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July 1 -Stuir
Pile from llnmukiia
Schr KntilUen.imli from Kuhala
Schr lviiliiimiiiu from Kohnlu
Jitlv 1
Htinr l.lkellUc for Maul ul " p in
.sum- V O Hull lor Hawaii awl Maul al
10 a in
Stmr Mlkiihutn for Kauai al ' p in
Stmr ICiilmiloa for Xsiwiliw ill mill Hu-
mnnutihi al "p in
.Slinr Waluleulefor Kllauca ami Hana
lei nt, -1 i in
f-'chr Liholllio lnv U'alnnao
111- 4rmnfMl lik Omen, WUlliimsoii, for
Sehr Mol Wuhino for Huimtku.i
Schr Sarah it Elba for Kiiol-m
Stmr Hawaii for Hainakua at 5 p in
Schr Kuulkciiniill for Wahuort. ICuiial
Sclir llaleakulii for Hawaii
For MuKAiil ami Hnnial.ii'i. per stmr
Lchun, June :s0 Henry . K Lyman,
Levi U Lviimii, W ft Towiisund, wlfo
ami child, Miss M .1 Muloue. Fied II
Hajbchleti ami miu. Jll Hnyseldeii.
Ernest K l.yiiian, Xorinau. Richard, and
"Eugene Lyman, IMinilcrt Hoi m:r (jl), W
II uiekey. and lfl dock.
For Muni .ami Hawaii, per stmr V G
Hall, July 1 dipt F S Cluney. Mrs
Poor, bum Kauhuue. Alls. May Bald
win, Misses .Mai tin (II), Mi83 Eva fcun
ter. Mies llaloy, O W McDongall, .1 N
lCttpahu, J Kucleuiabule, .1 Cu3tu, T
O'Dowda, and !0 deck.
carcues from isiwifpmiFsT "
Stmr Iwalaiu tfDSO bags sugar from
St mi" 1'elu :5lS:i bags sugar and 3S
head cuttle from llamnkiia
USPS Charleston, Roar-Admlral Geo
liiown, from San Francisco
H H M S Acorn, Geo N' A Pullaid, from
Esonlnianlt, li O
Ur ship Bonowdalo, Guthrie, from
Am mis5 packet Morning Star, G F
Garl.iuil, fiom South be.i Islautls
-Am bkt W H Dlmond, E P Diew, from
San Francisco
Nor bhip Tlior. W E Stcineit, fiom
Sew o.islc, X S W
Am bk Opbir from Xuwcastle, N'S W
Br -1-imu.t bk Ouioo from Xuwcastle, X
Am bk .Tamos Cbeston, Plumb, from
Port J ownsenu
Am bk Ceylon, B Calhoun, from San
rGcrbk ON AVilcox, B.isch, fiom San
SfSkTJA Falkenbnrg. fiom Peru, (for
Brshln Bleinrrtfld Milled fiom Liver-
fe. vrvrtl Ati Is! illin Ann ! 1
.LtS.Ocv Ok Adonis from Brumcn
ijSSQcr bk Faust, from Xew Yoik
SRi-rSEaLiii. Yi.,-1.. r..i... t v.. ,.i .1....
0()11 uuliu .iuiiu, iiuiii a en vjuqliu. uuc
fflt May 10
KiSUr bk Ulrkor from Loudon, sailed Apr
'm 1.5, duo Au-c a:
yfai M S S Alameda, Moise, from San
v hi'iiiieifipn. imi mini to tip. (:nlfinli.i;
due July 5
Jm hk Allien Iles-c. Howard, from San
Fniucitioo (forKabulul), duo June
1 1
'f&ni sclir Anna from San Francl-eo (for
lvabului) due Juno l
;OD Bryant, Jacobscn, from San
Pranelseo due July IG
5k Forest Queen, Winding, from Sun
Friuelsco due July 16
tLt .Too D Snreckelii from San I'ran-
&. elwu due Julv'20
Ik Lady Lanipsoh,Soderfi;ren, from t'an
.', Prnnclsuo due .July lil
-mstd schr Olfja, ltoilin, from San
t Francisco due July 11)
S-msld schr Kobert Lowers, Penhallow,
p! from San l"ranclco due July 'J
BUt Quickstep fiom San Francisco (for
ffif Hilo) dui! July 20
MHWr. Im-ln. Mif'llllnili. frnm Run
W Francisco due at Knhulul July 20
U'ern W S Bowne, Bbihm, from San
?j r IllllCICU tllllS ULIMULII.UII.1 jiuy ill
S"-iJr UK ueivan irom Liverpool, saueu
cta1 mol in inn. .inr ir..:.ii
"' "' "
The. Bolivian baik Ophlr came ulou-'-
de tlio Fort-W'eet wharf ibis morning-
dlscnarcu coal.
The stcainer J A Cummins will leave
i- Kabiilui, Mam, on Thursday after
on. The schooner Kaulkeaoull will take
tons of coal for Wa luiuu. Kauai, to
fUTie bark Ceylon lias hecn moved to
jlHo lunnu won ii to iukc in ?tigur.
e lirltish ioiir-inastcd bark Omeo
d this morning In ballast for Port
'AXS III Honolulu. July
1st, to
wife of T. E.
Kvan, a t-on.
bo pjirty at tliu residence ot
J, KUlte, Kapiolum I'aik,
ning, in nonor ot tne JiitteH -ic-i,
was a vuiy pleasant event. Tbo
eats, about sevenly-hvo, moilly
ung people, went out in vagon-
ta and pnvntu curiugoB, and on
ijeir arrival at tlio notiie were conn-
ly received. A dutiichnicut of tbo
luwaiiaif Baud, which was re-en-
reed at about 9:30 o'clock, furnish-
daneo miiMiu with their usual ex-
encn. Tbo large hull of h
sino" wari splendidly propared
dancing and tbo giddy whirl was
'ously indulged in until about
night. Bountilul rcuoshincuta
ro bcivcu iiuiing tno evenini,', oi
ich the guests freely partoolv The
ur was entirely informal and a
jy humor provailed throughout
evening, iiiiking tbo occasion
to uo long reineinborod, Tbo
i Meduu, wlio have been thu
t of MisbNolto for a couple of
tbs iast, bine visited the Vol-
and other places of inteiest on
inlands, and have made many
nils, who wish lliein a sufe journey
ross the water.
aa columns, imruiy local matter
died lo foruluu countries, JO per
TIWhMiStXlmWrnWUml nrflilyih liwii irr .JU
beta lliis week.
i ton sits ul Cliani-
Till! "l'ltiudUe of Mm l'nuillc," fni
fending iilinmil by the AuHtiulin, is
now rcnily.
.Whiting" piidgufult sizes ai o )n urn i -iibli'
nl cheap pi ices al llio Hawaiian
News Co'h. More.
Tai Vo Wing Kee, Xo. snXminuu
sheet, ig a inn tiufncl liter anil itnpoi
tcr of boots niul ubootf.
Srn.v.M liuttichc'B will beat Browd'a
wharf nt 2:'lo p. m. tn-iuoiinw, lo
ronwy visitors to tbo ChuilcMoti ic
Mil. .1. II
opor lias lemgneil the
Maisbalsbip of
Mr. C. Hopkins
bis succi-Hi-iir,
tbo Kingdom, niul
lias boon appointed
Tun mail by tbo Alameda will
close ul 8 o'clock- on Sitiiubiy niniiv
in. Tlio Post Olllce will open at 0
o'clock on lb.it morning.
The United Sluten Minister Be"!
dent, Hon. John L. Stuvoii", will bold
a reception at tbo Legation on July
Itli, from i h C p. in.
Tins tdcntii launch "Vusa" will
convey piisungerH aioiuul tbo eonrse
of tlio Cliailt'dton-Acorn race to-nior-low
afternoon. Fare, 30 cents.
Mr. Peler Uulton will Mipmiulcnd
Mr. F. Philp'rj s.iddlu and liunic-i
buiiiosE, during ibe luttciV tempor
ary absence from tbo country.
Mn. Fred. IIariion 1ms been given
tbo contract for laying tbo concrete
foundation of llio now Cential Union
Cliurnli.'eorner of Bichaul and Ueiii
tauia slieots.
"IIiuld's College Journal" has a
hi let notice nf (bo de.itb of the late
Ilany W. Auld, in which tlio unfoi
timalc graduate of that institution
is spoken of in tetina of respect and
Tin: Oiihu Railway Co. will tun
trains to Raymond Grove every hour
on the dtb of July, beginning at 7
o'clock a. m., and continuing until 5
p. in. Pifty ceiiis for the round tiip.
Children half price.
Ox Wednesday mid Thursday
nighto, fiom S to 9 o'clock, Mr. Cliil
Phillips will exhibit a new -advertising
device m front of the Hawaiian
Opera Houte. The clecliic light will
play a prominent part in Ibe exhibi
tion. A State dinner given by His Ex.
J. A. dimming, at bis rehidenco lafit
night, was partaken of by Hia Ma
jesty, His Majesty a Miniiteis, and
the diplomatic representatives of tbo
United States, Gieat Britain, France,
Portugal and Japan.
Tin: Bulletin Wi:i:ki.y Slwimahv
issued to-day contains reports of
closing exeicises of Kauiebanieha
School and Oahu College, Fourth of
July meetings, election campaign
meeting, baseball match, San Fran
cisco letter, and a great many smaller
items. For sale al ofiice and news
Mn. Jas. F. Morgan will hold an
auction sale at the residence of Rev.
V. C. Merrill, Punabou Collego, at
10 o'clock to-morrow morning.
Household furnituie, horses, phae
ton, and omnibus.ses will b'o fold. A
larg cur will leave I ho wharf at
9:110, going diiect to the Collego.
Those leaving'at 10 and 10:30 will
also go direct. Returning cars will
lease at six minutes past each hour.
Excelsior Lodge No. 1,1. O.
F., at 7:30.
Drill Co. D, Honolulu Rilles,
Beretania street Armory, at 7:.!0.
Drill Co. II Honolulu Rilles, at
Mdxiejuiy Hall, at 7:80.
Quarterly meeting of the Ludioa'
Society of Central Union Church, In
the church parlor, on Wednesday,
July 2, at 10:30 o'clock, a. m.
Meeting of the Catholic Ladles'
Altar Society, at tbo Convent, on
Wednesday, July 2, at 8 o'clock,
p. in.
Reception on board the U. S.
Flagship Charleston, on Wednesday,
July 2, from 4 to C o'clock, p. in.
Bargo race between crews of the
Charleston and the Acorn, in Hono
lulu harbor, on Wednesday, July 2,
al 5 p, in.
Meeting of the committee on llio
Royal .School Jubilee, in the room
of the Chamber of Oonnnerco, on
Thursday, July 3, nt 5 o'clock, p.m.
First appearance of tlio Tivoli
Gaity Company, at the Hawaiian
Opera House, on Saturday, July 5,
at 8 o'clock, p. iu.
Mass meeting of the Reform
party, in the Rifles' Armory, on
Wednespay, July 2, at 7 :80 p. in.
0 b'amp mo not for the cruel words
Iu a moment of maducas said;
The shadow that fell upon my life
Is told as the shrouded dead,
Deem not I am hard and liciirtltss;
My eais fall as warn as thine
It was clay that I crowned and wor
shipped And wept o'er it. crumbled Mirluu.
To ,mo, my pure aud nicrrd foiiI,
Wnj lcio thin his linger lips;
But, be turned uway from the gold of
my love
Tor the dross of a wanton's lips,
My fulth In man's truth Is broken
Even truth Its self Is a He
1 havo ciiised hlm;-but I love him
And shall uutll 1 die,
7 Mai Fax.
. i . P.
. ...- ' "ife.-. . .
je .j 1.' (lj
mit- ' jH"
Special ouler of thu day. Con
jiileralion of the Apprtipiialion Rill
in Committee nf the Whole.
Rep. Kauealil was called to the
.Minister Urown
moved to strihe
MTlion, luuvlug
pi i vale jiiirsc,
I, on motion of
nut figures iu lit si
the. amount blank.
Civil J Jst:
ills Majesty's
10,000. Cat lied
Mininter CiimmiiiH.
II. II. II. the. Heir Presumptive,
810,000. Cm lied.
II. R. II. Princess Kalulani, $1800.
Cat tied.
His Majesty's Chamberlain, &G000.
Minister lliown moved to nirlko
out the woids, "Whose appointment
lo and leleuliun hi ulllce shall be
subject to the approval of the Cabi
net." Cairied.
Item as amended carried.
His Majesty's houseliold expenses,
$12,000. Carried.
Slute eiiteittiiiiiuenls, SK000.
Minister Citmiuliis moved item
read 10.000.
Rep. Kalua moved to strike out
altogether and inset tin Department
of Foreign Alfairs wheie it would
more propeily appear.
Rep. Rosa did not think it was
intended lo confine ibis item to te
ception ot strangeis. It was also
intended to cover other entertain
ments and lelieve His Majesty's
purse, front the bin den. It trans
ferred to Foreign Department it
would icier to strangers on)' and
not relieve His Majesty.
Noble Widemann considered the
member from Wulalua mistaken in
his argument. It would relieve His
Majesty in any ease. IIo was will
ing lo vote for it and to have it
transferred lo Foreign Affairs De
partment, but the clause requiring
the Minister of Foreign Affairs to
approve bills ho did not believe in
at all, but thought almost an insult
to the Kinj;.
Rep. Rosa said if that clause was
at lichen out, lie would withdraw bis
Rep. Marques saw no reason for
putting item in Department of Min
ister of Foreign Affairs. All coun
tries vote a sum to enable the sover
eign to give entertainments. He
moved to amend making money pay
able on submission of vouchers to
Minister of Finauce.
The motion to pass at. 510,000
Tne Chairman icnoied Rep. Mar-
ques's amendment, and Rep. Mar
ques rose to a point of order which
was not ruled on, and the motion lo
transfer to Foicign Affairs Depart
ment carried.
Rep. Lucas moved to insert $4800
for Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani.
He knew sjie spent a gieat deal for
good purposes among the Hawaiian
people, and had little left for her
tel!,:iud he thought the House ought
to give her something.
Rep. Kauhi did not object to
making allowance for Her Majesty,
but llio amount was absuidly small
and seemed almost insulting.
Rep. Lucas raised to $0000 and
on Noble YVideinunii's suggestion to
Rep. Kapaehaolu said no appro
priation was made last session, aud
they did not know that it was need
ed. If they once began a great
deal would bo added to the bill.
Rep. Nawahi was in favor of
Rep. While, iu a speech of con
siderable length, favoied $5000.
Rep. Kauhi made- remaiks "not
translated .
The motion to insert $5000 was
The motion lo inseit $1800 was
Permanent selllenients :
His Excellency John O. Dominis,
Hon. II. Kuihelani, $1200.
Mrs. Emma Barnard, SU00. All
Rep. Rosa moved to iusert, Mrs.
Ivaiiohckui, $2 10. Her late husband
served the country faithfully iu the
police department.
Noble Widemann said that while
he hud no objection to giving this
woman $10 ajnonth, he did object
to these single items that were voted
on account of their smallncss. There
were numbers of women in the same
boat, and, if they were lo have pen
sions, let a general law be passed
providing a scale of payments.
Rep. Nawahl had the same objec
tion us thu lion. Noble.
Rep. lii-own baid Rep. Marques
had given notice of a pension hill,
and he would move that the pro
posed item lie on the lablo till ac
tion bo taken ou that hill.
Rep. Paehaolo moved committee
recommend the item bo referred lo
a select committee, to ascertain
whether the amount was sulllcie.ut
for the woman's needs.
Rep. Wiiipuilani favored refer
ence to a committee.
Noble Cornwcll agreed with the
reasons given by the mover and
would support the motion to insert
tlio Item.
Rep. Nawahi wanted it to go lo a
select committee, us perhaps tlio
woman requiied as much as Mrs.
Rep. White did not want to vote
on the item blindly. An aged
millionaire might come along and
marry the beneficiary, who possibly
has children to support her now.
Tear of hU constituents would pre-
, 4 ' -, '- AxJ ',. fait ' - ', ? n '&&,. 1
vent him from voting money without
good reason shown.
Rep. Kauhi opposed the Horn. It
bhotild bu defcircd till the day after
the session clones. Its passage,
would only open the door to a bun
dled similar iluuis. !
Amendments and motions were
all lost.
Legislaluie and Privy Council:
Expenses of Legislature, i 25,000.
Secretary of Privy Council, $200.
Incidentals of Privy Council, $100.
Judiciary Department:
Salary of Chief Justice and Chan
cellor, S 12,000.
First Associate Just ien, $10,000.
Second Associate Justice, $10,
000. -
Third Associate Justice, $10,000.
All carried.
Clerk Supreme Court, SH000.
Rep. Rosa moved lo increase the
Item to $7000. This olllcial had to
give a bond of S 10,000, and his du
ties were mote oneious than those
of other olllcials for whom inei ease
of pay was proposed. Mr. Smith
woik'ed from eight in the morning
till six in the evening. The present
was a good opportunity for tlio Na
tional Reform Parly to show its re
cognition of abihtyin young Ilawai
inus. Noble J. M. Horner asked Rep.
Rosa if as competent a man could
not bo got for SG000.
Rep. Rosa said no; Mr. Smith
was piollcient in both English and
Hawaiian ; his predecessor was de
ficient in Hawaiian ami could not
have got along without Mr. Smith's
assistance iu some branches of the
woik. It was a position to which
the present incumbent had worked
his way up from the bottom ; hence
it would be all but impossible lo get
his equal for the services.
Rep. Nawahi qpposcd the in
crease. Minister Brown said these esti
mates came from the Judiciary De
partment, and they were probably
the best judges of the compensation
due their employees. He agreed
with all that Rep. Rosa had said
about the clerk, but probably the
latter bad been consulted as lo the
amount fcr which he would serve.
As Rep. Nawahi had said, this man
might not be in the olllce to-morrow,
and the salary should be voted for
the position aud not for tbo man.
He moved the Item pims as in Ibe
Passed -as in tbo bill.
Deputy Clerk Supreme Court,
Second Deputy Clerk, $4000.
Rep. Kalua moved that these two
items be referred to a select com
mittee. It was the flrst time that
these two clerks were put on the
same pay, and he would like to know
if there were any reasons for the
Change. Carried.
Shorthand reporter (who shall
furnish to the Attorney-Ueneral, on
request, transcripts of proceedings
in Crown and Government cases
free of charge), SGOOO.
Noble Widemann asked what it
meant that he should furnish trans
cripts free of charge. Was not that
his duty?
Minister Peterson said the ar
rangement under which the reporter
took the position were that he should
do the actual work of the Com land
all outside of that to be extra.
Noblo Widemann Then what he
did in this House was all to be paid
for extra?
Minister Peterson Yes.
Noble Widemann Well, I thiuk
3000 in a very good salary.
Minister Peterson said it was n
difficult matter to get a man fit for
the work. They had tried men from
San Francisco, failing twice before
getting this man.
Noblc.Wideiiianu thought if this
mau was brought from San Fran
cisco for $3000, it was a mistake.
There were numbers of men iu Eng
land and Germany who would be
glad to come for less.
Rep. Paehaolo moved to amend
item lo $5000.
Rep. Bush spoke iu favor nf the
item as in the bill.
Noble Wideuiiinn said he did not
beerrudge the,, salary, but thought
the young man ought to do all the
Government woik. IIo was told
that he had a bill already agaiiiBt
this Legislature of u thousand dol
lars and might make, it three thou
sand before the session was over.
Rep. Nawahi gave his understand
ing of what the reporter had to do,
and said by all means pass the item,
although nobody died for want of a
shorthand reporter in the many years
that there wus none to the Court.
Passed as in the bill.
Noble Cornwcll moved the com
mittee rise, report progress, and ask
leave to sit again, earned.
The report of committee of the
w hole was adopted.
At 4:03 the House ndjoiirued till
10 o'clock to-morrow morning.
Tuksiiav, July 1.
The House opened at 10 o'clock.
Noble Baldwin, from Kuanapali,
for a semi-weekly mail between La
haiua to Kahapiiloa, and moved it
lie on table to bu considered with
Appropriation Bill, Curried.
Rep. White, from Luhujiiu, (50
names, for letentionof Circuit Court
term al that place. Laid on table
to be considered with bill. From
sumo place, that the olllce of Gover
nor be re-established, Laid on
1 'tv ' . ', , ,
Rep. llickard, fiom Hanial;ua,128
names, for an tippropiiittion of
i'1000 to open a new road fiom the
west side of Kukiiihaclu to the bot
tom of Waipiy Valley. Public lands
Noble W. Y. Horner, from Lalia
ina, 70 natii(!3, for thu following ap
pioprlatinns: $4000 lo repair wharf
aud breakwater, and deepen channel
at Lahuitm; $500 to tepair market
house and flagstaff at Lahaina;
SGOOO to make a wagon road ltom
Olowalu to connect with the new
mountain road leading lo Wailuku,
and for repairing roads and bridges
in Lahaina load district. Public
lands committee.
Noble Pua, fiom Honolulu, that
lunatics in the Asylum be not made
to perform any labor. Sanitary
committee. That coroner's jurors
bo paid S2 a day and $1 for a ver
dict. Laid on table to be consider
ed with any bill on the subject.
Noble Walbridge, from lCubului,
81 names, that the Legislature take
action to furnish that place with
water. Laid on table to be consld
eied with any bill on the subject.
Rep. A. S. Wilcox, from 14 lepers
and U0 non-lepers at Kuhilau,Kuuai,
that the lepers be nllowed to stay
there, and provision be made for
their maintenance. Sanitary com
mittee. From Hanalei, G9 names,
that Knlalau be set apart for lepers
of Kauai and Niihau. Sanitary
committee. From same place, 4(5
names, that provision be made for
bridges or ferries on the Kalihiwai,
Hanalei, Lumahai, and Wnineliu
rivers. Public lands committee.
Rep. Kahookano, from Kohala,
that the pay of police iu the district
be increased, and that the number
of police be increased. Judiciary
Rep. Kancalii, from Kalawao and
Kalaupapa, that the leper laws of
18G5 and 1888 be repealed. Sanitary
committee. From Kaupo, that a
liquor license be granted for that
place, and its price made $100 owing
to the small number of icaidents.
Judiciary committee. From Kaa
napali, that all Government lands he
leased to native Hawaiians. Public
lands committee. From liana, that
leproy contracted by cither party
be ground of annulling marriage-.
Laid on table to bu considered with
the bill on subject.
Noble McCarthy presented the
report of the military committee on
the answer of ex-Minister Austiu to
question of Rep. R. W. Wilcox, ou
the removal of Co. B, Honolulu
Rifles, from the Government Armory.
The committee found that the Gov
ernment had not been put to any
additional expense by the removal,
and believed that the company had
a right to move.
Rep. Kalua moved the report be
returned to the committee. If mili
tary companies were given buch
liberties there was constant damier
of revolution.
Rep. R. W. Wilcox agreed with
the mover. According to that re
port anybody could get up a com
pany, which could plant itself in
any part of the city. Thus trouble
might arise and the city be reduced
to ashes. IIo was informed that
Mr. Bishop paid the expenses of
Co. B, with the object of dethron
ing the Kiug and putting a mission
ary on the throne.
Noble McCarthy quoted the Mili
tary Act to show that the company
had acted with eritiro legality. From
ii six years' connection with the
Honolulu Rifles, ho knew their ins
and outs, and after a thorough in
vestigation of this matter he was
convinced there -was no political
significance in the removal. While
the committee were unanimous iu
their belief that tho money for the
military- might with better advan
tage be expended on tho police, yet
60 long as the Military Act was not
repealed the organizations under it
were entitled to all their legal privi
leges. This report was fair and
just and he hoped the House would
not pass the motion to reject- it.
Rep. Kalua was not satisfied with
the statement of the chairman cf
committee. Thu committee were
(indorsing tho wrong action of the
former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
They do not state tho reasons of the
removal in their icpoit. Thoso
arms, etc.. were Government prop
erty, but they were down thero iu a
private Jrouse, and if burned who
would pay for the loss?
Noble Cornwcll, as a member of
committee, was afraid the members
for Honolulu and Wailuku were
more ou tbo war path than Co. A,
B, or C. This was not a final re
port of committee, but only on the
answer of the late Minister' on this
matter. That company was not
holding secret disloyal meetings like
those held at Palaina a short time
ago which resulted in the most dis
graceful action ever perpetrated In
this couutry, Ho did not care
whether tho company drilled on Fort
street or Beretania street, so long as
it kept within the bounds of law,
Rep, Richard moved theieporl bo
accepted, because the company had
legal justification. He thought it
would bu better if the military was
disbanded. Probably the lute tioublc
would not have occurred if it had
not been for those rifles. A mili
tary subject alwuys seemed lo ex
cite the lion, member for Honolulu,
and the speaker thought it was time
something was done to stop tho
stream of abuse on honored citizens
outside of thu House. Thu lion,
member for Wailuku apparently did
not speak for the beuelll of tho
house, but for the crowd back of
him he loved to hear the noise of
applause. There hod been enough'
of trouble and members of the House
ought, to endcaror to allay every
thing tending lo disturbance, instead
nf doing their utmost as their practice
was to stir up popular feeling with
violent language.
Rep. lit own "was a member of this
itnfoilunato committee, that, by do
ing Its duty, had brought down on
itself the wrath of lion, members,
lie wanted to know what those gen
tlemen wanted tho committee lo do
with the matter when it went back
to them. He was uot in favor of mili
tary nnd while ho had the honor lobe
a member of lhbI.egislatuic lie had
always been against it. His vote
would not go for ouu cent to any
military company on these' islands,
and he believed that the military
expenditure would be slopped this
session. But if tho House returned
this report to the committee, all
they could do was to keep it. If
members objected lo Co. B.'s occu
pancy of its present quarters, they
should bring ina resolution l eq Deal
ing the. Minister of Foreign Affahs
to order the company back to the
Government Armory -although the
latter was not Government property
any more than thu other, the lease
being made out to private parties.
Noble Widemann considered the
question was in a nutshell. He fail
ed lo see what else the committee
could icport. The objbetore go back
of the committee to attack the mo
tives of the late Minister of Foreign
Affairs. Ho agreed with them in
their views of the military law. and
he told the Legislature two years
ago that lie never heard of such folly
as, for instance, placing an inferior
officer above His Majesty who was
R.op. Kapaehaole moved to accept
and lay thu report on the tablo, be
cause he thought the deductions of
the committe from the law were in
correct. At 12:24 the House took recess to
2 o'clock.
Tiik steamship Australia, on ac
count of tho 4th of July falling on
Friday, will sail on Saturday, at 9
o'clock a. m. Shippers arc requested
to picscnt their invoices at the U. S.
Consulate for certificates at or before
5 o'clock p. m. on Thursday, the 3rd,
as tho Consulato will bo closed on
the 4th.
Audlon Sales by James F. Morgan,
0 Mortgagee's
Pursuant to notice of intention to
foreclose that mortgage, made by Mrs
Hosina K. Muuaku unit David Mnmku,
her husband, Mr.-i. Kiiimku Kaukali,
Mrs. lla'tie Ayers aud K. M. Suiflen &
Co., lo Charles R Bishop, John II. Paly
and Simuel M. Damon, doing busdncs-.s
under the numo of liishnn fc Co , dated
January I, 181)0, record ul in Liber 123,
pages 44 to 48, and of the power of sale
contained in said mortgago. Notice ie
hereby given ihai
On THURSDAY, July 3rd,
AT 10 O'CLOCK. A. 31..
The mortgagee therein named will fell
nt Public Auction, nt the premises
situate on IviliK struct, nearly opposite
tho Oahu Bnllwny Depot, known as ihu
aix mn
Ms, Cliaitels & Effects,
DencribcJ in said mortgngo, com.
prising all tho
Household -:- Furniture
A.nl 33Li.;I3CrX,.
Of said Kosina IC. Mannku, DaVld Ma-
ltuLu mid E. M. SniiVeu it Co,,
Huir Cloth ChairB & Scltee, 1 Ball's
Center 'fables, 4-Llght CliandellesA,
Bedsteads & Mattmscj,
Koa & Walnut Warflroues,
Settees, Pictures, Patent Rockers, D jor
ICon BeiUtcniU, Mosquito NotH,
Feather Pillows, Cut lulus,
H Very "Vuliiu.llo
(Handsomely Pnlbbcd);
Center & Sofa Bugs, I Fuucy Enamelled
Dressing Room Set,
1 Finu Parlor Set, 11 pieces; Fancy
Ollt Mirror, Vases, Boois,
Fino Dinner Sot, 200Picoos;
Furniture & Fixtures
In B.iy Vlow Resort, comprls
ingi tjhulllo Board, Howling Alloy Outfit,
Marblo-lopTiblcn, Lamps, Chiiru,
Crockery & Table Furniture,
1 Pool Table, 1 Billiard Tabic,
Shooting Onlloiy Outfit, Fofi,
Etc , Etr , Etc., Etc.
I. A. Maooo.n-, Allnrni-y. iOO lit
4th JULY !
A Lb persons desirous of subscribing
to thu fund for ibe celebration ot
Iho coining -Itli Julv, will ibid lists ot
tbo Mores of Messrs. K, (). Hall A Sou,
Hollister & Co. nail Iliuson, Smith &
Co,, Foit street.
WO fit Chairman Finance Coniinltlee.
Snlo of Fancy Article. !
rpilERK Hill bo a salo or Fancy Artl
JL elt'H. chlelly Hawaiian, at Queen
Kmina Hall, ou FRIDAY. July 11,
1SU0, for llio benelU of that Institution.
Refreshments will bo served. 081 td
4, 8
CcmntndEE at lOiCO A. M. Ebup.
Open to all Yuelils over 0 tons nnd
not vxeeedlug 10 tons hi measurement,
provided, however, that till lhultatlou
shall not apply to Yachts which were In
Hawaiian waters and that eutered lor
thctaeuof July 4, 186U.
The Hawaiian Challenge Cup &
Pennant for 1890,
Donated by the Hawaiian YACUTtKft
Association, to be sidled for aumially
and conditionally under its auspices.
AYoti July 4, ibS'J, by Yacht Jleulani.
I" Courso to bo sailed, and pilnted
rules, can be had by all Yacht owners
on application to the undersigned Com
mittcQ. LUt of entries will be opeu ut
the store of the Hawaiian News Co.. ou
Merchant street, uutll 9 A. it. the 3rd
of July.
Regatta Committee.
W. M. G ur atio,
Secretary. 5SS td
Ex. Win. II. Dlmond,
582 lm
Steamship Comp'y
The Al Steamship
Will leave'Honolitlu for iho above
port ou
Saturday, July 5th,
A.t. O O'oloolc.
For Freight or Passage, apply to
WM. G. IRWIN & CO., Agents.
Mil 1w
eat Cattle !
Ou MONDAY, July Slut,
There will bo Fold at Public Auction,
at Kahlkinul, Maul,
t5F"A good opportunity fo procure
fine stock. o'D lui
SB & 67 Hotel Btroct,
iMroiiTEii or
Furniture, Matting & Carpet Laid
Cornloo PoIgh,
Fine Upbolsterlug aud Bedding a spe
clalty. juno lC-Om
rpho Celebrated Ruu
A nlnjr Stallion "Shc
nindoub" will stand
tbU season at the
Woodlawn Daily t
terms 830.
For further partlculare
apply at tbo Dairy.
Horses & Mules For Halo,
TEIE following desirable ani
mals will bo sold at a bar
gain, to wit: 11 Flno Youuit
Horses. 9 Young Mules, aired by thu
Kentucky Jack Bluchcr," U Brood
Marcs, expected bhortly to hove Hula
foals. Apply to
C70 tf -12 Merchant aruut, llouululu.
PowcIFh Baggage JUxprosa.
JAS. POWELL, formerly employed
nt Union Feed Co. for several
years, having gone into tho baggage
express business, solicits patronage.
Stand, corner of King and Bethel
Htreets. Orders cau bo left at Young
Nap's clgur stand. Baggage delivered
with proinptuess aud caro to any part
of city. june7-'.'U
A FTEK an nbseuee
of four vcars lu
XX. Purls,
lias returned to his bourn
on the Islands, for thu purposu of rc
Huntiig the practice of meulcluo. Ho
may bo found at his old olllc'o ou Hotel
street between Fort and Al.ikcu. streets1.
Olllce hours from 8 to U.A, M., andJi to
4 and 0 to S v, M. 070 114
, w
-T 3 -
3 ix. Mfc
' .35
. A

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