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Pledged to neither Sect nor Party,
But Established for the Benefit of All.
TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1893.
Mr. Bush koops tho sovonth dny as
tho Sabbath or rest day. This is
well known to everybody in tho com
munity who knows that gontletnan.
Does it not therefore look barbarous
on tho part of tho authorities that
they should choose Mr. Bush's day
of worship on which to drag him to
tho police station on a mero charge
of libolt For n Government that is
championed at home and abroad, by
Rov. S. E. Bishop and his politico
religious cult, as tho preserver and
consorvator of Christian civilization
and liberty, this action breathes a
wonderfully broad and consistent
sort of a spirit truly 1
Thero has boon a machine patented
in California for cultivating sugar
boots which does tho work of
twenty men and two horses, and,
owing to superior cultivat'on, in
creases tho yiold of beets from two
and one-half to five tons to tho acre.
It is probably only a matter of time
when California will bo producing
enough beet sugar to raise tho homo
supply for tho Union to tho level of
tho homo demand. Sugar will
eventually become so cheap that
nothing but tho highest scienco in
its cultivation and manufacture will
return a profit. It is well that in
tho Hawaiian Islands agricultural
activity is branching out in other
products than the ouo that has
given them tho bulk of their wealth.
Hon. James H. Blount's instruc
tions from tho Secrotar of State of
the United Statos, which tho Bulle
tin had the honor of presenting for
tho first timo to tho public, contain
nothing contrary to the opinions
held, from tho first until now, by tho
oppououts of tho revolutionary
scheme of annexation regarding tho
Special Commissioner's mission to
these Islands. It was from tho oppo
sition side that tho intimation came,
in advance of any mention in the
United States press, that a commis
sion of investigation was to bo sent
hero by President Cleveland. This
news was contemptuously de
nied l3r the press of tho party of
violence, but next mail steamer
brought its dofiuito confirmation.
Amoug other things to be investi
gated the instructions denominate
"the causes of tho revolution by
which the Queen's government was
overthrown." This certainly in
cludes the question of whether or
not tho United States diplomatic
representative and tho naval com
mander acting with him contributed
aid to that revolution. An answer
in the affirmative to this question
returned by the Commissioner as a
result of his investigation would
lead inevitably to possibilities of tho
nature of those that tho revolution
ary press is in unwise haste to do
elaro are beyond the scope of tho
Commissioner's power. Tho in
structions published are only the
original ones, and they inform tho
Commissioner that ho is expected to
correspond with tho Secretary of
State, "communicating information
or soliciting special instruction on
such points as" ho "may deem neces
sary." As there will by to-morrow's
expected mail have been ample time
for a rophy to voluminous informa
tion communicated to Washington,
doubtless coupled with tho solicita
tion of special instructions based on
tho facts as reported, it is only
tho usual rashness of tho revolu
tionary press from tho beginning
which seeks to impress its readers
with tho view that this, that, or tho
other thing is absurd and impossi
ble. Tho fact stands out, moro pro
minent than almost anything else,
that tho United States Government,
contrary to tho desires and in spite
of tho strenuous efforts of tho Pro
visional Govornment and its agents,
has with all respect received tho
protest of tho deposed Queen and
will adjudicato thereupon strictly
on tho merits, as well as in accord
ance with the traditional policy of
fairness and friendliness toward
weak and friendly neighbors which
has hithorto been amoug tho glories
of tho great Republic.
Mr. Blount's instructions bring
out in high relief tho policy of his
Government in regard to tho occa
sions when tho landing of troops on
Hawaiian territory is justifiable.
Thero is small comfort in them for
those who have boon laboring to
justify tho fact and tho manner of
tho investment of Honolulu by
United Statos naval troops on the
16th of January. Until the fuels on
this point as ascertained by the im- '
partial investigation of Mr. Blount
see tho light, however, assertion and
comment, beyond what lias been
given already, would only bo in the
lino of the example set by tho Gov
ornmont organs, which havo tiresome
ly assorted from the first that tho
Commissioner could ilud out noth
ing which hud not been reported ut
Washington by tho Provisional Gov
ernment's Commissioners, supplo
montod by tho prejudiced and woll
stuffod communications of nows
papor correspondents. Moro inter
esting if not more important than
tho contents of his instructions from
tho Secretary of Stato is tho torso
proscription given by tho Commis
sioner himself, in his communication
to tho Hawaiian people, of tho status
of American citizens participating
in any conflict between parties for
supremacy on those- islands. This
is in conformity with tho law of
nations in similar cases provided,
with which citizens and subjects of
different Powers, who desired to
know, were made acquainted at tho
crisis of 1NS7. To what extent Amer
ican citizens who took up arms for
overthrowing tho govorumout of this
country, friendly to their own, were
encouraged to roly on tho support
of their nation's strong arm, and
by whom tmy such encouragement
might havo boon proffered, aro other
questions that may as well bo
loft to Mr. Blount's inquiry for solu
tion. In this as in othor respects
tho opposition can afford to main
tain its unvarying coolness and
patience, joined with confidence
that tho United Statos will not up
hold wrong committed in her name,
and tho subsidized and mercenary
press might with advantage to its
feelings at a later stage try to imi
tate the same condition of equanimi
ty. Americans who aro opposed to
filibustering and violouco will bo
prouder of their great nation than
over as they read the words in which
President Cleveland's representative
assures tho law-abiding and peace
loving of his follow-citizons on this
foreign strand that thoy will be pro
tected in any emergency:
" While I shall refrain from inter
ference between conflicting forces of
whatever nationality, for supremacy,
I will protect American citi.ens not
participating in such conflict."
Glass Houses.
Editoh Bi'lletin:
In an article last week tho Star
man threatens to go into personal
journalism. He should remember
Punch's advice to those about to
marry, "don't." At least ono half of
our 100 hero livo in glass houses, and
if stone throwing should become
fashionable, Messrs. Konyon and
Bush would certainly bo artists in
that lino and the result would be
disastrous. Reputations would be
ruined, statues tumble from their
pedestals, angols have their wings
clipped and their halos sadly tarn
ished, bo 1 should advice mo
learned Medico to prescribe for W.
G. S. He needs it very badly. But
how Elder J. E. Bush's record in
Samoa can have any more oficct on
the present political situation thau
tho sun spot theory of tho Kov. S. E.
Bishop is a puzzle to
Axotiii:r Toukist.
Honolulu, May 13, 181)3.
" We are six in fam-
A Farmer at ily. We live in a
. place where we are
Edom, Texas, ubj.cct to vioknt
Says: Colds and Lung
Troubles. I have
used German Syrup for six years
successfully for Sore Throat, Cough,
Cold, Hoarseness, Pains in the
Chest and Lungs, and spitting-up
of Blood. I have tried many differ
ent kinds of cough Syrups in my
time, but let me say to anyone want
ing such a medicine German Syrup
is the best. That has been my ex
perience. If you use it once, you
will go back to it whenever you
need it. It gives total relief and i3
a quick cure. My advice to every
one suffering with Lung Troublesis
Try it. You will soon be con
vinced. In all the families vhere
your German Syrup
is used we have no John
trouble with the
Lungs at all. It is
the medicine for this
country. it
G G. UKRJiN. Sole Mau'fr.Woodbury.NJ.
J. to mo by Gum King nlius Vain Kin,
nt Hcinoliilii.'lsliind of Ouhu. for the adiu-
dication of his, rights hi the Mieiuu of
Nuiianu near or nt the dam called Pali
ken, Nuiinnu "ticnm, in the I)i-trict of
Honolulu, Island of O.ilin, us provided In
Chapter 20, of tho Ijiws of 1888, notleo is
hereby given to nil parties inteiested in
said dam to attend and prove their rights
ut 10 o'clock in tho forenoon of WKDNKS
DAY, tho 17th dav of May, 1MI.1, nt tho
olllce of t:)ins. T. (iilllek, Uii number 38,
Morcliitnt street, or they will lie adjudicated
without such utteiidiineii,
Cuminis-slonor of Private Vuy mid Water
Bights, Distiietof Honolulu, Island of
April 27, 1803. 7l2-3t
To be seen and Tor Kalo Cheap on
Wednesdays Thursday, May 17th & 18th
At Dowsutt's Corral, Queen street, a
h'lne Lot of
Young California Mules!
tff Apply
' .1. N. WlimilT,
Little illltaili, King street.
Bell Tulo. W. (7J'l-5t) 1'. O, Box IMI.
fiubsoritie fur thn Bully llulletin, fit)
cent per month.
By Jns. F. Morgan.
On SATURDAY, May 20th,
At tho Stable renr of the Ollleo of .1. I.
l)owctt. 0.uccii street, I will'-oll
nt Public Auction about
ICut under Carriage
Horse and Harness.
Jas. IP. HVEorgaxi,
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention to
Foreclose and of Salo.
Notice Is hereby Riven Hint by virtue of a
power of sali! eotitiilneil In ii eertnln innrtKiiKC,
ilutetl the 1st ilny of lVlirunry, A. 1). Ih'U, made
hv W. KA1.UNA of Honolulu, Ibhinri of Unhu,
to Alexander J. Cnrtwrljihl now ilcee.iH'il ns
Trustee of the IM.ite of It. W. Holt, reeonleil In
theolllee of the UegMrurnf l'imvennees, In
l.llier l.tt, folios I'.il-U, llruee Cnitwrinlit of siii.l
Honolulu, iiilinliiUtriit.irwItli tlicttilliuiliuxc.l,
nnd Trustee of the IMntenf 1!. W. Holt Inte nt
Mild Honolulu, ilceeii-ul, Intends to foreclose
Ntit.l miirtgiiKu for a lireneh of the eondlllons in
nld iiiortKiiue contained, to-uit: the nou-iuiy-iiient
of the interest when due.
Notice Is iiImi heruli) given that nil niiri slin;
ulnr the hinds, tenements nnd hereditnineuls
In Mild mortuiiKU contained nnd dcscrlhcd will
he sold nt nuhlle miction nt the miction room of
.Iiiuius 1'. Morgan on IJueeii -licet In mid Hono
lulu on Wi:iNi:Sl)A Y, the 17th dny of Mn , A.
O. ls'.U, nt U o'clock noon of v.ii.l dny.
The innperiy In snid lm.itgiigc is thus des
cribed, lz:
All tinit eertnln piece or pnreel of lnnd sltiintc
olVNuuiiiiu Avenue, nt Atiu.iloliimt in snid Ho
nolulu, being the mnknl half of Itoynl l'nteiit
No. in", Lnnd Commission A nunl No. 17.1U Is
sued to Kind, und liciug the Mime premises Unit
were cnuccd to the snid W. Knluiin h U.K.
Hnlciikiiln hy deed dnted Mnieh Hi, lMr nnd
recorded in l.lher i:i."iii folio-'Jl:! und 'Jit, nnd
houndiil nnd deserihed us follows: 1? hoomukii
nun urn ke Ulhl Ileum lmiknl o keiu e pill ana
mu ko runiiiiu uiiiii, u e holo ana 1 kit Aknu
.'!' , - Kouiohiiiiii 51 .s-12 knpunl mu kn Uiuiunn.
Aknu .'ij'2 Hikiuii i.u knpuiii, nniiii 1 ku limn.
Ileum ft 7-li kupuul mu ko Kitutm. Aknu ;ki
IlikiiuiLiVs kuuhihiio u hikl 1 ke kihl uuiiikn.
Ileum ".! lllklnii I.: 7-12 kiipuiilekniiwiile ni ku
iipmiii mniikii. Alalia Ileum 17' , Komohiimii
ftn knpuiii. Ilennioi',- lllklun yji 1-1'.! knpunl.
Ileum .V.' , Komohnuu IJ iM'J knpunl. Ileum
.!0lj Ilikitin'Jl -l:2 knpunl. Ileum "s Koino
huiiu.iJ knpunl e pill nun kcin me ko I'uaiuia,
ii li Ik. 1 1 Kit lit I hnomiikii in ill ke una nun, a nin
loko ola iipnuii he --' iiiuiiiii Hi.
Administrator with the Will iinnesed nnd
1 ruslee of the K-tiile of It. W. Holt deeen-ed.
TICIt.MS (ASH. Deeds ut expense of ptir-ehn-er.
tp Tor further particulars imply to J. M.
.Mou-iiirut, Attoi'iie for Adiiilui-tiiitor and
'I rusue.
Dated Honolulu, April '-'J, 18111. ?X-'U
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention to
Foreclose and of Sale.
Notice Is heiehy (,'heit that hy Irtne of n
power of -ale eoutnliied In a curtain luortKiive,
dnted the 21th ilnv of (Ictolier, A. D. lh'il, made
known as Malia, lice Hnuiedlo of Honolulu,
I -la ml of Oah u, to .1. 1. Mou-turul of said Hono
lulu, Tuistcefoi Klln 1' Luce, recoidcd in the
olllce of the UcKl-tiur of Coineyuiices, in l.lher
l: folios -l.'W 141, the said. I.. M. Miiii-iimit, Trus
tee ns aforesaid, intends to foieclose said niort
Kiic foi a hreueli of the conditions 111 said
uiortpiKc contained, to-wit: the non-payment
of the principal and iutere-t when due.
Notice is also herch.v uiwii that all and xIiik
iilur the hinds, tenements and lieieditnmeuts
III said mortpiKc oeutiiiued and described will
he -old at niildie uuetioii at the miction room
of .luiiies t. Murium, on (lueen street, in said
Honolulu, on M:iiNi:l)AV, the 17th day of
Muv, A. 1). IMi.1, ut 12 o'clock liiiou of said day.
The propel ty III said iimrtKUBe Is thus describ
ed, vi:
All that certain piece or pnreel of lnnd situate
in Kciitihoti, Kulilii, in said Island of Onhii, he
liiK Apulia 1 of Itoxal Patent 111 rant No. 7'JOniid
bounded and ilc-crlbcd us follows: K hnoiiiakii
ma ke kihl iikau o kelu a e hide hik. U1-,' ilcu'.
kom.'Jjn ktiul. mu ko Kiuihwi, alalia hem. ID
ilci;. hik U.'iU kniil. alalia he HI den. kom. M
kaul. mu ka paleiia no Kalialcjiuu, alalia, hem,
lOdi-K. hlk.o. IJ kaul., alalia nk. u! dcj;. hik,
2.:W kaul. ko Kulialkii, alalia, hem. :W dej;. hik.
Si. II kaul. ma kn paleiiu no Knloiihii
Iuil, iihilln, ak. uk. dcf,'. hik. 2.12
kaul. alalia, uk. ;!7' 2 det;. kiiiiiohaiiia, h.M
kaul. inn ka paleiia no Kiiuekeuwe, alalia, ak.
"i2dei;. hik. 1 kaul. alaila, uk. :i2 ilei;. kom. 2.20
kaul. ma ka paleuii no Kaukoii u hikl I ka lion
miikuuiiu. Area 2 acres, und beliiR the same
pienil-es thnt w.ue conveyed to the snid Marin
liaitimi (iinelii li her fntlier 1'edro Haiiieiliii by
deed ilaleil June 17th, ls.7ii, iilul n corded in the
olllce of the lleiilstriir of ('oneyunees in said
Honolulu, lu Liber ill on folios 1.1(1 ami Ml.
Trustee for Llla I'. Luce, Mort;iit','cc.
TLlt.MS CASH, IHeds nt expense of pur-ehii-i'i
t!tf- Tor further piirticuhii.s apply to J, M.
Dated Honolulu, Apiil 22, ls'.i.!. 727-21
By Lewis J. Levey.
Land in Kau, Hawaii,
On SATURDAY, May 20,
I will sell at Public Auction, nt my Sales
room, 1 Piece Land, Waialoa,
Situated at Kuliuku, Kau, 15 2-10 Acres,
well adapted for the Cultivation of Coll'eo.
9 Kor particulars apply to
Lewis J". Levey,
1 Cottago on Wilder Avenue.
1 Cuttugo on Bcretaiila Street $25 per
Month. '
1 Cottago on llerctaiiia Street $20 per
1 Cottage on Fort Street
1 l 'ullage on Ileretaiiia Street, opposite
Ico Works.
3 Stores on Nuiinnu Street, near Bere-
lunia Stieet.
11 Building Lots and 3 Flsli Poudsou
tlmroad to Wuikilil.
AI-o,n Valuable Block of Brick Build
ings lu tho heart of the City.
1 Upright Piano For Halu,
TVT-Lf Agent.
BO Head Marcs & Colts
S3 'iiu'uffl. I r I
KiJ-ixaa5S'. AJJU JL
By Jab. F. Morgan.
MortgaRoo's Notice of Intention to
Forocloso and of Sale
1A In pursuance of a Power of Sale con
tained In n certain lmlonturo of Mortpago
executed September fitli, 1802, by William
0. Aohi and Isabella A. Acbl, his wlfo, of
Honolulu, to Charles! H. Bishop nnd Sam
uel M. Damon, partners under the linn
name of Bishop & Company, of snltl Hono
lulu, and recorded in Liber 13!) nt pages 200
to 270, tho said mortgngoos intend to fore
close the said mortgage, for condition
broken, to wit: tho non-payment of tho
principal nnd Interest secured thereby
when due. And notleo is heroby further
given that, upon such foreclosure (und un
less said mortgage shall have boon sooner
paid), it is tho Intention of said Mortgagees
to sell tho property therein nnd thereby
described ami mortgaged, at l'ublia Auc
tion, at the aunt km rooms of .lames F.
Morgan, in snid Honolulu, on SATUR
DAY, tho 20th day of May, 181)3, at 12
o'clock noon.
IWKor further particulars apply to 0.
V. Asbford, Attorney for Mortgagees,
Merchant struct, Honolulu.
BISHOP & CO., Mortgagees.
1 All that certain tract of lnnd contain
ing 30-100 acres nt Kalawahino, Honolulu,
nforesaid, convojed to mo by Bishop &
Company, by dee'd recorded In tho Hawal-
inn 1
i Registry
ijo 3(17.
of Conveyances in Book 112,
i All that tract of lnnd contalnltiK 120
nures at Kenlakoino, l'una, Hawaii, con
voyed to mo by Wnilclma nnd wife, by
deed recorded in Hook 113, page 281, and
lioinu; jmrt of lloyal Patent Grant 21)3 to
Kutianulaiii et nl.
.1 All tlmttructof lnnd containing 110.74
acres nt Mnnawni, Molokai, conveyed to
nio by Hoopli Olepna, by deed recorded in
Hook US, imgo 15j, and ooing part of L. 0.
A. -lOOOtolIoomuilu.
1 All that tract of land containing 4.20
acres at South Konn, Unwnii, convoyed to
nio by 1). V. Kealnlahm, by deed recorded
in Book 12T, pugo 201, nnd being the land
described m Itoyal Patent 5!13, Ii. C. A.
5711 to Kaelciiiaknln,
5 All that tract of land containing 27.500
square feet at Kupnlauin, Honolulu, afore
said, convoyed to mo by Lau Ohong, by
deed rccord'ed in Book , page , and
being part of Itoynl Patent 401, L. 0. A.
,-wu.) to Kiinoa.
0 All that tract of land 150 by 150 feet,
being Lot 321, Block 0, at Pearl City, Ewa,
Oiilni, conveyed to mo by Oiilm Hallway it
uaiut Loinpany, oy ueeu reeorueu in uook
127, page 2SS.
7 One share in Holualoa, 1 and 2 North
Konn, Hawaii, transferred to me and J. K.
Nalialo by Kaoiwi by deed recorded in
Book 127, pngu 121.
8 All those lands conveyed to inobyKe
ulolm Kalua, by deed recorded in Book
1"0, iiage 100, and being a one-half interest
in the mud containing 130 acres described
in Itovul Patent 5471), L. 0. A. 741X1 to Hi
Kauatohu at Kawanul 2, North Konn,
Hawaii, and nil that land containing 40
ucres described in Itoyal Patent Grant 1507
to Kaluu ut Kuwamii 1, North Kona aforc
Miid. 0 All that tract of land containing 00-100
aero at Kulilii, Honolulu, aforesaid, con
veyed to mo by 8. Kuuitii, by deed recorded
in Book 87. pugo 400.
11 All tlmt tract of land containg 3G-100
ncru at Kulilii. aforesaid, convoyed to nio
by Komo, by deed recorded in Book U0,
page 331).
11 Lots 0 and 11 at Kapalama, aforesaid,
being part of tho land convoyed to mo by
P. Kanoa by deed record'ju in Book 01.
page 353, and being imi
401, L. O. A. b3()j to Kill
mrt of Hoyal Patent
12 All of that tract of land containinc
702 fathoms nt Konwanui, Alolokai, con
veyed to me by Knni Kanene, bv deed re
corded in Book 02, page 202, and being tho
lana aescrtiicii m itoyal ratont iOi, u. o.
A. 4823 to Kaailono.
13 That certain lot on the Ewa side of
my now homestead at Kapalama aforesaid,
conveyed to mo by Lau Oliong, by deed re
corded in Book 133, page 12.
14 All that land convened to me by J.
Mahuhydeed recorded m Book 115, page
8tf, being part of Itoyal Patent Grant 2803.
15 All that land containing 18-100 aero
at Kalawahino, Honolulu, aforesaid, con
voyed to mo by Biln Kuwaa, by deed re
corded in Book 107, page 125.
10 All those lands conveyed to me by
Chung Wan by deed recorded in Book 111,
page 212, being Apana 13 and 13A, each
containing 08-100 acre, more particularly
described in Partition Beed recorded in
Book 110, page 3!l5.
Ii All those lands conveyed to me by
m. Hyde and wife, by deed recorded in
Book 110, page 321, being Apana 11 und
ha, eacu containing ns-iw acre, more par
ticularly described in said Purtition Deed.
18 That certain lease of land containing
15,400 .square feet at Kapalama aforesaid,
part of Itoyal Patent 401 to Kanoa, for 10
vears from January 1, lsol, made to me by
Lnu'Choug end recorded in Book 128, pago
10 Ono buggy, one express, one bay
horse, four enrts, four harnesses, and four
horses used in my cartage business; one
half interest in S. K. Kaai & Company, all
olllce furniture in my ollico No. 30, Mer
chant street, Honolulu, aforesaid, also 110
.shares of stock in the lteeiprooity Sugar
Company, 30 slimes in tho Kona Cofl'eo &
Fruit Company, 5 shares in tho Ewa Plan
tation Company. 703-15t
Mortgagee's Notice of Foreclosure
and of Sale.
in pursuance of a Power of Salo con
tained in a certain Mortgage executed Feb
ruary Sth, lhOO, by Ocorge V. Macfarlnno
to Charles It. Bishop, recorded in Liber 123
at pages 135 to 137 of the Hawaiian ltegis
try of Deeds, it is the intention of said
Mortgagee to foreclose said mortgage, for
conditions broken, to wit: for the non-payment
of principal and interest thereon when
due. And notice is further given that,
noon such foreclosure, it is the intention
of said Mortgagee to sell the property in
and by said mortgage, conveyed (unless the
amount secured by such mortgage .shall
havo been fully paid) at Public Auction, nt
tho Salesroom of .las. 1 Morgan, in Hono
lulu, at 12 o'clock noon mi SATUUDAY,
mu oil uiy oi j line, ioyj,
l'or further particulars apply to
C. W. Ashford, Attorney for tho
a jh
gee, .Merchant street, Honolulu
Hated this 1st day of May, 1803.
OHAlt'LES'lt. hlBHOP.
All of those trocts of land situated on
Nuuunu, Hotel und Bethel streets, in
Honolulu, known as the Booth property,
described us follows:
1 Survey of Lots 1,2,3, 4,5 and (1, commune-lug
at an iron spiko at the. north cor
ner of Lot No. 1, on Nuuunu street, 78.0
feet from tho south corner of Nuuaiiu und
Hotel stieets, and running:
1-S. 33 38' K. true, 1D1.H feet along
road through this property.
2-S. 50 00' V. true, 45.0 feet along
Butliel street
3-N. 4 30' W. true. 4. 1 feet iiIoiil' Oov.
ernmunt Laud.
4-N. 20 30' W. true, 18 foot along Gov
ornment Laud.
5-N. 72 lu W. true, 20 feet along Gov
erumuut Laud.
(f N. (10 ofi" K. true, 1.5 feet along Beck.
7-N. 30 10" W. true, 80 ' "
8-S. 00 00' W. true, 1.5 " " "
D-N. 8 15' W. true, 43.0 feet nlung Har
bottle. Kl-N. 21 30' V. true, 31 7 feet along
Austin, thence
11 N. 58 10' K. true. 27.7 feet along
Nuuunu street to Initial point. Aiea,
8121 minimi feet.
2-hurvey of Lots 7,8,0,10,11 and 12,
ciimiuuiiuliig at tho west corner ol Hotel
and Bethel streets, and running:
1-S. 50 00' W. true, 0H.U feet along
Bethel slrcct.
2-.N. 3.1 :1s' V. true, 01 feet along road
through this property,
3-.S. 57 3V K, true. (HO feet uloug tho
''Umpire Lot," Junius Olds, to Hotel street,
l-H. 33 38 K. true, li-'I.l feet along
Hotel street lu Initial point. Aiea, 015,')
Mjiinrufect. 710-161
Fine Job Printing ut the Bulletin Ojjiee,
Hawaiiaa Harflware Co.. L'fl
Saturday, May IS, 1893.
One of the best moves of
the Provisional Government is
the creation of a Department
of Agriculture and appointing
such a practical man as Mr.
Marsden as Commissioner.
The horticulturist and gentle
man farmer have been yearn
ing for something to fill this
large aching void in this res
pect and their wants are now
satisfied. The grocer whose
stock of good things is mixed
with garden seed, red herring
and other brie a brae feels
safer in the seed department
of his business under the
guardianship of a commission
er of agriculture. The farmer
may feel safe in planting seed
according to the directions in
the catalogue and may be rea
sonably sure that they will re
semble the portrait on the out
sideof the package. Heretofore
one could never feel sure
when they plailted a package
of lima beans whether beans
or wild parsnips would be the
result. Under the influence
of a Commissioner of Agricul
ture seeds are guaranteed to
come up as represented. The
man who planted in joyous
laughter the seeds of the
ostensible pansy and car
nation only in tears to reap
the bachelors button and the
glistening foliage of the sorg
hum will now rest easy and
get rid of his insomnia, He
can now plant the seed of the
Morning Glory and the Moon
flower and have the front of
his house look like a florist's
advertisement in the Century
Magazine; no more danger of
a bunch of Norway oats and a
hill of corn trying to climb the
strings nailed up for non-resident
vines. The Commission
er of Agriculture will see to
these things even though he
neglect to tell you that the
ingredients for an insecticide
strong enough to rid the coun
try of the McKinley blight can
be obtained from us. Leave
your orders.
Speaking of agriculture re
minds us of the Hendry Break
er about which we have writ
ten occasional thoughts. We
have sold these plows to plan
tation managers who have had
more or less difficulty with
plows until they hearkened to
the voice of the inventor and
bought the Hendry and what
they now say is the best break
er in the world. The roots
seven feet deep and stones as
close together as you find them
in a Vermont pasture have no
depressing effect upon him
now, his plow scours all right
and work comes easy. Any
man who desires to make
plowing a pleasure can do so
by using a Hendry Breaker.
The dry months are rapidly
approaching but the promised
pumping plant for Makiki re
mains in embryo. Private citi
zens feel the necessity for
water and suggest the Aer
motor as the best means of
securing it. If we were to re
commend it here people would
say we have only selfish inter
ests to serve; for that reason
we refrain from saying publicly
that it is the best windmill on
earth and that it will pump
water while other mills stand
idle, that with the tower and
wheel being galvanized you
have a sure thing against rust
and wear. There are other
good points we could tell of
and will when you come in to
inquire about them.
Hawaiiau Hardware Co., L'd
Opposite Hireukelb' lllock,
Fort, Street.
Corner iroit. Be Hotel Streets.
I beg to Inform the Ladies that I havo received a Largo and Com
plete Line of the Celebrated
Diamond Dye Fast Dlack Hose
Kor Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses nnd Children lu Silk, Lisle nnd Cotton.
Er Cuiuuieiicinij SATURDAY the 13th, -m
Prices as Ld.-vertiseci in my "Windows !
Window Curtains! Window Curtains!
I am ollering Kxtra Inducements in that line. Received about lfiO Pairs
nvCarL-u-fGt-ULrers' Samples !
JN"evw Designs I "Very Ohoios DPatterrxs 1
8" Prices of Above Goods as Advertised in Windows ft
S . l! EC Jb". Xi X O? 3HE ,
Corner Fort and Hotel Sts., - - - Honolulu, H. I.
GBD Briar Pipes!
Are of the Very Best Quality, the Trade Mark
"G-BD" being- a guarantee of their excel
lence. We have received a lot
of these
Direct i'rom the Factory, which we offer at
Prices to Please the People !
533 TPoT-t Street, - - - Honolulu, H. I.
Regular Additions to Stocks Received per Sail and Steam
from Europe, Australia, New Zealand
and the States.
White Bros. Portland Cement !
Roche Harbor Lime, Powell DuflYyu Largo Steam Coal.
Guano " Concentrado "
OhlondorH's Special Cane Manure, OUIentloril's Dissolvod Peruvian Guano.
Steel :R,SLils, 14, IS, 18&20 Dos.;
HAGS Rico, Coal and Pailily;
WIRE Galvanized, Varnished, lllack and Galvanized Uarbed;
Ancliors sirLcL OtLsiirLs
Yellow Motal Klieatliiii;, (Joal Tar, Iron Tanks, 100 gallon;
Plain and Corrugated (ialvauied Iron,
Kiiiur and Areli Fire llrieks, Down Pino,
" Guttering, w,naro and O. G. 1, to Ilin.;
Ridging, Galvaiii'ed Water l'ii, from . toiilu.;
Sheet Lead, She t Zinc,
Wilden'H Charcoal Tin Plates,
Rooting Slates), Fire Clay.
Higgin's Fine Eureka Dairy Salt!
58 Pound Bags;
Useful and Ornamental Furniture
FrexiotL Iron Bedsteads I
Grain, Hay and Feed Stuffs Always on Hand

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