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AiMMnrjr IllMfflfi
No DiMlfiChHtt
HMM tlRNk )"OM
( Mm- ftjrt IwrIii lo
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ItaMow them en mum
You tMttfflt tiunl
Tin thing enme
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Tour nit mmn with thmti. loos
An 1 ro ill?, Oivir, 1 re itmifM lu nln
Soiim irli I to rIto tbwn to
lni In l pnlr, ami nstr 3 ou
I an In t ins, JlHl l 11 1 11
Oomo, my jrouTI 1w Another Kirl,
And U(W Ibcm Imok itgaln.
Hear John, you're rijttat (he wrote ngnln),
ltctuin the (rina to toe,
And ofwr thin, hi you Mifca&i
Ton IUsson.
iwiiwiwi mini nww
DcImr n Story uf u I'lirlMiiiim of tlio
I.miK ,C".
C'iiyrlght liy American 1'raw Acx.latloti.
Down among the clllTi of Devon tuoo
mlslilv ones which Ktitinl tlio houtlii'rii
EnglHi coma eastward from Slihnoutli,
ami not fta from tlio quaint, rock bound
village of Voro Kabul Venn, tho come
ly, brown lmlred flshrrmnii's Uiitujliter,
reigned over thu aturily he.uts of tho
sea, sulijubntlng nllLc the brau ny lUuvr
lad wLi suuiit tho cliannul through tho
ntnrlUht tilghti of whiter und tho nuin
o'-vrar's mini homo on luie, ulillo half the
coast gu.irds lnpcd into chronic jiuUm-iy,
nntl few wild HplrltH, Hie special euro oT
tho const gnnrds, who traded "-ccretly with
Cherbourg, were among lier most ardent
It was on Robert Dare, young, linnit
BOine, fc.irlcss nnd tho most accomplished
BtimggU r of the coast, that Isabel's choicu
fell. I'vonshiro smugillni; oer fifty
years r w a ilnring, almost chivalrous,
enterpi - .md from this and other cilices'
It w i s t derated by tho people. Many n
nuvi-.ti.ite has traced his cellar's prido to
n "N eie fishing boat, and a lord bishop has
Bent fro n afar for tho pale French essence
ere it had blushed itself brow u in bond. Nor
woio nijsteiions sources wanting to sup
ply the means When Hobeit Dare neuded
funds for it oyuge ho used to say that ho
was "g ing up the hmdside a little," and
that nUht he would come back witli tho
needful The third week in December,
18S8, opened n cold, blustering time.
Wreaths of lino snow wound rouud the
doorsteps nnd hung over tliu small, diamond
paned w iudow s of Vcro. Times were hard;
thu coast guards vigilant. Prudencomust
defer the nun i iago of Robert and Isibel,
which was to have como oil at Christmas.
The cronies of the Ship Inn deplored tho
prospect for tho poor and shook their heads
In sympithy ns mild expiation for their
conifoiting "lunimera" of grog.
"Good cening, doctor," squeaked old
Solomon Quiglej, the puns' clerk, us
genial Dr. Dow lby came beaming in. For
Dr. 13uw lby c ime f i om Uo ey manor, w here
Lady Lee had commissioned him to buy n
hundred and fifty geese for tho Christinas
dinner ol the needy. But Eeteranil Iloni
tou had absorbed the supply, so 'said tho
farmers piesent Then up spoke Robert
"Geese are plcntif nl and cheap in Franco.
I will ret them by pajment for my time."
Dr. Dim lby assented, tho company np
pl.iudcil, and tho giiled coast guard cap
tain &.. -red over his long clay pipe at
Robe-1 in a look of d'ized solicitude
"G-od nlht, my darling Btllc," said
Robi.it, kisi'ig herut her father's cottage,
"and n y t, od luck attend me I mus.
go u,i t!(. 1 muside a little to night "
1 he tjtiiull nailed out of tho coc of
7c to, and in due time sailed back again,
il hai hi i ,"cr of good chcei for tlie poor.
"A wlIcoiiio cm go," said Dr. Bon lby.
"T.i'.o ca!o of tliem to night, Robert."
"o, a good selection," muttered tho
griz-ilul t.'ipt.iin, peering into the lece-sses
of the bo it, "ve-iy goo 1. There is abso
lutely notuing but the geese," he whis
pered dijixtedly to himself; then loudei to
his iiliuLoi:
"I bay, ilr. Quiglej, theio is really noth
ing but the geese, you know."
"Kothiug," piped Solomon, "unless there
may 1 u any ganders among 'cm."
"Bah!" suid thu captain. And now the
Ship Inn i.j a bower of evergreens, for to
moirow Is Chtistmas eve.
"I he.u," obscned Sir. Qulgley In n
low, commanding tone, as he slowly filled
his pipe, "that Robert Dure and Isabel
Vcnuaroto be married to mouow."
"Yes," slid the doctor, glancing from
tho punch bowl to tho captain; "by
"I w Ish I may die," wheezed tho land
lord, "if I warn't told thut Robeit had
bought Rose cottage, iu SeaforU lane."
"Ami he is gone oft today for furniture,"
said the captain; "mysterious, very."
"And quite a party is invited to the
breakfast ut Venn's uforo they're oil for a
London honeymoon," gasped tho landlord.
"There's tho wicar and squire und the
doctor and the cappen nnd Mr. Qulgley
and I, and some of the littler folks."
It was a pleusant wedding breakfast, in
which the joy of tho young people blended
with tho happy spirit of Christmas; tho
flag wined from tho tower of tho old gray
church, und tlio notes of tho bells floated
down the valley until thoy woro lost
among the locks.
"It la not true," said Robert in respond
ing to the toast of brido und bridegroom,
"that I have purchased Roso cottage; we
are going into an established business at
Exeter; but perhaps it Is fit thut I should
explain some of tho features Pi my lust
trip iicioss tho channel. Thu sago und
onions that will fill tho geeso of our poor
fin nds lo-moi tow will oulysueeeed u far
dihen utbtuiling. My neighbors nil," und
here Robert hinlled brightly on thu grizzled
caj tain, "stowed In each gooso, und now
pafo from tho Philistines, was bovera
guineas' woitli of tho most cstly luce,"
Loud was tho laughter unci cheering,
winch ouly subsided us tho lust toast was
"A merry Christmas to nil friends here
nnd everyw here, und u happy New Year
when it tomes!"
At this juncture thu grizzled captain,
who had been missed for u moment, reap
peared with n florid face und sheepish air.
Ho had lal.cn off his uniform jacket with
its gilt buttons and avullcd himself of the
doctor's oiercoat. Thus, with a lightened
conscience, ho joined in tho toast with Its
"threo tim"s thioo."
The heads of several respected families
In professional und trade life In tho west
of l.ugland are tho sous und daughters of
hnndaomo Robert Dare nnd beautiful Isu
bel Venn. John Ai.nunaitovK.
And AtltnflntiM mi tnt imjjrct ten u '
(lint thorn nn ovor four litiinlird known I
HxhiIm of the nnlr Tlirro In only ono I
Nfl!M known lit (Irnitllrllnln, lliocoin- '
tntiti tiiUllnlw Hip vlnt-nnt ntlitnn. m It
In tmtnnlcnlly lainwn-ntnl It In with
Umt inrtlrulnr trwlw Hint wo Imvo to
dm! I
It Is iKipnliiily ouppo-xil that the mla- '
tlelw jnw Mclnilvely on the oak treo,
but thli U u tnUtnkc, ns It la found on
tlio o-ik In very rare iiistnncei, while It
gro wltli gnmt jirofualon on tho upplu,
tho porfr, tlu liiiwtliorn. nnd ulsuonsycu
luortH, llinw, puplnrs, locust trues uud
flw In ROino portions of tlio sotith of
Knglntnl it Is vrry iibundnnt, nnd Its
ovprgtwn loaves glvo n peculinr npiiciin
nueo to the orclmrds In winter, when tho
,bti.-ho of inistlototutro very consplunons
iituong tho tmkoel branclies of tho trees.
Thero Is a superstition connected with
tho mistletoe tlmt it in unlucky to foil an
oalt on which It grows, nnd tho author
of "Mngim Britannia" describes a great
wood belonging lo the niuhblshops ol
the Hundred of Croyland. n.ild to have
consisted wholly of oaks, mid among
them was one that boro mistletoe, which
some persons were bo hardy us to cut
down for the gain of selling it to the
iiHithccni ics of Loudon, lea vln j u brunch
of it to tiptout out. but they proved un
fortunate utter It, for ono of them fell
liuuo and otheis lost uu eye. At length,
lu the J ear 1(178, a certain man, not wit n
standing he was warned against it, upon
account of what tho others hud suf
feted, nd ventured to cut tho tree down,
and he soon after broke his leg. To fell
oaks had long been eonsideied fatal, and
such us believe it produce the iustutico
of the Earl of Wiuclielsen, who, having
filled u curious giove of oaks, soou after
foi nd hni countess dead in her bed slid
deuly, uud his eldest sou, Lord Maid
btoue, was picscntly killed by u caunon
ball. New Yoik Press
New Yeas
nmwujimi iwii)himii.hiiiii, u mini m
An l!xiitiv blirub M'hlrli Hun but Iteoent
I) lU'un Xiitiriilutnl III Amur lea,
Til" lllMltllCK) llUIIf OU tlllCOJitld Willi,
A 'I Hiu hull biuueli kliuuu hi tlio old oak ball,
Ai 1 1 iu barcu v retainer Mure blilliu uuj gay
h' i.Iuk tlmlr ClirUtiniu bullJay
At 1 ins twiMM of the yenr tlio wUtloUxj
Is a . ' h oiiin nilditiuii to (ho utoclr of our
11 .mi , being Intimately iiModatcd( us II
l- .i.li CIiiImUiius tiorU It In pew.
liiiucver, to tins amnio, und it U pot
iinu h iuqii) thuii a decade- hi nee the llmt
Viiuturu wun over brought here. Tlio
o. 9SNiiuntiti Avenue.
lliiTs received per S. 8. "Cliumn"
from llougkuiiit und Yokuliiituii
Ebony & Pearl Hall Furniture,
Rutin n Cluilrs,
Hutin l'illow Slituns
a riNK absoiitmi:nt or
Silk SliRWlsg& Kar.dkfirchivfs,
Uiupu Silk, I'cin I'liln,
1I.NJU tinil TKA SETfJ,
Uf the latest pattern ;
Vl'i'Bll Cri Tti,
No. 1 Manila Cigars.
i;te , Etc., Etc., Etc.
;:io ist
"What is it?"
"The sea seipent."
"No: it's j;ot horns. "
"Well, it's a fresh w.tter sea serpent
They're different from those seen iu tho
This colloquy tools place between Capt.
G. P. Sprague nnd Mr. Rollin Jones,
both of this city, as they stood iu their
little skiff opposite Millstoue Point, ou
Lako Winipieogee, whither they had
gono,to try their luck iu hooking n mess
of bass, which are said to inhabit those
waters. While patiently waiting lor tho
nibblers to como along one of the gen
tlemen noticed a strange looking object
putting out from the shoie, and called
tho attention of his companion to it,
when ensued the nbovo conversation.
"If tlfat is a sen "serpent," continued
tho captain, "I want a closer look at it,
as our friends in Boston will be inclined
to doubt fonr story unless we can give
tho fullest kind of detail regarding the
appearance of the strange looking ani
mal. They will also declare we paid
more attention to pulling corks than we
did to pulling in fish, unless we can
show them bomething to confirm our
"Well, then, if our reputation is
tlneatened by any such danger I am
with you," responded Mr. Jones.
A few tugs at tho anchor rope and
their blciff was free. Each manned an
oar, and tho little craft wont dancing
o er the shining waters like a streak of
light. When within a few rods of the
object of their investigation the captain
turned lu3 gaze in tho direction of tho
In mod cmiostty uud immediately ex
chained: "It'b a deerl it'o a deer au old buck!
p: 11 for your lifol tie's making fyr
Snake Island, and if ho ever gets into the
bushes it's the last wo shall over seo of
"Aro you quite euro it's a buck and
not a sea serpent?" inquired Mr. Jones
di jippointedly, as he had been exhaust
ing his strength in tho happy anticipa
tion of at last beholding a member of
this bomewhat doubtiul family of tor
quatiia. "I urn an expert on bucks," responded
tho captain, who wus now in a fover of
ercitemeut. "Pull for your life!" he
ntin siioutcd, as ho noticed Mr. Jones'
lagging oar.
In a tew moments thoy were abreast
of tho frightened animal, whoso horns
roso abovo tho water like two stout
branches of a tree. Ho gavo up all ef
forts to get away, and quietly submitted
to having tho painter of the skiff made
fast to his antlers. In this manner ho
w.is towed nshoro and led to the camp
of Mr. Jones. He is a beautiful repre
sentative of his species, and weighs fully
200 pounds. Boston Herald.
flow Jfklui Koups Cool.
"The only people in Now York who
don't suffer much from tho heat uro the
Chineso," baid Dr. Joluj Uhl recently.
"Your Chinaman," ho continued, "is a
nerveless, unimpassioned animal, nnd
doesn't let anything worry him. That
is ono reason. Another is that his food
is largely fruits and vegetables during
the warm months, when wo hold to our
heavy meats at least twice a day the
season through.
"His great summer drink is tea, hot or
cold, but never Iced tea. Neither does
ho drink iced water, and thus produce
an abnormal lowering of the tempera
ture, which brings a consequent rise us
far abovo tho normal. Then his dress is
loose, calculated far more for comfort,
or rather forfeumiuer comfort, than ours,
and altogether John gets through hot
weather better than any other person 1
know. I have watched them hero and
in San Francisco for years, and I never
know of ono being suustruck, and I can
not lecall ever having seen ono of them
in a profuse perspiration." Now York
The Newest CruUer.
Tlio now crulber San Francisco ia a sis
ter vessel of the Philadelphia, which
w.is recently fitted for sea. Her buildero
had the advautago of experience in con
structing the Charleston, and that the
work ou her has been pushed may be
inferred fiom tho fact that actual con
struction did not begin until April 1,
1888, and she was launched Oct. 20, 1889.
The Philadelphia was begun Oct. 27,
1687, and tho vessel was launched in
August, ieeo,
As fhu iu now, without guns or musts,
the Bau Francisco is a handsomer vowel
than the Charleston with all her fittings.
Her lines mo fur more trim, and her
I gteatcr length und tho symmetrical
bhupo of her hull give her the uppeur
unco of a lino steam yacht. All oxperU
that Imvo uxuiniiiud her declare Iter lfuei
to be liner tlmn thoae of uny other vw"
eel (4 tho how navy, und I lint for IhU
reason uud the btrenth of her bniluri
bhu should ulM be tlio nwlfteet vuwsol
(uuoutf Uie ow oruiMiv. Uotiou Xdvut'
What You Can Git Fur Xinas
Elite Ice Ohio Pinks !
Fine 5 e Cream,
Ibkuclien (Honey Cakes),
And 1001 other kinds of
Fruitc, Nuts, Bon-Bons,
Chocolates, Pop Corn,
Of tho best quality. Wo make the
Cream, Homemade and Plain
OA.ijrm.:;s :
Fresh every day in greatest
gjGF'Om btock find store i now in
complete oider, and ou are invited
tn int-peot. 738 7t
Smite' tefc!
Beaver Lunoli Saloon,
II. .. NOlVE'S,
Will be found a Hue stock of
f!&5r holders
&moki-fV Requisite:
724 TOK VCCOS. Llm
New Model Lmicli Room
Open All NlBlit, !
Having fitted up the upper floor of
our premifoe as lit-class lunch
room, we me pn pared to furnii-h
meals of the bef-t the market ufibidt-;
cooked to tmit your tiibto. After tlio
next steamer, Doi ember 12th, wu
will have constantly on band Frozen
Oystois, Game, Etc., Etc., in their
firEntrunce by step, mnuka of
main entrance.
Hoping tlint you will give us
call wo uro reppoet fully yours.
732 lin
Christmas !
Christmas !
Thos. Lindsay
Kukui Jfwe ry
Diamonds & Other Precious
Gold & Silver Watohes
780 18t
etuia ir hobui
Mj jl aw: jl rm? mi
XL W,9
Opposite Spreckels' Bbrk,
Fort Street, Honolulu.
git1,, r itiaa
,mmJ KitA 2P
ftnrV. V k ai H 1 1 EMAJHdlHWffiiWtFnHBlBAHAAJ QTI IH?
HIj an nco or Btccl. jiln oin IsnRtcnl IVftcol.
Itliascolrt r..llcl steel J,fl 6alK Steel lianu.stoel
Arms ami n MilloiDId ff lnwrilSbVnlrnthoBSS
aro cold tire-sod una of LS9 iunerlnr qualu? Tho
ortnoinnrolnubo. llioylmolnTnaiidniosentUiewm.
?nSo',!5in',,X.0"1' .Klt'-usourivrrectSeltreeulaN
ItiESleel Aormotor wlilclitlnesedmurhwnrlcasanyll)-
u5$SX W"."1 ;MIU " Itrlmllns Rraln. cutting
f.ilf!'"115'!000, E10 w"lcl1 ,,w' c' mticli work as
thh!. 0,,.,Ln wheoL Wo nrn "10 "" makers of a
S!ft?h,lri,th'" "'""I- lint to tn rllinbcit. It
K" '" minlhei :! doulnes tlio iim or tho wlieol
Alio Acriiiiitoi-i utiH unit ilotn p.Tci llvo work
.i0,.,n1 "f1"1 " .if i?lm.mil l.lln ror ATnntof
JJ'Inil. send 'or r 'ouly llti.sirut(u iTIntcd niitWr
lliowlnu Low lo put imwtr Ii. uut 'ii
i rcns
' Duplex' Dia Slock."
No Wit noiii's '1 liuinl-i'itv)- o
Collet'; Tool cuinpleic iu itM If ; wai
runteti to do more and better woik
than auy other Die Stock made.
Blue Beard Rice Plow !
BBIHBWSSEBKEfiiirUSit.- '- , -
'h f
Wm. G. Fischer's Famous Grand
Active & Golden Anvil Wrought
Steel Cooking Ranges, of all sizes ;
with Broiler nnd Hot Water attach
ments if desired. Consuming one
third less fuel, either wood or coal,
than any other stove in existance.
No brick work about it ; just a clean
cut stove; whose baking qualities
ore unsurpassed ; triangular grates.
Our Best Round-cornered, Four
tumbler Combination Lock, Extra
finished Fire Proof Safe.
L? 4Hl9E&aBA9H'R2ZwfM'HKfc
Tln'-u four.wordi, if accepted in
tlieii lullest Hignilli'iitice ill cover
the ()iinlities of the IIautmak Siekl
PiciiUT Fence.
The Fines
t . Holiday Goods S
2 HI
tf III ',,;L $i
Bockwood Pottery of Cincinnati, Genuine Cut Glassware, Genuine Haviland China,
Jn Roast pecf Sett, Ice Cream Sets, Salad Sets and Fish Sets, -
SST Any of these Fine Chinas csn be duplicated at our store, If broken. "Sl
Now lino of Fine BRASS BIRD CAGES, all riveted, latest styles and novel piittenis,
Flno OBbortment of Extiu SILVER PLATED WARB,
Al TABLE CUTLERY, In pieces nnd sell, novel, convenient, unique.
Table Lamps, Fancy Lamps, Piano Lamps, Parlor & Night Lamps, Chandeliers,
JicIt-rtfackB, Onyx Tabl; HSasels 5i Binglo Fggcs
ftM for rirwmwU upeolidly imported or UiOMoHdny tmdo, nj,
ft "
r $
- '1
' I.

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