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r$WrF , '4
Time Table
A.M. A.M. P.M. I'.M.
l,eavo Honolulu.. .0:15 8:45 1:45 4:35f
ArrivoHonoullull.7:a) 0:57 2:5" 5:35f
LcavoHonouliull..7:80 10:13 3:13 OM'Jt
Arrive Honolulu.. 8:35 11:55 4:55 0:50t
Pbarii City Local.
Leavo Honolulu G:10 ....
Arrlro Pearl City 6:48 ....
Leavo Pearl Olty..0:55
Arrlvo Honolulu. 7:30
Suiulaj'H excepted, t Saturdays only.
S Saturdays oxccitod.
Tides, Sun and Moon.
by c. J. I.YONB.
I aa CO 03
eH o"
P 3
S P.
r- 5 1 1 Q.I
P I a
a.m. p.ui.,i.m.'a.ui
U ill A Ui U U O l
1 20 2 0 7 0 8 20
0 10
0 0
(1 0 3 12
0 0 4 7
0 10 4 45
0 10 A 20
G 10 0 !)
0 11 7 14
6 11 8 11
' 'u.m.'n.m
2 0 2 40, 0 0 7 40
2 30 2 20 0 40 U 0
101 Bo'lO 30 11 0
C 7
p.m. ii. m. i
4 .iu ,ii in wi ji iu
& 20 4 iu li o ii no
New moon on tlic lTtti nt Cli. 2m. p. m.
Time Wlilstlo blow sat 111. 28m. ats. ji.m. of
Honolulu time, which is tlio Biime as 12h. 0m.
(Is. of Uicomvlcli time.
TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 1893.
Tuesday, March 11.
Am bk S C Allen, Thompson, 14 days from
San Francisco
Tuesday, March 14.
HUMS Garnet for Eiuimalt
Btmr Kaala for Waianao, Waialua, Sloku-
loia, Kulmku and Punatuu.
Stmr V O Hall for Maui ami Hawaii
Stmr Mlkahala for Kauai at 5 p m
Btmr Pelu for Makawcli
Schr Mahimahi for Waialua and Waianae
For Molokai, per stmr Mokolii, March 13
H McCorrixton, Miss Eliza Meyers, Hoa
C UUikou and wife and 15 deck.
For Maui, per stmr Claudiue, March 13
Mrs Taylor, O llolte, Dr Akisu and wife,
Mrs Pueifer, about 40 deck and a number
of Japanese Immigrants.
For Manl and Hawaii, per stmr W G
Hall, March 14 For Volcano: Dr Igllck,
M McGregor, O A Peacock, Col E D Judd,
J E Audio, Dr Capron, it G Smith, For
way ports: Dr Cooper, L M Vetlesen, Mr
and Mrs Silva, Mi-s A M Stone. Miss A
Fenncll, J Nawahi, T K Amalu, Lam Sing
and 30 deck.
Foreign Vessels Expected.
U S S Ranger, from San Francisco
USB Adams, from San Francisco
HUMS Hyacinthe from Ksunimalt
HUMS Koyal Arthur from England
HUMS Tcmerairo from England
Am bktne lrmgard from San Francisco due
March U
Am bktnu Planter, Dow, from San I'ran-
cisco, due March 24
Am Alice Cooke from Nev cattle, N S W,
due March 25
Am 4-masted schr Lynin ) Foster, Dryer,
from Newcastlo, N S
Am 4-masted schr Puritan, Warner, from
Newcastle. N S W
Am 4-nistd bchr Alice Cooke, Penhallow,
from Newcastle, N S V
Am 4-m schr Alico Cooke, from Newcastle,
N S W, March 25-30
Am 4-m schr Olga, from Newcastle, N S V,
March 25-30
Am 4-m King Cvrus, from Newcastle, N S
W, April 5-f0
Am 4-m bktne W H Humo, from New
castle, N S V, April 25-30
Br bk Gainsborough, from Newcastlo, N S
AV, April 25-30
Bk Lamorna, fiom Newcastlo, N 8 W,
April 25-30
Dk Amy Turner, from Doston, due May
Mis bkt Morning Star from Micronesia,
due May 23
Dr ship Honolulu from Newcastle, N S Y
Ger bkt Amelia from Port Townsend
Vessols in Port.
11 I J M S Kon-go, Tashlro, from San
H I J M 8 Naniwa. Togo, from Japan
UBS Alliance, Whiting, from Samoa
u H F b Mohican from San Francisco
UBS Doston, Wiltse, from Hilo
S S Miike Maru from Yokohama,
Am bk Hesper, Sodcrgren, from Newcas
tle, N BSV"
Am 4-masted schr Ilobt Searles, Pelts:,
from Newcastle, N B W
Am bk Coylon, Calhoun, from San Fran
cisco Am bktne Discovory, McNeill, from San
Am schr John O Porter, Meyer, from San
Am bktne S N Castlo, Hubbard, from San
Dr 4-masted schr Tacora, Thornton, from
Ger bk H Haekfeld, Hilgerloh, from Liur
pool. Haw bk It P Itltliot, Morrison, from San
Shipping Notes.
The steamer Kiiiau will bo due from
Maui und Hawaii early to-morrow morn
ing. Tho American four-masted schooner Ito
boi t Lowers is thirteen days out to-day
from Ban Francisco for this port.
The American bark S. C. Allen, Captain
Thompson, arrived this afternoon, 14 days
from ban Francisco, with a cargo of gen
eral merchandise, and was docked at
Drawer's wharf. The bark experienced B.
toB. 15. winds the first seven davs of the
passage, thence to port had N. E. trades
and fair wind. Sho will commence dis
charging tomorrow.
'Tho people of this vicinity insist
011 having Chamborlain's Cough
Remedy mid do not want any other,"
says John V. Bishop, of Portland
Mills, Indiana. That is right. They
know it to bo superior to any other
for colds, and as a preventive and
euro for croup, and why should thoy
not insist upon having it. fi() cent
bottles for sale by nil dealers. Bon
hoii. Smith k Co., agents for tho 11a
waiian Inlands.
A pound uotico of a horse mid I
cow npponrs to-day.
Don't forgot tho luau and fair to
tako place at Kalihi on April Cth.
Diamond Hoad, 0 p. m. "Woathor
thick and rainy; wind light north.
August Bock has a notico to-day
regarding dobts contracted by his
Friday, March 17, Kamohamoha
III. day, is proclaimed as a public
holiday. .
Tho dredger has. cleared quito a
spaco of ground near tho Pacific
Mail dock.
Sovon passengers loft by tho
steamer W. G. Hall this morning for
the Volcano.
Tho Civil Rights Loaguo will hold
a mooting this ovoning at Arion hall
at 7:30 o'clock.
Two Government lots on tho Es
planado will bo sold at tho Govern
ment Building April 12.
It is roportod that tho Japanoso
training ship Kon-go will loavo for
Japan on Thursday noxt.
Three Chiuoso opium fionds wore
sontoucod to pay a fine of $50 each
in tho District Court this morning.
Twolvo opium smokers woro ar
rested last night, Marshal W. G.
Ashloy capturing somo of thorn him
solf. A pocket book containing con
siderable wealth has been lost, and a
reward of $50 is offorod for its re
turn. There will bo a sale of govern
ment land at Kalihi, at tho front en
trance of Aliiolani Halo, to-morrow,
at noon.
Thero will bo an adjourned meet
ing of tho old volunteer Hook &
Ladder Co. at Firo Police hall to
morrow evening.
Fivo thousand boxes of tea from
China woro stopped by tho Customs
authorities of Melbourno recently as
being unfit for human consumption.
H. B. M. S. Garnet sailod out the
harbor promptly at noon to-day on
her way to Esquimalt. It is oxpoot
od that sho will return at a future
"Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down"
will bo the topic of Dr. Lucas at tho
Y. M. C. A. hall this evening. Tho
lecturer has high testimonials from
tho United States, Englaud, Canada
and Australia.
Ka Mailo storo has received somo
elegant new dress goods. They aro
being arranged to-day for a grand
oponiiig to-morrow. The exhibit
will be worth seeing, and tho ladies
will not miss it.
Tho independent Hawaiiau Band
began practice at tho residenco of
William Aylott yesterday morning.
Tho instruments are now and the
music is now, and tho boys expect to
give a concert iu about a wook.
A party was given last night by
tho Myrtle Boat Club at its house iu
honor of Captain Thornton of tho
British schooner Tacora. There
were about 35 present, including
mombors. Refreshments woro serv
ed and dancing was kept up till
11:30. All had a delightful time.
At the meeting of tho Scottish
Thistle Club last night Clansman
Robert Laing road an original poem
descriptive of tho club's celebration
of Burns night. It was so well ap
preciated that tho club at once
voted tho author to bo poet laureate
of tho club.
Sam Pedro, for using threatening
language against his wife, was or
dered by Police Magistrate Foster
this morning to file a bond of $100
to keep tho peaco for ono year. A
native was also ordered to file a
similar bond to keep tho peace
with his wife for six months.
A report of tho military connnit
too, now under reference to tho Ex
ecutive Council, rocoinmonds an in
crease of the regular force tolU.-i,l)omg
18 more than present strength. The
Provisional Legislature has appro
priated .'J350 to provide further ac
commodations for tho baud, battery
company and drill shed.
Tho funoral of the lato Edwin J.
Joffory, staff engineer of tho Garnet,
yesterday afternoon was ono of the
most imposing ever witnessed in
Honolulu. Tho military display of
tho mon-of-warsmon was very im
pressive. Major J. H. Wodohouso
and Captain H. T. Hughos-Hallot
were tho chiof mourners.
In the window of Mr. Krugor,
watchmaker, Cummins block, is ex
hibited the champion six-oared sil
ver cup won by tho Hoalani Boat
Club. It is a massivo work. Tho
cup is supported by six oars, oach
bearing the name of one of tho
champion crow. "Carl W.," tho
boat's name, after Carl Widomann,
president of the club, Is on the baso.
Two womon had a light at tho
"bluogato" resort on Merchant stroet
this afternoon in which ono was
scratched about the face. The fracas
was bordering on a gonoral row when
Captain Fohlbohr arrived and had
both women escorted to the Police
Station. The wounded woman was
locked up, and tho other allowed
hor liberty. Tho trouble was caus
ed by jealousy.
Opera House,
A round of entertainments is in
rehearsal for production at tho
Opera Houso commencing on Satur
day, tho 25th inst. Mr. Crowloy has
planned a varied sorios of produc
tions iu tho line of comedy, min
strelsy and variety together with
tho Hawaiian historical drama on
titled "Ocean ioa," for which new
scenery has been painted.
Stoamor Fireman Killod,
One of the firemen of the Jnpa
noho Htoainor Miiko Maru fell into
tho forohold last night. Ho died 011
board three hours after tho accident.
His funeral look pluco this afternoon.
Correspondence Between Minis
ter Macfarlane and As
sessor Blown.
What About the People's Side Getting
a Hearing?
It is fresh in tho public mind that
in tho short tonuro of tho Macfar
lane Ministry tho Tax Assessor and
Collector for tho Island of Oahu,
Mr. C. A. Brown, was dismissed from
otlico by tho Ministor of Financo,
Hon. E. C. Macfarlane. Also, that
Mr. Brown rosistod his dismissal by
certain legal' processes, which cul
minated in his gotting a judgment
in his favor from Judge Froar. This
judgment hold that Mr. Brown was
not lawfully dismissed because ho
nau not boon accoruou a hearing on
tho charges against him. An appeal
was taken from tho decision of
Judge Froar, but at that moment
Mr. C. N. Spencer, whom Mr. Mao
farlano had appointed to tho oflico
and against whom Mr. sBrown's suit
was dirootod, suddenly died.
Mr. llrown seized the opportunity
and took possession of the Tax Office
with tho consent of Hon. P. C.
Jones, Ministor of Financo in tho
Provisional Government. His ouly
legal claim lay in tho decision of tho
Circuit Court Judge, from which an
appeal had been taken as stated.
The lapse of this appeal through
the death of tho appellant loft tho
issue that was of public importance
in an unsettled state judicially. Mr.
Macfarlane had given reasons ac
cording to tho statute for his dis
missal of tho Tax Assessor, a sub
ordinate in his Department. If
those reasons woro capable of proof,
and there oxists sworn testimony of
their truth, then tho taxpayers of
Oahu aro insulted and outraged by
haviug such a man as C. A. Brown
in occupancy of tho position of Tax
Assessor and Collector. If Mr.
Brown was ontitled to a hearing to
save the oflico and its emoluments
to him, then tho public ought to
have much greater rights of a hear
ing in behalf of their interests.
Some of tho alleged offenses of
Mr. Brown while -holding the oflico
woro notorious. They were com
mitted shamolessly in full public
view. His holding of a miserable
specimen of a legislator m virtual
custody, dragging him in a de
bauched stato between tho legisla
tive chamber and his house, was ono
of tho most conspicuous incidents of
tho attempt to put out tho Macfar
lane Ministry which succeeded. Tho
sworn proofs of other dishonorablo
doings of this Salaried public oilicer
aro available for publication. In tho
meantime tho public may tako the
reasons as given for Mr. Brown's
dismissal, and judge whether in tho
case of their truth such a man is fit
to hold any public trust. Tho most
essential parts ol the correspon
dence between tho Minister and the
Assessor aro given below:
J, H. I., )
th, 18!):t.
October 18th
His Excellency
E. C. Macfarlane,
Minister of Financo,
Sir: I am in receipt of your lot
tor of October 17th, stating that in
furtherance of public interests and
for reasons which Her Maiestv's
Cabinot deem sufficient, you notify
mo ol my removal irom tlio ollico ot
Assessor of tho Island of Oahu, and
demanding that I deliver tho rec
ords of my office to Mr. T. A. Lloyd,
tho Doputy Assessor and'Colloctor
for the District.
In reply allow mo to stato that I
am advised that no legal cause is
stated for my removal, and as none
oxists I doclino to comply with your
request. I remain, Sir,
Your obedient sorvant,
C. A. Bkown,
Assessor First Division Island of
Depatjient of Finance,
Honolulu, October , 181I2.J
C. A. Bkown,
Assessor Oahu.
Sir: Your refusal to vacate tho
oflico of Assessor of tho Island of
Oahu, cannot in anyway bo recog
nized by me, as it is wholly untena
ble in law. Tho statute provides
that, after such removal and within
fourteon days, you shall bo furnished
with specifications of tho grounds
upon wlnoli tho removal was made.
In compliance with the statute, I
will call your attention to tho fol
lowing reasons, which aro doomed
ample grounds for your removal by
Her Majesty's Cabinot, viz.:
1st That by unlawfully and ille
gally using your power as Assessor
of tho Island of Oahu, you did
hinder and prevent your deputy S.
Ilookano, Deputy Assessor and Col
lector for tho district of Ewa and
Waianao, from collecting the sum of
$715, taxes duo in 1891 upon tho
property of your wife, Mrs. Brown,
bituato 111 said district.
2nd That on the evening of the
Mthday of September, 1892, while
tho resolution of want of confidence
ill inybolf and my colleagues was
uudor diHcussion 111 the Legislature,
you did wilfully, feloniously, ille
gally and corruptly approach Hon.
Joseph Nawahi, Kopret-entative from
Hilo, who was opposed to said reso
lution, and then and thero did cor
ruptly offer said Hon. Josejih Nawa
hi a certain piece of land in Hilo, if
tho said Nawahi would vote in favor
of tho said resolution of want of
confidonco and against the Cabinet.
3rd -That you unlawfully and
corruptly, and innbuso of tho powor
of your said oflico did forco and
compel Mr. T. A. Lloyd, Doputy As
sessor for Honolulu, an nppoinloo
under you, to pay over and givo to
you a part of tho legal compensation
and emoluments of the ollico of him,
said Lloyd, for your personal use
and benefit.
dtli That while in the occupancy
of tho ollico of Assessor in Chief of
tho Island of Oahu, you havo boon
olTonsivoly partisaiij using your offi
cial influonco to bring about a want
of confidonco in tho Ministry; that
your courso haq boon one that tends
to tho demoralization of the civil
sorvico; that you havo also spoken
contemptuously of Her Majesty's
Ministers to otlior omployees of tlio
Govern mont, which conduct cannot
but help to subvert the discipline
and respect which subordinate ofll
cers should have for their superiors
in office. Your conduct lias general
ly beon such as must tend to coirupt
tho public sorvico. Yours, etc.,
(Signed) E. C. Macfaiilane,
Min. of Finauco.
Honoluuu, H. I.,
Octobor 19, 1892.
His Excellency
E. C. Macfahlane,
Ministor of Financo.
Sir: Your lottor of tho 18th hist,
was rocoivod by mo after business
hours of that day.
Tho allogod reasons for j'our
action in my caso as far as thoy con
corn my official conduct in tho dis
charge of my duties as Assessor
for tlio Island of Oahu or imputo
dishonest or improper action of any
kind aro false in fact and can easily
bo shown to bo without foundation.
I still declino to recognize your
action in removing mo as legal; as it
was taken without charges preferred
and without opportunity given mo
to confront my accuser or to bo
So far as my course in politics is
concerned I deny that it can bo
made a cause for 1113- removal. Tho
tonuro of my ollico is established by
tho Act relating to it. Removal for
political reasons is not authorized.
Moreover, I know of no obligation
which should make my courso in
politics agreeable to you. If offen
sive it has lieon so in pursuance of
rights inherent in citizenship, and
which were not lost on my taking
office nor upon your formation of a
I remain, Sir,
Your obedient sorvant,
C. A. Bkown,
Assessor 1st Division, Island of
Railway Traffic Checked Loss of a
Town Horse and Hack.
Tho streams at Ewa aro roportod
to havo swollen considerably within
the past twenty-four hours, so much
so that tho railway mins were un
able to go beyond Waikolo to-day,
but had to turn back. At noon to
day thero was a heavy freshet run
ning down to the sea.
Yesterday morning a Portuguese
hack-driver named Manuel Cabralho
took sonii) nassniiiJnrs wli:ilm-
down to Waialua, where thoy were
to spend a low days. Uaorallio stay
ed till lato in the aftoruoon, when
ho started to return to tho city.
Tho current of tho Halawa stream
was pretty strong whon ho camo to
the brink, but ho nevertheless at
tempted to cross it in his hack. Just
as the homo had gained tlio middle
a heavy torrent of water swopt tlio
horse's legs from under him and tho
whole outfit was carried down tho
stream. Cabralho jumped out and
gained tho bank, but tho horse was
drowned and the vehicle smashed to
pieces. The drivor returned to town
at noon to-day with ono cushion, tho
solorelic of his hack-driving outfit.
Ho otlored a reward for tho recovery
of tlio horse, but the body could not
be found.
Tlio strongest recommendation
that any article can havo is the en
dorsement of tho mothers of tho
town. When tho mothers recom
mend it you may know that that
article has more than ordinary merit.
Horo is what tho Couterville, South
Dakota, Citizen says editorially of
an article sold in their town: "From
personal experience wo can say that
Chamberlain's Cough Jtomody has
broken up bad colds for our chil
dren. Wo aro acquainted with many
mothers iu Ceutervillo who would
not bo without it in tho house for a
good many times its cost, and aro
recommending it everyday." f0 cent
bottles for side by all dealers. Bon
son, Smith & Co., agents for tho Ha
waiian Islands.
1 limns of Interesting lleadhn,' Matter
tHl'inilH. tiiiiilcd to (rirclen rnnnrrloR.Sft,
JL reHnoiibtlilu for any delitti contracted
by hid wife Ualblne lloek In any way
whatever. AUOUKT HOOK.
Honolulu, March 11, lb'U. l"l-:St
laru'o Finn in Orci'iiliacksand Uhrrks.
A reward of fV) will bo paid to any eion
returning the book to the Hubscrlbur'n
lintihu, uorner Hebool and Emma tttreetn,
or to the United CnrrliiKO Co.'h Mind,
corner Klnir ami Fort streets.
Kiven Unit the follow
ing described Animal will
be hold at I'ubliii AiU'tlon,
on SATURDAY, : MnmliJS,
lh!i;s, at I- o'elnck noon, at the lloverniuuiit
round at .Mnklki:
1 lliiv llnrMt ultb white Htiot on foru-
head, left fiintlt'K whltn, all ollmra black, 1
branded "A" on rlt?ht hind leu. '
1 Red Cow with right ear Mplll, branded
"j'" on leu nine it'jj.
tmr- Owni'ix of llin above Animal must
Miinl In their I'lalniH wltbili II days, oilier
wixo tlicy will be Hold uu tliu dam abovo
named. 1. KAOAO,
nt I'eiiudinaiiter.
Honolulu, March II, lb!W.
LMdmNY: Fine Easter Millinery ..
Patent Elastic Seam Drawers!
"Wo want to call tho attention
of our patrons to a novelty which,
from tho favor it has been re
ceived with, wo believe has come
to stay and become un indispen
siblo article of gent's furnishing.
A glance at the cut above will
show at onco the superiority of
goods made in this manner over
those heretofore in vogue.
Scrivkn's Patent Elastic
Seam Drawers aro provided
with an improvement consisting
of an Elastic Insertion at the
inner and outer seams, which
gives elasticity in movement and
comfort in fit. The drawers are
cut in figure outlines and afford
the wearer all the advantages of
knit goods, while retaining the
superior comfort of woven fabric.
The Patent Elastic Seam,
which contains no ruiireh, re
tains its springiness and wears
longer than the oilier portion of
the garment. It makes the
drawers conform to tho position
of the wearer and avoids any
strain, no matter what attitude
tlio body assumes.
It will also bo found that these
Patent Elastic Seam'Draweus
aro equally well adapted to all
athlotic positions and allow the
greatest freedom and ease of
motion. In the position as
sumed in the cut, not the least
tension is produced on the main
portion of the goods, while the
elastic seams allow the transfor
mation of the figure as scon in
the position, which would be im
possible in others without pro
ducing great strain on the goods
and friction upon the person.
We havo now a complete stock
of these goods in all sizes, and
can recommend those mado of
tho material known as "Jean"
to bo the coolest and best adapt
ed for those persons who do not
care to wear woolon fabrics.
They say that there is "noth
ing new under the sun," but the
fellow who said that was all
wrong. lie forgot "Gent's Fur
nishings," they're always mak
ing something new in that line.
Tho latest yet, wo havo just
received samples of, from the
manufacturers. It consists of
Gauzo, Balbriggan, or Silk Un
der Garments with WOOL skill
fully woven into tho breast ami
back to protect tho most vital
parts of tho body from cold or
chill. To tho many people who
cannot woar all wool goods on
account of tho irritation some
times felt, those goods will bo a
great boon, as, while they will
have the advantage of wearing
cotton fubric, the lungs and
back will have a nice warm cov
ering of wool. From the many
sentiments of approval wo have
lean! regarding these goods we
loliovo thorn to bo a good thing
for our climate, and havo placed
our orders for a full stock,
which will be on sale in about
two months.
To any portion desiring to see
tho samples which we havo we
will bo pleased lo show them.
jsro-w ofeltst jrr i
104 Fort
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Absolutely Fast Color
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pare it lor use.
Large Packages 50 Cts
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& Lace Leather
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Management of MISS K. CLARK. j&2
50c. per month
My Food
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