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. VrTi T t? HUUor nal,i' Hepo" Dear '"-
HI I II t 1 it jK U H iU t U "ftTln Jml returnctl to the city my
Ai? iSl l attention km culled to the editorial
Kdltor nally lleport Dear Sir-
I.... i ..; --
Vfrffrt ft)
JJtit etttiMiiirrt f"
Snt nf- JMrty,
tkc itHlftt of alt.
Two .wars ago next June, lluwail
witnessed a bloodless i evolution,
brought about by this eo-oneiation
of nil well disposed citizens who hail
had enough of "one innn power"
Hundreds of our foreign eitizen.
"curried i lnutltet" and other
gave substantial aid to tlio cause. A
sweeping ami uulienl clmngo in our
Government was tlic outi-oino of the
revolution; and if it had not been
for the decision of tlio Supicmo
Court on the eto question, which in
our humble mind wo bellcvo to be
erroneous, we, to-day, would hnvo
had a Government, entirely under the
uontiol of the people, lint wo are
not proposing to-day to speak of the
Government, but of those who
should be the llrm supporters of the
new Government. It would seem
as though among those who helped
to carry out the Iteform, there ought
to bo a ti'elinir of unitv, but from
what wo hear it is far otherwise.
There is a "higo many" who would
would like to hold olliee under the
Government, and who, bceaitbo they
do not, without thinking of the con
sequence', go against and utterly
condemn those who were appointed
to olllec.
Now we all will have to admit that
no man or body of men are perfect
and will always do thu right thing at
tlio light lime, or in the best man
ner. Hut would you do any better?
Are you, O Howler, sine that if you
wete in Minister So-and-so' place,
you would not commit any mistakes
or at least not a many as he has
done? You see now fiom a differ
ent standpoint, as critic, than he did
as boss. We must tecollect that,
to fail in doing the best thing at the
best time, is no sign that one is a
scoundrel, or even not lltlcd to (ill
the position he occupies.
That the present Ministry are per
fect, no reasonable man will claim.
Yv"e do think that in all things they
have done what was best, For in
stance, we do not believe that it was
the best to keep notoriously in the
Interior and Finance Departments,
persons of known niili-Hoform feel
ings; persons who weie against the
present Government in everything
except that of drawing fat salaries.
We believe, that however well such
persons might be able to carry on
tho duties of their olllce, it was not
the part of justice, to those in the
1 auks of the lielorm who were
equally as capable to keep them in
olllec. Still it has been done.
Yet perhaps we, who are on the
outside, do not know all the reasons
why it has been done. l'orhnps if
we had been the Minister, wc might
have done the same or even worse.
The question is light here. T5y
continuallyhowling and crying dow n
the Government, arc wc not weaken
ing our own side? Do wc not on
daitgeY the whole movement by rais
ing now ibsues that will allow our
enemies to carry the next election
and thiow the whole power into the
hands of the King, which willMircly
be the case if we split now.
"Wo do not believe that we must
give up all our right of thinking or
spuaking on matters that wc believe
to be impolitic, or detrimental to the
public ood. No! in every way let
us Jlght for purity and honesty in
our Government. But do not let us
in so doing endanger all wc have
gained. Let us btill bung a united
lace against anything that looks like
the old spendthrift ways of our Gov
ernment. Yv"licn called in to send men to
our next Legislature, let them be
men who will not be led by the Gov
ernment, only as they lead for the
best interest of our people ; neither
men who will blindly bow down to
those, holding the greater amount
of tho "Almighty Dollar;" but only
Hiich men who have the greatest
good of the people at hc.irt. So let
us quit "howling and act." rihlo
articles and coircspondence on the
subject of electric roads that have
recently appeared in the columns of
yourpapct. As discussion on this
subject has been openea. i. a me j
representative of one of the leading
electric railway and motor compa
nies of the world, would like to say
a few words as to the progress of
this new industry.
Our people shouUl not uo allow eu
to think that all pioneer In this Held
have been unfortunate. The Spraguc
Klectnc Hallway & Motor Company
of New Yotk alone has on its list
between thirty and loity contracts
lor equipments, about half of them
being completed, and the loads are
running successfully, and not ono
has been unsuccessful
The first equipment was complet
ed about a year ago ; this was tho
road at Richmond, Va., of which
the Construction Committee said in
a letter to Mr. Johnson, l'tcnidentof
the Sprngue Company :
"Tho load which you have equip
ped under the most trying condi
tions has been one of the most dilll
cult, if not the most dilllcult, which
could be met with in street railway,
work The immediate llnau
cial success of the road has been
unquestionably due in a large mea
sure to the economy developed in
tho operation of your system, as
compared with any other method of
streetcar propulsion. " Wc
are already contemplating an in
crease of equipment, and hope be
fore the close of this year to have at
least seventy of your cars in opera
tion." On the show inn made at Rich
mond, Mr. Henry M. Whitney, Pre
sident of the West End system of
Boston, halted in his preparations
for equipping one of the branches
of that immense system with cables,
and changed to electi icily, which is
now in operation tlicie. He says of
the Spraguc system in his remaiks
when applying for a franchise:
"It is a success in all respects."
And it would seem that this opinion
is amply sustained by the rapidity
with which contracts have been
given this company by companies
which have investigated the system.
The most recent indorsement is in
the shape of a contract fiom the
1'cniiHjlvania Railroad Company for
the equipment of its system of slicet
roads in Atlantic City, N. .J. This
contract was given after an investi
gation extending over live months,
conducted by the best mechanical
and electrical experts at the com
mand of this powerful corporation,
and was due to the demonstiated
icliability and economy of loads al
ready in operation.
be degenerated by otne rimr
1 Marled in lht article to defend
electricity a applied to rHj.
but it seems not out of place to refer
to it success as is (lotnonatriited in
the mines at Aspen. Colorado, and
elsewhere. Of the Aspen inoton,
M. James 11. Devereux of Apen, in
a letter addressed to me, says:
"Our first electric hoiM wm started
by thu Aspen Mining and Smelting
Company on July 2Cth and has been
run six days a week ever since,
ithout any breakage of any kind.
The second was started October
22d, at the Regent mine, two miles
away from the dynamo. This hoist
has been run continuously ever
"These hoists are an ordinary
paper friction hoist, and so far have
done the work to the satlsraciton oi
all paities, and I think have been
running long enough so that wc may
now claim a complete success."
These mines have atlracted visit
ors from various parts of the world,
and we are Justly proud of the ie-
Among other victories iu the en
gineering Held 1 may cite the appli
cation at Altooua, i'a., at the prin
cipal works of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company.
Hoping that I have not dwelt at
too gieat length on the "coming
power," I am, respectfully yours,
Josr.i'ii L. Jaant,.
!$S28 Montgomery street, City.
11 C ft. B;fcoi and rthtf
trust -e . ?. Kal et al. Ejectment
K repliant tram January term. )'
N iiimnn and J. I.. Kaiilnku fur
plaintiff, apnellanl- , Cha-. I rrijjli
ton and S. K. Kane lor defrndaftt.
Autfefl lain fty im I Iirfii.
Two-Room Collage I
As to economy of running, 1 will
Last evening a reception was held
at the residence of Hon. Chas. R.
Bishop, iu honor of Hon. Klisha II.
Allen, Hawaiian Consul-General at
New Yoik, and Mrs. Allen. (Julio
a number of invited guests were
present and a very pleasant evening
was spent by all. The Royal Ha
waiian Band was stationed iu Iho
grounds and played appropriate se
lections of music. Mr. and Mis.
Allen return to New York on tho
Australia and their many fiiends in
this city will wish them a very pleas
ant trip and safe icturn home.
Last crcning the adjoin ncd an
nual meeting of the Honolulu Yacht
and Boat Club wiih held at the boat
house. II r. Cuil AVirtemunn was
elected Secretin y and Treasurer, in
plaro of Mr. 1'.. I. Spalding, rc
Hlguud, With this exception tlio
old olIlcerH wem all rc-clcclcd for
the ensiling year. Mr. C'Iiiib, R.
Crozler was appointed Captain of
club, The condition of the-club
wuh discussed, and a committee was
appointed to consider whether it
would bo advisable to move the loca
tion of thu club to l'carl Hnibor,
call attention to a iepoi-1 of the net
earning of the road at Ilarrisburg,
l'a., for thu month of September,
which is at the rate of :50 per cent,
ner annum of thu capital slock.
Some of these roads have recently
Htood some of the most severe tests
that the elements could produce,
such as violent snow and wind
As to danger, I will refer to a re
port made by the Senate Committee
for the Distiict of Columbia to that
body. It blates that currents of
electricity of 100 and flOO volts po
tential are not dangerous, that the
testimony on that point is over
whelming and conclusive, and ro
cominer.ds that a franchise be given
for an electric load.
Thib system is used on some of
the most important thoroughfares in
various cities, as on Beacon st., Bos
ton, Kuclid avenue,Clevcland, and iu
Cincinnati and other large cities,
and is giving great satisfaction to
tlio citizens and is of great impor
tance in increasing the value of ical
estate, as in St. Joseph, Mo,, where
eight cars have carried as many as
ten or twelve thousand passengers
per day during fair week. Accoul
ing to the Secretary of the road in
St. Joseph, the earn urn at eight,
ten and twelve miles per hour, ac
coiding to the part of the road and
section of tlio city or suburbs the
cats are in at the time. Even
greater speed can lie obtained.
I have written the above with the
hope that you will publish it iu or
der to let your readers know that
electricity is propelling cars every
day without any hitch whatever,
and with far less outlay and with a
great deal less expense for mainten
ance than is the case with cable sys
tems ; and being under far better
control, iib a car with Mr. Spraguc's
flexible attachment can be ieverhcd
in a fraction of its length, even when
going at a rapid rate.
J hope thai this will induce the
leaders of your paper to investigate
the subject, and iu tbbi way over
come whatever prejudice may exist
in the minds of those who arc not
familiar with the remarkable pi o
gress of the year 1888 In this now
Of the ono hundred and thirty
dlffeienl classes of industries for
which this company lias supplied
motors, it may be said that street
railways and mining presented the
mo3l dilllcult problems, hut both
have been accomplished iu enough
cases to establish beyond a doubt
that electric transmission of power
for locomotion as well as stationary
work now holds as secure a plucc iu
the arts as do the steam engine, the
water wheel and the cable, with a
groat many advantages in fnwir of
electricity in direct application, not
witliBtandlng tho fact tlmt It must
Viscount Mori, Minister of Kdu
calion for Japan, died on Fell. I'J,
at Yokohama, fiomu wound leceiv
ed on the picious day at the hand
of an assassin. Tlio Japan Ga.ettc
says: "lvarly on Monday morning
Ni'shino Bunjiro visited the Vis
count's lesidence and requested to
see the Viscount. At llrst ho refus
ed to explain his reasons for desir
ing an interview, but dually stated
that his object was of vital impor
tance, iu fact, to inform His Excel
lency of an assault which some of
tlio discontented students of tlio Uni
versity intended to make on him
while on his way to the palace to
attend the Declaration. This mes
sage was conveyed to Viscount Mori
by his private secretary, and the
Minister lor Education while treat
ing it lightly icmaikcd to his Secre
tary that he might question the man
fin ther. While the Secretary was
doing this tlio Vi-counl came down
stairs dressed lor the ceremony at
the palace. The assassin advanced
towards him and after commencing
to tell his story plunged a knife in
the Viseount's abdomen. Nihhiuo
was at once cut down and killed by
one of the guaids. From a docu
ment found on his body it appeals
that he entci tained a desii e to punish
tlio Minister lor enteiing Tse Tem
ple without removing his shoes. In
consequence of the festivities at To
kyo medi cal aid was not at once
called to the Viscount who when
professional assistance at rived had
tainted away. By Ibis act of fan
atic vengeance, Japan has lost one
of its most promising statesman and
the sad event will lie the ono great
lamentable featuie of Feb. lllh.
Following is the calendar of banco
cases lor the special term of Su
preme Com I, commencing Monday,
March 11, 188!), at 10 a. m.
1. (.'. Along vs. Kale, icfusing
contract service. Appeal from Po
lice Couit ot Honolulu. J. A. Ma-
goon for plaintiff; J. II. Baienaba
for defendant, appellant.
'. The King vs. Yok Lan, unlaw
ful possession of opium. Exceptions
from January teim. J. A. Magoon
for defendant,
3. The Un Wo Sang Co. vs. T.
Alo ct id. Bill in equity to declare
a trust. Appeal from an order of
Chancellor Judd overruling plea in
bar. A. S. Ilartwell for plaintiff;
C. L. Carter for defendant, appel
i. Mrs. U, Sherman vb. Fred.
Hat mon, administrator estate of
Samuel Harrison, deceased, assump
sit. Exceptions fiom decision of
Bickerton J. in favor of plaintiff. A.
S. Ilartwell for plaintiff, C. Hi own
for defendant, appellant.
fi. The King vs. Naoiwi, larceny.
Appeal f loin l'leslon J., sitting as
appellate Com I in Chambers lo hear
appeal from District Com to! Waia
lua. C. Biown for defendant, appellant.
I). Robeit Ilalstcad vs. James
Gay, tiespass. Appeal fiom Preston
J., silling as appellate Court iu
Chambers to lieai appeal from Police
Couit of Honolulu. W. R. Castle
for plaintiff; A. S. Ilartwell for de
fendant, appellant.
7. J. K. Nahnle and 71 others
s. Chas. KaiaiKi. Bill in equity to
declare and execute a trust. Ap
peal from decree of McCully J.,
dismissing the bill. W. C. Achi
and Chas. Cieighton lor plaintiff
appellants, C. Bi.own for defendant.
8. L. B. Kerr vs. J. S. Mai tin.
Hearing upon a writ of error, aris
ing out of the trespass suit entitled
Mai tin vs. Ken, A. S. Harlwell for
plaintiff in error; Ashford & Ash
ford foi defendant iu error.
!). ' S. Kailaa vs. S, M. Kaaultai
ct al. Bill iu equity to cancel deeds,
Appeal fromdecrec.of McCully J. in
fa or of plaintiff. S. K, Kane and
Chas Crcighton for plaintiff; J. M.
i'oepoo lor defendant, appellant.
JO. John P. I'm Iter vs. A. J.
Cartwilght, trustee, and others,
Bill in equity to cancel lease. Ap
peal fiom decree of Dole J. in favor
of plaintilfs. A. S. Ilartwell for
plaintiffs j C. Brown and W. 0,
Smith for defendant, appellants.
AVhile MMtottiftMv mited diet It
the best for man, there ' a mistaken j
notion, which prevail to a great ex- j
tent. Hint meat should larfMy enter
into the ame. Ai a consequence,
much more is eaten than i needed
or can properly disposed ol in the
system. Never eat meat ofuoer
than once a day, and very sparingly
in summer. .Men of sedentary
habits might with safety for several
days at a time during that season
live on vegetables, fmita, milk,
breadstuff and food of like charac
ter, which aic of eay digestion.
For those who have good reason to
believe that their "kidneys aro
weak," a diet laigely made up of
meat is ill-advised. Those organs
aio intimately concerned in its dis
posal lu the system, and hence aio
over-tasked if it is taken in too
gieata quantity. There are very
tew peoplu who are not fond ol
watermelons. It is rightly assumed
that undor proper conditions they
me healthy." They should not,
however, be eaten after a hearty
meal, for then they tend to retard
Some drink too freely of water,
especially dining the heated term.
There is, however, a class hugely
made up of women who do not at
any timo drink bulllcicntly of that
eminent essential to health. As a
rule, they suffer fiom constipation.
Everyone ought to drink about two
quarts of wnter daily to meet tho
needs of the system. "Water is
fattening" is an expression of some
truth. Very Ueshy people aic pio
vorblally thirstj, and when they at
tempt a reduction in weight, lo
lessen as much as possible tho quan
tity of lluids habitually taken is one
of the recognised nilos of liealmenl.
But a i 'mid adherence lo it is dan
gerous for many, if not all. Unkss
advised by physicians lo do dilfei
enlly, they should drink all ihey
ora'e, within teasou, cxeepiing dur
ing the hour befoie and alter meals.
With the food only the smallest
quantity of lluids possible is allow
able. Much has been wiitten for
and against ite water. Jt is not
only agreeable and refreshing, but
harmless when used in moderation.
In eeitain lorms of dyspepsia chat
acteiised by tlaliilence bloating as
il ispioperly called very cold water
acts as an ngiceablc tonic, and
quickens gastiiu and intestinal act
ivity in many eases il taken when
the stomach is comparatively empty.
11 taken on a full stomach, it, as a
nile, intcnsilles the tumble. Over
indulgence is always hai infill, and
il is especially so at meal-times.
For a lobust person iu hot weather
to reduce one-half the quantity of
food he is habituated lo eating
would be a most salutary custom,
for he would then not only Miller in
finitely less from the heal, bill be
sliongcr and more active, both men
tally and physically. Those espe
cially who are wedded lo their "ap
petisers" would do well to fotego
thorn, al leasi till cooler weather
comes, and leave nature, uninflu
enced by the seductive lockluil, to
direct the quantity of lood neces
sary for the body's suppoil.
Nearly all use black, but few red
pepper on their food. Jl cannot be
generally known lliat the latter is
a lemcdy of no little value in certain
cases of digestive trouble, especially
those in which the liver ih involved,
and acts sluggishly. Old ladies'
whims cannot always be laughed
down. Here is one which a lew
dyspeptics can testify to be bound.
Take before meals a pinch of red
pepper in half a glass of milk. Some
have cured themselves hy tins sim
ple treatment. There aie, of course,
certain forms of dyspepsia in which
it will be ill-advised. In just what
cases il is needed, each sufferer
from the trouble must deteimine for
himself, unless he is under the caie
of a physician. One might safely
try it for a Jew days, and then aban
don il if no beuellt results.
That berries am healthy food can
iu truth be said, and yet some kinds
should be denied people who have
certain forms of digestive disturb
ance. Blackberries, for Instance,
which contain small seeds, to some
extent irritate the intestinal canal.
It is iu that way that they arc use
ful in constipation; they stimulate
and quicken activity of the bowels,
But if the stomach and bowels are
what is geneially termed weak, then
lu such a case they are likely to do
harm. Very young childien should,
of course bo denied them. Boston
AT At'C-Ttor.
On RuhtrUny, Mitrnh 01 h,
.vi' ue e't'i.oMt woo.v.
On the premw-, i- tnn T faack'-owt
ami Bfrnmi, trnt-, 1 will mII at
1'nblle Am U n
2-Room Cottage
WUli iMtilexl Vtmadi, Formerly uccu.
pte I i-y I)r tMo n an office. The Ct
Uk is mw ntid In ieri-t urdtr nmI li
palnlrd 'hioiigliiml. I ittiva Ublng lo
p.mtne lite Collage can Uo to on appli
ciiimi lo Mr. U. V. lUtt.
Leilehua Ranch
For Sale At Auction.
,All(&on,ds at, rwtl4W
Remnants in JI &W&iM$&
1 0 '
Juat ItevtMml l'r h Lot of
17 it iv
' ."f '
k I If r II
1J o lit i ol Un Tru U-i-of Ills Mnjeslj'
l.stiiio, I will mII ul Public Auction
OnTUESDAY, March 12, 1889,
AT II! iri'l.OCIi MIO.V,
At m -iK loom, Qiiri'ii Mint, Unit
du'iriblc piop uy l.nown in
The Leilehua Ranch
Sllit.lt don Uif 1-latul of Oiiliu. Tho
Km i li t ouipil-i's about '0,003 acres of
huiil, iiomI In Id In long has'. s from
tlu' Ct niniisloucis of Uitiwn liiinili., us
Land of Waianae Uka I
Ooiiiiiiuini! 11,101 Aires.
Pail of this land enlleil NANAKUM,
i"in tit tin i-K H.000 ai'ios, Is muil hi tut.
teiiliiK piulilueU tMpallu of fclip;t.i ting
1 1 1'in (wo in vu innn oi ciniie. in ton
luuiiou wlili and ivljoiniiif! Wnlantu'
I' I. a inn die l.-uuls of AVaikakaiiiuu,
fit (I lien s; Kalonii, 100 tieus ami I'ou.
li I ', sli) ueiit. lu-idiM ihi'sti IniuU tho
) lain I.ciim's Ah- mill a pint ol Kaliiuuo
hi Hun. 'I In- Cililt', I'liinpilbu fiom
12,500 to 3,000 Head !
lli.mileil X, about 700 of thie are at
thu fattening paddock at Xauakull.
Anions tho i null' iho u number f srood
wi'll-bi-i'il Mull-.
'Iho Haueh owns L'lt Wink lloi-es and
Colts ami -J Mules. Also, iMKCans,
Yokes, eli;.
Thu ISaiieh Is conveniently divided
into pnihhickh, 'J lnmo ones being near
the Jdnicli house nuil I al YValkiiknliiiii;
aho, II huts ol Double l'cns.
The Itiineh is iiemly nil feaeeil, hav
ing 1 miles of fencing. Tlio Dwell
ings; compiise,
Ranch House & Dwelling House
Our $2.oO J'lirnuolN 1'or 81,3i,
Our $:,50 lnrHH(?ls lor $3.00,
Our Sl.r) PnruBijlf) W $j7F,
Our $fl,G0 yn'rixtuflutfy );
fcar-ONIB VX3133T3: 0srJVJV
Similar Reductions in Ladjcs' flats, ?niWd5Jtefd,s;
Then Fi'iK fo pari'mo for 08 fig ujy
lion Water
Willi Stables
Tiuilw. etc.
A inn Hon of the land at ICwa Is plant
ed with taio.
The close luoxlmltv of this Kstale to
Honolulu, h giiher with thu liiie. niuii
of I a-tiiinge and Hie amount ol Stock,
lender tlilsouu of the most di'Biiahle in
M'stuieuts offeieil for Mile.
Tor further partleiilais of leases,
lenih, apply to A. !. Caitwilj;ht, or
17 til Aiiciinneer.
Household Furniture
iM vmvv wniv,iyr. ppr&)i,ui,fi,
American & Eurppssn Prup&tajSBb
Perfumery and Tojfet &$)&& J
Agents for I'. I.irilhuil & C'o.V Tobnccort, it y, a. J;;nb,;iJJ ())),i
Tobacco and Cigp,yeJ$e,
AenUud VVairr Wqvlw - - ' - 7J lliI m.rnp.1,.
' '- - ' ' J T-T
Wuduusilsiy, IMarch 1!J,
AT 10 O'CLOCK A. .11..
M tin- ifHidtncc nl Mi. W, H, Lnwreiicr.
Ilinuhiiin mi et, in joining the residenet
ol Mi. U. II. ltohcitbon, J will Hell i,t
I'ublii: Auction
The Ifntiro Househ'd Furniture,
llll.pi lr-tllg ill JIHlU
One Upholstered Parlor Set 1
J'lmni d Center Tiiblc,
Dieoiiiiol 11 inirlnp lunps,
(y'lii-litbiM nuil t'oinicL'H,
B. W. Marblelop Bcflroom Sot,
Mnitriitsie, MokmiIio Nh'h,
1 Klnti'iico Hi wing Mi.cIiIih1,
Iron Ikilxii'iidK,
It. W. .tliirhleiop Sltlchoiird,
Kxtunlon Dining 'CiMd,
Crockery uinl Oiasbwuru,
Olio Uncle Sam Range and Utensils,
Meal Safe, Harden Hobi' & Too!,
AIho, One Carrinyc lUn'fm,
1 (ii'iiib.Stihllc, 1 KldoHiuItllc,
1 Open Bmny, 1 Sot Single Harness,
Kto, I'.te., Iltc, Kto,
Nl'"' I llll Of
Lamp3, Chandeliers 5 rlimtyB
At Lower J'riws limn imr hafnrH' W;w luvo) nf
-Jiim llpw-jyid-
,il..r.!l?KU P
IU) it HAI-I3
CTTThc I'liiiiiliou 'J'niiwnrA will (iiltu
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I', C. .Ioiil'h. Auditor
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T. II. Fr bier, 0, W. Wilenx, W. l, (Jod,
Irey iind .1. Kna.
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Hcerotiiry I. I, H. K, Co,
Honolulu, March 0, m, 101 HI
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