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"wS--: dlWf "yfr -- r- - -
'" or ttm llonm or I1i:u,tii, i
Honolulu, II. I., Oct l 1MB
the regulation o tlio Bonn! of ltentth of
fptemlier fitli, (nrlililiug miy person to
itcr tbo vnlloys of l'alolo, Mauon, l'nuon,
Jiuuarm auil Ka'llil without n permit, Iiiih
vji iluj birn rcsciwlcil.
Hf onlrr of tliu Hoard.
Frroiilptit Hoard of Ucnltli
51? Eue9ii)$ Bulletin,
Willi ulilcli 1 Iii.'iirriorntcil
TilUltSDAY, - OUT. 10. 1SSI5.
Thero is in tho latest numbor of
tlio Honolulu Diocesan Mngazino,
edited by Bishop Willis, nn nrti
olo on tlio "Hygiono of tho
Bible." Its purposo is ' to point
out that tho landing principles of
health, so far from being tho dis
covory of tho prosont uge, as this
-genoration in its boastfuluess is
.apt to imagine, wore- enunciated
by SIosos twonty-four conturios
ago. and are laid down in the sacred
rrolumo for nil who will study them."
Wondor is expressed in tho article
that these principles should havo
'been neglected for couturios by
Christian nations, tnoro especial
ly when no peoplo on earth havo
enjoyed such immunity from opi
'domics as the Jews, in conso
tjtionco of thoir adheronco t tlio
sanitary lnws of Moses. Mosos
had to conduct two million people
out of Fgypt, and "when anyone
reflects how quickly an unsanitary
condition can arise in a small
city like Honolulu, with not more
ihnn ii.3,000 inhabitants scattered
over a lingo area, ho will readily
sonceivo how quickly a camp con
taining a population equal to thut
f Now York, Brooklyn and Jersoy
City put together would havo bo
come u broeding ground for pesti
ience unless tho strictest regula
tions woro enforced."
Bishop Willis proceeds to say:
'Tho three principal causes of
'Jfeeaso we now knowaro: 1. Docny
ing animal and vogotublo matter.
'2. Improper food. 3. Improper
clothing. AH theso mattors tho
-Slosuic legislation took into con
sideration." As to the fiit tho
writer cites a passage showing
that "no unclean thing" was per
mitted within tho camp of tho
1 Children of Lsruol, and continuos:
It is not only moral uncloan
ness that is hore meant. The Ho-
bicw word crvah hero used moans
"both "shame'' nnd "filthiness."
'Tho connection in which the word
is hero u.-od makes it quito plain
ihat tho sanitary systoji of Moses
toloratod no cess-pit or dumping
ground for garhago within tho
limits of tho camp. Nor did lo
islation stop with rulos for loop
ing tho camp itself in a sanitary
condition. Moses was fully aware
jf the danger of noxious ofllnviu
being carried by the breezes back
into the camp. Consequently the
.(srnolitos were instructed to pro
vent any such possibility by cov
ering nil excieta with tho earth,
nature's deodoriser nnd d'siufc
tant. Thejo were daily sacrifices of
animals on tho ultur of burnt
otluring, and in somo cases only
part of the carcases required to bo
consumed. Tho ashes had to bo
removed daily to a plnco outside
the cami), and tho unburn! parts
-bad to ho carried without the
. :amp and burnt on tho dumping
ground for tho ashes. It is be
lieved by tho Bishop that all dial
and garhago woro likowiso to bo
. carried out and burnt, and
-io says, "This belief is
-supported by our knowl
edge thut in later times perpetual
fires woio kopt burning on the
iuud of Iliunom, in tho deep
gorgo outsido Joru&ulem, for the
destruction of tho ofl'al of the city,
and theso firos caused 'Oohonnii,'
the laud of iliunom, to bo used as
n figuro of hcll-firo (Matt. v. 22).
"With regard to the Mosaic le
gislation upon food, tho writor of
tho articlo recalls tho division of
all floah, iish and fowl into two
classes, clean and unclean, lie
"Wilhono or two exceptions
tho creatures not allowed to ho
ontoii re beasts and birds of prey,
thosojthat food upon carrion, and
were created to be the scavengers
of tho oaith or tho water. All
who have read Mrs. Nakuina's
loiter in tho Advertiser ii recog
nize at onco tho wisdom of the
Mosaic law, which pormittod nn
pioductof the wutors, whethorof
tlio seas or rivers.to bo oaton, ex
copt that which hath tins and
ecalos Lor. xi. 9-13). They will
rec gnizo tho Divino Wisdom
which prohibited such foul food
ors as crabs and mud iish from
being made articles of human diot.
That lottor should make it as
clear as daylight that if ouly the
diiloreuco betweon clean and un
olean, as laid down in tho Loviti
cal law, woro still in force, and
observed by overyono.thoro would
bo no cholera today in Honolulu.
"With regard to clothing," tho
expositor romarks, "tho Mosaic
legislation forbado tho manufac
turers to adulterate thoir woollen
fabrics with linen or cotton
thread. That this prohibition
was for the sako of hoalth will bo
understood by all who havo studied
Dr. Jaeger's Hoalth Culture"
Tlio whole article herosummarizod
and largoly quoted from vorbntim
is one to "road, mark, learn and
inwardly digest," which if doue
by the public at largo und the
health authorities ought to prove
ominently useful. It affords n
powerful argument in support of
the Bulletin's adrocucy of having
all garhago burned by a scientific
It is incumbent on the Govern
ment to have a clear cut policy
for tho rehabilitation of national
fiuancos ready to submit to tho
Somo of our contemporaries are
moro exorcised over thoir fictitious
claims of boing the originators of
tho various sanitary reforms pro
jected than thoy aro ovor tho
aiomplishmont of the things them
solves. If their boasts were only
basalt blocks the Government
would not need to buy any stono
for the Nunnnu stream walls.
In the Pilot Chart of tho North
Pacific Ocoan is an illustrated
description of a devico for pouring
oil on troubled waters. It is the
invontion of Thomas W. Wilson,
a soarnan of tho Unitod States
navy, recontly sorving on tho
training ship Portsmouth, and is
Hpokon of as a good thing by tho
editor of the Chart.
"A Japanose," who does not
obcorvo the rulo of sending his
real narao with a letter for pub
lication, gives tho second-hand
information that two cihin pas
sengers from Yokohama were
landed from tho steamer China
tho night of her arrival. This
news was given in the Bulletin
on tho following day, together
with tho name of ono of tho pas
sengers who registered at tho
Hawaiian Hotol. The passengers
and thoir baggago woro fumigated,
contrary to a further statomont of
tho correspondent, nnd they wero
landed under tho usual rules gov
erning cabin passongers by
"olean" vossols.
Who aro tho "individuals,"
mentionod by tho Star, "who be
come bo glooful whon thoy ima
gine tho Govornmont is in finan
cial straits ? " If thero woro
under oxisting circumstances any
early chance for un opposition
party to ovortum tho administra
tion in a constitutional way, it
would bo hard to get leaders who
should bo willing to take in hand
such financial conditions ns tho
Ministor of Finance reports to
remedy thorn. Gloom and nut
gloo characterizes all the publi
loenng tno UULLKTIN comes in
contact with regarding tho ilium
oinl situation.
It ib loarncd that a pnix r from
abroad is to bo taken in tho High
School dopartmonts for uso in fho
study of English. Why not en
courage homo manufacture by
taking tho Common Scold of King
stroot? It would furnish iu-
uumorublo examples ovory day of
rhetoric eminently fittod for in
etruction m wnut niioniu oe
honored in tho breach rather than
in tho observance.
"While the Governmnt has no
money to waste, it is not in dis
tress by any means and has am
ple resources," says tho Star.
This assertion is of a pieco with
the falso information given by
the Government's organs and its
confidential correspondents of for
eign journals for two years. Tho
Government is wasting money all
tno time on a usoless military
force and a pornicious spy syi
tom. And it is in such distress
and so bankrupt in lawful ro
soiircos that it cannot pay its just
One of the most iuteiosting
relics of tho cholera siego will be
a filo of tho Common Scold of
King street. Boing scooped in
tlio first news of tho visitution, it
rnvod about its contemporaries
for raising a scuro. Thon it ridi
culed tho idoaof the disoaso boing
cholera at all, or of its having
como by tho Bolgio. Whon most
of tho doctors ngroed that it wus
cholera, and now cases appoarod
with alarming rapidity, tho C. S.
howlod in wrath at tho physician
for having admitted tho foil
destroyer. One day it praised tho
prosidentoftho Board of Hoalth for
tho mannor in which ho grappled
with tho situation, 'and tho noxt
frantically domauded his resigna
tion and that of all his colloagucs.
Somo days it attacked tho persons
from whom it had taken its in
structions for editorials on pre
vious days. For inconsistency
and boing unstable as wntor in a
givon position, tho Common
Scold has well ournod the name
hero givon it and no other print
may infringo its copyright whon
Centum ol i:o IlUlrlrt.
The population of Ewa district,
as ascortaiuod by sub-inspeotors
under the auspices of tho Sanitary
Cominitteo, is given as follows :
Hawanans 785, Chinoso 1170,
Ja panose 075,
Portuguese 278,
British -13, Gor-
Ajnoncans 45,
mans '21, othor
Totul 3019.
uationulities 29.
Slits. II Kiir.iMANN wllie to nniiuuiica In
tlio public of Honolulu Unit she hits lciwil
tlio I)lcknoii premUeH on lleretiiiilu Mrcd
where liu will open a Hrst-cliisi Hotel to be
kuou us
Do jou tlnh n lirnt-t'lniis meal of (lie llncst
tliut I lie mniUct nllorda creil In Mich u
miinuer nn to make the cillblc doubly pula
tulilo? If jou do, try
The .lining: room will be permanently open
id on SATL'ltDAY, October 1'jfli, for
luncheon. Simla seneel a In curto or table
Luncheon 12 to 2.110.
Dinner r,.u0 to 7:30
Hreakfiwt (1 to U.
A limited number of elegantly furnished
room, lilted with electric ll(jliU, lni;le or
en suite, can be ohtnlncd on application.
Mrs, B. Freimaim.
Timely Jopi35
Judge Oijdcn of Oakland
recently gave a young married
woman some good advice when
he refused to grant her a
divorce. The couple had been
married three years and were
quite young, but they evident
ly got along about as well as
most married people do. How
ever, the young woman thought
bhe ought to have a divorce
and filed a complaint against
her husband alleging cruelty.
The specific facts set forth
were that her husband fre
quently slapped her, whether
playfully or not the complaint
does not state, and that once
he spoke crossly to her. This,
however, was while the hus
band was putting up a stove,
and therefore cannot be won
dered at. On another occasion
the young wife says her hus
band threatened her, but in
answer to tne Judge sue ex
plained he had only told her
the proper thing to bring her
under subjection would be to
raise a family. But this poor
husband's greatest ofiense lay
in his feet. He had big ones
according to his wife, and on
one occasion he had the auda
citv to place them in her lap,
and she said, "he had his boots
In refusing to grant a divorce
on such trivial testimony Judge
Ugden gave the wue a little
fatherly lecture. " You can
hardly expect the court to grant
you a divorce upon such testi
mony. 11 we were to .erant
you a divorce upon that sliow-
inf mere would not ue a
couple in Oakland that would
not be entitled to a divorce. It
is impossible to tind Human
nature that is ideally perfect.
There are many little imper
fections that education anct as
sociation will smooth off, and
married people must exercise
forbearance and patience. In
stead of widening the breach
close it up. A young couple
such as you are will find mar
ried life a very happy existence
if you will return to your home
and not do just what you have
been doing heretofore."
That Oakland Judge had
some sense, indeed it is ap
parent that his wisdom arose
from experience. It is a pity
there are not more like him. If
there were there would be
fewer divorces and more hap
py homes. What is home
without a mother-in-law and
the privilege of putting your
feet on your wife's lap without
puttingVour boots on first.
All of which reminds us of
another little story. By the
si earner Australia we have re
ceived one of the largest con
signments of hardware ever
landed on these fly specks of
the Pacific. It comprises an
assortment of plated ware, ideal
coffee pots, three and five
thousand gallon tanks, steel
wire cloth, flour sifters, black
smith's bellows, wire mats,
cutlery, feather dusters, hoe
handles, Lai norma lawn sprink
lers, lanterns, shovels, rice
plows, bath tub enamel, Dis
ston's No. 2 cane knives, mill
saw files, sole leather and as
sorted goods such as varnishes,
patent water closets, paint
burner's, Hendry's mixed
paints, hose in all sizes and
qualities, metallic paint in oil
and shooting coats.
We have also received a
fresh shipment of "Tribune"
and "Monarch" bicycles, with
lamps and fittings of all kinds.
All of the above goods are
on the wharf and may be ship
ped to any port or the islands.
Tlie Hawaiian Hardware Co. Ltd.
Opposite BpvMfkctof Block,
Now Advortisomonts.
NOTICKIclicrcbrt-'lvcntliat thr morlRncr
held by flOO VoltK nclnt .MOW HIM!
WA1, on land In .Moannliiu, Inn been paid ami
mli-mit-it Io tlio FalUfactlon or both p.-utlc.
Mow Sliitf Wnl assumes all obligation nunliif t
raid laud. l!-Ul
For Sale.
i:n4mom: rvrKwitiTKit t.v phrfkot
cinnlltlon. Apply at olllec of
imuci: waiiinco.,
lltf.lw Fori Street.
Till: ANNUAL MlXTlNO 01' Tilt: 110
I uolulu Library imtl Itoadinp Itooum
Amociutloli will bo lielil nt tlicil building ou
PliIDAY, tho lllli Inst, nt-1 v. m.
lIK-.lt Secretary.
Learn to Read Music.
PUOK. K. COOK will tench a clasi In Vocal
.Music at the Y. SI. C. A. Hall, beginning
KHIDAY l'.VKNINO, Oct. I8lh, and tonllnu
lii! for 12 eeks, S'J for the course. Hand In
your name to .Mr. Corbctt or Prof. Cook
before that time. I'Jj-llt.
family of widower with children profcircd.
Apply nt Mr. Gcrtz'rt residence, on I!erctuiil:
Horse for Sale.
board, wo will noil on TUESDAY.
O.tober 29tli, 18IIS, (it Public Auctiou, nt
tlio Auction roams of .lumen 1 Morgan, in
I loiioluln, ouo liny Mare. CLUD 8TAULE
Honolulu, Soptomber'JT. ISO.'i. 113-tiu
Rooms to Let.
nt No. 4 Harden Liiuo, nt very rention
nblc rates. 100-tf
r : iiESEiiYED ron : n
Save Money!
You throw away dollars evory
your in broken lump chimneys.
Hotter stop it now whilo you can
get a preparation that will provent
a chimney from breaking whon
put on wet. Prof. Humholt's nnti
oplosivo compound will do tliis
and will prevent fho explosion of
korosono oil and gasoline Wo
aro solo agents for this prepara
tion as well as for tho New Ideal
Sowing Machino, tlio equal to any
high priced article, and wo soil it
for sf30 and $35 with attachments.
1C000 feet of mouldings for picture
frames just received by the
"Albeit;" also oval and circular
framos, somothiug now and ele
gant. Tlio Facile Hardware Co.
Cumminst' Block.
p. o. JONEB.
The Hawaiian
Investment Co.
A Few Shares of
Paiu Sufrar Stock,
Hawaiian Sugar Co. Stock.
Hawaiian Government anl 1st
jHortfrniro Sugar Planta
tion Jtoiwls.
3?" For iinrticnlnra apply to
Tho Hawaiian Safo Deposit &
Investment Company,
Ot Fort Street
I pnu nml I lie city of Honolulu
l (i-iluy Hie ilenncul fpot on
rartli We'xn linil bIcKiii-m In
I In Ion ii lint It l out nml
oerv one In linpplcr In conse
quence, rent-lion lint art In n nil
lumlniM In mi tliemoc nunln.
l.tiilli(lo not linu- to tluvoto
m Hint Ii II mi- to Iioiko elcnn
lne nirnlrn, nml tliey can gho
miiio of lliu limira during (ho
ilny lii ninKIng their ilrcmes or
FilectiiiK innteiiiil lor Hum.
Dntltigllic ilull ilnjn or the
ploijuo u lmo iiU'iliiiuUit nil
of our liutntiiKO HlocU nml
Boy' Suits,
OLildrons9 Suits,
Luteal stjlca, llfty ccntu to it
much nt you wnnt to pay.
for Iliochllilretin'OO cents a pair.
Ladies' Shoes
Flue quality from $l.-l.-.
i, i" r "aw ",,!c1' a ,l,u of "oiwc-nirolfh.
lm,Koo(L In your llle ua we carry, nor .I'd
jou eei s.e such value for jour money.
Sheetings, Toweling, Bed
Spreads, Hair and Clothes
lowest Srj'!l.mcr irci B01'8 reuueed to tLa
All The Worrr.
At tho World's Co
lumbian Exposition,
tho Comptomkter re
ceived the highest
award on adding and
calculating machines.
dSFCall around aud
sec this time-savinir
machine; computes in
terest, discount, ex
change, etc.
mnrl.ul iloun prlccn to mill the
I lines. Just look nt tliu ku
nml coinimro Hie prices with
lluce you liiuo bieu p.iylnir In
the past. , ...
tijgdtiit''iic .. 4.'
vi JAa SJ.-wJ."-j-
v '

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