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5r; Ever?ir;$ Bulletin
'Villi ulilrh l I irpornlrdt !
'.lUUDAY, - - AUG. H0,18!)5.
Owing to n groat mass of in
ionsoly interesting news innttor
in this isHiio. spico for editorial
comment is uiuoh curtiiik'd.
As h 'he nlmoat univorsal case
in such nn emergency as tho pro
soiit, tiio medical fuculty are to n
mm standing up to their duty
Use men. This fact goos u long
my toward securing public
quiescence of mind.
People who havo business to
attend to, or work to do, should
at this juncture go quietly about
ilioir regular avocations. Actions
or words tending to promoto
public excitement ought to bo
religiously nvoidod, nud if any
body gets sick a doctor should bo
One of tho firl things consider
ed consummately smart dono by
tho Provisional Government was
to ropeal tho Act levying an in
ternal rovonuo tax of 10 conts a
pack on playing cards. It was u
mensuro carried through, in tho
face of groat ridiculo from Smart
Alecks, by Mr. Widomunn when
Minister of Finance The tax
would havo yiolded a neat amount
of rovonuo without being folt as a
burdon by anybody. A stamp
tix rf two cents a pack on cards
bus lately come into forco in tho
United Stites, nud does not seem
lo bo conidorrd b ne th tho dig
nity of that Rroat nation.
i'omci; couui' m:s.
Trlnl or I.niiilcrofl far Nlciilinc the
Ynclil Kaltilnul.
Thrjo drunks wo-r assessed tho
nsual amount iniraediatuly on tho
opening of Court this morning
and Kaiaiki was fined iflO ana
costs for assault and battery.
Five natives next answered to a
charge of assault and battery and
Ai and Kukana were nolle pros 'd.
The other throo pleaded not guilty
and will havo their trial on Sep
tember 3rd.
Eight Jnpnnose chargod with
gambling next faced the judgment
seat. Two of them ploadod guilty
and were fined SI 0 and costs each,
".virile the rest denied tho soft im
ironchmont and will also come up
for trial on the 3rd.
The chargo of profanity ontored
against V. Ouuninglmm was dis
missed Mr. Foster ploadod guilty to
tho charge of stealing tho yacht
Euiulani and was committed for
trial at the next term of
the Circuit Court. His alleged
partner in tbe6ohemo. Landcroft,
was next arraigned but pleaded
not guilty. A. G. Correa appear
ed for tho defense. Nigel Jack
son, Foster, Itoburt Parker and
J. L. Oamer wore oxaminod for
tho prosecution and the defense
will put its witnesses on this
Tho trial of J. L. Stovons on
tho opium chargo also tukos placo
this aftornoon.
To-inorruw'a Time.
TImb wookly will bo out to
morrow reploto, us usual, with
articlos uu current topics, among
which may bo moutiouod: " Tho
Huirchild-Oummiiis wodding. "
'Review of Tho Hawaiian," Gil
ligan's Experience uith Roiled
Soda Wutor," Oartoouh and Com
mi nt, a poem by Jiicque do Kippor
and Jtalph Turner's "Our Neigh
bor." m m
Arlington llulnl HcsUtar.
Aug. 27 Erwin K. Curttloy, Sun
BrnnciHOo; Mr. and Mrs. JJ. T.
3Ic0ulloiigh, California; '28-C.
H. Fairer, Honolulu; 2!) Dr. J..
9; Alvort., Wuiuluu.
H, . WIMIKIt Altlir.Hli:!).
lie I 'lmrcil m Mi Urn nil I.nrrcnr-
Intllrlrtl nt. Nn ii I'rnncUro Allcr
Lratlttu The Arrrtl.
By tho hnrkentino S. G. Wilder
on Tuesday last thoro arrived u
passenger who rogisterod nt tho
Arlingiou Jlotol as "Erwin S.
Carllloy, San Francisco." Tho
lottor "r"' is plain enough in his
surnamo as booked, although
newspaper mention of the samo
porson in Shi Foinoisco givos his
nnmo us''Oattloy." The strangor
brought several trunks nud vulises
tocirry his personal ofFocts, nnd
was dressed in the s'jlo of an
English gontleman of loisuro.
One of his favorito cos
tumes after arrival was a
hunting suit including tnn-color-ed
riding boots. Oarttloy was tho
lifo of tho ship's cabin on the
p ssage hith-r, being apparently
in very jovial spirits. After his
arrival ho moved about town
frenly and made arrangements to
onjoy lifo in tho tropics. Ho
dickered with Thomns Lindsay
tho jewolor for a gold watoh, but
went oft" without buying tho nrti
clo. Yesterday morning ho bought
a horst from A. J. Campbell, giv
ing a cheque on Bishop & Co.'s
bank for tho purchase money.
It would npponr, however, that
had tho steamor Warrimoo arrived
on sohedulo time, or any time bo
foro the arrival of tho Wilder, our
hero would havo boon registered
at tho polico station boforo any
where olse. Tho stoamor Mari
posa brought tho following ac
count of Oarttloy, or Cattloy, in a
number of tho Sau Francisco
"Inuictkd fok Foroery E.S.Oat.
Gow, will re Arrested at
Honolulu. The Vancouver
Steamship will Get There
Before Oattley Arrives on
the Sailing Vessel.
"Tho loug arm of tho law is
soarc ing out for 13. S. Oattley,
tho young man who managod to
gain tho confidence of a fellow-country-man,
P. Goorge Gow, on
a recent journoy across tho con
tinent. For two weeks or more
ho enjoyed tho companionship
and hospitality of Mr. Gow at
his club, in the woods and at
other phi cos, and then robbod his
host in tho meanest mannor im
aginable. "As related in tho Call, ho
went to Gow's apartments on
Taylor street and, prosonting to
the landlady a lottor purporting
to bo from Gow, secured the
letter's baggage, wearing apparol,
gun, traps and gold samples.
The samples wero valued at $400,
and Cattloy cbtninod $300 for tho
collection ut Solby's assay nffico.
"The day after tho robbery
was porpotrated Cattloy ongnge'd
passago for Honolulu on tho
hnrkentino Wilder and departed.
Boforo leaving San Francisco
ho made himself so ugroo
able and interesting to many
of Mr. Gow's friends in society,
that nno of thorn gave him a letter
requesting the captain of tho bark
ontine to make tho passago of Cat
tloy asdolightful as circumstances
would permit.
"Cattley hud statod repoatedly
that ho was a brothor- in-law of
the British Vice-Consul at Hono
lulu, and tho friend of others
oqually well-known in tho capital
of Hawaii, and so obtainod favor
able consideration.
"Oattley, with till of his shrowd
noss as a swindler, did not take
into calculation tho powor of
b ton in on tho ocean. Whilo he is
sailing away on tho Vildor,onjoy
ing tho sweet illusion that
ho is traveling in advanco.
of his record, a dotootivo from
Ban Francisco with pupors for his
arrest is speeding by stoamor
from Tucoma to Honolulu, and
will get. to Hawaii beforo tho
YVildor is sighted.
"Lust Monday tho Grand Jury
of San Francisco found two in
dictments against Cattloy ono
for forgery and tho other for em-
bozlomi'iil. Moreover another
letter has gone to llm cnpliin of
tho barkonlino Wilder. It will
bo placod in his hands immedi
ately on his arrival nt Honolulu.
It will convoy lo tho captain
the information that Cattloy
is n scamp, a robber and
adventurer. A lottor also goos
by stoamor lo tho British VI co
Consul, wherein that functionary
is informed that Cattley in Sun
FranciBCo ropruaiitod hliniolf as
his brothor-iii-hiw, and on such
representation obtained kindness,
courtosy and hospitality which ho
shamefully abused. In short,
tho whole story of tho inotlmd
omployod to rob Mr. Gow is told
to Her Majesty 8 consular ropro
feoutativo in Hawaii.
"To inako doubly suro that
Cattley shall not got away, tho
Hawaiian authorities aro noti
fied that ho has arms and
munitions of wur in his
possession, for he took Gow's
boautiful shotgun and somo am
munition for tiio samo.
"When Cattloy stops nshoro in
Honolulu, arrayed in Gow's finost
English uttiro, tho long arm of
tho law will tako him by tho col
lar and load him to jail. Ho will
bo confronted by tho proofs of his
crime, and if some of tho clevor
ost work is not dono in his behalf
by Hawaiian attorneys ho will bo
brought to San Frausisco on ox
tradition papers."
Carttloy did not evince any un
oasinoss horo until tho stoamor
Mariposa becarao noarly duo,
when ho betrayed somo anxioty
as to hor arrival on time and tho
chances of her ontoriug tho har
bor. His oonccrn was not with
out reason, for that stoamor
brought Daniel Hannah, a polico
officer, oquippod with a requisi
tion from tho Governor of Cali
fornia for his surrender by tho
Hawaiian authorities. No timo
was lost by tho ofiicor in prosecu
ting his mission, and ofiicors of
tho local polico wero sent to the
Arlington to tako tho tnuu. Ho
wns out at tho timo and tho hotol
was watched several hours in tho
afternoon for his return. Carttloy
roturned a few minutos beforo G
o'clock, when ho was at onco np
prohonded by Captain Scott, who
was nttendod by special oflicors
Van Gieson and Not Goodwin.
Tho policemen wont to Carttley's
room with him aud,by theauthority
with which thoy woro ohargod,
took possession of all of his b.ig
gngo and effects. Those inoludod
tho sporting gun mentioned in the
Call's report and a pistol, a largo
quantity of fino clothing, vuluublo
rings and other things.
Before boing tukon to tho
station, Carttloy asked permission
to sond for F. M. Swanzy, of
Thoo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd.
Captain Scott complied with the
request and T. Krouse, tho land
lord, telephoned for Mr. Swanzy.
That gentleman did not wait for
his dinner to respond, but imme
diately turned round, on getting
the raessaga when he reaohed
homo from business, and driving
down town accompanied the
prisonor to the station. In the
meantime Carrtley sat down and
wroto a note to Bishop & Co.,
asking them to suspoud his lottor
of credit and stop payment
of tho choquo giyon in payment
for the horso ho had bought.
At tho station Carttloy was per
mitted to sit on n bench, while
ho miulo a statemont in an undor
tono to Mr. Swanzy. He said
SEPT. 1st
ISTow Goods JSTew
3STow Goods
JMow Goods
Now Goods ."Now
Hint when ho mot Gow in Chi
cago, tho hitter induced him to
put -ffiOU in a gold milling Huhemo.
Tho venture turned nut a failure
and, (o ciimpotiHuto Unrttloy for
tho lots of his money, Gow gave
him a lot of his personal property,
including the gun, somo wearing
apparel, jowolry, oto. Captain
Scott iippronehed him and asked
him where tho liorco was, as it
would ho necosary for him to
seize the animal.
Curttley replied. "Ho is at tho
Club Stables; but 3'ou can't tuko
tho horso bocauno he is not initio.
Tho bargain is oft'.''
Captain Scolt then hurried out
to ask Van Gieson, who hud loft
the station, what ho know about
tho horso. While Captain Scott
was absont tho officer of tho watoh
commanded tho prisoner to como
forward and submit to sourch.
Ho quietly handed over the con
tonts of his pockets, including n
fine leather wallet, sovoral dollars
in silver and dome small change,
pocket kuifo.ctc.
As Mr. Swanzy offered to shako
hands with him beforo ho was
takon below, Carttloy murmured
something like, "Surely I will
not havo to stay horo all night,"
and when told it could not be
helped unless bail wore grantod,
ho asked if he could not go to tho
hotel and change his clothes. Mr.
Swanzy replied: "You aro in tho
oustody of tho police and cannot
loavo horo for tho prosont If tho
charge against you is a bailable
oftbnso, I will bail you out to
night or tomorrow morning." Mr.
Swanzy thon kindly took leave of
tho prisoner, who was escortod
down tho gangway to tho colls.
Carttloy is porhnps 25 to 30
yoars old, about fivo foet six
inahoB high, stout in proportion,
and of erect carriage His fea
tures aro propossossing onough,
his comploxion is of n hoalthy
onlor, and ho has black hair and a
dark brown m us In olio. Itisallegod
that he stole .$400 from Gow bo
sidos tho valuublo effects mention
ed. Ho brought n lottor of in
troduction to Mr. Swanzy from a
Mr. Urquhurt, a medical man in
un asylum at Perth, Scotland.
To fortify this credential he was
ablo to dosoribo ono of Mr.
Swanzy's brothors, also a niodical
mun, to that gontleman. Theso
facts account for his tnlk iu San
Francisco about the British Vice
Consul hero, as Mr. Swanzy has
acted as such at times in Mr.
Walkor's absonco. Whother or
not ho mado tho false representa
tions about relationship stated
may depend upon tuo acouraoy of
tho San Francisco papor's roport.
Popular judgment ought not
to bo too hastily rondorod against
tho stranger, as it may prove, if
ho is placed face to faco with his
accusers, that ho is tho swindled
party instead of tho swindler.
Tho cuso wns brought boforo
Circuit Judgo Whiting this morn
ing. Marshal Brown stated that
tho respondent wns in a semi
insane condition, and, on his sign
ing a certificate to this effect, the
Court romnnded tho prisoner un
til ho is in a physical condition to
nppoar. A. S. Hnrtwell was pro
secuting uttornoy, and Cecil
Brown appoarod for tho respondent.
Passongers by the Hall com
plain that they woro mado to wait
on tho landing of tho cattlo
brought by that vossel.
Goods ISTow Goods
ZSTew Goods
JSTow Goods
Goods Now Goods
IPnrt Struct,
Ill" lltlUMMill UkJmmmJ MWI WWPWI
Jimsly Jopie5
: ox the :
The Tribune is a new bi
cycle which we are introduc
ing to the Honolulu public.
There is probably no piece of
machinery, except a watch,
where outside appearances can
cover as vast a difference in
quality as a bicycle. A wheel
may be built to look all right
as far as outside looks go, for
a comparatively small cost, but
it is difficult to judge whether
a frame has one coat of ena
mel or four, or whether the
plated pans have been run in
nickel fifteen minutes or three
hours. Also in the mechanical
work it is not easy to tell when
looking at a finished bicycle
whether the cones and bearing
posts are drilled, tapped and
formed in one operation and
used in the shape they come
from the first screw machine,
or whether they are first formed
over size and then finished to
gauge on hardened arbors at
several times the cost. Of this
latter class is the Tribune.
The purchaser of a Tribune
may feel assured that he has
got the finest bicycle in both
design, quality and finish that
good machinery and experience
can produce,
All Tribune wheels are fitted
with the Cycloidal Sprocket,
patented. Any good me
chanic knows that a gearwheel
with teeth wrongly shaped,
will not drive machinery pro
perly and that the slightest va
riation from the correct form
will cause friction and conse-
?uent wear. The object of the
keloidal Sprocket is to re
move this useless friction and
cause the chain to drive as
freely as the running of ball
The advantage of the Cy
cloidal Sprocket over other
kinds is apparent when the
rider is climbing a hill or for
cing his wheel rapidly on an
up gride or against a head
wind, as a saving of 1?per
cent in the power is guaran
teed by its use.
We saw a little sawed-ofT
individual trying to climl) the
Victoria street liill the other
day on his wheel but he
couldn't make it. He only
came near enough to it to cause
hifn to lose his temper. The
fifteen per cent extra power
given by the Cycloidal Sprocket
would have enabled him to
have ridden up that and similar
hills easily.
Bicycle riders are invited to
call and examine this new
labor-saving invention. It will
cost them nothing.
While we are on the subject
of bicycles it may not be amiss
to say that there are wheels
within wheels, and one of
them is the Gate City Stone
Filter. With this filter in the
house, the boiling of water is
not necessary to protect the
household from cholera bacilli,
microbes and other wriggling
things too horrible to think of
and about which the learned
physicians disagree and dis
pute. We have a large Stock of
the Gate City Filters on hand.
They are reliable and cheap,
and we guarantee them to
eradicate all microbes and im
purities of any kind.
The Hawaiian Hardware Co. Ltd
Opposite aprMfeal' mtih,
oo voanr wrvneww

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