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ftlu JuUti uUrtuu
I'l'dyed to ntithrr Siet nor Party,
"Z "?"'' '" T ,,"' men to trv tho nmu game with the notitiol. for imtu of tho will of
iutEtablithlfortheHfnffitofAll.ru. ,........, .,,.. ,... i,,,ull aii ;n'.Iohn F. Oillillan, and appointed
- -r- I V ' 1,R1t!U1, , , , ! ,.' , Klizaliotli Oillillan, widow. executrix
.,.,..... .,., .., ,., J t't lwty fr,,I l tnrt- A h,t11" ' as the mil direct, under KM) bond.
nu'NU'n' lVjli' '-' ,r, M coterie that has been running the i;t.fore the aj Judge, Mr. Hatch
"llarltis is willin'." Mr. Hat'-' i
president of tho Annexation Club,
told that body Saturday owning he j
would accept it.s nomination for tie
position of M'ei'terof Foreign f-
fairs. He wsw M ready announced as ,
tho caudida e of the Evoullvo
Council So Mr. Hatch goes
Evidently the Star is not aware
that "the inaihine" in politic was
introduced hero !- IS7. It proved
to be of a reu riblo gear pattern,
and kicked it" introducer over in
ISM. They had nothing loft to
them then but rowtlutiou, to gam
the control the people denied them
l'p'ideut Dole, in his "specilica
tioitV to Minister Willis, refers to
thi country as "a government and a
community which is to-day more
eloely connected with the United
States by ties of commerce, friend
ship and blood, than any other lying
beyond the borders" In 1S!U there
were l'.l.'lll American citi.eits in
Great Uritaiu, and a.rl l!ritili
Mibjects in the L'nited State. The
alue of export of domestic pro
ducts from the United States to
U real Uritaiu in IMH HI. according
to the custom houe statistics, wa
$IUI,7'J:1.12. On the other hand,
the value of export from Great I5ri
tnin to the United State In IS'.Hi.ae
cording to Hoard of Trade return,
was fJ:il,7(H,o;o In blood thov
two gnat nation are of the .same
origin, and, a to friendship, they
hae for many years settled their
serious dispute by court of arbi
trillion. In iew of thee fact,
President Dole' remark quoted be
comes of the quality of cheap talk.
Mr. Davie;, ha been forced to pub
lish the correspondence that appears i
eNewhere between the Atton.ev- ,
. , ... w i. i .i
General and htmelf. It place the
Attorney-General in a position that
no comment can make more humili- !
giie li
He sent for Mr. Davie to!
. . .
... .1.1 .1. !.., .....I . 1.1 .lll.lt.l.ff
Ill .11. I '.'1. I lllllla, "I W.. ...f
a foul charge that he acknowledged
he had not the leat idea wa true
before eniing for him. The Mar- ,
Hlial wa brought in a a spectator j
or ivitiie vf the iiii'iiiliou Then ,
the Attorney General gave a reporter
of the Star tin account of the pri- !
vite interview, which led to that
paper' poting Mr. Davie on a
street bulletin board all of an after
noon as having been "before the
Marshal," also to giving a report of
the interview in the same day 'r. irsue
representing that Mr. Daiies
"squirmed" before the gae and un
der the searching qileliou of the
Attorney-General. If, a lie now
claim-, the Star obtained no infor
mation from him that juMilicd it
oliuoxioii report f tin interview,
the leal the Attorney (jeneral
could houoralih have done was to
ak that p.ipcr, at iliecirlic-.! oppor
tunity, to contradict tl f'llse repre
Miulatiou of what he had said to it r
For tho vacancy in the Advisory
Council made by the promotion of
Mr. Hatch to the Executive Council,
several members of the American
League are stiuggling to xecuro the
nomination of that body. The An
nexation Club will hold a mas meet
ing to morrow evening to make
nomination;), and t!io named will
be balloted for ou four successive
evenings. Hitherto the Councils
have tilled all vacancies in their own
numbers without reference to the
wishes of their supporters. Dis
satisfaction Willi thii state of aH'.ur.
was not long in brewing, and the
ambition of the editor of the Star to
got iuto the ruling bodies precipi
tated a demand for representation
from the American League. Then I
naturally the Annexation Club, not
wishing to lie frozen out by the
younger and iimro exclusive body, i
joined in the cry for representation,
but held that it was the only re pre
tentative organization and should
have the privilege of making the
nomination for any vacancy that
occurred. .Mr. Hatch acknow '
lodged the claims of the Annex-
atiou Club by awaiting its nouii- j will be positive in its favor, hmijily
t '-'- ruu 8 ,,i3 " u'ii-vson;,trit:1o;,,) lb
ceptance of the vacant seat m i,,.,,!, cured of indigestion or dspep
the Executive Council. President . ma, another funis it indispensable
l..l.. I I !...!... ..I II H... f.if dii.l.- Iw.'iiI'imIiii tr lilltmilH.ttd.
'""" " iictui'JHieufjiM, iin, nii,.i.Mii.-
authority of all who have accepted
the bearing of arms for the Pro
visional Government, in ln letter to i
Minister Willis declining to surren
der tlie government to the (jueeu at I
the request of the United States
Government. The struggle betwten
the two separate organizations nam '
d is not lh only complication.
Members of the League are all lllelii-
hers of the ( lub, but members of the
Club art) not all members of the
League. Iu anticipation of such a
struggle Club members who desire
to maintain tlio "oloso corporation"
stylo of tho Advisory Council liavo
boen eagerly seeking admission to
tho Leagno with tho idea of control
lint' it. Thoro h no uoed for League
tub for it own ends will find prob
ably that tho "machine" will break
down when it comes to grind up
a free oto. If, however, the League
does not carry its man through tho
Club's polling, there will be a
candidate from each body to
go before the Councils. Mr. Damon
has already become the champion
of the League, and Mr. Hatch h
bound to stand by tho Club.
Amongst them all in secret session
they can easily arrange a deadlock,
from which they will escape by
electing a man to suit themselves.
It is amusing to find the Advertiser
giving away this possible if uot
probable result in advance, when it
says that the oting "will not place
the Ooernment under the smallest
obligation to select the man who
may happen to receive a plurality
or even a majority of tho votes cast."
Hut our contoiuoorary'n humor is
! excruciatingly intense when it an
ticipates an outburst of rage from
the royalists because they are to be
roped out of the arena. The royal -
' it hae had so much fun in seeing
the animals fed in the menagerie,
that they would not miss the double-
j ring performance in the circus for
' anything.
Reports Iroro Many Districts of Rain
1 i i i i
and Thunder. j
Thi morning dawned bright and I
clear, foreshadowing a lino day. ;
Vliiiiil oiL'lit it'elneh. Iioweiitr. .1
i dark .
mist stole oier the sky and a heavy ,
howerof rain fell in the city con
tinuing about half an hour steadily.
Lightning aud thunder accompanied
the shower. Haiti has been falling
at iutenals, ami this afternoon a
heavy downpour fell.
Tlie Waialua and Waiawa streams
ou the Lwa side of the inland are all
swollen, and the bus is unable to
cro the latter.
It ha been raining hard all day
on the Leilehua plains.
.l Waialua, p. in., it is raining
u.ry hard. Lwa plantation, little
at uaueoiie, uooiaupoKo, raining
Imr.l ritiil I In, al i-i..iin .mill lull, til.iu.
....- - 1 ......... ....... .......
mi: it dangerous crossiuir. Al Koo-
lauloa, heavy rains, and the s.nme at
Katlua ranch. No raiu at Waiiua
Thunder and lightning with lots
of rain are reported from Waiauae.
Although tho tain storm is almost
universal over the island, no damage
is reported.
In Niiiiauu Valley the raiu ha
been falling since daylight, aud the
reservoirs are full.
Diamond Head. M p. m. -Weather
thick, wind light southwest.
The Culltorutan Magazine
This periodical continues to im
prove. It shows in the January
number a tendency to broaden its
scope, while still well preserving its
character as a product of the gold
coast of America. A new cover has
been adopted with tho first of the
year, neater if less tlowery than the
old one. "The Tuna Hedge, Sail
Gabriel," i- the title of an artistic
frontispiece referring to an nrticle
ou the cacti -"A l'rickly Family"--in
this number by Chas. Hiisself Or
cutt. In addition to various articles,
poems ami stories ou Califoruian
subjects, there io an article ou "The
band of the Maories," in which
Arthur lukersley gives a description
of New Zealand; "Maximilian in
Mexico," is discu-sed by Elodio
Hogau, while llatlie Clark do Gon
zales gives, "A Letter of thoui-Ein-pre-.
Carlotta," translated from the
Spanish. Gen. N. 1'. Chapman deals
with "Executive Encroachments,"
and William A. Spaldiug with "The
Moral Uespoesibility of tho Press."
Tho stories are of a highly entertain
ing order, and the illustrations well
Japanese Giunblora.
The Japanese residing ou Mauua
kea and Beretauia streets have beeu
going iuto the che fa lottery game
quite heavily recently, and although
i here have been several arrests the
accu-od managed to got on. In the
District Court this morning eight
I Japs appeared on a charge of main
laming and assisting a lottery, and
having in possensiou die fa tickets.
Ou account of tho characters on the
tu-ketn being unintelligible to the
Japanese oillcer two were dis
charged, aud three others nol pros'd.
One pleaded guilty aud was lined
l."), and two ot hero were remauded
to a future date.
Ask Your Friends
Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla
I what they think of it, nnd the replies
. .
I while others report remarkable cures
I... ki'nuiii.'i ..i.ij.rra. r,..,.i..iiiiiM....
. r. ...,.,..,, w. ..., ..................
salt rheum, etc.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable.
niis'iTi'iti; ui hix uu .ms
ii,iiiii' fur iimisukii I'lnu, on iiuiini;
.1 line I iiiu'lit I Iiii.KitIiii,' I'Jaiiu mnl u
New II'iiim "-inviiiH M.i' liiui' Aliply nl
.So, s Id riiianiii stii'Kt, in ur 1'uin'liliuwl,
ui: if
liifnj ihtvrljitionuj JOH I'JtlXTJXU
dour ut th Huldtin OJJie.
Mntters at Term rtnd Chamber
Papers Newly on Fllo.
Judge Cooper to-day granted tho
areued for a motion to allow W. l'
Allen, adtiiiiii'trator of the Manning
etate, to invest Jl'.l,tKK in Hawaiian
(.Soiemn 'lit bond. Mr. Hartwell,
for Mrs. ISanuin and It It. Manning,
opposed the motion. Tho Court al
lowed counsel tnt -Mr. iiartwoii s ro
ipiet) fourteen d.iys in which to file
briefs, the administrator uot to be
chargeable with interest.
Kainuwai, at term before Judge
Wliitinir. withdrew hi nlea of not
guilty ou the charge of liquor sell
ing. His line of jfJUO in tho District
Court was reduced to -SIlKI. liaulu
kou for defendant.
lveoka, on appeal for the same of
feuse, was found not guilty. Kaulia
for defendant.
The prosecution of Molak( for
liquor selling was dropped. V. V.
Ashford for defendant.
In the case of Kahikiua aud two
other, ,or larceny of lish from a
pond at Kwa, the two others are not
prosecuted. ItahiUua's trial bewail
this afternoon. V. I. Castle assist
ing prosecution; Achi aud Kahoo
katio for defendant.
Judge Whiting made an order to
day, fixing the date of sale of Wai
kaim plantation stock at March 10.
it is hoped to gel through with
Hawaiiau jury criminal cases to
morrow. W. II Ciiminings has giieu notice
of motion for a new trial of tho
charge of assault and battery against
him, ou the ground that the verdict
of the jury was against the law aud
the we ght of eiideiice.
K. A. Jones, assienee of Geo. K.
Norton, has jfivon notice of appeal
i from the decision of Juduo Cooper
' f.vor of KHbulli K. Norton, re
fusing to set aside a deed.
Maf.m ,Vu,riM)lf ,,v ,lt,r noxl
friend. J. C. Peter.-on (Diamond
Head lookout;, has had a summons
laiien oui oy i. arier v warier, auor-
uevs, against eight person at Eiva,
ui.iiiiiiiih a pariuiou oi mini in mui
Public Concert.
The P. G. band will give a concert
at Emma Square at 7:.'t0 o'clock this
Following is the
rHT i
Miroh l.ir.-ieiiril- llllp-
Uivniire Morning. Nimn ntnl Xlulit
uriii l .-ijle r.ilm-v II plir. W .I.-ii.Ikti;
Mr. i luir . Kri'iltrr.
"lu Hen Kuliin IIinhI I)r Knvi-ii
I'M.r ii.
.si'licileii roleiii" . Sullivan
s lirtiuii lurlii-li I'.uroi . .MIolin-ll
Wulu 'limit iiml I'lieii. Htrnti
(jiinlrilli l-i ( lili' V mlr ii
HllMllil l'llllul.
(). W. (). llardmau, Sheriir or
Tyler Co., W. Va appreciates a
good thing and does uot hesitate to
hay so. He was almost prostrated
with a coh' when he procured a boi
lie of Ci.auib-irlaiu's Cough Kemedy.
He say: "It gave me prompt relief.
I find it to be an invaluable remedy
for cough and colds." For sale by
all dealers. ISeuson, Smith A: Co.,
Agents for the Hawaiian Islands.
Circuit Court, First Circuit of the Ha
waiian Islands In Probato.
et Uu II'Ku, liitiii.f Muni) ulii, Ouliu,
A Ihicitim lit, I'll Hirtltiu to lie the ljt
Will nii'l I i'-liiini in iifUmi Itiko.ilu'imsHil,
InivliiKuii tin l.'lli itiiv of January, A. I.
IKU, In en iii'-i" I, I tii uiil l'luli.itu Ci'iirt,
iiimI it ii'iiliun t ,r tin- 1'nili.itc llit.rrof, anil
fur tin- i-.iiiiiii' hi l.i Ikt" 'li'KtuiiiPiiliiry
In Kcali'lia liikn Iiiimuk I'li'ti till 'I In liur.
It I- lii'iiiln oi.u ri'il, thai Ml IN l, I lln
I'lth ilu of lYImiuiv, A. 1). s'i, at iu
oVIiirli A. M., el Mil. I ilii) at till' nun
lieiiiu of -;ii. i'iiiiii, at tin I'oiirt Hiiiim!
Iluililiui; in Hun .Iu it, lie, iiinl the siiuin
l, Imii'iiv aiiuliiti'i tlm limn fur nrovlnj,
f.'ilil Will ami lic.iinij; .iii iiiiii'iUiuii.
ulii'ii an. I uIiiti' nn icron liili'rcsti ii
inav a,.i'iir ainl inn est I lie ml. I Will, mnl
tlii-ismiilllliMif Letter, rusliuiii'llliirv.
"j ,.tV" I iY.,."i..' ! II I., ja!!! l". til.
II) lie t'oiiri
(no. i.i'i'as,
'l."l lit VI is
llrilMOk HlMl"II.M hmll.TV lielil
(ill Keliruai I 7 lll, llie fnlluiv lni; Ullluiir-
were eiectwl, vu
r-S i
7 a
o s y
-C '
s - ?.
- r
: dh
-J H R -
'ji. .
II. A. Wi ii'iuniiii I'ri'ilili'iit,
.1 !. Urn Wenl Vin'-I'ni.liliiiii.
I'. I v In 1 1 1 1 1 . 'I H'umiriT,
.1 !'. I fkur.lt .-ith'Iiii),
II. J. Nulic Ail'lltur,
J. K. Iluukfulil Trnntiw.
j. i.cKAitnr,
UV.'-'Jl HucruUr)
Hawaiian Harflware Go., L'fl
Saturday, Feb. 10, 18H
The following is copied from
a circular issued by the man
ufacturers of the Jones Locked
Wire Fence and is of interest
to the Hawaiian people:
"While our spring trade was
retarded by unseasonable wea
ther, and the financial crisis
which followed threatened to
destroy the commerce of an
entire nation, we cannot com
plain, for, as compared with
business in general, our suc
cess has been phenomenal, this
being due not alone to our
complete business organiza
tion, but to the superiority of
the Locked Wire System.
"Notwithstanding the gloo
my outlook for all branches of
trade in '93, we adhered to
our original intention of ex
hibiting at the World's Colum
bian Exposition, and the re
sults have more than justified
the enormous attendant outlay.
and have well repaid us for
consulting our courage rather
than our discretion in deter
mining to place our exhibit in
the face of the many difficul
ties confronting us. The most
pleasing, perhaps, because the
earliest decided recognition of
the merits of our exhibit, was
the selection of our fence by
the Commissioners. from
among the many displayed, as
being the best adapted to the
construction of paddocks for
the recreation of the high bred
stock of the entire civilized
"In consequence of this, the
interest in our display was in
tensified, this question being
one of vital importance to all
land owners, as about one
fourth of all landed values is
invested in fences. Our pur
pose was to attract this spirit
of inquiry and thereby farther
the interests of ourselves
and of our fellow-workers in
the United States, in which
object we were by no means
disappointed, as the great
amount of advertising we have
obtained by this method has
already more than reimbursed
us, to say nothing of the in
crease of otders traceable
directly to this source, which
itself has more than repaid the
expenditure incurred.
"While our chief intention
was to beneltt our own trade
here, we were agreeably sur
prised at the earnest attention
manifested by our foreign visi
tors who came again and again
bringing their friends and in
terpreters, and talking busi
ness to such purpose that we
now have buyers in Germany,
Russia, France, India, Den
mark, Sweden, Argentine Re
public, South Africa, Victoria,
South Australia, New Zealand
and the Sandwich Islands In
regard to these two latter and
especially the Sandwich Islands
we can not say that our trade
was due to the World's Fair,
as our extensive business rela
tions with I Ionolulu had com
menced previous to this time.
"Hut the crowning recogni
tion of the merits of our fence
was the First Medal and Dip
loma which was awarded with
out any hesitation on the part
of the Judges.
"In this connection we would
recall to your mind the fact
that we were the recipients of
the same honor at the Detroit
Exposition in 1892.
"Gratifying as our rapid pro
gress has been in the past, we
look forward to a still more
prosperous future."
And we are the sole agents.
Hawaiian Hardware Co., L'd
OpihihHh Hirecktl' lllook,
Are Kuculvlug New Invoice of
Electric Printing. Office,
Where Uicy nre fully nroimrcd to do all
Miidii ol work Iu the Intcat ttyk', at
the iboncut notice aud at the
tuont JUiMoaublu HatM.
Fine Job Work In Colors a Specialty 1
F.xfctitod In thu Mixt Attni'tWc
JU'Ail the following partial Hit of spec
ialties ami get the Bulletin's price be
fore pluclujr your orders. By 10 dolujt
you will Mve both Utnu aud money.
I.ultur HchiIh,
Nolo Humid,
Uill IIuuiU.
Uillb of Lulling,
Hliippiug Contractu,
Check Ilooku,
Legal Ulanka,
Wedding Cards,
VUUiiig Cards,
HubIiil'sh Curds,
Funeral Curds,
Admission Curds,
Fraternal Curds
Time Curds,
Milk Tickets,
Meal Tickets,
Theatre Tickets,
Hcliolursliij.) Certificates,
Corporation Corliliciits,
Marriage Certitleutca,
Receipts of all kinds,
l'liint.itioii Orders,
I'roniibsory Notes,
Label of every variety,
Petitions in any language,
Kiivelopes & Letter Circulars,
Spoiling Scores & Records,
Perpetual Washing Lists,
(lenerul Hook Work,
F.i i'., Ltc, Ktc, Etc.,
Printed hiiiI Ulookuil when iIhsIicii.
W No Job U allowrd to Iotw tha ot
Ilea until It glvw uutuUutinu,
Comer P'ort So Hotel Streets.
"Will be offered to the Public and it will pay you to trade t
; . . . I AM OFFERING NOW ....
For Friday and Saturday Only,
Boys1 Cambric and Flanette Waists
Elegant Auuortment of Colora at 20 Cent Each.
Jtiht Received by last "Australia" a Large Stock of
To be sold for os'E week only at 10c., 12Jc., He. aud 16c.
per yard. Goods worth 25c. a yard.
. . 260 PISOBS..
In 10-yard lengths, reduced from 1.00 to 75 cents.
Conor Fort and Hotel 8ts., .... Honolulu, H. I.
1 30,000
Manila Cigars !
ok tiii:
Constancia & El Cometa Brands
. . . JU8T TO HANI) KX "CITY OF I'KKLSO" . . .
3? These Cigars are direct from the factory and
should not be confounded with the cheap imitationu which
are 80 frequently offered as
TRIAL of theses Cigars
583 Fort E3tr3t, Honolulu., H. I.
Beautiful Articles in Antique Oak
Splendid Line of Rattan and Reed Furniture !
hiiiKlu I'Ii-i'hm anil K't.
In Finu BpriiiK, Iliur U'uul, Mus unit Hlniu Mitttrt".M's.
I'li.i.ows of l.i vi: (ii.i;si; m;a riii.u. and silk floss.
Latest Improvements Id Wire Mattresses, Lounge & Sofa Beds, Divan Lounges and Sofas,
Great Variety of Baby Carriages, Cribs, Cradles and lllgli Cbairs.
Our I'uliIiift.Miiklni; Workliui Is Hu.crior in Mini mnl MntiTinl.
tar ouu I'uitno Ai.w.Wh tin; i.uni.m' in iiomu.i i.h. -s
J. HOPP cfc CO,,
1 N"o. T-O. ICtsicr Straot. -
"Best Manilas."
convince you of
CHAIRS, Etc, Etc
- - IIon.olvi.lvi.. I-!. 3L

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