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"With, which, is Incorporated the Independent,"
VOL. l. NO. 10G.
ueiii7 Bulletin
"With which Is Incorporated tho Independ
ent. Hawaiian Copyright by A. V. Oka it,
Juno 22, 1805.
Published every day except Sunday nt
609 King Strcot, Honolulu, If. I.
Per Month, nnywhero in the Ha-
waiinn Islanda 8 7o
Per Year. 8 00
Por Year, postpaid to America,
Canada, or Mexico 1000
Por Year, postpaid, other Foreign
Countries 13 00
l'nyufolo Invnrlnulv In Advnnco.
Advertisements unaccompanied by
specific Instructions inserted till ordorcd
Advertisements discontinued boforo
expiration of specitied period will bo
charged as it continued for full term.
Liberal allownnco on yearly and half
yearly contracts.
Address all communications to tho edi
torial department to "Editor Bulletin."
Business letters should bo addressed to
"Manager Evening Bulletin."
Tolephono 250. P. O. Box 89.
B. L. FINNEY, Manager.
Chesrv federal
l Colds, Coughs,
Influenza, and
SORE I'la.O.A.T.
It wpi relieve
the most llv
tresjlng cough,
soollio tho In
flamed mem
lirane, loosen
tho phlegm,
:ind Induce re
freshing sleep.
For tho cure ot
Croup, Whoop
liiK Cough, Sora
Throat, and all
tho pulmonary troubles to which tho young
arc so liable, tlieio Is no other remedy so
cifectlvo as
Ayer's Cheery Pectoral
World's Great Expositions.
Made by Dr. J.C.Aytr Co., Lowcll.Maii ..U.S. A.
ET-Heware of chran lmltfttlnnt. The numb
Atr'n Chrrry lVrtornl l prominent on
tin wrtpucr, and U b on lu tho glut! ot each
iper. and
vx our uui
Hollister Drug Co., L'd,
Sole Agents for tho Itepublio of Hawaii.
"318 Fort St. - Telephone 91.
Carriage Manufactory
128 & 180 FORT STREET.
Carriage Builder
Blacksmithing in All Its Branches.
Orders from tho other Tslnndu in Build
ing, Triraminff, Pnmtiiifr, otc., eto.,
Promptly attended to.
W. W. WRIUIIT, Proprietor.
(Snocossor to Q. West.)
G. It. Harrison, practical piano
and organ mnker and tunor, can
furnish best factory ruforonces.
Orders left nt Hawaiian News Co.
will receive prompt attention. All
work guaranteed to be tho same
as dono in factory.
No homo is comploto without a
t clock of somo description, and
many uniquo tirao pieces aro
manufactured to suit tho fasti
dious public. Brown & Kuboy, on
Hotel street, have got tho largest
and most varied assortment, and
a visit to their placo of business
, is suro to bo profitnblo to any ono
nooding a good clook.
I I cherry)-I
Ohio for racKlnley Pennaylranla
Democrats Endono Clerclnnd
The Cuban War Freli Out
race In Armenia.
The Durrant trial ib in progress
at Sin Frauciaco.
By now instructions the Col
lector ofOustoms nt San Francisco
cannot grant a clearance to any
vessol hiiving American meats on
bourd which are nut accompanied
by a certificate of their good
quality from tho meat inspectors
of tho Agricultural Department.
H H Holmes has boon indicted
for murder at Indianapolis. Ho
is charged with the systemat'c
murdering of women in "traps'"
constructed for tho purposo in
different citios.
The syndicate has dopositod
3,000,000 gold in tho Now York
sub-troasury to further protect
tho reserve.
Tho finost residonco in Soattlo,
that of Hontco O. Henry, has
been burned. It was valued at
S60.000 and insured for half that
Frank U. Hatch , an old resident
of Stockton, oommitUd suicido by
taking morphine.
An attorney goos to Washing
ton to intorcode with President
Olovoland for tho lifo of Hans
Hanson, undor sentenoo of death
for the murder of Mate Fitzgerald
of tho bark Hespor on the high
Tho Tuconm Land Company
has givon a mortgago for a mil
lion dollars to erect a 20.00J ton
wheat warehouso.
"Wolls, Fargo & Co. have paid
throo mon one-fourth of tho $11,
530 that they rocovered in Yolo
county, Cul., of treu&ure Btolon
from a train. Thoy paid an ad
ditional $1390 to two of the mon,
being one-fourth of another find
thoy mado.
W J Thompson, station agent
of tho Santa Fe Railroad at Los
Angoles, and O L Martin, a lab r
or, came to thoir death by drink
ing poisoned wino supposed to
have been intended for another
Americans huvo captured prao-
tically the on tiro output of the
Birmingham, England, oyole tube
Tho Supremo Court at Clevo
land, 0.,has taken final action on
tho question of changing tho
namo of tho Foresters, and it now
stands the Order of Forestors of
America. Tho word "Ancient"
was dropped becauso tho organi
zation is American, and America
is not onoiont.
Georgetown University has
abolished football.
Tho Now York Central has
made a new world's rooord in tho
running of trains on a long dis
tanco schedule A special train
of four cars mado tho ran from
Now York to East Buffalo,! 43GJ
miles, in '107 minutes, an average
speed of 64J miles an hour.
It is estimated that 50,000 ve
terans were in line at tho G. A. E
pi.rado at Louisville, Kentucky.
More than 20,000 people attended
tho enmpfire in the evening. By
tho explosion of a caisson, at the
firing of a Baluto early in the
morning, four members of tho
Louisville Legion woro killed aud
several injured.
Qovernor McKinloy hasspokon
in favor of ox-Govornor Foraker
for United States Sonator from
Ohio, This is interpreted to moan
a combination that will muko
Ohio a unit for McKinlev as
presidential candidito.
PonneyIvania Domoorns in con
vention have cordially ondorsod
Olovoland's administration.
Henry M. Stanloy wilf visit
the Yacht rack.
Tho Amorican yacht Drfeudor
has won tho international, ruco
frtho America cup against tho
British yacht Valkyrio.
Tho first raco ovor tho course of
fifteen miles to windward and
return was sailod on Saturday.
September 8 ft was won by tho
Defondorby tho surprising margin
of oight minutos and forty-nine
Tho socond raco was sailed on
Tuesday, 10th inst., aud nomi
nally won by tho British boat
It was later awurded to tho Amo
rican boat on ncoount of afoul.
Whilo the yachts wore mane
uvering fir position at tho start,
tho Valkyrio being to windward
and tho Defendor trying to got
there, the Valkyrie's main boom
swung round and fouled the
Dofouder's rigging. The top
sail of tho American boat
w is sent Hying looso in tho
wi: d, and the top mast was
sprung. With great alacrity,
however, tho Dofonder was ma
nouvred into position and gave
chaso. The Valkyrio gained au
advantage of perhaps hulfamile
by the ucoident, and orossed tho
winning lino not much more than
two minutos ahoad. According
to tho corroctod timo,howovor,she
won by only forty-seven seconds.
Tho third raco was appointed
for Monday the 16th, but it was
not certain that it would bo sailed.
Lord Dunravon, on nor of tho
British yacht, in a lettor to the
committee said ho would not sail
if steamers and other craft wero
not proventod from crowding tho
course This had causod his
crow groat annoyanco and
humporod his boats mansuvors
in tho two races. Another roason
why tho third raoe might not bo
sailod was that tho Englishmen
rocognizd that tho Defender's
sailing qualities were superior to
those of thoir boat.
C. R. Harding has challenged
Jako Gaudaur to a rowing .match
for tho championship of the world,
and suggests that thoy row upon
the Tyno.
Tho indemnity of $75,000 paid
by Nicaragua has beon distributed
among tho British claimants.
Vice-consul Hatch got .$12,500.
Word has beon recoived of tho
arrival of the yaoht Windward,
carrying the Jackson-Harmsworth
polar expedition, at Vardo on the
north const of Norway. Tho crow
suffored severely from scurvy in
tho winter and three of thorn died.
A man who attompted to ex
plodo a bomb in Rothschild's
bank in Paris has beon identified.
Ho pleads hardship and poverty.
The province of Podolia, Rus
sia, has beon oflioially declared
iuf .ctcd with cholera.
A deoision of the German Min
ibtry of Financo to convort 4 per
cent loins into 3 por conts is re
garded as a sign that a long
peaco is expected.
On tho part of Spain it is claim
ed that her troops ar cordially
welcom d wherever thoy land in
Cuba, and that regiments of Cuban
volunteors are now in tho fiold
assisting tho Spanish troopB.
It is said that a troop of
cavalry is being formed near
Chicago to go to tho help of tho
Cuban insurgonts.
Insurgents wrecked a train with
dynamito, killing several soldiers.
Manv plantation" havn Vinnn
I destroyed by tho insurgonts.
Siutiago da Cuba is complotoly
surrmnded by a besieging rebol
A revolution is browing in
Thore is a raovomont on foot in
Brazil to doposo PrcsidentMoracs.
Tho Turkish authorities at
places in Asia Minor are tamper
ing with paokages sent to tho
Amorican missionaries. (J. 8.
Minister Terrill has Clod a pro
Iustmctlon to be Iaaued to Sub
Iimpeetora. The following instructio. s havo
beon prepared for tho uso of m-
t-poclors and tho:r doputios for
Monday a sanitary operations:
Yo i are horoby roqmstod to
nform y ur Bob-inspector that
Monduy, tho 23id inst., has beon
sst apait by the Uo;rd f Hoalth
as a day for goner.il o'oaning und
d-sinfoction of all tho houses in
tho infected districts, and you
will ploaeo onroll as many now
sub-inspectors as you may need,
to ovorlook tho work aud seo that
tho regulations of tho Board of
Health are fully carried out. You
should havo a sub-inspector for
every houses in your District.
Depots of preparod limo for
whitewash and also other disin
fectants will bo established in tho
places dosignated in your report
to the Ways and Moans Commit
too, and on Monduy morning, at
7 a.m., gangs of thirtoen mon and
a luna will bo on hand to do tho
whitewashing of unpainted dwel
lings. You will instruct the
ohiof sub-lnspoctor of oach apana
to givo ordors only to tho luna
who will carry instructions to
report to such luna.
Tho instructions aro, that all
unpainted housos in your district
bo whitewashed ou tho lloors
and on tho walls to a height of
six feot. Also all partitions and
vorandas and vornuda lloors. All
bunks and sloeping platforms, as
well as tuo iront ot the houso, in
cluding tho steps, should also bo
All outhouses whoro washing is
uouo should bo thoroughly cor
ored with tho white solution. All
privios should bo disinfected with
tho uamo solution. Also wet the
floors, sides and seats.
All painted floors and rooms
should bo wetted with the bluo
solution. Walls to bo wctttd to u
hoight of six feot. The inmatos
of the houses ure required to ap
ply those solutions, and tho sub
is spootors aro requested to inform
all who handlo tho solutions that
they are poisonous, and that after
using, the hands should be woll
waBh;d with soap aud water.
After tho bluo solution has beon
on tho floors for six hours, they
should bo again washed with
water from tho Govemiiont mains
This will romovo all danger
f.'um tho poison. Tho in
mat" s of the housos aro required
to remove all furniture, bedding,
clothes, etc., so that every part of
the floor and walls, to the hoight
of six feet, can bo thoroughly dis
infected. Thoy are also requirod
to exposo all bodding, mats, wool
on olothes, etc., to the sun, and
turn thorn over evory two hours.
G.rmonts should also bo turned
nsido out, so that tho sunlight
twy havo access to every part.
All othor olothes muat bo boiled
for two hours,
As it is of tho utmost importance
that tho work of applying tho dis
infectants ho done in a thorough
manner, Bub -Inspectors aro ro
quosted to bo conscientious in
thoir duties for this day.
in the roi.ici; COURT.
The Ltoih and the Khacfcrs Ven
tilate Their Uilctaucea and'
Tell About the Had Lang
uace They Used.
A weary look sproad ovor tho
benign countenance of His Honor
fudge Wilcox and a sigh that
shook tho walls of the courtroom
omanated from his canacious
breast whon he tok his first
glanco over this morning's calen
dar and found ho had a list of 41
offenders to deal with.
Tho caso of II. J. Bearniston
waB quickly disposod tf, defend
ant pleading guilty of assault and
battery on a Chinese He was
fined $1 and costs. For violating
tho rules of tho Board of Health
Leo Koo was assessed 52 and ?3
The irropressiblo Lyons was up
again on the Bamo old com
plaint, that of using bud lang
uage From the tostimony it ap
pears that Lyons is always in
troublo with tho Shaefer funnily
who livo in tho same yard, and
it is customary for all purtics to
oxpresa thoir opinions of oach
othor in lauguago moro forcible
than polito. On the occasion
which lod to his prcsout nppcar
anco in Court LyonB is said to
havo called Mrs. Shaofoj a
"square-head D.itoh Sauorkraiulr
and othor choice names wheh'
would not look woll in print.
After Mr. Shaefor and Lyons had
exhausted thoir respoctivo vocab
ularies, Shiiofor himself appeared
on the Bcene urmod with a hatchet
and a club, which put an ond to
tho controversy for tho timo bo
ing. Judgo Wilcox thought the
pnvilogo of using such foul lan
guage us Lyons did to a lady was
worth 10 and coBts and entered a
fino of that amount. It was sug
gested that tho whole crowd bo
turned over to tho Sanitary Com
mittee on Monday to havo their
mouths proporly disinfected and
tongues sanded as is dono on
board a man-of-war.
Hiku will have until the 24th
to show causo why ho should not
bo sent across tho reef for va
grancy. Ning Hung plcadod guilty of
violating Board of Health regula
tions and on his promise not to
do it again was lot off with a
dollar fine.
Tho worst of all tho offenders
to faco tho Court wus Ah Wong,
charged with committing a crimi
nal aasultona fivo-year-old native
child. Seoing that Judge Lynch
has oponod court in this commu
nity it is probably a good thing
for Ah Wong thut ho it safely be
hind tho bars of tl.o Station
Houso. His cbbo has boon put
ovor to next Tuesday, when Judge
Perry will attond to him.
The casa of Kepano, charged
with breaking irito tho barber
shop of Nata Agati, will come off
on tho 25th.
Kane is in a pilikia, hnving
been found in bod in tho bedroom
of a Chinoso poi shop belonging
to Ah Sam on King atrooL Mr.
Kano evidently intendod to havo
a good long biioozo, for ho had
carefully covored himself up with
the bod olothes. Judge Wilcox
has not rondered his deoision on
Kuno's caso, but from tho fact
mat hn coniossod to two provious
convictions for larcony and that
ho had not dono any honest labor
for a month past, it is apt to go
hard with him,
Of aix Chinese, arrostod for
gambling, two pleaded guilty and
wero nnou -uu each, wmle the rosfc
wont froo,

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