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(Continued from page 2.) v
Dr. 0. Horbort's c; m Darling, G vrs
Ivanhoe Stablca'b m Miss Fournier,
.Tyis 4
Ah Mi's bl g Jack, aged 5
Ivanhoe Stables' pinto j; Billy,-5yra G
When the flag fell liana Girl, rill
den by Cal Leonard,' took' the lead
and never being beadedfwon easily'
by a length and .a half. Time 68 sec
onds. '
9-Waih90 Porso $50.
Trolling Rirc, 'n harnrss, 1 mile
heats, best 2 tn 3, free to nil.
H. G. Tread way's b g Sleepy Sam,
12 1
J. H. Stelling's b m Lottie C ,
Wiiikunu Stables' 8 c Dick.. .
null Stulilna' B rr llinlf H II
Time3:14, 3:2G, 8:08$
....... .nU.w w B. .V.U.. .. W w
First heat Sleepy Sam, well driv
en by Mr. Tread way, held tho lead
throughout, passing under the wire
an easy winner.
Second heat Sleepy Sam again
took the lead at the word go, and
held it until about 200 yards from
the wire, where Lottie C passed him
and finished Grst. Dick, who was"
driven by J. Avery, pulled up after
going half a mile.. ,
Third heat The Judges allowed
Dick to run in this heat and H. J.
Agnew to drive him. Sleepy Sam
held first position throughout,, beat
ing Dick easily by two lengths.
10 Novolty Bace Purse $60.
ltumiini; Kuci-, 1 mile du?h, for fin.
W!il:in bred Uurttcs, ls-t quarter, Sad
quiirterSrd quarter, 4h quarter.
Ivanhoe Stables' a g Jerrv, aged,
120 lbs Bell 1
Wikapu Stables' gr h Troubadour,
2 yrn. 75 lbs Joe Uu 2
C. B. Miles' b g Capt. Jack, 4 yre,
123 lbV... . . . j,. .Nobloi 3
Captain Jack carried five pounds
overweight. A false start was made,
but Troubadour, went away in ear
nest, his dimihutive Jockey being
unable to pull him in until he had
run a little over three-quarters of a
mile. When Troubadour passed the
wire he swerved a little and knocked
over Messrs. Broad and von Temp
sky, but they were not hurt. At the
word go Cupt. took the lead with
Jerry second. Before the first quar
ter was reached Jerry passed ' Capt.
Jack, and he and Troubadour passed
the half mile level. A little farther
on Jerrjrjpok the lead and eventu
ally'w'on the race by one and a half
lengths. Troubadour, whose ex
tra running evidently told, was sec
ond, fifteen lengths ahead of Captain
Jack. Time 2 :2i.
11 Corinthian Kaco Gold Medal
Entrance Fee $10.
Hunning Race, 1 mile dash, free to
all, owners to tide, welterweights. -
Mr. B; Omsted's b g Tommy the
Scrub, aged, 148 lbs Owner 1
Dr. G. Herbert's gr m Darling, 6
yrs, 148 lbs Owner 2
Mr.. L. M. Vetlesen's Manuwai
was entered, but that gentleman was
not well enough to ride. Tommy the
Scrub got the best of the start, but
wapassedii after fifty yards had been
run,' by Darling, Passing the wire
both horses were together. A quar
ter of a mile from the wire Tommy
the Scrub tqok.theIead, and coming
along won the race' by a full length.
Tflne2:U. .'
12 Haua Cup'-Pune $100.
Running, Race, & mile dnah, for all
Hawaiian bred horses.
Waikupu Stables' gr h Conspiracy,
4 yre, 113 lbs Leonard 1
Ivanhoe Stables? br g Ivnnhoe 5
yrs, 117 lbs .'. . Bell 2
Waikhpu Stables' b h W K P, 3
yrs, 115 lbs. . Kona 3
W K P carried 13 pounds over
weight. After two false attempts
they got awuy to a fair start, Con
spiracy taking the lead, Ivanhoe Jr.
lust. After half a mile had been run
Ivanhoe Jr. passed W K P and went
up to Conspiracy, but the latter,
well ridden by Leonard, shook him
off, and eventually won the race easi
ly by four lengths.- Ivanhoe Jr.
pulled up lame. Time2:28J.
13 Mule Race Purse $25.
Running Rune, Yt mile dash, frco Co
all, c.itcuwcight.
Ivunhpo Stublcs' Nigger. , , 1
LI vo'n Tempsky's Kulu Boy 2
This race caused much excite
ment. The Kula Boy party had
every confidence in their animnl re
pealing previous successes, but he
did riot, for Nigger fldden by little
Joe Uu took the lead, and kept it to
the end winning in the easiest man
ner. Time 1:0.
More hospitable people than those
residing on Maul, could not be
found anywhere,
Everyone present at. tho celebra
tion' was loud in praise of the
playing of tho detachment of the
Hawaiian band. Th6 boys did them
selves credit.
Major Coruwell's kahuna occupied
a seat in the grand stand. -
Mr Heury G. Treadway makes a
inodfj clerk of the course. He does
not allow anybody on the track dur
ing a race.
Mr. A. P. HopkeU. S,. Consular
Agent, was voted, to be the hand
somqbt man op the grownds.
The sum of 8G20 was taken dur
ing tho day fo: admission to the
itf. C. fit. flrond U the Owticr of
tHe Ivanhoe Stablo's stock. Ho did
well through tho day.
Mr. V. A. McKay was the
"speaker" of tho judges' stand.
Dr. Geo. Herbert in his riding
costume was tho subject of much
admiration from tho ladies.
Major Cornwell looked killing in
a gray suit with innumerable badges
on his left breast.
Mr. J. II. Sidling is said to be a
"professional driver" from the
Slates. His cap took the cake for
Fifteen bald heath were counted
in the grand stand. What does this
"Love Mr'Vetlescnl Why not?
Suppose someone does.
In the evening a boll wns given at
tho court-house, Wailuku, for which
handsome invitations bad been is
sued. Tho interior of the room wns
very neatly decorated with streamers
of stars,'aiid stripes and evergreens,
and the floor had been prepared for
dancing. At the front entrance hung
several Chinese lanterns. The. Ha
waiian siring band occupied seats at
the upper end of the room and played
for dancing in lino style. The in
vited guests as they arrived were re
ceived by the reception committee,
Messrs. II. G. Treadway, A. Barnes
and G. H. Tweedic. Tho floor com
mittee was Messrs. W. II. Cornwell,
J. H. Stalling and, L. M. Vetlesen.
Among those present were noticed
His Majesty the King, Hon. C. F.
and Mrs. Horner, Maj, W. H. Corn
well, Capt. John Ross, Hon. John
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.
Stoltz, Mis3 Crittenden, Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Mossman, Miss Moss
man, Mr. R. D. Walbridge, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. S.
F. Cbillingwortb, Dr. Geo. Herbert,
Misses E. K. and N. Daniels, Dr. A.
A. and Mrs. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Noble, Mr. and Mrs. E. Nome, Capt.
Win. Davis, Misses Crook (2), Mr.
Thos. E, Evans, Mr. David Center,
Miss Richardson, Messrs G. C. Pot
ter, G. H. Tweedie, C. E. Coville, II.
Z.Austin, C. Bosse, J. 11. Stclling,
II. G. Treadway, A. Barnes, and
The programme contained fifteen
dances as follows: lancers, waltz,
polka, quadrille, waltz, lancers,
polka, schottische, lancers, waltz,
polka, quadrille, waltz, polka and
wahz. At midnight a very nice sup
per was served, after which dancing
was renewed and. kept up vith spirit
until three o'clock in the morning.
The ball was a success in every
way, thanks to the excellent arrange
ments by the committee, Messrs.
H. G. Treadwav, C. F. Horner and
J. H. Stelling.
July G
Stmr Alnknlil from Molokai
Stmr Likcliku from Maui
Stmr Pele from Kiuui
Stmr Wahik'iile from Kauai
stmr J A Cummins, from hoolau
July C
Bk Cuibiricn for Fanning Island
Bktne i iseovery for I nget oiwd
tun- hilauca llou for fluwuii
For S;m Francisco per stihr Umatilla,
July 5 E ihiefie, wife and child, iss
G Robe 'ti-ou, r'Ritson, A N Mnclsilr,
.1 Lyceti mid wife, Mi-s J U Mussey, the
M ssusBiekaid, Mr GoodaC'.c, wifean-l
child, MI.8 u Frear, Miss Bultc, C W
i iekey, Mm Fanning iiiTd daughter.
Sites IC Wyckoff, W i" Frear, .MissS
Robert. Miss M Dowsett, vrs Jl A
Gonsalves, K Klienan. Fernandez and
wile, SI lss Thomas, Sirs P Neumann, T
R Foster, wife and servant". Young,
Sam Par er and wife, the SIKses Pal
ter, .Mrs 0 K Sti lrna , Hon J V Parker,
.1 Low, Rev W C Merrittrtud wife, Sites
C N Roberlson, A II MuKcpcacc, J Wil
liams, am Nowlcin. Sti:ekage: W
II Wagner, II Yanke, Alio. I McLean
and hlld, Mrs Cooke, SI, J and J Zeuu,
It Sherbet, P Appel, Mis Loeffer and 2
ehildren, P Laeholll. Geo Geerkem,
Henry Hart, U Slumhall, L D erry. J
Janen, J W Clift. G Uurko D lark.
SI Mnllaby, S Greenwood, F Herbert,
Wm U-ster, lrs 0 W .Bruce,.A Urqweil
and 13 others".
From Mflnl and wav ports, per stmr
Llkelike, July 0 G Irvine, SI II Beutpr,
Master taker, F M Moore, -un Kim
Lung Y, AlaUvSIrs John Klehardson, V
.1 I.owrie, wife and daugluer, 0 II
Diekey, Miss - SIcGandless, .Ino Noble,
O I eoijard, W A Haidy,D L Naone and
ten membersof the Hawaiian band and
51 deck.
The Ptmr Llkellko brought 3 horses,
4G hides, 22 hugs mid 51 pkgs snds.
The bk'ine S N Castlo arrived last
evening, 14 days from S n Francisco,
with mdse valued at 811,6.5, including
817 bis hay, 380 etls oats, 270 eks bran,
5200 lbs tobaeeo, 300 bills lime, 15(10 ca
coal oil, 4030 posts, 44 bhls salmon, CO
kegs 30 cs powder and Cm ft fuse.
Tho Hawaiian "bark W B Godfrey
brought from San Francisco merchan
dise valued lit $2K,G5'2, including 150
bbls Hour, 14 etls wheat, 2021 etls bar
lev, 0 ci salmon. 2000 fks fertilizer, 300
bote lime, 1500 cs coal oil 500 bin liny,
60 sks m ddllngs, G0 ska biuu, 200m
shingles, 2U.20U b ick? and 4000 posts
The brig w G Irwin brought a cargo
of iiiei chumltee valued at 924,017. The
Milpinent- Ineludu 80 cs 875 gals -wine,
OG cils wheat, 051 bbls Hour, 778 etls
bailey, COO lbs coffee :I0 cs salmon. DO
lbs hops, 100 bis hay, 82 etls oats. 1118
sks cran, 05 sks middlings, 274 pkgg hot
tied beer, 101 cs canned good,30 mules,
15 horses ami 3100 lbs tobacco.
" Diirl
REYNOLDS At Kahuhil, Maul, II. I.,
on June lioth, 188'J, t'apt Howard
Tripp Reynolds, a nutlva of New
Bedford, Mass., U.- B. A., aged 53
Sun Fraucteco and New Bedford pa
pers please copy.
JL Honolulu-
'Tlio Dally Bulletin."
50 r.nnm pur month
PER In tho Kingdom "Tho
Dally BulUUn," 60 cent! per month.
RaIM is badly needed on tho Island
of Maui.
The merry-go-round runs at Wai
kiki to-night.
No Bluo Kibbon'
this evoning.
Ei.eoajjt residonco in Pauoa volley
is advertised to lot.
Fnnsn pics and crenm cakes can
bo had to-day at the "EJito."
The Kniulunis and Huwuiis
this afternoon at 3 :30 o'clock.
Union service at Knwniahao Church
Sunday evening at 7 :30 o'.clock.
The Band gives a concert at Emma
Square at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon.
The bark W. B. Godfrey brought
$20,000 in gold coin for Bishop & Co.
In Now York June 21st raw sugar
was quiet, refined more active and
Mr. Gonsalvcs took some good
photographs of- the balloon nscen
sion. Meeting of Honolulu- Typogra
phical Union, No. 37, at 0:30 o'clock
this evening.
The Umatilla took from the Post
Office Fridny 3,473 letters and 1,490
packages of papers.
Sin. T. 1?. Lucas has tho thanks of
the Bulletin for n "Chronicle" of
June 21st per S. N. Castle.
Thede wiiB an idle rumor of Com
pany B being in arms, this morn
ing 'in whobe anna was not beard.
Mn. A. Kraft sent us this morning
a lino specimen of Manilla mangoes
grown on his place on tho Plains.
A notice from the Deputy Assessor
and Collector of Tuxes for the Dis
trict of Kona on this Island appears
in our By Authority column.
The Bulletin is indebted to the
Secretary of the Hawaiian Yachting
A Bowing Association for courtesies
during the regatta on Thursday.
Ah Sam, who attempted to ship
opium to Kau in poi barrels, was
fined $200 with two months' impri
sonment at hard labor this morning.
Sin. Geo. W. C. Jones sends a let
ter, for which there is not room to
day, inclosing $3 towards a fund for
paying Prof. Melville's fare to the
The schooner W. S. Bowno shipped
on June 22nd at San Francisco, 23
head of cattle of the Galloway breed
of Scotland consigned to B. F. Dil
lingham, Honolulu.
Rev. John J. Forbes, missionary
to Ponnpc, arrived in San Francisco
with his bride on June 21st, and will
probably be here by the Zenlundia tn
take passage on the Morning Star.
It 1ms leaked out that the rea
son the Hawaii did not win on
the 4th was because there were too
many boescn in the boat, and that
"Luther" did not sail h'er all the way.
Doring the first yacht race; Thurs
day, Sir, GifTard, of the Hawaiian
Camera Club, took several snap shots
with his iiii-trumcnt, and, if they turn
out O. K., he will have some beauties.
It being believed by tho yachtmen
that their respective boats could have
dono considerably belter, last Thurs
day, if the wind bad been more favoi
ablo, there i a show for another race
at an early date.
At tho Central Union Church Sun
day the subject of v the morning sort
mon will be ''Won-by Love' followed
by the communion. Subject of even
ing sermon, "In tho Stoim, or, How
Danger Prompts to Trust."
Sfus. Ewart of Heoia telephoned to
tho Mutual Company's central office
at 2:20 o'clock this afternoon that
sho could i-ee a large steamer head
ing for the inlands. At 2:40 the Zca
landia was telephoned oil' Wuima
nalo. The owners of the Helenc contem
plate impioving the speed of the
yacht by a. better spread of canvas.
A diagram of the suggested improve
ment was mado by an old yaehtnian
and the owners of tho Hclcuc ure
eager for a trial of tho plan.
The Wilder's Steamship Company,
witli its usual liberality, carried tho
ten members of tho Hawaiian Band
to Maui and return, and tho liana
people from thatdistiict to Kuliului
and return, on the Likelikc, entirely
frco of charge. Tho Slaui people
upprcciato this act.
The Hawaiian Band will give a
public conceit this evening at
lCmma Square commcncinir at
7 :30 o'clock. Following is the pro
gramme :
March Simplielus Straus?
Overture Taneredl Itosslnl
Polonaise Brilliant Chopin
Waltz Artist Life Strauss
Cuvatlna -Oberto .'Verdi
Selection Bocaelp, Suppe
D. S. C. Dayid Dayton, assisted
by A. Garlenberg, 1', C, as D. S.
V. C. ; C. J. McCarthy, P. C, as
D. S. P. ; and P. A. Burgett, P. C,
as D. S. M. A., installed tho nowjy
clected officers of Mystic Lodgo No.
2, K. of P., on Wednesday oveiiing,
as follows;
F, Waldron, P. C.
C. W. ZleglervU 0.
C. T. Wilder, V. C.
H. M. Dow, P.
P. Uiirrlsoa, M. A.
Tho Court ftevoitiSn Itn" DIr&How
nftgri of the Mnrnlifil'H .Return and
Ilentlts tho Siarnhnt'H fine.
Upon tho opening of the Court nt
10 o'clock this morning, the Marshal
being before tho Court, tho Court
"The conclusion of the proceed
ings yesterday in tho matter of tho
order committing tho Attorney
General to twenty-four hours' im
prisonment was, that as this had not
been duly executed you would
further report to the Court your
further proceedings therein.
"But it appearing to the Court
that the detention in the Station
House for four hours wn9 a partial
execution of the sentence, and that
it cannot properly be executed dur
ing several day's in separate frac
tional periods of the terra, which is
one day of twenty-four hours ;
"And, moreover, that the proper
time for the proper execution of the
sentence has now passed by, the
further execution thereof is hereby
ordered to be remitted, and this will
be endorsed by the Clerk on the
order of commitnient.
"As for the fine imposed upon
yourself, the Court takes into con
sideration the very difllcuit position
you were in from being a subordi
nate officer of the Attorney-General.
You stated that you were advised
by legal counsel luat tuo form in
which you reported that you had
carried out the sentence was a legal
execution thereof, and it does not
appear that you were in fact con
tumacious. The legal disobedience
may therefore be condoned.
"The fine imposed is hereby order
ed to be remitted, and. the Clerk
will so enter it."
Previously to this, at an early
hour this morning, the Attorney
Genoral again submitted to arrest,
and applied for a writ of habeas
corpus before Judge Dole. The
writ was filed, and pending, when
Judge McCully receded from his
posiiion of yesterday, as above
stated, thus rendering further pro
ceedings under tho writ impractica
able. The following are among the
authorities (which arc all to same
point) on the question of imprison
ment, relied upon in support of the
habeas corpus:
"Imprisonment is the restraint of a
man's liberty.'' 2 Bishop's Criminal
Law Section GOO.
''Imprisonment is the restraint of a
person contrary to his will. Coke 2nd
lu.-t. 5S9.
"Imprisonment may be in a place
made use of for purposes of imprison
ment generally, or in one used only on
the particular occasion, or by words and
nn array of force, without bolts cr bars,
in any locality whatever." 9 N.II.401;
7 llumphr. Tenu. 43.
"Aav forcible detention of a man's
pei son or control over his movements is
an ImiirUoninent." Church on Habeas
Corpus, cc. 272: Lawson vs Uuziucs 3
Ilarr. (Del ) 418.
' Keeping a person In a house against
bis will, or his forcible arrest and deten
tion in the Btieet, U an Imprisonment."
hiirch on Habeas Corpus, Sec. 272.
"The confinement o'f the person, in
any wi$c, Is nu Imprisonment; to that
the keeping u man against his will In a
private hou.-e, is uu imprisonment." i
Blackstone 136.
Counsel for the Attorney-General
say the authorities are equally con
clusive on the question of the right
of the Crown prosecutor to nolle
pros, any case in his discretion:
but as argument on tills point is now
pending before the Court, counsel
do not deem it in accord witli legal
ethics lo present such authorities at
this stage of the case.
GET your Piei and
C'ro in Cakes to day
at tho Elite'
203 It
ELRmaMT. Pesldcnco in
Pauoa Valley, known ns
the "Ilooth fremlt-ci." House
contains largo drawing-room, dining
rooms, !i drct;-ing rooms, large grounds,
it allies, outhouses and pasturage for 4
Morses Forfurther partlnularn apply
to J. E. BROWN & CO., '
29Ulm 28 Merchant street.
Biennial Meeting.
IN accordance with terms of the char
tor, the members of the Queen's
Hospital Corporation arc hereby noti
fied that the biennial meeting will take
place at the room of the Chamber of
Commorcc on SATURDAY, Julv 22nd,
at 1 1 o'clock a. m. J. II. PATY,
283 4toaw Secretary, pro tern.
Meeting of Stockholders.
NOTICE is hereby given that a spe
cial meeting of the stockholders
of tho Oaliu Hallway & Lund Co. will
bo bi'ld n the office of the Company on
THURSDAY, July 18th, 1889, at 10
O'cltICk A. M
y order of President O. R & L. Co.
2"U 2w heerelary pro tern,
Just Arrived 1
Imported Direct from Havana.
o. o.
&70 lm
TO purchase on one of the
Hawaiian Islands a
Trnct of Land, 10,000 acres
more or lcs. Leave offers
with statement of price, sub:
"A. S. 09," Bullktin Omce. 287 lm
DUIUNG ray temporary absenco from
the Kingdom, my wife, Julia A.
Williams, will act for mo in nil matters
under u full power of attorney.
291 3t 104 Fort street.
SAVINGS Pas Book No. 373, of
Claus Spreckcls & Oo.'s Bank,' favor
A. T.Tyler, having been lost or stolen,
nil persons are warned against nego
tiating the came.
289 2w A. T. TYLER.
A GOLD Brooch with small pearl In
center, eithsr on King street cars
or on Fort street. The Under will bo
properly rewarded on leaving at this
office. 231 tf
Iiost or Mislaid.
CEIVTTFICATE No. 211 for 20 shares
Mutual Telephone Stock standing
In the namo of C. K. Stillmnn, on which
transfer has been stopped. Finder please
return to Mr. O. K. Stillmnn or to the
Bulletin Offlc. SVld.O'Jw.tf
YOUNG Saddle
Mare, fsulemlid
animal for a boy), and
Colt. Saddle, bridle,
etc . thrown in to make
a barcain.
Apply at this office. 251 tf
NOTICE is hereby given to all per.
sons having claims against tlie
estate of A Kaumu, di ceased, to present
the same to the undersigned executors,
within six months from ilia date of this
notice or they will be forever birred.
Wailuku, Maui, Juno I. 1889. 272 lm
The Entire Plant of the
Is offered For Sale. The Machinery
Is in perfect working order
and consist of
One 26x48 Mill with Engine,
Trash-carrior, Etc., complete,
1 Pair ol Bollors 6x20,
1 Doublo Effect 6 and 7 leet Pans,
1 Vacuum Pan 6 feet with Blake Pump,
3 Woston Contrilugals and Engino,
Together with tho usual assortment of
Clariflers, Clean'g Pans, Coolers
And other Machinery usually found
in a well appointed mill.
Also, a number of
Cane Carts & Gon'l Plantation
Delivery will'be given after next crop
has been harvested, bay about July 1,
C3TFor further particulars apply to
Manager Star Mill, Knlinla. Huwaii.
256 tf
PjuunAU Plantation. )
Hawaii. March 0, 1868 J
R'Hdon Iron & Locomotive Works
Han FranclHco.
Gkntlkmkn; Wo have med two of
your 3u-chambored Filter Presses iIiIk
schsiii). They arc cunvenieut, easily
bundled and are working entirely lo
our BAtlsfacilon. I caa recommend no
Improvement on them.
Very respect fully yours,
(Signed) A. MOORE,
Manager Paauhau Plantation.
These Presses are made extra heavy
for hk'h prefsures, occupies a floor
Bpacu 11 feet hy -1 feet, aud presents a
filtering Hirl'uco of 240 square feet.
A limited number in Mock in Hono
lulu and are told at very lowprlcei.
RUdo'n Iron & Looo. Works.
San Francisco.
tyFor particulars enquire of
JOHN DYKIt, Honolulu,
Iloom No. 3 Bprcckclb' Ulock.
32GO tf W. 0. Irwin & Co.. Agent.
THE BEST PAPER to subscribe
tor 1 tho "Dally Bulletin," 60
ciuu per month.
ffX. ,. . Jiv.
Over 1,000 Pieces of White 16
Torchong Laces,
Also, Large Lines of
fcS Immense
Qreat Bargains can bo obtained by calling at tho Tcmplo of Fashion for the
above Goods.
The Sale will Commence Monday, June 17.
Dec-l-88 Corner Hotel & Fort Streefek
75 & 77 Fort St EGAN
Great Inducements Offered to the Public
Tho Balance ol Our Splendid Stock will be
Sold during the Month ol June
The Manufacturers' Shoe Go;
88 Sz SO
Wholesale & Retail Boots & Shoes.
Correct Styles
2230 tf
N. B. On and after
of our Drasinaaking lloomi,
Oriental Laces. .
Lace Trimmings !
3Erfc ed.no ticwa-
& CO Honolulu, Hi 1. 1
THAN EVEtt -:-
Ilotol Ht.
All Pricou.
r. B. SMITFI. Vficent.
15th, MISS OLAR1C will have cliarga
1761 If
Ss .
)-.. IrA-v-.d'
j? r .
. x
.. -MMiii. ' CfeLiaM
. .

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