
ago was a glad, continuous offering
to her Saviour.
She was born Sept. 27, 180G, at
Nelson, Now Hampshire, U. S. A.
She was married to Kcv. J. S. Em
erson in 1831, and the same year,
with her husband, started with the
reinforcement of missionaiies, of
which Alexander Armstrong, lay
man, liitcncocK, uiarK anil otners
were members, for these Isl
ands. They left New Bedford,
Mass., on Nov. 28, 1831, and arriv
ed in Honolulu May 17, 1832.
The story of their voyage hither,
their privations and haidships after
ai rival, the glorious success of their
endeavors among the natives, arc
all matters which make many pages
in the hibtory of thib nation. Those
who knew Mrs. Emerson could but
lovo and admire her: patient, gen
tle, kind, foigetful of self, ever
ready to assist m times of trouble,
with a firm and unfaltering trust in
God, whoso nromii.es she tested so
well she uulcaicd hetsell to all with
whom she came in contact. She
was the true fiiend of the natives,
helping them in all ways she could,
excusing t.iuir shoi trainings as does
a mother those ol her children.
She will he buiicd lo-monow,
Sunday, the 25th inst., in the ceme
tery at Waialua, beside her beloved
husband who pieceded her in 1800,
and 2 of her ehildicn. She leaves 5
sons: Samuel N. Emeison of Waia
lua, Dr. N. B. Emerson, Pi csident of
the Board of Health ; Dr. Justin E.
Emerson of Detroit, Michigan; J.
fc. Emerson, Civil Engineer; and
Kev. Oliver 1 Emerson of Peace
dales, R. I., U. S. A. ; to mourn her
incalculable loss. They have the
hoarlfelt sympathy of all. Her life
was a glad, gloripus triumph, her
end a sudden and peaceful victory.
The steamer Kuala leaves for
Waialua this evening at 5 o'clock
with a few invited friends.
A singular legacy has recently
been left to the town of Dresden by
Jean do Block, a Court Councilor..
It consists of a collection of boots
formerly belonging to Emperors,
Kings, Queens and celebrated char
acter who have lived in recent
The Steamer 'lehua'
Will fcmil on
Monday, Nov. 26th, at 4 p. m.
For L-ihaina, Manluea, Maltena, Mnhti
kouu aii'l Kawalhuo; returning to Hono
lulu, Saturday morninjr, Dec. iBt.
10) it WILDER'S S. S. Co.
fat Arrivals New Goods
-ur -mi:-
.English Ryo Grass (Seed),
Bed Top Grass,
aroimtiilii White aiolou Heed.
Cantaloupe, Turnip, Carrot,
In fact all kinds of Faim Garden
3Eg"Sr IF'ood. Etc.
The usual assortment of
California Fresh Fruits on Ice,
Island Fruits and Bweet Potatoes
always on hand.
Boiling Fat.
Call and seo them going for ther dally
torn In tho poultry yard adjoin.
lug tho Fruit Market.
taut'tml Tolojiliono, 78.
tar Ordori from tho other Islands
promptly tilled. Address;
IOC lm Cor. King & Ahilcca sts.
Auction Sales by James F. Morgan.
On WEDNESDAY, Nov. 28, '88,
AT lO O'CLOCK A. 31..
I will sell at Public Auction, n Largo
anil Varied
Assortment of Fmicy Cloths
Black Diagonals, Blue Serges,
Fancy Trouserings,
Lawn Tennis Cloths,
Twilled Worsted,
And a Pino Asboi Uncut of
Single Suit
Parst Patterns,
Now Patterns antl Styles.
Just the tiling for Christians
aud New Year Sails.
CSTGoods on view Tuesday, Novum,
bcr 27th.
Romomber that all tho Suit Pieces
must bo Sold at Any Price.
10i 4t ' Auctioneer.
UMTJtU i-TAII.S Lh1,'110X
Honolulu, li. I , .Nov. .;.!, 1 -as.
HPHE President ol tin- Lulled Stubs
X of Amorttsi hivnij; Ue-Igniilid
TllUlteim , Hie .U'h iutl., ua a (lay ot
Thanksgiving untl Piujei witli tiiccom.
nu'mlniiun ihnt it be observed by the
people in returning thnnks to (Jod lor
the enntintixnce ot His i'lotecllon und
Buumeous ilk'soiugs
heit-foiu, I invito nil American till
zens sojourning on these1 Islands to
nviko an observance of THURSDAY,
the 29th inst , us a day ot 'I huiiksgiviujj
and Piaiso in harmony with the people
ot tho Uuited Suite
Services vv ill be held at Ccntial Union
Chuii.h and M. Andrew'.-, Catludril duo
uotleu of whirli v ill be .lvon mid a
gcnciul iuvil.uiim it. eviended M liu
publii; to p.ulicipilc ihfiun. 105 tf
TIIIj undcrsignul lming been dulv
iippniniLd ndmiuiH'iiii"! o' ibe
Estate ot Manuel Vici-i.lo Jr., laic of
Mukawtui, deci'iictd, notice is hen by
given U : 11 pi'i-ons to pie-sun I tlu-ir
cUims ag ihiM the ist.Ue- ol mill Minuet
Vicimie, .li., duly authentic ilul, vvliithei
second by morig.igu oi olhoiwisv, to
the undttoicnud ai tlmoillcol'll Back
feld & Co., Honolulu, w iiliin i mm tli'i
fiom the dale hereof, r ihu.v will be
forever bin ltd; und all pi rsons" inch b-ed
to mid e'tiiU' :ue hi-ionj icqneste.) to
make immeiliatu lmvmiiil.
Adiiriuixtin'orot the Ki-Utu of Manuel
Vlcoi lo, Jr., drunfpd.
Ho olul i, Ni v. 21, '8:K 103 -Stcmv
For Salc-
--Valuable) Taro
Li in id.
LAND off Lilih-i sired, ill.
rtolly in-the u-irof.l.
n Black iii il Cnik piuniM-4,
consisting ol liui'ilin lot and
three larjje taro p in In, an a
aliout 1 Jf ucr(". Thoie is u le.uo upon
this l.uul which lias lime yenic more U
niu, at an annual rent 1 of $ 00, pa.a
hie teiiii.auniially in tidvHueu on the 1st
day of July and Jdiinaij. Li'M,eoj pin
taxes and at r nit.-i. This piope t
was formed owned by K'dini K ..u.
Viucynrd sreit v ui 'o li i.ilp will,
after croihlng Lilllia ittyii. nn lo u
Ihe makai fiitic ot tlii- jinie-iv liv.iiu
it a fiontaiio on ti.u btreut. This jiro
l.crty i now leacliod by a lune liiriiiing
from the Eva hide ot Lilllia ttnet.
Tlllo perfect. For fiuthpr piiiticiiluis
enquiieof J. 5L MONSAIIKAT.
Norwegian Citizenship,
Honolulu, Nov. 22, 1868. y
EXTRACT from Norwegian Law,
laling to Norwegian titate-citlz
ship dated April U1,1HB8:
Any Norwegian state citicn hiulng
left Norway, and lmv ng the rights of a
Norwegian bom state oiti.en fii virtue
of l2 of tho Constitution, may retain
Ids rights as a Norwculan stiue.eitl.en
by making a declaration of his inten
tion to remain as such, bcfoio Ihe local
Norwegian Consul prevlots loApiil21.
If 8 3, or within ono ycat after his depar
ture from Norway.
This deehuatlon shall be valid for tho
space of ten years, within thoexpinv.
tlon of vhlcli term it may Lo renewed
for u t-i mllur period.
In all catcs In which Fitch right Is re.
tallied, if applies likewise t') thu wife
and to his or lier ohildiun uiulei ago,
who rcsido with their pureui, or aro
educated and provided for by them.
Any Noi vM'glau iiot complying1 willi
the abovo verbally or in writing, will
loso his state citizenship.
101 lw Connul.
Scrub Exterminator !
X specific recently dltcovored and
patited, which will most Completely
Destioy all Noxious Weeds or Scrub to
which it may bo applied, and will not
injure the fertility of tho ground nor
prevent oithor vegetables oi seeds of
any kind from growing immediately
after eradicating tho weeds or scrub.
Its extensive use in other parts of the
world has been attended with great sue
cess, and It is certain to nrovo of great
value to tho luud ovtneisof thesolslaufls
whose propei ty Is Infested by luutana or
other scrub or weed.
Tho manner of using tho "SCRUB EX
TERMINATOR" is very simple, being
merely to sprinkle it over tho leaves or
apply it to tho stumps in liquid form,
Tho first shipment of this preparation
being small, early application for a
supply Is necessary.
Sale of Glottis
Auction Sales by Lewis J, Lovey,
iliilT !
Under instiuolion from the Hon. II.
Wklotnniin. 1 will ollor for sale
at Public Auction, at
my Sili'sroom,
On Monday, Nov. 26,
If not provlously disposed of at prl.
vnto tale, that certain pro
perty known as
"THE PAU LANDS," Waikiki,
Comprising i!7 -10-100 Acres, more or Ices
in Flo Simple. About 12 Acres of the
above aro set out In Fish Ponds nud nro
plcntifylly stocke-d with Mullet, Awa
and Caip, which aro now ready for
market. Of the remaining Li nils about
8 Acre a-e planted with Manlcnio Grats
from which a oiops nro harvested an.
nuiilly, j lolding upon an average flO tons
per year. Tho place i3 well provided
with Mowing Machine?, Ihiy Presses
wagon, etc, nnu oveniiung mat nn
pcilainstou well equipped faun; there is
A One-Story Frame Building,
Upoo tho premises (nearly new , con.
taiiiing 3 Rooms with nil conveniences,
and at present occupied as aniimageis
residence. In addition to the nlmvo
there i-t a Lcnseliold of about 1 83-100
Acri", with Buildings thereon, in the
rear and iuum diatelv adjoining the pro.
perty. which is nl present well stocked
wlili Pigs and Poultry, for which pur
pose it i'i peculiarly adapted.
On account of Its nmrhess nnd easy
acrc-s to Honolulu, and the early com.
pletion of tho Tramways to Waikiki,
this pi opei ty offers unusual inducements
to paitits wishing a safe and piofltuble
Tilde are numcious Ont-IJulMtngs on
the pictures.
ZSf For further particulars apply to
F. YV. Maofarlane, or to
rSvv td.101 lw-d Auctioned.
rpiIIS is to ur ify that te Large aud
JL Commodious Dining Booms of the
Cosmopolitan? Restaurant
Will lo f-iioitly cMni-hoh iiHero-',
hrely g' eater foivi-nt !e- unl com.
fort will 1)0 ailonlcil to I'.uicns, while
Ibo tol les will lie rupplitd wiiii cvi'iy
hiMiij obtainable nt tin. in.fl ot, to
ircihti with, Ihe vcrv le-t of I'e is and
Oolite. 2-f Tirm, fi pn -vivl.
irx 11 KK
88 2-v l'ioi!sr'oi.
Christmas & New Year Cards,
' 5 S.W .
For 30 Days. For SO Days.
j i:
Mis3 Chlllburg will hold a Clearing Sale
for P0 days to make loom for
Hew Holiday Goods
To arrive shortly.
Ladies' $20 Hat will be sold... for $8 00
" 15 " " " ..." 0 00
" 10 " " " ... " 5 00
" 5 " " " ... " 2 no
re. $12 Ostrich Tlunics " ..." 7 00
;cn. -ITips " " ... " 1 50
At Half Price.
The above llati aro all New and of the
Latest Blyles, and Trimmed with
the very .best materials.
I'nrt t-treet lm
Just received a small consignment of
Choice French Clarets,
From tho well. known firms of Dubos
r'rercs, and l.anusse & 1'tincol,
Bordeaux, Franco:
IBfetloo Monopolo,
GJmtcuei Xjiiroso,
Clmtcnn JUuovllle,
1 Inert Itrlon,
Gliutuivu Xiailto,
Also, from tho collars of Ilomuns & Co.,
London :
Koch Fils Champagne, 1880;
(In Quarts & Magnums)
Clinmbot-tln, 1KU4:
Cliiuuliertln, 1B71;
Chateau It'Vaueiii, 1H5H;
Dry Cm-uruii, H Veui-M Old:
Vliuteuu Inrcuux, 1H77;
Grande Fine Champagne Brandy, 1811,
tfTho abovo comprises tho Choicest
lliands of Wines and Llquois cvorlm.
ported to this market.
-von hali: iiv-
IF! !
L-mps, Chandeliers $; Lanterns,
At Lower Pi lees than ever before. New inuilco of
-Jim Hcoeived-
IVovclLiCM anel ITuncy Goodw, T JCurjjo Vurloty.
See B.F.Ehlers&Co.'s Stock
Toys &C iOollraJ,
And a few Choice Carved Ornaments.
In future, Mrs. E. Small
Cutting and
osU'VEit x-'oxt s-viie;
18 & 30 Chambers
Which have pi over) a great mirnsii ill Hill, i Sugar C ,Lihite, ITanamnulu, Kekalm,
AVkhnc.i, K iiot I ul alra I iiupiii t-lio1, no, (to., nml which r
Hie piowrtol i li the litest Improvement'.
U'iltei Olotili
H. HACKFELD & CO., Agenjs.
S3 lm
On kmim of mtmnl
Plush Sets, Ladies' Work Baskets,
In Plush & Leather; Disciue, GIusb it I'm inn AVnio, Opora &
MlllillO GlllBbCS, ToleECopcH,
BJCusie Boxes, rJS?oy w, JBoolcw, -A.lliims9
Anil other things too numerous to mention. All tho above
Goodu will ho oU'oied lit the
'Tho nbovo GooiIh mo New,
been impoi led ex iceoiit arrivals ami
001 lOO ITort Sti'eot, Honolulu.
will bo prepared lo do
18 & 30 Chambers
lor tlxo same.
Ficth nnd of tho Latef-t Desien. havini?
weio belecteil oxiucbsly for tho trnele.
f- a f.t', .,

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