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Time Table
To Bwa Mll.u
Whuro is tho Wnrriiiioo?
H. IIaiihmi liitw a notu'o in thic
Tho Cliiuvsu Nous issued a snpplo
HHMit this wook.
II. T. H-ililwin ri'turnod fri)in Maui
'onlhntt'.O. Ilnll.
I Tho P. G. band pl.ivs at teiiiinn
Cloie of Fobruury Term Summary
for the Week.
i .oil vi' Honolulu.
Leave I'earl Cltv H:30 2::50
Arrive Kwa Mill :57 2:57
To Honolvu'.
Square this afternoon.
A whaling bark living tin
flay in eniWiig outsitli.
Ant. l MoriKin lias soimi
l',o I pinoapplo plants for salt).
Ill Fate of tho Ilnrkoiitlnt Hilo from
Nuwca3llo for Honolulu.
Tin1 steamer V. G. Hall, which
arrived from windward at (5 o'clock
yesterday uv(niiijj. brought th bad
tiding of tho wreck of tho fine against his vvifo Dinah. C. W. Ash
Darueniino mio, ou mu ivmia eoa-M. iorii ior planum.
I'urwr Whilo of the V. (J. Hall fur- I" !c fivo libel cues apinM W
... i i ,i . r ii ..... . G. Smith, no indictments bcinir tiro,
iiimiiii im luumviiiH report; ,,,.. .,- ,,,...,., .ii.,.!, :r .,i
-.-u. . . .. -..- ... ,
t iio.-ta ior me proMeoiiiutii
ST. VNDRf.w'.S CTILlin...
Fourth Suudav in Lent. tJ::l'l a.m
This U the last day of tho First ljly Communion; II a. in., Holy
Circuit Court term. The Court ad- Communion and sermon: .I..XJp. in.,
journed at 10:0 a. in. hvonuoufj (Hawaiian); .:.Wi p.m.,
John Kaimi was granted a divorco
yullow "Uarkentiue llilo wrecked ou Feb.
LenveEwa Mill ..
lenve Pearl City..
Arrive Honolulu .
.7:30 11:6fi 1:55
A. Saturdays only.
II. Daily.
(J. Stuitinvs excepted.
1), Saturday excepted.
tHugnUtj gUlctin.
SATURDAY, MARCH .1, 181)1.
Hvtimhv, Mar. .1.
Am wliiillng Imrk llomllu, Hoiiald-uii, 72
ili! (rum -hii I'rniicl'Cii
Am wliallnir, Imrk Mart. Mitoninlic, I'lduy
(rom ."Jan I'mticUcu
Stinr Mlkalmlii (rum Kiuinl
frjttn r Walaloalu (rum Hiitnukim
btinr l'elo (rom Hutiauuiiiiii
tttmr Jiuuc Mukvu from Kmtiil
Hiit'tum. Mnr. 3.
8 8 Australia, Hoitdlette, (or riim l-'nin
clco ni 12 noon
A IVtalinna incubator and two
brooders are olTered for sale.
Annie Hila and Kaniarina were
stueragu passtiiiejoTs "ii tho Australia.
Tho concert at Kauaiahao church
begins this ovoning at 7:.'t() o'clock.
I,. F. Tracy has bought out the
stock-iii'trado of the lato M. Gold
burg. C. .1. Day will lead tho Y. M. C. A.
meeting to-morrow moiling at Held
Personal effects valued at -"HOO,
tho proporty of C. It. Hlihup, wont
ofTon tlio Australia to-dav.
Dr. Geo. Trouscau shipped ostrich
1 feathers valued at S'I'A) to tho Coast
I on the S. S. Australia to-day.
Thomas Spencer wni coinuiitlctl
for trial for forgery by District
I Magistrate Kobertsou yesterday.
'Ii. at I a. in. oil Ivoaulioii. Ivan. ti... Att...-.i.....r3..i.r.,i .1....1: 1 t..
.' . , , - I mu iiiiiMin t'vi.i" nil iiriiiiini 111
'loo to L'lina. t'aptaiiij wife and , jmuc.t Domingos Gomes, charged
....II. UMljd ..I... lit nt.ll .... .....I..... nf
llll tiw-i liv.tl, tail. 1 ..11 1II1JIIV.1I 111
Ins counsel ho was discharged. Car-
twelvo men all safe. With the ex
(option of tho captain and wife, all
came to Honolulu, uojit laiulet at llr & (jartr for prosecution; C. W.
J'unaluii. esse! n total wreck. Sim shforil for dofendaul.
had a cargo of VIM tons of coal con- Kapnhu, from Koolaupoko, for
signed to Allen & liMbinson and win 1 uiaci0us injury, and Kalieluakalil
bourn from Nowcastu, N. S. U., for for i,rKary were nolle pros'.l.
Honolulu. At South l'oiut, forty- Ah Kai, opium in possesion, was
live miles from tho scene of tliu " lrlu. from ti)(, calendar. ICaulu
wreck, timbers and spars of tho ill- koil or t(.fdant.
fatei vessel wore found lloatmg. and ai-,. nroonv f animals, with-
v his ajip
enco of ti
Horo at Waiabia
evensong and sermon.
The services of the Second Con
gregation of St Andrew's Cathedral
to-morrow will be as follows: '.1:1.1
a. in., holy coiumiiuioii with sermon;
Kyrio anil Saiietus. Maunder in G;
hymns :v and .'II I; Nunc Dimitti.
Turle in I). I5:(r.l p. in., evening ser
vice, with confirmation by the
Bishop; Magiolicat and Nuue'Dimit
tis, Fbdou in ('; Iimiii .'117 aii.l .'II ;
anthem, "What are Mn-se nrraynl in
white robes." by Stoiuer. He. Alex.
Mackintosh, pastor. All are invited.
The Newest and the Latest
5HO Port Street, Honolulu.
all along tho eoal bits of wreckage : (ir,.w his appeal, and will rvo his
1 sentence of tnu year by Magistrate
wore seen.
Tho following niombor.s of the
crow were paeugors on I lie W. G.
Hall, Captain Lo Uallister, who is
well-known in Honolulu, and wife,
staying over at tho I'uualuii Hotel:
Ualpli Aruett, lirst mate; Fdward
()oon, second mate; Charles Fries,
carpenter; Atitono 'Anderson, stew
ard; .). Anderson, U. Visuo, Charles
.tat-olKou, Louis Uraehun1. .lohn
Smitli. Thomas Matthews, Thomas
Mackeu.i t (cabin boy), and V. C.
Mikulich Cpassengcr;.
The crew when seen shortly after
the arrival of the W. G. Half liv a
Ui'Li.i:ri reporter were very reticent
.1. F. ColburnV appeal from judg- members of the old 0
cut in favor of T. II. Murray is present and sing, both
Sunday School at Jl:lii a.m. Public
Worship at 11 a.m. and 7:.'Kl p. 111.
At 1 1 a. 111., Kev. Dr. Twoiubly will
preach on ''The Lift! is More Thau
Moat." and in the eveniiiLf at r.'M oil
V. Ashford for "Unmanly Godliness and Ungodly
Manliness. it is expected thai
hoir will he
inoruimr and
ruled out of Court because tho ap- evening. The 1011111 Peoples S.)
peal houd was made to plaintm in- cietv of Christian hudeavor will
stead of to tho Clerk of the Court.
The accounts of F. A. Schaefer. as
guardian of Henry Gruho-Marchunt,
were approved by .Judge Cooper.
Receipts i'MKMU, e'xpendilures .107.
".". balance &!(il.l'.l.
During the week the work of the
Circuit Court in term is thus sum
marized: Convictions by jury, S; ac-
meet at IbltO p. in.
catholic cATinmnw..
At (5 and 7 o'clock a.m. Low Masses
as usual. At 11 o'clock Children's
Mass with Fuglish instruction. At
I0:.'I0 High Mass with native ami
Portuguese instruction. 'I p. m..
Wosary and Catechism. I p. in., in
winter season (.November to rebru-
TI... t..,,. I. I.ii-iii .. Ii... l.'Iflli I'lr.
I III' .'lllll II HMH Ml 1111' LI. ... XI.
... . ...Ill I. .t I. ..I....
cimyour. iii iMn-u ...........(; i)(,t Ul0 wrccu. lhey could uot ;11.ni4U.n1,r,.,.r,..I11,i1,,lrns,...i1i,.l. ary, l:W p. in., in suuiiner .w
uard 110M ii'iiiH(ia.v m i.uiue. account for how the Hilo round H fi- jurv waived ca-es ' divorces (February to November), Heuedic- !
The Supremo Court term will be v on the i.m.J. Captain Lo ll.tllis-, t;i(,, r. The cost of jury wmSKI Uon of t he M.1J. Sacrament. Week-
11 . i.. .1 ... 11..1. ti i (or had re ired to the cabin about r I- r u.'..Mn! ,. v Serv ces 1 am 1 a. 111.. Low
U(! I on Aio tiav 1110 nun. nircnirv ... .... , .... . r .. . . . ,. .. 1 " iiui-iniuii unu utun v.i i.jumhc, v
.1 ..... t...'. - .1 -1 half an hour ln'Toro. and Second ...! ai-m f..r ..... ii..t. i,... ii... Masses.
mere ure iuiiui a vtmi iimh-.ii
Voesols Iioavlnn To-morrow.
Minn Mokolll (or Kniui.ikiiknl, Kmiiiilo,
I'nkoo, Hiilinv-i. WiiIIiiu. Poli'kutiii.
Kulatiiiii, Ijiiiuliiii, DIohiuu mill
I 1 tint nt A p m
Cargoos from Island Ports.
Htmr IVIc 27111 ling filRrir
Htmr Wnlnlvulc lij lmn i-uiir.
Htmr Jiiiui'M MnVcf -lur.i lmn ii(inr, '"
ii:ig iti(iiiy iimi , k -ttixirt .
8tmr Mlknlinlii IsJSt Imik -ii(.ir. I2iiIuiks
rice, 10 Lii K' ih'.iiiuI", mid u lull lildi k.
Mmr W II Ilnll-HKI I.ih Mijrnr, 101 liaK
colltc, (l lmi nxvii, 2s lii-iid cattle. I
liorn-, 21 In1I hlitc, 2 lion- mid ')
ikh' Mtiidrli-!.
Kiiiiii lluwiill niitl Muni, vr nimr V
J I nil, .hir2 Vulcnno: l)r Knllvu. Way
iort: II 1' llnlduln, I'll n...'l.lcn. 1'
MiMtclckc, K tlkiitii, Mrs Nnliiiiii. Wlnr
Hun. Juiiii's llrowu, I' Aclil. .1 Nnualil. 1
i: Stunc, M J Kivliin, J Hu'rliliiti. M Swl-,
I' Amiln mid wife, Mrs J I'oruwill. Minlir
John ('nrk'lt, J Maknliiiil, Mr N'tilaiim
ulm, V V Mlkulluh. M Arncll. IMard
Oh'.on, Antiinu Atidcrxm, I'liirlo I'rli-,
I'riim llaiiiakuii, in-r utmr Vnliil.iil',
M.ir:t -II hiiiltliaiidJilifk.
Kroi 1 Kauai, ivrKtini .Mlkalmln. Mnr Ji
ll S Wll ox, Or linen. I Adam-. KU
Corulcti, K llarrl. Turn llmiK, Tne.( Kl K
IIcImccii I'anof mid 32dt-ck.
Kor Sim I'miicIi-co, j-rr H 8 Au-lrnllu,
Mnrll Mrs f A Adnnix, .Mrs Mnry Allan.
Hon U It IIUIio, .Ml-- Itraud, lieu '
llrimti, JKllnmn, r I' I'oIoiiiiiii, Ml" I.
Dick, II It I'ti's, It l l-V.li. Ur E A I-'imiT,
M (Irt-t'ii, It llulstcuil, Mrs Admiral Irwin
iiiul ilniitfliUT, A It KimiiK'ii. Clay Ijirl
inorit, Mkh l.iirlinori'. II V .Morgan, fl rur
lli'Mvio, K II Scull, J Stt'idiium mid
The Kawaiahao church is being
decorated for the entertainment for
the benefit of the -oniinniy thi
Henry Hapai was thrown from his
wheel by a hack on Foil street this
morning. Luckily ho escaped un
injured. The junior football teams art
hart! at practice for their coming
. (match ou March 17, at the League
Frank Poor will go as purer of
the V. G. Hall ou her uet trip.
Purser While will succeed W. los
in the ollico.
whole term thorn has been paid for
witnesses in criminal cases MIH.
.Mate Oleson was on watch on dock
A little before 1 o'clock ou the
morning of the date mentioned
there was a cry from the watch of j pl.rmpH you would not think so,
uru.ii.ersunet.1. .in 111 kmii 11 .i , ,i,i ,, Viirv ari?o nruiiorl ion of tl s-
eaes in Nm York comes from care-
lexnei's about catching cold.
r. t. 0. a. 11 A LI..
"The Volcano i in a very active
"tate," fays Purr-or While il tlie W.
G. Hall, "the lurid light being i-i-blo
for miles."
made to put tin barlientiue about
without awiil ; -lie grounded. A
man was sent below to s-nmd her.
lit reiurued and imparteil the in
formation that she had made .-eeii
iuelie of water, aii'l t his was increas
ing rapidly. On a third sounding it
was found tha' I lie Hilo was doom,
ed, haxiiu' feveii feel uf water in her
hold. The pumps wore put to woik,
but mho avail, at tho water gamed
rapidly. Finally, it was ti.eid"tl t'
abaudiiu tic v s's.., ami at ii ..cluek.
two Imiirs afti r the sira'i Ini'. the
largest boat on the ves, loll her
side willi Ih captain, wife aad cr.v
fr tint oliurt, wiiicii w.i plainly
isiblo. Tlie shipwrecki'tl er"W land
el at Puiialiiii lln.el where thev
Suudav, II a. in., service in Oahtt
Jail; l:Iii p. in., services in llarracks;
IIHI p. in., Hihlo Stittly in Y. M.C. A.
p. in., (Josplo Praise Service in
.. . M . . I.. ......
1. Jl. t . A. luctlay, :.! 11. m.,
The "Mother's Friend" Patent Shirt Waist!
Thl" l tin liiti-t Improvement hi IteyV rililrl Vnlt mid a true friend to
tii'itlief! no inure IpiUtim- to ev oii,a the-e iiuiinit rouie oir. We have
tliem In wlilte iitid hi (jiicj .ri'n'es (r 'in ! relit ilivtaris
IHlYs' r.U.tm WAISTS IN Al.l. SI.I'.S AT 2.. 1KSI8.
I.itet Huns" In
Children's Cloth Caps, University and Pinafore
We Imve ilieiii in t'r.iito, (iirlliml, S'nvv llliiennd Sent llrown.
lllll HltKN'S ASH IN'KANT 8 r'ASl Y KI.ANSi:i. I'OATH nl very low prior-.
wa 1 i:iti:i ash itiintuss in am. 1'ui.oits.
They nre iroliiiilneed the Im-1 liy nil Mini have ilvt'ti tliem a trial. Wc have
lln'iii (or ndlt. !ehi, cliliilrvii mid jiifiin mi plain, rllilied. ilmii ilteli
iiiiI oh.i work. . . . I ndle' Adeline lilnek .StiH'klllK reduced to. xleetit"
H-r pair. . . . Ijidle' Plauioiid Plnek Stocklue nt 2'i rent- vr pair.
Have Mia eii the rill DIIVN'H H'llOOt. HATS that we nre .ellhiu' lor 20ietit-?
The are Jut tin tiling (or liny- or HlrN.
3. S. LEVY
o 1 -5 Robinson Block, Hotel Street.
I1-.U) p. III., tie
1. ('. A.
mu cold, says .,,, .......iimr m v. MCA. Si.r.
Dr. Cxrilrt l-Mson. "Il is such a silll- ..;,.," ... H,1.H11.Fstroot hall at 7::UI.
Vorolgu VusfiW t:xpuctoU,
0 A 8 8 Wnrrimoo, l'erry,(rom Svilnvy,
due lei) 2H
O A- O 8 a Oceaule, timltli, Iron. Sun Pniti-
cIk-o, duo Mareh .'i
1)8 8 Marlxjii, lluywunl, (nun iy,lnov,
O iV O 8 8 llai'llo, IVarut', (rum Hoiikiomu
and Yokohama, due May 14
Am Iikiuu8kii;lt, (rom Port Humble, ii"
Am lk llurveler, (rom n 1 1 l'raiiclco to
Am Iiktue DlM'overy, (rem Han rntnel-eo,
now tluu
Haw hk Helen Hooter, (rum New York,
Am i-cli b'alvalur, (rum N 8 W. Jan 2!)
Am hktuu Hilo, (rem N 8 W, Jan III
Jik Xiiutlpiv, (rum N 8 W, Jan 2JKII
Ilk M HiicmcM, (rum Liverpool, Juti'.- I l.'i
llur lik ilalvoKtou, (rom Amoy, now 1I110
(Jer lik J (' Hindu, (rom l.lveriiool, Apr l-lu
I. muii I) KimtiT, (rum N h W, IVh 12
Heli llolden 8huri, (10111 Newea-tle, N.8.W.
Vossols In Port.
II 8 8 Plilladi'lphla, Darker, (rom I'nllao,
II 8 8 Aduius, Nehoii. from u erule
il It M 8 I'liauiploii, honkc, l-,iiiiiiiaiilt
11 1 J M 8 Nauiua, .loil, (rom Jiipnii
Am (till,! II !' Chei.uy, Molier, irolii lln-
pariurc Ituy
Am hk 8 0 Allen, ThniiipMiu. (rom 8mi
Am hk Matilda, .Swcii'-on, (rum Dopartuie
Am kefir (.'ariler Ihivu, Ihandt, (rum Ne-
cimllf, N 8 W
Am lilum. Irniiirtl, Ht-ljiiiMl, fnim nun
llrit r-lilii i:atcrnft, Itlmiuer, (rom Nim-
calle, X 8 W
l!r Lark Mllaltu, llarlaud, (rum Liver-
Her lik Ciiilvestou, (nun llonj:l.on:
Shipping Notoa.
The whaling hark Marx, Win. I Mn
combu miihter, 111 rived lhi inoinin l:i
(hiyn from 81111 l'Vai.nheo, 011 her un to
thu North Piiellle Ocean, blie I111-. mi hiitird
lleul o( oil, ulmllui; n"H.r, provlion
and water !: Ilnst .
The 8 8 A ilitniliu, lloudlctlu miiisIit,
Milled tu-ilay with tlie followiuc cm. ; 1
) ostrich fcutliur (MJ lli-i. ), Ur TriiiiiM-uii,
Jtii I hie'lm liauanai lieu l.veuiuu: 7.10 lu, r
rice, M Phillips A t'u, .110 linch-biiiiiuia-,
207 hillKreiill hiiles, llli.N!Oiltl,lu, 2 bill
(lieriikiuii, I'' I- Poller; i.,0'l bai;i Minnr,
W Ii Irwin A Co; To hd: Miliar eme, Hop
Hint? A I'ti; fi h belel lvuus, llm Wo
170 hiiehs liiiii.iiuix. 8I111; Mm;; I. ill do. M
McI.imii; 1011 do, I l.itilto Wilcox; H7do,
Y l.uni Sim.'; II do, ( 0M11, too do, .Inn
8haw; 2.'io.'l do, I'aiiipbell, Marshall A t'u,
III lm: collie, I, II Kurr, 17 li (rnl, P ti
I aiiuiriiiuM ; ,'i hueh Imiinna-, Kill-hop
Duiii' Mle V1I110, u.VkUi.
The Friend renorls a donation of W'Ti caretl for by (,. 1'.. Moll. am
.:M) bv Then. II. Davies lo the Chi ' !' Fe.inoll.
ue-t church in reponse to l-.W.
Damon's appeal for help.
Captain Le IJalliter, of tin wri'ck-
ed barki'iitiuo Hilo, is wll known
ami verv popular in Honolulu. He,
ha- lll.'illo several trips here.
Mr. Davies has ii-fu i a r.iiii
seiicn of "L'tlcrs upoti the Political '
Crisis in Hawaii." being llio-e pub
lished fioui .Ian. Ml to Feb. 'I, in
clusive. Three .lapnucn tlt.serler.s of con
tract plantation labor wen caught :
yesleiday, one after Iciuu at largt
live years. Detcclito Touia is cre
dited with the arrests.
A coiilirination nirvice will b" held
in St. Aiulrew'n Cathedral Suudtiy
evening at i o'clock. Caudidaies
will bo presented to the lltshop by
I lev. Alex. Mackintosh. All veal's
L. .1. Levey will sell at public
auction at his salesroom, unilor tle
cicos mad I by .ludgo Whiting. 1 11MI
shares of tho capital stuck of the
Waikapu Sugar Company, on Satur
day, March id.
Through the kindness of Mr. Pain
die t-pocial car for St. Andrew's
Cathedral will leave Pauoa at half
pa live for tin Sunday evening
coufii'iiation service instead of 10
niiinil.'n past six.
An alarm of tin at Wniktki was
turned in this inorniiuc. T'no th'
purttiL'tit responded and the bla.e
was found lo be among -oiue rub
bish on the proiuims (!l Mrs. ". S.
Pratt. The lum-e wtn mi' time hud.
Customs titllci-r Teninv stntest hat
he has nut liceu on duty at tin
Inter-l-lauil wharf siuci "the lime
the Aut-tralia aimed, inn' ha he
been watching Ihai eis.l, and that
consequently IJos'u lion coulilu't
have fooh-d'him.
Sherill'.l. S. Uraiixford, of Pluma-
county, California, left on the S. S.
Australia to-day with IS. K. l-'os-,
wanted in Plumas coiiutv for alleg
oil omlo.lom nl of sehool fun U,
while Hiipeiiulemleut there. He li.is
recently been a school leachei on
11. Kleiume has imported two
ma-dill'-., to take the place of hi n
cently poi-oned dug. They are the
male "King," aged elowni month-,
and the fiiuale "Ni'llie." aged si
yearh. The an about tin siinu
hi" (is Hie iini.s fuiilly gut away
with, and are bomttio-,.
Mrs. Admiral Irwin ami dauL'liNu'
left on thii S. S. Viiitrulta to-dav.
Atlmiral Irwin will reiu.iiu hoivuuiil
t he aiiival of his Micoorror, ('mn no
(lore Kill, laud. Vo-i r,la afler
noon the Atiiuiia' and family wore
phologiaplied at llo-ir cuitago, Ha
waiian Jloul, b.v A. . IJoUior.;
Tli'' S, li. A11-.1 cilia mailed at noon
to-day for ."sail Fi'iiuciicn. There
wa- 1 in n-iial crowd nil llio uoui'l,
and the iioiial ,-nud oil lilln I'. Ii.
laud. Tiie whaler Mais, auclmrcd
member of tlii er"i. wlo.do'.s
not wan: Ids ninuc iueuiiiued, -a.v-thero
was snnieiliiugi.idieallji wrong
abiiut the wrecl.iui' uf ih llilo. He
was mi ih-ck at the (iui'i. Il was'
raining er heavy that nii;M and!
tie ie was a fug hanging alum., lull
win m the cry uf "IdcaUoi.i anea'tt '
was mail", lie iMimitcd that land 1
could not have boon tunie than !
twenty yards awav, and the surf
could In seen alon I In coat. Willi
a tic-ire to saii llu e.iil I lit puinpi '
wtire si-l to work, but wiilimii sty'- !
cesc. At (5 o'clock thi! 111111 took to I
tin- boat with a keg of water and .
bread. Captain Le ISalbsier and
wife !ci oirihiiig lhey had, only
saxiug what tlu, had about their 1
per, ou, while the crew wa al-o in
llio r.'iiiu' prf-ilicaiucut. Idle jump
ing into tli(i boat the carpenter in
jured liU tight leg. The uii.ol i a
total Io-s. 1
Shoitly aftt r ihe olllci'rs and crew
ariieil, (.'on-ul General Mills toik '
l hem in charge, and some of the
men who wiii! hip before directed 1
him to lodgings at Liniswikn's, (jiiooii .
stieet. There the up-ii wiire com- I
foitably iiarieiod. None ol them
n.'iM'il aiittiimg eNoept 11,11 ciotiios
011 tln-ir ba'-ks. They speak in high
terms of tin- way lhey worn Healed 1
1 at tin1 Pun, iluu hotel.
The barketitiue Hilo loaded with
sugar left hero -omo llui" lat year
1 (or Sail PiaucNco. and later went to
Nowoa-tlo, N. S. V where nln ar
med on Nov. IS. tin .Ian. 7 of lbs
year hIio left thai port with Ili.Ml
tons uf coal fur I! 110I11I11 and as
iheiefore lilly day - out when she
, it ruck.
Captain Li llilli.-ier -tayed in
Piiiiaiiiu to Iry ami -.im- -,11110 of
their ell'oel- out uf llu' -hip. Ac
companied by lii- wife In will take
iia-si.p. by thi! , .i Moanier for
'('. 11. Davie-. i'.i ll'iiiolulu
agent" foi the Hilt', (He led aA.lie
tliat thorn ii any iii-maneo mi 1 ln
vos-oi. llui linn wa-. in load in",
after dirchargiii. wuli -agar for
..mm I inui-isi'd ( '. r, ."-iiuitli A ( 11.
of San Fi inc. -.en the the owner.
Till! Hi). 1 in the -".shI nil which
Mi'd. liaiiuis ooaped to San Fran-01-011,
when bull iiijnnot ion and
habeas curplH i'II-i'i-. forllli possin-
lion of lior child, wi'ie pending 111
A Wh.xlur Arrive lrom thu Coast
with thu Droud Dibiiauu.
Tho whaling bark Huta'io, Duu-ald-iuii
uia-ter, arrived nil' purl to
dav Hying the yellow ilag. Tlim
alteiuoiiii il wa.- Imiiul that she had
had lil'ioen ca-es id Miiallpn.x 011
bnaiil, fwn of wli'i'ii died oil the
eillisti. At pliseilt llnTe are hl of
lliecliiw down Wll II the ill-eil"!'.
Tli" Hnraliit left .""mii I'lanei-cn
ou Ni'V. lit mi a w haling clin-e and
is cniiM.,pi -iiily -o w,iy t W11 davh. nit.
mIic Ii'i- b en t 1 1 1 1 .-. 1 1 1 ar.iiuol llu
Tin- bark
lliiuu and so common that very
few people, unless it is a case of
pneumonia, pay any attention to a
cold. New York is one of the healthi
est places ou the Atlantic ('oast and
yet there are a gieat many cases of
catarrh and consumption which have
their origin in this uoglot of tin
simplest precaution of every day life.
The most s,.sibli advice is, when
you have one gel ml of it as soon as
possible. Ily all means tin not neg
lect it." Dr. I-Mscn does not tell
von how to cure a cold but wo will.
Take Chamberlain' Cough Iteiueily.
It will relieve the luugn, aid expec
toration, open the "(.lotions and
soon elfect a permanent cure. 'J."
ami fill cent bottles for sale by all
dealers. lt"iioii. Smith ,c Co.,
agents for the Hawaiian Islands.
A I. MiHI-: Ah.s'tllllMP.NI' MK
iii:oiio.vM7.t:i ciirncii.
The Reorganized Church of .testis
Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mili
lani Hall, rear of Opera Houo. Ser
vices will bo held Sunday as follows:
Ida. 111., Ilible class; llilo a. m. and
7 :.'!( p. in., preaching, by Hitler. I.
C.CIapp. -
Seventh Dav Atlventisl Church,
corner Piinehhowl and ISeietauia 1
streets, in G. West's cottage. Sab-
bath school, l::HI; social iiieeting af
ter Sabbath r-chool. Iliblereadiug
every Sunday evening. Kvcryono
!Jaiiiiicsi) Silk 'Cnipc
IN i:T.SIMl s !i
''if Diiilii Hull tin, 'il) c ilia ' r imiiitli .
I I'l.TAl.l MA ISi'l'IIATdlt
j I W" Ur lor
u-arlv new. In-
I X I. rtioiti:.
j iiKiti: - my ii-'i:iii'.i.r.NA n.
1 nit iu hi'il mid iHiaril, I civi warn
hi that I wll' unt Ii- rcsi.iiilile or debts
colli meted h Imr wiiho,it inv written eon-
.mu. h. iianm:n.
lulu 1. M.uclia. isii. 1172-iw
'pill'. Pll'll.std'' KAWAIAIIAtlrd.MI-
1 unit uillulven I'miccrt tin- live. iin
of March l. I he proceed" in le used !
ii'iieha-ea I'mlin for the Seliiinl. Adnil
-I hi, .in I1111-. Tleketi. (or -iilc by lien
son. Suiilh A I'-., t iisile A t iMike, .1. T.
1 Waterho.t-i . -nilili. l,-vir .V t'iMiki. mid
1 llaualiau News '. lU til
I "
1 V. nolulii lionl iSn.inl In (uturii aro re
, iitetil lo be prc-i'lilcd at llu-"Ilicc n( the
KoiilMip rvl-nr id Honolulu on tlm 'Jilt'i
, ol inch inoiilli, 'llicrwU th y w'llbiini.
eiupl (loin Iluu limuth's e-liiii.ite mid II k'
1 ly iiul to U' on Id lor iiint .r two uo-nths
, n'flir. It order in the Hoiinlulu It. mil
1 lt.iir.1. W II. I'UMMISdS.
I -."-tl Head Mlpervl-or, Ho- ulillil.
it! I)ii's ( ititnls,
ltiili;i Silk-.
Stripe! l-'l.-itii'li'tli
(Jhi'fkfil Klitiii'li'tti's.
Silk (.'iipi.
Shnwls. Kt., Ktt. riisr.
I Imve liceu iiistnii'tcil liy
Mit.'I.M. hi: Sa hSii.va, iro
piii'tiirur tin Hawaiian.Iap
ANLSK l)A...i:, Hotel street,
to sell lii.s .stock nl" JAi
j$cA" A Uhg iiSMHtinent of
KIN'S will be miIiI LK.ssTiiAN
3C. S. LEVY,
511 Robinson Block, Hotel StreM.
This Space is Reserved
rou a
ir-OR. SALE !
1 Hull K VAIl'Klll,! o"
"Mexican Queens"
J(jnr llehrr Horuwn
o( Shy Ilcivrr, l'.
Cured of Scrofula
Tho Pooplo will hnvo Hood's
Ur. Itormati't iirjicrlruro
" My bj, now 11 yrar old, had Scrofula to
onv ro trum thu tlmo li was a bub) ; dltotiare
lnj utl thi tlmo. Of latt ur hsvo been Klvlns
I1I111 lliMi-l's K;irsiii..iiiili. mi'l I Ins ilono All
tlutinv.lb'hiecuii On. Tlin S lo iila lus i1Ih:ii
pcjleil, ;iul Ml ejo It healrd ti' mi'l nell. I
Hood's Cures
fully tirllpva IIikiJ'h HtriiMtl!b U Hit belt
mll( Inn In the m irket. I Keep n Ri-urral Uire,
hiiI It 1 mu 11 trl-k In "-II IIinmI's s irs.u.irilln
for (lit- pi'iiple will liaVH It. I nell llioro of
HikiiI'i riaivtpirill'i tlian all nlle'r inoiilclnet
tupriuer muii tne nicro nuuei ii'ifc uv vuiiieii!
nltliiiut II. My nlfft ha kill t"in entirely
cured n( ScinfnUb) ll"i s Smji 'iit'la. mid I
am linrllly thanklul in . lift 11 Im dona (or
u." John Iiucman, .') !. r i'h.
HOOD'S PltLCir. '..
Mftltl U'ceitluli. (Utl liMSi.4,
, .t - iM.H llll(,
1r l"i. -
S. F. S3E3iriS3K,S te GO.
aoia Hi s 1 1 fort stthqtot.
National Cane Shredder
pai'i:m'i.i 1 Nin.it rin-; lawsurnin Hawaiian islami.
"Tahogo Sugar Loaf"
PltoM IMl'oUTKH sl'nt'K.
For Sale in Qa .ntUKs to Suit Tu chasers.
Jaa. F. Morgan,
1:: i
HOIHtoN, NKWMAN .v ' .,
Aneiits (or ll.,..ii.un I tel
7 vai.i 111.1; i'ii.i I.- op s
I luiproM'il l'rotcrl, lucted
11 dill' rent rari of im- t 11 v "t
-IH.M.I.Ii IN--
"Soft Soaps" & Tallow
. s
III lulu, all liaruiiin-. Ap,l L u
(or (nil .l'l It-llllltf 1,1 8s
lllllfi: A A .1. I'AltTWItHlHT
-i--y .'"FTs.
jiZ.jsi;i . - ! 'V
1 trrnrii ' s- 1. . s-.EiiiiM-i.
$gjs'i&& .T
L hum MiKKIH'l.li- mil in- iimv ooi,uo(l lii icci'ivo iiiilfi.
1 nii-li'-.l ISnoi
on 1. 1
llllll hlrcel, opi-ite Kill!
klni stri-"t. it I m i 1 1 live iiiin
ules' uulU (mm Niiuaiiu strut cur-
1 ,w. -
J. '-v. ,K
5f. . ' rprr
il at this nllii e.
pWti Mi'lIlY ITU-
ni-lu d l!i, "in- for
liclltlcllicll 11' No I tiiliden
in ilif use nt llu National I'.vnl
itinl .ickiiuivl. ilul I iv I'l. micro
,A ' . 0
CTt V-H.
p. o.
'.1,1 II
h'trni ..r'i'i..(i 11 .(( I'ltl.X 7A'.
inii. 11 k Hiill'Hn Olivr
- - 1 "linn, im vviinior Aims, aiu'imrod ui,n llu'lmrl, is autli.irn.l nuisi.li. . irYs.yx "W "I )
A novum rlinmimtii. nuin in 1 1... loft ' '"'" ll'"'l '"T cilurs n- I If . ,.,rlinr I litt siN ,.l. nun w ill (j gJ 1 f I Lj ' ''
Ul.Kr.auullkiiowiMliiiKKiMtoflW 'i W l'l' ' '''"""r mm wH.. , .r I-vuidds ,s 'WJUV-k-iw ?
.Muiuw, Iowa, for ovor six uuuiilis. ' v,,s '""'" ,",;, '"""" ""' ,"',,,"r' ,l,,V"k '""".'; P
At timuxtlitiimin whs M)bovirollinl ' TI." u h .(.'. 1111 I cikih liu.iii.s ..I ''"'; l'"" i'" i.- t Mup m .1 n,lc ucor,i: .jfifyscrev
111) ituiiii iiiii mi an.vi uinj-r- vvitu
nil ho foulil dti Im could not pit rid
of il until ho applied Chaiuliurlaiu's
Tain Jialui. "I onltv iuatl Ihrooap
plIi'fttiuiiH of it," ho av, "and havo
rtiiiuu Immui fii'u friiiu all pain," lit
iiuvv roooiuinond it lo poroinis miiiii
larlv allliotod, ll ix fur Halo y all
dualorc l!()non,,Suiilh A Co., uoiith
for tho lluvvuiinn IhIuiiiU.
linIstt-r A I (. Will lit colli lllllril 'Il
the sliilii al piisciit iioi'iipii'd d I lo'
(siatc ol tin- lain M, lidldlioi'.', al
I', 11 1 iiiul M, reliant strntn I uitl
In' sopmati' fr"in llu- iliuj.' Iiusino-s
of (In llollir-'nr DriiK Co.. l.'d, ami
will iiiolu'lc Hi" ui'iatfd w.iii'is liusi
nor.s of 1 ho oi'l linn Tiiu oila f 1 1 1 1 1 -tain
will continue in tin i;oiupau)V
11 c hi a
ll was iiporti'l 1 hat cue of llm-o
ilo'd was a untiio Ilnua.ian. Iiul Mi.
KoMi'lds did ii"i loam thai sin Ii
was 1I10 ..'i.. 'I'lio ivpnit niiid tin
llaw.kiiau h.il taken a cold hath,
causing 1 lit faial n -nil
Illh WiLMA Ui 1 l.Kl. N
1 I 'lieu if 'i.le'i' iiinr, ll-'i.luu' MHi
l'OUl'th Huut, UtlA.
I'llllUI'l! '
Mud i) at tUocktOii. Unl ,
Sopt 'Jit. lHICl
Hum, 1 1 iii- , lo lluc'iim 1
A ah
- p. .
is rot .
MhIIi ,
im 1" 111 mrniiiii Piiiiniriiiii,ii
Mire I'lllllllli . .' 'J 1.. iv I'ltic Hull, 11
i 11, -n urn .ti ni ai.i . '' : .1 . raii-11 .'..'.'.. Mi,K'r
.'l.'i, iiiul of th limn- llrillnililitiu, .':17 11 d Yiwor . !. "t liknl 1 ' i ji I
lilio) Itl t uinl 11 siu.ill lrii III face Wi'ulii I .iki mills, Is ver -I) l'-l
ll,-, u t- mI prsl o'er iiud 11 mtuie line hnr-e, Wdl lnli'1 lorn limited iiiuubci id
ul III' I Y I ni IIOI.I.AHri IMIt THU SKAMIN, p.ivable al nine of mirviee.
hoixi wii- brid lu Is:'.' lo Inrly-sU initriM and produced loriy-ivoi cults.
I In- uiimI .uhiiiitnuc- In he ih lived Id
-MllKlilil.il .11' HmriuiUlily est ililsi'i
I'lio Inrpo nii'iil'.'i it Plant rs Usui i llu 111 in I hi- I'uiicil Slulii, I'ulta,
vicnliiir Itopulihc, I'. ru, isir.ilia tint cl-ovvlicui, hc.n wiun-rc In llie
.1I111V1 clu mi.
Ilic Uc ( lie Mli.l nnhi. vi i. Iiil'i Iv .MlilU'iHi- llu iiii.i nl il - nf
'ho niill call Lirtlol L'.i 1, 1 .id .. ,ii-i 1'ie ivll.icliun ,,'. unci, l.'i 1.. ! ,
I" ii- .1 .n.it f'l'.'iiiil, uiiikiuu kii.iuii ai nun' ihe po M'lict' nf any
I"' ( "f n si.ii. - i'. in c..i, ..i .in, 'lium w 1 1 i 1 1 w "iild In h.ililc to (hiiiiiip.
In iiiill, niul u'.uii.. nii I. 1 mi 1.. 111 .vo mu liofnro 1I.1111 11:111 Ilic mill.
Tin -.iII,i:iiim. 1 v. rv ii"iulv 111. oh . iiud l. uii In iii.iimci t itr opeia
'inn i' out- m ti r- tiii- i ii d urn. I .11 ir.'ii kvi'im it nth-ii lucking llu
IHlLliihl. . .Hid ll .111V hum 'ui'.lk-, ll I- -lllll ly -ulilc 1-1 llu klllVct- ii cuMiT-,
Iilili I'.oi lii i 1 klv .iliil 1. iliili .ilU n pi. 111 'I tin SlIliKIUihll, ii" Up
11. 1 im 1 in In .', i" ,ii tin , 11111 iiiiii -in. il- ill vu 1 viiij; iilli-, pi-1 Icclly upeii
1111: II .iiul .illiitvmi; lli 111. II 1. tliniiiiilily purr 0111 llio jnu'i' Wit h. .lit it-
plllllii; li- 111)111, tisl i-l. pntv-l III I cr-lll J I" llllll nl Cllli-ll till' M llllll
IU-. Tin - II i'I.IiDi I, wpi, ml- llu rlucililid c.lUc liliili'l inly mill t-Vfllly lii
'I', iiiill loll-, niol il w.i w nli (ho 111 iTsriit, ill r't t-ini 111. ih. li.i.irM' liy
Ii 1 ill Ii. 1 vv. . 11 llu noil-, win 1 1 uMinltui; 1-111 ii-c Nn fiinlci .onoinil id
' lii ii.iii"v. 1. i..ioi.il 1 ii'icnin ih,. Mii.hliiu.ii I linn lh.it wli, cli war
llllll'. i-III t ir ll ill. I , llu .lliiti- 11. 1 c (ullilrl, full Wulklllt.
Ii.iwnif no llu 111-t 1 I. do 1 inn Mll.l. hin.it-, on, ilili, i ,iiii ci'iiipi lent on-
.'ti'il I" sih'ci rlllil. lll-l.ill mill .,i I lln in.
I.I t'llll llliji Mll'l'l'l'l lis ,i , r. plo.1,1 i l.ll rlllllll rkcllll, ll '111111,' til'
III! Ill III llllll W llllll l till Hull l'.l U Willi Willi ll MlllhlMlK'' ' III hi' I'llllUI'l ltd,
,ll" llu -I'll vl'lllo I lludl . Ii llellll nr Iiul l.il'i ' ,0' lively Mill uf Ilic
niill), llpuil Willi ll llu iii.ll i IIUIIU ! luc.lti ll, ,in lln f;i liu'ui i,,. Im,.
i" i'i i ti r el trmit iiiill ri. 1 t. hi, iiiul ili-i. .in litci llur rh.dt lo fiuiil cud
i.l heil I'liiic I lice Sip i.iin ii- .in- iinw lii mi; iim ii lij ilio IlilnSimai i o.
iiiiI llatvi .Mill, K'lihiili, wli, r 'Ii no iviiif; ,.! ui s.iiir(,ii. nun.
itf" I'licer illlll tlirllnl i i.l 1 1 11' 111 ill- IIMV he llllll ll llppl.V IIIU lo
IM) till
WM, G. IRWIN & CO., L'd..
So' .liyrnUiir ln- yiiu.ii'i'un lilmah.

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