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"With -which is Incorporated the "Independent,"
VOL. 1. NO. 40.
.ife.- " W "'Ml T8i E
i '
i vlA
uepiQ$ Bulletin
"With which Is Incorporated tlio INDEPEND
ENT. Hawaiian .CopyriRlit by A. V. GkAii,
Juno i.', 181".').
Published every day except Sundny at
009 Klngtrcet, Honolulu, II. I.
Per Month, nnywhoro in ,tho Hn
waiian Islands 8 75
Per Year. 8 00
Per Year, postpaid to Amoricn,
Cannon, or Mexico 1000
Per Year, postpaid, other Foreign
Countries 13 00
l'nynltlo Iiivurlnblv In Aavnnco.
Advertisements unnccompnnicd by
specific instructions inserted till ordered
Advertisements discontinued boforo
expiration bf spccilled period will bo
charged as if continued for full tonn.
Liberal allowance on yearly and half
yearly contracts.
Address all communications to tho edi
torial department to "Editor Bulletin."
Business letters should bo addressed to
"Manager Evening Bulletin."
Telephone 250. P. O. Box89.
B. L FINNEY, Manager.
Business Cards.
Qenehal Commission AanNT&
Cor. Fort and Queen Streets, Honolulu.
Impohtebs and Dealers in Lumber
Fort Street,
1 ' MAKER. ' "t
Kukui Jewelry n Specialty. Particular
attention paid to all kinds of repairs.
Campbell Block, - - Merchant Street.
Steam Engines, Suoar Mills, Boilers,
Coolers, Iron, Brass and Lead
Machinery of Every Description Made
to Order. Particular attention paid to
Ships' Blacksmithing. Job Work ex
ecuted nt Short Notice.
Atlas Assurance Qo,
ASSETS, - - - $10,000,000.
Agents for Hawaiian Islands.
Jas. F. Morgan.
No! 45 Queen Street.
Expert Appraisement of Real
Estate .and Furniture.
Book and Job Printer
Merchant Stroot, Honolulu, H. I.
Over Hawaiian News Company's
Book Store. my 13.
W. F, SHARRATT, Manhgor
Stand adjoining H. Hackfeld &
Co., Fort street. General Cart
ing and Drayago llusiness uono.
m 7 tf
Notary Public, Typewriter
Offic e: Ove r Golden Rule Buzunr
T my 13
Docs nil kinds of Work' in
Cement & Stone Sidewalks & Curbing
Ho has on hnnd a largo Rjipply of
Chinese Qranito Curb nnd nlwnys keeps
Hnwniinn Curbing Stone. Estimntea
given nnd lowee.4 prices nssured. v Tele
phone 833.
OUItEp 11V
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Mr. Geo. "iV. Burtncr, Itcoilctown, Vo.,
wrllcK, n follow I
Rliortlr after leaving colleKo, I was trembled
vrltliaoVm dim-Mo wliich thoweil IHelr, tint, at
the milclrt. I'liyilclana pronounced It ecieiim,
nd treated mo for tlut cotnnliilnt. The erup.
tlon erert dmvlT up mjr lliiibt.mid on tho budjr,
until It enveloped tlio whole frame. It ktu ma
Infinite trouble with constant Itching. catlnij oil
ot dry telle, and a waterr liquid whlcU would
etude from undor the testes. I treated It for
over three yearn uniucceMfully, and trai tinahlo
to check It, until I bemn ii'lng Ayera Sarsapa
rilla. I used three hollies of this medicine and
was completely cured my akin becoming as
smooth and clear as before."
Has Cured Others, Wilt CurtyYou
Made by Dr. J. C. Ayer A Co.. Lowell,Mats.,TJ.SJU
Hollister Drag. Co.. L'd,
Solo Agents for the Republlo of Hawaii.
Kinau street near punchbowl
street my 2 1
Practical Confoctionor and Baker,
No 71 Hotol'Stroet.
my 20.
Pacific Trading Co.
Japanese Goods!
,. 20S Fort Stroot.
Aloha 'Bath. House.
Next to Marine Railway. Bath
ing suits on hand. Patrons
brought free from tug-bout' wharf
on telephoning No. 585. Furn
ished rooms to Jet on tho premises.
Mrs. J. H. Reist.
my 15-1 ti
All subscriptions for tho Inde
pendent will be carried out faith
fully by the amalgamated pnpor.
Those who have paid for" both
papers in advanco will be credit
ed in fujlacoording to tho amount.
B.L. FinnoyybusinessMunagor,
The SINGER Received
54 First Awards for Sewno. Ma
chines and Embuoideky Work
at tho World's Fair, Chicago, 111.
being tho largest number ol award,
obtained by any Exhibitor, and
more than double tho number
given to all other Sewing Ma
chines B. Berqebson.
my3l tf Bothel st., Honolulu.
Wholesale and 'Retail
98 Fort Streot,
P.O. Box 470
iiurtui.ui.tr tr.jcii. pusiiciin em-
Trip to tlio Now oTcrnilnuw
tlio Ouliu Itallrond at Wnl
nnno l'luiltntloii.
If there is uny ono thing more
than another that M sinngor Dilling
ham of tho O ihti Railroad nnd
Land &mpnny is noted for it iH
his courtesy to newspaper men,
and yesterday's excursion prlivos
that lio is still d'jsivous of uphold
ing that reputation. Invitations
were extended by him to ovary
.newspaper man in Honolulu to
tnOH tiip over the Wainnae exten
sion y-storclity. and that tho local
Boribes know u gond thing when'it
is in sight was shown by tlio follow
ing delegation wliich left at 0:30
in (tha morning: W R Farrington
of the Advertiser, Ed Towsoof the
Star, S K Bishop of tho Friend,
J M Vivas of A Sentlnolla, U M;
Whitney of tho Planters' Month
ly. L 1' Lincoln of the An
glican Church Chronicle, Ho
Fon of the Chinese News, O
Yak Nam of the Chinese TimeB,
G O Kenynn of the Independent,
Bishop Willis of tho Diocesan
Mngazino, J T Stacker of tho
Time, F J Testa, of the Mnkaaina
na, J Nawahi of the Aloha Aina,
J U Kawaintii -of the TCuokoa,
Julian D Hayrio of the Hawaiian,
J E Bush of Ka Leo and George
Manson of the Bulletin. Special
"corespondent Frank Godfrey nnd
Representative Kamniioha were
also in the party and Deputy
sheriff Sheldon of Waianao, to
gether with Chief Engineer
Kluogol, and Contractor Bickal.and
the whole was in charge of Fred.
C.Smith, tho general passenger
agent of the company.
Tho pres3 train was made up
of the directors' cur and an obser
vation oar drawn oy ongine
Loalii with master mechanic Ifc
D, Roberts at the throttle. The
run to Ewa was made in fifty
minutes, at which place tho train
stopped long enough to give tho
parly u chance to shako hands
with Manager Lowrio.
At 10:30 the start was made for
Waianao and Harry Roberts
speeded up his ongino a little,
making the 15 -mile run to
that pluco in just thirty min
utes. Tho train rolled along in a
smooth and easy manner which
speaks well for the efficient road
building of Contractor Bickal and
his assistants. Very few bridges
have been roquirod on this stretch
of road and no deep cuts, except
one through lnoso sand. Tho first
half of the road runs through th
Ewa plantation and the DowBstt
ranch, and from thonca skirts
along the edgo of the Pacific and
under tho overhanging Waianao
range into tho valleys in which
the Waianae plantation aro situ
ated. Here is tho present ter
minus of tho road, from which a
sidetrack runs to tho mill about
200 yards distant.
Here Manager Ahrens rocoived
tho party and 'transferred them
to a train made up of four cane
cars, across which planks were
laid for seats, drawn by ene of the
plantation locomotives with the
ohiof engineer in charge. Mr.
AhretiB' first took his guosts
to the lower 'valley some
four miles distant from tho J
mill, where about 100 acres of
cano is cultivated. The water for
irrigating this portion of the
plantation is flumed from Malcolm,
some two miles above. Two at
tempts have been ma do to secure
artesian water in this vicinity,
but both bores huve produced
nothing but salt wator. This is
to bo rogrotted, as there aro
huudreds of acres availablo for
cano if the water oould only bo
Tho party were next taken to
the pumping staMon, sorno 4000,
feet distant from tho mill. Hero
aro powerful pumps run by a
fifty-horse power engino which
ejeot' two and a qimrtfr million
gallons of wator daily. Tho water
is pumped from throe 10 inoh and
throe G inoh wolls. ' Pumping
commeiioos at 5 a. in. and it takes
one hour for tho wntor to reach
the lowest i art of tho plantation,
hy which time the laborers aro
ready to uso it. Pumping stops
nt i p.m., but another hour elapses
before the llumo runs dry. There
aro noirly 40,000 feet of galvanized
steel flumes on tho plantation and
fourteen milos of railroad track
is necossary to transport tho cine
to tho mill. Tho main fields are
oluBtorod about tho pumping
station, there boing altogether
nenrly 1000 acres under culti
vation out of thu G000 tho com
pany owns. In addition to its
own land tho company has loases
and options over others near by
which ouly require wntor .to turn
into vitl liable cane fields. Tho
party were taken through cano
fiolds whioh will be cut noxt
January and- will a vera go nino
tons oi sugar to tho acre. Many
fiolds cut this prosont season
bavo averaged eight and over.
The total 'yield from tho crop just
harvested was 2500 tons, which
amount will bo increased to 3003
next year. By increasing the
pumping power so as to,throw the
wator to a height of GO-feet, in
stead of do as at present, onough
water can bo obtainod to irrigate
additional lunds which will bring
tho output up to 5,000 tons per
annum. These improvements bavo
boon in contemplation for some
titno and will soon bo inaugurated.
A short run was then made
through the well-known oocoanut
grovo whioh Rov. Sereno Bishop
said looked just tho same as it
did when Captain Cook was hero,
or rather when ho visited it as a
The party woro then takon back
to their own train, whoro thoir
car had in the moontimo bcon
transported into a dimug room,
and every ono was just hungry
enough to do justice to the elegunt
chicken salad and other good
things provided, with the excep
tion of tho small boy of the crowd,
editor Towbo, who had filled up
on croon mangops while goinc
throngh the plantation. After
lunoh an hour 'was allowed for
visiting tho mill and village.
Waianae consists of the mill,
outbuildings, stables and officeB
of tho company, one butcher shop
with no moat in it, seven Chinese
grocery storos and tho cottages of
the mill employes and others,
with an imposing court honso
and jail. The population of tho
district is about 900 in all, of
whom over 300 pro on the plant
ation. The prinoipal store is a
branoh of that ownod by Wo Chan
in thiB city.
Just previous to returning tne
press representatives held a moot
ing on tho suggestion of Frank
Godfroy at which H. M. Whitney
was made chairman and George
Manson secretary.
On motion the soorotary was
instruoted to draw up a resolu
tion conveying a vote of thanks to
the railroad company, Manager
Ahrens of tho Waianae planta
tion and Fredi O. Smith, the
gonoral passenger agent of the
In accordance with the above,
Secretary Manson drafted tho
following, which was unanimous
ly edopted:
Resolved, That tho thanks of
the Honolulu press representa
tives who havo thiB day been the
rooipionts of tho courtesies of tho
Ouhu Railroad and Land Com
pany and tho Waianao plantation
aro hereby tendered to tho man
agement of both companies, and
especially to Manager Ahrens for
his kindness in escorting tho
nnrty ovor tho plantation, und to
Fred. C. Smith, who by. his cour
teous care and attention hns mado
our first trip ovor tho Waihuao
extension both a pleasant and
memorable one.
The abovo resolution was
oarriod unanimously and tho sec
retary instructod to forward copios
to Messrs Ahrens and Smith.
Just nt l p. m. the party reach
ed the Honolulu dopot on their
return, each and ovory ono hav
ing had a good sociable time, and
for a day at loast having thrown
dull caro, the legislature, politics,
the.troubles and trials of editorial
and reportorial life, together with
all kindrod evils to the four winds.
Frank Godfrey sampled tho
water at tho plantation -twice as
an expert. '
Rov. S. E. Bishop und H. M. ,
Whitnoy exchanged reminiscences
on the trip.
Tho Waimanalo was at anchor
off Waianao when tho press train
arrived, but left soon after.
The locomotivo houso formerly
at Ewa is being moved in sec
tions to Waianao hy moans of flat
Tho faro on tho public excur
sion tomorrow to Waianae and
back will bo only a dollar and
half for tho round trip.
Waianao is the hottest place on .
tho island and its residents glory
in tho fact, but it was noticed that. .
most of thorn kept in tho shade.
All the proof-roaders of tho
sonate and house were on tho trip '
except Jimmy Keoln. It was
voted thoir pay should go on as
usual, however.
Sam Parker joined the party
on tho Waianao plantation, hav
ing stoppod at Makaha ovor night.
Ho has entiroly recovered from
the effect of the grippe.
If Manager Dillingham harB
insisted on each one of tho party
bringing his bobt girl along, tho -,
pleasure of tho trip would have -boon
more than doubled.
The only dangerous person on.
tho trip was tho good-natured ,,1
porter. He carried two deadly
woapons in his rear pockot, ono
was a razor and tho other was a.
corkscrew. i
It was gonorully romarked thoro
would be a quiet session in the
lower Houso of the Legislature
yesterday on account of tho ab
sence of RoproBontativo Kamau - '
oha. The inhabitants of Waianao
Buffered, howovor. i
Tho two regular Ewa trains' ,
will run through to Waianae on
and after Friday next, the round
trip faro being $3.00 first clas- ,
and $2.20 second. On Saturdays-
and Sundays the round trip fare
will bo $1.75 and $1.25.
The Waianao Company has
50.000 twoyear-old coffeo treses on
the upper lands of their ranch at
an altitudo of about 1800 foot.
Wild coffeo has been growing-in
tho vicinity for yoars and the new I
trees are entirely trom seed pro
duced by thorn. JNativo coffee
has boon used at Makaha for
Having usod Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in my family and.-,
found it to be a firstclass articlo, X
take ploasure in recommending;
it to my friends. J. T. Foster,.
Westport, Cal. For soje by nlL
dealors. Benson, Smith & Co.
Agents Hawaiian Islands.
'I -'X " '" ' s ' - , "

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