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' feMeSMW$KB&SK&
Sia&ar&i vn mu
by AUTHonnv.
Finance Department.
Mmir.At) 01 Ci''ioMs, (
HONOLULU, Sept. '"l, ISilO.
A.N. TKI1M', l-:y, has this day
been appointed I'oit Sunoyoi for llio
Port and Collection Diiiiiet of Hono
lulu, Oalm, vice F. 'run ill, removed.
lioDKiiKV Disown,
MiniMe-i of Finance.
CM) :it
Irrigation Notice.
Honolulu, II. 1., Aug. '.), ISilO.
Holders of Water Privileges or
those paying Water Kutc:, arehcioby
notified Hint tlic hours for using
water for ungating purposes uic fioni
(', to 8 o'eloek a. m., and 1 to (5 o'clock
r. m.
Ciias. D. WILSON,
Supt. llono. Water Woiks,
Appiovod :
( N. Rpr.NTr.it,
.Ministor of Ihe Inleiior.
(127 tf.
'J? JUL J3
Pledged to tirttlier Sect nor Party,
Hut established for the bcneHt of all.
"The Friend," although a reli
gious journal, cannot refrain from
meddling in polities. Its last isbiie
has a", article headed "The Political
Situation," which, although certain
ly containing some scraps ot truth,
is largely composed of misrepresen
tations and exaggerations. That
inn low, bigoted spirit which cannot
t olei alu an opposing opi nion breathes
through the whole. The professed
dbjent ot the writer is to give "more
light" to readeis abroad upon the
proposition to hold a convention
tor the purpose of preparing a new
onstitution ; but much of the light
impartrd is of a nature calculated
to dazzle the eye and produce dis
torted vision. It is very poor light
tor guidance which comes from a
mind so prejudiced as that ot the
writer of the arlicie in question
evidently is. However unwise the
proposition for a convention may be,
it is not, improved by lnisropreMMi
In the cool of the evening I climb
ed to the summit of I'unehbonl
Wearied and worn by the exertion 1
sat mc down unoti the "round to rest
and recuperate, with my back lean
ing against the Hag pole. Languidly
I looked upon the city below and
gazed out upon the sea beyond.
Toil-woin by the struggle up and
lulled into a frame of charmed quie;
oence by the view before me, I cloi--ed
my eyes and fell into a peaceful
dumber. The cares of life and the
turmoil of tne world vanished. De
fore mo appeared, out on the ocean,
a magnificent ship that was drifting,
drifting, drifting whither I could
not tell. At one time she seemed to
be neaiing the land, and then to be
going faitlier to tea. .Now she was
apparently safe in deep waters, and
live seconds afterwards appeared to
be In imminent (lunger of getting on
the shonls.
What meanelh this v said I; and
a. ofce icplied, It shall be revealed
unto you. And I saw a great com
pany on board, saints and sinners
incongruously mixed in n heap.
Each had ii is own notion about the
course the ship should steer, and
how she should be navigated. One
said, "North is the proper direction ;
there wo shall tiud the regions of
ice, and cool off the tropical heat."
"Not so," said another, "we arc al
ready frozen to death by ages of
puritanism, and if we go south we
shall get thawed out, like the 'fro
zen pirate. 1 propose," broke
Iri-a third, "that we take an easteily
course, where we shall pick up thu
trade winds, and be able lo reach any
point under heaven," An objection
was raised by a fourth, who piefer
red to run west before the wind nud
take the chances ot getting on to thu
coast of New Guinea. At this junc
tion a man who had been quietly
hleepiug with his head on a feather
pillow partially awoke from liisslum
ber in time to catch the concluding
words of the last speaker, and ex
claimed, "Let go the anchor,
and we'll stop where wo nre,
VHjJfrW? ill)
- "
this Is good enough fof hie,"
ntul again dropped Into n' quiet
slumber. This brought to his
feet an excitable man, to whom na
ture had been so unkind as not to
afford sulllcicnt sight to see the
length of his nose, and shouted,
"Up with all sail, boys, and let her
lipl We shall get theie all the
Amid all these divided counsels,
no two agreeing in one opinion, the
ship drifted and rolled and l oiled
and drifted.
Then 1 muttered to myself,
"Surely the vessel is without cap
tain and olllcers ; that is the
trouble." And the voice spoke and
said, "The trouble is the ship is in
possession of the motley company
you see, and as you have also seen
theie is no unanimity in the com
pany, and each in turn tlncatcns lo
pilch the captain and olllcers over
board unless his particular wish is
obeyed. Hence there is such con
fusion of opposing orders that the
navigator of the ship is perplexed
above measure, and knows not what
to do. You must understand these
people are alllietcd with a hoi rible
disease designated 'big head,' which
causes them to feel a thousand
limes larger than mathematical
measurement makes thorn, so that
tinkers, tailors, hackmen, and other
useful workers in their own proper
sphere imagine that they know hot
ter how to mitigate the ship than
the olllcers."
"1 see," said I, and in my vision
1 saw and heard a little man with a
voice like a penny whistle stand up
and say, "Lei us bundle the captain,
chief mate, and other olllcers out of
their cabin- neck and ciop. We'll
sec if these sons of sea cooks will
persist in regulating the ship by ihe
principles of the constitutional
chait, in deliance of our wishes.
We'll make a great chart lor our
selves, and sail the craft after a
fashion ot our own. Jack knows how
to handle a spade, therefore he shall
take the helm; Dill is a dabster at
diiving mules, and he shall set the
sails; Tom lias had long piactice
at looking into tumblcis, and he can
find the latitude by the aid of a cock
tail ; Dick can let go the anchor;
and I will show how all the-e things
arc done."
When this speaker ceacd talking
the butcher and barber were paral
ysed by the words of wisdom uttered,
and the cook's mate, unable to re
strain himself, shouted, "Hurrah,
hurrah!" to which the multitude
responded with great enthusiasm,
while a few sarcastic sceptics kept
cool and muttered in an uuder-tone,
"Verily this man is inebriated by an
overweening estimate of his own
importance, and kuoweth not wheie
of he speaketh ; or, in other words,
lie is a self-conceited ass."
Then everyone went his own way,
and did as he pleased. One fellow
tossed the compass overboard ; the
cook made oyster stew in the binna
cle; the cook's mate chopped up the
wheel tor fuel to boil the coppers ;
the sheet anchor was lugged to the
foretop, as the most nppropiialc
place for an ornament so unique;
the charts were cut into slips for use
as pipe-lights; everybody smoked
in the powder room, as a shady
place ol repose; and the masts
being constitutional were chopped
away as useless appendages.
In the midst of these rctnaikablc
and irregular proceedings, there
suddenly arose a mighty storm, the
sea became exceedingly rough, and
the winds came on to blow like
bla.es. The people were greatly
alarmed, and ran hither and thither
in much confusion, while the ship
was being driven broadside onto the
shoals. Jt was impossible to hoist
the sails lo keep her off, because the
masts had been wantonly cut away,
and the wheel was gone. And on
to the shoals she went and became a
total wreck.
I awoke with a start, and realised
that it was all a dream.
Editok Hui.i.ktin :
The agitation for a constitutional
convention seems (hawing ton focus
and for the settlement of the follow
ing questions it would be for thu
welfare of our country that the
wished for convention should lie
First of all our constitution should
he so modelled that members of the
Cabinet should hold elective seats
in the parliament instead of ex
officio. if this mode should be
adopted 1 have not tho slightest
doubt but that the people who elect
members of the Legislating and
possible Cabinet olllcers will have
no fault to find. It satisfies ihciu
that tho choice was from the many
of their chosen ones, and not that
of a few "unprincipled wire pull
ers." Again it gives the pcoplo a
chance to defeat an obnoxious Min
ister at tho polls, so compel his im
mediate resignation. The needs and
wishes of thu pcoplo would thus bo
better attended to, and they would
be looked to by the possible Minis
ters instead of the fow successful
"wire pullers. 11ns plan I am I
very sure will give better satisfac
tion than the present one.
Another giievanoc is the elective
franchise ; as it now stands it is an
open injustice to a majority of our
Intelligent voters. The plea against
unrestricted noblo franchise was the
ignorance of the masses. The plea
is correct but tho measure by which
the boundary Is fixed is not. If one
studies the list of school teachers
and their salaries one finds most of
our school teachers arc coiling all
the way from $20 to S10 per month.
Docs that mean they are ignorant,
and cannot the right to vole lor
Nobles be given them?
But the most vital question to us
as a people and a nation is tho Chi
nese question. It is a question that
must be dealt with at' once. It is
admitted on all sides the sugar
planter, to get his 80 percent divi
dends, must have coolie labor, but it
docs not necessarily follow that
planters be allowed lo turn them
loose on the community. We read
in the good old book how the Lord
charged the leaders of the Israelites
to exterminate the people dwelling
in tho cities of Cannan. How they
were destroyed and to what strata
gems these doomed peoples resoited
to exchange their certain extinction
for a life of slavery. We read the
same lesson with its bitter conclu
sion in the wars of King Phillip and
the New England Puritans. We
read of Attiia and his Huns hewing
their way from the Scythian wilds
through populous Europe into Gaul
then back and finally settling in the
fertile valley of the Danube as a
distinct unmixed race. History
teaches us that different races com
ing in contact with one another can
never amalgamate, but the weaker
will always disappear.
Not a particle of difference doc
the manner of contact make. Sooner
or latter the struggle for ascendency
shall come. We read how the Goths
appealed to the Romans (or rather
Grciki) nnd bound themselves by the
most sacred oaths to become grateful
slaves to the emperor if they were
allowed to cross the Danube and
shelter themselves under the ban
ners of Home fiom the fierce hordes
of Tartars. The desired boon was
granted. Once over how lightly
were those oaths and conditions
broken! How quickly the sup
pliants dictated terms to their
trembling masters 1 The influx of
light haired Goths into the Koman
Empire clearly demonstrates that
when the intrude! s become sulll
cicnt ly strong they aspire to rule,
so shall it be with our "bland child
like Chinese."
Our present Constitution grants
lliein all privileges (to which they
are unworthy) by which they, as a
people, may acquire wealth and
ultimately power ay, political
power, for wealth is the surest step
to political power. Why should
they be allowed the means of ac
quiring political control in the near
'future? Why should we sit by and
look on and sec them silently but
steadily reject our manners and
modes of living, corrupt the morals
of our 3'ouths, and gradually ac
quire that political ascendency
which wo as yet seem ignorant of
how to withhold from them? I say
draw a limit to their occupation.
It is because tho Constitution is in
the way, that a limit to their occu
pation cannot he drawn. Let the
Constitution bo amended but the
Chinese plan will bailie amendments
so call a Constitutional Conven
tion, and in the Constitution to bo
framed let there be a clause forbid
ding Chinese fiom undertaking any
occupation which requires a Gov
ernment license. It is not on the
same line as refusing them the
elective franchise? Is it wrong for a
nation to protect its subjects? Is
it wrong to withhold piivileges from
the people of a nation that has
never granted us like privileges?
While we write and discuss this
vexed problem the Chinese arc slow
ly and 6iirely. gaining that political
ascendency which wealth always
confers and we have yet to learn of
tho evils which, history teaches,
will always follow when a strange
nice gains undue ascendency over
the people of a nation. We have
withheld fiom them the voting pri
vilege, but granted them all the
means whereby wealth could bo ac
quired ; now let us withhold from
them the menus of accumulating tin
duo wealth which is really the only
true way of keeping political power
from their gra9p. Omcoa.
Honolulu, Sept. 8, 1890.
Wlttiation Wanted
Ij'NGLISII Lady seeks posilion as
L housekeeper, thoroughly experi
eueed. good needlewoman. Adihes-i
"A. T.," I'ustollice, Honolulu. Or.ll lit
Employment Wanted
BY A. O. Wood, (late with II. II. Wil
liams it Co., furniture dealers),
with sound linn In this city, as teamster
and dellverymiiH, Is a good driver, un
derstands tho caio of horses, harness,
etc., la well acquainted with the city,
understands (ho Hawaiian language,
steady and temperate In habits. Ad
dress "A. 0. Wood," Geneial PosU
Olllcoj 05!l 111
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Beof, 1 and 2 lb. tins.
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P. P.
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Solo Ageutr- for the Hawaiian Irlamln.
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ground' or iii)iergcd. being a protec
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13th Annual
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3 .
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MmMm, .-mh

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